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Current Just a few more hours and i get to dissappear for 10 days. The place we are going has some wonderful views.
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wow talk about nostalgia. Things to do while your bored, look up "the cluefinders."
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what? its already been a year here? *looks around* well other than loseing a bunch of wieght not much has changed.
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Will be away on a training from the 3rd to the 13th should be fun but no internet.


Sup im sword just got here and am getting a feel for things.

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Victor Astorio

The reaction from the other count made him laugh and smile. But waited for him to finish speaking. Turning his head away from the count and spitting out some blood from what he drank earlier. The taste making him grimace for a moment.

“Well while you decided to use your words and voice your complaints directly to the princess. I took a different approach.” Turning back to him still smiling, “now I was at revel and I do agree that the security detachment there was rather… lacking.”

“So my approach this time after hearing about the improved security measures? Test them.” Turning his attention to Ryner. “I brought with me 48 blades and knives, all but one hidden among my person. Your security inspector unenthusiastically found all of them. That is why I don’t have shoes, they were confiscated because they had too many blades in them. That and with what I can see right now.” Turning to point out the royal guards and security teams.

All of them are as well trained as I am. The only thing that can get passed them would have to probably be a specialized team of assassins. Even then, they might be able to break the perimeter but they wouldn’t get far.” Rolling his shoulders and cracking his neck he still smiled. “Im sure if you look hard enough you may even find Nox out there patrolling the perimeter. So I do have to admit that the princess here out did herself. Wouldn’t you agree?”
Victor Astorio

The practical exam had gotten him excited since they told everyone what was going to happen. Victor hadn’t had his senses magically altered for some time. These trainings were always good to get the blood flowing make you really get a sense of dread or danger. An emotion few vampires felt during their daily lives. This was going to be fun.

The trip there wasn’t that bad, Salem kept to himself but at least he sat through the couple quick lessons he was able to give the boy on land navigation. A crash course really. Even though they had been focusing on physical training he was still able to get a few survival tips in here and there when it came to the outdoors. He wasn’t all too worried about his mage, he knew he would be quite capable. This would be a good test to see what his training has accomplished so far.

The hulking Astorio was quite aware that the guards would find his hidden weapons, but to him it was less of trying to get things past the guards and more about testing them. It didn’t hurt that he might get a good laugh out of it too. He could see that after they arrived that a few people had things confiscated from them. Mostly lights, a few compasses here and there, maybe a map or two, and a lot of phones. Finally it was his turn as the guard stepped up to him.

The look on the guards face as he starred at him was one of first, “I don’t get paid enough for this” turned quickly to a “What the?” as he looked up at the count. “No weapons Astorio. leave them with your other belongings at your seat and you can get them at the end of the test.”

Victor could see the guards facial expressions change again as a few others glance over at him. “What do you mean no weapons?” The guard’s expression was funny for a bit as Victor pulled a pocket knife out and placed it on the seat.

“All of them. There is no reason for you to have 47 knives and blades on you in the first place.”

Victor smiled and held his hands up, “alright you got me.” He then proceeded to empty every secret and obvious pocket of blade after blade. Most of them small, others strapped together in a bandolier fashion, and he also put his shoes and socks in the bin as well. His shoes containing at least 6 blades each. each item was left in the seat closest to the wall. “Did I get everything?” he asked.

“The Amulet too.” The guard answered.

A small laugh as he shakes his head and takes his family’s crest off his neck. Pulling on one of the sides to reveal a small blade before putting it with the rest.

“And the flask.”

He hesitated for a moment holding the flask in his hand. Taking one last swig of the contents he closed it and put it with the others.

“Move along.” The guard ordered.

Victor smiled then carried on as the guard just shook his head. “At the very least I can try to make your night interesting.” Speaking towards the man while walking out of the bus and into the crowd of gathered vampires and one very heated looking Varis. Ryner didn’t seem like she was going to be putting up with any of his crap for this one. Looking around for a moment he noticed the atmosphere of the place. Most of the other vampires seemed very worried, annoyed, or down right scarred of the uncertainties that come with being blinded like this. At least a few looked excited like he was.

The tall Vampire could see one opportunity to get under some ones skin a little and stir the pot so to speak. Making his way up toward Varis and Ryner at the front of the group he paused nearby to say something. “Although I do understand where you are coming from Varis, it is after all, perfectly natural to be scared in this situation. But do not fear the unknown, for there’s more than one way to see. I’m sure we will all have a lot of fun.” Speaking with a smile on his face while he bent down to roll his pant legs up and off the ground, digging his toes in to the ground with a sigh. “We all know what it means to not participate, those rules were very clear.” after he said what he did he realized the count may very well attack him, "well at least it was worth it." he thought to himself.
Victor Astorio

Dates: September 21st - October 7th

Dates: October 8th - November 4th

Ardur The Mighty Hipixie
These fire fly's suck >>> Ambush! /// Adventuring day 5 // Evening / Location - Cave >> Old Goblin Camp

Ardur was satisfied with his hit too the wisp. It was somewhat strange to him to think that these undead were literally throwing their lives away just for the core. At least for now the fighting seemed to have stopped, Asura had taken care of the rat and the two wisps were taken care of. Mother slime didn’t look to happy about her placement but oh well. Steve seemed rather animated when he turned his attention to her. It looked like she was waiting for her next job when the Taming skill finally leveled up.

Taking a moment to ponder the skill and its explanation as the others talked. Hearing Trent talk more while the continued made him ponder more, “Well we didn’t know their names but knew something was there, at least I did. I hope you can forgive our blunt ignorance on such things, we are still learning.” Looking again to Steve as they traveled further into the cave, “don’t worry Steve, stick to the plan of using your web to slow enemy’s focus on rats pixies and skeletons.” He wasn’t entirely too sure how much the spider understood but hoped she at least wouldn’t waste her energy on wisps and slimes.

They soon found themselves in a familiar place. The old abandoned goblin camp marked only by scraps and ash were the fire once was. Ardur took this opportunity to fly a bit higher up to get a better view while the others were still getting to the center. He wasn’t too sure what he would learn while using Keen Sight I into the darkness but who knows maybe he will pick up dark vision or something.

It didn’t take long for things to start happening, a yell from Trent and a rather odd looking skeleton soon appeared in front of the group then ran off into the darkness. Ardur wasted little time to start using Monster analysis I on that skeleton, the one coming from the side, and the darker ooze coming up from the fire pit. From his aerial advantage he began calling out targets, “Skeleblin coming in from our left, Steve slow it down. Black ooze coming up from the fire pit towards Asura, be careful it could be the black slime that forced us out the last time. Don’t know where the bigger one went, unlikely that this is it. Ready yourselves for an ambush!”

Ardur had to admit that he wasn’t a tactical genius so the best he could do was give them accurate information regarding their opponents. Taking the opportunity before the fighting really started the high pixie dove back towards the group. He was hoping to use the added momentum from how height up he was to swoop down quickly and cast Shield I on both Asura and Trent then return to his flying position slightly above the group.


Victor Astorio

Victor continued with his defensive posture and side stepped her advances all for the sake of buying time. He knew help had finally arrived when the ambiance of sirens and flashing lights stopped and the utter silence that came with it encroached on the two. Still, just before this girl was going to try to strike him again he heard a familiar voice.


The distraction was exactly what he was waiting for. The princess had her entire attention allowing him to step closer to Ryner to see how things played out and turned off the phone in his pocket. Slowly drawing the thick but short knife he had concealed and waited, he could tell by the way she was talking that she was going to leave this to him, and he could barely wait. All he needed was her approval for him to continue, it wasn’t long before he had it and the woman lunged at her with a knife of her own.

Normally Victor would draw out a fight like this but not this time. This Valentina had killed some of his classmates and carelessly killing mages pissed him off. If only Ryner hadn’t told him to make it quick. At least this one was enraged and not thinking maybe if she was she would have seen the flash of silver from metal glinting in the moon light in front of her, she would have felt him grab her leg and spin her around. With a second flash of silver she hit the side of another A/C unit.

He figured that in her near blood drunk and rage induced stupor that it would take the girl a few moments to realize what just happened. The first thing she might notice would be the fact that victor was still holding something in his hand, the glint of sharpened steel in the fading moon light tinged with a dark red stain that dripped to the floor. The second, was that he was holding something large in his other hand. Something that once belonged to her. Her entire right leg dangled from his hand, tendons cut with precision and practice. Then the last thing she could notice, was a hand holding a blade at his feet.

“Dismemberment is an acceptable form of capture and I do enjoy picking apart my prey.” Victor dropped her leg then picked up her knife. She began to say something or just to scream again, he will never know. As with the simple flick of his wrist, her knife impaled through her throat. “I think we have heard enough out of you today.” The sadistic side of victor was starting to show through now.

Valentina in an act of pure rage and desperation drew the blade from her through and with her remaining good limbs lunged at him with strength and furry. Yet she was still sloppy. Victor easily side stepped her thrust and in two more strikes cut off her arm at the elbow and her leg at the knee. She was but a torso with a few stumps now, in time she could regenerate, but he wasn’t going to let that happen.

“Usually I would draw a fight like this out, but she did tell me to hurry.” The girl before him still wiggled and squirmed. “My position within the council does grant me some discretion when it comes to my targets. If they are too dangerous to be left alive, I can choose to be their executioner.” He paused for a moment as he kicked her onto her back placing his boot on her chest. “Doesn’t happen very often but it can happen.” He took a moment to look to the sky and over towards were Ryner had left and sighed.

“You already showed us that you are too dangerous to be left alive. Not only for what damage you can cause against the crown, but the council as well. For that reason as well as many others I will carry out your sentence right here and right now.” He was well aware that this part wasn’t necessary or true, but he didn’t get to do it that often and always liked doing it. That and if his memories were ever looked at he had this to at least show that he tried.

“You stand accused of murder, assault, heresy, and treason. How do you plead?” the look in her eyes was all he needed to carry on, knowing full well he destroyed her vocal cords. “By the power given to me by the Crown and the council. I, Count Victor Strigois Asterio, Council headhunter holding the rank of operative, sentence you to true death by dismemberment and sunlight.” Kneeling down he placed one knee on her chest and the other on her head forcing her mouth open with one hand the large vampire took his knife and began to cut her fangs out.

“Born of blood.” Victor spoke as he tossed her fangs aside, it was an old Asterio punishment for those that disgraced the family or crown. With his good arm he began to dig his hand into her rib cage slowly breaking through cartilage and old bones. “Risen from ash.” He could feel her shriveled heart now a pool of dark and bright colors of blood surrounded them. “This is your end.” He gripped his strong hand around her heart and looked into her eyes, “you will be dust.” Ripping pulling and tearing, blood spewed from her with a gargled scream. Her heart torn out of her and crushed in the Asterio’s hand.

His one final act against her to make sure she wasn’t getting up was decapitation. The scene on top of that roof top was now one of gore and death. Pieces of vampire and pools of old and new blood scattered. There was nothing more for victor to do now, he picked up her blade and left in the same direction Ryner went. He figured at the very least he should talk to her before heading home. He could only hope that his mage wasn’t involved in this mess as well.
Jedi Padawan for Star Wars Knights of the last republic

Victor Astorio

Jackpot. Just as he had thought the vampire before him was old and solitary. Going off about her life story and how the princess truly was before the war. This wasn’t entirely surprising to him given what he had learned during his last training with Ryner. How this woman spoke of past interactions and friendships almost made him think that she was in love with the princess at some point. His eyes followed her movements with ease but he did not move his head.

The girl continued to speak as she darted around him, she had definitely been alone a long time. Normally other vampires would go for the kill and continue on when faced with a vampire opponent. This one however demonstrated restraint, if only to gloat and show off but restraint none the less. One thing did stand out about her, being staked through the heart and still being able to escape. This peaked his interest on the subtle hint as Ryner did tell him that some abilities did allow for a vampire to move their heart to another portion of their body. This could explain how she escaped when the others did not.

Still, this one continued on expressing her views on this place and the current way of things. The only question he had up until this point was what the hell that operator was doing? He hadn’t turned off the phone and could still hear muffled voices. Hopefully something in the way of backup would get here soon. She stopped finally across the roof from him and pondered a few questions before lunging at him. He did not move, neither to dodge nor defend himself. This one liked to talk and although she was strong he wanted to see just how strong she was. It didn’t seem like she was holding back too much. The protective sleeve on his bad arm did conceal a small blade that he could use rather well if he had too.

She paused when she reached him, her fingers dug but didn’t seem go as deep as this one wanted. His skin didn’t tear, his muscles didn’t separate, and his bones didn’t break. They hung there in that embrace for mere moments that felt like minutes. His eyes locked onto hers, no color or interest flashed through his eyes. He showed no emotion as he continued to asses her just as she did to him. Then, she took a few steps back and spoke again.

“That is… unusual. You must not be a student then. I thought you were just another dumb pet of hers, prior occupation and all, but you’re a little studier than most aren’t you?”

He still hesitated for a moment to answer her, “Something like that.” He moved now slowly to the right of where he was, squaring up with her. “So what is it then? You speak like a spoiled little girl who whines when she doesn’t get her way. You simply can’t move on from the glory days can you? Can’t adapt to the new way of things? No wonder why you seclude yourself and only come out to hunt.” He was fishing now, fishing for anything more he could get from her. “A scarred little girl who won’t even tell me her name.” he still moved slowly angled his good shoulder toward her and the bad one that concealed the blade behind him.

“You speak like you truly knew Ryner at the time. But she changed and you didn’t, she grew stronger and you dropped, she came into the spotlight and you faded into the shadows. So tell me, just how long did you love her? Only someone who loved her would lash out like this.” He was looking for a deeper emotional response now. “Someone who loved her would do something like this, this petty revenge. Kill a few “Sheep”, stir the pot, get her to remember that you still exist and disappear into the night. All so you don’t have to face her and those feelings of yours but you still remain a topic. We vampires might not have much in the way of emotion, but those few who know what love truly is can see it on others.”

@Sep was busy there for a little while, still a knight position open or just padawans?
alright thanks but just so you know some did, Ion Team did in the book Dark Lord: the rise of Darth Vader. basically they received the order but figured it was a enemy signal and helped the 3 Jedi they were with escape. i think there were others but i cant remember the references. Pretty sure there was a squad at the Jedi temple that helped others escape.
this looks fun too bad about the non Jedi roles, I was thinking about the clone commandos that refused order 66 and helped the Jedi escape before i saw that part. but, I suppose I can go with a padawan if able.
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