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Current Just a few more hours and i get to dissappear for 10 days. The place we are going has some wonderful views.
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wow talk about nostalgia. Things to do while your bored, look up "the cluefinders."
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what? its already been a year here? *looks around* well other than loseing a bunch of wieght not much has changed.
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Will be away on a training from the 3rd to the 13th should be fun but no internet.


Sup im sword just got here and am getting a feel for things.

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Roman Ravenwood

Interactions: Callum @Helo // Mayet @13org

Eavening Attire (Removed the small cape and most of the metal bits after the ball)

Roman kept drinking feeling a little bit of a buzz after his fourth ale knowing he would start getting a bit tipsier after maybe 3 or 4 more and sloshed at about 12 or 13 drinks. Yet he felt that these drinks were not as strong as the mead back home. They sure didn’t taste as good more like a braggot than anything, a mixture of ale and mead, a good strong but bitter brew for a working man or warrior.

It wasn’t until he finished his glass and started on the next did he see just how Callum responded to his drink. It was sudden and strange, he must have drank a lot more than he thought at the party as he was well aware that Callum was not a light weight. Mayet however was a wild card, it seemed she only drank half her glass but was being forward enough that even he could see that she was interested in him.

A strange place indeed, with Callum suddenly blurting out a few things and laughing maniacally before wanting a race? Strange. Even Roman looked to the blue drink with clouds drifting by and back to his own dark lager. Pushing the drink back to towards the bartender with a smile, “On second thought I think this ale is plenty enough for me. Please tell the owner of this establishment that he is doing a wonderful job and that if he ever needs or wants something made by the Ravenwood Craftsman Guild I would be happy to take his commission.” Roman smiled at the lady and turned his attention back to Mayet after watching Callum run off with a laugh of amusement.

This place is strange and I agree with what you said about Nala, only enough room for one or two predators in here it seems.” Roman took a few more gulps of his drink setting down the glass that was now half full. He felt himself getting a little warmer either from the atmosphere or the room itself he could not tell as he was used to much colder temperatures. Subconsciously undoing a few buttons at the neck of his shirt letting more of his muscular chest and shoulders show, the subtle sent of mountain jasmine drifting off of his bronze skin.

Taking in his surroundings again he took notice of the small food fight across the room, the dancers, and the fighting ring. Callum still running and moving, some others in the darker corners of the room having their own fun, while some just kept to themselves and drank. “Callum is a good man not to great on the physical part, I think that’s the first time I’ve seen him run.” He couldn’t help but laugh, “He suffers from what we like to call a glass jaw, I figured that one out the first time we met in a bar fight. The little guy will tucker himself out eventually.” Roman was well aware that he was insulting him but it was the kind of insults that old friends threw at each other from time to time.

How bout this then Mayet. You finish your drink, ill finish mine, and we can go see just how good it feels to dance to the beat of the music like those guys over there.” Motioning to the dance floor. “If the tigress before me feels up for it that is?” A challenge but Roman was definitely having a good night. the morning should be even better when he gets to talk to Violet more on what they discussed at the ball. See just how much of a pain her father will be and if he will have to ask him every day to court his daughter. For now Roman knew it was time for fun and relaxation while he began to drink the rest of his glass.

Roman Ravenwood

“Roman, how are things in Emberrock?”

Roman gave the prince a slightly disappointed face while keeping his smile. Motioning for the man to hold on a moment as he organized his drinks next to him with a smile to the bartender, “thank you kindly miss, one more water and three more of this lovely dark ale for me please.” Being very polite towards the bartender.

Turning his smile back to Callum with a laugh, “I haven’t seen you in what 3? 4? Years and your first words are a slight? We both know its Emberstone, and we both know that shit doesn’t bother me like these other idiots. Im not your dad but at least this time im glad I came.” Roman proceeded to drink the entirely of both glasses of water with one breath each as Callum spoke.

“Enjoying your time in Sorian? I’ll bet they don’t have parties like this in Varian.”

Ha not quite as interesting, the summer festivals im missing right now though. Those ones are fun.” Picking up his first glass of ale and drinking two big gulps before putting it down again, eyeing the blue concoction next to him for a moment. He hadn’t touched that drink yet but by the looks of everyone else it was going to put him on his ass.

I got to tell you it was good seeing so many friendly faces again but there were two that stood out tonight and im looking forward for once to making more memories with them.” The bear of a man unbuttoned his sleeves around his wrists and rolled up his sleeves up past his elbows showing off his scars and bronze skin.

“Violet Damien, she said she danced with you even, but it seems you had better luck with her sister, she said she’s a bookworm and a few other things that reminded me of you. I do like that one I’ve never met someone that could bring me out of my shell like Violet.”

Roman finished his first beer and started on the next without skipping a beat, “She has beautiful scars, her skin is as soft as silk, her voice carries pain and mystery in equal bearing, those eyes its like looking out into the stary night and having a hot forge look back at you. I don’t know what it is about that one but im looking forward to finding out just how deep her pain is and exploring her mystery.”

“its like she’s a work of art. every facet, every etching is like a whole nother book an entire new story of depth and wonder.” Leaning in close for a moment and speaking a little lower, “this one really gets my metal hot if you know what im talking about.” Roman couldn’t help but give a big laugh.

Then another man cut in wearing a mask but Roman knew by the looks of him it was the blond from the cart but under a different name and a strange accent. A fast talker barely leaving enough time to get a word in edge wise, Roman elected to drink his beer and laugh. This was turning out to be a good night. “Here Here, I do hope you enjoy the festivities friend.” He wasn’t entirely sure how to proceed with that one, but he left just as soon as he came.

“The other one that caught my eye is Mayet the Alidasht princess. Now that woman… woo.” Again, his smile never seemed to fade as he spoke to his old friend. “That one is definitely unique, and I do believe would be very fun, my only worry is that we are two spirits of fire. time will tell if our flames will burn brighter together or burn each other out.”

“What of you friend? What new adventures or fair maidens have you gotten a bit too far into lately?”

"I think you might need more than just a small mask to hide your identity, Lord Roman."

Their conversation was interrupted slightly yet again by a familiar voice joining them with an almost whisper in his ear. Roman did not recoil from her sudden appearance only took another gulp of his beer and smiling at her, “Ah yes, I thought the same thing Mayet that’s why im not wearing one. Good timing, I was just telling my friend Callum here how fun our dance was and how Gracefully you move across the dance floor.” Taking another drink of his beer and looking to his blue drink again, he honestly wasn’t sure if he was going to drink it now, the beer here was great paired with this environment and he did want to remember this.

“How even now in this environment, the look in your eyes never lose that look of a mighty predator, a skillful huntress. Reminds me of one of your myths, the fire Jinn, im sure if I could see your soul, your power, I would see a mighty blaze.” The man was glad he was out of the castle and in this place. These kind of places with this kind of people and these kinds of drinks was always a nice way for him to relax, unwind, and not have to worry about holding his tongue.

Roman Ravenwood

With the end of the ball and the dispersing of the others back to their homes, estates, and guest houses came a feeling of relief for the man. Roman never really liked these social gatherings but it would seem that this one had been rather interesting compared to the last. Hopefully he would be able to find violet again tomorrow. Maybe a walk around the area would be nice if he didn’t get too smashed at the party coming up. Hopefully it would be a good one.

Roman only stayed in his room for a moment to leave his coat and get ambushed by Princess Ana with a hug that he gladly reciprocated before skipping off to inform the others of the ‘secret’ party. He did like her she was always bubbly and absolutely adorable. He was glad she hadn’t changed much since the last time he saw her. She never seemed to judge anyone poorly or have a negative outlook towards others or most others. Ana and Callum were his favorites of the Danrose children.

He made his way quietly to the others at the stable and waited in the back of the crowd as the others whispered or talked among themselves. Once the carriage pulled around he found a nice spot on the floor in the carriage and mostly kept quiet but his smile didn’t fade. They stopped for a moment to pick someone named kazoo up and continued to what looked to be an old dilapidated warehouse. Letting everyone else out first Roman found himself at the back of the group scanning the environment outside of the warehouse finding only the feeling of being watched from an unknown place but shrugged it off.

A masked man was guiding the group further down into a secret passage down under the building, a rhythmic sound slowly became auditable as they walked. At first it almost sounded like a hammer or two swinging away at something with how it thumped in your chest but that idea was soon forgotten as the strange sounds began to accompany it. At the bottom of the stairs Roman almost missed the man offering masks as he stared at the lights and sounds around them, by the gods he whispered turning to the man with the masks.

Ha, I don’t know about you but I don’t think that mask will do much to hide this frame.” Motioning with his hands to his physical build. “Thank you though.” The Tall man made his way to the bar and eyed the bartender for a moment, “quite the establishment, tell me what will it cost for a pint of your darkest beer, a pint of water, and…” trailing off for a moment as he looked at the menu. “Conquer the Mountain that one sounds good. And tell me miss” eyeing the woman once again, “how does one get into that ring over there?” motioning to the fighting ring nearby with people cheering and shouting.

He seemed to be a little easily distracted at the moment and was definitely a lot louder than he had been at the dance, almost like he waited all night just to be this way. He looked among the patrons at the bar until he thought he recognized the clothes Callum was wearing earlier but was hard to tell with this lighting. “CALLUM!” he raised his voice for a moment to get the attention of likely everyone at the bar, “Come drink with your old friend, it’s been too long.” The smile on the large man seemed like it would last forever.

Grikgar /Grik/ Seeker

// Unggoy Ultra // Demolitions and Artillery // Location: Under the platform

The fire fight was raging above clearly the second explosion through the enemy into chaos but it sounded like they were still putting up a fight. The sounds of the battle above were muted below the platform the vibrations from grenades and the creaking of the platform itself as it strained to keep its stability under the new load of broken support beams was definitely more noticeable near the bottom of the platform.

The others fighting up above did little to settle the grunts heart with his game of cat and mouse. He was being stalked by a shadow, wasn’t the first time but he did not have the weapons like he did last time. A quick mental check left him with 1 grenade, 3 shots in his plasma cannon, half a plasma pistol charge, and his knife. It wasn’t great but he could work with it. Grik had been able to best a sangheili or two in training bouts before and he knew how the majority of them fought.

He had taken cover behind a rock for a moment listening to subtle sounds and noises waiting for the Elite to make a mistake. He heard for a moment what sounded like rocks moving from a foot step. Tossing his grenade into the vicinity but purposely short of where he heard the noise from the other side of the rock. Diving toward the platform for more cover and activating his own camouflage once he was behind the blue glow of dissipating plasma.

Slowly and quietly Grikgar would find the nearest pillar or support structure he could and climb it to get the high ground. Hopefully turning this game of cat and mouse around on the elite and be able to assist the others above.

Violet & Roman

Violet felt his rough hands reach for hers. They felt so small in his with the coarse feeling of his skin rubbing against her smooth unworked hands. Something about how they felt sent a shiver down her spine, as she eyed his scarring and markings that trailed up his arm as if telling a story that she so desperately wanted to read. She was not expecting to fall so hard and fast for a person, no one had ever caught her eye before this. Yet, his rough exterior and soft nature, the look in his eyes as he watched all added up to a very deep connection between them. It was scary.

“Don't look too hard then, you may end up running away.” she said softly. He was right, there was a lot of pain and anger built into her. Years of being toted away from others in worry she may be injured, watching her sister recieve all the praise and attention due to her fragility….her sister…Violets eyes widened as her expression turned to one of utter shock. ” This whole time i’ve been so distracted..I forgot about crystal.” She said slightly panicked. Though that moment only lasted for a short time as she looked at Roman. She really had been putting so much of her life aside for crystal, to dote over her and care for her that much of the time she forgot about herself. She shook her head knowing she was going to hear an earful from her and likely her parents. ” Truthfully..” she dropped her gaze ” I am going to be a bit selfish and leave her to fume, which I expect she is doing." She twisted her fingers in his grasp moving them along his rough skin as she felt the butterflies in pit of her stomach flutter around. ” I am not very good at dancing” she said nervously ”I pretend I hate it, but the truth is I really do enjoy it. I could never pass my dancing lessons, so I slowly just gave up

“We all have our problems, the things that keep us up at night.” He didn't notice that he reached for his crystal pendant, the slight teal glow shone faintly in the night air. “Mines a sad story, a few of them actually. Those are stories for a different day though.” Roman looked up towards the stars for a moment and returned to staring into her eyes with a hint of sorrow behind his smile. “Someday I might tell you.” gently rubbed the palm of her hands. “You have a remarkable ability to pull me into the moment and push through some of my walls. I've only ever met one other person who could do that, she does it through more stubborn will than anything. But what are mothers for than to make sure their children are okay.” he hoped she didn't feel put off by that comment but he assumed he would figure that out.

When she mentioned crystal he frowned for a moment as the tinge of guilt came back to him, “I suppose I should thank her for guiding me to you even if it was a joke. If you don't mind, what sort of things does your sister like? I might be able to make her something.” Roman began thinking of a few ways he could do so and ideas, “it would have to be a trinket or jewelry, she's too weak for weapons or armor, no muscle mass for either. Could be a trinket, she doesn't look the type to stand out, she's kind of adorable like that.” eventually pulling away from his thoughts he looked back up to Violet when she mentioned dancing.

“I actually enjoy dancing. It's kind of like fighting but slower and with a rhythm. That rhythm also reminds me of forging or masonry with every hammer strike. All you have to do is follow my lead and don't worry about stepping on me. I'll be sure to catch you.” his warm smile returned. Glancing back towards the party he could see the band was getting ready for the next dance. “Looks like they are going to start soon.”

Violet felt him rubbing her hand, it took all the restraint in the world to reach for me. Her mind drifted into inappropriate thoughts for a lady to have. She pictured his arms wrapping around her, swallowing her into an embrace. His large,wide and strong arms enveloping her as she would melt into him.

Pulling out of her thoughts, she was grateful for the brisk night hair keeping her from turning red. She offered him a smile at his comments about her being similar to his mother. She supposed that there were worse things she could be compared too. However, the idea that she had the ability to make him as comfortable as he made her continued to keep the soft smile on her face. “ A Tiara” she joked letting out a soft laugh “ she wants so badly to be a princess, I am sure that would be fitting.”she paused as nerves began to grow “ oh..I hear the music.” she took her hand back slowly before turning to watch the dance floor as various couples began to set up for their dances.

Violet's heart skipped a beat as she felt the nerves building up in the pit of her belly. Her normally pale face seemed to get a shade lighter as she bit her lip nervously. “ You know we could just” she said reluctantly. Her body language said everything, but the thing that made her the most nervous was being so close to Roman. The idea of having his hands on her body sent sparks of nervousness all over her. She looked over at him “ I suppose we should go?” her voice was a bit shaky. She wasn’t sure why she was being so vulnerable around him, normally her tough exterior was up and strong but after spending the last hour or so speaking with him she seemed to have dropped it completely.

“Hmm a tiara and a bookmark maybe.” he spoke quietly while he was thinking about the designs he could use, his eyes searching through the crowd inside for the small girl. At least he had the hight advantage to see over most of the people gathered. This advantage gave him just the right line of sight to pick up Crystal talking to Callum. He did enjoy Callum’s advice, he is a smart, intelligent man with a lot of book smarts. At least enough for him to know to keep his head down in a bar fight. Roman smiled slightly remembering how the two met in that bar, his smile grew slightly as he could see Crystal give the prince a peck on the cheek something that caught even more stares and whispers from the other attendees.

“I don't think you have to worry about Crystal seeing as how she just kissed Prince Callum on the cheek. It is always fun to see him flustered like that.” looking back at Violet with the same smile she had given him since they first met, his posture relaxed not at all like his statuesque posture he had earlier in the evening. “Violet you should never turn down a good time you never know when you will have the opportunity again. So smile, laugh, relax and have some fun. I'll protect you, I won't let you fall. If you have to, just place your feet on mine and I'll dance for both of us. As long as I'm dancing with you in my arms I'm sure we will have our fun.”

Violet smiled at his ideas, the creativity he showed was inspiring her own thoughts “ oh! What about a special quill holder and ink jar.. I know that is likely small for the things you normally make but I think she would get alot of use out of it.” Violet smiled, but it slowly faded when he mentioned Crystal and Prince Callum. Of Course she caught herself a prince. “ I would say I'm surprised, but I'm not.” she said shrugging. “ Crystal always was our parents favorite for a reason, she’s been so set on snagging a prince even her books are starting to go that direction. That and she seems to have a strange infinity for coffee.”

She saw him relax as he turned to look at her , his words making her laugh lightly at the idea of her small feet gliding around the dance floor. She too seemed to relax “ As long as you promise.” she smiled and started to head towards the dance floor.

Roman followed slowly behind her scanning the crowd for a moment then back to her, his soft smile ever present. Her words about Crystal didn't seem too happy, “I'm not going to stand here and pretend to know the relationship between you and your sister, but you should be happy that she is happy. Don't let these things stick to you, it will only sour and bring negative thoughts. Our time here on this realm is fleeting, some pass on early and all you're left with is… negative emotions towards them.” his thoughts drifted to some of his family and friends he has lost through his life.

His smile faded for a brief moment before returning in stride, “so enjoy the moment, be happy for them, even if you're not or you could care less. No one lives forever, the gods will call us all home eventually.” he had led them to the edge of the dance floor as everyone seemed to be getting ready. “So I don't know about you Lady Violet Damien, but I will be enjoying every moment I have with you to the best of my ability no matter how long that might be.”

She sighed, here she was killing the mood with her petty issues with her sister. Deciding to not spoil her night she decided to ignore his attempt at trying to settle her mind. He was right, he didn’t one ever did.

Reaching the edge of the dance floor, she turned to him ”shall we?” she said gesturing towards the dance floor as the other couples flooded

Roman politely led her out onto the floor with confidence just like he had with Mayet. Turning to face her with a small bow and taking her hand with his left hand and carefully wrapping his right arm up under her left placing his hand on her upper back to begin the waltz. “Remember this one is slow, just follow my lead and it's ok if you step on me.”

Violet followed along with him, curtseying as he bowed. She felt his arm around her , pulling her in and her other hand fit well into his. A cringed expression passed over her face as he mentioned stepping on him. Thankfully her shoes had nothing pointed on them, but she wouldn’t be surprised if the first few steps caused her to stumble. “Okay” she said nervously, the butterflies fluttering as she looked at him, their bodies so close together.

The music started slow and seemed to stay that way for a while. Roman kept his grip on her hand and back but was careful not to be too tight with her in his grasp. The two were very close now, closer than they had been all night. He liked that she didn't tighten up her collar as much as it had been before and he could see her scars better now, “do you know the area around the castle well? I have not been here for some time. Do you have any favorite spots in this city to hide away at?” he thought he might as well continue with their conversations instead of silently focusing on just the dance.

“Oh and what perfume are you wearing? It smells delightful.” he couldn't quite make out the aroma that seemed to follow her and her alone as they danced. Even he was wearing a subtle mountain jasmine perfume, going as far to keep a few of the delicate flowers tucked in his clothes while they slowly danced to the song lost in each other's company.


The dance slowly came to an end and Roman could help but smile at his new friend. He was surprised they grew so close in only a matter of hours but he was happy and that's all he wanted. This summer was definitely going to be a fun one.

“Lady Violet, it was certainly a wonderful night made even greater still by your beautiful presence. I think I will talk to your father tomorrow to let the events of the night settle.” His smile never faded as he spoke to her trying not to get lost in her eyes.

Roman Reached into his right jacket pocket and pulled out a small cluster of Mountain Jasmine he had kept there and handed it to her, “it seems that the festivities are dieing down for tonight. I do hope you have a fabulous evening. I do hope to see you again tomorrow… I just hope you like me when I don't have to be formal.” he chuckled at his last statement. With a smile he slowly let go of her hands stopping for a moment with a smile, he didn't want to go but his anxiety with this place was starting to get to him.

Roman only hesitated for a moment before pulling away entirely and heading back towards the wall and into them away from the crowd of lingering nobles. Picking up a few handfuls of what was left for bread and meat from the food table as he passed. With the letter in his pocket he knew he had to get some food down for the drinking that came next.

Violet & Roman

Violet hadn’t even noticed that her sister had left. She accepted the bread but didn't seem interested in it, she just continued to lean against Roman, raising a brow at his question. “ My family?” she had to think for a moment , and without any filtering she cocked her head to the side ” Secrets?” she shrugged ” My Father is a collector of them, I suppose he’s made a career out of that. My mother, well, she …I don't really know what she does in truth. My sister gets kept locked in a room most of the time, and I am just secluded in my own chambers. We also don't really host many parties unless Father deems them worthy of his time. “ she took in a deep breath “ I am just a Lady.” she said simply. Violet was never given much besides classes on how to be the proper lady for her husband, etiquette schools and fashion lessons. She was being groomed to become a Lady that she continued to fight against those standards placed on her.

She reached for the glass of wine near her, and finished off her glass before setting it back down. “ Don't tell anyone though, it is a secret.” she stated. She then began to eat on some of the bread slowly , looking back up at him she admired his face for a moment. Her thoughts continuing to just seep out “ You are a very handsome man Lord Ravenwood.” she smiled at him “ Your eyes jump out like a diamond amongst rocks, just can’t help but look at them.” She looked away taking another bite of the bread before finishing it off.

She really was a lightweight, were the first thoughts to come to mind followed by a few thoughts about poor communication within their household. “Thank you for your compliment, you look quite stunning yourself. Silver eyes that shine like starlight, that is a rare trait to have.” he gave her another smile, continuing to be a pillar for her to remain standing. “Thank you for telling me Lady Violet, I will keep it a secret and do as you asked.” pausing for a moment, Roman thought about if he should ask her now or later. Ultimately he decided to wait on his proposition to her until after the next dance and maybe she would have a clearer mind. With what she said about her father and her sister, Roman could only guess as to the protective nature of her father and hoped he wouldn't be too difficult.

The large man noticed that king Danrose seemed to have called forth his concubines to the dismay of the queen. He felt sorry for her, that she had to deal with that. Shaking his head slightly in disapproval and rolling his eyes he returned them to the gorgeous young woman that was still holding on to him as she ate. Her presence alone was starting to make him relax and the firefly’s from earlier had subsided. “Tell me, if you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?” He knew he wasn't great at conversations so he figured he would at least try.

Violet continued eating her bread, she offered him a smile at his compliment as the butterflies in the pit of her stomach moved around wildly. She started to feel a bit better, at least the spinning of the room had slowed to a slight wave. She thought for a moment trying to peace her mind together. She shrugged “ I honestly do not know..the thought never crossed my mind as it was never a possibility for me to leave.” she paused ”but..if it's not too forward to say..the place you described…where you're from..really does sound like a sight I would love to see. The idea of a town built into a mountain surrounded by snow and crisp fresh air sounds like a dream. “ She started to lean less and less on him, though her hand still lingered on his arm. “What are your dreams Lord Ravenwood? A place you could see, a moment in your life or perhaps an object you wish to obtain“

It would seem that Violet wasn't as far gone as he thought and seemed to be recovering rather quickly now that she was eating something and didn't seem to hold on to him as tight but didn't seem to want to pull her hand away just yet. “Hmm my dreams?” Roman had to think about it for a moment and kind of look off into the crowd while he gathered his thoughts. It wasn't a tough question but he was thinking about how much he should say. The last thing he wanted to do was scare her off but he didnt think that would be an issue here with her. “I am a man of simple things, I don't care to grow my position in the nobility. All I want to do is work… but what do I need? What are my dreams?” again he paused but kept his eyes on her, softly staring into her silver orbs.

“I have sailed the sea’s with our merchant ships. I've seen the lush jungles and dry sea’s of sand of the Alidasht kingdom. I have walked through the plains and swam through lakes and rivers in this kingdom and Varian. Climbed mountains, braved storms, traveled through the endless night of winter in the far north. From ancient caves to beautiful forests and vast cities there is no place like home.” He paused for a moment to judge her reaction and continued, “my dream is to find my home. Sure I'm from Emberstone Stronghold but I'm afraid I won't find my home until I find the one that is meant for me and I for them. Someone who doesnt mind having a big family with many children, that supports me in what I do and that I can support them in what they do.”

Another slight pause and a sigh before finishing what he had to say, “I have a house, I have a big family, my dream is to find and make my home.” Now all he had to do was wait and see if he came off a little too heavy handed or not being fully aware that he does that sometimes. ”I think you would like it up there in Emberstone as long as you bring some warm clothes.”

Violet looked at him, unwilling to break eye contact. She couldn’t help but feel his restraint , possibly holding back out of fear .. he too wore a mask of his own, but she could sense his was less nefarious than others. “ I am used to wearing many layers Lord Ravenwood.” she paused for a moment, the small amount of alcohol in her system edging her onwards. “ But from what i’ve been told, the best way to keep warm is skin to skin contact.” she offered him a devilish smile before switching the conversation back.

” That sounds like a wonderful dream to have…To see so much of the world and what it has to offer to only bring you back to the idea of home being the most blissful is very poetic.” She figured she had lingered enough, her hands offered a slight squeeze before removing them from his arms. “ Thank you for helping me, I am feeling slightly better. I had not realized all that I had drank, I had seen you and Ma-” she stopped herself, her face brightened slightly as her rosy cheeks reddened. “ You seemed to have enjoyed your last dance, mine was…uneventful. Another Prince being pawned off to me in attempts to make some perfect match that I care nothing about. “ she looked back at him with her silver eyes “ at least my next will be with a friend.” she smiled brightly at him, the first time this evening that she actually felt excited for something.

“Skin to skin contact does help to stave off death from the cold and keep one another warm, but so does moving always moving. Good stamina and strength are good things as well for keeping warm.” Roman did not think that they were talking about the same thing but gave it his best regardless. “I'm the oldest of my many siblings at 30 but the last to find someone to call my own. Thank you. I know a little about poetry, occasionally someone will want an inscription of poetry for a loved one engraved on their piece.” This night was turning out to be quite enjoyable as the time rolled on and Roman was going to enjoy the time he had.

“I will never say no to a good time unless it goes against my loyalty to my family or my lover, which currently I do not have one.” again he wasn't sure why he was being so frank with her but he liked it, only time would tell if he would regret this later. “The Alidasht royalty will always be fun to play with but I don't think they would want courtship with me as I'm not very high on the noble ladder but I can see them trying to be my friend or at least friendly to gain favor with my family. Not only having our services but possibly being able to deny others our services could be a good tool to have if you needed it.”

Smiling still he felt her let his arm go. Although he was relieved she was feeling better, something about her hands holding on to him felt good to have that contact. “Yes, I do believe we will have a fabulous dance. I'm glad I found such a gorgeous dancing partner. Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it.” he did not break his gaze on her for a moment, “I can truthfully tell you that i see it.”

Violet stared at him a bit speechless for a moment. She hadn’t even noticed the fact that her collar had slid down past her comfort zone. It took her a moment to realize before she reached for it and with a moment of hesitation she stopped. Her fingers slowly closed as she dropped her hand down.

” You don't have a woman?”she took a pause looking confused ”I am surprised, you seem like someone who wouldn’t stay on a market for long..I're handsome, creative and family driven. she eyed his physic “ amongst other things…” she reached for a glass of water off the table, setting her small plate of bread down. ” I am certain you have suitors lined up out the door for you waiting for you to court them, so how come you haven’t found one of your liking yet? Violet was always very forward, she figured seeing as how the man had yet to piece together the small bread crumbs she had left him she figured it wouldn’t hurt.

Roman was curious as to why she was surprised that he had not found someone yet, sure he was a little above average for height where he is from but he didnt think of himself any more then slightly above average. Maybe these southern girls just don't have the options available to them like the women back home. “Well for the past 6 or 7 years I have been focused on my work and training. Some of my last clients requested weapons I was not familiar with so I had to train with them before I could build them. It has been some time since i was able to get out other than make deliveries.” he watched her eyes dance across him but couldn't figure out what detail she was picking up on, “amongst what other things?” he gave her a puzzled look, obviously his mind was not in the proper place for this conversation as it was too busy thinking about her instead.

“I'm not sure what you mean. I should tell you I'm not the best at…. Sarcasm? Or uhh figures of speech when I'm flustered.” he was being honest as he spoke and the facial expressions he was making as he tried to figure out this verbal puzzle he found himself in was a clear indicator of this. “I've never seen a line by my door or anything, I'm not sure why they would wait there in the first place. I guess when it comes down to it I just never felt a connection.'' He had to pause to get himself back in control and not look like a blubbering idiot for once and actually breathe. “I apologize, I tend to throw out information when I'm nervous…” his hand reached up to scratch his head for a moment as he gave her a sheepish smile.

Violet blinked twice, this man clearly had never had a woman flirt with him before but if he had she wouldn’t be surprised if he never realized it. “ um-” she looked at him slightly speechless. ” I fluster you?” she asked with a smile. ”I can assure you, I am not being sarcastic, I am very much confused how you are not taken. However, after this conversation I am slowly seeing why.” she let out a slight laugh ” when a woman flirts it appears to go right over your rather tall head.” she smiled ” I find it charming though.”

“Yes you fluster me, you make me want to be myself but I can't be myself in places like this. I'm too loud.” he said, keeping his sheepish smile for a moment longer before furrowing his brow in thought. “Oh you're flirting with me? It's a cultural thing, my people are rather direct and to the point life is short in the north… well it used to be.” his mind moved back to what he was thinking earlier and he decided to move his plans up a little, “Lady Violet Damien, i might be rushing things with this but over this next summer… would you allow me to court you?” his confidence returned to him as he held out his hand politely towards her knowing the next step is to talk to her father.

Violet stood slightly dumbfounded. She certainly wasn’t expecting that. ” Well, as you feel you cannot be yourself, I feel similarly. It would have been made much clearer if we weren't in a room surrounded by people. “ she smiled, knowing he likely wouldn’t even realize to what extent she would have made it clear. Her mind drifted to the time they shared on the balcony. It was when he asked to court her that she felt her knees buckle slightly as she reached behind her to steady herself again but this time against the table. Her face held a brighter red than it had all evening as she had to pull a small fan out from the pocket of her dress to fan herself. “ I am sorry m’lord it seems that wine has done a number on me…Did I just hear correctly? You..Lord Ravenwood want to court me?” she looked at him perplexed.

Violet's reaction caught him off guard for a moment, he wasn't sure if there was something wrong or not when she quickly held onto the table and looked as if she were to faint. “Are you ok?” his voice was worried for a moment but he composed himself when he saw her balance herself on the table. “Yes I lord Raven Romanwood… err.” his face felt like he was looking at the heart of a forge at how hot it was getting. “I… Lord Roman Ravenwood asks for you, Lady Violet Damien, to allow this humble soul the Honor of Courting you over the summer while we are staying here.” He wasn't quite sure if he was moving too fast but sometimes when you know you know.

Violet covered the smile on her face when he messed up with own name, biting back a laugh as she didn’t want him to think she was mocking him. Removing the face from her face, she smiled brightly and nodded softly. “ I - … Yes..Yes. “ she struggled to find the right words. She cursed in her mind at how this man had that power over her, she always had something to say. “ I would be honored. “ she smiled at him. “ It’s quite warm in here..I might take a moment to step outside, you’re welcome to accompany me if you wish.

“I-i think that is a good idea.' ' He looked around for a moment and decided to lead the way to a balcony nearby. “I truly hope you don't mind me being blunt, I just don't know how to go about these things very well.” Roman made sure to walk slowly and keep her near his side so she could still hear him as they got closer to the balcony. He could already feel the temperature drop a little but his face still felt hot. “I'm not sure how this will work with that arranged marriage you were talking about earlier. I suppose I could duel the guy or scare him.” by the sound of his voice he was considering this as they made it to the balcony.

Violet followed beside him, her hand picking up the folds of her dress as she walked towards the balcony. “ Lord Ravenwood, I would much rather you be blunt and honest than beat around a bush. My life has been surrounded by secrets, it's refreshing.” She took a deep breath as the air hit them. It felt as if it was the first breath she had taken during that whole conversation. ” I think you mistook what I was explaining, I am not promised to anyone, I wouldn't allow him to do so. Much to their frustrations, and their attempts at tossing Princes at me, I simply wasn’t interested.” she paused ”I never thought I would marry, court or even simply entertain the idea. I was happy keeping to myself, reading my books in the corner of the room alone.” Leaning on the edge of the balcony ”until you..” she looked up at him, the moonlight reflecting off her dark hair.

“I'm glad you would rather me be blunt, you will get along well with my family.” his big smile grew smaller as she spoke. Gently taking one of her hands in his admiration at how small it looked before clasping it with his other hand he stepped up close to her staring into her silver eyes in the light of the moon. “Anyone can prefer solitude but none can endure it, that existence sounds lonely… heart breaking really. Yet it reminds me of myself getting fixated on commissions and spending likely unhealthy amounts of time at the forge and away from my family.” His voice was quiet and soft, “your eyes are a portal to another place filled with magic and mystery, I could get lost in your gaze for the rest of the night. They hold happiness and sadness in tandem almost as if I can see your very soul.” his vocabulary wasn't always limited when it came to being able to admire beauty when he saw it and this… this girl was definitely beautiful.


Roman Ravenwood

Roman watched violet leave, lingering on the balcony looking over towards where she said her family was. His thoughts wandered as he looked from Violet and over to her father, he needed to know more about her family he needed to talk to her again tonight maybe for the second dance. These dances, although troublesome in their own right, was something he guessed he missed. getting lost in his work too much these last few years made him forget about the dates.

Finding himself watching all those in the ballroom while he lurked in the back for a moment, he almost didn't notice the maid carrying the bowl of numbers up to him; he took one and thanked her. The man didn't know why she hurried off a bit quicker than she arrived but he figured it was due to his size. It wasn't often but occasionally others would stare and whisper things about barbarian or wanting to climb that mountain. He had been mountain climbing before and did not think the lady’s that spoke such things could handle it.

Glancing at the note again Roman began heading towards the line of male dancers waiting for their partners and paused seeing a familiar face. The two servants he had helped earlier stood hidden amongst the drapes and shadows of a pillar. He stopped and looked at the two who did not meet his gaze and stepped up to them. He could have sworn one of them was shaking as he stepped up to them.

As stoic as ever he was quiet while he stood before them for a moment, “My name is lord Roman Ravenwood, it seems I will be staying here for the summer. Please inform whomever is responsible for you two that I am requesting the two of you to assist me and only me. let them know that you will require extra rations, i will pay for it of course and you may find that you learn something from it. I expect to see the two of you in the morning.”

Stepping away from the duo and back towards where the dance pairing was being held. He was just as sure as to who his partner was as he was sure of what those young men were thinking when he left them, which was no idea at all.

It was only after a considerable time waiting that her number was finally called. Mayet, whom was already getting visibly annoyed and tired of waiting, moved to the front of the room with a confident stride and, as always, closely accompanied by Nala.

Much to her surprise, the man who approached her was... 'unique' to say the least. A single look was all it took for Mayet to realize that the mountain of a man who approached her definitely wasn't meant to be among nobles. It wasn't only his size that make him stood out among the other nobles, but his muscular physique made that fact even clearer.

What did make Mayet curious though was how was that huge man able to hide himself for her to not have noticed him when she entered the ballroom. Someone like him would certainly draw her attention, given how much he stood out from most other nobles. Either he had quite the talent in hiding himself despite his size or he wasn't one to socialize with the other nobles that much. Regardless, Mayet was undeniably curious about the man that approached her.

"Shehzadi Mayet Kadir. It's a pleasure to meet you." Mayet said, greeting the man with a very slight and brief bow as she looked at him with a curious stare, studying his posture as he approached her.

"Don’t be afraid to approach us. Neither one of us will bite, unless provoked, of course.." she said with an amused chuckle.

When it was his turn to step forward to meet his dance partner he couldn't help but show a slight smile. the girl with the tiger, his eyes scanned over her for a moment as they stepped up to meet each other. tone muscles, a fierce gaze, confidence you only see in the most skilled knights and royalty, an exotic beauty that these royals are not prepared for. every step she took held its own grace and power, a fighter if he ever saw one, the headdress she wore like a crown facilitating her likeness to the tiger walking next to her.

Roman did not hesitate and walked with his own stoic confidence almost like two prize fighters entering a ring, where she was a predator he was a mountain, two spirits of fire. “Lord Roman Ravenwood, A pleasure to meet you as well.” the smirk he held faded for a moment with his own bow towards her.

“I've held the gaze of a predator before.” his rather deep voice matching his stature spoke nothing but truth, “and that of a tigress.” stepping respectfully up to her and offering his large hand to her. “A gorgeous specimen, large animals are not strange to me. I do believe my uncle still has his old brown bear with him back home.”

Mayet couldn't help but let out a satisfied smirk as Roman said that he was no strange to predators. His confidence as he walked towards her and Nala only further reaffirming that fact.

"A man who is no strange to the gaze of a predator... Interesting." Mayet said with a curious expression, watching as Roman offered her his hand.

"There are only three types of person who normally say such things. Those who respect them, those who have learned to fear them and those who have very short lives." Mayet said with a chuckle.

"Unlike most of these nobles, you know how to appreciate the deadly beauty of a predator, don't you?" Mayet asked, looking to Roman with an intrigued expression as she gently patted Nala, making it impossible if she was talking about the tigress or herself.

"That makes me curious though... Have you ever danced with one?" Mayet asked with a chuckle and a mischievous smirk, teasing Roman as she gently put her hands over his, which were easily twice the size of hers. At that moment, Mayet couldn't help but find the size difference between them rather amusing.

“I live far to the north at Emberstone stronghold. These southern provinces are rather tame compared to my home. The comparison does remind me of Alidasht, I have always found your land to hold that untamed beauty of Wildlands.” Roman guided the two of them down to the dance floor and took up his position to begin the dance.

“You must always respect those who are meant for the hunt and never underestimate them.” he continued to speak with a smile. Although being rather large and what one might expect to be clumsy, Roman danced quite well even with a partner that bearly stood up to his chest.

“I believe my favorite part about Alidasht is either the sea’s of sand or thick jungle forests. Our homes are similar, just opposite temperatures.” he did have fond memories of his time in their kingdom even if it was short.

Mayet heard with curiosity as Roman spoke about the territory he lived in, including the comparison he made with Alidasht, which made her undoubtedly interested.

"I would have found strange if you told me you live here like the rest of the nobles. The place of a wolf isn't among the sheep... With that said, it is curious that you are the second wolf I have met on this ball today..." she said with an amused expression.

"Or maybe I should say a bear? It would fit you way more than a wolf, wouldn't it?" Mayet said, raising an eyebrow as she looked to Roman with a chuckle and a teasing smirk.

"The northern territories of Emberstone do seem exactly like the place someone like me would enjoy." Mayet said as she followed Roman.

"The cold might be a challenge at first... But I'm sure if I ever go there, I will find something to keep me warm... Be it hunting or sparring." Mayet said with a smile.

As soon as the dance began, Mayet couldn't help but give a small smile as she realized that Roman danced with a surprising grace, despite both his size and being someone who seemed to be more suited to fighting.

"Normally I would never let anyone lead me, but this time, I'll allow it, since I'm not familiar with the Caesonian dances... Besides..." Mayet said as she followed Roman's lead, looking at him with a surprised expression.

"You move with a surprising grace for someone your size! I am impressed! Although... There is something you could improve..." Mayet said with a mischievous expression as she suddenly got closer to Roman, tightening her grasp around him.

"You should try getting a bit closer. Don't treat me like a precious little thing that might break should you mishandle it." she said with a provocative smirk, carefully watching Roman's reactions.

The smile on his face couldn't help but grow. This one definitely knew how to talk her way into trouble with the way she pulled herself closer to him and caught him off guard. Did not surprise him though. "I am proficient in many weapons and fighting styles. Dance fighting is one of my favorites."

With that Roman tightened his own grip around her waist taking her up to his full height for two steps with ease then returned her to the floor still tight to him. A thought flickered through his mind that she may think he was being childish showing off his strength but he doubted it. "I am a fighter but not a knight or soldier. My strength is due to my work as a master smith. That was actually the reason I was in Alidasht four years ago. And I would never think of you a porcelain doll especially with your physique."

" All Ravenwood's are craftsmen to some degree. Very few get to the title of master with armor, weapon, and jewelry smithing like I did. If you look closely at many of the high nobles, the kings and queens, you will find the ravenwood crest on their jewelry, weapons, and armor." His voice remained deep and stoic, he obviously took pride in his work and family. "For us, in order to make a weapon or armor we must be able to use it in the first place."

Mayet's reaction to Roman tightening his grip around her, picking her up for a few seconds wasn't one of embarrassment, but instead one of surprise and amusement. Few were those who had the courage of being this bold with her. After all, there was a very fine line between something that would amuse or impress Mayet and something that would offend her. Fortunately for Roman though, it didn't seem like she was offended by his little show of strength.

"You indeed weren't lying when you said you had already held the gaze of a predator before, were you?" Mayet asked, looking at Roman with an amused smirk and a chuckle as he put her down again.

"I would advise you to be careful though... Most predators are extremely competitive and most of them would recognize such a show of strength as a direct challenge..." Mayet said, looking deep within Roman's eyes with a piercing, dangerous stare. Despite the fact that Mayet was definitely amused by what he did, there was a subtle, but definite warning in her eyes as she said so.

"... And like most of them, I also hate losing..." she said, suddenly going back to her previous expression, showing only amusement and curiosity.

When Roman mentioned he was a master blacksmith, Mayet seemed to definitely be interested. Especially when he mentioned two words that were among her favorite words: Weapons and jewelry.

"A master smith that is not only experienced in making both weapons and armor, but jewelry as well? I almost have the urge to take you back to Alidasht with me and make you my own personal blacksmith..." she said, teasing Roman as she looked at him with a surprised expression.

"I have already seen some works engraved with the Ravenwood crest... The quality behind these works are definitely undeniable. Both the jewelry, the armors and the weapons." she said, nodding to Roman as he mentioned his family's crest engraved on the works made by the Ravenwood smiths and their belief that in order to make a good weapon or armor, one should learn how to use it first.

"That makes me curious though... You mentioned you have already been to Alidasht four years ago. Not as a noble, but as a Blacksmith..." Mayet asked, looking at Roman with an intrigued expression, clearly wanting to know more about the time he spent on Alidasht and what he did there.

“Forgive me Shehzadi if i was too bold, picking up on subtle cues is not my best aspect. it does get me into trouble from time to time.'' Although proud in his own right, Roman still knew enough to at least try not to take things too far. “As for failing?” he couldn't help but chuckle, “I strive to fail, everyone should fail just like every predator does. Failure leads to wisdom and forces you to grow. For each of my masterpieces there are hundreds of failures behind it.”

The giant’s smile did not fade as he thought of what to say next. “thank you for your kind words. I'm afraid the most you could do would be to commission something from me. I can't tell you who commissioned the work or who it was for but I'm sure you would have seen it. an interesting contraption. a bracelet in the shape of a gold jewel encrusted scorpion. a hidden function, with the right flick of the wrist the tail strikes forward with speed, a hidden needle in the stinger holds a small reservoir containing whatever the user wants is emptied.” Technically the one who commissioned the piece did not sign the non-disclosure agreement so he could disclose the item itself but they never talk about who commissioned it directly unless otherwise agreed upon.

Roman could tell that the song was going to come to an end soon and sighed trying to think of something as she spoke of his and his family's ability and talent with metal working. “I can do one thing for you but it comes at a cost, one of these next few days we will spar, no weapons, best two out of three wins to submission or unconsciousness. if you win i'll make you something just for you. if i win…” he paused for dramatic effect with a devilish smile to throw her off. “I'll still make something for you but you have to help me make it.”

Mayet couldn't help but to laugh as she heard Roman's words about the work he was commissioned to do on Alidasht. She knew exactly who was the one who commissioned such bracelet... It simply had Munir's name written all over it.

"Munir... It has to be him!" Mayet said, still laughing a bit.

"In fact, I would be very surprised if it wasn't him." she said, shaking her head with a chuckle.

"Regardless of my dear brother's peculiar commission... It seems to be quite a complex piece... I'm impressed you were able to complete it. Assuming you did, of course." Mayet said, looking at Roman with an intrigued expression.

Just as the song was almost reaching it's end, Roman gave her an interesting offer. In exchange for a sparring session, he would offer Mayet his services. Should he win, she would help him and should he lose he would make it by himself. Normally Mayet would immediately agree with such a proposition, but the fact that Roman said that they would fight without weapons made her raise an eyebrow and chuckle as she looked at his devilish smile.

"Would you ask for a tigress to fight without using her claws?" She asked, laughing at his proposition.

"Besides... To fight someone of your size without using weapons would be putting myself in a heavy disadvantage... Unless that is what were you aiming for all along..." she said with a mischievous smirk.

“I was simply wondering if you would go for it or not. melee weapons it is then, i look forward to our bout and what you think you may want for your… gift.” he said with his continued smile. The sight of a small blonde girl running from the dance floor caught his attention for a moment then turned back to Mayet.

“I can't say for sure if it was your brother, all i can say is that i delivered it to the palace and a servant took the package from me.but yes it had several challenges but over the course of a few months we were able to get everything right and in working order. the tail was obviously the most challenging but it was not the most challenging thing we have made.'' The song came to an end and it seemed like there would be a brief pause before the next dance.

Before leaving to go and find his next dance partner he gave his dance partner a slight bow, “it was a pleasure to meet you Shehzadi Mayet Kadir. I do hope that you enjoy the rest of your evening.” His words were truthful, this one turned out to be a strong individual but not rude or annoying, someone who can get their hands dirty. perhaps someday they could grow to become good friends, maybe more but for now only the norn’s knew of that.

Mayet let out a discreet smile as she heard Roman saying he would look forward to their sparring session... and that she should start thinking about her gift...

"Don't worry, I promise you I will think of something rather special. All the tales about your skills made me look forward to my 'gift'..." Mayet said with a chuckle.

Mayet couldn't help but to let out a smile as she heard Roman speaking about the scorpion bracelet. Such a complex and 'unique' taste. It simply had to be Munir. She would definitely interrogate him about the bracelet later...

"I'm quite certain it was him. Nobody else has such complex and... 'unique' tastes... Well, maybe my sister Layla would also want something similar, although themed around serpents…" Mayet said with a thoughtful expression.

“Then… There’s me.” she said, with a smirk.

“Weapons and jewelry. Two of my favorite things to collect in this world. Guilty as charged.” she said, shrugging with a mischievous smirk on her face..

“As long as you’re willing to take mine and my siblings’ commissions, I am sure you will have plenty of challenging and exotic pieces to work with.” Mayet said, laughing.

As the dance finally ended, Mayet gave a step back, letting go of Roman as he did the same.

"The pleasure was all mine, Lord Roman Ravenwood. It was surprising to find someone so honest and straightforward to talk with. It was certainly refreshing." Mayet said with a small, brief bow, with a genuinely satisfied expression.
Grikgar /Grik/ Seeker

// Unggoy Ultra // Demolitions and Artillery // Location: Two big booms!

The path the unggoy ultra had chosen to keep him unnoticed was a bit more treacherous than he originally thought. Clinging to the stone walls and cliffs edge during a raging storm was the most fun he was having so far yet his main motivation other than completing the mission was knowing that his goblin was waiting for him with the hot drop of heavy weapons. That knowledge alone was enough for him to quicken his pace while he crawled hugging close to the stone and towards the platform.

Grik moved quickly under the platform and quickly looked around the pillars when something caught his attention. A small patrol of three Unggoy moving slowly under the structure, “why are we here?” one of the two orange-colored grunts spoke with an anxious tone. “Because yap-yap ate to much from the food nipple again.” The other orange grunt retorted quickly. “At least I don’t fall asleep on watch Blip.” The red colored unggoy among them spoke with an irritated tone that made the other two shut up as the slowly made there way through and around the support pillars.

Grikgar knew he couldn’t sneak around them forever and he needed to complete this quickly. Silently he moved from pillar to pillar until he was right behind the red grunt, ODST knife in hand. Plunging the knife into the back of the grunts neck and quickly with drawling it to lunge at the next closest squad mate who didn’t seem to be able to react in time as Grikgar buried his knife in its skull. The surprise and hesitation from the third were all he needed to tackle him and swiftly break his neck in a choke hold.

Grikgar remained still and quiet for a few moments before quickly carrying on with his objective and retrieving his knife. Picking up a small piece of scrap metal from the ground and climbing up to the base of one of the exterior pillars. Grik knew where he was in relation to the rest of the structures and placed the magazine where the platform and pillar met angling it towards the intersection of the two, then he glued it in place with the adhesive of the first plasma charge he had.

He did this again on another pillar a bit farther in towards the other side of the structure he knew was above him but outside of the blast zone of the first explosive. using the thick chunk of metal, ammo, and plasma charge with this one facing it straight up instead of into the pillar with the chunk of metal against the platform and the other two layered beneath it. Quickly the grunt slid down the pillar and to the opposite side of the platform from the others stopping only for a moment to pick up two more plasma pistols and a couple grenades off the dead grunts before continuing to sprint to cover up the hill with a bit of a height advantage over the platform below.

Grikgar blinked his indicator light green twice to signal the others that he would detonate the first explosive in 10 seconds. The reason he went to so much trouble to set up and layer the explosives like he did was to create a shaped charge that would sling a piece of super-heated metal through the structure along with the explosive. 4… 3… 2… 1… BOOM! A blinding light and deafening explosion for him but it was enough to shift the structure slightly. Then the dazed and disorientated defenders would wander into a kill zone.

His allies were making good work of the situation, Grikgar stayed hidden but watched with glee as the defenders began to rally themselves into cover and began to put up a fight. By what he could tell at least some of the defenders began taking up positions near where he had placed the second explosive. That is what you did after all, one explosive to scatter and send your prey into a choke point or central area then detonate the second explosive for maximum effect.

Sending a message to the rest of the team, {“Hold for secondary explosive.”} The glee in his voice was nearly unprofessional but he did not disappoint, setting off the secondary explosive and hopping his shaped charge idea would help to cut a hole in the platform and scattering the defenders once more.
Roman Ravenwood

Eavening Attire

Interacting With:@Tpartywithzombi

It took her a moment to respond to him, almost like she wasn’t used to being talked too. A strange occurrence but by the way her eyes seemed to glow in the candlelight of the ball room he didn’t mind at all almost not catching her words. He was about to reply to her when the clumsy oaf came in behind the foreign delegation. Watching the spectacle unfold he could only sigh and shake his head. He truly felt for the man, he himself wasn’t the best in social situations but where he approached new things with caution and care duke Lorenzo always seemed to come in with clumsy confidence.

The raising voices and anger were enough to put off the one before him making her more uncomfortable. He didn’t blame her emotions and how to deal with people experiencing them were not his forte. Instead, Roman watched with interest for a moment scanning all those near the royals, watching where people were looking and what their hands were doing. He was sworn to protect the royals after all, technically all the nobles were.

Hearing the women’s invitation to join her out on the balcony sounded like a good idea. Still, he hesitated for a moment to make sure the delegation wouldn’t erupt into violence as the other nobles began to grovel towards the foreigners. They were doing their jobs just as they were supposed to. But Leo’s comment stressed a few of the servants more than was necessary. Sure, they were commoners, but they were people too he guessed that was one of the reasons he didn’t like these things to much.

Seeing one such servant nearly falls to the floor near him Roman moved over to him and effortlessly picked the young man up helping him back to his feet he whispered, “Don’t let them see your weakness or you will be eaten alive.” He doubted the lad didn’t know that, but it was encouragement all the same. He held him up for a moment longer before another servant moved over to assist him. Just giving them a nod, the two didn’t seem to know just how to process him helping them and went off instinct. Roman paused for a moment looking back to the royalty hearing Lorenzo begin to weep before smiling at the dark-haired young lady and finally joining her outside.

Quietly he walked to the balcony and took a deep breath as she joined him and began talking. The comment about her bodice caught him off guard and he looked as if he had offended her, but the look changed back to a small smile quickly. He wasn’t sure if she was insulted or not, so he just brushed it off as sarcasm as he listened to her talk about Ravens. He found himself likening how she talked about the birds but had to compose his words properly before answering her question. this was why he liked writing letters, he could stop and think about his next words without being awkward or having to explain himself.

well, when you have an eye for detail and you grow up around ravens its easy to pick them out. Besides I’ve been to the kingdom of Alidasht once before and these things are not entirely new to me. I did not enjoy the heat of that place but seeing the lights of their capitol from the palace walls is spectacular with the narrow sea on one end and the sea of sands on the other it is quite beautiful.” Roman found that he was still holding the cup and took another sip of the red wine.

Still, id rather stick to the cold mountains of home. Which is why I asked about the ravens.” Pulling a part of his jacket to the side revealing an ornate raven perched on a mountain top etched into a metal badge attached to his jacket. “It is our family crest.” It took him a minute to remember he hadn’t introduced himself. “Uhh forgive me I forgot introductions. My name is Roman Ravenwood of Emberrock city.” finishing with a polite bow and a smile.
Roman Ravenwood

Eavening Attire

Interacting With:@Tpartywithzombi

Roman sighed with the warm city air that flowed through the carriage. This city and this part of the kingdom was warmer than he expected but still not as warm as the deserts of Alidasht. His mind drifted to the memories of that strange kingdom. It was only a few years ago that his father sent him there to hand deliver a piece of jewelry some one there had commissioned his father to make, they were fond of the desert insects. Roman never met who it was that it was for he handed it off to some advisor of some sort. The rest of that trip was interesting, he spent quite a while at the local forges and bought many pieces of armor and weapons to try. The smiths of the southern kingdom had some very interesting items and drinks.

A bump in the road jostled the man back to reality as the metal around his fingertips clinked together. For the evening he chose traditional formal clothes from his home just without a few of the extra layers. A Royal blue tunic with a longer black kilt falling from the waist and nearly touching the floor, accented by a black half cape flowing down the back of his left shoulder and a few pieces of armor around the shoulders, chest, forearms, and hands. The armor was something both his mother and father made for him as a gift, intricate silver inlays and carved metal and leather work. It was clear that a great amount of care was put into this and was tailor made for a man of his stature. Finishing off the look with tight black pants and polished black leather boots.

The entire ordeal was not exactly what Roman wanted but he knew this was important for his family and maybe he would find someone that could help him grow that family here. All he could hope for was that he didn’t start a war, even if it would be good for business, it’s not what anyone wanted right now. Rubbing the crystal pendant around his neck it was a nervous tick of his, anxiety wasn’t always an issue, but these kinds of gatherings tended to get under his skin a bit. “You look fabulous for a half giant.” The all to familiar voice of his old friend filled his ears. “Not now Salem, you be quiet tonight.” A subtle laugh was all he heard as the presence faded. He could see the castle now; it was hard to miss Afterall he just hoped that he wasn’t going to be too late.


Stepping out of the carriage he was met with the tail end of the Alidasht procession as it moved towards the ball room. So, he was a little late, but it wasn’t something he couldn’t work around. What he couldn’t work around was what was Infront of him, a parade of animals, flower petals, and many of the sultans’ children and family it seemed. Seeing nobles and royals be carried wasn’t new to him but he didn’t really approve of it either, one should be proud that they can walk on their own two feet rather than be carried by their subjects. This however wasn’t his place to say anything he simply waited and watched taking in all the details of the foreign strangers.

After a few more minutes it seemed they made their way far enough out that he could wave a thank you to his carriage driver and begin the slow walk towards the ball room as not to be confused, if one could be confused, with the beautiful southern peoples. At least they were drawing all the attention away from him, for that they had his thanks. Normally being his size and wearing armor of some type as was customary with the nobles from his home, Roman tended to draw more attention at other gatherings. At least the smell of the flower petal he picked up was a very nice, sweet smell from the jungles. There weren’t many other places in their home that he knew of that had plants like that.

After giving some time for the parade Infront of him to move into the ball room Roman began to walk through the doors just as a mighty roar came from what looked to be a rather well-mannered tiger. He did have to stare at it for a moment, as he had only seen them in the books at the library. Moving his gaze amongst the people from left to right so he could pick up more detail, other than of course the kings and queens that he gave a polite bow to there was not many here he recognized.

With the attention mostly still on the newcomers he slipped into the crowd of people on the edges and walked to where the food was. Most people moved out of his way likely because of his intimidating size he figured. They had more than a few delicacies and rare treats at the table, he found a few fancy meats and cheese before looking around once more. It didn’t take him long to eat the meager portions he had picked up with a cup of wine to help wash it down.

Through his observations a image caught his attention and he had to do a double take. Seeing ravens among the nobility was rare as most saw them as bad omens or just birds. However, Roman could always pick up on the image of the bird as he was basically surrounded by it being from the Ravenwood family. The raven was part of someone’s clothes, this one seemed to be tucked away almost out of sight, but he couldn’t quite tell what they were doing from his angle. Slowly he moved to get a better look at the person then he saw the book and could tell that she was indeed reading and not just listening to everyone around her.

Roman turned and looked back out among the crowds. He could see the kings and queens, the sultan and his advisor, the prince who he met earlier this year, a few other nobles from his kingdom and neighboring cities, even possibly the doctor. Maybe he only met the man once after all when delivering aid to the neighboring city of kolonivka during one of their emergency’s. He was even able to see a rather spry looking count blackwood, it was good to see the duke out and about and that means that Mia should obviously be around somewhere. He would have to try and meet up with his old friend at some point during this party.

Working up his courage but still feeling awkward, Roman walked past the tables of food to where the raven girl had hidden herself away near the back of the room. Slowly he moved into the opposite side of the nook as the lady before him and smiled, “umm excuse me miss, I have a quick question for you if you don’t mind. The raven on your dress, is it for fashion where you’re from or a personal choice?” he found his eyes wandering her form while he spoke to her picking up many details including some interesting scarring that he caught himself staring at for a little longer than he thought might be appropriate and quickly switched his gaze back to her face and if she was looking at him into her eyes. all while holding the glass of wine he has barely drank out of in his hand.
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