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4 mos ago
You and me both Poohead. Congratulations. Get little homie swolled up.
4 mos ago
Guess they'll have to make their own video site now.
6 mos ago
Kinda like eating a carnitas burrito.
6 mos ago
Great band name by the way. Poohead's Delirium.
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6 mos ago
General Purpose Reminder : Go huh your family, they're not goi g to be around forever.
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I be Bango.

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Dark Cloud 11 mos ago
You are a god among men, I salute you.
Demonic Raven 11 mos ago
Thanks for the quote tweet! Keep on rocking you magnificent bango skank you!
Lady Selune 12 mos ago
I would never dilute my crack with baking soda.
Moth 3 yrs ago
it warms the cockles of my heart to see you still using the avatar
lemme know if you ever want a new bango avatar
-rainbow goblin
crocker 3 yrs ago
i cant stop listening to that alabama shakes song u sent me man
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