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Current Throwing another interest check out there. Hope y'all like it! :D…
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This is your totally non-sponsored reminder that Raddum is amazing and you should totally click on whatever threads he links you to because they're probably amazing.
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Why do people put likes on my interest checks, but don't actually respond to them or state any interest? Like, does that mean they like the idea? Did they just think the post was funny? I'm confused!
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Eh, even when people really click, though, things usually die sooner or later when real life starts calling and they end up having to put things on hold, never to return.
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Must be the work of an enemy『STAND』


Oh, hi. Thanks for checking in.

I'm an exceedingly enthusiastic roleplayer who's been writing for about ten years now and yet still hasn't managed to produce any kind of solo piece of writing worth reading. I like to consider myself a good writer, but that's kind of a matter of opinion, as many would argue that my tendency to ramble on at entirely excessive length about things is boring rather than interesting. I'm also incredibly OCD about formatting, so if you're wondering why my bios look so fancy, that's why. It's just something I do because... reasons, I guess.

Anyway, as you've probably noticed from my avatars and RP choices, I'm more than a bit of a fan of anime and manga, but also enjoy movies, video games, the occasional comic book... the list goes on. For you see, I am not a mere dork - I am the one spoken of in legends, the one whose dorkiness transcends all forms and boundaries. I am... the Legendary... OMNI-DORK!

...Anyway, thanks for dropping in to check on my profile! Hope to RP with you sometime!


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Righty-o! I've created a pretty barebones Discord server for this RP, but I can work on adding to it as we go. In any case, if anyone has any questions, suggestions, comments, or the like, that'll give you a way to directly bring them to my attention at all times. I'll try to have the OOC up soon as well, but in the meantime, if you want to hang out there and discuss characters and stuff, the option is now available.

Here's the link!
Alrighty! I'd say we've left this up long enough, and with seven people interested, I think we've got more than enough to make this RP a good one. I'll have the Discord up when I get back from classes this afternoon, and try to get the OOC thread up either this evening or tomorrow so we can get everything set. :D

I'm looking forward to roleplaying with all of you!
@MaeWow, that's amazing! She's so detailed, and the background's incredible too! Nice job! 0w0
Wow, I'm glad to see so much interest right off the bat! :D With this many people, I can safely say that we can definitely make this happen.

I'll give this thread a little more time to see if anyone else wants to join, then work on putting up the OOC. I'll also work on creating a Discord channel to keep track of things, although I won't make it mandatory to join that for those who don't want to. In any case, welcome aboard, everyone, and I look forward to writing with you! ^^

One more thing I'd like to ask of everyone joining. Ideally, I'd like to focus this experience largely on the players rather than any one GMPC I might create, so I'll likely be creating an extensive cast of NPCs of varying importance, rather than focusing my efforts solely on a single GM mouthpiece. However, I'd also like those NPCs to be relevant to your characters and their development, so as such, I'll also be taking suggestions and requests for NPC characters with some connections to your own to make things more exciting. Also, if you'd like to do a specific NPC role yourself - such as a character's siblings, parents, close friends, personal enemies, etc. - I'd be happy to allow you to take on multiple characters, so no worries there, either.

On one final note, Flamelord, you're absolutely right when you say that this is kind of a complicated setup. With wishes being made that could change character relationships or development completely, and with certain people losing memories or having them rewritten when these wishes occur, I expect that things could quite quickly become very confusing. Speaking of which, I'm also going to make a house rule here that you should, either directly or through me, discuss what your wishes' impact on other PCs will be rather than just forcing ahead with them. For example, it'd be bad form to just wish another, non-app-holding PC would fall in love with you without consulting them first, since it effectively rewrites their entire character without either their consent or their permission.

Other such rules may also be added if I see other such problems arising. In any case, if anyone has any questions or confusions about the setting and its rules, I'm more than happy to answer them. ^^

Thank you all for your interest!
As You Wish

Disclaimer: This RP is inspired by one I helped to develop on another site that never really took off. The original concept is strongly inspired by one created by the user Lyssa on RoleplayGateway. Credit where credit is due, and all that.

What would you do if you were offered a chance to change your life completely? A chance to erase the regrets of your past - a chance to become the person you've always wanted to be - a chance, in brief, to do or be almost anything you could possibly imagine? An impossible fantasy, but it's one we've all entertained at some point or another, when our lives have been at their most bleak and hopeless.

But what if it was more than that? What if, in the palm of your hand, you had the means to change your life entirely? What would you do then? Wouldn't you leave that hated "reality" behind you and start anew?

Just like that, the impossible becomes possible for a select few people, who are chosen by a mysterious individual known only as JOKER to take part in a "game." The conditions for selection are somewhat nebulous, but each of his players has one thing in common - they have a dream that they would give anything to see come true. In order to participate, they'll be granted a special app that will grant any wish they input into it, with just a few conditions. Using this power, they are to seek to "win the game," although what exactly that means, JOKER hasn't clarified. If they do, they'll lose all their memories of playing, and their app will be passed on to a new user - but all the wishes and changes they've made will become permanent, allowing them to live the life they always wanted without being tied to the past they've left behind them. However, if they lose, on the other hand, their wishes will be canceled - or worse - and they'll have lost their chance to change things for good, along with all their knowledge of the game and the chance they had.

The conditions of the game are as follows.

1: JOKER reserves the right to interpret your wishes how he sees fit. If you don't like it, then you should have been more specific!

2: The number of wishes you receive is finite, but as to what that number is, it's up to JOKER to decide. Once you run out of wishes, your participation in JOKER's game will officially come to an end, and he'll decide whether you've won or lost. Regardless, it's best to think carefully before you act - any wish could be your last.

3: Wishes deemed by JOKER to be "too grand" - becoming emperor of the world, changing the laws of physics, etc. - will be rejected, and will not be granted. Changing your life is fine, but rewriting the whole world on a whim is just a hassle.

4: Any time a wish is made, the memories of everyone influenced by it will be altered in accordance with that wish. For example, if a dead person is brought back to life, then everyone will remember that person as having always been there, since they were not "resurrected," but rather they "never died." However, the app holder will still retain their old memories, so it's important not to get confused between the past-that-is and the past-that-was.

5: App holders can only be specifically affected by wishes they themselves make, with one exception - any app holder can spend a wish to undo a wish made by another app holder. As such, if one app holder changes the past, another app holder will remember how things were prior to their wish rather than how things supposedly have been after it. However, app holders also can't deliberately eliminate each other by simply wishing that the other didn't know about them, had never received the app, or didn't exist, and canceling each other's wishes will also deplete your own. Be careful! The greatest threat to your performance in this game might just be your fellow players. ;)

6: Finally... This game is a secret, you understand? If any outsiders find out about the existence of this app, it will immediately be deleted from your phone, all your wishes will be canceled, your memories of this game will be erased, and you'll be left living a life you detest. Of course, other app holders are the exception, since they're already in the know... but it's not like they're going to be forthcoming about letting you know who they are when they face the exact same penalties. On the other hand, if anyone outside of the game manages to figure out about its existence, they'll be rewarded... by receiving the app taken from the one they found out, and a chance to have their own wishes come true. Win or lose, the game must go on!

A Summary

So, the premise is pretty simple. A few people in the modern day are contacted by a mysterious benefactor and given the chance to play the game. Make your wishes carefully, don't use them all up too quickly, don't waste them on impossible or impractical things, and above all else, don't get found out. With that, I wish you all the best of fortune and hope you find success within the game!

As far as players are concerned, anywhere from 4-8 would be fine. I'd prefer an even number and roughly balanced gender ratios, but I'll take what I can get. And, if we don't get a very large cast of characters, I or any willing players can always fill in with NPC roles on the side to give people a diverse cast to interact with. This is where things get a touch complicated, however. Every character in the RP could be a potential app holder, but they won't all receive the app at once. After all, we need some normal characters out of the loop for the app holders to try to hide their secrets from, right? In the event that we get 4 players, I'm thinking we'd start with 1-2 app holders. If we get 6, it'd be 2-3. And if we get 8, it'd be 3-4. I'd rather not have any more players than eight or so since that'd be hard to manage, but I doubt that'll be an issue, because who actually reads my interest checks anyway? :P However, I also want to give everyone an equal chance of starting with the app, so how I'm planning on doing things currently is just rolling a die and assigning app holders randomly. Rest assured, those who don't start with the app will get a chance to use it once the other characters have used up their wishes or been outed, since the app will continue changing hands throughout the RP. However, if you'd rather not have the app right off the bat - or even at all - then just tell me. I'll take that into account when assigning who gets it and who doesn't.

Depending on player opinions, these results may be made public, or kept entirely secret to prevent metagaming, with all conversations between the holders and JOKER kept to PMs with me and the results of their wishes announced anonymously. However, that seems like a pain, so right now I'm probably going to just keep it public unless people have strong opinions otherwise.

For setting, I'm thinking a high school would be fine. However, I certainly don't want to get bogged down in spending months on detailing every single event of a single day, going from class to class and what have you. Rather, what's important is the interactions between characters before, between, and after classes, and as such, we'll be pretty freely skipping between major encounters and stuff that's actually important to the plot, like characters' dark hidden secrets and the effects of their wishes.

Also, characters don't have to just be limited to students, so if you feel restricted by that role, there's really no need to stick to it. Teachers and school staff are also perfectly fair game. You want to be the jaded school janitor who once had a promising career as an entrepreneur but lost everything in a stock market crash and has to do odd jobs to get by? Go right ahead! Sounds like it could be interesting. Basically, all you really need is a reason to be in contact with the other characters - to add risk of being discovered - and some way you'd like to change your life. It also doesn't have to all be sob stories, dead parents you'd want to bring back, or other stuff like that. You could just be a lazy git who wants to coast through life without having to work, or a spiteful character who'd use all their wishes avenging themselves by making someone else miserable! Basically, just because you want the power to change things doesn't mean you have to be a goody two-shoes, although it also obviously doesn't mean you have to be a total heel. Furthermore, if you don't want your characters' motivations to be immediately apparent, then feel free to keep them hidden in your bio and simply send them to me privately. Since this is a character drama shrouded in mystery and people hiding their true selves behind masks, having secret plot twists or aspects of your character nobody else knows about is a perfect way to make things more interesting!

Anyway, I think I've just about rambled long enough. You all have the basic gist of things, so I'll leave off here. If you like this idea and would be interested in participating, drop a comment here and I'll keep track of everyone's interest! Assuming we get enough people, I'll start as soon as I can.

Thanks for reading!
Ooh, pretty! Her gown and the jewelry on it looks especially detailed.
I'm thinking some crazed tech-wiz who can be brought into a situation without much objection to help out in some idiotic schemes to increase their ego.

Oh, I like you. You're going to fit in just fine here. :D

So. I see you've clicked on my shitpost-y interest check.

So, now that that's out of the way, those of you familiar with an odd little manga called "Kaguya Wants to Be Confessed To" probably have a much better idea what this thread is about. On the other hand, those of you who aren't are probably just more confused, so allow me to elaborate.

The manga in question is framed as a fairly generic school romance story - super smart student council president and vice president fall in love with each other, but both are too proud to confess. The result, however, is anything but what you'd expect. They start playing REALLY INTENSE mindgames to try to get the other one to slip up and make even the slightest implication of a confession - or else force them through social pressure to confess first, with each of their many "battles" being done in an elaborate fashion of multilayered plans and gambits reminiscent of a JJBA Stand battle or a certain CHILDREN'S CARD GAME. Naturally, this leads to utter madness as even the simple matter of going to a movie together becomes a matter of both parts feigning innocence, massive scale espionage and monitoring operations, and multiple layers of subtextual messages which, naturally, end up misinterpreted, to hilarious results.

So, the purpose of this interest check is to see if anyone else would enjoy trying to write out such a ridiculous plot, possibly with even more chaos and additional parties all trying to manipulate each other into a corner - or just a bunch of unrelated characters inserted into the mix to fuck up the "geniuses" cunning plans. Of course, the level of silliness and "mundane made awesome" could easily vary depending on the situation, but overall it's a lighthearted comedy first, a romance second, and anything really, truly, serious third. I don't have a solid setting or story setup yet, but if anybody thinks it'd be fun, I'll gladly come up with something to fit the number of players and their desired roles.

Naturally, though, given the overall tone we're going for here, I'd prefer high casual to advanced writers above all else. Make your prose as purple as you like and your plans as labyrinthine and ridiculous as you can - we're trying to make this as inherently ridiculous as possible, so I fully expect to see potato chips being taken and eaten and people facing abject, brick-shitting terror over the prospect of being forced to share an umbrella, or... *GASP* HOLDING HANDS! *Insert scare chord here*

Anyway, that's all, folks. Leave a reply here including the gender and overall character type you'd prefer to try if you'd be up for giving it a shot, and thanks for reading!


𝔇𝔦𝔞𝔩𝔬𝔤𝔲𝔢 𝓒𝔬𝔩𝔬𝔯 || #F50A83 ||| 𝔗𝔥𝔬𝔲𝔤𝔥𝔱 𝓒𝔬𝔩𝔬𝔯 || #0A8BF5

People were talking to her. She snapped back to attention, but what had she been doing? Right, the mission. She needed to focus on the mission. But what was she supposed to do? She tried to think up a plan, something she could do to help... But last time she'd done that, everything had failed completely. She'd sent her team into a trap and ended up in the most disadvantageous situation possible herself. If she tried to act based on her own intuition, of course things like that would happen. No, the best thing she could do was act as she was told to by her teammates. That was the path of least resistance, the simplest possible action available to her. It would be alright so long as she didn't get in the way.

But, as for what they were asking... It seemed like there might be problems. She wasn't sure if she could do as they asked. She didn't want to disappoint them, but... wouldn't they be more disappointed if she tried and failed than if she spoke up now?

"Umm..." She began, but her voice half-choked in her throat. Why was it so hard to speak suddenly? Why was it that suddenly, she was scared of every word that left her mouth? Was it annoying if she talked like this? She wasn't good at this sort of thing, so it was hard for her to tell, but...

"I'm... not sure if that's a good idea." She managed to force the words out, but even then, her voice was quiet, a low murmur half-muffled by the collar of her romper. But still, she had to speak up now, or it would only cause trouble later. She tried to forget that there were people listening, and to just recite what she was thinking in her own head, but even that only provided a modicum of comfort. "My projections... can't go more than 15 meters away from me, so I'd have to be close by in order to keep them running. That would make it hard for me to mimic those paper planes very well, since I couldn't make them go anywhere. What's more, I already used that tactic during the last exercise, and they played it back for the class... I think people would remember that, so they'd definitely expect a trap if I tried it again."

She'd managed to say it. She took a deep breath of relief, but stopped herself when she realized, much to her chagrin, that she hadn't actually offered an alternative. In that case, wasn't she just being uncooperative? She needed to come up with some way she could help, but what...? Thinking about it rationally, she was probably the easiest target of the team, which meant that enemies would try to eliminate her first to weaken their overall cohesion so they could gang up on the others. But at the same time, she couldn't possibly suggest that she just hide and let the others do the fighting. She had to help somehow, without making herself a target. Then... maybe... Right, like what she'd thought of during Quirk Application!

"Umm... But if I stayed close to the rest of you, I could use my Recording instead of Playback." She blinked. They were all looking at her quizzically as though they didn't understand... Did her plan not make sense? ...Oh, wait, but they didn't know the ins and outs of her Quirk, so what she'd just said probably didn't make any sense to them. She was so stupid... Of course she'd have to explain it better. "The way I copy things is by emitting particles over the area I'm looking at to scan its composition and structure. But that also lets me tell where things are, even if I can't directly see them." Did that make any more sense now? It was hard to tell, but she was fairly certain she'd explained herself properly. In that case...

"So, if any enemies got within fifteen meters of us, I could locate them, even if they were invisible or burrowing underground. That way, I could compensate for the paper gir- Um, I mean, Hatori-san - not being aware of her immediate surroundings." If they were just planning on a defensive holding action at first, then making it impossible for enemies to approach unnoticed would give them a powerful advantage, especially if they managed to claim an easily defensible position. Combined with the paper girl's long-range scouting abilities, they'd effectively have complete knowledge of the battlefield at all times. "I'd also be able to warn you of incoming attacks, and maybe even create walls to block them if I was fast enough." If she was fast enough - there was the catch. In her last battle, she'd hardly had time to so much as look at her enemy, let alone fight him. If she ended up in a fight against someone like Yoshida again-

Yoshida. He should have been there with her, fighting alongside her this time. Just like how Haruka should have been there, showing her the way. Friends were supposed to work together, and he'd said they were friends, so why was it that he didn't want to see her?

No. No, no, no! She couldn't think about this. Her heart was hurting again, and she was losing her focus. If she slipped up like this during a fight, then...

She sighed, her antenna of hair flopping back and forth with barely-contained anxiety. "A-anyway, I'll just... Try my best to back you up." She was too slow and too weak to fight someone like that head-on. Even if she wanted to help, she'd just get in the way if she tried fighting herself. But if she didn't fight, then wouldn't everyone realize that she wasn't cut out to be a hero like Haruka? If she couldn't consistently reach that level... If she couldn't solve problems on her own, then...

But where was the point where those two goals intersected? How could she fight like a hero and win without slowing everyone else down? Was there even a way to accomplish such a thing?

As usual, she had no idea at all.


𝔇𝔦𝔞𝔩𝔬𝔤𝔲𝔢 𝓒𝔬𝔩𝔬𝔯 || #F50A83 ||| 𝔗𝔥𝔬𝔲𝔤𝔥𝔱 𝓒𝔬𝔩𝔬𝔯 || #0A8BF5

The exercise seemed simple. Like last time, it would be a matter of fighting off groups of enemies on multiple fronts in order to take and hold a single point within an urban terrain. Furthermore, now that she'd seen videos of most of these students showcasing their abilities, she knew how they fought, barring a few exceptions, meaning she wouldn't be taken be surprise. On the other hand, since all three of her teammates hadn't fought in the earlier exercise, it would be hard for everyone else to figure out what their plan was and what to expect. That gave them a natural advantage. Really, she had every right to feel ready and confident when it came to fighting this battle.

But that wasn't what Motome Fumika was thinking about.

The strategy that Chiwa had suggested, similarly, was a good one. Saving their own strength for when it would really count, monitoring the situation and figuring out enemy positioning and capabilities, and finally striking without warning when it would really make a difference. By sticking close together and making their move at the best possible moment, they could minimize risk to themselves individually while maximizing their chances of victory. It was a simple strategy, but sometimes, simple was best.

But that wasn't what Motome Fumika was thinking about.

The only problem with the strategy was that only three of them had agreed to it, since, as expected, the teammate she'd most anticipated working with hadn't shown up that day. Instead, a strange figure clad head to toe in heavy silver armor had arrived in his place, evidently to serve as a replacement. Naturally, she not only had no idea what he could do, or whether or not he would even stick with the plan. And, what was more, she still didn't know why today, of all days, Yoshida hadn't shown up.

That was exactly what Motome Fumika was thinking about!

Doubt! Anxiety! A hurricane of such dark emotions ravaged her mind, clouding her thoughts until she completely forgot to be worried about the upcoming match. No, in fact, she forgot about it entirely! In the face of the tremendous stress brought on by the absence of an expected person, even the most self-confident of people will at some point entertain a single question, no matter how unlikely it might be in the situation. What if it's my fault?! However, while others might have had the presence of mind and the strength of ego necessary to dismiss this possibility, for the timid girl known as Motome Fumika, this struggle between anxiety and confidence was like a steamroller pressing down on top of an ant! And the result was...

Complete and total defeat! She was mentally routed! Her mind was thrown into total chaos as she reviewed the events of the previous day over and over again! While an ordinary individual would have simply shrugged it off, Fumika's photographic memory allowed her to notice several tiny points where it seemed obvious to her that she'd said or done something wrong. Her mind fixated upon these details, and forced her to the conclusion that it was entirely her fault! She'd latched onto Yoshida immediately, followed him everywhere, caused problems for him during the exercise by refusing to give up, then gotten involved in a fight, forced him to intervene, and then completely refused to explain anything to him! She had generally been an annoying woman! Of course, it was no wonder that an ordinary boy would want to distance himself from such a person immediately. So... he must not have showed up because he knew I'd be on his team and I would just end up getting in his way...

Completely wrong! But by viewing everything solely as it concerned her, there was absolutely no way she could come to any other possible conclusion! Because of that, her thoughts gave way into a self-feeding death spiral of gloom. Just as a ship sinks more quickly as it fills with water, so too did her negativity in turn give rise to even more negative thoughts. Every time she found some new mistake she'd made, it only lent more force to her self-condemnation, which in turn drove her to find even more flaws and faults to add more fuel to the fire. Finally, she was faced with the unavoidable conclusion that all of this had happened because she'd been forcing herself into other people's business, and getting in their way. At this rate, all of her pent up anxiety would give rise to a full blown self-persecution complex, and her entire psyche would self-destruct! Of course, Fumika herself didn't know any of these things, but what she did know was that her heart hurt, and that she disliked it. Because of that, she settled upon what seemed to be a simple solution.

And so Motome Fumika closed her heart, and stopped thinking about it.
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