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@POOHEAD189 Since you just so happened to post that particular flavor of meme...


Ho cubed, most excellent way to fit it on the banner. That's why you don't fuck with Santa or his 'helpers'.
@POOHEAD189 As long as they are within approximately 50 yards (Or he burns through what I assume is a limited supply of slug) haha.
@Rithy Oi, Ansgar is being useful, not merely can be useful here! *Totally not missing the joke on purpose* In all seriousness, you want to see him useful? Give him a Power Shovel, he'll right fuck shit up. And dig trenches in city streets, but that is merely a side effect

Also, cursed low mortal ceilings should be the Apothecary's battlecry anytime he is indoors. And I read Adrianne's line in a highschool preteen voice, mostly because of the tactically placed like.

Also also, the amount of cloaks/longcoats this party has isn't high enough, clearly certain other folks are lacking in their attire.
The only concern that was created when the Ork's deployed their crude gas weapon was the reduced visability, already wearing his rebreather and secure against any untoward effects the gas may cause on unprotected individuals. The only ones that were of any concern in that regard was the Arbites, and if they weren't issued rebreather's Ansgar would be disappointed in them as a whole, and the mercenary. Her situation was, again, something out of his control and if she decided having breathing protection wasn't necessary, so be it. Between the flames from the Celestian, unsurprising as the choice of weapon was, and the combined weapon's fire from the rest of the squad, it was a good showing against the Ork threat. Frankly, Orks were easier to handle than Tyranids by a great margin thus far, even if their aptitude for mechanics was better than a Tyranid's. Which was not saying much, to be frank, but it was a true statement.

The gas combusting was expected, most compounds that were not properly prepared or otherwise maintained tended to be explosive, flammable, or some combination of the two on top of their usual toxic or otherwise lethal effects. Keeping his head down from the ensuing inferno, he waited for the firing slits to be reopened, seeing the missile that the Celestian fired failing to stop the retaliatory fire from the Orkish vehicle. Insctincts kicking in before he readily processed what was said, he found himself face down on the ground, one arm covering his neck, the other bracing himself against the impending blast. Braced as he was, and already on the ground, the blast did little to actually move him, though he was concussed and shaken up something fierce. Business as usual, then, living in a trench being shelled tended to prepare one, at least mentally if nothing else, for the rigors of taking fire from heavy ordinance.

Rising to his feet, a glance gave bad news. The missile launcher the Krieger was assigned was damaged, debris having warped the tube beyond safe operation. Scowling, he discarded it without a further concern and spotted the Ork's lining up another shot, and was going to have none of it. Quickly reaching into his satchel, he produced a krak grenade, pulling the pin and rising up, deaf towards anyone still though his hearing was recovering, taking several steps forward and lobbing the krak grenade with a practiced throw, sending the explosive hurtling through the air. The grenade landed square in front of the wartrakk's rokkit launcha and the unfortunate Ork manning it. A muffled crump was heard and the bed of the wartrakk supporting the heavy weapon was caved in, sending the ork and weapon plunging down through the hole and ruining any ability for the thing to move, as well as giving the aformentioned Ork an extremely bad day in the process. Kneeling beside the rubble, Ansgar produced his Type XIV (Heavy) once more, sweeping for further threats as everything normalized.

I do believe that Natural Selection fixed that particular Guardsman's problem.

The Krieger was, unsurprisingly, extremely quiet as the argument between the superior officer, in this case the Celestian, and the Deathwatch Apothecary continued. As far as the Grenadier was concerned, speaking out against a superior when they were acting within their station was grounds for summary punishment. Whether that meant execution or otherwise was of little concern, as like most of his kind, he'd not seen disciplinary actions occur once actually trained and deployed in regiments. Training while growing up saw such things happen, but it was meant more to mold the subject vice punish them, so it was commonplace to hear of Kriegers who had been disciplined in their youth growing to be fine military leaders. But that was nothing worth pursuing, thought wise, feeling a sense of relief when they made their way towards a bunker.

Standard Cadian pattern of construction, likely a local mix of concrete with duraseteel bar reinforcements to prevent shattering from creating glaring openings after one explosive hit. He preferred Death Korp approaches to bunkers, being built far more sturdily, but then again, he did not expect generalist Guard regiments to understand how to dig in properly for the long haul. They had no excuse not to, but they were not held to as high of standards. Being handed a Cadian Pattern Missile Launcher, he would have preferred a Mk.III Mars Pattern, the model issued to Krieger heavy weapon teams, but once again, he was hardly amongst his own kind. The Deathwatch Apothecary had already taken out a target, though this did little but excite the greenskins. Sweeping his gaze, Ansgar spotted what looked like a crude bike with an ork waving what was very much a demolition charge, of their sort. Rather than waste a krak missile and likely miss, due to the things small size and speed, he rested the missile launcher against the wall, safed to prevent misfire, and lifted his Type XIV (Heavy) to his shoulder.

Bringing the 4x sights online, Ansgar took aim on the waving ork's arm. Normally, this kind of shot would have been extremely difficult with a conventional lasgun, or any sort of weapon that would require multiple shots to cook off the orkish explosives prematurely. As he exhaled, he fired off a tight burst of hotshot las rounds, and all it took was the last one to hit the charge to do precisely what the Grenadier suspected would happen. Upon impact, the lasround caused the charge to detonate, tearing the Ork and his crude bike quickly to shreds. Quickly slinging the Type XIV (Heavy), Ansgar picked up the Missile Launcher again, resting it on his shoulder and, unlike the Astartes, took quick aim using its sights. The incoming fire phased the Grenadier little, getting shot at while trying to aim was business as usual for all of them really, and before firing, Ansgar gave the rest of the group in the bunker fair warning. "Firing, stand clear!"

With that, he loosed a missile, krak in variant, and the missile flew low across the ground, almost brushing against the dirt and grass, hitting scant feet before the plow equipped war buggy, blasting a rather deep crater into the ground. At first glance, it was a miss, but the buggy quickly proved otherwise, not having time to avoid it, the plow digging down into the ground as the warbuggey hit the sudden pit in the ground would be bringing it to a rather unpleasant sounding stop. Ansgar saw the stop throwing one of the Orks clean from the wrecked warbuggy, and hitting the ground rather roughly, and that plow buggy would not only be stuck, but brute forcing it out of the way would not be nearly as easy, slowing the advance of any orks behind it. Ensuring that the magazine attached to the Cadian missile launcher had loaded the next krak missile, Ansgar began taking aim for his next target.
Tell that to my guardsman brothers in arms, they're literally the weakest soldiers in 40k, everything is op to them, ultramarine or not, 😭😭

Meanwhile, in the original Dawn of War, you slap commissars into Guardsmen squads, one dead guardsman makes every squad around em immune to morale loss and do more damage. And you get three commissars for the army total in game. So properly motivated flashlights can be scary indeed >_> And thats not even factoring in psykers and priests (who have scary psyker powers and can make the attached squad straight up invincible for a short time, respectively.)

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Fear not.
Those who stand with me shall be my brother.

I'm more a fan of "An open mind is like a fortress with its gates unbarred and unguarded." if we talk Space Marine quotes.
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Your signature is a close bet on how he'd react (+ some 50 odd yrs) ^^

Meanwhile, in the realm of Adrianne.

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