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Current Just a few more hours and i get to dissappear for 10 days. The place we are going has some wonderful views.
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wow talk about nostalgia. Things to do while your bored, look up "the cluefinders."
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what? its already been a year here? *looks around* well other than loseing a bunch of wieght not much has changed.
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Will be away on a training from the 3rd to the 13th should be fun but no internet.


Sup im sword just got here and am getting a feel for things.

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Ardur The Mighty Hipixie
Bring her down > Humans? /// Adventuring day 5 // Afternoon / Location - Forest

Ardur’s hit to the bugbear’s knee was satisfying. The shield spell still worked at least how he somewhat wanted it too. Turing around after his pass he stopped himself before attempting to strike again. He could see now what the brute was running from, “Humans?” thinking aloud in this situation was not the best idea given their circumstances. While he floated there for just a moment longer, he used Monster Analysis I on the humans, the bugbear, and the rest of his party. Honestly, he shouldn’t forget about the skills he has gained so easily.

The high pixie slowly fluttered down to his slime friend to cast Minor Heal I on him, “Let’s go this way” suggesting they go south towards were guidance told him to go earlier. “It’s downhill; water will be down that way most likely.” His eyes never left the two humans, mostly the younger one who seemed a bit more jumpy then the other.

“Come on Steve.” He called to his spider friend while slowly making his way to the meat he had dried. Picking up the meat and eyeing the two humans, “Come on let’s leave the humans to play with the bugbear.” The high pixie began to slowly make his way away from the group and the near unwelcome visitors, “Hey Kid.” Pausing for a moment before continuing south. “May the sun protect you and guide your blade.” He did this while using Inspiration I hopefully this would help them out and maybe brand them as non-threatening at the very least. waiting for a moment for his friendly slimes before continuing south.


Ardur The Mighty Hipixie
What's a fourth wall? > Bring her down /// Adventuring day 5 // Afternoon / Location - Forest

The high pixie was pondering his skills while his friendly slime was walloped away by mother slime, “you think you would try to learn how to bounce like those frogs. That would be funny.” The skills that were listed for him at least cleared up a few questions on how far he was on a few of the skills that could be useful like alert and mana strike. The slime then requested a heal but before he could take even a few steps towards the slime he heard it. The pounding steps of something running their way through the forest. It was big and sounded like it was running on two legs, a goblin perhaps? The thoughts ran through his head briefly before the creature emerged.

Thinking fast as Asura charged forward towards the bugbear that seemed to be running from something. The dire rats around its waist, sharp stick, and dark rings around its eyes, this one almost seemed out of place or maybe he had been outed from his tribe recently. Questions that would surely be asked after he is subdued, if they are able too. “Steve use your web and try to tangle his legs together.” Ardur lunged at the bugbear using stronger II and Lesser Flight III to get to the brute quickly. After this, the High pixie cast Shield I on himself and focused it on his fist to use Point Strike I at the Bugbear's Knee, he was going for the side of it and at the same leg Asura was trying to attach too.


Ardur The Mighty Hipixie
Prep the food > What's a fourth wall? /// Adventuring day 5 // Afternoon / Location - Forest

Watching the meat dry was fun and all and he felt fine until the system popped up with a new skill and another skill point followed by what he could only assume was his character sheet. It did not seem like the sheet was put to gather that well and seemed to just be slapped together from his previous level ups… was someone keeping track of him? He could not finish the last thought as right after this all he could do was grip his head and collapse to his knees with a head splitting pain. “DON’T ASK THE SYSTEM ABOUT YOUR CHARACTER SHEET IT LOOKS LIKE A 12 YEAR OLD WROTE IT… GAHH WHY DOES THIS HURT SO MUCH!” groaning and holding his head.

He didn’t respond to Steve’s worried hisses and all he could really do was sit there for a little while longer before the pain went away. He could not really remember much of it after that only that it hurt a lot. Grimacing as he slowly got up and looked around, “System” he flinched for just the slightest second before continuing, “show current skills and skill progression for target Ardur. List perquisites for skills, and conditions for next evolutions.” He was certain it was going to hurt again so before it did he made it a point to take the cooked meat off the sticks and put the next ones on.

“Just throwing this out there before we get caught up in whatever we are doing or you know we get a good head ache again. We should think about our next move. Every time I’ve used guidance so far it’s always pointed south… I think that’s south.” As he gestured toward the direction the wind was blowing earlier.

He still wanted to get the faster skill as well as harder but he had no idea how to get the last one. Bring physical conditioning up would help them a lot and soon he should start practicing what he remembered from martial arts again. Every little bit helps and if that means taking some of the good, ideas of his past life into this new world then well the more the merrier right?


Ardur The Mighty Hipixie
All the armor > Prep the food /// Adventuring day 5 // Afternoon / Location - Forest

Breathe in and out, in and out. Feel the mana of the world around you and pull it into you. A slow process but with every breath he felt lighter, with every breath he felt stronger. Now was a time to train, he knew that but there was one more thing he needed to do. That thing was to preserve the rest of the food that they had gotten from that deer, food he had left in the shade and out of the sun.

Standing from his meditation feeling better than he did but still not quite full. Taking his sharp stone the high pixie grabbed a few sticks that were laying around that were strong and green with Y branches he could use to wedge the pieces together and create a sort of crude teepee. Gathering some more branches and loose twigs with some green vegetation. Making separate piles for the two, he looked at the others and smiled.

“Go ahead and do what he asks Steve just be careful. This way you can grow stronger too.” Looking back to his piles of debris Ardur pauses for a moment. This would be a good time to think about what to do after this, “System show complete stats for character Ardur… or player Ardur.” He could not remember if he asked like this before but it was worth a chance.

Digging out under the sticks, he set up next to the smaller tree so that he could use it as a brace. The pixie began setting up a small pile of twigs, bark, and dry leaves. Really, anything that looked like it would burn and then set to taking the sharp rock to cut the meat he had left into small strips to hang over the sticks he set up. Once he was feeling optimistic about his plan to smoke and dry the rest of the meat he knelt down to the pile of kindling and carefully held it in his hands.

“Fire nurtures and keeps us warm; the mother cradles it to keep it protected by those who would extinguish it.” He was holding the pile of tinder like it was something precious and very slowly started to cast a fireball I spell releasing just enough mana to get it started and warm. “This flame is that of the mother for it will feed us for some days. This flame is of the protector, the beasts will stay away. It is a flame of the king, for the wise prepare ahead.” This spell was not being used for fighting but for cooking, he was curious as to see if the spell changed when not being used in an aggressive manner.

Once the tinder bundle would ignite, Ardur would set it under the meat in the center of the sticks. Slowly setting more and more branches. Once the fire was big enough to sustain itself, he would add the green plants to make smoke. With this hopefully the small strips of meat would be dried out and smoked to help preserve them. He is aware of the basic way to smoke meat but was unaware of the details to it.


Sorry busy day today.

Yeah i some how missed the history issue i was supposed to finish that but it looks like i forgot... air headed sometimes.

I know hes a bit more horror inspired and that the void stuff isnt too cyberpunk. I geuss i just read warlock and cult then thought of that one.

Im willing to change him up a bit.
Ardur The Mighty Hipixie
more crafting > All the armor /// Adventuring day 5 // Morning > Afternoon / Location - Forest

Ardur was working hard at what he was doing trying to be careful and pay attention to what he was doing and making. Trying to get the skill for material analysis while using his crafting I skill. At one point even using Keen Sight I to try to get the skill a little faster. At least the sun was keeping him warm through his prayers.

Occasionally he would glance over at the others still, Asura seemed to be pretty determined to get the skills necessary to be a good tank. Something told him that it would be useful in the time to come. He only stopped working once to heal his slime friend and pet Steve for a moment before continuing.

Once he was finished and looking himself over he smiled, the gear he had now would hopefully keep both of them alive and well for some time now. Putting the bracer over his left arm and the chest piece over his shoulders, he stood there briefly with his hands on his hips. Now all he needed was a good weapon and a helmet.

However before any of that, Asura seemed to want to talk to him or at least mention him. “Hmm? Oh, do not worry about me I was going to meditate for a little while now anyways. If you want to work on more resistances Steve just got Poison Fang I if you want to work on that.” A thought occurred in his head just then and he looked at Steve, “Steve if you can hear this attempt at telepathic communication turn in a circle three times.” He wondered why he had never attempted this before but o well.

“Steve, do what the nice slime asks of you as long as it looks like the other one is okay with it.” It was the last thing he would remark about before leaning against the tree he had been working next to. Slowly he began to work on his breathing, slow and steady, drowning out the sounds around him for a moment. Concentrating only on his breathing while he used Meditate I, sensing all the abundant mana around them and subsequently pulling it into himself.


i do hope this is acceptable... been trying to make this concept work for a little while now.

Edit: Reworked and renamed to be less OP sorry about that, sleep deprivation does funny things to me.

redux 2047

This looks fun. I haven't done an advanced rp in a while so if I'm not up to par I understand, but I'll do my best. Then again I am kind of self conscious about that part. I will work on getting a character up and going, too bad I'm gone this weekend.
Ardur The Mighty Hipixie
time to train and craft > more crafting /// Adventuring day 5 // Morning > Afternoon / Location - Forest

The high pixie only looked away briefly too see Steve using the rock and web combo as a makeshift weapon to use against the slime. That was actually an interesting idea, maybe seeing how his companion takes on different tasks would give them all more ideas. The makeshift flail found its mark and seemed like it could do a fair bit of damage with better equipment and training. At least they were being resourceful.

Turing his attention back to the task at hand he was pleased with the outcome of his work. He was certain it was not the best but it at least looked like it was going to be ok. “System” he proclaimed as he was observing the new material in his hands, pulling it tight to test its ability. “Put all skill points for tamed creature Steve into Poison Fang.” This gave him the chance to hopefully get some sort of poison resistance and could possibly be harvested and put on future weapons. As for the other skills? It would simply take some time and he knew he would be able to get it.

Ardur’s attention was pulled away from his work by the worried voice of Mother Slime, “Steve wait till mother slime is ok with what Asura is doing before trying to hit him again. Until then, just swing that rock over your head for practice.” He told her. The last thing he wanted to do was piss off the big slime, he did not want to deal with infighting at this very moment. “Yeah I’ll give you a heal when you want me too. I’m just going to try to get this armor up and going first.” He replied to his friend.

After setting the new material to the side, he began to think and look over the materials he had and the resources around him. They were not terribly in the open but were not entirely covered either. Keeping a lookout would be for the best. It seemed like he could get all the sap he would need for the other five tendons and maybe he could do something with the tree bark itself as well. He still had the mandible that was slowly degrading but it would have to do until he found another sharp rock.

Perhaps he could turn the bark into some sort of cordage like the Native Americans used to do. Then the pieces of “armor” that laid before him could be used to do something. Anything too complex wouldn’t pan out as he wanted it too, he knew that, but perhaps something simple. Ardur began to plan in his head how to proceed. He had six tendons and one was coated already, so the next step would be to coat the rest. After that, using the beetle parts as back armor wouldn’t work out as he wanted them too but they could be used as bracers and arm protection. It wouldn’t be pretty and might be a little awkward from the shape but as long as it worked right?

As for the bones? They could simply be used as a primitive breast plate no other armored points on his torso but at least it was a start. Then after all of that possibly using the bark cordage, if it worked, to fashion some type of skirt or tunic out of the local vegetation so he would blend in a little better. He remembered how his mud coating a few days ago helped and his green hair more than likely already helped. The last thing to do would be to try to make that frog skin into some sort of pack or bag.

Therefore, Ardur set to work on his plan of making some armor for himself while Steve practiced her fighting against Asura. All the while, the pixie would stop after every couple of minutes or so and just look around and listen, always weary of their surroundings. When he was not doing this he would offer up small bits of mana for Guidance I, he wasn’t doing it to get guidance on where to go or what to do. He was doing it too see if it did anything for his crafting. He also did this while muttering to himself what he thought would be things his gods would promote or like him to do.

The King, he rewards decisions and team work that benefit the group, Loyalty to those around and under you, and supports the Leader.” Another would be for, “The Protector, he rewards courage and bravery to stand your ground, to protect and fight for others either through words or actions. He doesn't care what side of a conflict is chosen, as long as a side is chosen.” Finally, “The Mother, she rewards growth and prosperity, whether it be food or wealth as long as what is gathered is shared and wealth not horded. So that everyone may grow and be strong.”


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