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The Pool (D1)

Consuming the one herb he still had restored Lorek to full HP. His MP wasn’t quite full, but using Lesser Force didn’t seem to use up as much energy, so he could probably still cast his offensive spells if need be. Unfortunately, however, it was starting to look like he was out of resources--the cave had gotten so dark, in the deep depths of night by now, that even the glowing Mana Crystals were almost impossible to see. And by that same token, he couldn’t find anymore herbs on the ground--or at least, none that looked full grown or capable of providing more than a tiny morsel, which probably would not heal him enough to be worthwhile.

That pixie had cost him his last few resources, it seemed. What a wretched creature--and indeed it was, for Lorek didn’t even know the whole story behind the little fairy’s life. It had collided with Danny, and lashed out at him in anger, but then been simply ignored. As if it wasn’t worth the trouble. For a creature as emotionally unstable as a pixie, being treated in such a way would certainly bring up some negative emotions. Then it had mistaken another Wisp for its previous target, adding some fresh fuel onto that hateful fire. But Lorek had simply cursed it--multiple times, in fact, adding his own malice to it layer by layer--and then he had crushed it. Like a bug.

Oh how wretched such a soul must be.

As Lorek hovered near the ground to search for herbs, something in the pool splashed. He couldn’t see what it was, as the surface of the water had become an inky black without any light to see by, a deep abyss into the unknown. But most of the fish in there had been small...was it perhaps that bigger, shadowy shape, lurking near the depths?


There was the sound of something dragging itself across the ground. Although...rather than a creature of some sort, with limbs and such, it sounded more like...a bag? A wet, lumpy bag? Something...squishy?

Out of the darkness, something crunched. It sounded like bones popping, either out of joint...or perhaps back into place?

Then a bloody mask of sagging flesh lunged out of the shadows to claw at Lorek. That Pixie was not done yet.


The Pool (D2)

Skill Gain: Soil Manipulation I
An Earth Elemental Magic Spell. At this Rank, you may move up to 5 pounds of loose soil (sand, dirt, and powdered minerals, but not gravel, pebbles, or anything made of larger fragments) freely within a 10 foot radius around your body. Using this soil to create a shape or exert a larger amount of force consumes more MP, and takes 30 seconds at minimum. At this rank, created shapes cannot consist of more than one part, or be more complex than quadrilateral structures. At this rank, created shapes cannot change the quality of the soil (sharper, harder, etc) nor its color or texture.

Jason couldn’t seem to find any specific organ or anything of that sort within the second Wisp’s body that had a clear indication of magic within it. His attempt to do something with Tremor Sense to the Fanged Lizard didn’t really seem successful, though it gave him a very clear picture of the inside of the creature’s head. Its brain was rather small and, compared to pictures he had probably seen at least once of a human’s brain in the Old World, somewhat underdeveloped. Maybe this was where the term “reptile brain” came into play. Its two fangs and many other teeth were arranged in such a way inside its jaw that the creature could be nothing if not a carnivore, and its poison sacs did not seem to be located inside its head like they were for most snakes and poisonous reptiles back home.

As Jason dragged the dead lizard back towards the other slime--which had now finished its meal and began to undulate warily as Jason came back--he reached out to try and touch the other monster.

And when he heard its response, he did not actually hear it. Much like the System, it was inside his head.

Me not know not me say. Me less hungry but hungry. Not me hurt me not me hungry?

Slowly, the other slime lurched slightly towards the dead lizard...
@Z2010Deadmeat He could join Drifter's advocation for stealth with comment or demonstration of his illusion magics?

Towards the Pool (D2)

As Edward progressed through the cavern, following the scent back towards the nest he had been born in, he began to see other monsters following the same pattern as himself and staying far away from the different sources of chaos within the cavern. The bonfire was always given a wide berth, because fire was frightening to the beasts and the goblins were always numerous around it, but now even the creatures that made their dens on its outskirts were staying well away from the battle happening there. It seemed like a few monsters were making a journey away from the darker corners of the cave as well, near that bunch of lizards and now two dead goblins.

It seemed, in their frantic flights, that these monsters were also following their need for sustenance. Many of them had already fed, in the crazy free-for-all of early morning, so now it was time to satisfy their thirst. As a result, Ed found himself to be only one of many creatures in the vicinity of the Pool.

And if he were so inclined, a perfect hunting opportunity presented itself to him. A Pixie was walking towards the pool, all alone--and the fact that it was walking seemed unusual. But then it became clear that this creature had been injured--one of its wings had nearly been torn off by something, and its body bore several light wounds. Even more telling, it walked as if it were exhausted--maybe that meant it had used up some of its magical powers?


Joining Another Party (D2)

The blue slime burbled in affirmation as Asura explained himself. Work together, instead of competing with each other. Find and eat bigger creatures. Though the blue slime was a simple creature, she understood this well enough despite its newness. If it failed, she could always just go on her own again.

You now have an Ally! Momma Slime has joined your party!

Momma Slime didn’t seem quite as adept at changing her shape as Asura, but she managed to imitate him well enough that he wasn’t too far ahead of her by the time they got moving away from the ledge. As they rolled along the ground, Momma Slime sucking up bits of moss here and there to create circular prints instead of an unbroken trail, Asura would soon have a clearer view of just what kind of creatures they were approaching.

There were three Fanged Lizards, two of which looked rather unique and one of which had a rawhide strip around its neck. There were two pixies peeking out from behind rocks, and a Wisp who seemed a little wobbly. Then there were the two goblins, but both of them had been killed now. And it looked like one of those Lizards, in fact, was familiar! It was Ash, that one Asura had met earlier with that other group of former humans…

[[You’re now in the “Nearby the Pool” group. Edward the Dire Rat isn’t too far away, both groups are about the same distance from the Pool at different angles. Jason is also at the Pool. The Bonfire is visible in the distance but is further away. Interact with the others if you’d like, or if you’re unsure you can wait until I update for them.]]


Dorm Lobby


"Do take care of my sister for me, Yoshida-san," Asuka called over one shoulder as she and Kasuke started to head outside. "She can be a bit oblivious sometimes, so be sure she doesn't wander off with anyone else.~" She gave a slight giggle. "Before I come back, that is," She added. Kenichi turned his head slightly--not entirely looking away from Fumika, because she had just opened her mouth but then stopped--as the smaller, not-quite-so-fluffy girl left. Then the taller, quite-fluffy-indeed girl had his full attention once more.

"I've been fine," She responded curtly. There was a pause--what was going on inside that head of hers? Kenichi felt like that kind of response was the kind you gave when things weren't really fine, but you didn't want to go into all the nitty gritty details right now. "I worked hard in training, but I still lost. My teammates were very nice, though, and didn't get angry with me even when I slowed them down. Well, one of them wasn't actually nice. He was your replacement. He saved me from falling, but then he dropped me on the ground, and during the fight he apparently hurt a bunch of people. I haven't seen him since then, but I think I dislike him. He's very strong, but he's not nearly as cool as Yoshida. ...Oh. That is, he's not as cool as you are."

She trailed off completely, pursing her lips and exhaling quietly as her bangs, which had been curling rather wildly out to either side, let out a quiet crackle of static and slowly descended, like curtains being lowered ignominiously on a failed performance to cover the actors and conceal their shame from their silent audience. Her antenna flopped over completely, dangling across the bridge of her nose and twitching slightly with pent-up impotent frustration. Her expression didn't change, save for a slight frown as she reached up to adjust the glasses that her writhing hair had slightly displaced, but something in her eyes as they peeked between curtains of smooth, shiny hair seemed dark and gloomy by comparison.

"Sorry," Fumika said quietly at last, her voice slightly tense as she lowered her head ever-so-slightly in what might have been a bow. "I'm very bad at talking, so I'm probably being very boring."

"No, you're not. I wouldn't have asked how you've been if I thought you were a boring person." Kenichi said resolutely. He wished he was taller than she was, so that he could reach out and lift up her chin to make her look him in the eyes--Oh dammit that'd probably be way too much why're you suddenly thinking about this you've known the girl literally less than a week--but with things being as they were, he settled for putting his hands on his hips in a confident stance. So maybe she'd take what he was saying seriously.

"But all you've told me so far is that there's some asshole substitute student in our class that I might need to have a chat with." He put his hands back together and cracked his knuckles with a smirk. "Which is good to know. But he's not you, is he?" He crossed one arm over his chest and held the other one up with a wagging finger as he explained in a teacher-like fashion--while his brain screamed IRONY at him silently.

"What about you? Motome-chan? Like...your life, here at Komei? Did they pair ya up with a roommate? Did you make any more friends in class? Have you and your little sis--who gives me an impression like she puts on a show a lot, by the way, you ever notice that?--have you and your little sis, and your friend Harukaze, been hanging out after school? I've you been?"

And why am I asking so much oh man she's gonna think I'm a creepy stalker obsessed with her or something like I've been watching her in the showers or some creepy shit like that...but...

He managed to calm his heart beat down as he looked at her, watching her go through her odd little mannerisms that gave away her emotions even though Asuka seemed to think she didn't have any.

But I think she's an interesting person. And she doesn't see herself like that, but the only reason she thinks she isn't good at talking to because I bet she doesn't. I've never done Karate before, so I had to ask Kasuke-san about it. I'm realizing that I probably suck at a lot of stuff--schoolwork, being a Hero and a Main Character, talking to girls...But I decided, didn't I? To keep pushing forward, and break those limits. And...I want her to keep walking forward too...

I don't want her to think she was wrong for trying.

A Group of Rag Tag Zeroes

"If what you say is true, step back and keep your hands where they can be seen. Know that if you raise a hand against me, you do so to a Priestess of the Goddesses."

"Does it count when I raise my hands for you to see them?" The Drifter smirked as the knight--a woman, now that he looked more closely, and rather sturdily built for one with an unusually red head of hair--lowered her sword and turned out the lights. But he stepped away from the guard and raised his hands. One was open, but the other still loosely held his umbrella--however, surely an umbrella wouldn't be threatening?

"The blood looks fresh." the Dame noted, moving towards the door and gripping the handle. "Was he alive when you found him?" she finished, cracking open the door and peering into it.

"Only just." The swordsman's smirk was replaced with a bitter frown. "He gave me a map of hidden passages. And..." He paused. He assumed they were here for the same reason he was. But did he really have a reason to trust any of them yet? "Are any of you familiar with the Queen's servant, Impa?"

He looked over the group, now that his eyes had readjusted to the gloom. The priestess was a Zora, with all the odd allure and charm of that species despite the uncanny aquatic nature. The Knight...the Drifter was starting to wonder if she was just an unusually large woman for Hylian standards, or if she was from one of the other races, or a kingdom outside of Hyrule. And the others...just what sorts were they?

Also, how had he missed that bloody deadbolt?

"Have you another blade, good knight? Perhaps one that shines not so brightly?" Feeling that the Zora had probably completed her inspection by now, he lowered his hands until he placed his umbrella's point upon the floor like a walking stick, both hands clasped overtop it. He lowered his voice. "For one thing, the greatest pleasure is to do good by stealth and have it found out by accident. For another, there is no such thing as defeat in non-violence."

After all, whether it was a King's man or not, the guards had been placed upon their duty to stop any and all intruders. And at the end of the day, they too were men with families and dreams...
I'm about to post right now. Sorry for the wait everyone, I've had a busy week at work and had to get up a pretty long post for the RP I'm running myself.
Asura, Edith(?)

On The Trail (D2)

This isn't a lag, you saw this this morning after you woke up. Shut up.
Skill Gain: Pierce Resistance I!
You already possess the skill Physical Damage Resistance I. Damage Calculation Overlap will follow an order of priority: Any pierce-category attack will have its damage subtracted from Pierce Resistance I first, and any leftover damage will be subtracted from Physical Damage Resistance I’s threshold. However, if a single pierce-category attack consumes the Resistance threshold for both skills, Physical Damage Resistance I will NOT trigger on attacks from other categories. If ONLY Pierce Resistance I’s threshold is consumed, Physical Damage Resistance I will trigger against a second Pierce attack, or other physical attacks. Acquiring Blunt Resistance and Slash Resistance will automatically cause Skill Synergy and raise Physical Damage Resistance by one rank regardless of Skill Progression.

After Asura finished his thoughts, the blue slime shrank back. It--she?--seemed wary of a repeat overload. But, after wobbling for a moment, her pseudopod reached out once more.

If...I, the creature’s ego still seemed nebulous, If I Even from bigger? And more? Eat bigger?

The blue slime seemed intrigued by this idea, and before she pulled away Asura had a few flashes of imagery--though the colors were blurry and the pictures distorted, as if looking through water. It seemed as if the blue slime had started looking around already before she finished her thought to him, and she had seen an odd group of creatures--from their sizes, it seemed like there were two goblins, at least one lizard, and a wisp. They seemed to be fighting. And further away, there were three images that all seemed similar, though one was larger. Possibly dire rats? Then, of course, there was the unmistakable and--in the blue slime’s mind--incredibly threatening image of the bonfire...

Rain, Orchid, Digbie, Mourningstar, Oberon, Orochi, Ardur

Flame of Chaos (D2)
@Old Amsterdam@Lucius Cypher@King Cosmos@CriticalHit@Gardevoiran@floodtalon@ReusableSword

As Mourningstar focused on each individual Goblin, using her Magic Analysis, she would find most of the results unsatisfactory--however, besides Crispy, there were actually two more things of note…
You used Magic Analysis I!
Effectiveness reduced to 25%. This is a Monster. You have Analyzed this kind of Monster before, effectiveness increased to 35%.
Goblins are capable of magic. This Goblin has no spells or magically oriented skills.

You used Magic Analysis I!
Effectiveness reduced to 25%. This is a Monster. You have Analyzed this kind of Monster multiple times before, effectiveness increased to 40%.
Goblins are capable of magic. This Goblin has no spells or magically oriented skills. This Goblin’s magical stats are weak.

Your repeated use of a skill has granted you experience!
Skill Rank Up: Magic Analysis > Magic Analysis II!
Gain more detail about Magic oriented Skills and Spells. Lose less effectiveness when analyzing Monsters, Materials, etc so long as they are magically inclined.

You used Magic Analysis II!
Effectiveness reduced to 30%. This is a Monster. You have Analyzed this kind of Monster multiple times before, effectiveness increased to 45%.
Goblins are capable of learning magic, but usually do not possess it naturally. This Goblin has no spells or magically oriented skills or equipment that you can see. This Goblin’s magical stats are weak, and it has a low amount of MP.

You used Magic Analysis II!
Effectiveness reduced to 30%. This is a Monster. You have Analyzed this kind of Monster multiple times before, effectiveness increased to 50%.
Goblins are capable of learning magic, but usually do not possess it naturally. This Goblin has no Activated spells, but has two semi-magically oriented skills. This Goblin’s magical stats are weak and it has a low amount of MP. It has been channeling magic recently. This Goblin is unusual, like Digbie.

You used Magic Analysis II!
Effectiveness reduced to 30%. This is a Monster. You have Analyzed this kind of Monster multiple times before, effectiveness increased to 55%.
Goblins are capable of learning magic, but usually do not possess it naturally. This Goblin has 1 spell, 1 magically oriented skill, and 1 elemental skill. This Goblin has been magically changed! This Goblin has increased its magical stats, but its MP is lower than your own. It is currently channeling magic for a Fireball spell, rank unknown!

Your experiences have culminated in a new skill!
Skill Gain: Monster Analysis I!
Flat teeth indicate herbivore, binocular vision implies a predator or gatherer. Allows you to analyze animals and monsters, even those you’ve never seen before. At this rank you'll only learn basic information.

You experiences have culminated in new power! You are now Level 2! You gain Skill Points to distribute as you please! Your MP increases!

Unspent Skill Points:

Current Skills:
Mana Orb II (2.15)
Lesser Force I (1.7)
Levitation (--)
Magic Analysis II (2.15)
Mana Shape I (1.4)
Monster Analysis (1.0)
<UNUSABLE> Muffle (0.1) <UNUSABLE>
<UNUSABLE> Defender (0.2) <UNUSABLE>
<UNUSABLE> Mana Slice (0.5) <UNUSABLE>
<UNUSABLE> Deception (0.2) <UNUSABLE>
<UNUSABLE> Charisma (0.2) <UNUSABLE>

But as all of this information flooded Mourningstar’s mind, she also felt something unpleasant--like dial-up internet combined with a microphone feedback loop amplified and held far too close to her ear. As the ringing and buzzing intensified, one new skill appeared in her Current Skill List, though it too was marked as UNUSABLE: Mental Resistance (0.1).

And of course, while she was being flooded with this info, Mourningstar possibly missed what was happening around her in between her level up and the moment she finally returned to her senses.

Ardur dropped out of the sky, surrounded by his Shield spell’s aura. But with Crispy focused on his spell, he didn’t see the glowing pixie--and soon he couldn’t see anything at all, as Ardur yanked his hat down over his face. The pixie’s momentum caused him to swing along the brim of the hat, twisting it further and by sheer luck avoiding the Fireball Crispy was conjuring.


"You dare to call me prey? YOU DARE THINK YOU CAN HUNT ME?" screamed the talking Fanged Lizard. The Goblin whirled in her direction, still managing to hold the Fireball steady in his hands. "I, who have injured you twice Crispy! I who have drawn the blood of that big hairy fucker! I WILL HAVE YOUR FUCKING HEADS! You can either lay down your weapons.... Or I will fucking eviscerate you.”


Orochi lunged at the caster's exposed ankles from behind, fangs ready to tear his goblinoid flesh. As he latched on, ripping and tearing at the same time as he injected his paralyzing venom, Crispy’s rebuttal toward Rain suddenly turned into a high pitched squeal--

And then stopped entirely.

The Goblin’s fireball went out, and he dropped to one knee. Every muscle suddenly stood out in tension--though it seemed like Crispy had almost instinctively clasped his hands and curled his hands around his own neck, head, and shoulders, hunching himself to prevent attacks on these vulnerable areas. Indeed, he had been in the cave long enough to know this could be a death sentence, and under the hat his eyes were beginning to bug out in fear--he was paralyzed!

But Rain wouldn’t be able to capitalize on this immediately, as the other three Goblins besides Crispy and Orchid had recovered their wits sometime in between the moment when Ardur had dropped down and Orochi had attacked. They had charged, and Rain had reacted. As the first closed in on her with a Gnarled Branch gripped tight, Rain managed to dodge and attacked back with her fangs and a mouth dripping with concentrated poison. As she tore the goblin’s flesh she could feel a sensation somewhat like the old world’s “pop rock” candy in her mouth, as her poison came into contact with the air and his bloodstream. The green creature screamed and fell to the ground, not paralyzed, but sick as if he had taken Poison Spit instead of a Stun Fang.

However, the second goblin holding a Wooden Pickaxe swung it like a golf club. Rain suddenly found herself lifted off the ground as pain exploded through her side--then she hit the ground, hard enough to knock the breath out of her. The third goblin started to close in, a large rock held over his head in both hands--

He yelped as a demonic face appeared in mid-air.

"Greetings pathetic whelps. As you can see, I am no ordinary Wisp nor is this any ordinary Lizard. We are Generals sent from the Demon Lord himself to create an army fit to march on the pathetic humans who hunt us day in and day out. Thus I have come to recruit all in this cave for the conquest to come."

Mourningstar actually had the audacity to even float slightly in front of Rain, shielding her from any further attacks that may come and turning to look directly into the eyes of Orchid, then the paralyzed Crispy.

"Now cease your assault immediately, we have work to d--!”


The goblin walloped Mourningstar with the rock, sending her crashing to the ground. Another UNUSABLE Skill popped up in her System, Blunt Resistance (0.1). But, luckily for her, she didn't seem to be really hurt--Oberon's Shield had absorbed most of the blow, though now it was gone!

Had all of this chaos, so many things happening at once, stunned Orchid? What would the female, ambitious goblin do, now that former humans like herself had apparently revealed themselves? What would Oberon do, with his friends in danger and himself so vulnerable, even after a Level Up?

Meanwhile, Digbie found a nice Flint Rock, but had no pockets with which to carry it...

Ash, Naji, Scott, Danny, Reoth

Nearby the Pool (D2)

As Danny lay there, observing what was going on, he felt himself beginning to recover a little. It didn’t seem like he could fire another Mana Orb yet, but he could at least Levitate again--if he was going to run, now might be the chance. But as he watched, the scene became even stranger…

As Ash began to Overwork herself and scaled the armed Goblin, slashing and gnashing all the way, the green humanoid tried to reach her as she scurried around and up his back. But his arms weren’t long or flexible enough, and as she came down on the back of his neck he let out one more screech before her venom seemed to take effect, and he dropped with a short-lived convulsion before laying there, eyes big and afraid as his neck bled while he was helpless to stop it. But before she could leap clear of his body, the other goblin ran up with his leg drawn back like a soccer player--

Reoth’s Poison Spit sailed through the air, striking the unarmed goblin in the chest and knocking him off balance. His kick missed Ash by several inches, and he spun with his own momentum. He cursed angrily the whole while as he scrabbled to wipe the acid off his chest, burning himself further in the attempt. Ash took the opportunity to leap on him and begin tearing away, feeling the strain as she used her Overwork skill. Her venom never triggered on this one, but with the doses he had already taken from two other lizards, the green weenie seemed overcome with his wounds. He fell, almost on top of Ash as she clung to his body, and was dead in moments.

At the same time as all this was happening, Naji attempted to pacify the now-free lizard as it dashed towards him, and Scott remained in hiding.

”Whoa whoa whoa” He yelled, throwing his arms in front of him and flaring his wings, ”Easy big fella. Easy!” The lizard actually did thrust its front claws in front of it and rear back on its haunches, sliding to a stop--then it eyed Naji through yellowed slits, its double set of eyelids “blinking” one at a time. Its forked tongue flicked out just once, then it drew its head back like a rattlesnake…

You are weak from Malnutrition, Stamina Loss, and HP Drain. WARNING! Your HP is low!


A New Day (D2)

As Ed awakened to a new dawn, he was free to choose what else he would do this day. Thanks to the fight from yesterday he had eaten well, and what little HP he had lost was fully recovered, along with his stamina. Would he seek out those two other rats? Or those other Wisps who had said they, too, were from Earth?

As it so happened, from his crack in the wall he could see one such Wisp right now, not too far away. But it looked like that one--the one that WASN’T the one Mei had attacked--was now involved in some kind of kerfuffle involving two goblins, at least two Fanged Lizards, and then the Wisp himself. What was up with that? And what about all that ruckus going on at the bonfire? Or the fact that the bright light that had dimmed so much the day before--near what he assumed had to be the entrance to the cave--had now returned even brighter than before?


The Hole in the Wall (D2)

As Jason tossed the Wisp corpse at the Slime, it reflexively snapped up the morsel and then seemed to go semi-dormant, wobbling thoughtfully as it began to digest its meal. It seemed to hear Jason, but whether it understood him was another matter. For now, though, it didn’t seem to have the ability to focus on more than one thing at a time.

The second Wisp had flown in a little closer, out of range of Jason’s lunges but enough that it could be more accurate with its shots. When Jason fired his own acid spit at it the magical creature dodged and returned fire with its last Mana Orb--once again Jason felt the painful sting as the damage he had no resistance against tore through his body.

WARNING! Your HP is low!

But he still managed to lead his Stone Shot--and this time, the rock went just a little bit faster and seemed to glow just a little bit brighter.

Skill Rank Up! Stone Shot I > Stone Shot II!
Earth Magic Damage Increased.
Speed Increased.
Piercing Damage Increased.
MP Consumption Increased.
As an Active Spell Skill, you can use any rank of this Spell you possess. You can fire (3) shots max at Rank I, and (2) shots max with MP leftover at Rank II. Currently you only have enough MP left for 1 shot at Rank I.

And the rock bullet blasted a hole all the way through the Wisp, dropping it like a marksman’s skeet target.


Your experiences have culminated into new power! You are now Level 3! You gain Skill Points you may distribute as you please!

Unspent Skill Points:

Current Skills:
Physical Damage Resistance I (1.0)
Warcry I (1.2)
Stone Shot II (2.0)
Rock Spire I (1.2)
Tremor Sense I (1.45)
<UNUSABLE> Soil Manipulation (0.5) <UNUSABLE>
<UNUSABLE> Faster (0.3) <UNUSABLE>
<UNUSABLE> Swift Swimmer (0.1) <UNUSABLE>
<UNUSABLE> Aqua Sphere (0.7) <UNUSABLE>
<UNUSABLE> Limited Shapeshift (0.6) <UNUSABLE>
<UNUSABLE> Blood Drain (0.5) <UNUSABLE>
<UNUSABLE> Muffle (0.1) <UNUSABLE>
<UNUSABLE> Crafting (0.1) <UNUSABLE>
<UNUSABLE> Material Analysis (0.8) <UNUSABLE>
<UNUSABLE> Mental Resistance (0.5) <UNUSABLE>
<UNUSABLE> Magic Resistance (0.4) <UNUSABLE>
<UNUSABLE> Agriculture (0.2) <UNUSABLE>
<UNUSABLE> Plant Analysis (0.1) <UNUSABLE>
<UNUSABLE> Acid Spit (0.5) <UNUSABLE>
<UNUSABLE> Bounce (0.1) <UNUSABLE>
<UNUSABLE> Charisma (0.1) <UNUSABLE>

Xiao Mei, Asteria

Biology Class (D2)

As Asteria watched Xiao Mei work, the other Dire Rat’s dissection provided some interesting results.

You used Monster Analysis I!
---Fanged Lizard---
A reptilian monster with potent venom. When injected via a bite, it acts as a neurotoxin to paralyze the prey. When exposed to the air, it becomes a highly acidic liquid. The lizard can spit at a distance. You’ve found its Poison Sac!
---Analysis Complete!---

Where a human’s appendix might have been (relatively) was a purplish sac organ of some sort. It seemed to have swollen after the creature’s death for some reason, but it wasn’t clear whether the horrible smell around it was from the sac itself or the rest of the Fanged Lizard’s innards.

The rat sisters had seen two types of venom, the type that the lizards could spit and the type that they seemed to inject with their fangs to paralyze prey. Did this sac contain both? What was it capable of--both beneficially and harmfully--and perhaps most important, what were they going to do with it now that they had it in their paws?

Meanwhile, would Asteria remember those skill point things from the previous night?


The Pool (D1)

As Lorek tried to layer on the Curse Words, he found himself getting a “NO MP” notice after three such curses. The black fog around the pixie did, however, seem to be getting thicker--but when it got close enough for him to attempt stabbing it, he couldn’t lift his impromptu shank in time with so little magical strength.

The Pixie’s fist was weak in comparison to most other attacks, but it wasn’t like Lorek’s body was that durable either. The blow knocked him “head over heels,” for a given value of that expression. He made a split second decision to consume his Mana Crystal, which restored his MP--but then gave the Pixie yet another chance to hit him, this time with a flying dropkick that knocked him rolling through the air once more.

WARNING! Your HP is low!

But now with full MP, Lorek could fight back! The Pixie, sensing victory was near, sneered villainously as it drew itself back, revving its wings for one more charge--then Lorek concentrated his Lesser Force with the intent to crush the puny body in front of him.

It wouldn’t have worked under normal circumstances. His “telekinesis” was just too weak. But this Pixie had been cursed multiple times in succession. Its bones cracked and snapped like twigs. It squealed, like a female child’s desperate cry, before it vomited blood as its organs ruptured. When Lorek finally let go, the lifeless and mangled body dropped towards the pool below. With a splash, a bloody cloud began to expand on the water’s surface...
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