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Modern times, probably without Covid because Covid is just dull.

Alternate timeline though just so we don't have actual modern politicians in office. And then also because mutants and aliens and supernatural shit and all that.
I'm about to go out of country so I won't be around much for the next two weeks but I'll try to post more about what I'm thinking on the slower nights.

I'm thinking primarily more street level type to keep the supers from becoming too distant from the populace and too protected from repercussions. I'm a big believer in villains you can empathize with and shades of grey. Makes it much more impactful when a bad character or a generally good character really crosses a line.

I'm thinking one of the main cities will be something wherein the streets are favelas and the wealthy live literally on the same blocks just in high rises far above them. Strata based on wealth. Some will be off by in protected hills and all that but some are just right there as in parts of Brazil.
I'll likely try to but I'm getting ready to go on an overseas trip so I won't be around at all for about two weeks. Swimming and drinking and sightseeing. Fully psyched.

(PS I dig what you're doing with Cpt A)
I totally missed this, just want to say I think it's cool as fuck you guys have as many people involved as you do and wish you the best. Gonna have some reading to do.


This is neither a DC nor a Marvel setting, though most characters from either could conceivably fit in.

- Panau -

Corruption, Corporatization, Conspiracies.
Poverty surrounded by Opulence
Government forces, gangs, guerillas and gestapo

In such a setting what good do superpowers do?

Idea in Brief:

I would want to take an approach similar to that taken in 1968. Create your character, determine their involvements, and then write a little story involving them and in time, potentially at least, intersecting with others. Be respectful to one another and to the RP in general by running big changes by other posters and the GM if you intend to make some big changes which cast a broad shadow.

Essentially it would start out as several Fan Fictions set in the same universe and timespan, hopefully evolving into several collaborations and perhaps eventually a more traditional group RP if enough find themselves of a similar mind.

If you're in Advanced you likely know the basic rule bullet points so I will just get straight to the basic idea of the world.

How do super powered people function in a country on the brink of civil war?
Do they support the people, and if so how?
Do they support the government to try to bring peace and hope this time things will work out better?
Do they operate in their own best interests?

Are you an enforcer for the Prime Minister of Panau?
Are you a freedom fighter trying to overthrow the Prime Minister because of something horrible he did, or that was done in his name?
Are you a freedom fighter trying to overthrow the Prime Minister because you believe your leader (or you) would do the right thing for Panau?
Are you a member of a gang focused on making money and expanding your territory?
Are you a lone vigilante just trying to keep the streets you live in safe?

I don't have the setting fully fleshed out, I'd be open to feedback and critique.

I think it's a good opportunity to explore some of the stuff affecting the world right now without getting into too much actual world political stuff. The idea is that there are good and bad gangs. There are corrupt and legitimate government agents. There are benign and malignant corporations. Things are not easy. There are no quick fixes. No Superman is coming to save us all.

During World War 2 every involved country was searching for a way to one up the other. To overcome their enemies, to achieve a final victory, and to assert their position in the world as the inevitable rebuilding began. Exceptional individuals were sought out. All manner of tests were performed, some considerably more intensive than others. Some did well and were recruited into the military or into military intelligence. Some did well and were disappeared to serve other purposes. It is likely that every nation capable of pursuing such ends did, though few were willing to share their approaches or results with any other nation regardless of alliances.

These separate expeditions would irrevocably change the world in the coming decades. The governments of the world did what they could to contain the existence of their own agents and of opposing agents but even the most tyrannical found complete containment impossible. World War 2 still ended through largely traditional military means, Nagasaki and Hiroshima still happened, and the United States still absorbed much of the Axis' countries scientists despite the wicked nature of their works. History went along largely the same as we know it now with the exception of alien and sasquatch rumors being replaced largely with rumors of different monsters.

Panau is a country which has battled for it's independence from many foreign influences over it's history. Depending on any individuals personal opinions that independence may live still or may have died at one of several points over the last several decades. American influence, Russian influence, Chinese influence, Corporate influence, one of several resistance or restoration movements. Which of it's rulers were legitimate, which were despots, which were puppets. Where are the bodies buried and who is responsible.

To this day there are some demanding the United States accept their responsibility and grant Panauans citizenship while others are certain that the movement to achieve this is some sort of soft coup. It would not be the first coup attempt, nor would it likely be the last.

The country has been going through one or another power struggle for most of it's history and today is no different. Multiple countries pursue their interests somewhere in Panau. Many companies wish to expand their influence. Several gangs wish to establish control of territories and move into politics. Things are, as they have nearly always been, volatile.

The Elite of Panau shuttle themselves in helicopters from one rooftop to another, eating decadent meals, enjoying magnificent sunsets, generally perfectly safe. Generally perfectly safe, because the ransom on their heads is often enough to move someone and their entire family far from the crime ridden favelas for the rest of their lives.

In the favelas there is little to no help from the government, little to no hope for upward mobility, and danger around every corner. There is also family and friends. Shootings and soccer games. Many working hard and living peacefully hoping to scrounge up enough money to allow their children to live easier lives, maybe move up above the squalor.

Each paints the other as unpatriotic.
Offices. Homes to domesticated men and with all the trappings. Couldn't hardly ken to it. Jonah had been round them long enough to pick up on their habits and their tells a little. Could tell a lot about a modern man by his office. Plain coffee cup. No cutesy shit. No ironic tagline. Gotta inspect further. Coffee inside was coffee, not sugar water with a splash of bean. Swished it around and it didn't change color, no creamer. As it moves around you can see the sides of the cup. Look for rings. There were none. Harper cleans his mug after every use. Attention to detail even where it hardly matters. Good modern man. Proper modern man.

Jonah dusted himself off, doing little to no good, before sitting at the man's desk. Chair was likewise a good proper chair. Firm, upright, and at an appropriate height for it's purpose. It was comfortable to sit in yet the ass was not all blown out. He did not spend a lot of time sitting. This was not a desk arranged to "take a load off" or for a long nap as the day drew to a close. A quick look under the desk confirmed what Jonah already knew. There was no foot rest down there. Files on the desk. Acronyms. S.W.O.R.D. That didn't sound good. Sounded military. Sounded experimental. Sounded familiar.

Neat lunchbox beside the desk, closed. Sandwich partially eaten on the desk but far from anything it might contaminate or be contaminated by. Corned Beef, Swiss and Sauerkraut on Rye. A Reuben. It looked good. Jonah immediately folded it in half and engulfed it with his mouth. Two large bites and it was no more. One drawer left to inspect, the only drawer left askew. There was not much inside of it. This was Agent Harper's dedicated weapons drawer. Inside the drawer was a large safe, sturdy looking, clean, open with the key still sticking out of the lock, gun and magazine missing. Uncharacteristic.

Jonah liked the man. He was meticulously clean. Never something that had applied to Jonah in his life, or now his after-life, but he had come to understand the importance it played in the modern world. Harper was attentive to the small details. He wasn't lazy. He was clean. He was prepared. He was a thoroughly modern man but he likely would have done just fine in Jonah's time. Whatever had happened it must have happened quickly and been immediately and clearly a great danger for him to leave as quickly as he had. When they found out what had set the alarm it would not be a sma-

"Good God..." Jonah heard another world's Captain America utter,
"Hey! You need to see this. There's something out there and its killed everybody in here, we got to - Lord, and those two went out on their own! Damn it all! We need to fins some way to warn 'em what's coming their way before it's too late."

Not to like yoink that concept but that second to last one makes a much more interesting and rich character background than "Chinese POC"

Like if you're doing a San Fran/Hong Kong/Seoul based RP and you have a character whose family is Christian (or Atheist) but their mom still prays to traditional Chinese Gods because once when her child (your character) was small and very ill she prayed at a temple and her baby got better.

That's just a lot more interesting. Much more relatable.

If you're going to write about a Hispanic/White/Black/Latinx/POC/AAPI/Whatever character fleshing it out a little at the start with something like that, some sort of slightly complicated life perspective can help flesh it out beyond merely this person is an X Y whose parents are W

We've thus far been talking about the minority aspect of this as if all RPs were taking place in modern America, but this would also apply to other nations, times and fantasy or science fiction races and groups.
This sounds very interesting, I've got a lot of questions if you're game. Mostly based around character creation and world state.

Character Creation
Can we be fantasy races in addition to mundane races? (because I love me some Halflings)
Can we be magic users or in possession of magical artifacts? (because I usually like tinkerers and scouts)
Are we from a certain country or faction?

World State
How long ago was this apocalypse?
(Because I'm curious if we're in a post-apocalypse in the sense of essentially a wild west civilization desert with extreme scarcity and everyone is looking to eek out a living and begin to establish themselves, or a slightly further along post-apocalypse wherein there are growing factions and civilization)

Big "If" in that last sentence. Fundamental If.
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