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Current Just a few more hours and i get to dissappear for 10 days. The place we are going has some wonderful views.
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wow talk about nostalgia. Things to do while your bored, look up "the cluefinders."
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what? its already been a year here? *looks around* well other than loseing a bunch of wieght not much has changed.
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Will be away on a training from the 3rd to the 13th should be fun but no internet.


Sup im sword just got here and am getting a feel for things.

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Ill have a post up tonight... i think
Victor Astorio

He did not hear it, not right away at least. The buzz he could feel in the air was dissipating and the eyes that were once on him now fluttered away. Apparently, it was time to go to the next class. Victor still didn’t stop, not because he thought that the next class wasn’t important but because he had gotten himself lost in his memories. The memories of her.

After his trance seemed to fade and he was able to break himself free of its grasp, he simply stood there in the arena. He wasn’t moving, he wasn’t breathing like he taught himself to do, all the large vampire did was look down at the sand. He knew there was at least one person still watching him. The arena master maybe or the girl who had approached him earlier. Even if they attempted to get his attention to tell him he was running late now to his next class, he wouldn’t budge.

Victor was processing his memories in an attempt to set them straight and realign his emotions. Her memory always did catch him off guard. He would have to be careful around that girl from earlier. With a forced sigh, Victor was able to whisper a few words, almost as if he was reminding himself of an old promise the words held feeling that even he didn’t always understand. “Whatever it takes, Sarah.” These words seemed to calm his nerves and place him back into the reserved, stoic presence he held before.

Moving back to the side of the arena, the tall vampire began to brush himself off and put his clothes back on. Once he had done that, again he paused looking around at the almost empty arena one last time before heading towards his next class, which he was obviously late too. However, this time he decided to take the long way and took out his nearly indestructible cell phone that looked more than a few years old. Dialing a number and putting it up to his ear. A few rings and then an answer.

“Hello, you have reached the Noila Academy secure storage desk.” A rather monotone voice greeted through the speaker.

“Victor Astorio, Code Phrase. Tales of the night forest. Requesting acknowledgement that a large package is being kept at the armory under my name and with restrictions that I am the only one able to access it?” he always found it strange that the council and his father insisted they used these phrases.

There was a short pause and some audible typing on a computer before the voice came up again, “Affirmative your package is waiting for you here. Another stipulation has been added to the set of armor by one Nero Strigois Astorio; the crate can only be moved or opened in the presence of at least two additional guards for security reasons and must remain inside the armory when not in use.”

a short pause before muttering, “Thank you.” He hung up the phone and placed it back in his pocket. The fact that his father had placed such a restriction on the box was understandable. If someone where to get ahold of it that wasn’t supposed too, could easily spread fear and chaos if used correctly. However, it did tell him that his father was still ever watchful and paranoid. Even of his own kin.

Now wasn’t the time to speculate on how or when he would use what was in that crate. For now, he had to be to his next class to avoid both making a bad impression and possibly being thrown out of this place. At least he knew he could teach people here at the very least help out a little in the arena.

Approaching the building with a look and mood of disdain for being forced into another class that he more than likely didn’t need. Alas, that’s what he thought about the first class as well, and he still learned a few things.

Walking into the classroom toward his assigned Astorio chair he stopped in front of his seat and nodded towards the teacher, “apologies ma’am, I had to deal with something.” Short and straight to the point. He knew he was late and didn’t like to be in the spotlight regardless of if it was negative or positive. The tall vampire took out his notebook and pen and began following along with the lecture as if he had been there the entire time.
Torok Vencor

Either after realizing that the others were too tired or to content to go off on their own, Torok concluded that he would be star gazing alone tonight. Making his way past the door and back out into the dark grass in front of the manor. The large man found a nice spot away from the conversations of the others and laid down with his spear beside him. At least it wasn’t very cold.

He laid there for some time. Watching the stars, the satellites twinkling in the upper atmosphere, and hopped for the occasional shooting star. The faint whispers of a few others that didn’t seem very tired either came and went. The slight sounds of a silent sparing match drifted through the air as well. Soon everything fell silent to just the sounds of insects and the occasional breeze. Slowly he drifted off to sleep under the stars.

The next day.

Torok woke after what seemed like a few hours at least. The starry sky gave way to the sleepy yellows, oranges, reds, and blues of sunrise. The morning dew made his clothes slightly damp but brushed off easily. Standing and stretching with a yawn and a smile he looked around, “this place is even more gorgeous in the day light.” Thinking aloud as he took off his heavy jacket and his damp shirt.

Slipping off his shoes and socks, taking a moment to feel the grass between his toes, he knelt down on both knees and held his spear out in front of him. Closing his eyes and breathing deeply he spoke to himself once again this time it seemed to be a poem or song, “walk in the deepest of foot prints, step into the fog, breaking the silence a threatening song. On the trails of the ancients, the demons awake, at the end of all evil the battleground shakes. To the sound of the metal, the splinters of bone, in a war with the summoned the soldiers of stone. As the vessels of guardians I follow along, with the words of the wise and the way of the strong.”

With another deep breath he stood, taking off the bright red cover of his spear and attaching it to a small clasp on the bottom of the spear. Slowly he took a fighting stance, his spear facing forward and his eyes still closed he began his meditation. Meditation for this one meant slowly going through each and every strike and technique he knew. Keeping his muscles flexed and tense through every smooth slow motion. Then he began to speed up this process until he was swinging his spear and attacking invisible opponents with strikes meant to kill.
Ardur The Mighty Hipixie
Adventure! > rest sounds like a good idea /// Adventuring day 4 // Afternoon / Location - base of the mountain > walking through the mountains

“Wait you can talk to the system? I tried a few days ago but nothing came of it.” Ardur asked sounding surprised and puzzled. Looking around at their current options for pathways, he knew he wanted to stay in the forest and the deep forest to the north looked like a good bet. He wasn’t too interested in the grass lands and didn’t truly wish to keep climbing the mountain.

“Well I’m not sure about you but I vote we head toward that forest down there. More than likely a bit better availability for resources. I don’t feel too comfortable with climbing the mountain especially in our condition.”

He was alerted to the presence of the dire rats from Steve before he heard their squeaks. Looking up to the rocks above them, he could see a few rats among the rocks. They seemed content to simply watch the four of them from their holes rather than pursue them for food. “Or we could camp out somewhere around here for the night and try to take on those rats up there for food tomorrow? Either way I don’t really care but hopefully this mana burn will wear off after some rest.”


Torok Vencor

The girl with the short skirt seemed to take offense to what he said. Typical of a lion heart too proud to know any better. She did say something about him not having any magic but he waited to reply to hear from the others in the room. Then a few others spoke up as well as a pale man that seemed to have a superiority complex. Then the sickly one spoke again, he seemed like a good fellow but he could only wonder what kind of training could benefit the poor lad.

His attention was drawn to the girl with the French accent as the lion heart stepped up to the pale white haired man. Again, another person seemed concerned over his lack of magical ability. All he could do was smile; even if they didn’t say it out right they were already worried about a stranger. Then another girl spoke her concern regarding his magical capability before joining in on the topic of the Kapa’s.

Another seemed to be enjoying a bowl of fruit and berries while the white haired man spoke up again toward the lion heart girl. Even if his words were harsh, he still smiled at all of them. Seeing a few of them head off to whichever room was theirs. Torok decided to answer a few of their questions and concerns. even nodding at Lucas's arm wrestling question.

“I have studied the magical styles and abilities of many reapers, including how their ability’s manifested whether it just occurred naturally or because it was forced. I tried to recreate all of those things to get my magical ability to come about. I know I have it, spending days with other reapers who just poured their magic into me with no change. I know I have it, because my body absorbed it… just didn’t use it.”

Still he was smiling as he looked over towards Mei, “oh I’m not worried about it. Mom says it is just taking its time, father is convinced it hasn’t surfaced yet because it’s very powerful and my body currently can’t handle it yet, but the rest of my brothers and sisters just call me Sleeper because of it.” He glanced back to the lion heart girl with the same friendly smile on his face.

“You know even though that one is… crude. just remember, no one can take on a behemoth on their own. He will meet his match and ask for help or die. Besides, it’s good to have someone like that in a group. I don’t know about you but I believe that he will be very good at making tough decisions, where I’m not very good at that. I’d rather try to save everyone, even if it gets me killed.” There he goes again trying to find the bright side of everyone and their usefulness.

“As for the Kappa Idea. I think I’ll pass on that tonight maybe tomorrow? we will see. I do not believe I will be sleeping in my bed tonight though. The night sky here is far too gorgeous to waste, especially when we don’t have to work for another day. If anyone would like to join me your welcome too I will never say no to company.” The tall blonde was still near the door and still smiling. However, it would seem a few of the others were already getting tired and heading off to bed.

Torok Vencor

A creaking ship and many unfamiliar faces. How comforting. The thought rolled around his head for a moment as he slipped in and out of consciousness. The boy was used to the ground beneath him being sturdy this boat stuff just wasn’t for him. The movement of the boat made the normally loud blonde stick close to a bucket and near a corner.

The moment they were able to get off the boat Torok was relieved and with a smile on his face made his way to the nearest statue, pillar, or tree within the gathering area. They were still waiting on a few others to get off the boat and he was quick to sit down and fall asleep. Hopefully a quick power nap would cure him of the nausea and the headache that clutched his head.

A voice woke him, a strong yet calm voice of the head master. There was a tension in the air and he was sure that he missed something. Picking up his spear and making sure the rest of his weapons were where they should be he listened to what the old man said while trying to filter out the fog in his head. At least the power nap worked.

Something was said about 6 a.m. and following some big bloke, that was apparently the head of security. A third of the students seemed to go in another direction as the rest of the crowd moved toward a small patch of forest. Honestly if he wasn’t so tired, he would probably be striking up a conversation with someone right now. The tall blonde simply kept towards the back of the group as they walked up to a nice looking red and white manor. The architecture of these buildings was absolutely alien and stunning to him.

While he was admiring the artisan’s ship of the building, someone called his name out with a list of others. Then the crowd moved on leaving twelve individuals just outside the manor. A few of his new comrades quickly entered the building. Yet he stayed outside, only for a moment. Just long enough to breath and look up at the stars in the night sky. Always a beautiful sight. Then with a sigh and a smile, he turned and stepped into the building.

When he stepped in the others already seemed to be going through introductions. A girl with a service dog, a sickly legacy who looked like he was a few steps from deaths door, a girl with a French accent, more than a couple quiet ones in the group, what looked to be a few legacy among them, and a girl or two from the Americas. With a smile on his face, he looked over all of them resting his spear on his shoulder, the long blade covered by a florescent red bag.

With a laugh and a cheery tone he spoke up, “my look at all of you beautiful people, this place is going to be fun for sure.” He wasn’t trying to be creepy but not everyone responded the same way to a compliment. “I’m Torok Vencor, I am a legacy from the Ivory house and I don’t recognize a single person here.” Still he smiled while looking around at all of them. “I’m sure we will all get along just swell… well after, we break through everyone’s shell.”

He paused for a moment while looking about some of them, “and for those of you who are not as akin to this new world you find yourselves in. do not worry you’re not alone, I can guarantee that every single person in this room is terrified and that fear will take some time to get through. Hell I’m terrified.” He said while still smiling, “I’m not afraid to admit it; I’m just a legacy with no magic trying to do what he can to help. Were a team and for one reason or another we are here to help. So if you need help, ask. I’ll be happy to help you out.”

He spoke truthfully but he wanted to get his opinion on himself and the others out as soon as he could. It was his nature to help others succeed and try to stay out of the lime light. He just hoped that the others did not think he was making fun of them in some way because he had this stupid smile on his face. Hell who could blame him? He was excited after all.
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