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Current Today is the kinda day where I embrace the phrase "It's five o'clock somewhere!"
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@gorgenmast Might I suggest... MURDER?
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@Poohead123 and also with you!
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I know staying up till 4 in the morning is bad for my health but my switch is locked on the on setting... If only I could have enough brain power to write
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Just a demonic bird living her life on the east coast. My fiancee is the lovely Evil Snowman (usernames not planned but worked so well together we thought "Hey, might as well get married and have some possessed kiddos one day!") That's pretty much it!

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Hello everyone! Welcome to the bad boy/girl interviews! Within this interest check you'll find two interview booths! So if you're interested in a high school romance apply in booth one and if you're interested in a slice of life gang romance apply in booth two! All applicants will be considered for the position regardless of what crimes have been committed as we are an equal opportunity employer! Within the booths you'll find my characters your interviewers which may help sway you either way! Have fun, but no drugs or murder on the premise take it like 30 feet off site so we aren't liable. Thank you for your understanding!

If you're interested PM me with the PM subject being either "Dance with your crush" or "Dance with your enemy". Hope to see you soon!
Hey saw you were going off the site for a bit before if you're back and looking for a trucker companion I have a knack for writing damsels and their chasers.
"The best part of being a witch is that no one expects you to be anything less than the absolute worst of humanity. If you kick a puppy or sleep with someone else's man or woman, I'm an equal opportunist, they just equate it to who you are. If you kill a person it's just in your nature, but heaven forbid you walk a granny across the street! The whole town gets out their torch and pitch forks, spouting off nonsense about how you were going to eat sacrifice old granny Esther to the dark lord Lucifer! That's why I work with the dead, because in death everyone is equal. Jesus won't save you, whatever god you worship abandons you, you don't float in pitch darkness for eternity. You just cease to exist... Unless a witch awakens you, I guess that's how we got here huh? Oh look at me monologuing without asking your name. Well, actually I don't care. Still welcome to Blackrose Cemetery and I'll be your witch guide to life after death!"

Welcome to my interest check for the dark romantic plot! The plot is rather simple so that way we can build upon it together with plenty of room for creative freedom! Essentially YC is brought back from the dead when MC, the witch of Blackrose Cemetery, discoveries that she has acquired a new power. She has been alive since the 1400's and occasionally takes long dirt naps in the cemetery so the locals don't get suspicious. Essentially the plot will revolve around the two getting to know one another, figure out how this happened and perhaps even fight off flesh hungry zombies created by her new power. Whether or not your character desires flesh is up to you! ;3

If you're interested in discussing the plot further and are interested in hearing more about your witchy guide to the other side PM me with the title of your favorite horror movie! Hope to see you undead ghouls soon!
Daily bump for interest!
@bumbles guthrie

Absolutely! I'm not sure if Sanity will be joining us again but you can always shoot him a message to ask for permission and doubling depending on whose interested is definitely an option! Still most certainly welcome aboard! ^-^
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