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The presence of the allied psyker and Arbites was rather sudden, though none of the Tech Guard or Skitarii even turned to acknowledge their presence, leveling focused firepower while the four tech guard formed ranks in front of the Rangers, forming a firing line that was protected by the shielded and well armored Guards. They left a position for the Arbites to be able to fire at will while Malig calmly noted the malfunctioning Turret brought down and the sparking shield that was being worn by the Weird Boy. The tutting that she made as she rested the symbol of her office, an Omnissian Power Axe, while pulling the curious chamber clear of her Archaeotech Pistol and slapping a purple one into its place instead, the weapon emitting, to anyone not part of the Mechanicus, a disconcerting and unpleasant whining noise as it charged and she trained the pistol on the Ork Weird Boy. "I predicted Inquisitorial Forces would be better equipped, disappointing. We will stop by the armory and better equip your forces, and access what you couldn't the first time."

Discharging the Archaeotech Pistol, as the Astartes and Sororitas arrived and lended their firepower, the bright blue round literally screaming through the air as it impacted the shield and, for a second, nothing seemed to happen. Then the shield promptly failed, and the generator on the Weird Boy's back exploded, engulfing the Boy in a warp induced hole and tore apart the Weird Boy to pieces, and knocked the surrounding Boyz onto their arses, and Malig calmly replaced the green chamber. The Skitarii advanced behind the Tech Guard, pouring focused and unyielding fire into the remaining Orks, scattered first by the Inquisition and second by the Tech Priestess removing the Weird Boy threat. Speaking to the two Inquisitorial agents, she kept speaking while performing rites over the Archaeotech Pistol. "Uncorrupted sensors report increasing vox failures inside the Forge, unable to raise Staudinger on vox. A pleasure to finally meet most of the Inquisitorial forces assisting."

Ansgar glanced at the shifting pressure in the room, the vanishing bodies of the Psyker and Arbites creating momentary vacuums where they had been, alerting him of their departure. Cycling vox channels, he couldn't even raise anyone else on his comms, and he sighed, having continued going over the map and figuring out a point where they could bring down the Titan if need be. There wasn't much else they could do here at this point, and he glanced at the tech heretic as she kept working, going to sling the flamer back on when he saw the destruction of the turret had ruptured the tank, a caustic hole in the ground where the chemical and promethium mix had been leaking. Or the tanks had finally gave out from the mixture eating away at metal, either way, his impromptu modifications had finally given through. "Hmm..."

With perhaps a bit too much relish, he drew his backup las pistol and broke out his entrenching tool, with every intent of caving the skulls of every Ork between them and meeting back up with the rest of the retinue. "There is nothing else to do here, mercenary, and my vox just gave out. Raise the Psyker, and inform them to meet us..." He paused, shifting maps and finding that the nearest way to exit the Forge was a hanger on the ground level, still had vehicles to use if the notes were accurate. "Hanger Twelve. Meet at Hanger Twelve, we will appropriate vehicles and depart to make preparations to bring down that Titan once its finally moving." Waiting for the tech heretic as he stood by the elevator, the commotion caused by the Tech Priestess and others would have cleared their path, coupled with the heavy Turrets still non hostile to the Imperial forces.
With the bright flash of light and wave of energy, Ansgar still had to shield his eyes from the flash, though once he was looking properly, his first thought was confusion, though he kept himself with an even expression. He knew full well that the incantation should have been correct, let alone the fact that, even if he had not gotten a Berserker, the problem was simply he could not place the school girl at all. Perhaps the fact she was a school girl was adding to the general confusion right now, but he guarded his tongue on teh matter. The yawning was also not expected, and she was extremely level headed so far for a potential Berserker, considering yawning and rubbing her eyes was not what he expected out of someone who should not be level headed in the slightest.

"So it would seem. Not nearly as old as some, but I like to think its a balanced middle ground for now." Ansgar let his hands rest on top of his umbrella, retrieved now that the summoning itself had been completed, his hands no longer needed to be occupied with channeling mana into the ritual circle. Not his preferred approach anyways, but he certainly would not call into question such things, not now at any rate. Upon confirmation she was indeed a Berserker, and introducing herself as Ryuko Matoi, one thing was clear. That name meant literally nothing to him, which meant the studies on history were, as it was sounding, completely useless with these Heroic Spirits. But, no sense in not being civil, and he extended his hand in greeting none the less. "As intended, then. A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Ms. Matoi. Ansgar Staudinger, Alchemist and Runecaster."
Jerod Staudinger

Jerod was on his feet when the explosion from the main tent went off, eyes scanning as the screaming and fighting that had sparked off. Well, the sellsword decided, that likely meant his original contract was very much up in flames, so he was now on his own. Which meant either take off and find his way out of this mess on his own, but that was foolhardy at best, considering he would either be assaulted by the warring sides, or otherwise injured or incapacitated, which meant he wasn't turning a profit. The Dwarf Kazador stormed over, demanding answers and others answered better than he would have anyways, but he saw the fear on this folk hero's face briefly. That would not do at all, not if they were being lumped into the same group right now, he didn't need some jumpy, spooked woman potentially being a liability. He spoke directly towards her, and spoke darkly, grim in tone as he addressed her after she spoke to the Dwarf on not knowing anything of what was going on. "Steady yourself, spearwoman, actions taken in terror are often regretted once looked at through calmer eyes."

Turning his eyes to her actions next, she was attempting to rally the local nobles and, likely with Kazador, withdraw and figure out what the hell happened. Still holding his, albeit empty, mug he found himself standing by the General's side while she spoke more clearly and explained they had no idea what was happening. Her plan was more sound than the jump to action the spearwoman made, he could see the Archanean soldiers marching their way, and he narrowed his gaze, analyzing them while others spoke and debated. Soldiers, Mercenaries, several Heroes who likely served as direct subordinates to the Paladin in charge. More importantly, he was gauging their intent, and as they brandished weapons, he exhaled and knew damn well that there would be no reasoning with them. A glance at the General confirmed she was eying the group, and part of his brain expected her to pull rank.

"General, if you're thinking of pulling rank on them, consider that your call to reason will likely fall on deaf ears. They've already drawn weapons and I suspect murder is already in their eyes. You'll also be labelled traitor for sheltering the dwarves, no matter the truth of things. Is that a stand your willing to take?" Whether that was the right course of action, or indeed what the right course of action was, he left unaddressed. All he did was point out that this was going to end in blood, and though he didn't say it, someone was getting what they wanted. Kazador surviving this was suspicious, beyond so, but it was also possible he was not the leader of the Dwarves that had arrived here. Well, he might be now, but that would rely on figuring out how many ranking officials died. Really wasn't his business, right now, he was acting in self preservation, which meant working together with this lot. Siding with the Dwarves and fleeing seemed the plan, which worked for Jerod, their gold was as good as anyone else's would be.

No matter what was chosen, Jerod still stood there, one hand resting on the hilt of his Rapier and the other holding his mug, acting as if it was still filled enough to warrant holding. People underestimated someone who hadn't gone for his weapon yet, and that played right into his hands. Besides, he could nail one of them with a well thrown mug, which would get their attention or distract them long enough to strike first. He hadn't been keen to tilt his hand right now, that he had been paying a closer eye than he had appeared, but the explosion left little choice in that regard. Right now it was survive, then worry about finding his next source of coin, after all, collecting coin couldn't be done by a dead man.
Ansgar had arrived several days prior to the summons to the Church, though since he had not yet been called to summon his Servant, he had not formally been involved with the Grail War yet. The fact one of his family had been chosen had created quite the stir among his kin, one of them sending a catalyst they had found for just such an occasion, having always been one to be prepared for anything. There were two other mages here, both part of his team apparently. So, did this mean six wishes were being granted, or would their team have to fight each other once the competition was bested? He'd best take a risky advantage then, running through an alternate line of the summoning ritual typically used, despite the danger in such things. He was forewarned, so he was forearmed, after all, even with the potential risks associated with the planned idea. Whether the summoned Servant would play along, was unknown, but what plan survived first contact? With that last thought, he placed the sword into the center of the red summoning circle, curious since it seemed more of half a pair of scissors than an actual weapon, and raised his hands, unleashing his mana reserves as he intoned the ritual words.

Let silver and steel be the essence.
Let stone and the archduke of contracts be the foundation
Let Red the colour I pay tribute to
Let rise a wall against the wind that shall fall
Let the four cardinal gates close.
Let the three-forked road from the crown reaching unto the Kingdom rotate.

I hereby declare.
Your body shall serve under me.
My fate shall be your sword.
Submit to the beckoning of the Holy Grail
If you will submit to this will and this reason…Then answer!

An oath shall be sworn here!
I shall attain all virtues of all of Heaven.
I shall have dominion over all evils of all of Hell!

Yet, though serves with thine eyes clouded in chaos
Thou, bound in the cage of madness.
I am he who command these chaos

From the Seventh Heaven, attended to by three greet words of power,
Come forth from the ring of restraints,
Protector of the Holy Balance!

As he intoned, he poured the necessary mana into the summoning circle, awaiting the arrival of the summoned Servant, knowing full well what the extra verses of the summoning ritual had done, so while the class was expected, who it would be was still a complete and total mystery to him. Considering what he had been hearing of the Servants so far from other reports, it was strange indeed.

I will have a post up within the next day or so, at worst, sure as sure.
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I fear you do not know the Slaaneshi way... xD

Shhh, its a secret to everyone else!
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Meanwhile, the party hosts chill and relax after one hell of a party...

They pretty much have all things party covered. Music? Check. Drugs? Check. Booze? Check. Hookers? Check. Really, you need a party done, you call the Slaaneshi folks on over.
Y'know, since we're dealing with the Mechanicus and all, have a totally serious, legitimate, and Cult approved moral booster for those serving alongside Mechanicus forces.

I will try and have a character done by no later than the end of the weekend, at the absolute worse.
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