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Well, this is weird. Is it too late?
@Lady Selune Isn't it your turn to post?
Just wondering, nothing serious guys.
Ugh. You know? Pre-ww1 USA really wasn't that big of a a deal, it was 'getting there', but all it had for an army was an under equiped, under trained, and under manned national guard that was laughable in every way in comparison to any european army.

I'm beginning to wonder if the US player is just having the usual american bravado or is ignorant of those facts.
Belgium's House

"Please Österreich, one cooks with her hands, not her feet! What does the dirt on my boot matter in a kitchen." Was having floors clean enough to eat on them not an expression? Still, it really did sound like her aunt was telling her what to do and not to do but... no, it couldn't be it, she must know better since the last time she tried to tell her father what to or not to do.

Trashy romance novels? Well, Germany figured France had to export something somewhere but never did figure what kind of goods people could want from her, guess this was one. Still, Germany wasn't one to find too much interest in those, too much focus on the weakling getting swept off her feet by the strong and dashing savior. Der Ring des Nibelungen, now that was a good love story between figures as mythical as herself, the gods of old!

And then of course, that damn sensation that somehow these two were insinuating things about Germany's own abilities came back, though not as annoying as last time. After all, it simply seemed like these two didn't know what they were talking about. "Funny how you compliment me Flandern but somehow manage to make it sound like you're not. I mean, obviously I wouldn't know how to cook! As they say, necessity is the mother of all inventions and since I've never starved because I'm just, lets face it, simply too good at planning for hard times for this to happen, why would I have to come up with creative new ways to feed myself? Really, any of you think France first ate slugs or a pork's tongue because it looked tasteful? PAH! She just turned being miserable into an art form. Though I have to admit, I guess there is something impressive in being so graceful at failing pathetically." Diversity, who needed this? Nutrition, that was what was essential, and with potatoes on her side, Germany would never starve and with wurst on top of it, her moral would never falter.

Though, maybe Österreich had more insight in this than Flandern. The 'Turnip incident' where Prussia tried to make her daughter eat this miserable vegetable had really put off the young country in trying 'exotic new things'. Once again, it came to daddy issues.

"And auntie..." Germany showed a complacent smile. "You don't need to learn to cook to woo someone if you place yourself in a position where people need to woo you instead. I guess its why I assumed you'd give me a slice, Flandern." Oh yes, this went perfectly well on the subject of the war. Still, Germany felt generous. Invading Belgium wasn't needed really, she just had to let the German armies go through her country! Actually, Germany could even allow Belgium to join the Central Powers, it would be hilarious to see France's face when Germany allowed some of her land to that pathetic buffer state!

But then Österreich began to talk about relationship nonsense. Ugh! Could she see it was NOT the time to do this?! And Hungary really, how many time did Germany tell Austria he was a good for nothing barbarian who didn't deserve her? If Österreich wanted to beg her for help in such a way then she'd have to try hard. Crossing her legs, Germany raised her chin with arrogance as she closed her eyes and listened to her aunt.

Each of her words made her despise Hungary even more. How dare this Hunnic worm cause so much distress to a proud descendant of Germanicus? Did he not realize the incredible luck he had to have married the second most desirable lady of the world? (After Germany herself, of course.) But Austria had some blame too, she was really pushing that 'Hard to get' act she started on Prussia on the onset of the formation of Germany and getting a husband was totally going too far! I mean, sure, get yourself to be desired woman but by Gott, there were some damn limits! Ultimately however... Germany could not resist the plea of her aunt and decided to do all in her power to show how dedicated and how much self control she had by giving Hungary a chance to right his wrongs. Germany opened her eyes and her mouth to speak and...


...Saw her aunt was speaking to Belgium...


The Teutonic furor bottled up inside Germany at this moment could have burned to a crisp all the pagans in the world. "I'Ll Go CheCK On mY rePAirs. BE riGHT bAck." The uniform clad girl got up and walked out, boots echoing as she walked out to the front yard.

Passing through the door, Germany took her cap in her hands to look at the sky before squishing it with force. "Gott im Himmel, give me the strength." Prussia had told her countless times, it was in the songs of her people. The fatherland was everywhere people spoke German to praise the holy name of god and that meant Austria was part of the family and although family members may quarrel, they may not feud and it was destiny that Germany should become whole and great only through the common will of all Germans. But this was so. fucking. hard. So great was the temptation to just pull Austria out of her house and into Germany's by force.

How could she not like her?! She had an army capable of defending her realm against any would be attackers, a navy that made even Britain start to sweat a little. Respect, power, colonies, money... And yet she was still looking after that fucking husband of hers, considering taking another bloody untermensch as a third husband and asking a Franco-anglo-dutch bastard of a country advice about how to solve this bloody train wreak she had gotten herself into, Ottoman style.

Her teeth clenching, the leather of her gloves twisting that cap of her cracking and with tears mounting to her eyes, Germany questioned the sun, God in Heaven, why was the path destiny had set in front of her so arduous...

Since Belgium is small, Austria asking belgium to try out dresses to see how they'd fit on Germany so she could go out without wearing a uniform for a change.
Belgium's House

Germany had a wide smile as she entered the house. "Yes I do! People don't notice nearly enough!" She'd say Belgium had keen eyes but really, you'd have to be blind to say the person who jumped down a MOTHERFUCKEN' ZEPPELIN didn't know how to make an entrance. "And please Flandern, it really is a coincidence, really! You've spent to much time around your dad, maybe he would fake mechanical problems to have an excuse to speak to someone, probably to try and lay on the charms, but you know I'm not like that!" Germany stopped looking around Belgium's house to stare at her back with a wicked smile. "If I want something I go through the front door and take it."

Her feature softened. "But I know how that sounds, so no, don't worry I'll try to taste that cake before its done, I know to wait for my time and for you to share a slice with me." That wasn't a question, one would note. Still, she took her seat and waited, staring at Belgium's back with intensity as she worked. "...I'll be honest, I'm very pleased you'd let me in for a couple of hours while the mechanics sort out what's wrong with my motors." Yes, maybe Belgium wouldn't object to letting Germany go through her country, just a little while of course, to get to France's house. "Say, I-"

Before she could finish her sentence however, there was a knock on the door, making Germany shut up as she wondered who this was. Her eyes darted on the door and back to Belgium, fixating on her as she moved to open the door. Austria? What was she doing so far up north? "Österreich! And you even brought a gift for Belgium?! Scheiße, now I feel bad for not bringing anything but the British dirt under my boots. Well, I guess my wundervoll presence is all I really have to offer right now! But no worries... I always remember when someone does me a good turn." It was really easy! Because no one ever seemed to do that, ever.
Germany stopped as she was about to enter her Zeppelin, looking back at Britain's palace. She'd be back, and next time she wouldn't bother to be as kind as to change boots so her hobnails didn't ruin Britain's floor. Crossing her hands behind her back, Germany regretfully entered her Zeppelin and walked slowly to her cabin. It seemed Britain had forgotten his roots, back when he was the one ravaged by constant invasions, how he had managed to get out of muddy Europe to find his place under the Sun. Like France she had, certain of his own greatness, become an arrogant fool. Greatness did that to people and who knew, maybe it would be Germany's turn later.

As the craft took flight, her thoughts went back to the continent. Belgium. How honorable that he'd take such concern for her! Bah, with Britain one should never take anything at face value. This country was just a pawn Britain had set up to screw over Netherlands, France leaving it be only because she was scared to have an even longer border with Germany. The Kaiser ate Flandern for dinner during the middle ages, it was only destiny for little Belgium to come back to where she belonged. The words of Britain did echo in her mind however, this outrageous and coarse sailor being as polite as he ever was. Women really did only sleep with him for the money or maybe being an asshole was catchy for some people. This was why Germany preferred girls, they were so much more graceful, good thing her aunt Austria never lowered herself to sleeping with Britain. Germany was willing to bet he'd want though, with how large her... 'Alps' were, who wouldn't? No, no! She had just left that literal gutter of England, no need to get her mind in a figurative one.

Suddenly the humming of the motors that served as a background to her thoughts seemed to become sporadic and then quiet. "Achtung! Malfunction on starboard motor 2, I repeat, mechanical malfunction!" Gott, not again. Getting up from her seat, Germany quickly paced to the command room, entering to see some technicians rushing out and the captain looking at his maps. "Report!" She commanded with force. The captain turned around to salute her. "Fraulein Erika! We have suffered from minor a minor malfunction. Nothing serious, but the engine is out of reach, we'll need to land to repair... The wind is pushing us to the right as we advance, increasing motor speed to compensate would make us turn in circle. This is our current course." Germany walked to the map and found herself not able to look, due to her small size. "Captain, if you will." The bearded man closed his eyes and sighed before kneeling on the ground like a praying muslim, Germany stepping on his back to boost her stature and look at the map. At least she didn't have hobnails thought the captain. "Good, we'll fly above Belgium and land in Lothringia."

"Errr, Fraulein, if I may..." Germany raised an eyebrow and looked down at her pedestal. "We... should land in Belgium. If the winds change or suffer more malfunctions, we might crash or worst, land in France." Well, that wouldn't be good. "I guess it cannot be helped then... Fine, I'm sure Belgium won't mind. Land as soon as possible to do the repairs!"

Belgium's House

"Hey, Flandern! You don't mind if I stop an hour or two to repair my ride do you? Of course you don't!" Germany was standing in a doorframe of her Zeppelin as she screamed down at Belgium's house. Not like Belgium could do anything to stop her... no really, the Zeppelin had had other malfunctions as they drifted here, it wasn't going anywhere until it was repaired, Germany was stuck there until then no matter if Belgium wanted or not. Taking a rope in her hand, Germany jumped down as airmen tried to stop her, it was a two stories high jump! But Germany only slightly bent the knees as she touched the ground and braced the rope, sticking her heels in the ground as she did. The drift actually slowed as Germany was dragged a couple of centimeter, a moat of grass forming under her feet as she moved. Soon enough though, the sailors were low enough to jump down with their own ropes and stop the drift entirely. Well, hopefully Belgium didn't care about her garden because a dozen pair of German boots were trampling all over it. Better still than the couple of millions this land was destined to feel in a few years.

Seeing the situation was under control, Germany let go of her rope and left the job to the airmen, turning to look at Belgium's house before taking her off her cap to wipe her forehead from sweat. Technical malfunctions couldn't get in the way of her good mood though, this was a beautiful day and Britain had showed weakness!
Well, maybe we could have the trio meet?

I'd say maybe not outright in the Zeppelin, but since in that year those aren't entirely reliable, maybe Germany is forced to land in Belgium for some emergency repairs and they can have a chat?

Alternatively, she was in Britain and had a flight back to mainland Europe set in the same Zeppelin and its a chance meeting?

Well, Britain invited you two, and I figured that really, you 3 were pretty much the only countries you had to interact with due to distance and ideology, so saying no would just have meant you're going home and pissing on a rag or something. I assumed you'd all make the choice that involved character interaction. As for the rapid fire of post, well, I think Britain was pretty quick in telling germany to fuck off and lets be honest, people speaking over him in his own house after he's trash talking would have been more awkward than the alternative.

But cmon, Germany is always available if one of you Entente nation want to speak to her privately to try and moderate her stance/get her over her daddy issues.
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