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Current @Ophidian: There goes my hero.
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Could have sworn someone hit the gas when I was crossing the street earlier. Quite nearly hit me, at that. Then again, maybe he simply mistook me for a speedbump.
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So basically, social interaction is a fetchquest. Guess I should start grinding for chocolate bars to raise my relationship values.
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Less "don't like" and more "don't notice" on my end. Somebody remind me, how do you talk to people again? I must have skipped the tutorial.
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Oh. So it's not just me, then. I know that feeling, regardless, Sav. Hopefully your luck will turn out better than mine has.


Oh, hi. Thanks for checking in.

I'm an exceedingly enthusiastic roleplayer who's been writing for about ten years now and yet still hasn't managed to produce any kind of solo piece of writing worth reading. I like to consider myself a good writer, but that's kind of a matter of opinion, as many would argue that my tendency to ramble on at entirely excessive length about things is boring rather than interesting. I'm also incredibly OCD about formatting, so if you're wondering why my bios look so fancy, that's why. It's just something I do because... reasons, I guess.

Anyway, as you've probably noticed from my avatars and RP choices, I'm more than a bit of a fan of anime and manga, but also enjoy movies, video games, the occasional comic book... the list goes on. For you see, I am not a mere dork - I am the one spoken of in legends, the one whose dorkiness transcends all forms and boundaries. I am... the Legendary... OMNI-DORK!

...Anyway, thanks for dropping in to check on my profile! Hope to RP with you sometime!


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Trick question. I was actually asking about Pacific Swallows.
Just the one. What is the airspeed velocity of a swallow?
...Excuse me sir, but you appear to be three different people, all of whom are in some degree insane. I'd recommend getting that checked.


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Asuka had just finished yelling at the one who'd started all this mess when, all of a sudden, for reasons she couldn't possibly fathom, everything suddenly spiraled downward into complete chaos. First, the girl herself started talking big about how she didn't have any right to be angry... Didn't have any right? She was family, that was as good a right as any. And as for her sister, Fumika was probably too stupid to realize what being angry even meant, so as her sister, it obviously fell to Asuka to be angry for her. Honestly, she was just about ready to take the smug girl up on her challenge just to wipe the smirk off her face, when something even more confusing happened.

The boy from outside the gates showed up, and apparently, Harukaze hadn't avoided him by accident. The two seemed to know each other, but what all they were yelling about, she hadn't the slightest idea. What, was he her jilted ex-boyfriend or something? She'd been in a few situations like that herself, but she'd always managed to find some way to settle things peacefully, if not happily. This, though... They were yelling at each other and crying, and any sensible person would have known not to get involved.

So of course her idiot sister jumped right into the middle of it. Asuka mentally facepalmed. Why didn't she understand that this wasn't any of her business? She clearly didn't know anything more about this than Asuka herself did, so really, all they could do was stay back and not escalate this any further. She was just about to intervene and try to pull Fumika out before she made things even worse, but then, she realized something.

She called him "Jett." No surname. No honorific. Just Jett. So now she's being rude on top of being oblivious? There's no way that they're friends... But then why is she so invested? Is it just because Harukaze's in trouble, or...?

She glanced around her, and noticed students poking their heads out of windows, or rushing out of the dorms to see what was happening. Geez, didn't Harukaze have any shame? She was being so loud that half the campus must have been thinking there was a fistfight going on or something... One of the new arrivals approached Asuka first, and she had to suppress a groan.

To her credit, she really did try not to be too standoffish.

"Motome Asuka," She replied brusquely. "And your guess is as good as mine." She shook her head, shrugging with disdain. Like hell she was going to get involved in a public lover's spat. Sure, she felt bad for Harukaze... After all, that Jett guy seemed kind of clingy. But at the same time, Harukaze herself wasn't exactly helping her case by berating him the moment he approached them. Regardless, she'd brought this on herself, and there was nothing Asuka could do to make this easier on her, so perhaps she'd just help her make a quick getaway afterward to save face and try to console her once she knew the full story... Just so long as her idiot sister didn't do anything else stupid, then-


...No way. There was absolutely no way. There was no way her perennially oblivious, practically mute sister just shouted that. In all the years Asuka had lived with her, she'd seen many things... but never before had she seen Fumika angry.

...So then why was she screaming at the top of her lungs, exactly? And what was she talking about? Asuka's head was still spinning from the sheer surprise of realizing that Fumika was actually capable of articulating more than a single sentence at once, but her shock had only just begun. Because one of the things that she heard her sister say was...

Because I'm stupid.

There was just no way. She must have misheard, must have been dreaming, must have... Must have what? How? Why? When? Fumika had always, for as long as she'd remembered, barely even noticed other people. On the rare occasion that she was actually home, she'd hardly even looked at her own sister or parents, let alone spoken to anyone. That was why her mom and dad had sent Asuka to check up on her in the first place - to make sure she hadn't gotten into any fights with anyone, that she was actually participating in classes. It was obvious that she thought she was better than anyone else, that she couldn't have cared less what anyone else thought. She never even tried to understand them. So why... Why was she saying things like that with tears in her eyes?

At that moment, a boy came jogging up wearing some kind of mask, which he hastily pulled off and rather awkwardly tried to insert himself into the conversation. But as he did so, Asuka couldn't help but pick up on his reason for doing so.

"I just...thought I heard Motome-chan shout."

He knows who she is. Not just that, he's close enough to be worried and come running at the drop of a hat. And what's this -chan all about?! Why's he so chummy with my sister? How's that even possible?! And more importantly...

"Oh my god," Asuka murmured aloud, blinking furiously as if trying to awaken from a bizarre dream. "My sister is friends with a guy. My sister is friends with a really cute guy... There must be some kind of mistake. How did this happen?" She pointed to the new arrival, her head darting back and forth between him and Fumika. "Kasuke-san, you go to school here, right? How did this happen?!"



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Light streamed through the window.

They'd finally stopped yelling at each other. Haruka wasn't crying anymore, and Jett didn't seem angry at her anymore. But the way they both looked at one another... it wasn't right. This wasn't how friends were supposed to act. That meant that something was still wrong.

The curtains fluttered in the spring wind.

She hadn't solved things at all. She hadn't been able to help...! But what more could she do? How could she make things better?

The dull white light shone down upon dull white walls, filling the room with blinding radiance.

She'd been so happy to see Haruka, but now that Haruka was here, she was only sad. What could she do?

Something was beeping methodically. A single tone, then a pause, then another tone a moment later, like an electronic drum keeping time to an unheard song.

She'd tried hugging her, but even that didn't help. Haruka didn't even seem to want to be close to her. She didn't want to be close to anyone. What, then, could she do?

She couldn't forget it even if she wanted to. The sounds were ringing in her ears, the images had already burned themselves into her mind, inscribing themselves forever upon her consciousness. And there, right in front of her, was the thing she dreaded most to see...

In the first place, she didn't understand it. She couldn't understand it, because it didn't make sense and even if it did she was too stupid to work it all out! This feeling, this overwhelming pounding in her head and burning in her chest, as if her heart would stop at any moment... What was it? Why couldn't she even fix this?!

She felt just like she had back then.

A pale, emaciated, dark-haired figure lay on the utterly white bed in front of her. Even if those golden eyes opened, like the doctors said they would, she knew that everything would still be wrong and there was nothing she could do about it and it just made her want to throw up and-


Huh? That voice is...

The image was gone, replaced by a figure standing in front of her. He was trying to smile with his lips, but his forehead was still pursed in a frown as he scratched his cheek uneasily.

Yoshida...! She wanted to rush over to him, to ask him for his help. He was smart and kind. He would know what to do. Maybe, he could fix things...! Yet, suddenly, her legs wouldn't move.

"Everything, uh, alright?"

No. Nothing's alright. Haruka is hurting, and Jett is sad, and my heart feels heavy and I don't know why. She wanted to say that, but the moment she opened her mouth to speak, the words seemed to flee, bottling themselves back up inside her throat as if to suffocate her.

"I mean, I don't wanna interrupt anythin', I just...thought I heard Motome-chan shout."

You did. I didn't know what else I could do. I thought I could help, but it didn't work and now I don't know how I can help. She wanted to answer him, but even though she could find the words, it was hard just to move air up and down her windpipe.

She couldn't move an inch, couldn't so much as whisper. Because no matter how much she wanted to, the moment she saw Yoshida's face looking at her like that, she remembered...

He wants to me leave him alone... doesn't he?

For a moment, she'd been incredibly happy, but that feeling faded, while the weight in her heart only grew. The fact that he'd worried about her, that he'd come to her rescue, made her feel incredibly warm, and her heart had almost skipped a beat. And yet... she knew that if she acted upon that feeling, if she tried to take that warmth for herself no matter what... He'd only hate her, just like Asuka did. She didn't want that. It was precisely because he was so important that she didn't want that. So, even though she wanted nothing more than to speak, she shut herself up, and once more did something she detested.

"I'm fine," Motome Fumika lied.

"My friends were just arguing, and I didn't know what to do, so I got angry. That's all."

He wouldn't hate her for this. Even if it wasn't what she had just discovered she "wanted," at least he wouldn't hate her for this. Besides, there were more important things to worry about than herself. She needed to help Haruka and Jett. Because friends were supposed to help each other. Heroes were supposed to stop people from hurting. As their friend and as a hero, then, it was her duty. There had to be something she could do for them. She just had to stop being stupid and think of it. So, bowing sheepishly to Yoshida, she quickly disengaged from the conversation, and rushed over to Haruka's side.

And, like always... A computer worked best when it was addressing one problem at a time.

So, Fumika said nothing that she wanted to say, and kept working on the problem at hand, like a good computer should.



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How could I be so stupid?

Haruka watched in a daze. Her arms and legs were still shaking, even though she'd managed to stop the tears. She could hear the pounding drum of her own heartbeat ringing in her ears, beating ever slower and slower until her breathing had finally returned to normal. As the haze of terror turned to outrage turned finally despair reached its end and faded from before her eyes, she took a deep breath, and the meaning of her own words washed over her like a tidal wave.

This wasn't how she'd wanted it to be. Even if everyone else passed her by, or rejected her or looked down on her or even pitied her...

All she had wanted was for Jett to still look at her the way he had back then. She had just wanted him to admire her, to respect her, to treat her like she was important. She hadn't meant to lie to him, or to ignore him. It was just... This was the only way she could think of! Why couldn't he understand that? Of course she'd wanted to see him again. That had never changed. But... The moment he saw her, she knew this would happen. She knew he'd be angry, and then he'd think she didn't trust him. But that wasn't it at all. Couldn't he see? She'd just wanted... She'd just wanted him to be proud of her. It was precisely because he was so precious that she couldn't afford to let him know.

But it was too late to say any of that. After all, she'd already ruined everything, hadn't she? Not just Jett... Even Fumika had been angry at her. That was a punishment that had been coming for a long time, though, and one she well deserved. If there was anyone who should have hated her, then it was-

But she'd just been so angry! She'd been so upset that he wouldn't listen, so upset that now even he was looking down at her with those smug eyes. And the worst part of all was that she deserved it. She deserved to be coddled, to be pitied, to be set aside as weak, to be left in the dust, because in the end, all she was-

But what was even the point of trying to hold out any longer? It was all already over. She'd been found out, and now, she might as well just quit. She'd been an idiot to try to protest. In the first place, he'd already seen her, so why hadn't she just conceded immediately? Why had her stupid pride compelled her to say all those idiotic things? She wouldn't have been surprised if Jett probably hated her now. She deserved that, too.

Taking a deep breath, she spoke as evenly and as calmly as she could, but after her outburst, even she couldn't think of her own words as anything but empty. The sound of her own voice made her want to strangle herself just so it'd stop ringing in her ears.

Above all else, she was tired.

"...Jett. I'm sorry. As I said, I was wrong not to tell you. I'll explain everything later, just..." She motioned slightly to the growing crowd all around them. "Not here. Until then, I'll just... stop. I'm sorry."

Harukaze Haruka was so very, very tired.

As Fumika approached, reaching out wordlessly to take her hand and motioning towards the dorms, she didn't even have the heart to resist. She'd just get in, make sure Fumi was settled in... And then she'd just go. She'd seen more than enough for one day.

"Asuka. We're going. Come on," Fumika said quietly, her tone uncharacteristically grave. Her argumentative sister didn't even see fit to disagree, but rather simply nodded, bowed to a twintailed girl standing next to her, and then silently followed them away from the gathering crowd...
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Haruka had almost managed to get her hopes up when it happened.

Fumi had taken off at practically a dead sprint, and had gotten them away from the front gate. A few nervous glances back had served to confirm that the figure of the boy she'd used to know hadn't come into view, and that Jett didn't seem to have noticed them. If he wasn't following, then that meant that they could get away, right? Her secret would be safe. She could just visit with Fumi for a bit and then leave once it got dark. And, knowing her rather socially awkward friend and sidekick, it wasn't like there'd be anyone else there except whoever she got as a roommate, so then there wouldn't be any problems. Word wouldn't even spread that a short, dark-haired girl had decided to visit. Of course, now that Jett was getting this insistent and she knew he was actually here, she'd have to be sure to tell Fumi not to mention her name to anyone, just to be safe, but that was more of a formality than anything. After all, Fumi seldom talked to anyone, and surely, she wouldn't refuse once Haruka asked her something, so-

A blur suddenly crossed her field of vision, and Haruka had just enough time to let out a cry of surprise before something slammed into her shoulder, then headlong into Fumi with so much force that she wasn't sure she'd have been able to keep her own footing if she'd had both her legs to stand on. So, it was no surprise then that her significantly weaker friend was picked bodily up off her feet by the sudden impact, and didn't even have time to cry out before the wind was knocked out of her lungs. The two of them flew backward, and time seemed to slow to a crawl. Haruka could feel the wind rushing through her hair, but it was no longer the comforting feeling she'd once been so used to. Rather, it was the chilling realization that the both of them were going to slam into the ground and get severely hurt, and that there wasn't even anything she could do to stop it. She felt so powerless, so...


She shut her eyes, and the last thing she saw was the ground rushing up to meet her before-


...Before she felt herself colliding with a springy, elastic surface which stretched beneath her, then catapulted her right back to her feet! It was fortunate she'd had her real foot forward, because her prosthetic leg sure as hell couldn't have supported her full weight so suddenly. Landing in a kneeling crouch, she staggered upright, and turned around to see...



𝔇𝔦𝔞𝔩𝔬𝔤𝔲𝔢 𝓒𝔬𝔩𝔬𝔯 || #FF741D ||| 𝔗𝔥𝔬𝔲𝔤𝔥𝔱 𝓒𝔬𝔩𝔬𝔯 || #DFD989

"Oi, what the hell?! What, are you blind or something?" Asuka yelled, rushing up just in time to catch the confused Fumika as she was launched back to her feet by a long band of elastic that had suddenly appeared, pulling itself taut between a nearby light pole and one of the support pillars of the school's outer wall. As the younger Motome rose, her eyes seemed to flash with light, the end of her formerly orderly braid puffing wildly outward. She scowled at the tall girl who'd just come crashing headlong into them, but took a moment to return the elastic band she'd pulled from her hair on instinct to its proper place. It was fortunate that she'd been quick enough to Trace something to catch them... Not that they'd ever thank her for it.

"Seriously, crashing into my sister like that... You're lucky I was here, or you might have seriously hurt her! Next time, watch where you're going, idiot!" Shooting this final angry remark at the unidentified sprinter, she glanced back to her rather dazed sister.

"Sis, are you alright? You're not injured or anything?" Fumika nodded slightly, but stood up without saying a word, dusting herself off. Asuka bit her lip. Really? No, this was to be expected of her stubborn, proud sister. Of course she wouldn't bother addressing someone she hated, no matter what. She couldn't even bring herself to say than-

"Thank you," Fumika said quietly, giving a slight bow to Asuka before trotting over to where Harukaze was still trying to stand up despite her artificial leg's creaking protest. She reached out a hand, and the much shorter raven-haired girl took it after only a moment of stubborn hesitation. "Are you okay, Haruka?" Fumika asked, her voice filled with concern. Harukaze shot back a grin which Asuka's dense sister didn't seem to realize looked awfully forced, and simply nodded. "I'm fine. She only grazed me, is all. You know, it'd take a lot more than a little tumble to hurt me."

"Ooh, right," Fumika said, nodding enthusiastically. "You're so cool, Haruka!"

Asuka's eyebrow shot straight up at this statement. What the hell was this? Fumika had always, always acted as if she was better than everyone else. She never spoke to anyone, and just watched them, looked down on them. So then... why the hell was she acting like a little kid trying to get an autograph from her favorite celebrity? Just what was with these two weirdos and their bizarre friendship? And more importantly...

"Not to interrupt or anything," Asuka interjected snidely. "But... uh... Why exactly were we running in the first place?"

Fumika and Haruka exchanged an infuriatingly knowing glance, and then Fumika simply shook her head very sternly in response.

"Secret," she said.

Ah, yes, that was much more like it. That was the infuriating older sister she was familiar with.

Mira Grace

Dɪᴀʟᴏɢᴜᴇ Cᴏʟᴏʀ ✦ #8AB8E6 || Tʜᴏᴜɢʜᴛ Cᴏʟᴏʀ ✧ #EBB40E

So strong and beautiful... can she even be called human?

Mira's eyes snapped open, and she shot upright in her bed with a start, the images that had coursed suddenly through her mind playing and replaying in the back of her head as she tried to make sense of the stream of memories she'd just witnessed. A terrifying battle, a victory snatched from the jaws of defeat, the image of Saber's lithe form dancing across the battlefield, and the celebration that followed all blurred together amidst the haze of sleep.

She rubbed her eyes, and as her vision refocused, it fell upon the ticking clock on the shelf opposite her bed. It was noon already? She'd slept in a lot later than usual... Then again, after exerting so much effort in summoning Saber, it was only natural.

Right. Saber. The last thing she remembered was dragging her Servant into a spare room with the help of a few of her puppets, then setting about healing her injuries as best she could. She'd been so exhausted afterward that she hadn't even bothered changing out of her day clothes before passing out.

She shambled to her feet, rubbing her eyes again and peering out the window. The courtyard was still black as night, the light of the sun not allowed to penetrate the absolute line of separation that distinguished her own territory from the lands outside. A few mana-based lights floated over the garden, painting the outside of her manor in an eerie, ghostly blue radiance. The trees and even the individual leaves of grass were utterly still, without so much as the slightest gust of wind to disturb them. It was as if the whole mansion was frozen in time - a still image, where nothing changed and everything continued onward into eternity.

And yet, there was a new feature in this still picture - an equally motionless, statuesque figure that stood watchfully by the front door.


Mira turned and rushed out of her room, quickly scampering down the stairs and rushing into the main hall where solemn portraits hung illuminated by ghostly lights, seen by no one. Swinging open the door, she took a deep breath to calm her racing nerves, and then stepped outside with as much composure as she could muster.

"S...Saber?" She piped up sheepishly from behind her Servant. "You're up and about already... That's good, but... Are you alright?" It was no use feigning confidence in her own treatment. Honestly, she wasn't sure how much she'd managed to actually fix, beyond simply containing the damage from spreading any further. "I'm sorry I couldn't do better, it's just... healing magecraft isn't exactly... er... my strong suit."
This might seem a little odd, but usually, I associate each character I create with a certain spoken voice - usually an actor/voice actor from a game, movie, anime - whatever's the last thing I watched that left enough of an impression on me that it's the first thing I think of when creating a character, and thus "cast" the voice/actor I'm thinking of as the character. At that point, I have not only a defined mental image for the character - how they look and how they move - but also a defined voice in my head that I can imagine delivering their lines. Oftentimes, just to make sure it sticks, I'll do my best impression of that particular voice and act out their lines to get a particular feel for how they sound and the way they'd respond to given comments. At a certain point, I just stop thinking about it, and let the scene play out with the "voice" speaking each line as it occurs to me, such that it's more like watching a pre-scripted episode of a TV show or a video game cutscene than coming up with something in pieces.


Dɪᴀʟᴏɢᴜᴇ Cᴏʟᴏʀ ✦ #0EB94D || Tʜᴏᴜɢʜᴛ Cᴏʟᴏʀ ✧ #FFFA90

The radiant spear blurred forward, crossing space in an instant with overwhelming force. In that instant, Lancer's enhanced eyes could see clearly the outcome of the battle. A momentary look of shock, then dismay, and then finally, acceptance appeared upon the face of her adversary. He, who had been so sure of his victory, now had no choice but to accept his defeat. This Servant whose name she knew not... He had been a formidable opponent. If he'd gone all out, she had no doubt that she'd have been defeated utterly. However, his overconfidence had been his downfall, and now, perhaps her strongest enemy would fall before her, leaving her path clear to claim the Holy Grail!

Yet at the exact moment her triumph should have been sealed, something changed. A momentary flicker of something, and then...

Gone. Archer was gone. In an instant, she knew what had happened. His Master, watching from somewhere distant, must have used a command spell so that he could escape his certain death...! She'd spared no effort and held nothing back, had delivered a blow with as much power as she could give it. He should have died, she should have won, and yet...!

"DAMN IT!" She roared in rage as her spear returned to her hand, its power fading just as quickly as it had appeared. All of that effort, and for what?! She'd revealed her identity, had shown close to the full extent of her power, and her enemy had simply escaped?! Worse yet, he now knew not to underestimate her. The same trick wouldn't work again. She'd missed her one chance to defeat this enemy, and now...

She wanted to scream, wanted to roar her rage to the night, wanted to unleash her power on something, anything, and tear it utterly apart to relieve her mind of this humiliation and failure! In an instant, the scales of fate had tipped away from her victory right before her very eyes, and there had been nothing she could do to stop it from happening. The odds had been snatched from her, and now... and now...

She took a deep breath. No, she hadn't lost yet. She was getting ahead of herself. Just because the odds didn't look favorable didn't mean she'd suffer a repeat of her life's greatest disappointments. She could still grant her wish. She could still save him...!

Her Master was watching. It was uncouth to be such a sore loser. It was regrettable that she hadn't killed her target, but nevertheless, she had demonstrated her full might for her Master's sake, and had won a glorious victory over a powerful adversary. Even if she hadn't ended his life for good... even if she hadn't returned bearing a prize for her master, that could not be helped. Perhaps he'd forgive her recklessness.

So, her spear vanishing from sight, she gave one last glance towards where her enemy had disappeared, and then hastily leaped away, soaring across the sky and back to her Master's side...

That night, Edward's mind would be filled with disjointed images. Eyes that were not his own, and a body that wasn't his watched as a life he shouldn't have known unfolded.

Nine figures danced in the sky over a cloudy hill. A sword glistened within the darkness. And then... he met her.

The radiant woman reached out her hand toward him, a gentle smile upon her face. She spoke his name, and in that instant, he was whole.

The cries of men and ringing echoes of steel slowly drowned out the wind upon the hill. Sword clashed against sword amidst royal halls, fires burning brightly as the world seemed to come tumbling down. Warhorns resounded across countless battlefields, and toasts were drunk and oaths were sworn to glorious victory. Triumph, the royal crown, and a solemn procession. A ceremony of some kind, but before its nature could become clear, the images continued. Scene after scene appeared and receded just as quickly, but through all these moments, one thing held constant: she was always there, by his side. A life not his own, yet as familiar to him as his own fondest recollections would flash before his mind, until in one instant, it was cut short by a lone enemy. And as he lay dying, the last thing he saw was...

The radiant woman clung tightly to his hand, tears streaming down her face. She cried out his name, but only silence answered her.

As he woke, her screams of despair would still be ringing in his ears.

Lancer sighed, staring once more over the edge of the balcony as the cool breeze washed over her, rustling the hem of the thin white silken bathrobe in which she'd draped herself. Her hair was still damp from her earlier shower, but she was too preoccupied right now to worry about drying it. Her arm had mostly healed, in that she was able to move it... but it still felt stiff and sore, reminding her of her close scrape with death the night before. The war had only just begun, and already, she'd been pushed this far... Inwardly, she cursed her misfortune. It was only to be expected that something like this would happen, but still... Biting down angrily on her thumb, she turned and shambled back into the apartment. Fretting about it wouldn't change anything. Maybe she'd go seduce her Master a bit to take her mind off her anxiety...

Speaking of which, her dear Edward had been sleeping an awfully long time, hadn't he? Probably, his body was still trying to cope with the exertion of the last night's battle. A Noble Phantasm wasn't easy to power even with time to prepare, but she'd gone and used hers without even consulting him. She'd understand perfectly well if he was angry with her for that. Nevertheless...

"Master?" She cooed quietly, creaking open the door and peering into Edward's room of the penthouse. Really, he couldn't be angry waking up to see a beautiful girl fresh out of the shower, clad in a loose robe and awaiting his every order, right?

...She sighed at the thought. A normal, happy life like that, loving and beloved in equal measure... It was nice to pretend, in any case, but she wouldn't stop until her fantasy became a reality.

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Unsurprisingly, the teacher hadn't been impressed. As he'd gone through their answers, he'd repeatedly lambasted the students for only focusing on their own Quirks, or a single aspect thereof. And yet, when he'd gotten to her essay, he'd almost seemed... proud of her?

She didn't really understand it. Like with the others, he'd told her that she needed to find more ways to use her Quirk. However, he also hadn't expected her to employ it in the way she'd suggested, but what was more, he was actually glad she'd just relied on everyone else's abilities? It didn't really make sense to her. She was supposed to be here to find new ways to use her own Quirk to solve things herself, but she'd only depended on others, as usual... So then why wasn't he mad at her?

The rest of the class passed by rather quickly. Apparently, she'd need to record herself using her Quirk in daily life, which didn't seem like it'd be difficult, since even if she couldn't record herself doing things with her Quirk, she could always just project memories of what she'd done, so if she just recorded her surroundings, then... Except if she was supposed to present it in the classroom, there wouldn't be much space to project real, solid copies of things. In that case, she'd have to use a video camera. But she'd never had a need to use such a thing before, so she neither had one nor knew how they worked. For a moment, she entertained the thought of asking Yoshida to help her, but then quickly recalled his earlier admonition, and her earlier gloom came back in force. The moment the bell rang, she began packing her things, and departed without a word.

Leaving the class and heading downstairs, she found her way out of the main school building. Already, she was starting to get used to its floorplan, so navigating its many halls and floors would likely grow easier soon. As she emerged from the east wing, she found herself over in the small courtyard she'd seen upon her arrival that morning, the leaves of the large tree she'd climbed fluttering in the breeze. She didn't really have anything else to do that day, so she probably should have just returned to her room... But then she remembered that whoever her roommate was would probably be moving in, so if she went back, she'd only just get in someone's way. Even if they were already done, it would probably be incredibly awkward. It was best if she just didn't bother them for right now.

So, not really knowing what else to do, she was just about to sit down and just watch the rest of the day pass by when, out of the corner of her eye, she saw a sight she couldn't bring herself to believe. And yet, even as she blinked, rubbed her eyes, and adjusted her glasses, the familiar specter didn't disappear. Then... that meant...!

In an instant, she had leaped to her feet and was rushing for the front gate, which had already begun to slowly close as two figures made their way slowly up the front walk. She crossed the courtyard at a dead sprint, spreading her arms wide and then-



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Their only warning had been a sudden series of loud, quick footsteps. Having just walked through the gate, Asuka had just been consulting with her map of campus to try to figure out where the dorm building was, while Harukaze had been doing... something. She'd been hobbling along rather strangely close beside Asuka, as if purposefully placing herself in the taller girl's shadow, and had pulled up the hood of her rather tacky mantle, letting its brim droop well over her face. What the hell, did she think they were breaking in or something? Who or what was she hiding from? The only person around who Asuka could see was some blonde kid standing outside, who they quickly passed once security allowed them in. Regardless, it wasn't like she had much time to think about her unwanted companion's strange behavior, because suddenly, from the opposite direction, a golden comet with a tail of blonde hair slammed into her rather gloomy counterpart and pulled her into such a tight tackle hug that the younger Motome was certain that Harukaze would snap in two. For her part, the raven-haired girl gave a slight squeak of surprise, then awkwardly tried to return the unexpected hug.

"F-Fumi?!" She exclaimed, her artificial leg creaking as she tried to retain her balance, then gave up and settled for simply leaning against the much taller girl who'd just ambushed her.

"Haruka! What are you doing here at Komei? I'm glad, though...! I'm sorry I didn't get the chance to call, I was really busy today. We had a big fight and I found someone who's really fast and strong like you and I almost beat him and then we-"

Asuka blinked, rubbing her eyes in disbelief. There was only one person she knew with such long, braided hair... especially considering that a particular rather distinctive lock of it was sticking bolt upright and twitching wildly back and forth. But... In all her life, she'd never known her sister to be anything other that disturbingly placid, calm, and gloomy. Had the world gone insane? Why was her sister, who had gone through life so quietly you'd swear she'd been dosed up on bull elephant grade tranquilizers, dive-tackling people out of nowhere, gushing about... whatever the hell she was rambling about? She'd known that Fumika admired Harukaze, and had spent a lot of time with her, but wasn't this a bit much? In the first place, when had Fumika ever shown the capacity for this much emotion? It was like... like they were actually friends, and not just that Harukaze was willing to put up with her antics, unlike Asuka herself...

The younger Motome frowned, tossing her braid back over her shoulder and giving a quiet huff. She folded the map brochure back up and slipped it back into her bag, grumbling to herself all the while.

"I come all this way to make sure she's settled in alright, and she doesn't even notice I exist. What am I, chopped liver?"

Two blue eyes peered quite suddenly down at her from between curtains of blonde hair as her sister's head popped up, perching on Harukaze's shoulder while still not releasing her from her clingy embrace.

"I don't know. Are you?" Just like that, her voice was back to the way Asuka remembered it, with that quiet, airy quality that made it sound like she was talking in her sleep. Even though her eyes were looking straight at her, it was like she couldn't even see her there. And in the first place, what sort of response was that?! There was no way she wasn't being mocked, no way her insufferable elder sibling wasn't just sarcastically telling her to get lost. That idiotic look on her face, the way she feigned obliviousness all the time... There was no way she was that stupid. No, this had to be a deliberate insult on her part, a way of getting her back for what she'd said all those years ago. Her real meaning had to be something like "You want me to stop bothering you? Fine, I'll just ignore you completely! La la la, I can't hear you!" It was so disgustingly childish it made Asuka want to smack her.

Asuka bit her lip, once again holding back the familiar anger. She took a deep breath, and, in her defense, at least managed to limit herself to just a retort. Really, if she wasn't so patient with her annoying sibling, then really, she could have done much worse, so Fumika should have been grateful.

"Nice to see you too, idiot," She shot back, her tone oozing sarcasm.

Her elder sister blinked, frowned, and then slowly shrank back behind the tiny girl she was still clinging to, as if she was trying to hide behind her, as if she was being bullied... Just what the hell was that supposed to mean? "Oh, how could you be so mean?" You conniving, insufferable little...! Just as quickly as she'd tried to drive it back, she found the old anger boiling over yet again. Don't act like you weren't telling me to piss off just now. Don't play innocent and try to guilt trip me, I know you don't want to see me! The younger Motome glared daggers at her sibling, but for Fumika's part she simply looked away. So she was back to pretending Asuka didn't even exist. Fine. If that was the way she wanted it, then that was what she'd get.

"Well, enjoy your little reunion," She muttered, turning and taking out her phone. There really was no point... She'd tried explaining this to her parents, and yet they'd asked her to come anyway. It didn't matter where she was, though, whether in Hosu or back home...

Because Motome Fumika clearly hated her sister.



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Haruka winced, her eyes darting back and forth as she tried to steal a glance at the rest of the school. She wanted to shake free of Fumika's grasp, wanted to hide before anybody could notice her, but she couldn't do that without upsetting her friend. Damn it, damn it, damn it! How had she managed to get herself roped into coming to the one place she absolutely couldn't afford to be seen? And why... why did he have to be standing just outside at a time like this?! If Fumika kept saying her name, he'd hear her for sure. What if he got curious and came back? What if he saw her?! What if anyone saw her?! If word got out that there was a strange dark-haired girl on campus, Jett was exactly the sort of person who'd immediately realize who it was based on nothing but gut instinct. And if he figured out that she'd been there and hadn't told him, he'd be furious. He'd demand answers, and regardless of whether or not she gave them to him, their "friendship" would be over. If he found out what had become of her... Wouldn't he be angry at her for failing? If he knew how helpless and weak she was now, he'd be disgusted! Or... even worse, he'd just pity her! Either way, she'd never be able to stand on his level, never be able to look him in the eye again. And if she didn't tell him anything, then he'd just get angry. He'd hate her for sure. And then, she'd...

"Fumi, I'm happy to see you, but stop being so loud, please!" She hissed, trying not to make too much sound. If Jett so much as heard her voice, then he'd know it was her.

"I'm sorry," Fumika apologized, the hurt look on her face turning to one of confused guilt that made Haruka want to slam her head against a wall. Of course she couldn't understand what was going on, and her stuck up little sister's attitude hadn't exactly helped things either. This was Fumika, after all.

"It's not your fault," She said quietly. Damn it, even if this did work, it was sure to backfire on her later when Fumika's curiosity got the better of her... but for now, honesty was her only chance. She needed to get moving, and quickly, before Jett could come back. "Don't apologize. It's just... there's someone at this school who absolutely can't know that I'm here, no matter what. He's very close by, and we need to run, right now."

Fumika blinked, seeming surprised, but, as usual, she didn't question it. Haruka breathed a sigh of relief. Even though she had no idea what was going on, Fumika would still do what she was asked without question. That much, if nothing else, she could count on. "But you can't run, though," She said innocently. Haruka winced again, but for different reasons. One of these days... She'd definitely have to teach Fumi the meaning of tact one of these days. She wasn't sure how she'd do it, or if it was even possible, but it needed to happen.

"No. No I can't. So you need to carry me, alright?" God... Why did she, of all people, have to ask for such a thing? It was so pathetic... so utterly pathetic that she, who was faster and stronger than anyone, now had to rely on someone else just to keep her pride...! But there was no choice. Any moment now, Jett could see her!

"Okay." Fumika nodded, let go of her, then, in an instant, picked her up and scooped her off the ground as if she was weightless. For perhaps the first time, Haruka gave thanks that she was so diminutive. That'd make it easier for Fumika to get her away.

Turning, Fumika glanced at Asuka and then frowned. She seemed to want to think long and hard about something, but she didn't have the time, so, instead, she simply spoke.

"Sister. We're going to the dorms now."

Asuka looked up, then did a double take, seeing Fumika staring blankly into the distance and holding Haruka in her arms. Without waiting for a response, Fumika took off, leaving her little sister to sprint after them, trying to catch up.

"Oi, wait! What the hell, you two? Why are we running all of a sudden?! What's even going on?!"

From under the brim of her hood, Haruka glanced back over Fumika's shoulder at the gate, ignoring the cries of protest that came from the younger Motome.

Please. Please don't let him have heard. Please don't let him come back. Please... Please don't let him see!

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