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Current i dont recommend getting a pinched nerve, especially in your leg
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Just a few more hours and i get to dissappear for 10 days. The place we are going has some wonderful views.
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wow talk about nostalgia. Things to do while your bored, look up "the cluefinders."
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what? its already been a year here? *looks around* well other than loseing a bunch of wieght not much has changed.
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Sup im sword just got here and am getting a feel for things.

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@Zeroth defiantly a bit slower story then last time but i am still enjoying this, your a good story teller.

// we must go deeper >> Have we gone too deep? //

Agar took a cautious moment to go over what he was seeing in front of him and go over the new notifications he received. There was plenty of information being gained and so far, it seemed his presence was going unnoticed. The muffle skill and level up were a good addition to his growing skill set and now he knew that he could level up his skills with the experience he gained from using them. His next line of questioning was if he could acquire more skills without having empty skill slots. He decided against the thought of improving his health and mana for now, he could only assume that they would get a slight increase when he leveled up.

Thinking to himself knowing he still had the harpy meat for dinner it was probably best to keep expanding his skills and work into them as he went. Thinking to himself he made his decision on the level up choices, “system I choose empty skill slot.” With that decision out of the way he could now focus on what he wanted to do next. Striking the rabbit was an impulse thought but he had to be careful, something big was moving through the forest tracking another group that seemed to be goblin-like. It was stealthy and obviously some sort of ambush predator that even the bird from up above seemed to try and hide away from. The important part was there were plenty of mushrooms around out here.

A few of them seemed to be the ones he was looking for. The rabbit could wait for now, what he wanted to see was how that big creature responded to the others being aware of its presence. He could try to startle the rabbit, but he was likely going to do that anyway, he did notice the nearby tree and turtle shells he could escape too if he had to escape something. He had the screech valve but that would give away his position and he didn’t want to lose his spear or sharp rock. He had to find something on the ground, which was heavy enough, either a stone or heavy stick.

Agar moved quietly and carefully, Finding an old heavy and slightly rotting stick in the duff of pine needles and duff on the ground. Carefully he picked it up and held it in his hand for a moment while still crouched. He felt its weight in his hand for a few moments longer going through his plan one more time as he eyed the figures in the distance, the big alligator, and his two escape routes. He positioned himself behind the bush with a clear view of his escape routes and target, knowing that his sudden movements will probably startle the rabbit, but it would just be another distraction… assuming it ran.

Time for some action he thought to himself, eyeing a break in the tree branches where his branch would make it through. Agar in one swift motion hefted in an overarm arching throw launched the broken tree branch over his head and aimed it at the general location of the alligator ox. Ducking quickly back down to a position where he could sprint either to the tree with the branches and climb or back the way he came while also getting a good look at how everything responded if it did.


ok im working on a post but the holiday season has me busy
@Rune_Alchemist take your time this story telling is a fun hobby but you got to do what's best for you

//Back to the forest >> we must go deeper //

Agar was happy that his crafting worked out well and that his consumption of the raw rubbery meal was also working out well. He continued to think about the skills available to him while he made his way into the forest. The poison attack was something he was interested in, but the muffle had more immediate benefits. Thinking to himself to see if the system read his thoughts, "System I choose Muffle." he wasn't sure why it said he was consuming the harpy flesh he only tasted it. that meal was probably going to be for later tonight, he was hungry, yet he knew he didn't want to try and work on an over full stomach.

The trek further into the forest was interesting, he could feel the temperature drop slightly the further he went into the shaded forest. The creatures here seemed to be more on edge as well and he had the feeling of being watched a few times. There was a strange chicken with horns that ran off into a thicket, a wired not orc looking thing that ran off into the forest, more odd colored mushrooms but not the kind he was looking for, and some strange berries. even the plants through here reminded him of an old growth forest with less ferns. The mist was a nice touch, but he felt that it would be unwise to remain here in the forest’s beauty.

Agar then decided that he would have to keep working to find the mushrooms. Moving carefully like he was, the runt continued his search. taking precautions to remain as unnoticed as possible to the point that he would likely use his new muffle skill if it seemed like something was nearby or moving through. Taking a few quick handfuls of the ripe berries when he passed them, he otherwise stayed away from the other tendril mushrooms. Stepping into the next area to check Agar activated his Field Scan I ability to see if it picked up on the quest items he was searching for and anything else that could be lingering nearby.

If he could find what he was looking for and have enough time he might just go investigate the stone tower or wait until his next free time to do so. Before moving in further into the dark forest and out of the clearing Agar made sure his mud coating hadn't dried out too much. He chose to continue further into the dark forest instead of going along the game trail. He was sure it would speed up his progress, but he didn't want to run into whatever might have made the trail in the first place. He continued to be careful even though he knew it was likely going to take him longer, being sure to stop look and listen every few minutes.


I should have mine up tonight

Time: evening
Location: the ceremony at lovers lake
Interactions: @Tae Mina
Mentions in order:@Lava Alckon Farim @Infinite Cosmos Munir @princess Ana @Helo Callum
outfit: plaid kilt in his family colors, wearing a snow bear skull headdress/ mask, bones of the bear down his arms back and rib cage, body paint in the form of runes, no shirt or shoes.

The circle was set, a barrier to keep the spirits in and the bad spirits out. This magic was small, those sensitive to its use may be able to pick up on it but roman carefully planned for it to be shrouded in the energy of the event. The entire ceremony was basically one giant spell but its draw was spread out over a wide area and between many people. It was an old way, a way to hide it in plain sight even those sensitive to this ritual wouldn’t necessarily be able to pinpoint who exactly was performing the magic but those who were strong in its use likely could. The point being made was that anyone able to recognize it would out themselves as users of magic if they reported or questioned it.

Roman remained knelt on the ground the blood dripping from his nose mixed with his red body paint then mixed again with the red liquid that they had just spread around the circle. The shaman was in the same sorts for a moment as well, digging her hands into the earth then stood on shaky legs. Roman found himself coaxed onto his feet by the woman taking the offered drink from her, drinking the entire bitter contents of the red cup. The feeling of comfort and home washed over him, his heart raced, his senses grew, nerves fired and flared leaving a burning sensation that crashed inside of him. It was time to begin.

Roman signaled the beginning of the ceremony with a loud bestial howl into the night with many others following, drums began to beat an ancient rhythm that reverberated through the earth like its own heartbeat. More fuel was added to the fires growing them ever closer to consuming the offerings left, slowly other instruments began to play slowly forming into a song of feeling without words. More howls, growls, whistling, and many more animal noises were made from the Varian people in the crowd.

Swaying as he walked the giant wearing the bones of the snow bear moved to the slightly raised center backlit from the center bon fire. He found Mia, his echo, intertwined his arm with hers outstretched in front of them. He made and kept strong eye contact before moving his head to softly meet hers. Both took a step back and bowed to one another in unison, circling each other in a counter clockwise motion three times and bowing again. The noises both animal and man grew from his people and the crowd louder and louder, the music almost loosening its beat to play louder and louder until they all reached a peak. Roman took one step forward towards the crowd lashing the giant claws out to his sides and in that moment, everything stopped to a deafening silence.

Moving with a purpose meant to emphasize his every word Roman spoke, his voice was strange and loud as if there was a hint of someone else behind the mask pretending to be the man they were looking at. “The wheel Turns, creakingly chanting, of what perished in fire and frost, of what rises from the ashes!” He deliberately paused leaving only heavy breathing and the crackle of flames, “we call to our gods to join us, to sit with us, to hear our songs! We call to our ancestors to dance with us, to eat and drink with us, to hear our stories! We call to the spirits to watch us, to know peace, to know serenity, and grow with us!” some of his people cheered and yelled at his words.

We call to Lordisa! may her wisdom Guide our minds! We call to Rothgar! may he fill our hearts with courage! We call to Freya! may she keep our lives filled with love and beauty! We call to Helio! may his light brighten our path! We call to Valdemar! may he be just with our lives! We call to Niamh! may her muse never fail us! We call to Eirik! may his storms temper our resolve! We call to Siv! may our arrows strike true! We call to Fae! may his trickery fill us with laughter!” many in attendance repeated the names of the gods as he spoke them, “hear our prayers and our songs, may you cast your favor on these lands and its people! On your people! For our brothers and sisters come and gone! For the faces we may never see again! Grant us your favor! Your protection! Your peace in the days to come!

Reaching into one of the smaller pouches on his belt He threw the contents onto the fire behind him. A sudden glow of color burst forth from the flames, hues of green, blue, and orange danced among the flames. Followed by several horns blowing leading into the beginning of their first song, representing Birth. He turned to Mia, the red ruby’s set in the skull glimmered in the light of the fire waiting for her to start the song before joining in as well, to sing and dance with her.

im sure they will be good friends lol also the post is up. tried a bit of crafting and rest before sending him out on his quest to find some wacky mushrooms

// The Head Hunter >> Back to the forest //

Agar ignored the notification of ingested skill choosing instead to keep eating. The poison attack sounded interesting though, he wanted to see what that last skill was. The orc and the smell of this area all held a familiar feel that felt right to him. He didn’t expect her to accept him right away especially with how the other orcs talked about her. Still, she did offer him a few good options for quests.

Turning towards the sun when she mentioned the time, biting down on the wurm for a moment to measure the distance from the horizon to the sun with one hand under the other. He hoped that the measurement of judging how many hours were left in the day by judging his hands worked here too. If it did he still had some time but not much and he had to agree with her that he wasn’t best suited for this life yet as this runt.

It was a strange choice of quests and it felt like it was a test of sorts. The runt wasted little time in deciding his choice of task, “Agar does not wish to disrupt the tribe but help it, this one will retrieve the mushrooms. Gives time to learn the forest and our home.” A simple answer but he wanted to make sure she knew why he chose the mushrooms over stealing the pouch. Sure, it would probably be hilarious but he wanted the risk, the danger of risking his life.

He gave her a nod then headed back into camp, it was lunch time by now and plenty of the other orcs were sitting around the fires or eating a snack. Agar also took this opportunity to find an opening around one of the fires. Completing the quest was important but he also needed to take a moment to rest and recover his strength before pushing forward.

Laying out the harpy meat on the rocks close to the fire, it wasn’t going to be a perfect cooking surface but he just needed to give the meat a good sear before continuing into the forest. His hands were not idle while he rested and cooked. While continuing to finish the raw Tatzelwurm Agar laid out the parts of the creatures he had slain and began to make a basic pouch that at the very least should last him a day or two until he finds something else that works.

Pulling the harpy wing membrane out tight for a moment, clenching his hands and releasing them, they didn’t move like his old hands but they should do for this task. Carefully he began to lay out the membrane with the Tatzelwurm leather strips and broken coil bone. He carefully began breaking small bones off the coil bone and using them with the fangs and talons to pull twist and pin the skin of the beasts together using the tatezl claw to help puncture the skin and leather but did not use the claw or the intact harpy talon in the materiel used to create the pouch.

He wasn’t sure how well it would keep without being properly maintained but in the end, he had a working pouch. Still wasn’t sure how long it would last. The only time he stopped was to move the harpy meat around and he had finished his raw Tatzelwurm meat including the one eye he had harvested. the taste was weird but the salt he tasted in it was refreshing. Now he spent a little longer exposing the pouch to the flames of the fire to dry it in the way he set everything. Feeling satisfied with his pouch construction and the slightly blackened harpy meat, Agar carefully arranged everything that was left into the pouch with the harpy meat and after a quick stretch set out towards the deep forest that the scout talked about. munching on a kind of cooked piece of harpy meat.

Agar only stopped for a moment once he was outside the camp again to apply another layer of mud on himself and try to find another stick he could use for the trek, sharpening one end of it as he walked if he found one. upon entering the forest he would assume his carful stance while also knowing he had to maintain a certain speed to make it to where the huntress had said. ignoring any orc drama that may have been happening at the front of the camp.


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