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20 days ago
Current They should hurry up and update that then.
20 days ago
That's adorable.
20 days ago
Would be a good thing to make a thread about maybe. Illegal Immigration laws are usually about preventing illegal immigration rather than helping legal immigrants. Also a worthy cause though.
20 days ago
I am, of course, curious what this Britain Slavery Protection Removal for Illegal Immigrants dealie actually says.
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1 mo ago
14 seems like a hell of a long life for a cat. And for that long ass life to be so happy, that's a lucky cat. Sounds like you did about the best we can for pets. Give them love and a long life.
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I be Bango.

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Both AntMan endings sound terrible. Granted I haven't seen it but...

I wanted to want Valhalla. I had a ton of fun in Odyssey and Valhalla sounded cool but as soon as gameplay came out...

Oh. Good. You doubled down on the shittest part of Odyssey. Forced combat.

Who wants Assassinations in a game called Assassin's Creed.
I like Newton but they gave her some of the worst dialogue I've seen in a long time...

October Faction

I apologize in advance
Odyssey is really good Kuro.

I didn't play an AC game from 2 to Black Flag and then again from that to Odyssey. Long as fuck but good fun. Especially now as there's an item to make assassinations a sure hit, more in keeping with the older games.
Just realized I was using a different one. Dreamstudio AI.

Also sometimes

Cool stuff though. If I knew how to attach images from my photo library I'd add some in.
I love that program. Did a few myself I'd be happy to share if you'd like. Otherwise if you'd like to try your hand at what I like.

I did, roughly from memory,

And then, for entirely different results

Tharg Bluhdaxe wans ta krump youse all noice'n proppa. Wif iz axe. Iz Bluhdaxe. As iz implied by da name'n all.
I either go rich well bred Butter Lord leading an army to protect whatever lands I get granted whilst not giving a shit about the good of the rest of the Empire...or Snowy Viking Dude bonking m'fers on the head with a big hammer and a massive cavalry army.

Either way, jolly good fun.
<Snipped quote by BangoSkank>

I've heard nothing but good things about the Mount & Blade series. Though I'm not the most experienced with the management/simulation aspect. (Never really played most of those games for long.) Maybe if I see it on sale sometime, I'll pick it up.

It doesn't have all that much management unless you want to be an Emperor/King/etc.

The most fun I ever had with it was deciding I was just going to go around battling Raiders/Bandits/Sellswords/Sea Raiders and do very little but kill them, capture them and sell them into slavery, and sell all the loot I get off the battles.

You set up a long of Infantry with a long of archers behind them and then you take off with a bunch of cavalry to harass the enemy and eventually drag them into your infantry. Use a club or mallet or other blunt weapon to capture them or a sword/axe/spear/Lance to kill.

Jolly good fun.

You can cheat up a character too to make the early game easier. Give yourself a stat boost and a few thousand denar. Say you're not a common pauper but a foreign lord come to Calradia to fuck some shit up. Olden Days style. Ya heard.
Silence, try out Mount and Blade Bannerlord, or if you have a potato try Mount and Blade Warband
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