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Crazy work schedule, I sometimes get called out and disappear for a day or two. If I've committed to joining your RP, though, you can usually count on me taking its pace into account and being around. I will always try to let GMs and partners know when I've got business coming up or when schedules suddenly change.

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Inspiration for your character can come from stories like Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Hero, The Seven Swords, The Untamed, Ying Yang Master: Dream of Eternity, and Heaven's Official Blessing.

I'm only familiar with the first three of those (though I didn't watch Seven Swords in its entirety), but does this mean that things will be more along the lines of exaggerated, but still relatively human feats? Will things like energy blasts, flying swords, ground-stomping earthquakes, and so forth not be featured?
Popping in to save a slot! As mentioned in the PM discussion I'll wait until some other characters have been made so I can adjust mine accordingly, since he was originally made for a different thing. If any other players are trying to avoid "overlap," my guy was basically gonna be a jian swordsman with a style that revolves around drifting footwork, high speed attacks, and focus on deflection/parrying instead of blocking. So more of a quickdraw/evasive style of swordsmanship.
@Solarpunk That's a pretty common setup in Wuxia long before Jade Empire (I still need to play that one of these days)--the whole genre is always about the conflicts between the "Righteous/Harmonious/Orthodox/Justice sects/clans/alliances, and the Chaotic/Unorthodox/Demonic ones. Interestingly enough, Cultivation seems like it played a much smaller part in most of the older stories. Then around the time the Isekai fad took off in Japan, something similar happened with Chinese media only they always themed their stories around the Wuxia/Xianxia settings. Rather than Stats and Levels like Isekai, they started establishing more and more varied forms of Cultivation with all these different realms and requirements for "breakthrough." Still the same flood of OP generic protagonists and harem nonsense, though! XD
start thinking about your character and which side they'll be on.

Did you ever get the PM I sent you? I had a prewritten character but wanted to get your thoughts on anything that might need to be changed for your setting.
I've tried the whole rank, layer, etc system and it gets a little too messy throughout the story. I will; however, incorporate a sort of "Skill Level" in which there will only be a certain number allowed in each skill level to make sure no one tries anything crazy. The focus is on the character's physical martial arts abilities as well as how they can weave and work with their magic.

No steampunk, more ancient China, the world before technology.

Gotcha! So, for the sake of preserving the atmosphere and "genre feel," should characters generally stick to Chinese names, general Asian themes, and eastern styles of martial arts? I've actually got a pre-made one that I think would be perfect for this, but he has a bit more of the Korean (manhwa) flavor to him.

Also, can I suggest this link for any players unfamiliar with this genre or the various terms that are used?…
Potentially interested, but I have a couple of questions:

When you say Cultivation, do you have some kind of system of Ranks, Layers, and so forth laid out? Like, do characters start out in the "Realm of Qi Condensation" until they complete some specific technique or training, then "break through" to the next Layer, and so on? Or is there more focus on the characters' physical martial arts abilities, with less flashy magic/energy abilities?

You said the setting is a less technologically advanced world. So do you mean something like a fantasy version of Ancient China--lots of mountains, rivers, mysterious bamboo forests--or did you mean something more along the lines of a Bruce Lee movie setting, or an anachronistic world (something like Naruto's early city designs, semi-steampunk with lots of traditional influence)?
Hi, thanks for checking out this topic! I have a natural tendency to ramble and have tried to overcome it by getting to the chase as quickly as possible, and hopefully the hiders make it easier to get through each section. So the formatting’s pretty plain aside from the CSs, lol. No more word-mincing!

Hi again, thanks for reading this far (assuming you opened all the hiders)! If any of the above characters, fandoms, or little snippets of plot have intrigued you, please get in touch with me via PM! If you only have a question about something, a suggestion as to making this particular topic more appealing, etc, feel free to post a comment in this topic, but I’ll ONLY be discussing actual RPing in PMs. Have a good one!
I have now learned about milk in a bag, and I apologize for my country. I did not know we practice such strange things, though it seems limited to the eastern portion, and that explains a lot if you're familiar with Canadian lore.

"Milk in bags is better! It's A BETTER SYSTEM!" -- Angriest Pat "McFuccBoivin" AKA Fuckface of "Chewie and Fuckface"

The fact that man's Stando Powah [ C R A Z Y T A L K ] literally makes him WRONG is what created Canada's ultimate sin.
🕈 Seiji & Empusa ♡

2nd Floor (Seiji) > 3rd Floor (Empusa)

Seiji and Empusa crested the stairs to the second floor in a hurry, and the human boy released his contracted demon as he looked around. The small, central room that only contained a landing for the stairs had two exits, and each room's flooring beyond the threshold hinted its nature. He took a step towards the bathroom first, out of curiosity. He didn't like the idea of sharing a stall filled, gym-style shower with the other dudes...although, if this place had an onsen-style bath, that could lead to some interesting mixed-bathing scenarios...

@blackdragonBut before he entered, another demon came out of the other door. That room's hardwood flooring made Seiji think it was a den area of some kind, and yet the demoness stumbling out of it must have come from a kitchen...or maybe just a wine cellar. Seiji noticed the mouth on her stomach and gulped. Note to self, be very careful if this one's a hugger too. The glutton awkwardly crashed into Empusa, her speech well and thoroughly slurred as she looked the blonde up and down with appreciative eyes. Empusa giggled, and patted Phagora's back gently--which prompted an enormous belch.

"Ah, there you are, Miss Gula! Found the Endless Fridge already, have we?"

"Well, hello, you- hic- two. If you have anything planned, I'd be happy to join you. The more the merrier, right?" The wine guzzling demon disengaged from Empusa and leaned against the wall. "If not, then could you please help me to my room? I... I haven't been able to find it yet."

"Uh...well, I'm assuming they've gotta be on the third floor, right?" Seiji jabbed a finger back at the staircase.

"Phagora, this is Seiji, my Contractor." Empusa gestured, and the human nervously waved. "Seiji-kun, I'll get her upstairs. You should try to meet some of the other boys."

Was...was it just him, or did her face darken for that half-second?

"Oh uh, sure. While you're up there, find our rooms too, yeah?"

"Yes! I'll make sure our room--" Singular. Oh boy. "--is nice and ready for our first night here!" This time he had no question as to her expression. That wink and the way she licked her lips could only mean one thing. As the winged demoness helped the drunkard up the stairs, the Japanese youth sighed. He wandered into the room with hardwood floors, and immediately noticed the game consoles and TVs set up on each corner wall. He clapped his hands together as if in prayer, silent tears rolling down his cheeks.

But, what was that about an "endless fridge?" And that other demon had gotten plastered awful fast. Moving around and between some of the others who were still lingering on this floor, he made his way to the kitchen and found two standing refrigerators. Raising an eyebrow, he opened one.

"What the FUCK?"
"--at the FUCK?"

"--the FUCK?"


The white light silhouetted his body against something like that gun scene in the Matrix, only with food and drink. He felt a howling wind, like something from the top of Mt. Everest, whip past his blazer's collar. Slowly, he closed the door. He walked to the second fridge, and opened it as well. He didn't say anything this time, but instead put a hand to his ear and leaned into the vast frozen void. After a moment or two...



He closed the second fridge, and walked back to the first. He opened the door and reached for some...Milk. His hand came back out with a bottle of milk. And not the plastic, western style gallon jugs either, or even those weird Canadian bags he'd heard about. An actual bottle, with some cartoony cow mascot, just like you could buy at any convenience store in Japan. He put the milk back. Leaving the door of the first fridge open, milk in full view on the front of its infinite shelf, he went to the second door and opened it as well. He turned, watching the first fridge, as he shoved his arm into the second one all the way up to the shoulder.

He watched his own hand grab the milk from behind the shelf in the first fridge. Then he pulled it back through the second fridge. Walking to the middle of the two appliances, he slammed both of them shut at once.

He popped the top off and drank it down. With a satisfied sigh, he wiped his mouth on his sleeve.

"This place is WEIRD."

@blackdragonAs Empusa and Phagora made their way to the third floor, and passed through the stairwell into the side clearly labeled "Girl's Dorm," the blonde looked for the other humans she had seen carrying luggage for the demons. It figured that the pecking order would be established early. She felt smug that she had already prepared most of the things Seiji would need with her magic, rather than packing his actual belongings on Earth. Making copies of modern day materials was a little more detail-oriented and energy-intensive than making good old fashioned gutting steel, but not at all impossible. It made it quite easy to travel light, and stay prepared.

"Ah, here you are, Miss Gula!" She pointed to the first room they came across. It was labeled as a shared dorm, so it looked like Phagora would have a roommate. Two, actually. Empusa looked at the first name tag next to the gluttonous demoness's own. "...Wait, Ogdranich?" Even as she said the name, a static crackle seemed to invade her thoughtspace. She...could not remember any demons by that name, and yet somehow she felt she should know it. She frowned.

"THAT is a girl?" She looked at Phagora to see if the other demon had any thoughts on the subject. Then Empusa looked at the second name tag, and an entirely new form of eldritch horror filled her heart.

[Shared Room 0: Phagora, Ogdranich, Empusa]

"No...No..." She let go of the other demon, allowing the poor drunk to hit the ground with an unceremonious thud. Empusa held her face in both hands, eyes wide as a high pitched, hysterical cry left her throat for anyone nearby to hear. "THIS HAS TO BE A MISTAKE!"
I'll go ahead and write something when I get home from work then. Keep a stiff chin, folks.

EDIT: We have to throw someone into the infinite fridge. For science.
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