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21 hrs ago
Current The cans that drinks come in really add a refreshing crunch after quenching your thirst.
3 days ago
I just sat down to write a reply, accidentally held the 'a' key down, watched as I wrote 'a' several hundred times, then calmly closed the tab.
15 days ago
Being an adult is realising that just because you CAN eat an entire tub of raw cookie dough doesn't mean you SHOULD eat the entire tub of raw cookie dough.
1 mo ago
"Your password must include capital letters, lower case letters, special characters and numbers." FUCK OFF.
8 mos ago
Speaking French is the process of systematically gendering every single object in a 20 mile radius in order to ask for your pen back.


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Dwarves trading away gromril? INCONCEIVABLE!


Sadwe's ready and reporting for duty.

The post is kinda skaven-centric. What do the dorfs/dorf supporters get?

More realistic. This isn't BnHA.
Scrubscribed, will be thinking about my character.

Bodyguards are essential to protect wealthy individuals. The stereotypes of them- special agent like men and women, armed to the teeth and ready to die for an individual...

But that's the bodyguards that want to be seen. Most bodyguards are nowhere near that conspicuous, and there's a new generation of them in training. Nowadays, bodyguards need to be subtle, mobile... And yes, devoted. Which is why they're now being trained younger and younger, including the new BODYGUARD program established in secret in the Scottish highlands. The bodyguards they're training? Teenagers.

Hello folks! This one doesn't need much introduction. You will be playing talented teenagers (age 14-18) who have been selected by a private organisation in order to be trained as bodyguards. No longer will they have to do maths, chemistry and English, the new lessons are stunt driving, unarmed combat and mob analysis.

Any interest?

Don’t rely on me.

1/10 dwarfs are female, so they're rare, but not that rare.
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