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Current Well said JerkChicken, cupcakes are trash pastries. I would like to subscribe to your newsletter.
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I think the moon is bigger than the sun. I'm not looking it up. Books are liars. But I'm pretty sure I'm right. Don't @ me.
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What kind of gym stuff you got for it Pooper?
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You can never go wrong with Simon Pegg. Excellent choice.
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Oh my god you guys. World War 3 for like the fourth time in the last four years. We all gonna die, again!


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"What of the box Giant?" Gorosk asked now that the violence had ended and they were left once more among the broken corpses of the vermin. The chest looked old, worn, rusted, but intact. This struck Gorosk as odd, that amidst all the damage the rats had done this chest would remain untouched. Perhaps it was not as untouched as it first appeared. Gorosk would investigate it further.

He wanted to be done with this venture as much as the others, it was dark, dangerous, and Gorosk was eager to step into the light once more. He also however wanted to find out precisely what had happened here, if it were anything more than a pit these rats were particularly fond of. That would be somewhat reassuring, as worrying as it might be that something darker were afoot it would bring some small measure of relief to know that this loss was caused by something unusual. More unusual than vermin deciding they liked their home just fine.
I'm interested too, just joined the Discord, saying hi here too though.

Casual is very active. You can probably find something to participate in pretty quick. Good luck.
The giantess had seriously wounded the second of the larger rats and Gorosk meant to finish it off. The smaller rats were bad enough, but the party had proven quite capable of stopping them. These bigger rats were more dangerous and perhaps even more so now that they were wounded and near death. An angry scared animal can be a very dangerous thing. Best to send it from this world before it does any serious damage.

Gorosk let the quarterstaff fall to ground and swung a hard overhand fist at the Dire Rat.

I'm with you on lack of communication and add on to that the avalanche effect that Kuro hinted at. One person disappear, someone else is "waiting for them to post" someone else says "well like half the party isn't posting right now so i feel like we should wait" and then yeah the last guy says "oh, that's still going on?"

So many RPs. So many.
Gorosk was thankful the attack had not begun until they were outside of the close quarters of the tunnel and in to the body of this cavern. There was no telling when the rats would come, the large ones looked like trouble. Had they rushed the party when they were lined up single file things may have turned out far worse. Granted, this had only just begun, they may still not survive the next ten minutes, but at least they had a fighting chance.

In the midst of the fight it was hard to tell precisely what was going on but it was simple enough to see that both of the bigger rats were still alive, though one was injured. Best to start there.

Gorosk grabbed his quarterstaff tightly in two hands and swung down on the beast.

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I love your username. Welcome PieRat
Gorosk followed behind the others, happy to be wearing only his Monk robes. At times the added protection of armor would be lovely, perhaps that filthy rat would not have drawn his blood had he been wearing something thicker or more solid, but he enjoyed the mobility and lightness the robes granted him. Now, venturing beneath the Earth, more than ever he was happy to be able to move without added weight pulling his body about. Still, his mobility would do him little good trapped behind others in so small an area.

Gorosk would have preferred to be either in the front, scouting stealthily, the head of the arrow so to speak, or in the very rear, but the Elf would need the space, it made sense. With her at the back, in touch as she seemed with nature, perhaps they would get a warning should the vermin attempt to rush them from behind. It would not be easy for them to all turn about in the small tunnel should they be ambushed, but with a slight heads up they may be fine.

He followed behind, ready to be leaving the dark dank confines of the tunnel almost as soon as he entered them, and hoped that the tunnel would soon open in to a chamber. He did not wish to die under the Earth, hidden from the light of the sun, lost and forgotten.
I came here for a similar reason, board I used to RP switched styles to something more conducive to sharing fan art and YouTube videos rather than long form back and forth RPs. It took me awhile to find the part of the site I fit in with okay but it can be a pretty welcoming place. Perhaps I'll see you in a fantasy RP, you'll know it's me because I'll probably be RPing a Halfling. And then also by the username.

Cheers and good luck

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