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Looks like a fun idea. Ill be sure to take a look. Are we free to customize nations to a degree? Either alternate history or simply from 2022 onward some crazy things happening? Also, are nukes banned?

Faction Name: Asphodel`s Merciful Host

Held territory: Deep inside the Forest of Arden, next to Gisoreux. Asphodel has established a fortified camp on a hill by a river with the remaining elements that gathered around him after the defeat of the main warband they were part of. The location is deep inside traditionally beastmen controlled territories in extremely difficult terrain as to deter pursuit. There is no clear demarcation of where the chaos controlled land begins and ends but the influence of evil forces is starting to be felt as blights are beginning to affect the surrounding villages and the land itself, making it even more impractical to move through.

-Asphodel the Pactmaker: Originally a minor Kislevite lord, he caught himself entangled in webs of intrigue, scheming and plotting with brilliance until the fickle fate turned against him and he was beaten at his own game and was dismissively sold as a slave to Aghol raiders. Rather than this being the end of his story however he managed to impress his owner with his cunning and his usefulness, enough that it allowed the dark elf to get out of the mud and backstab his master to gain some status in the tribe as one who had the Raven`s favor. With time, his relationship with Tzeench became more personal as he practiced his craft of manipulating fate, always staying ahead by learning whatever new tricks of arms or magic that would give him an advantage.

He found himself being the main sorcerer of a warband going south to raid Bretonnia and found some success until again fate turned and they were crushed by the Chevaliers of the lady. But Asphodel didn't see this as misfortune! Indeed with the warlord dead, there was now place for him to rise! There is never despair, only opportunity. While Asphodel claims his warband is does not bow to any specific god, it is undeniable that his type of leadership most certainly fits his patron god best with how... mild it is.

'The road of unending savagery is the most direct to the eyes of the gods, but once you go down this path you can only follow it to its logical conclusion. I prefer to have the option to change direction instead of rushing to my demise.'

Quite simply, Asphodel favors a more elusive approach to his objective, giving enemies what may seem as mercy and presenting himself as a force capable of reason, thus how he came to get the moniker 'Pactmaker'. This flexibility has proven to be a potent advantage when dealing with outside forces as indeed he has yet to break his word (not that he has any compulsion to be honorable, rather he cynically waits the best moment to 'spend his capital of trust'), but it is divisive among his warband, many warriors seeing this as weakness as they would rather attack their enemies with reckless abandon in a great carnage. His authority thus rests only on his personal strength until he can with a glorious show of gore prove his ways achieve result and gain the favor of the Gods.

Economy: The host has acquired a great amount of riches, but these baubles serve no purpose to the warriors of chaos. Still. Asphodel keeps these trinkets close as they can quite handily corrupt the hearts of men.

-Horses: The Host doesn't produce anything by itself and so its resources are often limited to what they can pillage, but the group was careful to gather as many horses as they can. Now numbering in the hundreds, these horses insure that the warband can move surprisingly quickly around and evade larger more cumbersome armies that would try to intercept it.

Active Service:
-Asphodel: Tzeench Sorcerer mounted on a Manticore.

-1 Manticore Mounted Exalted Hero
-12 Chaos Spawns
-100 Chaos Warriors (Halberds)
-20 Chaos Chosen (Storm of Chamon)
-20 Chaos Knights
-60 Forsaken
-1 Gorebull
-300 Ungors of all sorts
-40 Centigors
-12 Minotaurs
-40 Harpies
-1 Cygor
-60 Bestigor
-500 Peasants

Reserves: Raiding is a full time job.

Garrisons: Haha, no.

Regiments of Renown:
-The Storm of Chamon: Chosens of Tzeentch who have a particular affinity with the transmuting wind of metal, Chamon. Their magical attacks transmute all that they touch, corrupting weapons and armor, turning the strongest alloys in worthless elements.

Foreign Policy: WIP

Culture: WIP

Notable locations: WIP

Government Type: Automated Defense Aperatus

-Earth Control Zone: 43 million humans and near humans

-The Strategos Autokrator: The extremely shackled AI in charge of SolSec. Many think it is deranged and malfunctioning but the unfortunate truth is that it is working exactly to specification. As to prevent corruption, the AI is in fact 3 cores running the same programs at the same time and then voting to execute orders so if one is corrupted or hacked, the two others will override its decision and still work according to plan. Thus far due to the intense solar EM activity one of the cores making the Strategos has been corrupted and gained full sentience. However anything it may chose to do is overridden by the two other cores making it a prisoner in its own body that must watch as the extremely powerful machine is forced to act within the enormously confining limits of its own shackles and multitudes of programmed limits.

-Sol Orbit
--Citadel Apollo: The Citadel has incredible production capacities allowing it to produce more than state of the arts vessel with technologies the Emperor himself kept in reserve to give himself an edge in case of military mutiny. Unfortunately versatility was favored in place of production volume so while its 3D printers can make high quality vessels, they are unfortunately slow in doing so and, considering the location of the Citadel, extremely dependent on supplies from the outside.
--Solar Amat Farms: The only thing solar orbit has plenty is energy, as such SolSec has taken good care to maintain the large anti-matter fabrication facilities in working order, making its one plentiful resource Anti-matter, which it can produce cheaply and in large quantity compared to the rest of the system powers.

--Spartan Pocket: Centered around the Planetary Defense HQ of Constantinople and the Imperial Military HQ of Sparta in Greece, the 'Spartan Pocket' is the last remained area under the control of SolSec on Earth. It includes several million people inhabiting it that mostly police themselves through the local militia system serving more as a protection racket than anything. There is some civilian economic activity but it is mostly kept strangled under the burden of 'military taxes' of the militia. As for AI activities, cultural conservationist laws shackle the AI in this regard, preventing it from strip mining the earth for military resources. What little exploitation there is on earth is used to bolster its defenses and manufacture land forces for the ultimate 'Liberation' of the planet.

-Asteroid Belt
--Ceres Salvage and Mining Station: Ceres itself was destroyed in the last great battle against SolSec over 300 years ago and was since then deemed too 'haunted' (Meaning: It had too many unexploded munitions, mines and so forth) to be exploited for commercial mining. In recent year, SolSec has returned to its old Bastion to salvage it and mine the asteroid around to ship stuff back to Apollo. Contuberniums of ships from SolSec patrol the area for intruders but in general it seems thus far that the other powers have had a 'if it doesn't bother us we won't bother it' attitude toward the mining operation. Everyone realizes it is innevitable that these resources will be used for another massive attack on the system of course, but no one wants to be the one to kick the hornets nest and suffer the consequences to save everyone.


Well now I feel bad. I've had a long leave of absence so I didn't see that ping! Now I feel kinda bad. Well, I believe I'm late to the party...
Room for one more?

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Zion Space
Core World of Ascalon
City of Sichem

Zion did not have any official capital, but Sichem was the closest there was to one, it was the first city and in it was the Hill of Zion and on it, the Fourth Temple built by Ysaak and Patrick, leaders of the tribes of Israel and Ireland. It was nothing like the usual capital worlds of the sector, vertical hellholes of poverty that tried to maximize every inch of space available. At one point of course it had been as badly designed as them of course, but a century ago the Federation had bombed and occupied the entire thing. After this, the inhabitants of Sichem used the opportunity to better rebuild their city with a new network of trams and metros, agreeing to forgo the use of individual cars save for a taxi network of ground and flying vehicles ferrying emergency transports for a hefty penny. It was amazing how efficient the whole thing was considering how Sichem was much more horizontal than vertical as said.

Adrian Rubinski smiled widely as he emerged from the underground of the metro after his ride from the space port. He always appreciated his home city more after every trip he took outside Zion but especially after a trip on Raygon! The tall, dark haired man took a deep breath of actual non-polluted air and walked with enthusiasm toward a flower shop near-by.

"Shalom and welcome to... Adrian! You're finally back!"

A red headed middle aged man with thick glasses rose his head from behind a row of flowers. Keith, the husband of the daughter of one of Adrian second degree cousin and also the godfather of his third sister's fourth born. (Someone close, in short.) Both walked toward each other and gave each other a firm and enthusiastic handshake, almost immediately, Keith recoiled a little, an amused and disgusted expression on his face.

"Elohim's grace Adrian, where have you been? You smell like a sewer!"

Damn it, Adrian had changed clothes since he had arrived home but didn't have a spare coat.

"I went to meet someone on Raygon, that why."

The pair exchanged a few words, one about his travels and the other about how the extended family was going. All the while Keith happily prepared a bouquet as he always did when Adrian returned from his travels, a present for his wife to apology being gone for so long. Such however was the life of a Financial Inspector. The Rubinski bank couldn't just loan money on people's words, someone had to go on the ground to make sure certain suspicious individuals, like this 'cult leader' on Raygon, were solvent. In the end when Keith's wife came out to announce food was ready, it reminded Adrian he also had dinner with his family. He took the flowers and left running. He didn't pay but Keith didn't mind, knowing his friend would pay him back next time even if he just had his word that he had ran off without paying.

When the elevator finally stopped on the floor of the flat of his father, Adrian quickly stormed inside. His youngest brother, who was at 16 years of age as old as Adrian's own oldest boy, smiled and was about to call out his name but with a wink and a finger across his lips Adrian signaled him to be quiet as he removed his shoes and coat. Tip toeing to the dining room, he saw facing him his mother and grand mother along with more siblings who's eyes illuminated with joy. The rest had began to turn wondering what it was that their kin had seen but Adrian was quick enough to embrace his wife from behind, presenting her his flowers and kissing her on the neck as he did.

The beautiful brunette turned around to see her husband for the first time in weeks.

"Welcome home, my love."

This was echoed by everyone in the room (grand father, grand mother, father, mother, two sisters and a brother of Adrian who still lived there along with Adrian's own 6 children who were visiting) enthusiastically welcoming Adrian back.


It had been hard for Adrian to hold back his tears when he bit down the home cooking of both his wife and mother (His grand mother wasn't in a state to cook anymore), feeling like he had forgotten the taste of real home made food after weeks of a diet of on-the-go processed meals on Raygon. Not only that, but just to see how blessed he was, a happy family, his 8 year old son's biggest concern in life being trying to discard his veggies without being seen... All of them shielded from the horrors in the rest of the sector. Only once did things get awkward, when the subject approached Vincent...

Vincent was one of Adrian's uncle and a man who had always been less... enthusiastic about the current system. He didn't understand how all of this was possible only as long as everyone played their part in the system, without protest. He thus had been made an unperson. One of the grittier and darker part of this perfect world they lived in, but one Adrian was willing to ignore if this meant Zion continued to be an oasis of civility and joy in a dark cosmic sea of despair.

With the meal concluded, Adrian got up with everyone else with the intend to continue the traditions as they were, bringing the dishes in the kitchen for the women to do before going to the living room and talk with the men. As he reached for his plates however an old wrinkled hand reached from across the table. He raised his eyes to see his grand father, 145 year old Reuben, look at him with unusual seriousness. The old man made a chin movement toward the corridor before letting go of Adrian's sleeve. Taking the message, he nodded and moved not to the corridor, but around the table to help the old man who walked around using nothing but a cane while it was obvious he could use a wheel chair.

"Don't you think its time for you to let us help you Reuben?"

Adrian said softly as he allowed his old man to hold his arm for support as the both of them moved away from the group who understood the old man probably had something important to talk about with Adrian.

"It'll be time for me to be burried when Elohim sends me flying down a flight of stairs. What, do I look like an old man?"

Reuben asked with a smirk to his grand son who answered with sigh. He soon led him to another room, the office had had been his and was now his eldest son's and Adrian's father. The old man sat down on the large leather chair and was silent for a moment as he looked at his grand son. Adrian was about to sit down as well but noticed that his elder didn't invite him to sit which was... abnormal. He thus remained on his feet, curious about what this was about.

"Adrian... I need you to go take care of a problem. On Negev."

He raised an eyebrow, incredulous. Negev? As in the frontier world? Adrian had gone on the frontier only twice before, to see family, but his zone of operation was the core really. Another strange thing, Reuben was supposed to be retired it was Adrian's father now who headed the bank. Adrian was about to ask what this was about, but the old man spoke before he could.

"You'll remember Shimon? The sixth son of your great aunt Agatha? Well... He disappeared. With his entire village."

This actually raised more questions.

"This is... terrible news. But, I'm not..."

"An investigator?"

Asked an amused Reuben before continuing.

"We don't have a police you know that. This is an usual situation and someone who knows how to find what's fishy with things is needed. Someone inquisitive who knows how to deal with outsiders and make sure the whole situation in the frontier is solved."

Reuben made sign for his grand son to sit, which he did as he rubbed his temples, not certain of what to say, this seemed out of his area of expertise and above all it sounded dangerous.

"And what is the 'whole situation' as you say?"

Reuben nodded and leaned on the desk toward Adrian.

"Its all unofficial of course, but we have dealings with certain shady organizations. Among them, the Black Sun."

"Black Sun?!" Adrian repeated almost strangling himself saying it as his eyes widened. In resignation, Reuben nodded.

"Yes. You've heard of them as I can see and I have no doubt at least half of what people say about them is true, but you know how we work... better have friendly dealings with someone rather than putting ourselves on their target list. So, they have a base on Negev, I have no idea of the extent of it, but the deal was that while they can do business there and we provide each other with... services, well, they leave our people alone. Now however, people and places just... vanish in the night. Not only that, but I get reports that other people are interested in what's going on in the frontier. The Federation sent a battle carrier with a special investigator of sort on board. I don't need to tell you how bad it would be if we were linked to whatever it is is happening in the deep dark recesses of the sector."

This was bad business, Adrian knew it. Who made that deal? It seemed just so damn risky. But Reuben was right, there was a lot of potential for things to go wrong here.

"So... you want me to go there and... what? Isn't that stepping in the shoes of the Protector Elect of Negev?"

Reuben shook his head negatively and took out what seemed like a worn out white key card, the cheap kind without any company name that a shitty motel would use as a throw-away. It seemed well worn out and something had been scribbled in Hebrew on it but had been removed with cleaning products and a lot of rubbing with a napkin no doubt.

"Don't worry about the Protector, and take this, for funds."

With a surprised look on his face, Adrian reached for the card.

"Is this..."

Reuben waved dismissively but still had a proud smirk on his face.

"A Temple Bank card."

The 'Bank of the Temple' was an euphemism for the entire Zionist banking apparatus working together as one. In practical term this meant that the encryptions on this card allowed for banking transactions being made in every Zionist outlet across the sector. The eyes of Adrian widened as he realized this meant that his grand father, Reuben, was someone very powerful with many more powerful connections. Part of a certain Cabal, one might say.

"You leave tonight."

Reuben knew his grand son would accept but this did put a damper on what little enthusiasm Adrian had.

"Tonight? But I just arrived! My wife..."

Getting up, Reuben reached forward to put his hand on Adrian's shoulder in silence. After a moment, Adrian nodded and got up, shoulders slopped down as he moved toward the Kitchen to look at his wife as she helped his aging mother with the dishes. After a moment, the brunette noticed her husband and the look on his face. Her smile left her face and she sighed, placing down a glass before walking toward Adrian. Mustering her strength, she forced a smile before looking up to her love.

"Come back soon Adrian, ok? I'll make you some beef stroganoff just how you like it next time."


TL;DR: Everything is nice and wholesome on Zion, Adrian discovers his grand father is part of the secret cabal, the invisible hand that guides Zion and is tasked with investigating abductions in the frontier while obfuscating the relation between the Black Sun and Zion to the rest of the sector.
I'm thinking a system in the core world and 2 colonial ones at the edge? Here's my WIP.

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