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Current wow talk about nostalgia. Things to do while your bored, look up "the cluefinders."
14 days ago
1 mo ago
what? its already been a year here? *looks around* well other than loseing a bunch of wieght not much has changed.
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2 mos ago
Will be away on a training from the 3rd to the 13th should be fun but no internet.
3 mos ago
Might be getting a new job soon. If i do my posting ability will be vastly decreased as i wont be able to post at work... but more money is fun.
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Sup im sword just got here and am getting a feel for things.

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that sucks... I too hope that everything turns out well.
so how is everyone? hopefully none of you are threatened by that hurricane.
Ardur The Pixie
Poking the bear again >>>> Time to fight /// day 8 // Evening / Location - J11

Thumping and roaring sounds of the large goblin was right behind him. At times, he wasn’t sure if the pounding was from his heart beat or Rattleskull right behind him. The cave boss was constantly just out of reach, a distance Ardur tried to maintain. Go too fast and he losses interest, go too slow and you die. It was definitely a hard thing to manage when you’re also going through an adrenaline rush.

Still, the beast followed. Step by step Ardur dragged him toward the bonfire. Staying tantalizingly close yet just out of reach and mockingly laughing at him as he flew. Then suddenly they were there and as Rattle skull stepped just past one of the nearby pillars his foot was caught in a spike trap of some kind. The sudden spurt of blood made the overgrown goblin stop in his tracks. Ardur could tell that the gears in the goblins mind where moving and realizing what had happened.

Ardur however, didn’t stop. He kept flying to the other pillar before stopping to catch his breath, and he smiled. “Incoming!” he called out to the others that where there. He knows they didn’t plan on dragging him here, but he would be easier to take out by himself. Ardur could only hope that the others were in a position to attack.

After his short pause, Ardur continued to fly up towards the pillar and his stash of stones. The pixie wasted little time, and he knew that they didn’t have a lot of time before the rest of them will be on them. Grabbing a large rock the pixie fluttered through the air and back towards Rattle skull. Assuming the large goblin was still there Ardur would attempt to drop the rock on him and then assist his friends with heals and support.


Hobgoblin Gird
Waiting to pounce >>>> Rescue Operation /// Day 5 // Evening

Claws dug in deep. One hand clasped around its throat preventing any attempt at a scream as the life was literally drained from the poor troll. The other trolls looked on as their brother slowly faded away to nothing more than skin and bones. The other trolls were only aware of the assailant after the troll fell to its side. A pale hobgoblin, latched onto their friend like a leach or a parasite.

Gird stood after feasting from his meal. The troll wasn’t quite dead yet, it was more of a husk a shell of its former self. Bending down ever so deliberately closer and closer to the trolls face and its hollow dead eyes. This show, this sadistic side of him wasn’t to try to scare what was ever left of this troll. No, this troll was already gone and would die soon. He could see its power fading by the moment. This show was for the other trolls. To strike them with fear.

Stopping for only a moment the hobgoblin smiled then quickly he bit down hard onto the trolls neck with savagery and fury he has rarely shown to even his fellow goblins. Gird brought the chunk of flesh up letting blood poor down his face and chest. The dyeing troll had a few more death throes to get out of the way before finally stopping for good. "For Duvelna." He spoke a simple prayer, looking at the trolls in front of him.

Looking at them he smiled only for a second that seemed like hours before running right at them. Dipping and dodging in between them, Gird moved quickly. Clawing at whichever of them got in his way. However, these trolls were not his intended target. They were just in his way. You see Gird didn’t seem all that eager to engage the alpha troll just yet. Instead, he made a mad dash for the captive goblin in an attempt to release him and hopefully gain one more attacker in this fight. Even if the goblin ran off, he would still be an excellent distraction.

@Crusader Lord


I hope this is acceptable.

Doctors and stuff

Looks interesting. Face Claim - Hamzah Saman
@Crusader Lord jangel but hes busy with new work stuff probly.
In The Craft 17 days ago Forum: Advanced Roleplay
@Virani how's the migraine doing?
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