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Current Just a few more hours and i get to dissappear for 10 days. The place we are going has some wonderful views.
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wow talk about nostalgia. Things to do while your bored, look up "the cluefinders."
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what? its already been a year here? *looks around* well other than loseing a bunch of wieght not much has changed.
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Will be away on a training from the 3rd to the 13th should be fun but no internet.


Sup im sword just got here and am getting a feel for things.

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Grikgar /Grik/ Seeker

// Unggoy Ultra // Demolitions and Artillery // Location: Waiting in a cave

Rough insertion, fast cars, and bad weather. What more could a grunt ask for other than maybe some food. The high humidity and low temperature was familiar and unwelcomed by the grunt. Preferring warmer climates to the bitter cold of frozen planets or the vacuum of space was nice. The storm would also help to mask their approach but make his life currently a bit more uncomfortable.

Grik chose the right side of Veal’s specter the grav boots he had requisitioned for his updated combat harness was something he was glad he added. Sticking to the side of the thing in a spot meant for Elites was not an easy feat even with them. With a plasma pistol in one hand and his other grappling the side of the vehicle he was satisfied with his placement.

The demolitionist couldn’t wait for the anti-air cannon to be taken off line. Its destruction would mean that the Goblin would be dropped off with their assortment of fighting vehicles. This would be the first official test of the mech’s ability’s in a combat situation and he was very excited for it. All he had to do now was hold on and wait for the others.
Victor Astorio

Victor’s smile faded slightly at the instructors words, “very well still doesn’t change much from my plans. The story about pissing off the duke sounds fun. I don’t mind getting paired with the least experienced students.” He always did like to teach others but never really had the chance before.

Returning to his place in the arena slightly back from the others, the Astorio waited for the instructor to go over the ground rules before assigning pairs. Apparently this Melanie Saliu was going to be his partner. This Miss Saliu was easy to pick from the small crowd as she looked the most distraught after having her name called. They were slim in size and stature, nervous, with a rough voice and an awkward way about her. Even her curtsey was as shaky as her voice.

Victor’s eyes did not move from her they were almost looking into her soul. He didn’t change his stature or move in any way when she found her stance. With his arms crossed he looked like a statue. This form was broken when he started to walk around her, “hold that stance and I will adjust you.” The large vampire moved slowly and quietly around her barley making a sound. Then he got right up next to her without a hint of care for personal space.

With one foot he adjusted her forward foot and leg, “always keep this toward your enemy.” With his strong rough hands he brought her arms up and closed her fists to make an L shape with her head in-between them. “Keep your arms up in this defensive position to protect your head and never close your fist around your thumbs or you will break them.” Twisting her shoulders and pushing them back to straighten her posture and the last thing to be adjusted was her back leg.

Stepping back in front of her he nodded, “get familiar with this position it is both a good defensive and offensive stance especially for a beginner. Now then you know me but let me introduce myself, I am Victor Strigois Astorio Head hunter for the council and representative for the Astorio house at this school.” Giving her a nod of acknowledgement he continued. “Now Please Miss Saliu, tell me about yourself including where you are from, what combat or fighting experience you have, and why you are taking this class.”
Merik Roak

Merik once again found his way back to the war room, after a quick check to see if his food was still safe the beast curled back up in the middle of the room and attempted to return to his slumber. Alas he would not find it, tossing and turning for a few minutes he let out a monstrous sigh and stood. Something still didn’t feel right, something still felt like he needed to be on alert. The hunt and although successful was not filling. Merik found a piece of meat he had obtained from his stash and stepped out into the halls. His large frame patrolling the dark and seldom lit halls with ease.

He passed several people and doors before ultimately finding himself outside of the duke’s chambers. A few guards were posted outside and they seemed uneasy about his presence. The large reptile sat far enough away that others could get passed but otherwise just listened and ate the rest of his food. A few more people came and went some barely noticing him sitting quietly others giving him a wide birth.

After a few more minutes he stood and approached the door, the guards watched him but did not stop him as he opened the door and stepped inside. A few more guards where near the door and the window with another by the Duke’s bedside. Merik could feel a bit guilty for not being able to stop the assassins, his senses should have picked up on them but it seems that even he had a lot to learn. Obviously everyone was tired and on edge in that room by the way the guards fingered their weapons as he approached the bed.

Sitting down at the foot of it and starring at the duke he did not pay any attention to the one watching the duke or the guards that stood quietly in the room. Using his hearing the lizard directed his attention to the duke, he could hear his labored breathing and the fast rhythm of his heart beat. Merik could tell that the man was fighting it, his body was fighting it and yet he felt that he may still be able to help.

Waling on all fours to the side of the bed opposite the healer Merik again flared his nostrils and took several deep breaths over the duke. The others in the room were watching him closely. Either through his royal seal or just his intimidating size none of the others made a move until he attempted to pull the blanket off the duke’s chest with one of his large claws. Merik stopped and looked at the guards who were now gripping their weapons, “it okay. Merik Help.” He pulled the blanket down further and exposed the duke’s chest by pushing his bed ware out of the way.

The healer was watching him closely while he placed his large reptilian hand on the duke’s chest. His hand easily encompassed his chest. With a deep breath Merik closed his eyes and just felt the duke’s chest rise, his heart beat, and his blood surge through his body. Merik remembered what the elder had told him about magic some big words made sense while others he could not translate properly. He began to feel it, his own heart rate and breathing compared to the dukes, his own blood and energy flow through him.

Merik felt the surge of magic throughout his body, his natural primal magic of a dragon touched. A beast long forgotten waiting to free itself and the natural way of things keeping order in the chaos of life. He felt the magic in him flow down his arm, he willed it from him and into the duke. The energy of life, of growth, the magic that has always been inside him shaping his strong muscles and bone. Building him into what he was. Merik pushed this energy into his palm and into the duke. The same energy that gave him his prowess, the energy gifted to him to be strong and mighty, a gift from the dragon.

The dragon touched was giving a portion of his power, his magic to the duke. Not to mend wounds or send him into a rage but give his body enough energy to fix its own issues. Enough power to speed up its own recovery time and possibly make him powerful.

For a moment Merik felt the different energy of himself and the duke touch, twist around each other, absorb into one another, and become one. A luminous green glow cast from his hand and then it stopped. His moment of bliss and serenity cut in an instant as he fell onto his back with a heavy thud. Merik grimaced with a sharp pain in his head accompanied with a dizzy feeling that left him unable to stand or move. The barbarian was unsure of what he just did or the repercussions that would come with it, if he did anything at all.
Ullross “Ross” Vallath

The android seemed to be able to discern what the significance of the outbuildings with a quick check then she was off again. This made the man wonder why they were even here as it seems that other than magic she could very easily take care of most things on this mission. Hmm perhaps her being a bit showy is nice though, if the enemy is watching and sees that she is more capable than the rest of us might focus their efforts in neutralizing her.

His line of thought was broken when he heard someone call out his name. Ross groaned and shook his head, these people did not act like the others he had been tasked with recently almost light hearted compared to what he was in earlier. Perhaps he could still salvage a few things from this outing and at least have a little fun. Ross began rummaging through more boxes of rations finding a couple he liked and stuffing them away in his jacket before setting his eyes on some crystals that looked interesting.

None of the things in this building were noteworthy and soon he felt himself being drawn back towards the main building by some mystical means. Guessing that the team was waiting for him the large man made his way back to the main building where the others have gathered. Some still seemed to be inspecting a wall but otherwise seemed like they had finished their inspection. “Are we ready to go?”

A straight forward question while he pulled out one of the rations with smoked fish so he could snack on it while he waited to see what the next step was.
Grikgar /Grik/ Seeker

// Unggoy Ultra // Demolitions and Artillery // Location: Sangheili Corvette

The sea food was just as good the last time he was here and again the Unggoy almost got their group kicked out due to his voracious appetite and messy table manners. Honestly he knew he did get a little excited, this particular human food was his favorite but due to its tendency to spoil easily he did not find it very often on other worlds or stations. It seemed they got pulled away just in time to their meeting, he was sure that the next time he arrived here there would be a sign for no Unggoy.

The meeting was rather standard, go in after covenant, loosen their foot hold, and turn the populace against them. The specifics where a little different but it was standard for what he was used too. Grik knew he would have to tread lightly on this one as one of the team was directly involved with it. The Sangheili pilot they picked up on the first mission they had. She was resourceful as were all the team members but this one also had a youthful energy about her that was honestly refreshing. These where all Grik’s observations as he hadn’t talked to her too much before he had to leave.

The Unggoy could only wonder how this mission would be interesting compared to his many other missions. His mind drifted back to his time on his home planet and the vehicle he brought from there. This kept him quiet on the pelican trip up to their blockade runner. A sleek but powerful corvette new and unusual ship types where not unaccustomed to him as he was born on a ship. The human presence on it was staggering. This time they really would have better support than the last one.

Grik stepped off the pelican behind Vael and looked at the human before them. Looking to Ryker as he headed off into the ship for a moment then again back to the human. He wasn’t a Spartan or an ODST, those humans had more of a presence about them, and he didn’t have the weird look of an ONI agent. Was this one a messenger perhaps or a human with a grudge? Grikgar knew the humans had that feeling in the back of their minds that came out when they were indulging in alcohol or drugs. The Ultra stood quietly by Vael curious to see what he had to say before he would go off to check on his new toy in the vehicle bay.
Merik Roak

The man that smelled of orc was subdued quickly with a strong bite across the right shoulder and several hits to his abdomen. His jaw was still firmly clamped over the man’s shoulder and he yelped every time either of them moved. Merik knew the man would not die with how he held him but it would be painful. With the sudden ferocity leaving his eyes and the content nature of having caught his prey, the lizard looked at his were wolf prey and pointed at the keep. With a shrug he began to make his way back to the keep, his prey doing his best to move as little as possible while trapped in the beast’s jaws.

The man struggled but the slight clamp of Merik’s jaws dissuaded any attempts at further rebellion from his fate. It was either that or the drool pouring over their shoulder. Perhaps it was even the rough reptilian tongue that seemed to casually taste the man’s blood. Although people did stare or were attracted to the cries of pain from the man Merik was carrying. Not a single citizen or guard tried to stop him as he entered the grounds of the keep with the sometimes sobbing man.

Upon entering the grounds to the keep the towering hulk stopped in front of a small gathering of guards. They were discussing something serious but all turned toward the whimpers of the man still clutched in his jaw. Merik let the man drop from his mouth to the ground several trails of drool following him. “This one go to jail.” He spoke sternly and to the point then crouched down to the injured man and ran his tongue over the wounds and across the assassins face. “If you run I eat you.” And with that Merik waited for the man to be restrained then headed off back towards the keep and the stash of food he left in the war room.
Grikgar /Grik/ Seeker

// Unggoy Ultra // Demolitions and Artillery // Location: Sydney Australia

Grikgar hauled himself up once the human commander gave himself up. The ploy the human had used was very smart. Not only did he keep his cool but he was able to bluff his way through the entire encounter. Still, they had finished their mission with few casualty’s and all seemed to well enough for all of them. The brutes were destroyed and the humans scattered Grik was well aware that it would take them some time to recuperate their losses from this and reorganize. He did not expect to be returning to this place anytime soon.

The group rallied and left quickly, a response from the planets defense system was well on its way. The following weeks were filled with down time as they waited for further orders. His team was itching to get back to the fight as the remaining covenant continued their fight across the galactic scene. Soon they found their team was put on pause and Vael took his soldiers back to the stars to continue the fight.

The Unggoy Ultra was only operating with them for a few months before receiving a request to return to his home planet. It was a strange request but one he accepted. It was after all to assist in the creation of a new vehicle specifically for Unggoy. Grikgar had never been to his home world before as he was born on the Seeker of Truth. Still, he would find the next few months interesting none the less.

On top of working on the new vehicle the researchers were calling “Goblin” using a human term for some mystical creature in their history. Grikgar was continuing to train in small arms, long range fire support, new infantry artillery weapons, artillery vehicles, and hand to hand combat. The last mission made him realize where he was lacking in combat and knew where he needed to broaden his scope of skills. Other than training with a few elites that were around and beating them as well as engaging the odd Kig-Yar pirates in the system, Grikgar’s stay was interesting but not entirely too dangerous.


Shaking back and forth for a moment the Unggoy checked his air supply for a moment. His shuttle had just entered the atmosphere and was making its way down toward the city where he met his former companions so many months ago. He had received the notification to return to Aegis team during the final testing of his personal combat vehicle. As late as he was at least he was here. The humans were kind enough to have a handler meet him so that he may be able to travel the city streets without too many issues.

Sometimes a group of angry humans could quite possibly gang up on him and cause an incident. Although Grik didn’t think he would be the only one to be injured if it came to that. Most of the other spices of the former covenant had intimidation on their side through sheer size or demeanor. But Unggoy where after all about the same height as a human just built to be a bit bulkier.

The handler didn’t say much only that his things were stored and would be available once they were on mission and that he would take him to where Vael would be. Buy the look of the human and a few others once he stepped off the shuttle he knew they wouldn’t be much for conversation. He was almost certain that no one would be able to distinguish his rank by the colorations on his combat harness but at least they didn’t want to talk too much either.

Although he didn’t have his full sealed combat suit that was even upgraded to include grav-boots making it a completely sealed suit, it also had a better personal shield in it now and it wasn’t as experimental. This was thanks to the researchers from his home world. The shield was comparable to the strength of an elites now and one of their next projects was making more of them for the better trained Unggoy.

The ride to where the commander would be staying was quiet but it allowed the grunt to look out the window and see all the different people and sights in the city. Human settlements were always interesting, from food, to language, to smells, sounds, and architecture. The car they were in soon came to a stop ending his site seeing for now and the handler motioned for him to follow. Turning a few corners the two came across someone that looked familiar.

It would seem that the others were already getting together and he quickly waddled past his handler and up to his squad mates. “Hello, does this sea food include crab?” almost as if they only saw each other the other day Grik completely skipped the formalities and went straight to food. After just getting planet side an hour or so earlier, he was quite hungry for some human food that was always much more palatable than nutrient paste.
Ullross “Ross” Vallath

Ross stepped forward slowly down the entrance noting the marks of recently detonated explosives. Pistol in hand walking door to door and slowly opening them. He didn’t see much else there for traps wise and gave the all clear to the dwarf behind him. She seemed intent on immediately inspecting some type of machinery taking up the entirety of one of the rooms.

Ross left her to her own devices and quickly set into looking over the rooms first. He took photos of the rooms and their contents before going through them. Other than finding a few crates of mana crystals, most of what he found were medical supplies or food stuffs. The dragon was very careful moving any of the boxes knowing there could still be traps hidden among them.

It was while he was moving one such box of crystals that their fearless commander showed up. He wasn’t expecting someone coming back so soon and hadn’t quite gotten used to the androids moments. “Oi eejit!” the sudden surprise caught him off guard, he only really went off like that when he was doing something dangerous. The odd Irish or Scottish reaction did slip out now and again when he wasn’t paying attention.

“Apologies, I’m searching for traps and through these boxes. Mostly food, some mana crystals, and medical supplies.” Ross was quick to compose himself while he sat the crate down. “The others find anything interesting?” trying to quickly move past his little outburst and to check in with the others.
Ullross “Ross” Vallath

Ross already read and went through the mission file; he was well aware what he was getting into and what was expected of him. He had a job to do after all and now it was time to do that job. The dragon listened to the rest of the run down and the reactions of the others as they started off towards their first objective site. At least he was able to drive one of the vehicles there. Civilian government vehicles normal were not too special, some private individuals and the military had the best things to pilot.

The trip there was uneventful other than their team leader speeding ahead of the rest of the cars. Impressive but not something he was caught off guard about. The location was already surrounded by police and other agencies as well as curious civilians a way off.

Amanda told them to stick with the vehicles while she went ahead and scouted the building, almost immediately after stepping out of the vehicle he felt off. He felt like he was being watched, it wasn’t the police nearby and it didn’t feel like scrying but just off. Ross’s instincts were on high alert as well, something was off about this place.

The officers seemed to take a break as Amanda spoke to them then carried on, leaving the weapons where they were and stepping back. The large man walked up to one of the weapons that an officer had set down. With a flick of his wrist the rifle was floating and slowly spinning in front of him. The officer protested but all he received was a glare. The weapon in question dismantled itself in front of the large man down to every screw and metal plate.

Each part rotated slowly, none of them showing any signs of strange markings or enhancements other than what was normal for a weapon like this one. Slowly Ross began to piece the gun back together then returned it to where it lay. Moving on from the weapon, Ross approached the man Amanda spoke to earlier about how they came across this place. Although seeming to be a bit annoyed the officer told Ross the same thing, he told their team leader.

It didn’t feel right.

Something about this whole situation didn’t sit right with him, he would have to get a statement from those officers and have the agency do a thorough background check to make sure the initial fire fight wasn’t staged. Being a tad bit paranoid had gotten him out of a few issues in the past. But it would seem that Amanda had returned just in time for a briefing for all of them.

Short and simple, a large complex with the possibility of several hidden or unknown places. Ross took this opportunity to walk the perimeter while the others continued with their own investigations. It didn’t take him to long to go about the perimeter. Nothing seemed unusual other than a higher-than-average amount of traffic cameras in the area. Most seemed pointed towards the warehouse, but he couldn’t be certain.

While the large man was walking back to one of the outbuildings, he continued to go over his thoughts. One thing he had learned from the many human teachers he has had over the ages was to keep an open mind and look at the situation from all possible angles. these Thoughts of if they knew a special task force was being assigned to them then this would be a good way to see what they were up against. Bait to lure in their prey like attracting sharks by spreading fish parts into the ocean.

Broken from his thoughts with the sudden sounds of explosions ross hurried over to where their team leader said she would be only to find the door open and the dwarf outside with smoke coming out of the small shack. Amanda was pretty quick to get out of the shed after calling out that she disabled the majority of the traps. They seemed like they were going to go back down with the dwarf before taking off toward the shaman’s position.

“Guess its just us then.” He shrugged towards the dwarf, “ill go first, keep on the look out for any hidden doors or passageways who knows what this lot have set up down here. Like Amanda said be carful but if you find another trap let me know.” Ross drew his futuristic looking pistol in his right hand and stepped down into the tunnel.
Victor Astorio

The familiar sands had a few new faces in it, none of them he recognized. Only one of his fellow class mates met his gaze if only for a moment. Victor began to place his things in a neat pile on the stone floor while the instructor stepped in. the smaller man waved them over to join them in the middle. The count took a short swig of his flask and joined the others with a shiver.

It wasn’t too much of a surprise for him to see the bewilderment in the instructor’s eyes and words. A short vampire with a slim build by the name of Tomas with a blunt and to the point way of speaking. He took a bit more time to look over a few of the other classmates they had with them his eyes lingering on the girl that met his gaze earlier for a moment longer than the others. The gaze didn’t seem hostile perhaps more of nervousness. The gaze reminded him of some of the looks and body language the student body was giving off from the last incident the school had. Powerlessness, it’s the best description he could come up with.

Snapping back to the teacher as he began to go over ground rules, these were all things he heard from the last year. Still, Victor met Tomas’s gaze when he finished going over the ground rules it looked like he was going to ask him something in front of the others and he did.

“I gotta be honest. What the fuck are you looking from this?” Tomas sighed, looking up at the giant. “I’m pretty sure even with every trick in the book, you could lay me out no problem. Why did you join a basics program?”

He knew the question would be asked eventually but it still took him a moment to compile his thoughts on the matter before speaking in his usual calm deep voice. “There are a few reasons, I was told that I needed to go through the basics program to get to the higher classes. I’m sure I could submit some form or just ask to be put in the higher class but that just sounds like cheating to me and I didn’t take this class because I think it is an easy passing grade I couldn’t care less.” Glancing at a few of the others then back to Tomas again, “I am also not very familiar with the Noila fighting style, I find it a good balance between offensive and defensive where my fighting style is mostly offensive.”

The count let a sigh escape him and continued, “but frankly I have been watching the overall combat abilities of my peers and find them lacking. I was hoping that if you could not teach me, then I could assist you with the class or at the very least be a good sparring partner for you to show these ones a few things without you having to worry about breaking them. And if not then well training is training, just like my old combat instructor used to say. ‘The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in combat’ a human expression but it still works.” He folded his arms across his chest waiting to find out if his words would do anything to increase his odds at helping out with the class but would not fret if he decided otherwise.
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