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@Ejected Just you wait until 30. Then you'll know.
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Is Jesus crying out of jealousy?
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You know what's really unattractive? Self-pity.
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Don't buy popcorn. Get high quality pretzels here for $4! They're the smart person's snack!


I'm a 30 year old woman just looking to keep those writing muscles in whatever shape I can. I'm also Canadian, so fill the rest of this bio with every stereotype you can think of. @Dirty Pretty Lies is my spicy hot Puerto Rican wife <3.

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I will put down tentative interest as well, if only because I have no clue how I would play this kind of RP. I guess I can try and find a kingdom that hasn't been claimed yet, but we shall see. It's going to be a lot for me to do and that's been a problem lately.
@Ambra @Hey Im Jordan

She is ready.

Yay! I hopefully don't have much adapting to the character to do, so I'm looking forward to RPing with her again!
I'm making this so I can keep tabs on all the characters I end up making, since I rarely use the same one twice, but you never know. They could be brought out of retirement someday. Avert your eyes from the older ones though. I was not good back then.

A Collaboration Between: @Bee and @NeoAJ
Featuring: Jessica Oliver and Mia Riley

All this time later, Jessica was STILL on her phone for whatever reason. It was like she was glued to it, but that wasn’t odd considering who she was and what little hobbies she actually had. She was still sipping her drink, as always. It wasn’t like she was expecting anyone to go up to her and actually say hi, or any company right now. She was much more in the camp of being alone and minding her own business. At least, for the time being.

Meanwhile, to say that Mia Riley was slow to get out of bed was an understatement. The late flight out of Philadelphia had taken a lot out of her. The long amount of time spent in the airport bar with her fake I.D. didn’t help either. Lifting the license of Texas resident Katelyn Rogers may have been the most expensive acquisition Ms. Riley ever made in terms of alcohol consumed. But it did get her into the bar and into the suitcase of a British businessman. Not enough to snake his laptop, but enough to slip his phone out and get some info off it.

Either way, she was exhausted. Enough to miss out on all the festivities at the Lakeshore that she was blissfully unaware had devolved into chaos. Enough to completely miss her roommate who had already moved through the shadows and out of the room. It gave Mia a modicum of quiet that she treasured for the moment. Then her stomach growled.

She wasn’t going to cook anything herself. Not on the road to recovery. So Mia dressed herself as quickly and as fashionably as she could, which was still streets ahead of most of her peers at the Academy, and headed towards the Apollo Cafe. It appeared to be packed. Not a good sign. At least there wasn’t much of a lineup at the counter. The daughter of Hermes put in an order for an everything bagel and a tall pumpkin spice latte. It was September. It was appropriate to go PSL.

Not expecting to get it any time soon, she scanned the area for a spot that wasn’t already taken by someone else. Luckily, one of her good friends was saving her a seat. Jessica just didn’t know it yet.

“Jessica!” Mia exclaimed as she made her way over to the woman still on her phone. “How you doin’, girl? How was your summer? Mind if I sit here? Great! Thanks!” The Jersey native effortlessly slid into the chair opposite the child of Aphrodite. “Anyway, it’s been months! What’s up?”

Jessica, being completely oblivious to the world around her and being immersed in an entirely different world, had been rudely surprised when she heard a rather loud voice, yanking her from her trance. Blinking twice and looking up from her phone, the Daughter of Aphrodite immediately recognized who it was. It was impossible to miss eyes as iconic as those. She wasn’t entirely expecting Mia to come along, but it wasn’t like she was going to oppose the presence of such an amazing person.

It’d been a while, anyway. Jessica was more than happy to accommodate Mia, even if she would’ve much rather been alone. “Mia! Hey!” She smiled, putting her phone down, “I’ve been good! What about you? It’s been suuuuuch a long time!”

“I know, right?” Mia agreed. “Feels like forever since I’ve actually done anything! At least, anything worth Gramming!” She smiled, taking those sparkling orbs away for one second before opening them again. “But yeah, just another summer prowling the boardwalk, showing those tourists what’s the real situation out there. Living that Jersey dream, right? So c’mon! Did you get any super new shit over the summer? Gotta be at least a couple outfits you’re dying to show off!”

As soon as Jessica heard Mia’s question about her fashion, she could not have had a wider smile on her face. There was so much shit she wanted to talk about it was hard to figure out where to begin. She put her phone down and put her hands on her cheeks, a rather happy look on her face as she started to think about where to begin. “Girl. You don’t even know. Girl.” She smiled, before grabbing her phone and pulling up the photo app. Guess she had to start at the beginning of the Summer to really show Mia what she had gotten into. “Just the usual… top secret shit.” The Daughter of Aphrodite smiled, before showing a picture of herself wearing a rather lavish dress.

Mia just stared at the gorgeous gown that Jessica was showing her. It was exactly the kind of garment that was fitting one of the premier fashionistas on campus, and she could barely contain herself at the sight of it. “Damn, girl! Where did you find that? The gods themselves gotta be jealous of that stunner!” She leaned back in her chair, just needing a moment after seeing that. “Like I know you’re good, but seriously, that is fucking amazing.”

Jessica was blushing with how much Mia was gassing her up. The Daughter of Aphrodite was a big fan of anything that pumped her ego up, especially talk like this. Man, she was getting such a big head from this. She sort of felt bad as she continued to talk about her fashion procurements over the Summer. Not to mention, Mia was an actual friend of hers. Of course, she genuinely wanted to know what she was up to during their time apart. “What about you though? What’s up with you? You’ve got to have done more than prowl the boardwalk. No way it was just that.”

The Daughter of Hermes tilted her head back and forth. It wasn’t as if Jessica was unaware of just what “prowling the boardwalk” entailed. How else was Mia able to keep a reasonable pace with Jessica’s wardrobe without some generous unknowing contributions from the tourists on the shore? However, Mia was still playing coy. “Well, you know, I’m just out there doing my thing. I got a new ID to play with, and that’s getting me into the casinos in Atlantic City, and you know, I gotta be able to show I belong there, so I got this.” She pulled out her phone, quickly scrolled through her gallery, and showed Jessica a selfie of her wearing a brand-new sparkling green dress. “I mean, it really helps put the Irish in my eyes, you know?”

Gawking at the green dress that Mia had shown Jessica, she was honestly stunned. Not in the bad, shocked sort of way, but the drop dead, really good way. Seemed like Jessica was rubbing off on Mia, which was really, really good. Maybe at last, she could have someone who could she could talk more in-depth about fashion with. “Girl! Damn!” She gasped, pulling the phone closer to her own eyes, “That’s really, really pretty!” She smiled, before gently pushing the phone back toward her phone. “Where’d you find it?!”

Mia shrugged as she tossed the phone back on the table. “Little place in New York. Honestly, never heard of it, pretty straightforward name, it’s like New York Dress? Anyway, it’s a cute little spot and I saw that, and of course, it had to be mine, so I made it so.” After what seemed like forever, Mia’s order finally arrived at the table, with the butter still melting into the nooks of the bagel. “Thank you!” she said to the server. She took a quarter of the baked good and took a bite that felt like heaven considering she hadn’t eaten since the airplane. “Ugh, I needed that. Airplane food was terrible. But yeah, obviously I can accessorize it a little better than I did there, but it’s a fucking knockout gown, right?”

Jessica nodded intently. She couldn’t get over how fucking beautiful that dress truly was. If Jessica liked your dress, it was probably one of the highest compliments you could have ever received as a student of Olympus Academy. It really, really went well with Mia. It was fitting, considering Mia had some of the prettiest eyes she’d ever see on campus. It was only fitting that she find a just as beautiful dress. “Yes! You need to take me to this ‘New York Dress’. That is fucking gorgeous.” The Daughter of Aphrodite smiled.

The Daughter of Hermes picked up her latte and leaned back in her chair, looking very proud of herself. Her attire had been rather… street-rattish when she first came to Olympus, but if she could make Jessica this envious, then clearly Mia was learning well. “I think we can arrange that,” she confirmed. “When we get to the holidays, we can take a little trip up to the city and take care of a few things.” Mia winked to seal the deal. “Ooooooh, I think there was this little pastel pink number that would be perfect for you, Jess! Would go great with your eyeshadow!”

Jessica put a finger up to her eye and pointed toward her current eyeshadow, which was, of course, pink. “Really? Did you take any pictures of that?” Jessica inquired, “I so wanna see this.”

“Um, give me a sec,” Mia went back to her phone and started flipping through the photos. There were a lot to scroll through, given all the data she had downloaded off of traveler’s phones. Eventually she reached “NEW YORK AUGUST 2019” and went through the photos. “Ummm….there! There it is! Got it!” She turned the phone around to show Jessica this little number. “I mean, I’m not as good at this as you, but I think you could pull it off like it was nothing!”

Was Mia actually a daughter of Aphrodite? This dress was absolutely fabulous! Needless to say, Jessica was thoroughly shocked. “Girl!” Jessica grabbed the phone and pulled it closer, “I love it! Ugh! I wish I could just… get on over to that store! I’d go broke just going crazy in that store.”

Mia laughed before taking a long sip of her latte. “I know, right? If I didn’t have such a productive summer on the boardwalk, I probably would have just been standing outside with my puppy-dog eyes trying to convince someone to buy me it. But girl, sometimes you just need to have it, you know? Seriously, we’ll go to New York over a holiday weekend or something and we will get you that dress. I guarantee it.”

“You sure?” Jessica put her head on her hands curiously, before sticking out her pinky. “Promise me we will.”

The Jersey girl set her cup down and hooked her pinky with Jessica's. “Promise you,” Mia confirmed.
Why am I just seeing this now?!? T_T

I blame @Altered Tundra. Anyway, I'll rely on him to keep me up to date on this RP since it looks like you have a full slate as is. Best of luck with this!
@NeoAJ Yay!! Just the kind of RP I've been looking for. Here's my solo artist, I hope this is ok.

This looks great and as soon as I have the characters tab set up, she is on the act list!

BTW, sorry I have been taking so long to get this set up. Work kicked my ass this week and I'm just now starting to recover, especially with another project happening at the same time. Not naming names...

As the water lapped lazily at the sides of the pool, the sounds intertwined with the waves hitting the shore of the beach not to far from the waterside bar that was strangely unoccupied at this time of day. Save for the bartender diligently working at his post and the lone customer sitting on one of the stools, slowly and somberly sipping at the mojito that was proclaimed to be the specialty of the joint. They weren't lying, it was a damn fine mojito. The mint was fresh and it masked the aftertaste of the white rum that wasn't the customer's usual drink of choice, but for now would serve the purpose she needed it for.

As she sat at the bar, absent-mindedly twirling her hair, a habit she didn't even know she had until a year or so ago, Tara O'Leary was trying to find any distraction she could from what the schedule had in store for her today. The drinks were helping, and so was scrolling through her phone reading through the news. It was at least taking her mind off the cocktail party that was so far and away from her scene it might as well be on Cuba.

The schedule of events was one thing Tessa failed to mention when convincing Tara that coming to the 10-year reunion. After she said yes, then Tessa showed her the schedule. It screamed Amanda. It was all hoidy-toidy, a far cry from the parties of high school. That would have been a proper tribute. Having everyone cram into Tessa's parents' house with like two kegs, a smattering of coolers and ending with Gabe Kingery being chucked out on his face. He's just probably wearing better clothes now.

Anyway, she was here now. Tara was complicit in that. She was the one packed up all her things, including a couple dresses that were way above her paygrade. She was the one who drove her Corolla into Tessa's place in Orlando in the freaking dark, before sunrise, left it there and made the near-seven hour trip along the coast, past the old stomping grounds in Palm Beach, through the Everglades and along US-1, literally driving on the ocean, to get to this place that screamed ostentatious.

That drive would probably end up being the highlight of the reunion weekend. If there was one person Tara wanted to be trapped in a car with for that amount of time, Tessa would top the list. There were copious amounts of caffeinated beverages consumed, from the Dunkin' coffee picked up in Kissimmee to the three bottles of Coke picked up at the gas station in Yeehaw Junction. Seriously. Yeehaw Junction. Anyway, it was necessary to keep Tara somewhat awake and coherent. At least Tessa was doing the driving. She did a good job controlling the radio and the two were able to keep the chatter going for a solid amount of time. It was nice. Honestly, it was something they should probably do more often. Not for seven hours though. And not starting at 4AM.

By the time they arrived at the staging point for this grand reunion, both women went to their assigned rooms to unpack. However, while Tessa was given a prime spot on the second floor near the queen bee and her cohorts, Tara, being near the bottom of the roster as she assumed, was assigned 107, one of the rooms buried in the corner of the first floor. It was fine really. Tara didn't want to be in the midst of everyone arriving and seeing her and it was fine. She could deal. Even if there was probably gonna be a bunch of noise from the banging above her. It was fine. Quiet even. For now.

But it was too quiet, which is why Tara stepped out and made her way to the bar where she had posted herself up for the last hour or so. Rudy the bartender was doing a great job at making sure the mojito supplies didn't get too low. If Tara was going to get through all of what this weekend had to offer, alcohol was going to be a necessary part of that formula. She just didn't want to get all the questions about what happened and why she wasn't off beating people up for a living. What happened to her looks. If Grayson was here, she didn't want to answer to that either. As far as she was concerned, most people here didn't need to know what had happened to her life. Aside from maybe Willow. Tara hoped Willow was here. The lack of contact after the wedding was a little concerning. But that was it. Everyone else could just be left in the dark with the image of T.K.O. as they knew her then. Not now.

Tara was content to just keep hiding out in the bar until she required to go do something. However, people started coming into the area. It seemed to be a crew following behind some red-headed woman who reminded Tara a bit of her youngest sister. However, it was clear she was a lot more... demanding than Shannon was.

"And so we'll need to move the tables out of this area to make room for mingling and... Hey! Who are you? What are you doing here?"

The O'Leary woman pointed to herself, as if surprised that the only customer here would be the one being addressed. "Me? I'm patronizing this bar, and I'm doing it pretty well I think. Why shouldn't I be doing that?"

The other woman looked perturbed. "Because this is the site of the cocktail party that is going to be happening today, and I need time to make sure everything looks proper for all the guests! Besides, it's going to be an open bar and we need to prepare the area for a steady stream of traffic to the serving area!"

The phrase "open bar" perked up Tara's ears. "All right, all right. I'm moving." She slipped a final five to Rudy. "I'll be back when these drinks are on you, OK?" She picked up the glass containing the rest of her mojito and headed to the door. "Don't worry. I'll bring the glass back," Tara told the still scowling red-head as she departed. With her hangout now cordoned off, there wasn't much else Tara could think to do. "Guess I can go take a nap or something." She yawned. "Maybe I'll get lucky and sleep through this shindig."

She headed back to her room. Luckily there weren't many stairs involved on the way. As soon as she entered the doorway, Tara placed her drink on the end table and collapsed into her spacious bed within seconds, barely remembering to kick her flip flops off in the process before catching some needed rest.

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