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Current Just a few more hours and i get to dissappear for 10 days. The place we are going has some wonderful views.
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wow talk about nostalgia. Things to do while your bored, look up "the cluefinders."
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what? its already been a year here? *looks around* well other than loseing a bunch of wieght not much has changed.
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Will be away on a training from the 3rd to the 13th should be fun but no internet.


Sup im sword just got here and am getting a feel for things.

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@A Lowly Wretch so because of my new job at my work im unable to give this story the attention it deserves. because of this I will be withdrawing from this story until my job becomes more predictable and stable. I enjoyed playing with you all thus far and wish everyone the best of luck and happy holidays. once my job stabilizes, I will ask to come back at that time. all I ask is you guys don't completely kill off naswaru or his creations lol.
Ardur The Pixie
Taking another chance //// Making Friends /// day 8 // Evening > Morning / Location - near cave entrance

Ardur was honestly surprised to see the strange scaled creature emerge from the darkness. Responding to the name Ash, he couldn't help but wonder if it truly was her. When she called out to him to come join them, he knew it was her. His mighty steed had become something more. Now he just needed to figure out how.

However, the more pressing matter was a goblin shaman that was freaking out at the sight of these two monsters. Obviously Ardur was a good specimen to behold. Far out showing the other pixies in physical looks and characteristics. The only way he knew this was by the goblins reaction to him. The pixie simply smiled and reached back up the stone structure. Disappearing for a moment as he did.

When he was in sight again a black and brown mass seemed to be clinging to him while he slowly descended to a nearby stalagmite and smiled. The black mass that clung to him slowly unraveled and crawled off of him. "Steve go on to another stone structure and watch our backs. Leave some web behind so you can tug on it if you see anything." the spider raised two of its front legs and waved them around for a moment before heading off to a suitable location. One that wasn't too far but wouldn't leave the two of them vulnerable if Crispy or the other goblins did something stupid.

Looking back towards ash and ignoring the two goblins Ardur continued to smile, "my my ash. Don’t you look absolutely stunning, if that is still you?" glancing over to the two goblins giving Orchid a small nod before shifting his gaze to Crispy. "No were not goblins Crispy, but we want the same thing. To survive and thrive. Our hope is that by helping each other we can achieve this." he would say no more and was curious to see who else was with Ash and Orchid.

@Lucius Cypher

Ardur The Pixie
hanging out above some gobo's >>> Taking another chance /// day 8 // Evening / Location - near cave entrance

These goblins were not being quiet about what they were talking about. Obviously they have never had to worry about others listening in on their conversations. Even with the group of them slowly moving away, Ardur could still hear them talk of making a wall, some sort of deal, betraying that deal, some basic strategies, and using them as slaves. One thing this pixie was sure of, he would not be a slave.

However, soon the group moved far enough away that he couldn’t hear them very well any more. Just a few loud words every now and then. He would make it a point to try to remember the names of the goblins later. For now Ardur waited for a few moments longer before grabbing Steve again and fluttering to the next area, still close enough to listen but hopefully far enough away so he wouldn’t be seen or heard.

Again their talk was simply about gathering materials and trying to figure out what they were going to do now. He could hear Crispy’s voice and then another one, the female goblin he had helped out a few days ago. She was talking to him about her part and what she was doing during the battle. They continued talking while the other goblins seemed to disperse, something about dreams.

Then something unexpected happened, the female goblin called out to her monster friend ash. Could this be the same Ash he met so many days ago? Could his mighty steed still be alive? These where questions he needed answers for. Creeping over the rocky surface carefully toward them with Steve trailing close behind. The spider was still doing her job as lookout and unknown to Ardur also a safety. The spider had been occasionally sticking silk to the ceiling incase either of them fell.

Well since the others seemed to be near by at least and he was close to crispy, Ardur decided to speak up. While softly singing a haunting tune.

“Born of graves and left below. Painted ashes, painted snow. When the dark awakens. Fires of our last hope are getting low. Souls of gods and souls of men. Meet in, cinders to ascend. Fate has chosen. And our fading light is at its end.”

While singing this low tune, the pixie slowly revels himself from his perch and hangs from one of the spires gripping it with his hand but readied himself in case he was met with hostility from the two goblins so he could get away quickly.

@Lucius Cypher

@Bright_Ops gird and luz are at the church. Jangels character and gina are the only two there i think.
Ghoul Gird
To help an old soul >>>> going on another adventure /// Day 6 // Morning

Gird listened to the spirit speak of a deal and teaching him a few new things before making his decision. Bringing the skull along couldn't hurt right? “As you wish, you may travel with me but be aware I do have an ability that destroys the skulls I have on me for more power. I will try not to do it to you.” with that gird began to play with his Spider silk ability again. Crafting a small net for the skull to be kept in and attaching it to the front of his bone armor to look more intimidating. “Also perhaps you could maybe teach me some of these healing things you spoke of... and one more thing, what do I call you?” Gird asked.

He honestly expected to be going off on his own at some point and didn't think he would mind the constant company. Besides that, he might also be able to provide constant security of some kind. After this Gird stood and made another small net for the book intending to read it at a later date. For now, he knew there were still a few things he needed to find out for himself.

Heading toward the entrance he found that the other goblins strayed away from him, but he was able to find Luz next to the goblin elder. He was only able to pick up the last part of what they were talking about, something about Luz and wanting to evolve then about hunting again. “Hey Luz, couldn't help but over hear you. If you want to team up again I was thinking about heading up north toward those bats to see what kind of skills we can get from them if you’re up for it? I’m heading up that way now.” he said with a smile. Gird then began to walk out into the sunlight, he would wait for a moment to see what her answer was before heading off into the forest with or without her.


Still here just unable to post currently.
@demonspade64 gird would be happy to help.

Also availability to post will be restricted for a time.
Naswaru The Relentless.

Naswaru walked through the moon lite field of his children’s biome. He did enjoy walking amongst them and having company akin to that of humans. They were respectful and greeted him with a slight bow. The children always greeting him with a smile. They were not afraid of him and had grown strong within the short time they had been here.

Ultimately they were created for a purpose. A purpose they would soon serve. The humans who were wiped out in the forests and plains needed to be replaced so that his creations could be kept in check. Having guardians of the forest also guaranteed that his creations and beasts would always have somewhere to live and wouldn’t be forced into smaller and smaller places due to humans potential.

These villagers were going about their normal day and their normal chores. The god's presence didn't disturb them. He had shown them many things and was pleased how they grew. He taught them how to talk to the other animals, how to craft rudimentary tools from stone and wood, some techniques on how to harvest and grow some plants as well as how to hunt and process the beasts of the land.

These teachings would prove very valuable for them he was sure. They even picked up how to build simple shelters and villages as well as how to keep them hidden from view. They were after all meant to be ghost's in the wilderness, at times guiding humans and animals alike. Natural herders. The huntsman was well aware that humans had barely begun to farm animals and beasts but perhaps they could learn something from his children.

The time was drawing near while he walked into the largest tent in the village. Inside warriors sparred with basic wooden weapons while the chief looked on. They all seemed to stop for a moment looking at their god. He only motioned for the chief to step forward and talk with him. The others soon continued their fighting or looking on.

The chief was a proud Voctain, a strong sturdy body held the box shaped head, face, and long horns of an ox. Thick fur draped over him, and he wore leather armor fitted to him and made from the beasts of their other worldly home. “Chieftain Okra the time for your people is drawing near. Rally them together, pick up your camp, and meet me at the gate when you are all ready to move. The forest will look like this place when we get there but it will be daylight.” The gods tone was monotone and to the point.

Okra gave an acknowledging huff and returned to his people to give them the good news. Naswaru left them, walking towards the gate that led out of his realm and into the forest beyond. He did watch from a distance as the wooden structures and tents came down with haste. His children have grown restless he knew they could sense that their time was coming.

In only a few hours the group had broken their camp and gathered their things on rudimentary sleds and in clay and reed pots. The caravan was rather large but the chieftain assured the god that they were ready and all was accounted for. With that the portal sparked open and those present began to move through with Naswaru and Okra at the front of the movement.

The portal opened up near the border of deciduous forests with rolling hills and the steep hills of pine forests, somewhere in-between where the fear spire rose from the ground and the rift. The human populations in this area were sparse thanks to raiders but a seldom few who remained seemed to roam from the rift carrying with them the magic of his sister Dirka. This reminded the god that he would have to talk to his sister and see what she would trade for nature magic he could teach his people.

He saw their first reaction to it, the light, it was nearly blinding. He was well aware that it would take them some time to grow accustomed to it and shake off the dazed feeling. As such, he took precautions in the form of several packs of ridge backs to guard the fledgling society. The Voctain although hesitant, used the knowledge they had been taught to attempt to befriend some of the creatures. Although it was a rough start, some ridge backs didn't seem to mind these new creatures while most kept their distance. A slow start but a start.

The forest air was cold and crisp but fresh, the air carried many scents and smells. These nearly animal people caught on to this. They eventually began wandering out to get a feel for their surroundings. “Okra” Naswaru called out to the squinting chieftain, “Find a suitable place to establish your people, I will be checking in on you from time to see how you are doing. The ridge back will stay here for a year to help protect this place before moving on. That is all.” the Stoic god stood tall among them, Okra bowed in acknowledgment before returning to his people.

Naswaru quickly took flight after this, heading west. He now had errands to run after all, he would have to visit his brothers and sisters to see what they would trade for their services. Dirka first as she is closest, he will seek her out for her magic. Then to Ferron, so that they may learn of metal and know how to protect themselves better from both beast and man. Lastly make a stop to talk to Iva'Krorh and give him the sacrifices and knowledge she would seek sooner or later from them and of them. Other errands will come in due time.

Were mentioned - @Rune_Alchemist@Dealdric@Leotamer
@Dealdric I will be sure too. how else is he to reach his dear sister and strike a deal with her of some sort.
I will be brining the Voctain into the world with my next post. they should appear between the rift and fear spire. then Naswaru will be off to try and aquire certain things from Dirka and Ferron. while making a stop to see Iva'Krorh to give him the information on them.
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