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Current Can YOU say that you were hit by a van today? I didn't think so nerds.
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Hey Bitches. Guess who's the Birthday Girl today?
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I thought everybody knew that the roundest knight at King Arthur's table was Sir Cumference?
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Roleplay man, roleplay man, does whatever a roleplay can. Does he write? Not at all. He brings plots to a stall, look out... He’s a fucking ghost.
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I just sat down to write a reply, accidentally held the 'a' key down, watched as I wrote 'a' several hundred times, then calmly closed the tab.


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What’s happening boys?

The next figure to walk into the room filled Kotys not with horror or disgust, but with pure perverted interest. The monster of a man, muscle and mutated flesh, barely even human, but instead looking more xenos than homo... She had heard about him. Heard much about him and the blood she spilled. Her long tongue slipped out into the air, tasting it, and then slowly, almost sensually licking her lips. he was beyond dangerous, beyond powerful, possibly even more powerful than the astartes standing in this room, but by the Prince was he a sight to see.

Of course, sadly but sadly was what she had learned and what she could see merely from looking at him. That awful triangular mark across his chest, one that spoke of how he cared for nothing but blood and death and violence, with no respect for the pleasure of pain and the satisfaction in each slice... And even less care for other things. Yet... Well, she could still want him, working for her, on top of her... She smacked her lips once her tongue had retracted, wondering if he had noticed her lingering gaze, before finally turning back to their host.

They were to retrive an artifact, to be repaid in plunder and in slaves. Her gaze flitted back to the crowd of owned souls in the room, many wide-eyed at the display of so many chaos worshippers and mutations around them, and she could feel a little bubble of glee well up in her chest. There was to be no faliure in this quest. Absolute perfection only.

She would take a seat and slouch comfortably as the craft began to make its way down to the surface. Twirling her cane in her hand, her eyes would find themselves drawn to a figure whose exploits preceeded them. Princess Natalia- the wannabe Pirate Queen. Standing up, she was about to introduce herself to the woman when the ship they were in was rocked by a shuddering explosion. Her frail figure was sent flying across the craft, dangerously close to the disgusting slug of the nurgulite, and her cane was sent flying out of her hand, clattering into the wall. At the last moment she managed to twist her body so that she wasn't shattered upon contact with the side, but still felt the wind knocked out of her as she was brought to an unexpected stop by the wall.

Rolling to the floor, hacking up phlegm and gasping to replace the air that had been knocked out of her lungs, she would scramble for her weapon, praying that the hull integrity of the ship would hold. She had no vaccum-safe equipment on her- if there was going to be no air, things were going to get difficult.
I think in this situation we should just crack on, else we risk stalling out.

God, and she got the ship arranged and she got it up there... Boo.
How did a minor politican with campaign funds of less than a labourer could earn in a month manage to arrive in orbit? The answer, as it was with most things, was because she hadn't acquired her little craft legitimately. Not even large enough to deserve its own name, Kotys' vehicle was the sort of shuttle normally owned by planetary govenors, used to go between their low-orbit mansions and their domains. Mouldering at the docks, it hadn't taken much convincing for her to get her hands on it and even less to get it repaired, the workmen repaid in the barter of Slaneesh... Or as it was better known, a lot of chems.

So it was that Kotys ascended towards The Awoken. In one hand she idly swirled a glass of double-distilled amasec, enjoying the pleasant burn as it slid down her throat, whilst the other twirled a most curious weapon. Although ostensibly looking to be a serrated sort of sword, a press of a button by the hilt would see it structure collapse into a long, thin whip, the length of which could be given a shocking treat to the poor soul unfortunate enough to be on the receiveing end of a blow from it.

She arrived without much ceremony. Her ship docked, its few crewmembers stayed aboard and she stepped off, the sheath for her blade revealing its third function, that being the fact that it was also a rather handy walking cane. So it was with her weapon softly clacking against the floor and her dress softly shimmering in the light that she would enter the meeting place, stifling a whistle as she did so.

She knew when she was amongst fine company... And among brutal company. The display here was rather staggering, from the pleasing sights of the various slaves dotted about, to the disgusting presence of a nurglite... And then the towering figures that dominated the place even more than their host did. Astartes. She massaged her neck slightly, easing down a particularly stubbon lump that had sprung up in her throat. She was in the presence of figures that could leave the room looking like an abbatoir without breaking a sweat.

Strictly speaking, she would pay homage to their benevolent invitor first... But she would rather indulge just a little bit before business sucked up all of her attention. One hand would trail along the back of a figure not quite male and not quite female, who would soon feel the chill of whispered air in their ear. Walking to the front of the room, still shooting the astartes (and to a lesser extent the ogryns) glances, the slaneeshi would offer a poor woman's cursty, standing up from it and tossing her cane from hand to hand.

"Lady Kotys, at your service. Might I say, a pleasure to meet the two of you."

Not entirely unplausable for a Slaneeshi, but it's more 'cot-es.'
Sheesh, a girl leaves for a week and everything moves on without her :P

Also, just to let you know, it was a bitch finding an image I liked that didn't have straight up tits.
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