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I love you
That Albert Einstein sticking out his tongue thing?

But make it totally rad bro
Why not set it in an alternate version of straight Warhammer Fantasy? It would take a little more work, but you could put together a similar setting by tweaking the world a little bit. Perhaps a great drought has hit the world. You could set it in the Badlands as well as a devastated Bretonnia and an Empire that is clinging to life.

Would make it harder to justify the different races all getting along and intermingling, but perhaps desperate times call for desperate measures? With Bretonnia and the Empire in a bad way you get a good sized lawless area. The different races of Warhammer could then fill in for the different sort of pulp action from a Western, without the problems that arise from having Orcs filling the role of African Americans. As much as that could be done well and be quite interesting it definitely creates some problems.

It is 40 years since a pall fell upon the lands. It was Famine that brought the empires of Man to their knees, though they were not the only ones affected. The world grew warmer, the grass died, the lakes dried up, and darkness encroached. The great nations drew their borders back as travel become neigh impossible. Yet now, finally, things are blooming once more. The world is easing up and a new age of expansion is about to begin. All of the once great nations have suffered terribly in the past 40 years. Now that things are getting better it is only a matter of time before the remaining nations seek to reclaim what they have had to abandon. An era of Imperialism is about to begin, and as these lands will need to be resettled and claimed it's all going to happen at a backbreaking pace.

Most of the other stuff would be pretty similar. The Empire and Bretonnia fill in similar roles to North/South, they're both sort of at war with each other now to avoid starvation and to claim as much of the land as possible. Dwarves and High Elves could fill roles similar to say France and England.

Whether you take that approach or not you should rework it a bit. Mythical Cowboys definitely has a cool ring and you've got a number of folk interested. Cool ideas about Badges offering protection as well. Just creating a fictionalized setting dead similar to a Western but not set in a Fantasy Races version of the real world will help a lot.

You might also just ignore the Civil War aspect and have a Wild West/Manifest Destiny that's happening without a Civil War, or keep a Civil War but either get rid of slavery altogether or keep it as it was in history (meaning it was man's cruelty to man). Orcs could still be used as just sort of general baddies. Sort of like Space Pirate Orcs from WH 40K only they ride around on horses.
I hope it doesn't end up like that. I'm not too triggered by the standard issue pre-order incentives.
While Loheir stood amidst the slaughter, seeming to be lost in thought, Shel used the protection his presence offered to search about the bodies for anything useful. Coins or gear that could be salvaged, and who knows perhaps there was a cultured man amongst this rabble. Perhaps he might find something tucked away he could use to cook supper later. Many would judge an adventurer for looting still smoldering bodies, but the reality of the matter was that at some point someone was going to come upon the bodies and search them. Might as well be little old Shel.

It took him longer than he would have liked, as a Halfling rolling a human body over was difficult but it was always best to be thorough. Folk around here often didn't have much so every little bit counted. Shel didn't believe in wasting any part of the animal and he applied that philosophy to the dead as well. Not in that way of course, but a careful search helped him get what little treats the world might offer. In this case the time was all but completely wasted.

"Just a facking potato? A potato?" Shel asked the still smoking corpse, "All that and that was all you gave me?"

Shel gave the body a light kick and turned back to his guardian to see if he shared Shel's outrage but found him lost in thought. Nostrils flared and jaw tensed, Loheir probably wasn't upset about the potato. Whatever it was he was thinking about Loheir wasn't so lost in his brooding that he didn't immediately process the sound of an arrow burying itself in a tree somewhere nearby and duck to avoid it.

"Shit," Shel stammered while scampering away from the body and toward the large menacing figure of Loheir and tucked the potato into a small bag hanging from his belt.

"Let's flush them out eh?" he asked as he took a small sling off his shoulder and slipped a well formed octagonal projectile into it. Spinning up the sling until the strap whistled lightly through the air he loosed it into a tree on the opposite side of the clearing, generating a loud thud and a slight crack.

"Come on," he comments under his breath, "take the bait."
Put me down as a maybe. Just figured I'd mention Deadlands for inspiration basically. It's a supernatural western setting so I figured it can serve as a good basis for you to build on.
You might want to take a look at Deadlands. I'm doing an RP set in it right now and it would hit a lot of those points for you.
Must write, can't
Five pages and no mention of Red Dead Redemption 2?

Did it slip everyone's minds or am I alone in my excitement?
This is why I don't want to RP with you Dynamo. Your attitude.

Korin, I don't have much experience but I'd be happy to do one with you if you'd like. Only character I have at the moment is basically a delusional professional wrestler.

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