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Don't you just hate it when your chronology becomes alinear?
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How is it that despite being in seven separate roleplays, all of them consistently stall at the same time? I JUST WANT TO WRITE THINGS PLEASE LET ME POST WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH
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I do indeed sometimes get that feeling that everything has slowed down. ...It gives me CONNIPTIONS.


Oh, hi. Thanks for checking in.

I'm an exceedingly enthusiastic roleplayer who's been writing for about ten years now and yet still hasn't managed to produce any kind of solo piece of writing worth reading. I like to consider myself a good writer, but that's kind of a matter of opinion, as many would argue that my tendency to ramble on at entirely excessive length about things is boring rather than interesting. I'm also incredibly OCD about formatting, so if you're wondering why my bios look so fancy, that's why. It's just something I do because... reasons, I guess.

Anyway, as you've probably noticed from my avatars and RP choices, I'm more than a bit of a fan of anime and manga, but also enjoy movies, video games, the occasional comic book... the list goes on. For you see, I am not a mere dork - I am the one spoken of in legends, the one whose dorkiness transcends all forms and boundaries. I am... the Legendary... OMNI-DORK!

...Anyway, thanks for dropping in to check on my profile! Hope to RP with you sometime!


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Lancer skidded to a stop, the soles of her metallic faulds carving a swathe across the concrete of the rooftop as her spear struck... nothing. Her eyes shot upward in an instant to find Archer rapidly ascending. And yet, he hadn't leaped away from her strike, but rather, it was as if he was... floating? No, more than just that... the currents of the air had changed somehow, as if bending to and guiding his movements. It was a skill much like that which she bore authority over, and yet, it was also its polar opposite. While her own ability created wind from prana, forcing the air to bend to her will, this was more like surrendering his own body to the winds, which aided him in turn. His speed still wasn't on the same level as her own, but his maneuverability outstripped hers by a great degree. Perhaps this battle wouldn't be so easy as she'd hoped...

But there was no time to think. As Archer gave his boast, circling the rooftop, her eyes traced the arrows which were aimed at her and then fired. She raised her shield to intercept them, except-!

...They weren't even aimed properly. Once again, both of his shots missed her, by the same precise degree as his first arrow had deviated from her body. The similarity was too great to be a coincidence, and Archer was still as confident as ever, so then...

...His real attack still hadn't begun! The wind was still howling! Lancer spun, pivoting on the ball of her foot without so much as a second to spare. As she'd thought, his body wasn't the only thing he'd entrusted to the air... Both of his shots had instantly reversed course the moment they'd passed her, fully accelerating to their original speed and aiming to strike her from behind! This was no longer simple archery, but rather, it was as if she was fighting the very weather itself!

However, even in the face of such an attack, she couldn't afford to let up on her assault. If his shots would track her regardless of her location or what defenses she placed between her body and his arrows, then she'd have to personally destroy each projectile he fired rather than simply dodging or blocking with her shield. If she didn't, then even one with her protection would doubtless be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of arrows launched against her. But, at the same time, if she didn't press the attack, he'd once more open a gap between them which she'd be forced to close. That meant that she had to attack him while also defending herself...

As she turned, her shield flickered out of view just as swiftly as it had appeared. Yet, at the same time, using her own rotation as leverage, she raised her spear... and threw it with as much force as she could muster directly towards Archer. Now empty-handed, she faced down the two incoming arrows, the hand that had formerly held her shield upraised as her fingers swiftly inscribed three quick strokes into the air in front of her.

The arrows were only a fraction of a centimeter away from her when the Ansuz rune activated. In an instant, a roaring surge of searing flames erupted forth in front of her, reducing each to a cinder just before they could strike true. Lancer exhaled, catching her breath as the fire vanished just as swiftly as it had appeared. She reached upward, and her spear, regardless of whether it struck Archer or missed him, seemed to reduce itself momentarily to energy and blurred back into her grasp, like the return stroke of a thunderbolt rising upward towards the heavens. Taking hold of it, she leaped high into the air, taking a moment to try to break line of sight within the clouds as she raised a finger to her face, inscribing another rune upon her own forehead. The prana burned into the air, taking physical form to impose a will upon her intent. In an instant, her sight grew clearer, her eyes now tracking more keenly the motions of the fleeting Archer. And, now that she could track his course through the air... she could push the attack!

"Indeed, perhaps you're not half the fool I thought," Lancer's echoing voice laughed over the roaring wind, coming from somewhere amidst the clouds above. "I'd thought you a cowardly Assassin, but it seems you're truly worthy of the class you bear, Archer!"

Suddenly, the wind stopped, then changed directions.

"But even so, the reach of your arrows matters not if they yet cannot overtake their target, Servant of the Bow!" Rebounding with a blast of wind, she shot back downward, bursting through the clouds with such speed that by the time Archer saw her, she would already be bringing down the axe-blade of her polearm straight towards him! "I'll have your head as a trophy for my Master!"
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All things considered, yesterday had been almost shockingly ordinary - so ordinary that Victoria hadn't even been able to find anything worth truly hating in it, which in and of itself was almost upsetting. She'd awoken as she was accustomed to, gone through her morning routine in the same amount of time it always took her, walked to school without anything notable interrupting her trip, and then had attended all of her regular classes, none of which had contained anything of any especial note. There were no major upcoming assignments, no surprise quizzes, no long-term projects, and no classes canceled or schedules otherwise altered. There hadn't even been any run-ins with her more brazen antagonists to give her anything to be particularly upset about or preoccupied with. While normally she'd have appreciated such peace, combined with the complete lack of anything else of note, it had almost felt like the entire day had simply slipped by without her noticing.

Of course, she hardly intended to complain. Peace was a luxury she was rarely offered, and boredom was certainly preferable to misery. But by this point she was so used to the latter that the former almost unnerved her more. Of course, she would hardly have called herself a believer in the karmic notion that bad would follow good and good would follow bad so that all fortunes equalized in the end. While it was reflective of a general statistical tendency of the sort that disproved such superstitious notions as "luck," such things were hardly scientific facts. And yet, when she'd gone to sleep that night, she hadn't quite been able to shake the notion that her peace today had been bought at the price of pain tomorrow, and that something terrible would await her in the future.

So, when she awoke in an empty park, several songs from her favorite album suddenly stuck in her head and inexplicably associated with words she didn't understand, Victoria almost managed to tell herself that she'd been absolutely right in her doubts, and felt quite vindicated before it fully set in that this wasn't just some sort of particularly bizarre dream conjured up by her own paranoia. Where exactly was she? She sat up and began glancing suspiciously back and forth, her unease only growing when she realized she was surrounded by other sleepers only just beginning to wake. Had she been abducted in her sleep? It seemed like the only rational explanation for the bizarre situation in which she now found herself, since if she'd simply sleepwalked, there wouldn't be other people in the same situation as herself, now would there have been? She was used to garden variety misfortune, but... really? An abduction?

...No, really? The more she thought about it, the more it didn't make sense. If she'd been abducted, then surely she wouldn't have come to her senses in the city park, with nothing to restrain her and nobody to keep watch over her. Besides, why would someone like her be abducted in such a peaceful city as this, anyway? None of it made sense. And why...

...Why exactly was the sky a shade as red as blood? And why was there a witch standing over her? And why... Why did this all feel so natural all of a sudden that she could hardly find it in herself to question it?

The hands that push away the world.

Irrational means used to defy the irrationality of the world.

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

A way to make it stop, a tool for the prevention of pain.

In simpler terms, these sorts of happenings, the sorts of thoughts she was now thinking, the thing she desired above all else... These could all be called "magical," yes? She had neither the faintest clue or notion of what was happening, but as thoughts that shouldn't have been her own aligned themselves, she began to understand what she was now capable of, and what she had to do.

Rising to her feet, she dusted herself off, and inspected her attire. A hoodie and a long shirt worn as pajamas, thankfully sufficiently oversized to maintain her modesty. That, or her own body was sufficiently undersized... She never thought she'd give thanks for her own tiny stature, but for now, it seemed like an advantage, at least. In any case, she had bigger things to worry about, like what this "Naraka" was, and what exactly this witch-like woman meant by "not in danger at the moment." Hardly a comforting choice of words, that, and yet for some reason, Victoria felt... Was that hope? It was almost as if... Almost as if she was on the cusp of getting everything she ever wanted, if she played her cards right. It still seemed far too strange to believe, and yet...

"'If it be thus to dream, then still, let me sleep,'" She murmured to herself, an ever-so-faint smirk forming on her lips as she inspected those around her. She had a gut feeling that the reactions of the others caught in this place with her could tell her a great deal about where she was... and about what the "danger" the woman had spoken of might have been.


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It was a credit to Archer's skill with a bow that his projectile flew with such speed that even Lancer, who was searching intently for it, only noticed it out of the corner of her eye just as it reached her. Even so, although his arrow was fast, the Heroic Spirit of the Lance, vaunted for her speed, was faster. The air split with a sound like a thunderclap in miniature as the jagged, axe-like edge of her polearm swept upward, its luminescent blade seeming to ripple and undulate like lightning as it split the projectile cleanly in two.

Protection From Arrows: B

A look of bemusement, followed by a snarl of anger, and then finally a smug grin flashed across the blonde Servant's face, and her keen eyes immediately retraced the path taken by the arrow. "Really, now, you had your chance to try to kill me and chose to show off instead?" She was being underestimated... She'd have to make her enemy regret that. In that direction, there were only so many large enough buildings that the shot could have been fired from... Her enemy was no doubt already on the move, but she didn't intend to let him get away without paying for his hubris.

Without any warning to either the nearby Witch or her wounded Servant, Lancer braced herself in an instant, then leaped into the air, spinning her spear back around and leveling it ahead of her with her right hand as a rune-engraved golden shield took form in her left. The ground shook and the air howled, and faster than the eye could see, the golden armored Lancer almost seemed to vanish, blurring like a thunderbolt as she streaked with insane speed towards her target.

Agility: A+

She reached the first large rooftop in the direction of the first attack in a matter of seconds, but her enemy was nowhere to be found. She rebounded off the side of this building, wasting no time and launching herself straight for the second. Another dead end. Now there were only two more, but she needn't have checked both. She was getting close now, close enough to make out a shape atop the farther of the two, almost two miles from her original position. She braced herself once again, this time not on any surface, but upon the air itself. With a tremendous release of energy, she shot forward, accelerating as quickly as possible towards her target, lance leveled to deliver a single, earthshaking thrust while her shield was prepared to hopefully intercept any return fire aimed directly at her. It was far from an elegant attack, but if she'd gauged this Servant correctly, then complexity was hardly needed. Her opponent specialized in eliminating enemies from a distance through surprise attacks. That meant she was mostly likely dealing either with Archer or Assassin, enemies whose main threat came not from their direct combat ability, but rather from their ability to eliminate unsuspecting targets and destroy superior foes without giving them the chance to fight. This time, she wouldn't allow all her efforts to be undone by such underhanded tricks and knavery. She'd eliminate this unsightly adversary before he got another chance!


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She'd been worried for nothing, it seemed. The moment she spoke up, Yoshida turned and welcomed her with a grin. He really had a nice smile. She wasn't very good with people, but nevertheless, even she could appreciate such a simple expression. In fact, it wasn't an exaggeration to say that she appreciated such little things more than almost anything else. People were so hard to understand, no matter how she analyzed them, recorded them, or tried to figure out what they were thinking or how they worked. But there were a few little things that she could almost always grasp with 100% accuracy. A welcoming, friendly smile like the one she'd just been shown was one of those things. Fumika felt her unease evaporate in an instant, and so settled into the seat opposite her new friend, placing her tray in front of her. The selection she'd chosen was... well...

A veritable mountain of yellow-sauced shrimp curry sat upon a plate on the left side of the tray, but the plate itself could hardly be seen beneath all the food atop it. On the other side, three cinnamon rolls, a cookie, and a doughnut were all piled precisely into a perfect pastry pyramid. Fumika's bright blue eyes slid slowly from one side of the plate to the other, before eventually settling on the left. Whether it was in emulation of the boy sitting across from her or simply her own appetite, she immediately dug in with a similarly extreme level of gusto, the curry seeming almost to vanish off of her plate. It might have seemed strange, but then again, she'd created over 20 times her own body's mass in clones alone, without even taking into consideration the mass of the even larger objects she'd projected. She needed to replenish her store of energy to make up for what she'd lost.

However, when he addressed her again, she immediately froze, looked up, and puffed out her cheeks like a squirrel storing food for the winter. "Curry ish good," She confirmed, nodding once before swallowing. "If it's curry and it smells good, it's good curry." She stated matter-of-factly. Thus satisfied with her answer, she went right back to eating, but this time kept staring blankly in Yoshida's general direction. She was probably just expecting him to ask something else, and wanted to seem like she was paying attention... But seeing her shoveling curry into her mouth with that utterly serious, focused expression on her face made for quite the bizarre spectacle, especially since she had rice still sticking to the edges of her cheeks and didn't even seem to notice. Well, actually, she did notice - but if she went to wipe it, that would mean looking away from him, and you weren't supposed to do that when someone else was talking. Paying close attention was a very important part of being a good listener. That was important. Haruka had told her so once.



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Classes after that had been fairly uneventful. She'd returned to her seat and begun memorizing the booklet she'd been given page by page during the five minutes or so she'd had before class resumed. Even if she didn't take the time to read every word on the page, it didn't really matter. So long as she had a picture of the page stored in her memory, she could read every word inside her head at her leisure, and memorize its contents that way, which was much faster than trying to keep up with turning page in class. After that, general classes had begun, and there hadn't been much else of note that had happened. Although, the teacher had started clapping and making more of himself at one point, and everyone had given her strange looks when she tried to do the same, so she'd stopped. Well... it wasn't like she could project much anyway. She was still utterly burned out from her fight, and her power was lingering at around 7%.

Almost before she knew it, classes had ended and a strange bell had sounded. She wasn't really sure what that meant... This was around the time that she usually ate lunch at her old school, but the teacher had just told them it was lunchtime. Here, though, there was some strange bell... Did the bell mean there was lunch? Or was it another exercise? What was the bell for?

Fumika glanced around, only to see everyone else was already shuffling out of the room. But... Jett was going one way, Yoshida was going another, and Reina wasn't going anywhere? Then... which one was she supposed to follow? She always went everywhere with her friends, but that had never been a problem before because her only friend was Haruka. But now she had three... So what was she supposed to do? She stood, looking back and forth, her hair bobbing to and fro as if fretting on its own. But before she could decide, Jett was already gone... and Yoshida's blue-haired head was rapidly disappearing into the dispersing crowd... And Reina still wasn't going anywhere... Ah, why did this have to be so confusing?!

But out of the three of them, Yoshida was the one she'd first spoken to. He was the one who'd first called himself her friend. In that case... She couldn't afford to waste any more time, so she chose on the spur of the moment and hastily followed him out, slipping admist the crowd as best she could. But there were so many people, it was hard to catch up to him...

Sure enough, tailing him led her to the lunch hall, but at that point, she got a bit distracted. There were so many people... and there was so much food! Her body's particle creation ability was very energy efficient, but even so... After projecting so many large objects, she needed to replenish her supply. Otherwise, no matter how much electricity her brain produced, she still wouldn't have any material to work with. ...And, even leaving that aside, there were so many things being served here that she'd never even seen or tasted before. Even by the time she got to the front of the line, it was difficult to decide on anything. What if she picked wrong, or accidentally got something she didn't like? As always, choosing something was so unnecessarily complicated... Even if the sheer number of options was exciting, and she was curious to see what everything was, it only made things confusing in the end. So, since she couldn't be sure of anything else, she ended up settling on a rather large plate of shrimp curry, piled high with rice and vegetables. Curry was always good. This was an irrefutable fact that she had observed through extensive research. If it was curry and it smelled good, it was impossible for it to not be delicious!

...Wait, what had she been doing again? She'd picked up several cinnamon rolls and a cookie at some point. Those were also good. But, no matter how hard she looked at it, she still couldn't see the resemblance... The resemblance. Yoshida had said she was a cookie. Yoshida was her friend. She had been following Yoshida. Where was he?

She wandered around for a while, before catching a glimpse of a familiar shade of blue outside. But it was on the ground in a chair, so it probably wasn't the sky. She turned back to look, and sure enough, there he was. She was already out the door and halfway to his table when she realized that he hadn't actually asked her to come along... Granted, Haruka had never actually asked her to follow her, either... But what if Yoshida didn't want her around right now? It would have been rude to bother him... But then where else was she supposed to go? She'd been expecting to eat lunch alone today, so it shouldn't have disappointed her so much to think that she might have to. But... she'd managed to actually make friends... so shouldn't this have been alright?

"Umm..." She hesitated sheepishly a few feet behind Kenichi, as if she were a vampire who couldn't cross some unseen threshold until she was invited in. She wanted to speak up... but the words seemed to crawl back down her throat no matter how hard she tried to force them out. She wasn't supposed to bother other people. She should have just watched and done what she was told. And yet...

"Is it... alright for me to eat here?" She asked quietly.



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Despite her best efforts, Reina had still seemed sad, so Fumika had lapsed into silence. What else could she even say, if not even Haruka's words could make her happy? Not even hugging her had seemed to cheer her up much... Reina still looked like she wanted to cry. Once again, the problem must have been on her end. If she was only better at communication, then maybe, she'd have known what she could do. Fumika's antenna drooped once again, and she watched without speaking another word. And yet, even though Reina had slipped partially away from her, she was still clinging gently but firmly to Reina's arm. Even though it didn't seem to help... This really was all she could do.

And yet, as Reina continued, Fumika was met with yet another surprise. Even though she was apologizing for something which Fumika didn't really understand, she said she wanted to be friends. This was the third time today someone had become her friend. It didn't make sense... Haruka wasn't telling her what to do, so she shouldn't have been doing so well. It wasn't possible for someone like her to choose the right answer on her own, so she shouldn't have been able to... She didn't know how to talk to people. She hadn't even known how to make Reina not sad anymore. She was just an observer, no matter how hard she tried to communicate.

So why was everyone treating her so kindly? Why did people want to talk to someone like her? It didn't make sense... but at the same time, it made her happy. She'd only ever had one friend before, so she was worried that she'd make a mistake, but right now, that didn't really factor into her answer, because the moment Reina said those words, Fumika immediately agreed.

"I want to make friends, too," She said quietly, giving a nod that was only slightly less enthusiastic compared to her normal sleepy demeanor than the speech she'd recited a moment prior. "Reina is a nice person, and is really cool, so I really want to make friends with her." Once again, it wasn't really clear whether she was talking to herself, to the others present, or to Reina, but regardless, she seemed excited about the whole prospect. "Let's be friends, then." Reaching down, her arms still wrapped around Reina's, she awkwardly tried to shake her hand without not hugging her. Unfortunately, she couldn't quite reach, because her forearms seemed to be stuck. She gave them a couple of experimental tugs, but couldn't get them free.

...Oh well. Reina was a very huggable person, so it was probably fine.
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Lancer sighed. She'd been hoping to avoid a direct confrontation so early on, when she still didn't know anything about her enemies, but if her Master insisted, then she'd have no choice but to do as she'd been ordered. She gazed down from the rooftop as the smoke that had clouded the battlefield began to disperse, leaving two figures standing battered but unbowed at the center of a large crater. One appeared to be some kind of Witch, and the other was a blood-soaked woman in strange attire that Lancer didn't recognize. Were they both Heroic Spirits? The Witch certainly more looked the part, but she didn't seem to have been the one fighting, which was quite peculiar.

On paper, this looked like a perfect opportunity to attack. At least one of her enemies was severely wounded, and the other seemed exhausted. With her speed and power, she could hypothetically dispose of both of them without much difficulty. But, the more she thought about it, the more she realized that moving recklessly would only be her own undoing. Up until a moment ago, there had been a battle going on inside that cloud, but now, the two people who'd emerged appeared to be allies. Aside from that, she'd seen something fired into the smoke, and neither of these two seemed as though their wounds had been inflicted by a projectile. That meant that there was at least one more Servant in the area, if not more, and that one of them was, more likely than not, allied with the two figures in the area. Even if they hadn't intended it, the two wounded combatants had become the bait in a quite enticing snare. But Lancer wouldn't allow herself to be blindsided by such obvious treachery. She wouldn't risk losing the one she served through another underhanded trick...!

Even without taking the other Servants into account, however, there was no reason to be hesitant when one was on the verge of death. If she pushed the attack, then she'd be immediately struck by the wounded Servant's Noble Phantasm. Without any idea how it functioned, or how the attack would be delivered, she'd have no choice but to trust to blind luck to survive. Even if fortune was on her side, which wasn't guaranteed, she likely wouldn't escape unscathed. At that point, her advantages would be negated, and she'd be faced with a straightforward battle. Even without the intervention of other Heroic Spirits, it wasn't certain that she would win.

In that case, she'd rather err on the side of caution. Even if it meant letting one enemy escape for today, it might give her valuable knowledge of her enemies' capabilities to simply investigate without committing fully to a fight. If she made her own presence known, but didn't approach any further than she had to, it was possible that the unseen supporter of this injured fighter might deign to show himself, and at that point, she more than trusted in her ability to counterattack.

"If this is the foe you wish me to face, then so be it. However, I have but one request, and a word of warning." She stared her Master gravely in the eye. Even if she phrased it as a suggestion, it was obvious that she meant her words as an order to be obeyed. "There are likely yet other Servants in the area, but I don't see their Masters anywhere. Until such time as they reveal themselves, let us stick to their example. Allow me to fight in your place, and demonstrate for you what I am capable of. After all, you yourself said you didn't want to fall prey to an assassin so quickly as this, did you not?"

Whether or not he heeded her words was up to him. Even if he did decide to join the fight, she was certain she could protect him... But things would be easier if she didn't have to worry about having to use that. So, giving an elegant bow, she hopped gingerly backward, shouldering her spear as she fell over the edge of the rooftop and began to plummet downward. Giving a slight twitch in midair, she bounced seemingly off of nothing and flipped head-over-heels, soaring gracefully into the night, and towards the battlefield...

Mira Grace

Dɪᴀʟᴏɢᴜᴇ Cᴏʟᴏʀ ✦ #8AB8E6 || Tʜᴏᴜɢʜᴛ Cᴏʟᴏʀ ✧ #EBB40E

As the smoke cleared, releasing its choking grip on her lungs, Mira coughed, taking air in heaving gasps. She rubbed her eyes, trying to get a view of her target. A view... what had been obstructing her view in the first place? No matter. Her breath was returning, and the enemy was nowhere to be seen. She'd seen some kind of flash through the eyes of her familiars, just before her curse could connect... And... was that ice? A barrier? Impossible! To think that her strongest curse had been turned aside so easily... Even if she'd cast it hastily, the amount of Prana it would take to stop her bloody needle in its tracks was immense... There hadn't been time to recite any lengthy incantation or make any preparations, which meant... it had been effortlessly stopped in its tracks by a single action?! To think that such prodigious magecraft could even exist within the modern world, that a modern mage could exceed her own power without even exerting herself... it was unthinkable! Impossible! There must have been some sort of mistake. Had this been the work of some sort of tool or artifact she hadn't counted on? But what if it wasn't? What if the enemy Master was simply that far above her own level? The outside truly was terrifying...

But there was no time to worry about that. The unseen Servant had fled without a trace, its attempted murder having failed. In that case, they couldn't afford to stay any longer, either. They had to get to neutral territory, quickly, before anyone else could attack them!

"S-Saber!" Mira called, rushing to her Servant's side as her vision cleared. She reached out her arms to support her without thinking, too scared of her enemies to be afraid of her own protector and guardian. "I wasn't hurt, no... B-but more importantly than that, are you alright?" Even though she'd tried fixing her Servant's injuries, there was a lingering influence that resisted her every effort. As a master of curses herself, its nature was obvious to her - but its form and scale were both utterly incomprehensible to her. Having burned so much Prana trying to attack the enemy Magus, it was difficult for her to make any progress beyond closing Saber's wounds on the surface. This would do little more than ease her pain a bit, however, since the inside of her body was still struggling to contain the curse... If they had to fight again, then-

Metal clacked against metal as two hands clapped together in applause from directly behind the Witch. Mira spun, her eyes taking a moment to refocus in the moonlight before the figure standing there, on the brink of the crater, became clearer to her.

The woman's golden hair fluttered in the breeze, glistening like gold beneath the light of the crescent moon hanging in the sky behind her. She was clad hear to foot in matching hues, her arms and armor as radiant as the dawn. Her skin was milky white, and her eyes as bright as emeralds. Just by standing there, it was as if the world around her seemed dimmer by comparison, drowned out as everything was by her own radiance. She was more like a doll, or a statue, or a work of art than she was like a Human being - an impossible, peerless beauty the likes of which Mira could only compare to the heroines of her storybooks. There was no doubt, then, this woman was... An enemy Servant! But how? Her flock had been circling the area the entire time! How hadn't she noticed her until she had already landed? Could it be that she'd simply been moving so fast that the eyes of the Witch's familiars couldn't even see her?! Then that meant... was she as fast as Rider?!

Lancer smirked to herself, finishing her round of applause and giving a respectful, elegant bow, flourishing her sleek, long-bladed spear as she did so. The tip planted itself in the dirt with an audible snap, and she leaned casually against it, crossing her legs one over the other. "A splendid show, a splendid show indeed! Saber, is it? Judging by your words just now, and your current, unenviable condition, allow me to venture a guess at the happenings of this spectacle." She placed a fingertip theatrically to her chin in an obvious gesture of contemplation, before pounding her fist within her open palm. "Ah, I know! You endured another Servant's Noble Phantasm to protect your Master, didn't you? Truly, such selfless loyalty does you credit, Servant of the Sword!" Once more she applauded, her grin growing wider.

Of course, even if they were enemies, and even though nothing save her own precaution was preventing Lancer from trying to take Saber's life right now, she nevertheless meant every word she said. That selfless dedication to preserving her Master's life... it was exactly the same devotion she herself lived for. Her respect for this other Servant was thus meant entirely in earnest. However, her words also had a hidden meaning. She knew that Saber was entirely spent, and had just sustained an injury that would cripple her fighting abilities. Her praise was thus, at the same time, an acknowledgement of the fact that as they were now, she held every advantage.

Now that she'd made it clear exactly where they stood, however, she wasn't planning on making the first move, or even obstructing the other Servant's path. Indeed, her position was tenuous now, and she knew it... Already, she was likely being targeted by the remaining Servant, and if she showed hostility towards Saber, then she'd have two enemies to face instead of one. However, although she appeared to be simply lazing about without a care in the world, in fact, she was keeping a close watch out for any further attacks that might be launched, either towards her or towards the Servant in the crater. Between her speed, her preparation, and her resilience to such attacks, there was no doubt in her mind. The moment this unseen ranged assailant took the bait, she'd be able to defend herself, then chase him down before he could escape and go into hiding again. And, if he didn't, then if nothing else, she might at least be able to learn some of Saber's abilities by feinting an attack and then withdrawing in order to bait out her Noble Phantasm...

Mira's heart sank. This Servant had been listening to their conversation, which meant she knew exactly what sort of condition Saber was in. If she tried to attack them, then it would be all over. She'd have no choice but to use a Command Seal to retreat to her manor. It was a valuable thing to waste, but if it was a choice between either that or certain death...

"You're Lancer, then," She murmured, hiding a grimace as she hung her head. The enemy really was all around her, just waiting for the chance to strike. If only she'd stayed home and sent a familiar in her place! This was all her fault... It was her fault Saber was injured, because she'd been careless enough to trust the words of an enemy Master who was only trying to deceive her...!

"What makes you say that? I could be any number of things! Maybe I'm just a Caster with the good sense to armor myself before a battle?" She raised a gauntleted hand, as if admiring the craftsmanship of her own attire, before giving a quiet giggle. "Ooh! I know! I might even be Berserker!" She hopped away from her planted spear, raising both hands above her head and curling her fingers like claws. "Rawr! Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawr!" She growled quite enthusiastically. Mira bit her lip. She was being mocked by this annoyingly smug woman...! Lancer didn't seem to notice the young Witch's mounting anger, as she craned her head over one shoulder, cupping a hand over her mouth and giving a very painfully audible stage whisper. "Master, I think I've managed to fool them!"

"Your tricks aren't fooling anyone!" Mira interjected, cutting her off with a yell that managed to be quite forceful despite the fact that her voice was on the verge of breaking. "For one thing, we already fought Berserker, and you're far too fast to be a Caster! There's only one kind of Servant that matches your description, and you know it, Lancer!"

"Spoilsport," Lancer sighed, reaching out and snatching up her spear with the air of a disappointed child gathering up her toys and going home. "Well, whatever. Well, then, Master of Saber, what will it be? Don't tell me you're going to have that beaten up Servant of yours fight me. You should have realized by now that you don't stand a-" She shouldered her weapon and took a step forward, her smirk broadening. That is, until something snapped beneath her leg. Was that... a string? No, a hair? Lancer's eyes went wide, and she immediately backpedaled on instinct as for a split second, a creeping numbness ran up the offending limb, as if it had turned suddenly to wood. She gazed down incredulously, as even though the curse was purged from her system a moment later, the fact that it had even had an effect on her at all was nigh unbelievable. And on top of that, not even she had even noticed it was there! Just how careless could she be?

Magic Resistance: A

Mira's hopes rose in an instant as the approaching Servant stepped right onto the patch of ground she'd cursed earlier in her fight, triggering one of the many taut hairs she'd stretched like wires around the area. In an instant, the curse backed by a full aria she'd recited in her head poured into the Servant's body... And then was immediately banished, a moment later. Of course, she'd been a fool to expect that something like that would protect her from a member of one of the three Knight classes, especially since she'd been diverting so much of her energy to Saber at the time she'd cast the spell. Even so, Lancer gave a nervous laugh that gave way to an admiring whistle. "Well, now that's just downright frightful. Don't tell me you knew I was coming?" She laughed it off, but didn't approach any further, her eyes darting back and forth across the clearing. So, there were traps, possibly everywhere around the area... That must have been why the other Servants had retreated. Damn. Now she really couldn't afford to get any closer, since even with her level of Magic Resistance, dealing with curses like this would only serve to distract her from her real enemy, who was probably targeting her even now. Talk about troublesome...

Saber, she's not attacking. Now's our chance. Do you think you can run fast enough to reach the Church before she overtakes us? Failing that, the mansion? I know you're hurt... I'm sorry... This is all my fault... But I'm begging you... Even if it takes a Command Seal, we have to get out of here now! Mira clutched her hand tightly to her chest, the warmth of the Command Seals seeming to invite her to use them... It would be so easy to escape, if only she was willing to make a small sacrifice... But what if she needed them more later? What would she do then...?

Now, then... You should have seen your chance by now. What will you do, my mysterious assailant? Why don't you try taking that shot...?
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So testing the waters with this idea:

Would anyone be open to having a discord server set up for this RP?

Sounds fine to me.
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