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Roleplay man, roleplay man, does whatever a roleplay can. Does he write? Not at all. He brings plots to a stall, look out... He’s a fucking ghost.
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I hate websites that tell you an email is wrong whilst you're trying to type it out. CALM YOUR TITS, I'VE NOT PUT IN THE FUCKING @ ADDRESS YET, NO SHIT IT'S NOT VALID.
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Does anyone else see a word spelt totally correctly and think 'that can't be fucking right, I've messed something up.'
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When life gives you lemons, don’t make lemonade. Make life take the lemons back! Get mad! I don’t want your damn lemons, what the hell am I supposed to do with these? Demand to see life’s manager!


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Mixed news, in that you're in but only because Clocku isn't any more. Welcome to the Facility.

Just to let you know, I have seen you and I'm aware that you were in last time, I'm just trying to figure out if I want one more or not. Five is the max I set myself is all.

For every day that Facility B had had subjects in its walls, the Chromatic security wards were awoken at precisely 0800 hours by a simple piercing alarm. Every day apart from today, that was. The first alarm went off in the halls of the Red block at the assigned time, but there were no bootfalls as armed staff made their way into the halls in preperation for the newly arisen subjects. In fact, there were no noises from the staff at all.

Then, two minutes later, Yellow and Blue subjects were awoken simultaneously, the alarm warbling slightly; something which again had never been heard once in all the years that Facility B had been running for. Another minute and a half would pass, and then Purple ward's alarm would finally arise from its slumber, offering only a few pitiful mewls before quieting down again. Once it had stopped making noise, the other three joined it in its silence, leaving the facility deathly quiet.

It was undeniably eerie. The cameras, which normally held an unblinking red light sat unpowered and silent, unmoving and unwatching. Everything was still and silent apart from the subjects. The canteen was empty- the kitchen abandoned by its normally masked staff, but the security protocols that held the subjects in place certainly had not lifted. Every door, every barrier was slammed down, with only the recreational areas open and avaliable.

Power fluttered, off and on, the lights switching between their fully powered white flouresence and their low-powered red illumination. The air vents choked and juddered, and the water pumps were evidently fritzing as well; water fountains occasionally letting a comfortable jet out, and equally occasionally providing but a small dribble.

It seemed that, for now, the lunatics were in charge of the asylum.

"Why, I shall take that as a compliment," the madamoiselle returned to the Deacon, watching as he volunteered to stride ahead. She was, of course, quite fine with that, no 'ladies first' in these woods. "Indeed," she responded with a nod to the other man. "Ah, my apologies, mister, but I'm afraid." She gestured to her clothing as if to indicate that taking another man's arm would be inappropriate.

Her mind ticked to try to put together what she knew of the little enigma that was Mister Violet. The tracks and the muddiness of his shoes implied that he had been striding through the forest, but if he had he'd not been forthcoming with that information. That, to her, suggested that he was hiding something, and that made her slightly uncomfortable. Perhaps it was only sensible, after all, it was a masquerade ball, but just in case she hurried her stride up a little, so that if needed Deacon Grey wouldn't have far to move to assist her.

You're looking solid to me. Last one in should lock the door behind her, and join our Discord server @ .

Now then folks, please, keep your hands inside the ride at all time, your seatbelts fastened and your popcorn popped. We will be entering the Facility very soon.

Apologies about that :/
Just going to see if anyone is interested in running this again. Limited success the first time around.
Werewolves all the way.

Anyone in touch with their animal side is good in my book!
Ok it took me way longer than I said it would, but it's done! Finally! At last!

"No, I've heard many interesting things of Wilde Hall. My attentions don't simply fall hither and thither, after all. I only investigate things I believe worth my time."

It seemed that she was not the only one with trenches in her past. Gently, almost kindly, she would incline her head towards Mister Violet and mouth a silent apology. The cigarette went into the long holder, and then she procured a packet of matches from within her clothes. There was a woosh as it lit, and then up to the paper it would go, the madamoiselle having to puff a few times to ensure it would remain lit through the long device.

Only once she had taken the opportunity to savour the taste of the smoke would she continue talking. "Ah, yes, the carriage. I must admit I assumed it further on." She gestured along the path. "Deacon Grey here surprised me before you came along, was all." She raised eyebrows, invisible behind her mask, then flicked away some ash. "I shall be staying firmly with you gentlemen then if you don't mind- I would prefer to be left unsurprised by anyone else."
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