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Current I have returned. Broken, bruised, and exhausted, but otherwise victorious. this years paintball super game had 1700 players on the field on Saturdays big game. 200 more than last year.
2 mos ago
well ill be out from thursday to sunday for a paintball game. should be fun last time there was at least 1000 players on the field.
2 mos ago
Dam ive been here for almost a year? At least ive lost wieght, still with the same boring job though. O well. So far this place has been nice, even met some pretty awsome people.
2 mos ago
hmm barbecue tarantula isnt that bad.
4 mos ago
Ludacris speed!... that is all, carry on.
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Sup im sword just got here and am getting a feel for things.

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working on one Reo Yamamoto
bad kid academy


I am very interested.
@Kheliop look at the bright side, at least gird made a clear path for you through the spider webs. just don't stick to close to gird, wouldn't want him to dodge and have whatever is attacking go for barth instead.
@MagratheanWhale@Achronum I hope you don't mind the slight controlling at the beginning of the post but its been almost a month since there has been activity here even with the continued interest within the discord server.

so yeah to everyone else, you guys getting back into this or what?
Genthok found himself being tended to by Lilliana who was kind enough to assist the Goliath with his mostly sub dermal or self-inflicted wounds. She was quick to scold him on being careless before moving on. He didn’t take too much damage after all, his raging helped make sure of that. The large shaman found himself out in the field meditating as some other soldiers pulled the spears from the ground. His large furry companion was laying down across from him both resting and assisting the shaman as a point to concentrate on. A totem if you will.

The half Orc knew he didn’t have very much time to rest but wouldn’t waste any time with his purpose here either. He did have a job to do after all, other than regain his energy from the last fight. As he sat there in the field, his hands were clutched around a bowl with some burning herbs inside it. The slow burn of the plants would smell sweet and pleasing to the others around him while the smoke curved and curled around his head and body.

Slowly a slow rhythmic thump like that of a faint heartbeat could be heard near him. Slow pulses of visible light and energy began to accumulate under the large bear, whose ritual markings also began to glow a faint bluish green, before jutting through the ground to the meditating shaman. The Goliath’s dull Grey eyes began to glow ever so slightly as he opened them, but he seemed to be in a trance of sorts. After a few more moments, this blue light that seemed to flow into his very veins began to seep into the surrounding earth.

With every heartbeat from the Goliath, this light slowly creeped from him. These thin veins of blue and white magic continued to grow and spread. Crisscrossing each other and purifying the land of the dark magic and corruption that tainted its soil just moments before. The energy the bear had been gathering was that of the natural world around them and deep in the earth beneath them. Genthok was acting as a conduit, gathering and dispersing the energy and magic to purify the battle field.

This process could take him days to completely restore the area, but he knew this would do two things. For one, it would lift the uneasiness of this area and rest the souls who he could still feel around this area. The second was that it normally had a relaxing and calming effect on others in the vicinity. This was something he thought the others could benefit from, as none of them knew exactly what they would encounter inside. It could be nothing but it could also be a nightmare to some. Genthok was a shaman after all, and he was ultimately here to help.

After a few more moments the pulses began to die down and ultimately stop. The magic in the ground lingered for a few moments before being absorbed back into the earth. Slowly the shaman seemed to come back from his trance. The lingering calming effects of the purification spell still lingered but since he was using ambient mana from the earth and nature he wasn’t all that tired. But, he was a bit light-headed. The large Barbarian would continue to lie in the grassy field until called upon by his superior to continue their march into the city.

@Kheliopyou can have him follow him through the webs but I was going to have him give it back to him with my next post. gives jangle an opportunity to send some baddies after us. lol
Victor Asimov

Such a strange place. Most of the inscriptions or details about the jungle and its local flora and fauna seemed rather close to spot on. The young man could only guess whether his survival skills would hold up here or if the tactics he would use to hunt game back in the evergreen forests of home would prove useful here. He was sure he would have to adapt as any good soldier would when working in this theater of war. Adapt and overcome would be what his former squad leader would say. We are Russian after all maybe a little crazy is what is needed of us.

"This place is something else."

His thoughts were interrupted when someone approached and spoke out to him. Being utterly surprised while being forced from his day dreaming. Victor seemed to flinch and instinctively back away from this new man, assuming a defensive position for a moment before relaxing, “S-sorry. I uh I guess I’m still a little jumpy.” Victor stood straight and lowered his fists opting to bring his hands together nervously.

Taking a moment to breathe and regain his composure Victor couldn’t help but smile. It was something he did when he was nervous or was in trouble and normally didn’t help things much when you smiled at someone who was scolding you. “Sorry about that” he said as he took the other man’s hand.

“I didn't know the world could be so vibrant!” He brought a hand forward, offering it to the stranger. “I am Yosef. It is good to meet you.”

The other man spoke, he was taller than average but still shorter than the blond. They shared similar body types with this man’s skin being a few shades darker than his own. His hair was also a bit darker with a little facial hair. “Victor Asimov. And yeah it definitely will take some getting used to especially if we are going to be fighting in it.” He trailed off as he let the man’s hand go.

Sighing and looking around he bit his lip while staring off at the others, “I think I might be the youngest one here. I’m also unsure of why they would want to send someone straight out of boot camp on a near suicide mission…” he trailed off for a moment. “But I guess it’s better than the trenches at Moscow.” Victor wasn’t sure what he felt about this. He always had this lingering feeling that his father pulled some sort of strings, but he wasn’t entirely sure either.

The boy did see a younger girl nearby that seemed to be either bored or daydreaming like he was earlier. Everyone here was recruited to be in this squad 914 so very soon they would all be family. Best to get introductions out of the way now then have to do it under more stressful conditions. “Hey Ma’am” he said to her, still in a very formal way from his time at boot camp. She was close enough that he didn’t have to yell, “You’re always welcome to join in on our conversation. I um, I might be a bit awkward but I don’t think the two of us are unapproachable.” He was wondering what kind of roles or background these two had. Mostly so he knew who his likely battle buddy was.
Ardur The Pixie
To Valhalla >>>> Fight to Survive /// day 8 // Morning

Ardur almost accomplished what he wanted to do. The hat he grabbed onto did blind the goblin but it also slung him toward the bonfire. The pixie just thought it was for the best, plopping into the fire ball would have been stupid and could have killed him. So Ardur got up to a knee and looked around at what was happening. It seemed that crispy had been paralyzed by a lizard and was in a kneeling position with most of his weak spots covered.

There were a few other goblins around, but they all seemed to otherwise be engaged except one who was holding some sort of jagged bone sword. The female goblin seemed to be heading towards crispy as the same lizard began to come back toward crispy once more. Again Ardur hesitated, what could he do? He knew he couldn’t kill anyone here but there had to be something he could do. Suddenly an old memory came to mind from when he was a child. He had gotten into a few fights protecting others from bullies and was getting a talking to by a few teachers.

One of these teachers did give him a bit of advice he was glad he didn’t forget. “When you fight, fight to survive or protect a third party. Not for glory, honor, money, or fame. Fighting to survive is dirty, you do what you have to, to neutralize the threat. But that’s it, once it’s neutralized get away. Once they give up, stop fighting. Because then you’re the aggressor, then you become the bad guy.” Honestly he wasn’t sure why this memory came to mind, but he would follow it. He knew he couldn’t kill crispy, but he could render him nearly useless.

And with that Ardur grabbed a small sharp stick from near the bonfire, maybe the size of a long toothpick and charged for the pint sized paralyzed pyro. With the other goblin distracted by the lizard and his shield slowly fading. Ardur sort of ran with his wings helping to get under the goblins head as fast as he could and hopefully gouge out or severely damage the goblins good eye. Effectively rendering their adversary blind so that with him still being alive might be able to help them later on. Ardur could only hope that the goblins only respected power and wouldn’t support the goblin once he was crippled.

@Lucius Cypher

Hobgoblin Gird
A New Brother and Sister >>>>> A sticky situation /// Day 5 // Morning

Still, the hobgoblin smiled at them. This goblins answer to his rules was enough to go on from here, and he was glad to have found this Nyma so early in the day. Luz’s question however made him look back toward her for a moment then step back away from them, so he was sure that they could talk to both of them. He knew his strategy was worthwhile, but he knew it wasn’t worth that much if he never explained it to others. The lack of communication between them could begin to fray nerves in the future if he was not careful.

For a moment he was quiet while he pondered his next words. “I am quite aware of my standing within this group and to the goddess. Which I'm sure you are as well. But, I am planning ahead” he paused for a moment while he glanced around. Best not to be surprised by ambush predators. “Eventually we will gain many more followers and leave a trail of blood and bodies in our wake. However, I will be unable to control them all and will need others to command and lead those others who join. So how am I going to be able to know if any of you are up for the task when I’ve never seen you lead?”

His eyes moved between the two of them. His voice was calm and a little monotone but his gaze was rather intense, he remembered his dream from the night before and could feel something pushing him forward. Something that he could feel in his chest and head that was continually pushing him to be great. A feeling resembling a chill that ran down his spine and a hunger to be better, to make them better. “We will prove to the goddess that we are worth her time one step at a time, and right now that means hunting and killing spiders.”

The pale Variant then turned and walked past the two goblins and toward the spear. At first the webs were easy to walk through but then became tougher and tougher. Like walking through knee-deep mud and muck Gird found that there were many more strong tendrils of web strewn through the lighter webbing. From this he could readily gather that the smaller blanket of sticky webs made it difficult to move through in mass while the longer strands were used more for tripping and sensing vibrations which he was making a lot of as he reached the spear.

Something about this place made him feel like he was being watched. And with the trail he had left behind him, as well as all the vibrations that scattered amongst the webs deeper into the forest. He wouldn’t be surprised if more of these spiders came thinking something big got caught in their silken snares. Pulling the spear free of the webs he looked out into the dark web covered forest and towards what he could only think would have been this spiders home as if expecting something to come rushing out toward him. The hobgoblin would only hesitate like this for a moment or two before joining back up with the others and continuing along the trail.

@Crusader Lord

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