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Current Dad: "Well you see son, when an alcoholic man and an alcoholic woman get together they make a baby and let's just say the drugs they give you at the hospital will make you name your child weird shit!"
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Spending Christmas in the jailhouse, oh my fucking god I'm going to diiiiieeeeee
1 day ago
Tis the season to go bankrupt! Oh my fucking god I want to die! The government is really foreclosing, oh my fucking god I want to die! The IRS is closing in, burn it all, burn it all, burn it ALL!
1 day ago
I love when my depression creates writer's block. Like come on mind, stop cock blocking me!
3 mos ago
To my partners: I'm.taking a few days off due to writers block. Hopefully my creativity will come back soon.
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Hello there, I'm Demonic Raven and you're watching Disney Channel!

Shit, wrong intro!

Hello, I'm demonic Raven and welcome to my interest check! There we go!

Now instead of fussing around with rules, my usual plot intro, other jokes and puns that I tend to make, I'm going to get straight into the plot idea and if you like it PM me and tell me about the prince you envisioned playing when reading this idea!

So the plot I have in mind is a romance story of a prince who is on the cusp of his 25th birthday, the weight of inheriting the crown upon his shoulders as his father passed away due to being poisoned. But the prince just wishes to travel the land, experiencing the wonders of the world instead of sitting on a thrown all day. Though he also worries of being killed himself after he finds a note threatening to kill him if he does not leave never to return again. So he escapes out of the castle and kingdom to a nearby village to which he finds an elven girl about 20 years old singing and dancing for coin, gifting her a few gold coins to sing his future.

She speaks of a future where she sees him as a mighty ruler though one far more worldly and experienced than he is nowm Unfortunately due to a false accusation that has kept her on the run for years the guards within the town chase after her, and as she flees he begs to come with her and so they set off on a journey together, escaping bandits, dancing in festivals, going to mystical forests and beaches of golden sand. All the while the advisor to the king takes over the kingdom and makes horrible decisions that land the kingdom in a worse and worse state for all those who aren't rich.

So the prince has a choice to turn his back on his past and start completely new or to go back to take his thrown and possibly lose the love that had developed between them throughout the journey as the court would never except an Elf as a queen.

I will be playing the elven girl whose name is to be determined. If you enjoyed and wish to discuss more details about the plot or have questions, PM me and we can talk more on there. Regardless I hope you have a wonderful day!
From the moment we locked eyes I knew the game had begun. Her eyes pierced my very soul, her essence drawing me in like a month to a flame. Her energy was one of mysterious darkness, an overwhelming sadness that seemed to grip her entire being. She did not appear as though as if she was struggling with a terrible depression, no... Her outward appearance oozed with confidence and poise. She was the hostess every mother dreamed of and the wife every man desired. Pale skin unsullied by the cruelty of the world, her lips the color of freshly spilled blood but her hair... It was black as the void with a Sapphire shine when she was underneath the crystal chandelier.

I never expected to wake up covered in my own blood in her porcelain bath tub, two holes plunging deep into my neck while my skin to the touch felt as cold as dry ice. But my attention was drawn to her small frame shaking with sobs as she wailed such inhuman cries. I wasn't sure what had happened but that mattered not anymore. I desired blood, no, I needed blood... And this beautiful creature before me had none within her icy withered veins.

Welcome to my interest check! That little bit of writing was a sample of what character I will be writing and what style of writing I possess. I can write more casually as well, it all depends on the characters I write opposite of. I will be playing Lila our little vampiress who has only just been turned and yet has turned your character into a creature of the night just as she is. The story can go so many different ways, the characters desires being more of carnal lust or pure romance that steamed first for infatuation. We could set this in modern times or more Medieval, have them completely hate one another before they give in to baser urges, we could have them be former friends who were separated due to tragic circumstances. The possibilities are truly endless and for us to decide! So if you had ideas forming within I'd love to hear them and I will in turn share mine with you depending on the basic elements you desire.

So if you're interested in this idea please PM me and we can discuss ideas from there! Nevertheless regardless I do hope it was an enjoyable read for you no matter what.
I hope to see you all once in better. ^~^

Please join the discord server created by our lovely second Co-GM Hyde! ^~^

Thank you again Hyde for your help!

Also to everyone who has expressed interest I’d really like you all to join the discord server as it would make everything much easier for everyone, though especially myself and Pie. If you can not access or do not wish to join discord please do let either of us know. ^~^

I will use a group PM to give everyone the casual OOC url once everything is set up! For now get to work on your character sheets and I look forward to seeing them!

Also a reminder please PM your CS to both Pie and I in a group pm so we can accept your character(s)! Please do not post your CS’s in the characters section until you are accepted!

Welcome to the Temple of the Zodiac! ^~^
@PiePizzle No worries hun! ^~^

Thank you Hyde! ^~^

Also terribly sorry again Howls for the mix up! ^~^;
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