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Current i dont recommend getting a pinched nerve, especially in your leg
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Just a few more hours and i get to dissappear for 10 days. The place we are going has some wonderful views.
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wow talk about nostalgia. Things to do while your bored, look up "the cluefinders."
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what? its already been a year here? *looks around* well other than loseing a bunch of wieght not much has changed.
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Sup im sword just got here and am getting a feel for things.

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ill get Agar heading back soon too for story progression then probably start working with others

Time: clash of the titans
Location: the edge of lovers lake
Interactions: @Tae Mina/Torvi, @Lava Alckon Farim
Mentions in order:
outfit: plaid kilt in his family colors, wearing a snow bear skull headdress/ mask, bones of the bear down his arms back and rib cage, body paint in the form of runes, no shirt or shoes.

The beast of a man held his arms out wide and took his fighting stance. The red ruby's in the bear skull were locked onto the women in front of him. With every breath steam billowed from under the mask into the cool night air. Another who deemed it necessary to interrupt spoke up.

He did not understand or hear the man’s words through the orchestra of emotions and voices that filled his mind, Roman could barely remember his face. He shifted his stance slightly to look at the interloper. This was not his target, and he did not feel threatened by the man and his string. The look and feeling Farim might feel as the skull looked at him, regarding his presence as no more than a mosquito, the feeling he got would be like that of someone gazing up at their imminent doom. A silent warning, the only one he would receive.

The momentary break in contact between the bear and Torvi was enough to catch him off guard even for a moment. Her speed and agility were not something he entirely expected, his surprise did not show outwardly, his body attempting to twist and match her, but she still found purchase on his back. Her grip would not last but a moment. The beast crouched and twisted then lunged back with powerful legs intent on hammering the girl between himself and the nearest tree.
take your time im not going anywhere

Time: The hunt is on / clash of the titans
Location: the edge of lovers lake
Interactions: @Tae Mina/Torvi
Mentions in order:
outfit: plaid kilt in his family colors, wearing a snow bear skull headdress/ mask, bones of the bear down his arms back and rib cage, body paint in the form of runes, no shirt or shoes.

The crack and crash of broken trees resounded through the forest with heavy footsteps. Something proclaiming its presence like this was not to be trifled with as most animals would rather not have their presence be known. Having the protection of the spirits by possession did grant the lumbering beast some authority to announce itself as an apex predator. Taking on the aspects of the bear he wore, a bear that normally would be 3 times the size of a regular man that livid in a place far to the north that seemed hostile to life itself.

The rage and sorrow he felt from the spirits of this land surged through him. Unwanted death, destruction, ecological devastation, and magical tampering, over thousands of years coursed through his veins and his soul. Threatening every moment to be lost to it. To the madness of a spiritual world eaten away by the greed of humanity. All this focused on one thing, protect her. A lesser soul would be torn asunder and fractured like a dingy in a hurricane. Yet roman held fast against the storm… for now.

Tearing into the clearing he continued at her, his enemy. like an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object two powerful forces threatened to collide. The man moved as if running on instinct but reacted like he was being controlled by multiple forces at once. Forces that tore at his muscles and pushed him to a state he would normally never be able to achieve. Yet even knowing his opponent would know that this was not meant to last and eventually he would go down hard.
hey no worries here im still healing from surgery and will be for some time. i think we are all under agreement that slow posting with just a few characters is better than the 50 characters we had last time lol

Time: an interruption / The hunt is on
Location: the ceremony at lovers lake
Mentions in order:(Party people)@Lava Alckon Farim @Infinite Cosmos Munir @princess Ana @Helo Callum @Tpartywithzombi Ari @Tae Mina
outfit: plaid kilt in his family colors, wearing a snow bear skull headdress/ mask, bones of the bear down his arms back and rib cage, body paint in the form of runes, no shirt or shoes.

The bear was not deterred from the drawing of blades and if anything, it only enraged him further. The chaos that the city guards brought was nothing but poor timing. The attendees once frozen now seemed to scatter or were pulled away from the city patrol and the raging bull from other participants and Ravenwood guards alike. At this point even Erik wasn’t trying to stop Lord Ravenwood instead telling his guards to pull the other party goers away from the situation.

The first guard the giant came upon was lucky, petrified in fear with a prudent smell coming from his pants as the guard soiled himself. With the swipe of the bony paw his sword was knocked away only to find himself quickly lifted over the larger man’s head and thrown into several other city guards some distance away. The leader of the patrol was able to push through his fear to swing at the bear, however admirable his attempt it only sealed his doom.

A mighty paw came down at him surely meant to rend the man into pieces, another scream saved the mans life.

” Roman! Roman, help me! Please!”

Mina’s voice cut through the night, pulling Roman’s attention just in time for his hand to swipe across the man’s chest. The sharp snow bear talons cut effortlessly through the mans uniform of leather and chainmail. Falling back onto his tattered uniform to see several streaks of red across his chest, they weren’t bleeding bad but any closer and he would have died.

Leaving the shocked man on the ground Roman let out another otherworldly roar at the sight of Mina being pulled into the tree line by some unknown assailant. Quickly running on two legs and sometimes all four of his limbs until he reached the edge of the trees. Another man he could hear running through the forest as well.

He only stopped for a moment taking several sniffs of the air as if he could smell them. Then one last roar turned into a howl as the brute dove into the forest, snapping branches and toppling the unfortunate trees that had the audacity to be in his way as he hunted the perpetrator. To protect her.

Time: Last song / an interruption
Location: the ceremony at lovers lake
Interactions: @Tae Mina
Mentions in order:(Party people)@Lava Alckon Farim @Infinite Cosmos Munir @princess Ana @Helo Callum @Tpartywithzombi Ari
outfit: plaid kilt in his family colors, wearing a snow bear skull headdress/ mask, bones of the bear down his arms back and rib cage, body paint in the form of runes, no shirt or shoes.

The last song was nearing its end when the city guards made their presence known to the party goers. The musicians wavered for a moment but continued when they noticed that Mina and the shaman were still finishing the song. Even with the slight interruption they could not stop, the magic empowering them to continue even as it was beginning to waver at the end of the song. Roman slowly moved his head in the direction of the city guards. Whatever he was thinking wasn’t good. The energy of the ritual was still flowing through him.

A stout man with a long red bearded approached the city guard, the Ravenwood crest stitched into the shoulder of his forest green robe. Several other Ravenwood guards moved from their posts to intercept these city guards. These guards were commonly seen escorting the Ravenwood merchants and acted as the primary protection for those in attendance.

Erik cleared his throat and held out a parchment for the man to see, “good evening, my name is Erik I am Lord Roman Ravenwood’s Assistant and a manager of the Ravenwood Artisan Guild. We have a permit signed with the Royal seal.” Again, Erik motioned to the parchment. “As it states anyone here is under our protection and will be escorted back to the city when our celebration is concluded.” He paused for a moment with a quick eyebrow raise to see if the guard was paying attention.

In short if the person you speak of is here it’s up to them if they wish to leave and not you. We have also noticed how easy it is to procure city guard uniforms so since we do not know for sure if you are with the city guard we must protect our patrons and ask you to leave.” Erik had a calm smile on his face but stood confidently for a man of average build and height.

In truth he was trying to get them to leave as quickly as possible, he knew that the mountain of a man starring at them from the stage was not the same person he knew. It was only a matter of time before that mass of muscle and magic would determine that these guards were some kind of threat and attack.

A small commotion towards the stage made his heart drop, turning to see that even though the song was almost finished Mina and the shaman still danced but they weren’t dancing around Roman any longer. Roman had stood and moved to the edge of the stage, he looked bigger than he normally did. Some may say it was a trick of the fires light behind him, a light that seemed to follow him as he stepped off the platform. The ruby red eyes of the bear skull were locked onto the guard that spoke.

Erik made a deliberate signal with his left hand, the Ravenwood guards stopped what they were doing and moved to intercept their Lord. Erik turned back to the guard; his smile was gone as was his cheery polite tone. Replaced by one of annoyance, “you all need to leave, NOW. Lord Ravenwood is not himself. He drank something we give to our warriors that makes them strong and vicious, he will not recognize you and will see you as a threat.” Erik turned back to see that roman had begun to move through the crowd and only was stopped momentarily by multiple guards that were restraining him.

The song ended with the two on stage beginning to slow their dance and sink to the ground in exhaustion. This was supposed to happen to Roman as well, but something was still fueling him. This is why they always tried their best to have no interruptions. Even for them magic was fickle and could change with a simple misplaced word. The guards continued to hold Roman down but soon it became evident that they were losing.

Caught somewhere between a scream and a roar from what sounded like many people. An otherworldly sound came from the pile of people, a sound that carried rage and sorrow in equal amounts. The mass of bodies began to lift with guards being tossed off the pile until only roman stood eyes still locked onto the guard that interrupted. A feeling of danger permeated the area with each step he took towards the city guards.
surgery is on monday so hopefully it goes well

// A new foe or maybe a friend? >> time to fuck around and find out //

Agar watched the fight carefully play out before him. This wasn’t like before with the harpy, he could tell by the wolves’ movements that it was still strong despite its weakened appearance. The cat fought back admirably but still succumbed to the greater strength of the dog. It even played with it a little before really getting down and eating it.

Agar knew from his past experience with wolves that solitary hunters were typically weaker than larger groups. More mouths to feed but with teamwork they could bring down larger prey. One can expect a lone wolf to be that way because they are looking for a mate, the unlikely event that they got separated from their pack, or their pack was destroyed. Who knows what else could be the reason in this strange world.

Taking a moment to check his escape route behind him, the orc runt decided on what he wanted to do. Carefully with slow deliberation he stood from his hidden position. Angling himself so his left leg and shoulder were pointed towards the wolf. Keeping his spear pointed towards it gripped in both hands giving him stability and the ability to thrust the spear forward if he had too. He took this stance for its defensive ability but generally just like dealing with wild dogs it was a way to say “im not here to fight but will defend myself.”

He gave away his presence with a sharp whistle, locking eyes with the wolf when it looked at him. If they were like wolves and not bears it shouldn’t take this as a challenge Agar knew he would soon find out if this was the case at all. After a few tense moments he reached into his pouch and tossed about two pounds of grilled harpy meat out towards the wolf then resumed his defensive position.


Time: Night / Last song
Location: the ceremony at lovers lake
Interactions: @Tae Mina
Mentions in order:(Party people)@Lava Alckon Farim @Infinite Cosmos Munir @princess Ana @Helo Callum @Tpartywithzombi Ari
outfit: plaid kilt in his family colors, wearing a snow bear skull headdress/ mask, bones of the bear down his arms back and rib cage, body paint in the form of runes, no shirt or shoes.

The solemn sounds of the song drifted through the area, the dancers and party goers taking a moment to share stories or dance slowly to the song. Stories of pain, laughter, love, and good memories. It was exactly what they had asked them to do. Now, however, it was time for the real reason Roman handed out an open invitation. The board was set and the pieces in place, what came next was going to hurt.

The last prayer of the song was sung nearly interrupted by a certain princess declaring after party activities. He knew she couldn’t see his eyes but the look she got from him was not amused even if a few of the party goers were. Honestly it was something that could be quite relaxing, all he had to do was not pass out after the next song. yet, All he could do was sigh as he knew that was exactly what was going to happen.

Roman had to fight to stay in the here and now, the spirit that hitched a ride with him wanted to continue the songs, but he still had a few more things to set before he could go back to auto pilot. This did show as he seemed drained and a little sluggish. The bear gave a few more moments for the music to end and the instruments to settle.

“Friends, we have one more song for you to be sung in just a moment. This song is old, older than our kingdoms, passed down through oral traditions and storytelling. It is one of our oldest and this time it will not be translated; the people of the north know this song and are asked to help us sing it.” A short pause before he began again. “it will take us and the musicians a moment to prepare, please enjoy the drinks and the food the drums will sound when we are ready.”

He waited a little while longer for the crowd to move toward the ale and fire roasted meats. The scent even made him a little hungry but there was time for that later. Wordlessly he checked on Mina offering her some water and making sure she was ready for what came next. He rested his hand on her shoulder pressing his mask to hers. “One more song, remember to let it flow through you don’t resist. Just like we planned I'll begin as the catalyst and be the engine you and the shaman are the conduits.” He whispered to her letting his hand linger on her shoulder for a moment.

The stones are set; the blood is paid.
Remember that we all are brothers.
All people, beasts, trees and stone and wind
We all descended from the one great being.
That was always there.
Before people lived and named it,
Before the first seed sprouted.

With this the next step would soon begin, words spoken in the language of the north, just loud enough for only the two of them to hear. This act, these songs, this gathering was not the first step. The shaman and romans people have been preparing for this since the day they left port for this city. Over the last few days the stones and patterns were not just set here but stones and markings were deliberately placed all throughout this forest and into the city.

Offerings hung from trees, buried in the earth, and dropped into the sea. Blood willingly given and words of magic silently chanted. All for this one last song and the spell being played through it. A spell to heal the mind and the soul, to heal the earth and the spirits, to bring luck and peace. A powerful spell being pushed over a wide area. The change would be subtle, and it would take time. loss, pain, and heart ache would still be prevalent, but this should ensure that this land remains prosperous for years to come and those that would do harm to it would find it harder to do so.

Now Roman just had to make sure they got it right. His strength and will were being used to gather the energy being spent around them and channel it into Mina and the shaman. The offerings and stones placed are there to help regulate and spread this spell so it would not kill anyone using it. The bear still understood that he would likely be knocked out for a while after this. If one could ask him why he was doing this and taking this risk, the answer would be the same one he gave Mina, ‘I care about my friends here and they are not in a good way. This is the best I can do to help them because I know I can’t save all of them. This place just feels off like its cursed, hopefully this should act to help to ward off whatever might be plaguing this place and its people.

It was a risk not just for their wellbeing, but it was likely that someone here or nearby could feel the gathering magic and its use. Those sensitive to this would be drawn to roman as he was soon going to be drawing even more magic into himself. but effectively everyone here was helping to give some amount of energy and will to the spell being cast whether they were aware of it was a different story. that and it could always be written off as the drinks that caused others to believe that magic was being cast.

Roman sat in the center of the stage still adorned in the bones of the bear he killed. Mina was joined on the stage with the Shaman, they would be dancing and singing together in unison. This is to share the burden of the spell. All the while Roman would be focused on his part in the spell chanting his parts while he sank into his trance. With the rest of the preparations set it was time to begin.

The drums began again to get everyone in position before they began the music for the last song. The shaman tossed pouches into the fire making the flames grow stronger, brighter, and more ravenous. Many of the northern people seemed to fall into a trance just as roman was as they sung the old words in the ancient language. to those new to this it could very easily come off as... spooky.

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