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That’s probably mostly the case, but as it’s close to Dodge (let’s say 2 Days average travel time) if that’s not what you want for your character there you could be just passing through or a fairly recent arrival.
Here’s a bit to help you plan things out.

Selina is a small town North East of Dodge. Kansas is known as Bloody Kansas in this setting. Selina is rather basic, consisting of a respectable if quite bare bones Bed and Breakfast run by one Father O’Flanagan, the monastery where O’Flanagan works, a General Store run by a ex-miner who once hit it big, and a taxidermist by the name of Zeke. Selina is more friendly than most toward the various Indian tribes as there has been in large part an unofficial policy of live and let live. Most inhabitants of Selina get by by being as self sufficient as possible and selling any food or goods beyond what very little they truly need in Dodge.

Here is what the Players Guide has to say on Bloody Kansas,


Also, because the section on Kansas mentions it, here’s the skinny on slavery in this setting, straight from the Players Guide. Probably the best way to deal with an awkward situation so we don’t just make it a Black and White morality thing.

Hell yes. Great Character Sheet. MysteryBroom, Andrew Blade, and Brat342 if you want to join up for the next adventure I'd be glad to have you but we're full up for this one. Hope you stick around to read it and join up for the next one.

2sky11 - Rick Matthews, Union Cavalryman
Dragonbud - Aveline, Blessed
ElGappa - Constantin LeBlanc, French Soldier of Fortune
Lewis - John Blackburn, Investigator
Life in Stasis - Sequoyah Guess, Cherokee Huckster
Wampower - Franz Kaufman, Austrian Gunsmith and Ex-Soldier
War - Eli Mckee, Marshal

I'll start work on an introductory post shortly. We have a bit of a dilemma that I didn't foresee in that there isn't an immediately clear reason for everyone to be traveling together, so rather than start the story that way and leave you all to figure out why you're together I'll start it off with Lewis, Gappa, and Wam's characters (Blackburn, LeBlanc, and Kaufmann) traveling into Selina. We'll work out what the party is looking into and why they come together as we get started.
Go ahead and make one up, you too MysteryBroom. We’re about ready to go, haven’t heard anything from Andrew Blade.
If anyone is finding character generation hard or confusing here are some premades.…

In the interests of helping out a bit more I'll copy/paste some of the more common types here, they're not at starting level but it'll give a bit of a template. A lot of the information won't be all that useful for this story but maybe it'll help a bit.



Indian Brave

Law Dog


There are three others who are preparing CSs right now so I’ll call that the party. Let me know if you’re interested anyway just in case someone leaves or changes their mind.

The party is

War - Eli Mckee, Marshal
Dragon Bud - Aveline, Blessed
Wampower - Franz Kaufman, Austrian Gunsmith and Ex-Soldier
Lewis - John Blackburn, Investigator
ElGappa - Constantin LeBlanc, French Soldier of Fortune
Life in Stasis - Sequoyah Guess, Cherokee Huckster
2sky11 - Rick Matthews, Union Cavalryman
I don’t know much about WoD, but yeah the idea is to go full in on character generation and gameplay with cards and dice. Probably more generous as the RP will take longer and there won’t be that face to face element. Still dangerous though, it’s not Deadlands without some death.

It’s 1879. I was playing around with when to start it, but I’m just going with the official Deadlands Reloaded start date of June 1879.

I picked up a lot of Deadlands, Deadlands Reloaded, Deadlands : Hell on Earth, and Feng Shui (Action Movie Roleplaying) stuff.
Character Sheet Template
(We'd probably, hopefully, be doing full proper character generation if we go on a longer campaign with new characters at some point, this is just for this trial run. The full version has more interesting stuff like picking specific skills to be good at and taking both Hindrances and Edges that work similarly to Perks or Traits from the Fallout series)

The year is 1879 but in the world of Deadlands it is a very different 1879. In both of our worlds the year of 1863 saw the United States at war with itself but in this world things went very differently. For one thing, the war did not end two years later. For another rumors persist...persistently...enough that many have good reason, though oddly little evidence, to believe something else quite important happened that day. The dead of Gettysburg rose and beset the living, Blue or Grey making no difference whatsoever.

That's ancient history now though. Well 16 years, but much has changed in those years. Slavery has been abolished. A new natural resource, known as Ghost Rock, has been found that burns Five Times Hotter and 100 Times Longer than Coal. California has, in large part, been reclaimed by the Pacific leaving a broken land known as The Great Maze. Utah has been taken over and renamed The Republic of Deseret. What's more Manifest Destiny has been considerably delayed with the founding of two separate large Indian nations, The Coyote Confederacy and the Sioux Nations. Amid all this chaos, Ghost Rock has dropped the nations into an Industrial Age.

General Intentions

  • Experience a short adventure in this setting
  • Determine if there is enough interest to start a longer adventure
  • Determine if we (well I) can mix Rules Based Pen and Paper with Free Form RPing

In the future I'd like to start a longer adventure with everyone starting out properly with full character generation and purchasing items through the Deadlands Setting. For this RP I think we should probably just do it without such restrictions.

This Little Adventure

For this story we will all be either living in or making our way toward a small town in Kansas called Selina, likely on their way to Dodge City from which they can catch a rail line or carriage near anywhere in the West. This adventure is actually not a part of the Deadlands setting, I'm just importing a story I very much enjoyed.


General Character Ideas

Forms of Magic

  • Blessed - Abrahamic Priests, Sin makes them weaker
  • Shamans - Indian Tribe or Voodoo, Not performing rituals makes them weaker
  • Hucksters - Communicate with and Play Poker against Demons to perform magic
  • Mad Scientists - Use expensive materials to build wondrous machinations
  • Chi Master - Use Kung Fu
The cameras roll following behind Gerald Shaw as he stalks down the halls of the WWA, a small man holding a microphone hurrying along to keep up.

"You got to put in the work baby," Shaw says in a gravelly voice to the interviewer following him, "These kids comin' up today don't know nothing 'bout that, well Ricky Razor he gonna learn all 'bout that this Monday Night on Mayhem."

Shaw pushes through the twin doors into the gym and training center, stepping past several current and aspiring talents, making a beeline to the squat rack. As he loads plates onto the bar the cameraman slowly pans over to the right and zooms in to find Ricky Razor himself exercising in a small training ring. The camera stays on Razor as he pantomimes grappling with an opponent then quickly runs into the ropes and uses the rebound to do a flying handstand elbow strike.

When the camera pans back to Shaw he is staring straight at it with a grimace spread across his face.

"What you lookin' at?" he gets in close and asks, "You lookin' at him? He ain't doing nothing."

"Hey Ricky! That ain't gonna help you Ricky!" he yells across the gym, but directly into the camera, before ducking under the bar and quickly busting out a set of 6 deep squats, all the weights on the bar ringing loudly as he propels them up and down again and again. Stepping out from the bar he rolls his shoulders and shouts out "Lightweight baby."

"Real. Easy," he mutters as he lumbers toward the training ring. The cameraman follows the interviewer as he skitters out of the way, allowing the camera man to get a shot from behind Ricky as Shaw walks all the way up to the apron.

"You can run around, you can flip and flop all you want Ricky boy, but sooner or later I'll get my hands on you. And just as soon as I do, it's over."

Razor looks over his shoulder back to the camera, smiles, winks, and throws his body into the ropes, dashing straight across the ring and toward Shaw. As Ricky Razor blitzes across the ring Shaw hunkers down and takes a few steps back preparing to throttle the young upstart the moment he clears the ropes, but at the last moment Razor leaps forward into a handstand his legs hitting the ropes and rebounding him back to a standing position in the middle of the ring.

The gym descends into a commotion as Shaw climbs the apron and grabs the ropes, wrestlers and coaches rush Razor out the back door while others work to hold Shaw back from entering the ring and form a human wall around the door Razor used. The cameras fade as Shaw pushes through the crowd and encounters the human wall at the door.
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