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Current Buhbuh, he was gonna be a shrimpin boat captain. Instead he died right there in Vietnaaaam. Bubba was my very best good friend and even I know that ain't something you come across just every day.
20 hrs ago
I still retain that there First Edition Homosapien RNA. Collector's Item.
5 days ago
Idea for an RP. Bannerlord but with Elder Scrolls groups. Many groups line up pretty nicely. Might be fun to RP the smaller factions and/or important characters in them. Maybe even mundane ones.
2 mos ago
If I knew what difference hops made I might either passionately agree or disagree with you, but I do not and thus I do not. For me they're just weird, strong, bitter beers that sometimes taste cool.
2 mos ago
Try Voodoo Ranger again in a couple weeks. At least two. It's a thing that grows on you. I hated IPAs at first but now I like to try out new ones from time to time, figure out exactly what I like.


I be Bango.

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As a form of settling conflicts.

If the tournament idea gets going or we decide to have drinking contests, or archery contests, or something like that.

Just another aspect of RPing, taking the certainty of victory away and allowing for some random chance.

In the game this setting is based on some of the most interesting stuff happens when your plans go awry.

Alain the Old Tournament Fighter hoping for one last jousting victory ends up losing to Cheggog, big shot with the Khuzait Horse Tribes. He retires to the tavern to drink away his woes only to hear Cheggog is looking for him. Cheggog admires his horsemanship, his horse, and his dignity in defeat. He offers him a job riding with them, teaching them what he knows about The Empire.

Or Galvain the Sturgian Viking Badass Mercenary fights on the losing side against an Aserai Lord and is captured. He treads along with them in captivity through the desert until he sees an opportunity to make a break for it. He escapes, but soon passes out from dehydration and the heat. The Aserai Lord recaptures him. More stuff happens.
Gather Your Banners : A Brief Respite from War
(And A Good Place to Start RPing, Hopefully)

General Purpose:

A Medieval setting for RPing with enough history to give folks ideas for characters but enough freedom to allow for mostly whatever. A large gathering consisting of the canon nations of the game Mount and Blade Bannerlord (Don't worry, I'll explain) and perhaps some folks from farther off lands.

A celebration of a new but very appreciated peace on the continent. There will be Taverns and Tournaments. Bartering and Brawls. Politicking and Probably Other Stuff That Starts With A P.

Advanced Writers please feel free to regale us with tales of your heroes and have them seek an audience with the Emperor. Do pretty much whatever within the standard RPG General Decent Bloke rules.

Casual or Skittish Writers please feel free to do the exact same, or if you're more comfortable with it just have a character settling into a tavern to try to find out what is going on in town. Perhaps join a tournament, this is peace time so they're using blunted weapons and trying to avoid any of the unpleasantries that pop up when someone or other's brother gets his head detached from his shoulders.

General Approach:

The Rules are pretty much bog standard. Stuff no one should have to list.

1- Don't be terrible to each other.
2- Don't control someone else's character.
3- Don't dismiss or ignore someone else's writing.
4- Don't make a Mary/Gary Stu. Your character is not perfect. Perfect is for bad Fan Fiction not RPing.
5- Don't smut it up. Fade to black or take it to PMs. If you're good send me the PMs. I'm kidding. Unless you're really good.

The only rule really that's a little not bog standard is one that may not even come into play, it is this...

6- Tournaments. If you want to actually RP out a fight you and your opponent either need to come to an agreement on who wins or we treat it similarly to how the Arena here functions. You guys RP it out for a bit and I, or someone you both agree to, determines who wins. Or if you want to fight we could just use the Dice Roll function here to determine who wins. These fights aren't to the death and there's no shame in losing. It can be fun for character development. Just make sure that both you and your opponent are having a good time, that is the only point of RPing.

- What You Need To Know -

Today marks the halfway point of the Fourth Year of Peace in Calradia, a continent with a long history of war. It is also a celebration of the Fifteenth Birthday of the Princess Ira, only child of Arencios the Wise, Emperor of Calradia.

From across the continent and beyond peoples once at war, some still with long simmering resentments, have come together for many reasons. From each nation they come to assess old enemies and to kindle those very same long burning resentments. They come to seek alliances. They come to make connections in far off lands that might benefit their trading caravans. They come to marry off their sons and daughters and strengthen their family name. They come to see this great Emperor and bring him their gifts, their requests, or their curses.

They come to fight in the great tournaments, for fortune, for fame, for booze, for women, or because they saw no other plausible way to improve their station. Some just came for the food. Perfectly valid reason.

Sounds good. I probably underestimate how powerful Arbites are. I know Astartes are like uber Gods. Will definitely have that tall tale idea. I love that.

Look look, call me a liar if you want but you'll see. I'm telling you man. He was like this tall. Big ass las. Killed fitty men. Said I was pretty damn tough for an Abhuman and he bought me a drink. Best night of my life. Aside from that one time on - hey...hey you're not listening.
Works well for me. I tend to like the mercenary sort anyway. Wee lil' man with a cigar and a Long Las. Trotting along on his wee lil legs shooting things and trying not to get shot. Maybe pair him with an Adeptus Arbites or two, or if that's too much some Underhive Gangers.
I am 100% into this.

Preferably as a Ratling, it's kinda my thing, but I'll figure something else out if you don't want Abhumans.
Perhaps take a look at the Contest Section if you want to do some writing to sort of create a resume for yourself.

Or perhaps a Casual RP thread in the vein of a bar or telling stories around a campfire. Or like Year 4427 1/3 Intergalactic Dating Profiles. I once had someone suggest a super power to me and used that as a writing prompt. Really anything to tell people a little about your interests, writing style, sense of humor, commonly used characters. All of that helps.

You might consider joining the Discord as well. A lot of users are active there, some more active there than here, and it has (I believe) two sections geared toward starting RPs and discussing potential RPs.

OR OR OR OR, hell, if you want start up a thread in the Arena section. It's pretty much dead as a doorknob. I've got a Halfling Wrestler ready to drop kick your knees outta your knees and a delusional self aggrandizing Muscle Man ready to pick you (or any other heavy object) up and drop you repeatedly until someone rings a bell and lifts his hand. I could do like a fantasy character too so long as you don't mind it being facking stupid.

Below is a guide I put together from various users input:…

And Welcome!

I started here the same way. RPed for Something-teen years before my old forums were shut down. Came here. The transition can be awkward but this forum is well equipped for writing and has several great writers.

Look at JB, Apathy, and Poohead. And me of course.
Medieval Fantasy is pretty popular here.

I haven't seen all that much Lower Power Scale stuff, in regard to Magic, but I share your tastes. There are relatively often RPs set in the Elder Scrolls Universe, the Witcher Universe, and though I havent seen any for a bit the Warhammer Fantasy Universe. Hope you find what you're looking for.
Dale squinted his eyes taking in the new young woman who had arrived in town. Weird clothes. Hippie Van. Across the street from Hank.

"Goddamn night crawler that one." He said in a tone one might use when explaining a deep truth to a rapt audience.

"Goddamn FBI spying on us. Probably making sure we all take the 5G shots."

Still it was good to see a new face. Town was slowly growing. This one would turn Arlen into Austin if she's not a goddamn glow worm. Could never be too safe. He'd have to implement some counter intelligence measures. An extra layer of tin foil around the old Gribble PC, more cinder blocks in the living room, reach out to his connections on the Discords and the Tikki Toks and all that. They wouldn't take him easily, not even with all the doohickeys and whatchamacallits they had.

He'd play it cool.

"Probably saw Bobby's search history eh Hank? Boy ain't right."
Definitely a great article.

I read a book once about medieval warfare, mostly swordsmanship and a little about bows and arrows and it struck me how interesting it might be to do an RP with a more grounded serious take on these things.

I don't really know enough to run one or participate very well in one, but this is a great guide to help folks ground their writing a little more. Even just fleshing out battles a little bit to show their characters tendencies.

Maybe a great army with a kinda shit leader who chooses poorly where to position his troops or maybe a great commander putting the right people in the right places to win a battle where they were significantly outnumbered

Debating on Advanced/Casual, aiming more for Double High Casual
It really would work quite well in Casual though. Playing as a lower ranked character like a soldier or a mercenary or a trader wouldn't require long deliberate posts while playing as a high ranking member of one of the Nations would.

My idea is relatively simple but it could go in a lot of directions so I'm looking to gauge Interest for the RPing and see if anyone would be interested in helping sort of brainstorm plan it out. I liked the way that little guide thing from like two years ago was a collaborative effort and this idea can't work in practice without collaboration so why not collaborate with the world building too.


Elder Scrolls has interesting races. Everyone knows Elder Scrolls. Everyone likes Elder Scrolls.

Bannerlord has dull races but interesting civilizations. Not a lot of people know Bannerlord. A lot of people would like Bannerlord.

Why not try to lean into the strengths of both and create an RP out of their joyous union?

I'm not an expert lore student with tomes of rarified knowledge. My handle on CHIM isn't sufficient yet that it has led me to question my madness and dream of strange cities below the sea, of entering the waters and never leaving, of an unfathomable knowing dwelling somewhere in the outer cosmos with no regard for the doings of man. I don't know everything about Bannerlord either but I know a bit about both and I have Wiki and you guys, hopefully, to flesh it all out. Or throw it out because its garbage and make something better I can take credit for in the future.


All open to change, this is just a basic explanation of how I see it fitting. It does largely cut out the Elves...we'd have to figure out how to fit them back in probably. I'd be down for Kingdoms of Man and Beasts but I know a lot of folks love the Elves. Dark Elves in particular. They so sexy though.

Northern Empire - Seat of Power: Senate believes they should pick next leader
Southern Empire - War: General believes veterans should pick next leader
Western Empire - Traditional: Believe previous King's son should be heir to the throne
Vlandia - Nords, slightly tamed by vicinity to Bretons and Imperials
Sturgians - Orcs
Khuzaits - Khajit
Battanians - Bretons
Aserai - Redguard

Elder Scrolls - Imperials
Bannerlord - Empire

Elder Scrolls -Nords
Bannerlord - Vlandia

I've written up explanations for my thinking in regard to the Empire/Imperials and their subfactions as well as for Vlandia/Nords. I'll do more writing tomorrow and try to get a better explanation of what changes these meldings would bring and why I think they're good choices.

A big, relatively obvious, weakness of my current thinking is the absence of Argonians and all forms of Elves. This could either be explained as a time before the Elves, or there just aren't any Elves in this version, or by incorporating the Elves into other groups.

Perhaps the High Elves exist in Vlandia, with the Nords, having been the reason for them being relatively tamed and for Vlandia having not been taken over by the much larger Empire.
Perhaps the Wood Elves exist in Battania, with the Bretons, hiding in the dense forests and teaching the Bretons how to use bows so well.
Perhaps the Dark Elves exist in Aserai, with the Redguards, or in the Khuzait Kingdom, with the Khajit. Either would fit them relatively well being more barren unpleasant surroundings as was Morrowind and placing the Dark Elves in a rather rough predicament as they often seem to find themselves.

I don't have any good ideas for Argonians really. Perhaps just swallowed up,culturally, entirely by the Empire. Perhaps hunted to extinction long ago. Perhaps living in secret in the marshlands of the Empire.

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