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Current I just looked at an RP that looked really interesting, took a step back and thought to myself 'do I have the time on top of my other obligations?' then said 'no' to myself. Am I an adult now?
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Hey Bitches. Guess who's the Birthday Girl today?
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I thought everybody knew that the roundest knight at King Arthur's table was Sir Cumference?
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Roleplay man, roleplay man, does whatever a roleplay can. Does he write? Not at all. He brings plots to a stall, look out... He’s a fucking ghost.
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I just sat down to write a reply, accidentally held the 'a' key down, watched as I wrote 'a' several hundred times, then calmly closed the tab.


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Siobhan would, carefully, with one finger, close the blade of her knife. Nonetheless, she still held it inside her pocket, her finger hovering over the button that would cause it's little blade to dart out and be ready to taste crimson. Nodding to the woman- Ana, as she introduced herself, she would open the boot of the car and slide her bags inside, before returning to the front of the car. Gesturing vaguely towards the cigarette that Ana held in her mouth, she would receive a smoke of her own, placing it to her lips with one hand, then holding it there as she retrieved her lighter and lit it.

Her hand never left the hilt of her knife.

When it was lit, she would open the car door and clamber into the shotgun seat. Winding down the window, she would tap out the first few specks of ash that had accumulated at the end, and then breathe out a small plume of smoke into the midnight sky. Turning towards the Polish woman, she would gesture up, the ember of lit tobacco harsh against the barely-visible starlight. "I'm ready when you are."

Let's get started folks.
SOE Briefing: T-2.5 hours

"Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to Ashford Bomber Base." The individual speaking would normally be a rather imposing figure, but it was hard for any normal individual to seem intimidating to stand users. Nonetheless, Brigadier General Carmond oozed an aura of authority, a bristling moustache completing his resoundly military look. One hand would come up to stroke his chin as he examined the crowd, before continuing onwards. "Normally, you would be being loaded into a Lancaster Bomber for a paradrop into France, but today we have a special delivery for the fine folks in France." He would turn and point towards a much smaller plane. In fact, it barely looked like it could hold two individuals, let alone six or seven.

"Inside that plane are vital medical supplies for a resistance cell located near Orléans. Due to the fragility of these supplies, high command has deemed them far too valuable to drop from the air. Instead, the pilots will be making a landing on French soil. As some of your persons do not have paratrooper wings, you will also be on this plane." He would bring his hand down from his moustache to behind his back, raising his other hand as he did so.

"I will not lie to you. This is a tricky exercise. The whole transferal must take no longer than two minutes, and even that short period of time may bring the Wermacht down onto your heads. If this happens, your mission will be doomed and we will be forced to assume you all MIA." He did not shy away from the hard truths. As powerful as these individuals supposedly were, the boche had their new superweapons on their side... And even if they did pull through, it was likely the entirety of the Orléans resistance cell capable of communication and coordination with London would be destroyed.

"Once down in France, you will rest the night with the resistance, and then proceed northwards, towards Paris." He would turn to an easel by his side and lift up a blank sheet of paper, revealing a map of France beneath it, one side partitioned off and stamped with a large 'Vichy.' He indicated first towards Orléans, and then towards Paris. "Preferably, you will avoid roads, but I'm sure I don't need to tell you how to do your job. Once in Paris, rendevouz with the Parisian resistance. They will outfit you for your trip into the Eagle's Nest." He would point towards the French-German border.

"Once you cross the border to Germany, we will have no further contact with each other. Ladies and gentlemen." The man stood up straighter- a remarkable feat considering his back was remarkably ruler-like. "What you are undertaking is a tremendous and thankless task. The files regarding this case will be locked deep within the SOE, likely never to be seen again in your lifetimes. Yet, it will be the most vital operation ever to take place in this great global conflict. I, and every man, woman and child in all the free nations of the world thank you for what you are about to do." He would incline his head slightly, then straighten it back up and salute.

"The plane will be leaving in ten minutes. Make ready for its departure, and godspeed."
Oh no you don't! 17!
15. Dive, dive, dive!
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