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Current The shame of failing to conceive has meant that my body is now committing seppuku, and I feel awful. No posts for a bit.
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Moving onto a less charged topic, did you know that Victorian English gentry had an entire set of rules regarding hat etiquette?
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I unironically like Initial D. Shame? What's that? Sounds exotic.
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Ten thousand years will give you such a crick in the neck! Hang on a second... WOAAAAAAH! DOES IT FEEL GOOD TO BE OUTTA THERE! Nice to be back ladies and gentlemen, where you from? What's your name?


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Hello! I'm Lady Selune. I'm an 18-year-old student currently studying History, Geography and Government & Politics in England. I have an... Interesting lineage, as does my half-brother @Dannyrulx, whom I occasionally accidentally post using his account with. I'm a big fan of 1x1 RP's, good old fashioned video games, music ranging from RHCP to Sabaton, and a slight weeb.

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*Squeals at belly button poke, before poking Tyler with the communist flag.*
*Waves communist flag from top of box fort.*
*Slither ambushes, constricts and pulls the sign down.*
Weird nobody's commented yet.

Here and thinking of a character.

<<Seraphim Julisma Diantir>>
93| Human | Sororitas Liason and Fire SUpport

- = + - = || =][= || = - + = -


Out of his current entourage, Julisma has been serving him the longest. When Karthis was injured by a cult, it was Julisma and two other sisters that made sure that he would continue serving the emperor. Since then, she has fought with him through an attack on a heretical cult, a planetary defence against Dark Eldar, and much more besides. The poor abused soul of her armour’s machine spirit can speak to all the times she has battled beside him, and her capabilities as a walking armoury is well documented amongst his servants.
There have been rumours of more than friendship between the two, but rumours were all they stayed, and now that he’s dead, not only is she determined to clear his name, but also exact some vengeance on those that killed him before he could be properly tried. it.


Your personality and habits as well as your devotion and tolerance.


  • These are special quirks or areas of knowledge your character may have, based upon their history. I'll let you assign them yourselves, think of it as Skills or Feats from normal TRPGs. Everyone in the group will know Karthis's old cipher, High Harldin, which will be represented as "( ))" ie ((Heresy Here)). Try not to go too overboard.


  • Basically your equipment ranging from weapons to tools to books to trinkets.
  • Seraphim Power Armour- A set of Power Armour, with the art scheme of The Matyred Saint

@DeadbeatWalking Would it be possible to at least have one? If not I'll just change the cracked crown to like a circlet that's supposed to represent the crown of Kyburgrad to Aelfric and give him a small shield or something that has the emblem of his family on it.

Yo. Nibba. He don't want non watch flags.
Still here. Just sick.

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