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Current Kinda like eating a carnitas burrito.
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Great band name by the way. Poohead's Delirium.
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General Purpose Reminder : Go huh your family, they're not goi g to be around forever.
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If that's about what I think it is Blaze you should talk some folks you trust for help before starting something up. Sometimes how we perceive ourselves or what we say isn't how others perceive it.
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Don't worry about the hobby and the people stranger homie. Go get help. Knowing you need help is strength. Most here will understand, anyone who doesn't isn't really your problem. Good luck.


I be Bango.

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In combat mostly just the same old Wolverine except less rage and animalistic stuff. Like the difference between someone trained in Krav Maga killing or incapacitating someone swiftly and ruthlessly and one of the typical Wolverine chop everyone up and scream a lot. Less skewering someone and picking them up over his head, more cutting the legs from under someone and finishing them.

John Wick rather than Rambo.

In regard to leadership he's less the on the ground lead by example type he usually is. I picture him as having earned the loyalty of his men in that way long long ago but after establishing himself in Madripoor he now had middlemen there that would be that sort of leader. He's more the scary face and promise of retribution behind the organization than the actual boots on the ground sort.

For the previous questions,

Hex is basically using Hellboys big ass pistol yeah, The Good Samaritan. If you meant the Red Right Hand I don't want him to have the actual kinda squared off giant hand I don't want that. I thought about having him have a burned up right hand or maybe a red glove, but the scarred up face and resurrection are probably enough.

For Old Patch, yes basically and absolutely yes. Going off the old like bushido shit Wolverine often had ties to there are crimes he will neither participate in nor allow anyone to participate in in Madripoor, but he's not a super hero anymore. Maybe a hero to many in Madripoor but not actually a hero. Sort of an anti-hero, means to an end for the law abiding in Madripoor. Some love him and some accept him and are maybe even like grudgingly glad he's around in the same way folks might become accustomed to and fond of a dictator.
Gotta vote for the "I always loved to watch you sleep" one. Solid.

I like both of them.

I'd be happy to RP either depending on which seems to fit in better with the setting. Wolverine has a more easily written for personality. Hex is usually kinda just a hard fighting big man with a big gun, which kinda works.
took too long
My bad. Been an interesting few months for me. Still have another post like 80% done in my head for that too. It's kinda more Rogers just kicking around though. Drawing on the docks, meeting a veteran. Figured it would be the last one until/unless there's a time skip.
I would have proposed picking up the Captain America I'm doing still, kinda, in another RP but I quite like the idea Cybermaxx had.

Later on in that thread I wrote for Nuke (The Captain America of Vietnam) and a little bit for Dum Dum Dugan.
I've got an idea I am kind of playing around with. It's essentially "Jonah Hex, Agent of BPRD"

So Jonah Hex, bad ass die hard cowboy guy, but he's in the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Development.

Maybe bring it a little closer to Hellboy with two concepts. The Red Right Hand idea, only instead of being a stone demon hand key thing more like a blessing/curse he received by messing with powers beyond his knowing. Maybe that's how this Jonah gets into this setting. He became a bit too curious about one case or another while working with the BPRD. Took his investigations too far out. Perhaps his investigations led him into Mojo's World or perhaps his investigations just caught Mojo's interest so Mojo took him for his own.

Alternatively if you don't want Jonah Hex Agent of BPRD I could do something similar with Dum Dum Dugan, investigator of weird Nazi occult bullshit. Could go the same way where in fighting evil he's become a little infected by magic, or could go entirely the opposite way and have him be the relatively simple like Bolt Action Rifle/Double Action Revolver Mundane Brick Shithouse type.

Or if that idea doesn't really resonate with you either way I've got a rather more unique and likely comedic character.

Shaolin Cowboy
Dark Horse property, written by Geof Darrow
Chinese Cowboy Kung Fu Post Apocalyptic Comedy Violence (with a twist)
I'd have him as sort of a Kung Fu Ash from Evil Dead. Generally laconic, one liners, fights weird ass evil stuff, uses weird things as weapons, talks to animals, talks about previous outlandish adventures he's been on a lot. Most of these stories sound like BS but often are true.

If that sounds weak too then just Wolverine. He has knives in his hands. He's hard to kill. He heals a lot. He's an alcoholic. He says Canadian things. Maybe he decided to stay in Madripoor and become a kingpin. Maybe between being exposed to all that violence and misery, potentially for decades as he doesnt age, he's become a lot harder and less concerned with protecting people.
"Aye," another small man answered, having just come out onto the street alongside the Halfling.

"There will surely be much time for building, sooner or later, and if there isn't we'll probably be dead and it will be someone else's problem."

The Halfling said this without any trace of melancholy, it was a simple truth. There either would or would not be time to build. One did not build a city expecting all things to fall apart. You need optimism, persistent optimism, even in the face of a swift violent death. Particularly now.

Thiago patted himself down absent mindedly as he made to catch up with the other Halfling, ensuring that while he quickened his step he didn't lose one of his tools. That would be the very last thing he needed. There would be no New Sauerabfel without his tools.

"I am called Thiago," he said to the other, placing his hand lightly on his shoulder, "A builder from Sauerabfel, in better times. Today another hopeful traveler. Perhaps when things are more stable we make you a bakery yes? Fresh warm biscuits can quickly make a house a home."
I'll try to get something up this weekend. Had a busy few weeks lately.
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