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16 hrs ago
Current Progress Report on Independence Day Weekend: Burgers and Hotdogs eaten. Many drinks drunken. Much party. Very fun. Explosives and guns later. Wooooooo. Murica. Further Details To Come.
2 days ago
I'm drinking and eating extra all three day weekend. I may have to make it a four day weekend to recover from the first three. Murica.
3 days ago
I want to believe.
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4 days ago
Monster Hunter DLCs are usually pretty damn big. Icebourne was goddam ridiculous.
4 days ago
Papa Mahz is definitely coming back, they just didn't have his brand of cigarettes is all. Tomorrow is my birthday he said he'd be there for my birthday so he's definitely coming back. Right mom?


I be Bango.

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MHW was amazing.

I would probably have liked Rise but I dont really like the zip around bug thing idea. Like I'm sure I would come to like it, but I don't really need to be spending the kind of time I'd probably spend playing that game if i got it.

I really like Switches, but man, having it on PC is something. I've gotta upgrade mine at some point relatively soon, but I've been using a laptop that was $500 when I got it. It's selling for $800 now.

If you've got that kind of money to spare keep an eye out around Black Friday.
If you already adore MH games I'd say just go for the full package. You can jam through base game pretty quickly, i would guess as thats how it worked with my second MHW playthrough, if you still know how to play whatever weapon(s) you usually use. You'll be ready for the DLC before you know it and happy you have it ready to go.

If you like them but don't usually 100% them just go for the regular package. You can still spend a decent amount of time ironing out getting all the upgrades for the weapons and gear you like, particularly if you take your time or try out some new weapons you haven't used before or maybe kinda liked in MHW but didn't Main. Plus by the time you're ready for the DLC there might be some teases for MHW 2.

I am so goddam ready for MHW 2.
That's funny because I feel like I've been here as long as shit.

Get it? you get it? It's a joke.
World was fun. I'll probably pick up World 2 or whatever it's called immediately.

I kinda suck ass at it but it's fun.
Kill All The Minion Stages in Boss Fights


Escort/Tail Missions

Fuck them both to death. Today, Tomorrow, Forever.
Haven't seen it but there's that new Beavis and Butthead Do The Universe that either just came out or is out tomorrow...

And apparently the show is going to start up again with Middle Aged Beavis and Butthead.

It was in the Joe Rogan / Mike Judge podcast
Gorthog gro-Bhizra, Half Orc Professional Face Puncher

-What do you like to do for fun?

Train. Travel. Drink. Eat. Other thing monastery say Gorthog not do but Gorthog still do.

-How do you feel about your family?

Monastery raise Gorthog. Very proud. Teach Gorthog channel anger. Teach Gorthog see nature more and city less. Make proud. Come back.

-What's your Pet Peeve?

Magic people. Hurt Gorthog many time before Gorthog punch. When Gorthog punch them fall fast. Very disappoint.

Do you have any particularly noteworthy Allies or Enemies?
This is a great thread. Great way to develop a character when you're just forming it in your brain, answer all these questions
50 grand. That's like enough for a new base package Bronco!

That's life changing money right there.
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