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Current Just a few more hours and i get to dissappear for 10 days. The place we are going has some wonderful views.
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wow talk about nostalgia. Things to do while your bored, look up "the cluefinders."
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what? its already been a year here? *looks around* well other than loseing a bunch of wieght not much has changed.
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Will be away on a training from the 3rd to the 13th should be fun but no internet.


Sup im sword just got here and am getting a feel for things.

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Ardur The Mighty Hipixie
time to plan > Hungry Hungry Hippo /// Adventuring day 5 // Morning / Location - Forests edge

He watched closely as his friend continued to try to adhere, himself to the skull while the big slime lingered nearby, “Heal is magic I can use, it makes you feel better when you’re hurt.” Trying to do as Asura suggested and talk to the large slime like a small child. Asura did not seem to off put by the religious stuff but ultimately Ardur was doing it just to see how it worked in this realm. However, the slime still did not seem to want to talk about what he wanted to do or go. To Ardur this his friend seemed to be the type to just go with the flow and roll with the punches. The slimes interpretation as to why he was doing what he was doing to the skull in the first place was also interesting. Watching the two slimes talk to each other with their touch telepathy was curious and Ardur could only wonder at what was said before receiving his answer.

Seeing the larger of the two slimes attach itself to the neck of the beast was interesting to watch. The sudden appearance of a slightly agitated Steve grabbed his attention for a moment as the spider pointed and danced about near the front leg of the deer. Seeing that Mother slime was likely to devour the rest of the deer without intervention the pixie picked up the mandible and moved to the other side of the carcass. “Mother slime wait, let me cut off these legs for us and you can have the rest. This rib cage and spine might be a good shell for you.”

There was still plenty of meat and food to go around, but he really wanted that back leg to use the sinew to strap that beetle exoskeleton together. He was not expecting a lot from it but it was what these two slimes were attempting as well. Taking the now hopefully reinforced mandible, Ardur began to cut along the skin and muscle until he could cut and pop the legs off the rest of the body and move them out of the way of the large slime. It was slow going but quicker than what he could do without it. Making sure to put the front leg by Steve’s other leg and pulling the larger back leg over near the dead beetle so that he could start cutting the tendons and muscle free from the bone.


Ardur The Mighty Hipixie
Lots of Food > time to plan /// Adventuring day 5 // Morning / Location - Forests edge

He watched the smoke rise and drift to the south. Its nice aroma filled the air around them and with a deep breath, he sighed with a smile on his face. To finish his little ritual he buried what was left of the charred flesh in a small hole then turned to rejoin the others. Seemingly not caring about his blood stained arms, “well I’m not thirsty anymore.”

He returned to where he had started cutting through the animal and picked up the mandible examining it closely and thinking. Looking to the big slime with a smile remembering she had asked him a question earlier. “Oh when I touched Asura I healed him. Like when I healed you after you were attacked by that mean slime in the cave.” Tearing a small strip of meat from the rib cage, Ardur began to eat while still looking over the mandible and then at the bones he could see in the exposed chest cavity.

The cogs in his head were churning as he remembered some of the ideas he had gotten while in the cave. Using Shield I as a base, the high pixie concentrated the effects of the spell into his right hand that held the mandible and then tried to extend it onto the part of the bug itself. As if he had done before with using shield and fireball to have the offensive spell feed off the defensive one. Once he felt he was close enough to what he was trying to do with it, Ardur then began to focus mana into the tool he held. He was not trying to make a blade but trying to reinforce the mandible to be sharper and stronger.

He tried this approach for a few minutes before stopping to continue eating. It definitely was an interesting thought but he felt he was trying to use a combination of spells when he only knew the one. Still, just another thing to try again later if he ever wanted to try to wield weapons. A better skill to do once Steve was full and rested would be a speed and agility test. Running back and forth while occasionally dodging the web spit of his friend seemed like a good idea for later. However, right now he figured the most important thing he could do was try to work out with the red slime where they wanted to go from here.

Tearing off another chunk of meat and talking with a half full mouth Ardur spoke towards his friend. “So I feel I should bring this up just so we are on the same page with things. I do not care if you do or do not want to do the whole worship thing, that is on you, just do not pray to the demon king. He basically said he would screw us up if we did it again.” Pausing for a moment to swallow his food before continuing. “So what should be our next step?... other than trying to posses a deer skull, honestly that’s kind of creepy but at least you have horns now.” Examining the friendly slim try to do what he could with the skull was both eerie and captivating in how the slime body seemed to move through the rest of the skull.

“I personally wouldn’t mind trying to do some training, maybe work on tactics of some sort, then try to make what’s left of this beetle exoskeleton into armor maybe even use one of the bigger leg bones of this deer as a club.” Ardur continued eating occasionally glancing over to the larger slime and watching how its internal acidity dissolved and processed the deer meat. He was curious to see if she was able to dissolve the bones as well. “Still, I don’t think the burrow is a good shelter for us and I vote we try to move south to find something more fitting. That and I did over hear the goblins say something about a farm near here. If that is true, it is likely going to be a target, and then comes the next decision." pausing to chew his food. "Do we help the farm? The goblins? Maybe just wait and scavenge what we can from around the area? Or make them an ally or an enemy if the goblins don’t show up?” he was curious to see what the quiet Slime’s choices would be. They really had not had any down time to talk and regroup their thoughts and choices, now was likely the best time for it.


@Zeroth i agree why add in a bunch of new creatures with new stats for you too worry about lol. Updoots are uncommon enough as is :P
Ardur The Mighty Hipixie
Food? > Lots of Food /// Adventuring day 5 // Morning / Location - Small burrow > just outside the burrow

Ardur didn’t hesitate with his strike from above. The deer was suffering now and its noises could attract more dangerous things. Finishing it quickly was the preferable choice. He felt his strike hit home and with a satisfying if not unnerving pop and crunch the Deer stiffened for a moment with its final death throws before going still.

The high pixie rolled off to the side of the beast into a crouch with the force of his momentum. It was obvious now that he could let his guard down, as the animal was clearly dead. Mother slime and Steve were quick to claim their prize, with Steve taking a front leg and mother slime a back one. Ardur began to make his way up to the charred carcass of the beetle from the night before and drug its exoskeleton back down from the burrow and to the deer.

"If you need a blade let me know. I can make myself sharp but not like a razor." Asura said while trying to take the deer’s head off.

He paused for a moment, taking a breather to look at their kill and then all of them quietly. He was glad he stayed with Asura, a man of few words that simply acted instead of talked with no hint of treachery in his words or actions. He liked that about him, for now it seemed they had similar goals, to be stronger and survive what more could one ask for? Then there was Mother Slime, he remembered saving her a few times now. The lovable oaf of the group who was a much-needed comic relief with the stress of this new world and new surroundings. Then the ever-adorable Steve, always willing to help without ever sensing that she didn’t want too. A good friend indeed, like a dog with more personality.

With a content sigh Ardur looked to Asura with a smile and stepped up to him, “well if you don’t mind trying to cut the legs off for these two will help them eat faster. I do want some of the ligaments from the other two legs to try to get this beetle armor working. But if you get the head I call dibs on the heart.” Still smiling Ardur knelt town and touched the slime casting Minor Healing I on him. He was slammed against the tree earlier.

Stepping back to the beetle and tearing one of its mandibles free with some difficulty, the high pixie began diligently scraping the belly of the deer from the ribcage down towards its hip with the mandible until it cut open the skin. He then began to pull the intestines and organs out of the beast the wet hot smell of what he could only describe as strong wet dog made him grimace for a moment but he pushed on. Pulling out what looked like the liver and cutting it free from the chest cavity and tossing it toward Asura, “I think that’s the liver. Plenty of nutrients there.” He never found a taste for liver, it was always too dry and the texture was almost pasty with a strong iron taste.

Finally, he found what he was looking for, an organ nestled between the lungs towards its chest. The heart was bigger than his hand and he could barely reach it as he cut it free with the mandible. Pulling his hands out of the beast, his arms stained red past his elbows. Ardur looked at the heart in his hands and turned away from the others taking a few steps into the sunlight. Taking a moment to drink some of the blood from the heart and trying not to gag because of the warmth. It was not the first time he drank the blood of another creature in this world but it was still weird.

Stretching his arms toward the sky, blood dripping down his arms, he spoke, “An offering to those that helped us. To those who we met and are now gone, to those who made us stronger and survive, to those that watch over us, I praise. For the protector, who helped us defend our home from the unknown. For the king, who helped us lead and work together. For the mother, who has rewarded us with a fine gift. I praise you and offer this sacrifice. The heart of the beast, may you take its strength and let it join you to find peace.” With this, he focused on his hands and cast Fireball I without the intention of letting it fly but simply to burn the offering in a sort of ritual sacrifice.


Ardur The Mighty Hipixie
A strange Deer > Food? /// Adventuring day 5 // Morning / Location - Small burrow > just outside the burrow

Their small party still needed some work but seemed to be able to make their own decisions quite well and all seemed to be working well together so far. None of them seemed to be trying to be a glory hog or wanting to get the killing blow. He wondered if the other two non-reborn in their party were being influenced by his and Asaura’s own personalities and willingness to grow and be better. At least that’s what he assumed was Asura’s reasons for sticking around, at least they made a good team.

The deer soon collapsed to its front legs from Asura’s strike and helped to be held there by Steve’s web. Mother slime launched an attack at the deer’s head seemingly taking it down again further. It was basically immobilized now and didn’t hold much of a threat. The thought of letting this creature live did cross his mind but this creature was a possible treasure trove of resources and would ultimately make them stronger. Not to mention the tendons could be used to bind the beetle exoskeleton to him as a crude type of armor. A small breeze rustled the brush of the trees behind him and he saw it.

A beam of light made its way through the trees and settled precisely on the creature’s neck. It was at this moment he decided that they should kill it but still give something back to those watching them. Taking the hint given to him Ardur positioned himself for his attack and dropped toward the Deer’s neck and the target marked for him. He used Point Strike I and just like with the lizard the other day he brought his feet together, his heels pointed toward the base of the neck, and bent his knees slightly so he didn’t hurt himself and hoped this strike was enough. "Point Strike."


Victor Astorio

Dust still drifted off him like trails of smoke as the tall vampire made his way through the crowd of students freshly released from their classes. He could hear them whisper as he walked through them moving at a faster pace than most of them, most would barely make eye contact with him but apparently, a small video had begun to float around the masses most likely recorded from someone in the stands. Victor caught glimpses of it as he moved through the crowd.

What he could tell was someone was recording that motion picture actor Eris fight his opponent before the camera focused in on a scream and a white haired girl flying through the air in the back ground. The video focused on victor for a moment as he smiled but abruptly ended when he was pounded into the ground. Now he was sure everyone was going to know that he was the Astorio count, information spreading this quickly among his peers could very well be a double-edged sword for him.

Again, he was met with glares and the odd good job from another traditional vampire or so he assumed. At least they were staying out of his way for now, but this would hopefully draw out the ire of those mages and vampires that would try to take revenge on his public treatment of that mage. As he scanned the crowd, he found it slightly difficult to follow the scent of his mage, the scent he did pick up from him was unique but not very strong something along the lines of dirt and onions would be how he would describe it.

As he was far too focused on the task at hand he hadn’t seen the small outbreak of mages slinging color changing enchantments nearby. A small group of them didn’t seem to be paying attention to what was behind where they were shooting. As one ducked out of the way of one enchantment, the boy instantly froze as he saw what he just hit. Victor didn’t know what happened he only heard a small sizzling sound before a thump hit his left shoulder. The other boys in the small group stopped as well, almost like deer frozen in the middle of the road.

The vampire looked at his coat sleeve to see a patch of dark purple seemingly burnt into the fabric. Slowly turning his head towards the mage in question with an angry look on his face. The boy simply stuttered for a moment and pointed at his friend, “Uhh... He did it.” Before running off toward the rest of the group, the other boy just giggled nervously as he rubbed his arm taking a few steps back before running off towards the rest of the gaggle of mages, who momentarily paused what they were doing to see if they would need to fight this vampire or not.

A few tense seconds of mages holding what he could only assume where their focuses before victor broke his stare with a sigh and continued down the path toward what he assumed was student housing. The mages soon began again making sure to give the other boy crap for hitting a dangerous vampire.

Soon Victor caught a strong scent of his mage and the girl from the arena. The vampire slowly made his way through the heavy doors of the building and followed the scent until he could see what he was looking for. The two mages were talking to a receptionist at the department. He couldn’t make out what they were saying but could tell Salem looked nervous or anxious. Locking eyes with the man behind the desk for just a moment, he turned and left the building the same way he came. Victor was pondering how to proceed before deciding on simply waiting for his mage out here in front of the building. He found a nice spot along the path with a bench and sat down so he may wait for his prey to emerge.
Ardur The Mighty Hipixie
Day break > A strange Deer/// Adventuring day 5 // Morning / Location - Small burrow > just outside the burrow

Ardur was quick to follow Asura out after the invader. Hoping that the inspiration would help with this creature he paused for a moment as he looked at it. Some kind of deer had gotten just a little to curious and Asura was going after it with the ferocity of a badger. He could hear mother slime begin to move herself out of the burrow and Steve would soon be quick behind her.

He was about to leap after the deer and Asura when the slime told him to wait until it looked like he was in trouble. The deer began to bleated and snort, a warning call perhaps? Maybe a call for back up? Or perhaps one meant for intimidation? All good questions that required further study. “I’ll Try!” he called out to him as he watched it move, watched the muscles move under its skin, watched how its eyes moved and focused in on his friend as it lowered his head.

He knew that most animals on earth that used their horns for charging and other purposes would lower their heads and align their spine in their neck with the rest of the spine and shoulders allowing them to withstand hitting a solid object or another with horns several times. However, when the spine was in this position any significant, sudden and precise blunt pressure to the spine could quite easily break it and cause paralysis to half or all of the body. An injury that would likely spell doom for any unfortunate victim. He was well aware of how easily a spine can break when enough force is put on it and forces it to move in an unnatural direction.

The sun is a king and a king must lead,” he whispered to himself in a simple quiet prayer. Looking back to Steve and mother slime, he spoke to them, “Mother Slime, when you get out stay in a position on the hill where you can attack the monster only after I do but stay out of Asura’s way. Go for a body shot and try to knock it over and keep it on the ground. Steve, stay on the alert for other creatures but once I attack it use your web and thread control to hit it in its eyes, mouth, or ears to disorientate it.” They had their orders now he had to do what he wanted to do for some time now. Fly.

Ardur flew up high but not too high. He did not want to fly higher than the treetops in case of aerial predators but still tried to stay in the deer’s blind spot above it just in case Asura needed his help. As with any instance like this getting tunnel vision could get you killed, so although he was focusing on the fight at hand and how the beast moved and reacted. He still kept his eyes up every few seconds to take a quick look around for other dangers. If Asura did end up needing help the high pixie was fully prepared to use point strike, stronger, and his flight ability to attempt to crush the deer’s spine at its neck. Kind of like how he dealt with that lizard in the cave.


The Headhunter and The Mountain.

Dracion waited for the stands to clear and his students to leave the Arena, standing where he buried the offending vampire with arms crossed and a scowl etched into his face. Once he was satisfied that no one was likely to see the proceedings, Dracion drew his blade and the ground rumbled again. The ground separated just enough for the top of Victor's head to pop out and the instructor glared down the Astorio.

"Ye got some explaining to do, boy." Dracion snapped. "Why in the Queen's name did ye think throwin' a mage that don't belong to ye like that was an sorta good idea? Firsts, ye don't wear safety equipment that I specifically required. Twos, ye "punish" a mage who ain't your own by tossin' her halfway 'cross my Arena. Thirds… I don't have no three but my point's the same!"

Even down as deep into the stone as he was, the vampire was almost one with the stone. These claustrophobic surroundings could drive one insane if not prepared. This however, was not the first time he had been in such confinement. Even if at first the stone did hurt, all pain is momentary and fades. He could hear, even through the stone he was melded with, key words and phrases used by the other students. Brute, classic Astorio, savage, barbarian. The list went on but it was all he needed to hear to know he got his point across.

Slowly the sounds stopped and soon he was being forced back to the surface only to met with a blade and a rather upset looking instructor. He didn't seem to pay the man any mind as he said what he had too. Victor was more worried about their surroundings and if anyone was still lingering around. If he was to tell this man what exactly he was doing, he needed to be sure no one would be nearby to hear him. Finally feeling satisfied with their privacy, he looked up at the man standing before him. “You played your part perfectly.” he told him while still keeping his voice a down a little so it wouldn't carry.

“You did exactly as I thought you would, for that I apologize. I’m sure this caused you unnecessary paperwork and I'm sure you despise paperwork just as much as I do.” the vampire attempted to shift his shoulders in the stone but nothing budged. “It would be safe for you to assume that I have thought out ever one of my actions and chosen that specific action for a purpose. I threw her because she is not royalty. If her vampire is, they are more than likely Mirivaldi or Eve. in that case they will be prompted to take the abuse of their mage out on me rather then the princess. If I did it to the Starag, Varis would not hesitate at the opportunity and jump on it like a bitch in heat.” again he tried to adjust to no avail.

Checking his surroundings again for anyone listening in he started again, “I also am very well versed on how to harm or kill humans and vampires alike. I threw her in a way that the worst injury she could have acquired is a dislocation. So thanks to you and at the cost of the girls discomfort the others now think I’m just another impulsive Astorio who does not give a damn about mages. That is exactly what I want them to think, that I am a barbarian. Because now they will underestimate me.” If he could sigh right now he would but it seems he can barely move his chest. “As for the pads? I’ve gone into combat situations with less. I’m sure you have a waiver of some sort I could sign releasing you and this school of liability of any injury incurred while I’m in the arena at my own volition.”

The longer Victor spoke, the deeper Dracion’s scowl buried itself into his face. By the end of it, his right eye twitched and if looks could kill, Victor would have exploded on the spot. It took the man a few seconds of deep breathing to calm the reddening in his face and still the twitch in his eye. He crouched down so he was closer to Victor’s level.

“Ye know why the Devil’s little pet ain’t here on my sands? Mostly cause I ain’t dealin’ with the brat’s whining but also cause I knows there be trouble brewin’ anywhere that lot wanders. Ye know why I have Princess Ryner’s permission to ignore the dumbassery ye snot nosed vampires get up to with yer shit for brains attitude?” Dracion practically spat in the vampire’s face. “Cause that bullcrap is more dangerous than magic when ye get sharp things involved. I strip ye of yer titles and nobility and ranks so this garbage don’t start happenin’. And yet, here ye are, using my Arena to play with yer silly scheming. Furthermore, ye’d have me belivin’ ye plans should keep me at ease on top of it all!” Dracion let out a short bark of a laugh.

“On this campus, yers truly advises the Princess on who should and shouldn’t have combat permissions. Training, sparring, entering matches, everything related to this place is under my command. And if I recommend a cool off period for ye cause ye stepped out of line, ye won’t be even considerin’ lifting a finger." Dracion snarled at the bound vampire. “I don't care want ye agenda is or how ye go about it. As long that ye plans don't involve this pace. Is that understood?"

Grimacing slightly at each shout from the man Victor’s expression remained the same. “It's not a scheme, it's a lesson.” he paused for a moment before beginning again. “I love my job, spending months away from the political shit hole that is my house. Hunting down humans, mages, and my favorite… vampires, who break our rules and laws and try to run. That is where my passion lies, where I am happy and content with the world. So when I tell you that I chose to come to this place and suffer through the same political bullshit that I try to escape from just to try and teach them a lesson or two on survival. I would only hope that you would have some kind of acknowledgement that I was telling the truth.”

His eyes began to flash with red and he was not controlling it this time. “I am aware that my methods are not to your liking and no matter the problems that it causes for me I will keep up with this lesson on psychological warfare as long as I can before they find themselves in the same predicament in the real world with far greater risks of life or death then they will find here.” given that he had an extraordinary small space to work with around him just so he could expand his lungs far enough to talk. Victor used this to wrench his right arm free dislocating his left in the process with a crack. “So I will adhere to your rules.”

“I will hurt them but I will not kill them, so that they may learn and heal. We must suffer and be broken down, so that we can build each other up and be stronger than we were before.” pulling himself free from the stone and rubble, kneeling before the man for a moment to put his limp left arm into place. Standing up but still needing to look up to the man in front of him, “my mission is to teach all of them how to fight an enemy that is gone but not forgotten, an enemy that forged that treaty we all follow, one that nearly drove both of our people to extinction.” the red in his eyes died down but something in his voice or maybe it was his eyes said he wasn't telling the man everything but he was being truthful.

“Yer a pompous ass.” Dracion informed him. “I frankly don’t give a rat’s ass what nonsense fuels yer broken sense of self worth but keep it out of my arena. I’ll say it again since yer head is thick as this stone. Keep yer archaic obsessions off my field. Ye launch a mortal again, no matter how “calculated” the risk, yer out of my Arena and I place yer inane dribbling pompous idiocy on probation. This is yer warning Astorio. What ye do outside of here ain’t none of my business so leave at the doorstep. Yer dismissed.” with a few waves of his hand, the stones Victor so rudely destroyed turned to sand and filled the gap under Victor’s feet. Victor rose a bit while the sand solidified and smoothed out the Arena surface once more.

He wasn't getting anywhere with this one, like his father it would definitely take more than a few words to convince him he was doing this for the greater good. At the same time he could at least accept and understand why the man was this way as well. “As you wish, I will adhere to your demands Arena Master.” Victor was well aware that he didn't ‘need’ this class but it was at least still fun to play with these humans. However, now he felt like he needed to apologize to Lucan. It wasn't part of the plan to get him in trouble. The vampire just turned away from the larger man and retrieved his things. Now he had to go find his mage and make sure he wasn't trying to hurt himself.

Ardur The Mighty Hipixie
Time for a break > Day break /// Adventuring day 5 // Evening / Location - Edge of the forest > Small burrow

Ardur felt relief as his MP was slowly restored and his mana burn lifted. Listening to the system notifications pop up and the low dull rumble of moving dirt by the others who were still digging. He was very tired now but there was still one last thing he wanted to check with the system. “System.” He spoke to himself quietly, “Open Heads Up Display for mana, health, and stamina.” Regardless of if this worked or not he continued. “System, put a Verbal warning on health, mana, and Stamina when they reach 50% and 25% respectively.” He did try one more thing before trying to sleep, Ardur attempted to try and see what he could in the dark hole he found himself in. night vision could be a very useful skill if starring out into complete darkness was how one would get it.

Slowly the Hipixie drifted off to a much welcome sleep, his dreams were once again strange but disjointed. Seeing black and white images like a slide show that made no sense, and muffled sounds to correspond with the sometimes blurry and random images. He could somehow make out some of the images most of who he was and the weirdness that is Portland, with the image of the man dressed up like Darth Vader and playing a flaming bagpipe on a unicycle.

The random images slowly turned to pictures of his home and then of watching someone else. Sarah, the images however would only get glimpses of the girl and never settle on her face. Slowly he could hear something, something in the distance like the wind howling. The high-pitched echo was soon confused with that of almost a far off scream until he could almost make out the noise. As he tried his best to listen for the voice, “TRAVIS!” the sudden scream jolted him awake and he had to take a moment to get his bearings and calm himself down.

The small burrow was still damp and the subtle light of daybreak turned green as it illuminated the large slime in the entrance. Something still made him feel uneasy and on alert. A creature was digging near the entrance and he could see a red ooze moving towards the sounds of digging. Using fireball in this confined area would be a bad idea and he would have to get through the big slime to assist physically with combat so he decided to do what he could.

“I pray to the protector, may his light protect us and help our attacks find their target.” He spoke using Inspire I and offered a small portion of his MP, about 5%, to Guidance I. hopefully Asura would be able to use this to a good degree and same with the others. Ardur was sure this bit of combat would surely wake them up and provide with some needed nutrients and quite possibly crafting materiel’s.


Ardur The Mighty Hipixie
Woo points > Time for a break /// Adventuring day 4 // Evening / Location - Edge of the forest > Small burrow

Ardur paused for a moment and looked at his slime friend while he just sat in the dirt. The slime had a point he was more useful when he had the ability to use magic, hell he could not even fly without mana. Taking his friend’s advice Ardur found a nice spot near the wall and tried to stay the furthest he could from where he was tunneling. “Yeah that’s a good idea. Oh and by the way the spiders name is Steve and she is level 3 now.”

Looking back to the spider while he began to get comfortable, “Steve, go ahead and do what Asura said. Your webbing will hopefully keep the dirt on the ceiling stable at least for the night.” Finding a comfortable position and closing his eyes the high pixie began to breathe in slowly through his nose and out through his mouth concentrating on his breathing, while trying to activate Meditation I. He was having some issues with slowing his mind and just focusing on the movements of his body. To help him with this, he began to sing.

“Another day in this carnival of souls, another nights ends end as quickly as it goes, the memories of shadows ink on the page, and I can’t seem to find my way home.” He began to hum the rest of the song before being able to simply focus on his breathing and then opening his mind up to the sounds around him. Never focusing on simply one sound just listening to everything while trying to feel the ambient mana in the world around him. He would continue to do this, trying to absorb the mana around him with his new skill.


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