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@The Fated Fallen Y'know, we really cant be kitten around about this, it was neatly a cat-astrophe.

The Krieger is an experiment on my part, for writing a faceless character and characterizing them. Seeing em develop as a character outside of being a stupid lucky Guard fellow. That takes time and bothering other characters though haha. I do try to through in dry, barbed remarks every now and then. Sort of his version of humor.
<Snipped quote by Eisenhorn>

*Uncomfortable shuffle*

*Glares at psyker for making him sit around and actually function as a more than a rather fleshy combat servitor*
Gotta admit, this post might take me longer, not 100% sure as to how to have my Krieger react outside of glaring out of his mask at people.

I have NO IDEA what your talking about. None what so ever, and said person totally wasn't a train wreck of ideas.
<Snipped quote by Andromedai>

That sounded way too adorable! xD

Sounds like someone has some pet names for the party members, how sweet of her!
Father Cross had frankly forgotten that the engineer had existed, unsurprisingly considering the fact their two professions crossed paths nearly never. Of course, he didn't give the fact he had overlooked the other man too much thought, there were far more important things to consider than overlooking someone who mixed magic and technology. He didn't see it as wrong or misguided, there was something to be said for taking the advantages of both worlds, but the question that had yet to be answered was whether or not he could mitigate the drawbacks of both. The office of the 'Knight's Squire' was as run down as the rest of the village, which was rather fitting really. If everyone else had such poor dwellings, why should their glorious leader, with great sarcasm attached, do any better than the rest of them?

The fact that the squire was referring to him as a Priest now was a small improvement, and one that Cross would settle for, at least for the time being. The comment on shadows and worshipping daemonic masters got an idle shrug from him. There seemed to be little that would help assuage the simple man from his fears. Such was the trials and tribulations of men who followed their true calling earnestly. "Rest assured, I have no qualms standing in the light, I've nothing to hide. I like you though, King's Squire, so I'll spare you for last." His tone carried an obvious joking, mocking response alongside the wry grin on his face to the idea of him running off and worshiping some daemon. His god was no mere daemon, after all, and he would rather be dead than abandon a deity that had protected him thus far. That, and any uses that he has now would be gone should he abandon his god, so running away to worship another would accomplish nothing.

Thankfully Cross was not facing the vampiress when she decided to abandon her clothes and change into an outfit more fitting to the set a crypt of abominations back to their proper rest. Such was one calling of the priesthood, ensuring the dead remained at rest, which made the dichotomy of necromancers and priests of opposing ideals even more. But that was a discussion for another day, and while he faced away from the half vampiress as she changed, not that he was facing her to begin with thankfully, he commented on her response to drinking the blood of the things in the crypt. "You might find willing donors rather difficult to find this far out, they tend to fear what they don't understand."
@WSilversun By all biological definitions, I am still alive and functioning. Also should be getting a post done soon-ish.
@Jbcool Yea, intended for the bar to be in the lower levels of the hive, underhive, all that jazz. So I reckon it seems to work for parties involved.
ahaa... okey~ ^^ time for Alliana to shock everyone with abrupt changing clothes right there like it's the most natural thing to do ^^ will get a post a little bit later.

Such a complete lack of social graces, our ever so elegant and noble party will be shocked to the core by such a display! (Mostly that 'King's Squire' in all honesty, but hey, he could use a show).

Still legit enjoying the amount of crap being flung at the shadow priest. Inb4 he outlasts everyone else in the original party. Totally not by using everyone else as a meatshield first, snapping, and legging it.
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