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7 days ago
Current Don't need to be a GM for that. Just the teensiest most fleeting speck of power.
9 days ago
Heal up quick from that surgery Pooper.
9 days ago
You know I was not at all about a Cuphead RP server, but then you said 18+. Let's do this. Vamanos.
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9 days ago
I like your face AnnaLee. Good work. Keep it up. 5/5. Would rate again. Checked all my boxes. Eyes. Nose. Ears. Mouth. Attached to a neck. That's a face on the front of a head alright.
20 days ago
Ahh, a landlord. Good tithings brother. I trust the proletariat has not vexed you too much.


I be Bango.

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What races are you using?

I saw references to Dwarf/Elven Gods, a Silver Elf ruler, and Gods worshipped by Dark Elves and Orcs so...

Maybe Human Silver Elf/ Dwarf / Elf / Dark Elf / Orc?

What about Gnomes, Kobolds, Ratmen, Catmen, or everyone's favorite Halflings?

I've got a few ideas I'm trying to pick between. Standard Halfling smart-ass, standard big tough Orc dumb-ass, or maybe haughty human Andred general-purpose-ass
Inconceivably intrigued
This does look cool. Definitely interested
I'd like to throw my hat in the ring as well.
Like dis
So you can freely advertise a gay fantasy book in your own thread, but my boy @LetMeDoStuff gets his ad on his bio taken down because it apparently violates the rules, huh

I demand justice! Dieselpunk shall not be silenced any longer!

What was the book about?

And what is your book about Sterling and/or Liv?
If I mock a concept that means the concept is illegitimate
That's how it works
Sure did. It got nowhere. Still have the thread starter, but it didn't exactly start a thread
I want to do a Bannerlord RP so very bad
The band goes down with the ship.

Maybe we can play something fun though.

Closing Time maybe?

WAP? Get it, because the boats sinking. So we're all wet.

I kill me.
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