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I shall be submitting my interest as well, feel like things could get interesting.
Altena huffed again, though she seemed more amused than before, and Weiland patted her again before letting his arm drop back to his side. Once he was given and indicated to the fact that Yusef would show both of them where they would be going to be staying for the night. Altena moved with surprising grave behind of Weiland as the two started following after the Laguz. "By all means, lead the way. We will be right behind you." He wasn't going to simply leave the laguz without a response, considering he would likely be traveling with them for the forseeable future, there was no reason to be hostile or at least unpleasant towards the others present right now. He was asked about keeping Altena outside the camp whenever possible, and he frowned briefly despite the fair reasoning, though the question on his supplies brought his mind back.

"She's no friend of Daein, though the concerns are understandable all the same. We have our own camping supplies, in terms of tents and the like. We had to travel a fair ways to get out to here, so it would of been remiss of us to not have our own camping supplies." Weiland spoke honestly, glancing back at Altena who had been carrying the tent and other miscellaneous supplies before continuing to comment. "If it is preferred for Altena to remain outside the main camp, I will be camping by her as well. It will also save space in the main camp." Weiland continued strolling after the laguz who was leading the way, still speaking in mainly business for now. There would be time to finally relax after things were settled for the evening.
@PaulHaynek Alright, I suppose that means it'll be Lash that gets pushed forward. Poor Jericho. Also problem fixed in both.

@DocRock Honestly both sound like interesting enough characters, so it is hard to say, especially with only brief blurbs for them haha.
So, I honestly cannot decide between these two, so I'll post em both and see who is a more popular preference.

Apologies, sort of blanked and forgot to post, I'll try to have one put together in the next few days.
I am also currently debating whether or not to bring back Jericho, or create a fresh character completely. Within the next day, at most, it should be up, whichever way gets decided.
I'm here and down for another go at this as well, sure as sure.
In Torchlight 10 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
I've been slow on posting and, given current circumstances, I really am just going to bow out and save any further trouble or potential need to contact or prod. Apologies for wasting everyone's time.
Alright, finally got something put together, criticism, suggestions, and the like are welcome and encouraged.

Got room for one more? I can definitely think of a couple different ideas to slot into things, sure as sure!
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