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Current Just a few more hours and i get to dissappear for 10 days. The place we are going has some wonderful views.
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wow talk about nostalgia. Things to do while your bored, look up "the cluefinders."
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what? its already been a year here? *looks around* well other than loseing a bunch of wieght not much has changed.
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Will be away on a training from the 3rd to the 13th should be fun but no internet.


Sup im sword just got here and am getting a feel for things.

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The Purifier

Location: inside The Tower > choosing Croc Crush
Interactions: @AzureKnight,@Polaris North,@Enkryption

Tilnak stayed as still as a tree watching the others and listening to what they have to say. Intently concentrating at the matter at hand as his antenna twitched and swayed, the overseer spoke and said what he had to. By the reactions some of the ones here were new while others seemed to be more experienced in their own way like he was. The options were laid out bear with no sugar coating in a blunt manner he approved of.

Again he watched the others make their decisions, some wanted the hard one then backed off due to a lack of experience some chose the magi Tec mission others the croc mission. He found himself torn as he stood in front of the mission choices. The magic tech mission was not interesting to him at all let the others deal with that one. The other two he found himself torn between. The croc one was messing with the natural way of things in the ecosystem the other was the opportunity to purify an area of the miasma and possibly fight abominations.

Still he hesitated and weighed his options as the others chose. His instincts were pulling him towards dealing with the crocs as the miasma could have traveled to the south towards that location and that mission could be more dangerous than the other. Looking to the ones that chose the necropolis compared to the croc crush he made his decision.

The necropolis team looked to be very well off and situated and he wasn’t entirely committed to this reaper job just yet. So Tilnak touched the Croc crush mission and moved over to where the others where seeming not to notice or take heed of the outburst from the other reaper. Lowering himself to be closer to their height he spoke in a rough whisper that was obviously uncomfortable for him to do.

Tilnak… Will… Go… ending by pointing at them and giving them a slight nod. Who knows maybe he can stop them from senselessly killing everything they came across.

Location: Hunting Area
Interactions:Shehzadi Mayet @13org, Shahzade Munir @Infinite Cosmos
Mentions in order:

The massive claws from the stone crab would make a good trophy, caution is to be used when fighting them. It takes a team to immobilize it then the hammer needs to be used to strike it down, repetitive strikes in a line breaks it apart but the threat of dismemberment is always there. They provide a lot of meat plenty of food for several villages.

Roman smiled at the two of them while the hunting was about to begin.

The snow cats are sought after for their fur, in muscle mass they are about the same size as Nala but with their thick fur they look about twice the size. They have huge wide paws that make them nearly float across the snow, very difficult to track, more so to kill.

Mayet’s comment about how she felt that her beauty was stifled while out hunting the scorpions made him smile. Yet the thought made him frown slightly internally, that instead of enjoying the beauty of nature she was still worried about her looks. but the fact she went hunting in those conditions in the first place was a good sign. He did like other people that enjoyed the outdoors as much as he did even if her killing intent was a bit higher than his own.

Roman wasn’t sure who Munir was talking to when he said ‘Atwood’ he couldn’t tell if it was a joke or the man was having a stroke likely just a joke. The giant tilted his head to the side yet again when he talked about getting shot, he had a spear not a bow. Perhaps he was still affected by whatever happened last night.

He couldn’t help but watch Mayet break off from the group to go hunt a snack, her posture changed to what he would expect from a hunter. Munir also galloped off in another direction with a falcon of all things. He knew of a few southern nobles that hunted with them but he always preferred an owl.

Standing alone in the forest for a moment gathering his bearings, listening to the rustle of the wind in the trees and the distant voices of other party’s the occasional sent of gunpowder or perfume wafted through the air. Roman did not wear any strong perfumes or hard shoes, all the better to lull prey into a false sense of security. His eyes began to pick up the subtle trails of small and medium game in the area so he too ventured into the forest following the sounds of a small creek.

Upon reaching the creek he could tell that the water level had dropped a few inches possible because of a blockage further upstream. With no new animal sign along the sandy creek edge he began walking up the creek being sure to stay just in the tree line, quietly glancing at every step as to not break any twigs, slow and steady, heel to ground first then slowly roll the bottom of the foot down to the toes. Every 15 to 20 steps he would stop look and listen to his surroundings paying attention to every detail.

The obstruction in the creek was in view now, the start of a new beaver dam protruded from a point in the creek with large stones on either side. There was a few places where water was still slowly pouring through and a few other places where he knew he could crawl to get a drop on anything that may have been working on the dam. Approaching one slow agonizing step at a time, spear in hand and the sound of his heart in his thought roman proceeded forward until he could see the entirety of the dam.

His prey was not there but a quick inspection of the shore line showed recent activity of a beaver eating and working to secure what looked to be a new place of residence as he did not see an obvious beaver hut. He didn’t have the time to set a trap so he would have to lure the giant rodent in to an ambush. Slowly moving back towards the base of the dam in a low almost belly crawl behind the small hill he observed the area from it was mostly tall grass but would make due. Pulling a few sticks from the dam to create water flow and the noise of running water resuming his position once he was finished spear in hand.

It took about five or ten minutes before he saw activity on the small section of swollen creek. A ripple in the water told him that something was moving out there and moving towards him. Watching as the beaver surfaced looked around then headed for the dam. Roman waited as still as he could be as it continued to draw closer. Beavers had an instinctual need to stop the sound of running water, the fur traders back home talked about it in great detail. It would seem that they were correct as the rodent pushed itself up onto the dam and started repairing the holes he had made.

He only waited a few moments more before getting up and throwing the spear at the beaver. His spear hit its tail but it still attempted to return to the water. Springing up and lunging after it with his axe in hand Roman dove into the water after the creature just barely getting a good grip on its back leg before it vanished into the murky water. Pulling the beaver back onto land was a bit trickier than he thought as he was constantly trying not to get bit by its giant teeth. Once on land it tried its best to get away but a swift strike to the back of its head with the back of his axe ended all resistance.

Roman took account of himself for a moment then his catch, he was soaked but he had all of his things still. The beaver didn’t suffer any damage to its pelt just its tail and he didn’t hit the scent glands it has so that was a plus. He spoke a quick prayer to the animal thanking it for its pelt and meat promising it that it will not be wasted. Making a small incision on its stomach he proceeded to carefully remove everything from inside it. The heat of the day would be quick to spoil the meat of a creature like this if left inside.

As part of his hunting ritual he left half of what he removed in the creek and the rest on the edge of the creek this way the other denizens of the forest would be able to feast on what was left. Walking back towards the forest he paused for a moment to mark a rune on one of the larger trees with the blood of the animal. The simple bind rune represented a combination of luck and protection for the area with the life of the beaver as payment and thanks for the harvest. The beaver still had quite the weight to it he noticed while he walked back towards the group.
Grikgar /Grik/ Seeker

// Unggoy Ultra // Demolitions and Artillery // Location: Armored Assault on a Shadow >>> Sieging the wall

Grik continued to hold onto the lead troop transport as they began to crawl closer to the walls of the city. The breach in the wall was a tight fit for the vehicles and the defenders on the wall were not going easy or breaking their spirits. Yet it did not seem like they were getting the heavy weapons they had left to bear on the advancing armored column or the vehicles pouring through the gap. Small arms and anti-tank weapons were a likely cause for the amount of fire power heading towards the breach in the wall and the city beyond.

The grunt had a good opportunity in his new suit, to show off its power and maneuverability on top of not being seen on the battle field before. This was a test run for non-simulated combat. Now would be a perfect time to test out its ability to clear walls and trenches knowing that it could easily dive off the wall if it got too hot.

Leaping from the troop transport, Grik began moving through the armor around him to get to the wall quicker than the transport could. Evading so many tanks and other vehicles wasn’t entirely easy, he found that he had to hitch a ride here and there on a tank or two to get out of the way but eventually made it to the wall.

“Lift and shift your fire on the right wall.” Grik called out over the radio.

Slowly and deliberately he waited for the armor to shift its fire to allow him up while pinning down enemy forces. Being mindful of being shot from the other side the goblin mech scaled the wall to the top were most of the defenders seemed to be rallying and started with a barrage of heavy needles before he even got up to the top. Following the barrage quickly up the wall and beginning to open fire on the defenders keeping an eye on his shield strength and continuing to use cover when he was able too. Hopefully this would give the vehicles more time. To get through the gap.
The Purifier

Location: inside The Tower
Interactions: @AzureKnight,

Tilnak turned to see a familiar carry the strange one back to the ground as another stepped out of the main door. Tilting his head quizzically to the side he listened to what they had to say but waited for some of the others to begin walking inside before he began to move as well. His steps were slow and quiet just as he normally was. These veterans had a different air and feeling about them, one that radiated power and commanded respect.

A small crimson pool on the floor caught his attention as they walked, he began pulling the bloody puddles and drips into a small red orb in his palm. He paid no heed to the man that disregarded them or the intricate architecture. Sure, it was nice he guessed but it wasn’t a forest, it wasn’t natural even with parts of it being natural. just like this city, it wasn’t home.

Another man introduced himself to them as their leader, he seemed like a good man and slightly reminded hi of the old man that raised him. An air of wisdom surrounded him. The introduction was short and to the point. Tilnak did not believe that he needed any extra equipment, he had his staff, his small seeds and things, and his cloak. There wasn’t much else he knew that he would need. So, his response was simple.

Using the small amount of blood, he had picked up from his team member he formed the red liquid into words for a moment before pulling it back into the small orb he had it in before.

“When do we start?”

Location: Hunting Area
Interactions:Shehzadi Mayet @13org, Shahzade Munir @Infinite Cosmos
Mentions in order:

“Thank you for letting me join you, I agree most of the others here look inexperienced in anything aside from shooting fish in a cask.”

Roman listened to Mayet with interest, she was quite knowledgeable in her understanding of the ecosystems in her kingdom. Many things that were listed he had seen and many he had not. They all seemed to be fantastic creatures in their own right. He was sure that they would have some unique uses for both weapons and armor as well as ideas on how to improve his own designs for individuals that requested a more natural look.

Nodding in agreement when she began talking about hunting bandits. An unfortunate thing to happen but one that must be dealt with for the stability of the region, if ignored for too long small bandits can become large warlords if given the time and power.

The sound of a horse found his ear first as he was thinking about what to reply with when he heard a familiar voice. Talking about the scorpion then the way that we were to track prey and again about the possible lack of prey in this area. He wasn’t wrong about the last part this place had been hunted rather well through the last few decades being so close to a main city.

“Those beasts sound magnificent, they remind me of the mighty creatures that prowl my home land, snow cats, ice bears, brown bears, great moose, Packs of winter wolves, and caribou that migrate for miles in herds of thousands across the bleak tundra’s. The scorpion reminds me of the stone crabs, slow cumbersome behemoths sometimes twice the size of a horse sometimes more, snap a full grown pine tree in half with one of its giant claws. They scour the beaches and the ocean depths of the North Sea. We made a specific Warhammer with an edge on one end to break the shell of the creature.”

Roman smiled remembering found memories of the beasts.

“But here, the forest has been hunted many times, most of the big game driven out and predators killed. Might still get lucky and find a remnant or an escaped specimen from the zoo. The most dangerous thing you may find out here is these other blokes.” Mentioning to the other groups around them, “easily excited with no discipline, no care for what is behind the target. Keep your wits about you.”

“Shahzade Munir, Good to see your doing well. Don’t tell me you don’t know how to read the forest and how it moves and breathes. The game will be small but fast and agile with a slight possibility of something larger. Try not to get shot and I’m sure we will be fine.”

A small slight but he meant it more as a tease than an insult. Roman was sure that they would be able to at least get something and hopefully it would prove to be useful back at the smithy.
The Purifier

Location: Outside The Tower
Interactions: @AzureKnight, @Polaris North, @Blaze Gamma, @Hammerman, @Inertia, @Silverstein, @PaulHaynek, @Enkryption, @FrogRFlowR, @The Irish Tree

Silent slow steps moved the strange being through the city streets, the cool morning air was sure to give way to a warmer afternoon. covered in long flowing robes, the 6’ tall humanoid draped in the signature cloak of the reavers covered most of his body. What wasn’t covered were two long antennae looking almost like horns draping down in front of the hooded mage, one arm that held a very old yet strong wooden staff. The staff was rough and twisted like it was still growing, a sphere of sapphire grasped at the top that seemed to flash and swirl dimly with magic. There was no rush or urgency to its pace at all.

A few soft mewing’s could be heard just under the cloak, a keen eye could see a few things, what looked to be another smaller arm held two small cats while another hand stroked them gently. His cloak also looked dirty, moss and green algae nearly smothered everything but the reavers emblem, small shoots of grass and leafy plants grew from it as well as small flowers of different types and colors. Almost looks like it could be a bush if it stayed still.

The slow-moving creature walked like an old man, the only sign that it was acknowledging anything in its environment at all was the subtle twitch and flicker of its antenna. Reacting to every new movement, sound, smell, even the changes in temperature and wind direction. Stepping up to the entrance of the tower it paused, there were already others there and it seemed time was running short for arrivals. Setting the cats down they watched each other for a moment the small felines rubbing up against him then running off.

Starring at the duo left for a moment the amalgamation of cloth and plant life slowly and quietly slipped inside, not saying a word to the others gathered. Even with its rather strange qualities the being stepped into the middle of the courtyard with its aged, hunched overlook and began to stand to its full height of 7’ the robes that were dragging behind him came up off the ground, his hood pulled back to reveal its armored skin and jet-black compound eyes.

Its antenna and compound eyes finally acknowledged the others in the area, turning to each one individually, observing their qualities then moved on to the next one without saying a word. Black eyes almost peering into their very souls.


The first two people he took notice of where two smaller witches, one had white hair and a wide brim hat with a broom next to her. They seemed to hold a presence of importance that he could not describe. The other had blue hair and looked as if she belonged on the ocean. His own water element called out to hers, even his antenna twitched and moved with her summon. They both seemed like children almost with their attitude and looks.

The next was a fellow Belua this one had feline ears and a beautiful mane down her back, a marvelous familiar next to them was also quite interesting. They looked like they were going to be formidable allies.

Purple hair caught his attention making his head tilt to the side for a moment, amazingly sharp blue eyes looked both fierce and tired. His stance portrayed a fighter but with a weapon that needed finesse.

Another couple were talking to the others, Fey by the looks of them, he liked that they still smelled like the forest, yet they seemed a little off to him and he wasn’t quite sure.

Another man who seemed to not care about his appearance much like himself stood in the gathered crowd as well. His posture was relaxed but held an air of intellect about him he had not yet seen among his peers here.

His instincts were humming with slight warning and curiosity as it felt like unknown eyes looked upon him for a moment with indifference. His antenna twitched and jumped trying to find the source but decided that whomever it was must have been just as shy as he was when he first came to this city a little over a month ago… or was it two months?

Another one seemed to be hanging back from the others, a small male with an instrument on their back. Tilting his head to the side, he hadn’t seen much of others using music as their magic focus and he was excited to see what the small lanky one could do.

Remembering the strange one he saw earlier, climbing the tower itself he didn’t get a good look at them but trying to understand every person here was going to be troubling. He hoped they would be nice if they were going to join them.

Another of average height and long white hair stood nearby, her stunning violet eyes held power that almost radiated from her. Like something inside just wanted to reach out and touch you, he did not believe that would be a pleasant experience.

The last person he set his gaze felt like he was having a bad day or maybe just didn’t want to be there, either way he was there, and his familiar is adorable. His eye patch was noticeable but that just goes to show you went through hell and came out on top.


It took Him a few more moments to realize that he had not introduced himself like the others had. With a flick of his wrist, he gathered the moisture that still held to the ground from the rain into a small ball. With some subtle finger movements, it spread out in the air above his head until it formed a few words. The dirt he picked up with the water making it easier to see.

The first words were, “Im Tilnak” then changed again after a few moments, “I don’t talk much”.

The water he gathered dropped onto him in a way that looked at first like poor control until the plants and flowers covering him began to blossom and flourish more so than they are already were.
Grikgar /Grik/ Seeker

// Unggoy Ultra // Demolitions and Artillery // Location: Armored Assault on a Shadow

Grikgar was happy to be out of the situation with the elite, it was always stressful going up against them but normally he could use the weak and cowardly stereotypes of his people to his advantage against most enemies. He was quite thankful of his team while they prepped for the next assault on the keep. Rearming was easy what took time was running the final diagnostics on the goblin to make sure it was ready to go without too many issues. This would be the first ‘official’ use of the grunt mech and he was going to make sure that nothing was going to jam.

The weapons were ready and the shielding seemed good to go, Grik was sure to check everything twice while eating a ration, especially with the current model being new. The others seemed to be going through their own ways of mental preparation for the assault. His only issue he could see so far was just getting in close enough to the wall in the first place. Getting a lift from one of the troop transports or just going in for the hot drop from a phantom from up high were what seemed to be his choices so far.

They both had their pros and con’s but for what they were looking at he decided to stick with the armored column so he doesn’t get picked off for lack of cover. So after his system checks were completed and the orders were starting to be given out Grik powered up his mech and linked up with the lead Shadow and found a spot to latch onto its aft half to provide fire support during the advance.

His spot had a great view while they were being airlifted into position, enemy flak already opening up on them but panic was sure to follow for the enemy once they realized their big gun was off line. The mech began to fire on anything that came into range of either his needle cannon or grenade launcher but mostly just tried to block or dodge incoming fire the best he could. Armored assaults were his favorite advance, so many explosions and pretty colors.

Location: Archery Range > Hunting Area
Interactions:@Aerandir Verrick O'Hare, @Rodiak Zarai / Mathias, @princess Anastasia, @Potter Princess Sadie, @Mole Prince Felix, Shehzadi Mayet @13org
Mentions in order:

Roman was quite enjoying himself, he liked these moments seeing everyone smile and cheer regardless of what duty demanded of them. It didn’t matter their age or status they could just relax and enjoy themselves. Too many times did he see the others at each other’s throats, spewing venom and rhetoric, drama, lies, and tragedy. He made a silent oath to himself at that moment with a smile on his face, an oath to try to help them the best he could, not their ultimate goals or power grabs but as a friend for them. Fuck trying to find a mate he has all summer to do that right now they need more times like these, more hugs, more healing. Roman had no idea how he was going to accomplish this other than just being a good honorable friend.

With Lucas on his shoulders he was sure to stand for the young lad to get a better view and cheer just as loud with the boy when his father was up to shoot. He sure did remind the giant of his younger siblings. Sharing kind words and compliments with Lucas’s care taker Mary, the young women always seemed to be very friendly to him. Even after Mathias was defeated he kept Lucas smiling and cheering that his father did so well. Embracing Mathias in a quick hug and a smile whether the man wanted it or not it was simply Romans way of greeting what he thought of friends. He liked being this way with people but wasn’t always able to do it to the nobility in public.

Good show Mathias, I see you were taking it easy on the lot of them. You and Verrick were always good at giving the nobility a run for their money.” Roman had a great respect for all the nobles and knights alike but still liked to poke fun at them.

Roman continued to cheer for Verrick with Lucas as his next opponent was the man he saw outside the Damien estate. The match was close but Verrick came out on top, not surprising to him. Now that everyone was starting to disperse onto the next big thing for the city Roman let Lucas go back to his father with a smile.

“Mathias” speaking with his never fading smile, “If you ever need a break I would be happy to take Lucas off your hands for a while. The ever so beautiful Mary can join me at any time as well.” Flashing a smile to Lucas’s care taker, “I’ll make a craftsman out of him yet.” There was no indication of a lie or a cost that comes along with it.

Verrick pulled his attention away from the knight as he approached, “Congratulations Verrick I never doubted you for a second.” Watching him let Lucas hold onto the prized bow. “Aye, I know that one’s not much for your style but if you return it I’ll give you a favor for it. That favor is a onetime piece of masterwork equipment for you, bow, sword, armor, tools. Tell me what you want to your specifications and I’ll have it done for you by the end of the summer. Maybe sooner depending on what it is. think about it and let me know.” A man like Verrick is sure to present him with an interesting idea if he goes for it.

With a nod he checked the time on his simple pocket watch and noticed that he should get going soon if he wanted to stop by his warehouse and make it to the hunting event. Looking over to princess Anastasia and lady Zarai he again smiled at them, “Lady Zarai, Princess Anastasia, thank you so much for joining me I do enjoy seeing you two smile and have a good time. Perhaps if you’re not too busy and can escape your guards, I’ll be at the tough tavern to sing a few songs tonight and I would love to see the two of you there and maybe get that dance from you.” He said this in all honesty but purposely said it aloud just to give their escorts a hard time. “Either way I do hope I see you all again today but I have to go if I want to make it to the hunting grounds on time.”

Turning to leave and looking to Princess Sadie while her and Verrick were starting to leave, “Hopefully I will see you at the Blacksmith lessons later today Sadie. I hope you have a wonderful day.” It had been some time since he saw her last. One of her tinkering inventions actually helped one of his last projects and even brought about a slight change to one of his forging techniques before. He always hoped that she would find a better piece of happiness then what she had before. If he could help her with that he would try his best.

Making the final good days to the people that were still around he nodded and smiled to Prince Felix, “I do hope you have a good day Felix. If you see your sister today please let her know that I said hello.” He didn’t have too much to say to the prince, they got along well but he wasn’t too sure if a lot of their interests aligned other than just being at the same events as each other.

Roman made his way up to where they were issuing the runner up prizes and he made sure to give the three best ignoble contestants the small work knives he had gathered as well. A short, well-crafted, and sturdy blade made for the working class for daily use. “Each one of these blades has the Ravenwood crest. If you’re looking for a new job or better work show this to one of our merchants and they will let you know about our current job openings. This knife will automatically get you better pay from one of our jobs. Otherwise congratulations and have a nice day.” With that brief explanation he left to gather a few things from his warehouse for the hunting event, it’s been some time since he was able to run through the forest.

/ / / /

Roman didn’t have much time to think about what he wanted to grab so he opted for a few smaller blades, a bearded hatchet and his favorite throwing spear. The animals in this part of the kingdom were rather tame compared to the many large predators and the formidable grazers they called prey. Here he didn’t even have to worry too much about the weather itself killing you. He didn’t change his clothes either he wanted a challenge and wouldn’t find one if all he did was camouflage himself to the surroundings. The only other things he grabbed was a water satchel and a meat pocket that he already ate, the name of that snack always made him giggle for immature reasons.

Stepping up towards the group of hunters and one rather well stocked red head that seemed to be calling the shots. He still towered over everyone else but gave her a smile and a nod, “that is a beautiful bow that you have.” Even though he could tell it wasn’t the best, beauty was still beauty. Speaking of beauty, he spotted a portion of the crowd that was giving a wide birth of two such Beauties. Mayet and her companion Nala seemed to be ready and waiting to join in on the hunt.

Being careful not to spook either of the majestic creatures he spoke before entering the bubble of space they created in the crowd. “Shehzadi Mayet, a pleasure to meet you on such a wonderful day, you are looking as stunning as ever. I hope you don’t mind if I join you two on this hunt.” His smile was nearly cemented onto his face by now but he made sure to show respect to Nala by not making eye contact and approaching from an angle that was non-threatening. “Tell me, what do you normally hunt back home? The creatures here are rather tame for what I’m used too.

@AzureKnight yeah i figured he didn't have the right vocal cords which is why he has the one way telepathy for it but if that doesnt work ill change it and he will just have a weird voice
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