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4 yrs ago
Current Just a few more hours and i get to dissappear for 10 days. The place we are going has some wonderful views.
5 yrs ago
wow talk about nostalgia. Things to do while your bored, look up "the cluefinders."
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5 yrs ago
what? its already been a year here? *looks around* well other than loseing a bunch of wieght not much has changed.
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5 yrs ago
Will be away on a training from the 3rd to the 13th should be fun but no internet.


Sup im sword just got here and am getting a feel for things.

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@FourtyTwo updated the characters armor and loadouts
@FourtyTwo how does this look?

Raven Squad Male Heavy bioscience and weaponry

im at work but ill work up a character for the male heavy position if its still available. @FourtyTwo
ill bite, looks like it could be interesting.

Time: 1300hrs
Location: To the warehouse then the blacksmith
Interactions:Princess Sadie @Potter
Mentions in order:

Arriving at the blacksmith he could already tell that some of his men were already getting to work handing out materials and making sure everyone had the proper tools and space to set up their things. There was not many people here other than what looked like a few locals he did notice the two boys that were tasked with keeping his room clean in attendance even if they looked a bit unsure of themselves.

“Alright I apologize for being a little late I had some issues come up that needed addressed. Now then I would like to remind you that I will be hosting these sessions one to two times a week for an hour or two at a time. Once you have proven you can do the basics you are allowed to use our resources and the teachers at hand to help you with your own projects.” He spoke while setting out his tools.

“Your first project is learning how to reforge metal, more precisely, turning one of the rail road spikes in front of you into small knives or daggers. The other instructors will be assisting you with this while I work with the more advanced among you.” To set a good enough example that even he was taking his safety seriously, Roman took off his shirt and put his leather apron on.

He did start off the class by giving some examples of how hot you wanted the metal to glow in the furnace and how to properly swing a hammer and use an anvil to shape the metal before stepping back to let the students work and let the three other journeyman smiths he brought with him to teach the class giving pointers here and there with a smiles and friendly demeanor.
interested but at work ill come back to this

Location: Hunting Area - Quick its after the picnic baskets > To the warehouse then the blacksmith
Interactions:Shehzadi Mayet @13org, Shahzade Munir @Infinite Cosmos, Hannah @princess, Princess Sadie @Potter
Mentions in order:

Roman felt more than heard Mayet’s attack as she rested her soft athletic legs over his shoulders for a moment before leaping off away from the bear. Their accumulated strikes seemed to down the bear but it still had some life left in it. Bloody and breathing heavily Roman began to think of how to strike the bear further when a dagger flew past him and into the beast silencing the last of its struggles.

Munir looked ready to strike again if needed, that man’s aim was very good being able to land several shots in quick secession without hitting any of his allies. Mayet’s quick and well placed strikes combined with Nala’s ferocity and power were a good team. He was glad that in a pinch the trio could work well together without having to worry about glory hogs. Roman whispered a prayer in his old language about strength and being at peace before he noticed the owner of the dagger quickly came into view.

Resting his axe on his shoulder he smiled at Sadie and the others she brought with her, “It’s good to see you too Princess Sadie, it does look like your aim has improved. Of course I’m alright I would never do something so dangerous without proper precautions. I just hope the huntress that was injured is being taken care of.” Roman took a step back towards Mayet and away from the bear checking a small silver pocket watch in his pocket with a grimace.

“To answer your earlier comment, you are correct I did like it, it reminded me of home.” He paused for a moment smiling, “I have 16 brothers and sisters, four have passed away but I am the oldest and tallest. Which means my younger siblings like to climb all over me.” He said with a laugh.

With a sigh he looked to the others and smiled once again. “Mayet Munir, it was a pleasure hunting with you this glorious morning. I do hope we can do this again soon. But it would seem it is nearly 1pm and I have black smith lessons I have to give soon and must take my leave. Sadie I hope I see you there and I hope you all have a wonderful day.”

Roman took a moment to pick up his spear and give the others a moment to say anything to him they wanted to before leaving. He did so quickly, moving at a quick pace towards his warehouse to grab a few things before heading to the blacksmith. He knew a few of the other smiths he brought with him should be there to set up and begin the lessons if he was a little late.

Location: Hunting Area - Quick its after the picnic baskets
Interactions:Shehzadi Mayet @13org, Shahzade Munir @Infinite Cosmos, Hannah @princess
Mentions in order:

Roman got back to his feet in a crouch holding the axe in his hand and staring at the beast. Mayet had delivered a strong blow with Nala exposing a noticeable weak spot and gaining the ire of the beast just before it would have gotten to him. The situation was bad but not dire as he took a second to observe the carnage and the actions of the others. Munir seemed to be intent on remaining at range but his shots have been well placed. Mayet like him still clung to a blade and someone had started to drag away the injured huntress or so it seemed.

Now he could only hope that Munir could land a few more hits while Nala kept up its attention long enough for him to make his move. Dropping the knife and griping the axe Roman took two powerful steps forward and lunged at the beast timing his axe to swing down on the open wound Nala had created. With the might of all of his time spent swinging his hammer, the weight from his body built carrying and molding steel and stone, the experience poured into everything he has created and all the days spent honing his fighting skills for moments like these where his safety is not guaranteed at all.

This wasn’t a time for goading or bragging, it wasn’t the place for who gets the kill. This was life at its fullest, kill or be killed, a quick death for the beast to end the threat of it hurting others forever and ending its misery.
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