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Current Valentines? You mean the day before "Bargain Sale Candy" day?
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um hey, me and the other crabs in the bucket have noticed that ur getting near the top. that's like, problematic, bc we're still in the bucket? :( so yeah if u could, just like, get back in?
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@Cleveraptor: I mean, you kind of can? If you know how to exploit glitches and are into...certain tags...
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@Black Cat: The best method is "Ask your players to post when they can," followed by "be patient." Initiative orders outside of tabletops are unnecessary and can kill your RP if someone drops.
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I love the character trope of "Guy who abuses every loophole in a world's well-defined power system and the mentality of those who use it, and then just whips out a firearm."


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Poison Attack at Rank I allows certain natural attacks--claws, fangs, etc--to produce a poison. It can be one of two possible weakened forms compared to creatures who would "naturally" have their own venom: A weaker version of Paralysis, which essentially Slows a target, or a weak Damage over Time. Increasing the rank can raise the potency, the chance of infliction, and so forth.

Muffle boosts stealth by quieting the sounds you make to a certain degree. Increasing the rank is pretty much a straight upgrade to the effect as it applies to clothes, environment, etc.
Orc Camp


The idea of "free samples" was apparently too sophisticated for the Orcs. Adults and Runts alike began grabbing as many sausages as they could in both hands, some of them even yelping as they burned themselves or poked themselves on the sharp end of Esfir's skewers. The two already fighting were joined by another pair.

The noise began to attract others, however, and some poked their curious noses as close as they could get without singing them and began pestering Esfir as she cooked.

"How ya makin' dem!?"

"What's in it?"

"Wot's dey taste loik!?"

While fending off their questions and hands that got a little too eager with her fire-blackened stick, Esfir soon proved much more matronly than orcs twice her age and size. With the Runts she was a little more gentle, whispering conspiratorially to a few of them.

"Runts gotta watch out for each other, yeah? It's a big orc's world out there!" But to the others showing off their greed, she barked more loudly. “Won't be teaching, but if you wanna watch, bring your kills here tomorrow and I’ll make something out of them. I’ll take my cut, you’d get the rest. Make it big kill though. Tatzelwurm n Harpy are too small for a meaty sausage." Several of the adult orcs shared looks among themselves, and there were several nods and grunts of assent. They weren't sure exactly how this Runt had learned how to make these things or why she spoke with such a bossy attitude, but she'd obviously proven she was capable of making good food that the rest of them didn't have access to. The idea of having someone else gut and cook their kills appealed to the more lazy ones, and trading for food seemed fair to some of the more meritorious warriors. But not all of them looked happy at being scolded by what was, by their standards, a mere child.

"Ha! All ya gots t'do is put 'em on a fiyah!" said one of the taller adults. Avoiding Esfir's stick and the open flames, he instead grabbed the long links of raw sausages--taking almost two dozen of them for himself! "There's lots o' fiyahs roun' heah!"

Then he turned to run, only to run smack into the muscled chest of an equally tall, yet meaner looking orc.

"Ah--Cah, capt'n XolkUUGH!?"

Whoever this "Captain Xol-something" was, the other orc didn't get the name out in time to stop the heavy fist from crashing into his jaw. It was a hard hit. The sausage thief's eyes rolled back into his eyes, and his arms stuck out stiff as boards as he fell forward and slightly to one side. The captain grabbed the sausages from his victim's limp fingers, then walked towards Esfir. After meeting eyes with her and simply observing for the space of a long, baited breath, he handed her back the victuals and crossed his arms.

"Whatcher playin' at, Runt?" he growled. "You wantin' to sell and barter these things? Or get food fer yaself without huntin' it?"

You've Cooked a Meal: Grilled Tatzel-Wurst!
Consumed: 2 Servings, Grilled Tatzel-Wurst (x10)!
This meal has been prepared in such a way that its nutritional value has increased! One or more servings of this meal were of higher quality than Average!
Activate [Ingestion: Tatzelwurm] (Y/N)? Approximate Ingestion: 35% > Boost! 95%!
Warning: This will ERASE current Ingestion!
Current Ingestion: [Pimpleshroom 10%]
Ingestible Skills [Pimpleshroom]: Further Progress Required.
Detected Ingestible Skills from [Tatzelwurm]!

  • [Slash]
  • [Poison Attack]
  • [Muffle]

You are Well Fed. Your HP and SP recovery rates are temporarily boosted.
Quest Option: Meals 3/3 Fulfilled!

@King Cosmos

Akeno would see that the camp still bustled here and there with activity even as afternoon was starting to wear on. The Runt she knew as Esfir seemed to have started some kind of barbecue frenzy, which had attracted one of the adult orcs she'd seen accompanying the Warchief--presumably one of his body guards or direct subordinates. At least one orc had been laid out by a heavy punch, and a few others had stopped mid-squabble to stare at the Warchief's minion as he now stood over Esfir with his arms crossed.

The Shaman had finished whatever business she'd been at before, and now sat in a wooden chair simply looking around at the camp. She had that expression on her face universally associated with an elderly person in rural society, sitting on one's front porch in a squeaky rocker. When she caught Akeno's eye, the old she-orc half-smiled, one worn-down tusk peeking over her lips.

The Warchief's dwelling now had smoke coming from the large chamber under the main house, and the other body guard had a more relaxed posture as he stood at the foot of the stairs. She couldn't see exactly what the leader of the tribe was doing, but the smell of cooking meat was in the air. It might've been coming from Esfir's little project, or from any of the cookfires around the area, but of course the leader of this chaotic tribe would have to eat too at some point.

It seemed Builge and his two lackeys had left the farming orc alone for the moment. They were now wandering the camp, harassing any other target unlucky enough to bump into them.

The aforementioned farming orc was still digging by hand, either sewing seeds or building little heaps of fertilizer around them.

Aside from this, Akeno could also see that there were more Runts in the camp than before, though they somehow stood out less than the various orclings she'd been running around with earlier in the day...

South Caves


Though Grunthor was able to get up without getting himself stuck to anything, using his Sharp Rock to scrape the spider goo made the primitive weapon too sticky and thickly coated in the congealing substance to continue using it. He had to swing his hand back and forth to get it to come off at all, and with a splat it now stuck to the ground. Maybe once it dried the goop could be cracked or burned off, but as of now he'd basically lost all of his weapons except for his own fists.

When he kicked the spider, it let out one final fart accompanied by another spurt of raw web-fluid. Then, a groan emanated from beneath its hairy, chitinous bulk. The spider twitched as the Runt beneath it started to work his way out--he was bleeding from a small gash on his head caused by scraping against the rocks, but other than that only looked bruised and winded.

"I'm alive, and as--cough--as far as EXP is con--hungh--concerned that's all that counts, baby!" The unnamned runt managed to work himself from side to side until everything above his waist was freed from the spider. He raised an eyebrow at Grunthor. "Are you planning to try and drag this sonnuvabitch back to the camp? We might have to chop--"

He stopped. His eyes went from side to side. His ears twitched. One hand groped the ground--but that knife of his was gone, likely still lodged in the back of the spider's skull.

"We aren't getting a system notice." he said in a grim tone. "We're still in combat range!"

But the darkness of the cave around them--for the torch had fallen on the ground somewhere, and was starting to sputter--remained eeriely silent. From where they stood, they could just barely see the corpse of a nearby orc. He wore animal hides and was thickly muscled, definitely an adult, but he was also most certainly dead. It looked--and smelled--like something had slashed his belly open. Clutched in his hand was a rust-specked sword with a chipped blade...But what lay beyond him was clad in total blackness...

Deep Forest


As Agar stayed hidden, applying the Tatzel Venom to his weapon and observing his potential prey--or predator--neither of the other two creatures took notice of him.

The wolf-like beast crept closer, and closer still, to the sleeping Tatzelwurm. When the snake-like creature twitched, the canine lowered its belly to the ground, ears flat. The Tatzelwurm settled in again, and again the wolf advanced.

Just as the beast came within a lunge-and-a-half's distance, the Tatzelwurm opened its eyes. Had it heard? Had it felt? It sensed something, and the predator sensed that its prey had detected it! The wolf lunged!

The Tatzelwurm coiled itself, rotating its entire body towards the direction of disturbance! The beast's paws hit the ground again--the Tatzelwurm hissed a warning, fangs spread, but too late, for the predator had momentum--and both creatures snarled!

The wolf's jaws came down on the snake-cat's midsection. The reptile lashed out with its claws at the beast's snout. Red blood flew and bone crunched! The tatzelwurm yowled and spat. The canine shook its shaggy head. A snaketail lashed like a leather whip, and the serpent's fangs snapped shut an inch from the other monster's ear! Those brown jaws shook again then released, only for the teeth to come down somewhere else. The tatzelwurm dodged solely by virtue of its wild thrashing--again, its claws found purchase, shaving a chunk of fur and flesh from the hound's shoulder! But the wolf pounced on it, halting its tail with one huge paw! Again the tatzelwum lunged, aiming those poisonous fangs at the other beast's chest. They snapped shut--and so did the wolf's jaws, on the back of the cat-snake's neck. Both bore down with snarls and yowls and yelps and howls.

Another crack and snap, and all was still. It had all happened in less than a minute. The tatzelwurm had only a mouthful of that thick, wheat-and-earth-colored fur. It had bitten down too soon. The wolf, however, had accomplished its task.

It shook the body again, even tossed it. Playing, or just making sure the enemy was dead? Then it bit into the creature's tail, and began yanking and pulling to separate the flesh, snapping its teeth against those bristly scales...

Will try to get an update posted over the weekend!

EDIT: Got 'er done quick-like this time!
@ERode Thanks for the invite, and this looks like a really cool idea! Unfortunately, though, I think my schedule is such right now that it'd be unwise for me to jump into another game. Still though, I appreciate it, and wish you luck!
Orc Camp


Given that the Harpy and Tatzelwurm were both carnivorous creatures, their intestines were somewhere between four and eight times the length of their bodies once unfurled. They were small, granted, only about as big around as one of Esfir's fingers or perhaps the thumb at best--but given the viscera of both creatures she had left over, along with what remained of the Tatzelwurm's meat that she couldn't eat in a single sitting, the old-at-heart orcling found enough material to make an unexpectedly large number of sausages in the natural casings. Working with a different pair of hands that weren't quite as skilled and weathered as before, there were a few mishaps here and there...but the few lengths of intestine that got shredded could just as easily be stuffed in with the rest of the fillings.

Once she had twisted them into links of about six inches per sausage, or close enough to a hand's length, they started to look like actual processed meat instead of strips of raw game and bloodied organs.

By the time she slung the long meat-chains over her shoulders and headed for the fires, she had roughly 60 Very Thin Sausages--half of them made with Tatzelwurm, and the other half with Harpy. They were roughly the size of round beef jerky sticks. When cooked, they shrank down a bit as the outer casing darkened. Sizzling, fatty grease sometimes dribbled from their ends, along with hissing steam as the ground up innards congealed and browned...

By the time Esfir finished cooking her test batch and looked up, it seemed like several other Orcs--both Adults and the younger Grunts--had gathered around the particular fire pit she'd been using.

"Oi, Runt, where'd ya get dem sassy-gees?!" said one with a warrior's build, as he wiped drool from the corner of his mouth. "I ain't had none since wot we last raided dem pinkies on da udda side of da forest!"

"Wot dey got in 'em?" asked another as he sniffed the smoke coming from the fire--almost getting close enough to singe his own nosehairs. "Dey don't smell like pigs or cows like the ones humans make..."

"Ey, Runt, ova'ere!" Another jumped up and down to be visible above the others' heads. "I'll trade ya dis noice stick I found for a handful of 'em! I was gonna make an axe out of it--it's real solid-like!"

"Don't gibs dat mukh nuttin!" shouted another who pushed the first. "Gimme 'alf ov'em, an' I'll gibs ya a real knoife! Made o' metal an everyting!"

"Oi, who said yer could push me, ya muddafuggin--" A meaty smack followed by a grunt echoed, but it wasn't certain among the throng who had hit who first. But other offers were thrown Esfir's way--and a few of the bigger, nastier looking adults stepped closer surreptitiously...

@King Cosmos

"Yep!" Shamar puffed out her chest with a grin as Akeno inquired about her kills. "I gots a couple traplines out ta the lake, and I goes huntin' afore sunrise and after sunset both!" Then she snorted, and spat over her shoulder onto the ground. "Course, summa dese gits trades me to do it for 'em, but too many of 'em tinks all I want is what's between their fat legs!" She chuckled darkly. "I did cut one off, mindja, but I didn't keep it." Then a louder laugh. "Worked better fer catchin' fish than any worm!"

When Akeno next asked about shelter, Shamar shrugged and popped her neck to one side.

"Ya gotta find it or build it, don'tcha? If'n ya don't, den I reckon ya sleep cold. Oh, and ya ain't got nowhere to store ya stuff." A thought seemed to occur to the head hunter at that moment, however, and she looked at Akeno more seriously.

"Lookie 'ere, Runt. We's all Orcs 'ere, right? It's us against da whole damn world! So, makes sense dat we ain't allowed to kill each other, right?" She gestured towards the rest of the camp around them, and the raucous behavior of their tribemates. "Anudda tribe, dat's one ting. Defendin' yaself, dat's anudda ting. And even fightin' and wrasslin, dat's just natural, yeah?" She wagged her finger like a children's teacher--which, technically, she was at this point. "But, if you ain't got nowhere to keep ya stuff--you leave summin' on da ground, anywhere inside da camp--then dere ain't no way to keep it. The only time you gets ta kill anudda orc..." Shamar's fingers idly readjusted themselves on her knife.

"...is if he crosses yer territory, and lays hands on yer stuff, wivvout yer say-so. Cause we all needs our tools, our weapons, our food, and so's on, to survive out here. If you've tried to protect it as best ya can, an' they violet...violent...voliates dat--" She spat again and ignored her verbal slip, "Den it's yer call what to do with 'em."

Again, she shrugged.

"Course, if'n ya can get in and out of someorc's tent wivvout bein' seen, can't nobody stop ya from takin' whatever ya want. An' if someone invites ya in, and den ya swipe summin, then they only gots themselves ta blame unless they finds out quick enuff." She shook her head, then turned back towards her work. "Even if someone's outta the camp, most orcs will respect a shelter. And some orcs are awful quick to call anudda one out if dey see 'em bein' a sneakthief."

Before she disappeared around the other side of the yurt, however, she threw Akeno a knowing wink.

"But sometimes, bein' a sneakthief is downright useful, yeah?"

And then the orcling, wearing her fresh vest, was left to her own devices.

South Caves


The impact of Grunthor's spinning club hitting the web caused it to wrap itself much like a self-closing net. Luckily, the only thing it had captured was the weapon and a few rocks on the ground--however, while the club was coated in the sticky substance, Grunthor wouldn't be able to grab it without trapping himself as well!

"My MP's dry!" shouted the unnamed Runt as both of them closed in on their wounded opponent. Using the antler-bone hilted knife he'd taken from the camp, the greasy haired orc took a running start and leaped at the spider's back! The creature hissed and began kicking its remaining rear legs, but as the runt sank his blade into it and pulled, he was able to climb out of their limited range of motion.

Grunthor, having made it to a standing position once more, used his Sharpened Wooden Stick in conjunction with his original Skill! The three swift blows managed to land on one leg in two different places--at the very least, his aim was good enough to catch it in motion! However, the force of hitting the spider's hard exoskeleton multiple times was enough to crack his stick--It likely wouldn't last past another hit!

Despite this, however, he'd put a crack in this leg too below its last joint, and the spider couldn't put weight on it as it tried to scuttle along the wall!

Then its butt let out a gross squelch again, and Grunthor was knocked backwards by a gooey wad that was more liquid than thread. As it covered his chest he slammed into the ground--but he'd need to get up carefully! Any wayward move might allow the substance to stick him in place...

Nonetheless, the spider roared in pain! With so many injured legs, and its other attacker climbing up onto its back to stab it over and over, it could only do one thing--throw itself backwards.

There was a loud THUD as the big body landed on the cave's rocky floor. The greasy runt disappeared beneath its bulk...but underneath the spider's head, blue fluid began to seep onto the rocks. Its legs and manibles thrashed madly for a few seconds...and then, like a hydraulic system shutting down, began to slowly close in on themselves...

Currently, neither orcs nor spiders were moving...The cave grew eeriely silent...

Deep Forest


As the sound of Agar's missed step died away, the Tatzelwurm soon put its head down and seemed to be napping. Again relying on his new Muffle Skill, he quickly made his way to the mushroom patch. In addition to the Red Cream and the Turtleshell, the System notified him of the name of the pointy-capped, rust-colored stems: He'd obtained 3 Liver Stalks.

However, upon turning to check his surroundings again and choose which direction to go next, a streak of color that seemed entirely wrong for this environment caught his eye!

At the edge of this pocket of forest, hiding between the shadows of tree roots and keeping close to the trunks, was a wolf. However, rather than black or grey, this creature had a pelt that was mostly brown towards its belly and feet, but lightened to a dirty blonde wheat color on most of its upper body. The hair running down its neck and back was long and stood stiffly; its tail was like a fluffy bushel of millet.

The creature looked quite skinny, and its eyes glimmered with a desperate hunger. A dark red tongue licked its chops as it fixed that ravenous gaze on its prey...

Luckily, that prey was not Agar. The orc runt was in the shadow of his own tree, in the dark patch where the mushrooms grew, and his own skin color melded with the environment much better than this beasts's did. Instead, the sleeping Tatzelwurm was the object of the wolf's stare, and as Agar watched the beast crept closer, one slow padfall after another...

Would he risk drawing attention to himself? Would he try to distract the monsters somehow, or just let them fight, and try to use that opportunity to slip away? Or maybe, like he'd done with the Harpy before, to try and take out the weaker of the two? The wolf looked weakened...but it was also the second largest monster Agar had seen in these woods, after the horned alligator.
Working on an update; may be a day or two because I've been a little busier than usual this week. Been working on other non-RP writing projects and found a new gym to train at, getting my own Karate class ready for a belt test, that sort of thing.

EDIT: And we're up!


In the days since the cult incident, Miyuki hadn't done a lot out of the ordinary. But now, every time she had to go out--which she did as little as possible--she spent much more time looking over her shoulders, or questioning her contracted demon about every supposedly suspicious person in sight.

More than once, she'd seen those little goblins again, and a few other demons. A handful of times, she'd either had to defend herself, or had mustered up the courage to hunt them down. Lham Dearg was able to take care of them, though sometimes the girl had to whack them with her own bokken--which she now carried just about everywhere she went, despite being overly conscious of people staring at the tote-bag hanging from her shoulder all the time. People were probably starting to think she was some kind of delinquent!

It was hard to keep focused on her classwork at college, and more of her peers were openly talking about all the different rumors. Demon appearances were getting more frequent, and news about Satoshi Miura's involvement with the cult--as well as the "drug-induced infighting" at their gathering--was starting to spread too. Every time she turned on the TV, the fear that someone might've recorded her, Xavier Wong, and the other girl hurting those brainwashed people caused a hard lump to form in her throat.

But, she had learned a few things as well. Using the college library as well as local bookstores, she'd started a small collection on various cultures' demonology and fairy tales. Thanks to her father's love of Western literature she was already familiar with many medieval legends as well as some of the concepts from Christianity and Judaism, but as she read up on other mythologies--like the Unseelie Courts, Jack Frost, and the Greek Cyclops--the more some of what she'd encountered started to make its own strange kind of sense.

Underneath her curiosity, however, troubling thoughts darkened her dreams. Because if all of these monsters could be real...what about things like ghosts? Or Heaven and Hell? And if those things could be real too, then what if her father...

Thankfully, Mr. Wong's number had shown up on her phone before she could dive too deep into her own anxieties.

Family Restaurant

@Eviledd1984@The WorldAs the waiter set the small plate of chicken karaage, rice, and shredded cabbage in front of her, Miyuki nodded her thanks while staring at her lap. This whole time she'd barely been able to look Mr. Wong in the eye, and she was super self-conscious of sitting next to Hikari--she flinched any time she thought she might've accidentally bumped the other girl or put an elbow too far over the boundary of "personal space."

But, with a gulp and a trembling jaw, she managed to look up over her glasses and speak.

"E-eto...I d-did have a dream like that, y-yes..." She glanced around the rest of the restaurant. There was no one immediately near their table, and Xavier was clearly the most suspicious person in the building thanks to his ridiculous outfit. Then again, a movie star probably had to avoid paparazzi somehow...

"B-But I don't know if I was really...picked to, um, save the world." She glanced over at Hikari. "I was just told that something was c-c-coming, and that if I wanted someone to save me, I'd have to...to call out to a demon."

Nothing appeared behind her. No one else in the restaurant noticed anything. But Xavier and Hikair, her fellow "chosen," would be able to sense the subtle spiritual presence of Lham Dearg looming over his master, like an extra shadow. She put her hand--the marked one--on the table.

"B-but...I d-don't think I can j-just, um, just sit back while these m-monsters are attacking people, or weirdos like Satoshi are trying to brainwash us!" She suddenly blushed as she realized she'd gotten more excited than she intended, having bounced a little in her seat with a shake of her fist. "If, if I can be of any help...I'd, well...I would like to try...if you'd be okay with that, I mean..." She poked the tips of her fingers together awkwardly.

Then, one strand of her hair suddenly shot straight up as her eyes brightened.

"Ah, wait! Gaburieru--I think that's, um, Gabriel, Mr. W-wong! The Christian Archangel!" She gulped again as she looked at Hikari. "If it's related to Christianity, then that makes sense that they'd have ties to Catholicism!" But now her fire dimmed as she looked back down at the table, and picked up one of her karaage with her chopsticks. "Although...if Satoshi was claiming that he was going to save the world too, and has angels on his side...does that mean we were fighting for the, um...for the wrong side?" As she quieted herself with food, she looked towards Hikari in hopes that the other girl would have something to contribute too.

Mmm then to resolve this issue I can edit my post to have them do something else. Perhaps doing something so our characters can build a relationship with each other. Is there any ideas of something they can do in before going to the interview?

Maybe after giving them his contact info, Xiaolong suggests they get out of there before things get dicey--as I'm sure all the violence would've attracted police sirens--with instructions to call him once they get back to their homes? Then just arrange a meeting within the next few days where they all sit down and compare notes, learn a little more about how each of them got dragged into this mess, and so forth?

Since we just had an action heavy segment, a little "social breather" would help, I think.

Sorry, I've been busy with other IRL stuff too. Anyway, I think my "issue" really comes down to feeling like the plot is a little rushed. I don't mean to offend or anything, you're the GM not me, but I just feel like we're sort of jumping from one event to the other without enough development in between. For instance, this:

You can say the three of them have been working together to get more info on the cults. Encountering other demons and summoners that has tried to stop them.

I feel like if we went into this segment, with the characters exploring around town or meeting at a cafe 1 or 2 days after the "cult incident," instead of the "Interview at NHK" mission, it would give us more time for all the characters to get to know one another and establish that "unlikely group of heroes" dynamic. As it is now, aside from the fact that all three of them have been "chosen" and they were willing to help each other against a common enemy, what motivations or bonds do the characters really have with one another?

And while we, as players, are familiar with the SMT-setting to know how the demon contracts, skills/magic, and so-forth work, our characters haven't really gone through enough experiences to learn all those things.

I might be the only player who feels like this, which is fine, but I think that's what's making it hard for me to write around the plot pacing.

My post is going to be a little delayed on top of my recent injury I am now sick lol

Take it easy friend, no need to rush! Focus on recovery before worrying about RP; wishing you well!
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