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Current A Dark Souls RP, you say? Don't mind me, I'll just be over here pondering which of my many, many DS builds I should make a character based off of...
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Having more than one large research paper assigned in the same week should be illegal. >_<
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Bru-bru-bru-Brooklyn Rage Bru-bru-Brooklyn Rage?
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Does anyone else ever have one of those days where you just really want to hug someone? I have those days a lot.


Oh, hi. Thanks for checking in.

I'm an exceedingly enthusiastic roleplayer who's been writing for about ten years now and yet still hasn't managed to produce any kind of solo piece of writing worth reading. I like to consider myself a good writer, but that's kind of a matter of opinion, as many would argue that my tendency to ramble on at entirely excessive length about things is boring rather than interesting. I'm also incredibly OCD about formatting, so if you're wondering why my bios look so fancy, that's why. It's just something I do because... reasons, I guess.

Anyway, as you've probably noticed from my avatars and RP choices, I'm more than a bit of a fan of anime and manga, but also enjoy movies, video games, the occasional comic book... the list goes on. For you see, I am not a mere dork - I am the one spoken of in legends, the one whose dorkiness transcends all forms and boundaries. I am... the Legendary... OMNI-DORK!

...Anyway, thanks for dropping in to check on my profile! Hope to RP with you sometime!


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I'll be writing Lancer once again. Looking forward to it!
I'll probably join this, unless anything comes up over winter break that's just too intense for me to handle without dropping other things. Gimme some time to come up with a character idea, though, because I'm drawing a blank right now. 0w0
I'll go with Lancer again! In case my old Master doesn't come back, though, I may need to coordinate with a new one.


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Lancer frowned. Her dear master appeared quite distracted by something, as he'd shot bolt upright and was staring into space. Although, she wasn't necessarily averse to the "upright" or "staring" parts, but ideally both of those would be brought on by her rather enticing appearance and not by nightmares, or more likely... Really, while she was glad that he was finally beginning to understand, it was a little early for him to have to see so much... especially when his knowing might bode so ill for their future together.

In any case, she wasn't one to give up easily. Even if his little outburst had ruined the mood a bit, it wouldn't have been any fun if she just left it at that. So, tiptoeing over to the bed, she tossed herself gingerly down on the edge of the mattress, leaning in from behind her startled master and wrapping her arms gently around his shoulders. For just a moment, she pondered her next step.

She could wait until he tried to turn around and tug him backwards unexpectedly, then feign innocence when he ended up just-so-happening to get his face all wrapped up between the lapels of her bathrobe. But, although she had no doubt his outburst afterward would be quite humorous, that was a touch too shameless - too desperate - for her liking. While surely, she could get the love and attention she wanted from her master by alternately forcing and coaxing it out of him, it wasn't any fun if she always had to be the one to take the initiative. Rather than doing all the work for him, it would make things even better if she waited until he had the courage to take such daring steps himself.

...But, that didn't mean she couldn't tease him a bit and maybe put the idea into his head. Now that she was thinking about it, even her attempt to render the rather formal title she had to refer to him by hadn't really helped make things any more intimate between them. Well... under certain circumstances, "Master" wouldn't be so bad, but it was starting to feel so... stale. Maybe she'd spice things up a bit? It was a little more forward than she'd originally planned on, but it wasn't as if she was forcing anything she hadn't already made perfectly clear.

Thus settled on what to do, she leaned in directly behind her newly-awoken "prey," and in a hushed, sultry murmur, gave what she felt was the proper sort of greeting to start off the day.

"Good morning, darling," Lancer whispered in his ear. eagerly anticipating the tension she'd feel momentarily spreading throughout his core as her dear Edward came to his senses to find her breath on the back of his neck and her arms tightening around him in a sudden embrace. She released him just as quickly, then drew back with a faint giggle, peering over his shoulder to gauge his response. "You didn't answer the first time, so I figured I'd invite myself in.~" She smiled with as much feigned innocence as she could muster, a singsong note working its way into her voice as she spoke.

"Are you feeling well?" Lancer continued, leaning in even further over his shoulder and closer to his face as if just noticing for the first time the cold sweat in which he'd awoken. "You look a little pale."

Mira Grace

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Mira gave a faint sigh of relief. So then Saber was alright... That was good. She'd naively thought after her summoning that a Servant was more a spirit than it was a flesh and blood being, but after seeing what had happened to her on the night before... The image of her sprawled upon the floor of the main entryway, blood spattered all across her garments, neither moving nor responding... It wasn't like the mere dissolution of a summoned spirit. Rather, it had been as though she'd been watching a living human experience "death." If it weren't for the predetermined structure of the container, then it was quite possible her own clumsy efforts at healing wouldn't have been sufficient to prevent that, either...

No matter. Saber was alive and well, and that was the most important thing. Still... they'd have to be much more careful in the future. She'd underestimated the dangers of the other masters, of the outside world, due to her confidence in herself and in her Servant. But after seeing her own best efforts be rendered useless, after being so thoroughly deceived, and after seeing what the other Servants and Masters could bring to the table... It wasn't as simple as she'd thought it would be. She couldn't afford to go on the offensive so carelessly, or else next time, it might be her who'd end up being struck down...

Right. Saber was speaking of the attack. She snapped back to the present, trying to remember any details she could... but it was no use. The whole event was like one instantaneous flurry of motion, and then...

"It's strange," The Witch said at last. "Er... I mean, I'm pretty sure it was a curse which did this to you, since there was something that tried to resist when I tried to heal you..." That was a shoddy explanation, but it would do. More importantly... "But I don't recall seeing any sort of vessel or projectile that might have been used to deliver the curse into your body, much less a Caster who fired it." Come to think of it, the lack of any kind of observable attack actually narrowed things down a bit. After all, wasn't it quite similar to her own skillset?

"...In that case, is it possible that the enemy Caster can somehow transport his or her curses directly to their target? I can do something similar to instantaneous movement with my Flash Air magecraft, so it's possible there might be a Noble Phantasm that can do something like that, but which can bypass even your Magic Resistance, right?" It seemed to make sense at any rate... Still... If her theory was correct, then they had already found a truly terrifying opponent. If the enemy could send a fatal attack into their bodies, bypassing any sort of physical or prana-based defense, all from a great enough range that they couldn't even see their assailant... Mira shuddered at the thought.

"I didn't expect it, but I think even outside of their territory, Caster may be our most dangerous enemy in this war."


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It was really quite amazing how quickly enthusiasm could turn right back to anxiety, leaving an otherwise calm person a nervous wreck within a matter of minutes.

Fumika hadn't been paying much attention to the other students - she'd been far too busy staring at the doors into the classroom, anticipating the arrival of one particular person, and getting only more and more uneasy with each passing moment as the eagerly awaited face did not, in fact, appear. She began wondering if today would end up as a repeat of the earlier incident on the prior afternoon, and if Yoshida was not, in fact, coming to class.

...Unfortunately, this nagging worry quickly became the least of her problems, as, quite unexpectedly, a hand was brought down quite suddenly right in front of her, the sound of it impacting the desk snapping her quite suddenly back to reality. A somewhat imposing girl with black... no, very dark purple hair and incredibly intense blue eyes suddenly loomed over her, staring her right in the face. Fumika blinked in confusion, and found her own gaze very rapidly retreating from the girl's face. Her gaze was so accusatory and resolute... For just a moment, those eyes had almost looked like they'd belonged to her sister.

The other girl seemed to hesitate a bit before speaking, but that didn't make what she was saying any more palatable. What did she mean, this was her seat? Fumika had been sitting here last time, and nobody had taken this spot... In fact, she didn't even recognize this girl from her class. Could she have possibly entered the wrong room by mistake? But that was inconcievable. Her name was on the teams list on the blackboard, and Jett and the shiny girl were both over there, and...

But then why? Why couldn't she sit here? She wanted to sit next to Yoshida. She didn't want to sit anywhere else. She didn't want this girl to take the place she'd earned. But how could she just say something like that to somebody's face? That would have been so mean... She looked away, fretting and fussing with the ends of her hair while she stammered something incoherent, fumbling for words and not finding any to say.

The solution was easy. It wouldn't cause anyone else any trouble if she just got up and moved. This was the simplest solution, so obviously, she should have taken this path as the path of least resistance. The intimidating girl was still staring sharply at her. She was probably getting angry that the person who'd taken her spot was so wishy-washy and dense. All it would take to end that was to stand up, apologize, and go far away. She could end the trouble here and now.

But she couldn't bring herself to do that. She didn't want to go anywhere else. This was where her friend was sitting. If she could sit here, then she could talk to him. Or, if that bothered him too much, she could just listen to him talk. That much was fine, so long as he was...

"I'm sorry, but... um... I..." She tried to explain herself. She didn't want to be rude, but maybe, if she could just... But ah, this was so hard! If only Yoshida was here, he'd know what to-

There was the sound of a bag being set down on the desk to her left. Her eyes shot up immediately, expecting to see Yoshida, here to resolve things and save her from this awkward situation, but instead, what she saw was the formidable dark-haired boy from the previous evening. He was... Didn't he know that this was Yoshida's seat?! Yoshida had said that it was important... That it was a seat that he had to get no matter what. She didn't know why that was, but if that was the case... And if she couldn't rely on Yoshida to protect her, then... She would protect Yoshida's seat, no matter what!

"Stop!" Before she realized quite what she was doing, she was already standing up, her hands raised in front of her both in a gesture to hopefully slow down Yashiro, and to cover her face so she wouldn't have to deal with either of their stares. She knew what she'd see if she looked at them. Of course they'd be angry at her. She was being unreasonable. They would probably hate her, or think that... no, realize that she was stupid and annoying. She was just getting in the way, but... Even so, she had to...

"You... You can't sit here! This is where Yoshida always sits," She declared, perhaps a bit more emphatically than was necessary. "And so I need to sit here, too, or else I won't be able to talk to him..." Ah... this was so hard. It was so difficult, even moreso when she fully knew how unreasonable she was being. Of course it was selfish of her to insist on something like this when obviously, it had nothing to do with either of them. No doubt, she was just being stupid and inconvenient. The thought made her flush with shame, and she slowly hung her head, dropping back down into her seat.

"I'm sorry," She apologized meekly, her fluffy bangs drooping down over her face in a futile effort to hide how red she was getting. She didn't want to be annoying. She shouldn't have been doing this. This wasn't simple. It wasn't easy. It made her feel terrible, but... but she wanted this. If she had to give up now, then she'd feel even worse. Why couldn't they understand that? Why could they tell that insisting on this was her only option!? She raised her head slowly, trying to give as commanding a stare as possible, trying to look like Haruka would in a situation like this.

"I'm sorry, but... but both of you should sit somewhere else!"

...But try though she might to mimic her idol, why was it that she still felt almost no confidence in her words or in her actions?

@Aerandir@Stale Pizza
@Feybluethankyou! I'm trying to push myself to improve but it's such a slow process hnnnnnnnngggggg T.T

I know that feel. I tried learning to draw myself, but I just couldn't stand all my own constant mistakes, so I kinda gave up before I even got to the point where I could draw good faces, let alone annoying things like realistically proportioned bodies and... hands. About all I could do well was eyes, tbh. XD
Wow, the last one you uploaded is really detailed @Mae. The perspective and shading makes him look really intense. :D
>tfw it's finally Thanksgiving break

True happiness. :D

EDIT: Also, that feel when you realize you just got post 420.

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Asuka stared out the window at the rapidly dimming vista beneath her. The lights of the city were beginning to flicker and fade, as if the town itself was disappearing amidst the shadows of darkened buildings. Distant bolts of light passed on the tracks and streets beneath her, as trains and the gleaming tail lights of automobiles disappeared into the night. She shook her head and turned from the sweeping, wall-length window looking out over the city of Hosu. This entire day really had been a sharp swerve from her ordinary life, so she probably shouldn't have been so surprised, but...

"Your parents are quite well-off, aren't they?" Asuka observed, turning to the girl seated on one of the large sofas in front of the large home entertainment system that took up practically the entire back wall of the living room.

"I suppose," Harukaze answered absentmindedly, taking a long swig of a canned cola before taking a long sigh, as if she was in a sponsored commercial or something and wanted to show how refreshed she was. That, or she looked like an office lady returned from a long day's work, kicking back and relaxing by breaking open a cold one. Given her traveling companion's rather dramatic fashion style, Asuka suddenly found herself wondering if her odd host was actually trying to give off that sort of vibe. Weird.

Strolling across the living room, she wandered over to the kitchen area on the opposite side of the penthouse's main floor. Everything was all so modern and western styled, it threw her for a bit of a loop. Compared to the rural lifestyle she was used to, this was... Well, she supposed she didn't mind it so much. Being a country bumpkin got boring rather fast, in her "cultured" opinion. The opulence of high society, on the other hand...

She reached into the fridge and snagged an orange soda, then went back over and tossed herself down on the sofa opposite Harukaze. The dark haired girl didn't seem to acknowledge her, and just kept staring off into space. So, Asuka followed suit, glancing idly up towards the second floor balcony. Apparently, the two smaller adjacent bedrooms up there would be where she and Harukaze would be staying, so she probably should have gone to check out what exactly her room was like, considering how different everything else was from what she was accustomed to... But right now, she just couldn't find it in herself to care.

She sighed. She'd only just arrived, and already things were a total mess. If only her parents' schedules hadn't changed at the last moment. Then they could have just come along and satisfied themselves that things were fine without forcing her to take time out of her own life to play babysitter for a sister who preferred to act like she didn't exist. What was she even supposed to be doing here, anyway? "Making sure Fumika was adjusting to her new school?" And how, pray tell, was she supposed to do that? Should she force her utterly unresponsive sibling to actually give a damn about other people;s opinions for once? She'd get better results talking to a brick wall. And what was all this nonsense with Harukaze? It was a pain, that was what it was. None of this should have been any of her business, so why did she have to come all this way? The more she thought about it, the more she wondered if her parents' schedules hadn't changed just a little bit too conveniently, and if this wasn't just some kind of ploy to force Harukaze to come along with her...

Speaking of which, now that she thought about it, something else was strange here, too. They were supposed to be staying with Harukaze's parents, but... She eyed the doorway to the first floor master bedroom suite suspiciously. It was sitting slightly ajar, and the lights were off inside. There hadn't been any signs of movement since the two of them had entered a few minutes earlier, and she hadn't seen any shoes in the entryway save for their own.



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"Say, Harukaze-san, this is your parents' apartment, right?" Once again, the voice of her guest broke Haruka from her reverie. She glanced over at where the younger Motome was lounging boredly on the other sofa, shooting a sidelong glance at her with piercing aquamarine eyes. Every time she made eye contact with Fumika's sister, the same impression always struck her. It was like looking at a mirror image of Fumika herself, and yet... Their expressions couldn't have been more different. Fumika's spacey attitude and vacant, wandering gaze made her seem like a sleepwalker, while Asuka's keen stare seemed to cut right through the air between them, with such awareness and focus that it seemed like her eyes could turn you to stone.

"Whaddya mean by that?" Haruka shot back, raising an eyebrow. It was a stupid question, in her opinion. If it wasn't her parents' penthouse, then how the hell would she have gotten in?

"I mean, I don't see any signs of anyone but us. They didn't just rent this place so we could use it, did they?"

Haruka breathed a faint sigh. Another annoying thing she'd have to explain, even though she really didn't want to get into it. Whatever. She was used to questions like this, at least. "No, it isn't. This really is where they live. You probably won't be seeing them, though." Asuka raised an eyebrow at this. "They take the very last train back, so they only get here late. Then they head out as soon as they get up, so basically, we'll have the place to ourselves." She explained as quickly as she could, wanting to wave off any unnecesary questions... Then again, there were a few ground rules she'd have to lay out, so she might as well get past all of this nuisance at once. "Speaking of which, they don't like being disturbed, since they don't get much sleep, so try not to make any noise or get in the way during the night or morning. Those are the conditions for letting us stay here."

"Letting 'us' stay? Isn't that pretty strange?" Asuka parroted back skeptically. Haruka nodded bluntly, and Asuka's already raised brow seemed practically ready to separate itself from her face and float away.

There it was again. Another annoying thing she didn't want to think about. Haruka shot upright as quickly as she could, her crutches striking the floor a little more violently than she intended. She downed the rest of her drink in a single gulp, crushed the can with a loud crunch, then tossed the flattened remains into the nearest wastebasket. She stopped only for a moment to pick up her luggage from the hallway before hobbling up the stairs with surprising swiftness.

"I'm going to finish moving my things into my room. You should do the same." Glancing back over her shoulder, she gave her guest a very pointed stare, giving only this terse response. And yet, the curious girl clearly didn't get the hint.

"Wait, I mean, you're their daughter, right? That's totally weird-"

"I wonder?" Haruka shot back, swinging open the door of her room, then slamming it just as quickly shut behind her. Sighing, she tossed down her bag next to the bed, then flung herself down, throwing her crutch to the floor. Why? Why was it that the things she just wanted to ignore kept coming back and flinging themselves in front of her? Why couldn't the world just leave her alone?

She reached into her bag. She didn't have the energy to even stand up and change into her bedclothes, but this, at least, was non-negotiable. Unzipping a hidden compartment at the bottom of her luggage, she withdrew a small plush rabbit, its long ears flapping slightly as she held it up above her. Its gold eyes seemed to be staring back at her, as if alive, as if understanding how she felt.

Why couldn't things be simple, like they had back then? She hugged the black rabbit close to her, and rolled over to bury her face in the covers, drowning the unwanted thoughts of the day she'd just suffered through with the more palatable memories of the past.

It might have been weakness, but she'd had to keep strong for so long. Surely, to feel this way wasn't a sin.



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The first thing which Fumika became aware of on the following morning was that she was cold. The second was that her body felt incredibly stiff, and even though her thoughts were back up to 100%, she still felt tired. She pushed herself upright and rubbed her eyes, trying to clear the overhang of fluff that blinded her to her surroundings. When her vision was finally clear, she looked around herself and found...

Huh? Where am I, exactly?

It took her a moment before the electricity coursed through her hair, causing it to fluff up like the mane of an angry cat, the tuft that had fallen over her face righting itself and curling upward in its usual antenna-like position. Accessing her memories of the previous night, she immediately set the record straight.

She'd finished dinner as quickly as possible, but Asuka had still been glaring at her, and Haruka had seemed angry and sad, so she decided she'd send them away so Haruka would feel better. Then she'd gone back to her room to go to sleep, but found that the lights were already off, and somebody else seemed to be sleeping there. She hadn't wanted to wake them, so she'd gone off to look for somewhere else to sleep, leading her to occupy one of the couches down in the lobby once all the lights had been turned off and everybody had turned in for the night. Fortunately, she'd been low on charge, so it hadn't been tough to fall asleep, but now... Her entire body felt really stiff, like... a stick... or jello that had been put in the fridge for too long. Ew. Jello tasted weird, but frozen jello seemed like it'd just be like... really yucky ice cream. Also, didn't that defeat the purpose of jello? Jello was supposed to be squishy, but if you froze it, it wouldn't be squishy anymore. Clearly, that didn't make sense.

In any case, she was cold and uncomfortable, just like the hypothetical frozen jello which some weird person who didn't understand how jello was supposed to work might conceivably make. Also, it looked like it was only about an hour until class time, and she needed to get ready... She supposed she'd just have to head back to her room.

Fortunately, it seemed that by the time she got there, her roommate had already gotten up and left, so at least she wasn't waking her up or inconveniencing her this way. Unfortunately, she didn't have much time to get ready. She preferred to spend at least half and hour drying off after a shower, and then at least an hour longer to make sure any lingering moisture completely evaporated, to make sure her hair was completely dry so it wouldn't malfunction if she needed to use her Quirk. But, unfortunately, she didn't have the luxury of time, so she ended up having to rush. Taking a very quick shower - which was, in her opinion, the worst kind - she was just getting ready to go about her usual routine when she realized that there was another awkward problem. The bathrooms here were communal for each gender... So that meant she couldn't actually step out of the shower stall without risking somebody seeing her back. Unconsciously, she ran her hand over the crisscrossing network of knotted, burnt red flesh running upward from her right hip and tracing its way upward along her spine. It was an ugly sight. Nobody should have had to look at something so disgusting as that. It would bother people. The other girls might scream or run away. She had to come up with something... But she couldn't use her Quirk. Her hair was still dripping wet, so she'd just short-circuit herself if she tried. Ah... this was bad. No matter how she thought about it, there was only one thing she could do.

Slipping her hand out from behind the curtain, she snatched up her towel from where it hung up outside, then spent just a few minutes drying herself off. Then, she draped her small towel over her back, stepped out of the shower stall, and proceeded to walk not only through the bathroom, but also out into the hallway and across it to her own room. It felt a little weird, being clearly indoors in a building with other people, but not wearing anything to cover herself at all. She was pretty sure a few people were staring at her. But that was fine. They couldn't see her back, so it wouldn't bother them, right? After all, nothing was wrong with the rest of her. Reasoning thus, she made her way back to her room.

Her roommate still was nowhere to be seen, so that saved her the trouble of having to hide her back any further. Dropping her towel, she set about the arduous task of combing through her gigantic fluffy mane again and again, running a hair dryer over it for what felt like an eternity until it felt completely dry, save for some lingering dampness at the end of each strand. Unfortunately, there were only about ten minutes left before class... She wouldn't make it if she didn't leave soon, so she'd just have to head out as she was and hope that the wind would dry it off before she had to use her Quirk. Standing up, she headed to the door. But, stepping over the towel she discarded, she realized something was wrong. Namely, in all that time, she still hadn't actually gotten dressed.

Oh. Right. I need to wear clothes. Otherwise, they'll see my back.

After a few panicked minutes of scrambling to get her uniform on in a manner that seemed right - which took a lot longer than you might expect, since she remembered perfectly how it was supposed to look, and couldn't seem to get it quite correct. Nevertheless, once she'd managed to get her tie aligned just right with her collar, she threw on her coat and rushed out the door.

A few minutes later, she arrived at class, surprisingly faster than expected. Rubbing the sweat from her forehead, she walked in, only to stop in front of the blackboard.

Huh? Teams? What are these...?

She looked until her own name jumped out at her, and right beside it was...

That's odd. Did my heart just started going faster? That seemed... kind of worrying. That wasn't normal, at any rate. Was something wrong with her? Did she get sick from sleeping without a blanket? No, that probably wasn't it. Then again, she had just run a very long way, so she was probably just still feeling the adrenaline. Anyway, it was time for class, so she figured she'd go sit down. Normally, she preferred to always sit in the same seat, but she'd sat in two places on the previous day - first beside Jett, and then later next to the Main Character Seat. But, of those two locations, the former already looked pretty crowded, and she didn't want to bother anyone...

If she'd been paying more attention, she might have noticed that she was already heading toward Yoshida's usual seat before she even realized any of these things. But, she was still sleepy, and thus the thought never struck her. Besides, she was distracted. She didn't feel at all like she had during the previous day's exercise, when she'd been nervous and desperate to prove herself. Because this time...

I get to be on a team with Yoshida! He's nice, and he's cool, and maybe I can help him out so I won't be a burden to him, and then he'll praise me again!

To anyone in the know, it might have seemed odd that despite the fact that her expression remained blank, the faintest hints of a tentative, nervous and yet hopeful smile were playing at the edges of Fumika's lips. What's more, her ahoge was bobbing back and forth with barely controlled excitement as she strolled purposefully across the room, set her bag down next to the desk in the corner, and then seated herself with the air of someone awaiting an eagerly anticipated movie to begin. This opportunity was all but miraculous, and she wouldn't have missed it for the world!
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