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Current Back to the hiatus shadows for me
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@Ejected Nah it’s more like Keeping up with the Kardashian’s because they’re both like nails on a chalk board
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Not cool dude, not cool.
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Woah, slow your roll there old man. Just because people don’t agree with you or are sick of hearing you complain doesn’t mean you have a right to threaten violence.
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Doll House

Plot Summary

Your character lives an average life; an average sleep schedule, an average diet, an average job, an average family, an average apartment, an average job... the list goes on and on. The only thing that isn’t average is their technique of relieving stress. Your characters escape method is a full reenactment of their favorite fantasy book, though through the medium of dolls. One of the scenes in the book involves a lot of hay and unfortunately thanks to some faulty wiring the apartment is set ablaze quickly. No one is harmed but your character has lost everything that they worked so hard to collect. Thousands of dollars, years of work, gone in a second. But after the fire dies down a girl is found under a pile of rubble, this girl sharing a striking resemblance to the character of your book. Upon her right shoulder blade you see your characters signature, a horrifying realization coming to mind. This girl is the doll you hand crafted to fit the main character of the book as you imagined her to look like. At the hospital this girl has no memory of who she is, her only connection is your character. The plot would center around your character teaching her about not only the world but what it is to be human as well. That is, if you let her believe she’s anything more than a doll come to life.

This plot is open for discussion and outside ideas to sculpt it and make it ours. If you’re interested PM me with the title “Quoth the Raven Nevermore." Because why not have a little spook since it’s so close to Halloween? :3

I have PM’d you.
After reading your interest check I honestly gotta say one thing; you’re awesome!

Regardless of anything, just had to say that!

Now, if you don’t mind a rusty RP’er trying to get back into the swing of things and are itching for a gritty role play with super heroes and villains I got a plot I could pitch you. Let’s just say my villain would have super sonic sound powers that she harnesses with a gigantic amp and the power of Rock.

Anywho, just gonna leave this here and I hope you have a great day. ^ ^
(> >)

Tried to make a cat, but I think it looks like a surprised snowman.
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