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22 May 2017 22:40
Current If someone ever appears behind you and says 'konichiwa partner,' don't even think of running, Cowboy Ninjas are OP y'all.
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9 May 2017 9:51
If I ever meet the man of my dreams, I really, really hope he doesn't know what I dream of.
8 May 2017 19:03
Hello all. My brain is currently screaming because exams are upon me. Posts will be spotty at best, apologies.
5 May 2017 9:27
Mary's Theme from Ib is fucking creepy as shit, and I love it so much it's scary.
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2 Apr 2017 11:29
I've confirmed it. My brain writes terrible fan fiction when I'm asleep and keeps sidetracking me to write it down. I'm resisting , but if I start to babble about Harry Potter, know it's too late.


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Welcome To My Bio!

Hello! I'm Lady Selune. I'm an 18-year-old student currently studying History, Geography and Government & Politics in England. I have an... Interesting lineage, as does my half-brother @Dannyrulx, whom I occasionally accidentally post using his account with. I'm a big fan of 1x1 RP's, good old fashioned video games, music ranging from RHCP to Sabaton, and a slight weeb.

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this is one of the most beautifully organized interest checks i have ever seen xD

I do try. Thanks for the compliment though!
@Lady Selune how about "the new promising recruit" that seems eager and pretty good at any part they need him at (save piloting or something really special)

A dogsbody. Sounds good!
@Lady Selune before I start... What positions are you still looking for?

Hmm... Well, really anyone is welcome. I believe we've already got a muscle in the works, but another intimidation, a dedicated ghost/infiltrator, or someone with police connections is what shouts it for me, or someone who's not afraid to show his or her face, so that they don't raise suspicion.

Those are just the ones that jump at me.
Mmm... Figs. Delicious...
Alright! All the CS's are up! If you need help with lengths and what not, Adrian is my PC.
Aight, they sound good, although do note we already have a tech guy.
I have two character concepts in mind: a high school valedictorian who, despite having so many scholarships, couldn't get into his dream university and decided to make the money on his own terms, or a spoiled son of a rich family, possibly a crime family, who wishes to live a thrill-seeking, hollywood life.

Either would be fine- what roles would they have in the crew?
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