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2 yrs ago
Current Just a few more hours and i get to dissappear for 10 days. The place we are going has some wonderful views.
2 yrs ago
wow talk about nostalgia. Things to do while your bored, look up "the cluefinders."
2 yrs ago
2 yrs ago
what? its already been a year here? *looks around* well other than loseing a bunch of wieght not much has changed.
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2 yrs ago
Will be away on a training from the 3rd to the 13th should be fun but no internet.


Sup im sword just got here and am getting a feel for things.

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I dont mind either way
Root - The Hidden

Cold dark and damp a few words to describe the existence of living in the warren. These few words combined with the sounds of crumbling stones, the occasional scream or howl echoing through the haunting hallways and the ever present drip of moisture dropping from the cavernous ceiling above. The dark and dreary landscape although not very fitting for most civilized people was a haunting paradise for those creatures that called it home. At least that was how the small Lizardfolk cloaked in the darkness with bow in hand felt.

Root had been standing perfectly still on the water’s edge for the last 15 minutes. His bow was drawn and the special barbed fishing arrows was sitting there waiting to fly and impale the next fish that swam by. 3 more already lay still on the rocks behind him the blood dripping into the water and drawing in smaller fish. His quarry finally showed itself after it thought it was safe, a large green and black carp swam by just close enough for Root to shift slightly and relies his arrow.

With a furry of movement the fish tried to swim away but found itself drawn out of the water by the rope attached to the end of the arrow, the barbs keeping the projectile lodged in the flesh of the fish. Root had already eaten his fish for the day and this fish meant there was food for his friend as well as giving the rest to the tribe. He didn’t entirely like how they hunted and preferred this method, fish don’t scream.

Root had pulled the other fish along behind him on a stick when he finally got back to the old tubs. The other lizards said that it was a place for humans to clean themselves. He wasn’t sure why they would want to but at least the tubs that were left held enough water to be comfortable. The small reptile quietly passed by a few other members of his tribe and left two fish in their food pile taking the other two to his friend.

Karn was a massive Lizardfolk, they were called black scale and like himself were not too common in this part of the world. The mighty warrior seemed to enjoy his time relaxing in the large tubs of water. Although the both of them yearned to be mighty in their own way sometimes it felt like a slow grind. At least it was fun. Root set the two carp next to his friend and sat down starting to change out his fishing arrows for his normal ones, “Got food Kull, more fish. These ones big fish for big friend.”

@Dark Cloud yeah but still next to the lake right
@Kazemitsu@Dark Cloud

this is our current location, its marked in red but might be a bit hard to spot. it could be a different group from the other lizardfolk that just joined.

@Dark Cloud@Kazemitsu a good place for the lizardmen would be the upper left of the lake along the shoreline
@Dark Cloud
Lizard friend is done

poison dusk are just silly and can hide easily... I am the night. ride on big guy's shoulder and shoot poison arrows lol
Yeah but now that i look at it ill probably just go poison dusk lizardman and just hang out with the big lizardman lol
Subraces works. Having specific jobs to choose from per race is tedious but does allow for further customization and a unique sort of feel to character creation. ... What about like sentient constructs or golem's
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