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Current Just a few more hours and i get to dissappear for 10 days. The place we are going has some wonderful views.
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wow talk about nostalgia. Things to do while your bored, look up "the cluefinders."
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what? its already been a year here? *looks around* well other than loseing a bunch of wieght not much has changed.
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Will be away on a training from the 3rd to the 13th should be fun but no internet.


Sup im sword just got here and am getting a feel for things.

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Victor Astorio

At the very least he now had some time to think about what he was going to talk to the princess about after classes today. Victor wasn’t sure how or what he would say, would it be safe for him to tell her everything or be safe. Should he completely come clean it could be dangerous for leaf if he weren’t careful. The issue remained that he lacked the resources to investigate this further, effectively he had hit a roadblock.

These thoughts rolled through the counts mind while he got ready for class. He didn’t talk much to Salem only mentioning a change to his training schedule due to winter hours. Victor didn’t want his mage staying up later to try and catch more time in the sun while until he was used to his new classes. He also mentioned wanting to go over code phrases with him later while he was walking out the door. This didn’t leave much room for discussion.

Victor made his way to his first class of the day, an intro to tech class. Salem said it would be fun but he highly doubted that. Maybe this would make him more self sufficient in this new age and he wouldn’t have to keep breaking his phone or having the boy do it for him. None of this sounded fun to him he was glad he could get this out of the way first and enjoy his other classes.

He seemed to arrive at the class a bit after most of the others, but a few were still trickling in. he was wearing his normal loose-fitting clothes, but this time went with a more forest green pallet accompanied with a light jacket. It wasn’t normally something he would wear but it was still something one would expect some one who works for the council to wear. More akin to a field agent than anything.

Finding a spot towards the middle of the class with the small note book he kept in his pocket and a pen that he sat on the desk. He had brought his cell phone with him as well incase he needed it but it was off. He wasn’t sure if there was assigned seating like there was in other classes for the nobles, but he didn’t like sitting up there anyways. The teacher soon found her way in and started the class. This Dame Patel, he didn’t really have any opinions on her. Really, he hadn’t sat down and talked with her at length, she just came off as very energetic and that never really mixed well with him anyways.
Hobgoblin Gird
Time to go home. >> a peaceful view /// Day 0 // Evening > Night

Darkness soon engulfed the world once more, the encounter of the mountain beast definitely shook his spirit. He was after all just looking to see the darn thing but he didn’t expect to see it or for it to see him. That kind of power could only belong to a king, a mountain king that’s possibly as strong as the mountains themselves. Still the fact remained, if something could get that powerful, in time he could also get the power. It was nice to be able to rely on Luz to help him with this as well.

The church was rather empty and it didn’t seem like many of the others had returned, perhaps they were going to spend the first night outside like they did. It seemed like it had been years since they first slept outside or cleared out the skeletons of this place. Gird was quick to seek out the elder goblin and give him one of the three bats he had left over. “We were able to get more than a few of the bats to the north. We also found that legendary beast, that mountain king. It is… powerful.” The hobgoblin trailed off but didn’t say more.

Gird looked to Luz and nodded, “I’ll see you in the morning.” Gird didn’t feel like the weather was going to change for the worst so he found a spot around the back of the church and buried the last two bat’s he had kept with him deep into the ground. He was tired and didn’t feel like talking much. Instead Gird would attempt to use his claws to find a spot to climb up on top of the church.

Finding his perch on the top of the church where he didn’t have to worry about falling off. Gird didn’t know why but he felt a peace inside him as he gazed out across the dark forest now that he could see but found himself gazing up at the many bright stars in the dark sky. With a deep breath the hobgoblin dug his claw into his arm until it bled. With a wince he traced out his claws and fingers down to his wrists, the red blood a grim contrast against his pale skin.

“My goddess Duvelna, I call to you. I hope you find my offerings to be enough for today. We came across something today, something that froze me in my place, its sheer primal power was awe inspiring. So I ask you what can we do, where can we go. To find strength like that. Strength that would allow us to protect our tribe, power to bring your influence to the rest of this realm. All so in the end we could be seen as worthy to be called your followers.”

Following his prayer, Gird would find a comfortable spot to rest for the night on the church.

Summary: @Jangel13@demonspade64Gird entered the church and gave a bat to the elder goblin, he told him of their catch and what they saw on the mountain but didn’t wait for a reply. He then left and buried the other two bats near the back of the church and climbed to the top of it using his sharp claws. He finished the night with a prayer to the goddess and then began star gazing before beginning to fall asleep.

looks like they made one up but no info in it yet@Phi Chisym
Grikgar /Grik/ Seeker

// Unggoy Ultra // Demolitions and Artillery // Location: Enemy Stronghold

The fighting slowly subsided as the rest of the rebels were slaughtered or ran through another fortified door. The other fighters seemed to be ok or at least not seriously injured. Grik was watching around the room as Vael seemed to check a crate but judging by the growl it wasn’t what we were looking for. Once the order to retreat was given the grunt was quick to fall back to the door they entered and checked his ammunition. He still had one explosive charge, 2 grenades, one and a half magazines for the cannon but both his pistols were below half.

“Will need to rearm soon but Grik is ready to regroup with other team.” He called out then with his plasma pistol in one hand and the reignited jackal shield in the other, the grunt began to make his way back to where the two groups split up in the first place. The Unggoy was still aware that the enemy could be waiting around any corner but by the sound of fighting down the hall he knew the other team was still fighting.
Chasing Shadows

Victor Astorio

The snow was falling just as quiet as ever, the sounds of children finding this snow soon erupted and broke the silence. He raised his glass with a smile to Ryner when she spoke to him. It would seem that his time to enjoy the silence was done but the princess still remained making casual conversation with Ben. There was still some time to relax before the day started so the count stood up and walked up towards the princess and count Benjamin with the half full glass of blood still in his hand.

Victor did not seem to be bothered by the amount of snow that has accumulated on his person. Still, he stepped up to the duo with a smile. “Your highness” he started with a respectful bow of his head. “A lovely evening we are having yes?” the count was in good spirits as the break from school went rather well for him other than Varis coming back but you can’t have everything. He didn’t want to interrupt too much but did continue for a moment after she spoke to Ben, “forgive my interruption but would it be alright if I came and spoke to you about something sometime this week? It is not to terribly important." A lie but he wasn't about to say something direct in front of another noble.

“That is all I did not mean to interrupt, please continue with your conversation.” he still wasn't the best at this talking politely even in casual conversation. instead he continued to drink the rest of his glass silently as his eyes drifted off toward the snowball fights happening down the road.

@Bert Macklin@Achronum
Hobgoblin Gird
Not the biggest thing in the forest >> Time to go home. /// Day 0 // Afternoon > Evening

The duo traveled back into the forest towards the spider’s home and along the trail they came from. Gird could tell that the light was beginning to dim as his eyes didn’t hurt so much as he was looking into the dark forest. Clearly it would be getting dark soon that combined with the dark coloration of the spiders that even with the enhanced senses they had a t night it was unlikely that they would be successful. It was actually more likely that they would be the ones being hunted if they tried to travel into the Spiders domain.

Gird stopped and looked around, first into the trees and forest and then up to the sky. He hadn’t spoken since they spotted whatever that beast was. He had heard his friend just didn’t want to say anything until now. “Hmm I think that we will have to get spiders later.” He could tell that his mind and his heart had refocused and he was able to talk and speak regularly again. “Whatever that thing was, is king of the mountain, but if something like that can get that strong, it just means that we can too.” He looked to his friend and smiled. “I’m going to go back to the church and rest for now. It’s beginning to get dark and this expedition was more tiring then I thought.” He paused for a moment and looked around. “Tomorrow you can choose wear we go, I want to venture south at some point as well but again I’ll leave that choice up to you tomorrow.

So let’s go home and check on the others.

Summary:@Jangel13 Gird has calmed down and decided to head home now that it has gotten dark. He also decided to let@demonspade64 Luz decide where they will go tomorrow.

well so long and thanks for all the fish... ill be here when we start up again, Ardur and Steve will rise again.


Just wanted to point out there were no trees on that hill it was above the tree line. Secondly I wrote down you would be stunned with fear until the creature finally looked away. I wanted you both too get a full taste of true and genuine fear and realize just how outclassed you both were

Kk ill fix it later
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