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Location: Forest
Time: 12:30 pm

Ferocious snarls escaped the bear from the volley of arrows Munir had shot. It tried to stand, then let out a whimper of pain finally. The bear tried to dislodge the arrows, yet its spine caused it agony. Stumbling, it tripped and crashed to the ground, only to be struck by Roman’s ax through the open spinal wound. Roars of agony and rage escaped the bear and echoed. The noise caused birds in the canopy above them to take flight. Foam dripped from its mouth while the bear glared at the hunters viciously. It clearly wanted to mull them to death, but was unable to move properly. Any connection between its brain and spine was severely wounded, thus causing it misery. The final blow belonged to Mayet’s ring blade. The bear roared in agony once more and crumpled to the ground. It twitched, thanks to the drug’s pulsing through it. The bear’s eyes finally came to a halt on the tigress and let out a final growl.

A lavendar and grey dagger flew through the air past the group and into the bear’s chest, finally severing the last cord it had to live. Written on the blade’s handle was “P.S”. The owner of the dagger came rushing towards them in a hurry with wide-blue eyes and blonde ringlets dancing behind her. Guards, struggling to keep up, towed behind her. Sadie came to the clearing and wheezed momentarily, then stood up and stared at them.

”A bear attack? I heard it from the festival treeline! I thought I was going crazy because there was no way a bear attacking a hunter group! Oh my goodness! Are you alright? Roman?” Her gaze slid to him last and placed a hand on his arm with worry swimming in her eyes. Her gaze then slid to the foreigners who she guessed were Alidasht. ”Holy crap - oh my goodness - is that a tiger?” Her eyes lit up, before realizing the stakes at hand and shook her head to clear her head. ”...Forgive me, please.” She addressed Mayet sincerely, and eyed Munir as well. Sadie gave a quick curtsy to show respect before continuing. ”Are… Are you both okay?”

Behind the forest trees and out of view, a figure stood watching, unbeknownst to the group or the tigress. Remaining silent, the individual left unnoticed with a flask in their hand.
Sadie, Lyra, & Verrick

”You must be hungry from your travels! I don’t know what your land is like or if you've ever played games-” she gestured to the festival and continued, "-so now seems like a good chance to do so! What do you think?” Next, she tilted her head back to look up at Verrick with wide-eyes and a puppy dog expression. Her blue eyes reflected from the sun like the ocean. For a moment, when Lyra couldn’t see, she allowed the suspicion to flash across her expression before disappearing like the waves in an ocean. ”Games! Food! Prizes! We must explore! I cannot sit any longer!”

Sadie moved to glance at them both and bounced on the balls of her feet. Then, she stretched her neck and arms and it was noticeable that she was practically vibrating with energy. ”We can find out more about each other as we go! Let’s not waste the day!”

Before either of them could react, distant noise briefly interrupted them. She frowned and looked in the direction of it, but was unable to decipher it. Sadie shrugged it off for now, but stored it in the back of her mind. If there was danger, she would react appropriately. Sadie waited for her companion’s reactions, continuing to practically vibrate with energy and now curiosity.

”Those sounds…” Lyra was just about to stand up and accompany the two to whatever madness Sadie planned to subject them to, when she heard the noise. Lyra craned her head around and paid attention, unlike Sadie. She heard gunshots.

”Something is wrong. Those were gunshots. I’m going to see what happened. Are either of you coming with me?”

Verrick sighed softly when the woman didn’t answer, but the Princess spoke up. She was almost nothing like her elder sister. He wasn’t used to her energy still, despite being around her for years while guarding Beatrice. He was one to sit in the back, as still as a stone. His entire life was training to take things slow, not to be seen and keep his eyes and ears open.

He was thankful he noticed she didn’t trust the woman as well. At least she was learning to pick up on things like that. But he didn’t know what to say when she tried to use her blue eyes on him. He sighed audibly and nodded his head as he was fine with it.

But a moment later he heard a couple of shots ringing through the air. He looked in the direction, it was close but far enough away to be muffled. They couldn’t hear the argument and as far as he could see other people were just as confused. It wasn’t in the park but perhaps one of the houses that peaked through some of the trees in the distance.

The woman correctly identified the sound and said she was going to check it out. “Yes I’m going to take princess Sadie to a dangerous place… excellent idea.” He said in a sarcastic tone. “Leave it to the guards. There’s nothing for a foreigner to do besides get caught up in trouble. There are quite a few more patrols out for the festivities. They will get there before we do.”

Sadie looked toward the shots with both interest and concern. She stepped up on her toes and craned her neck. She could only catch glimpses of the rising number of guards. It seemed to be near the Vikena and Damien estates. She bit her lip and looked at Verrick. “I’m worried for the Damiens and Vikenas.” She told him in a serious tone. Sadie fell into silence as she thought over Verrick’s words then suddenly added, “Verrick is right. We must not go… But if you must, Lyra, I can’t stop you. Though, I would rather you stay where I know you’re safe.” The idea of something terrible occurring to Crystal, Violet, Charlotte or Lorenzo was heart wrenching for her. She hugged Verrick’s arm for comfort instinctively. Her eyes watered as she lowered her gaze.

Verrick glanced at Sadie as she looked up at him, He sighed when she said she was worried about the Damien's and Vikena's… most likely Charlotte and Violet. Rather than Count Damien. He felt that she was about to protest, but she didn’t. He could tell though she wasn’t agreeing with the decision on the inside. before he could say anything she hugged his arm. He froze, not really sure how to handle that. But the ‘major General’ touted up again.

”I will be fine. I am not a Major General for nothing.” And with that, the General took off, running at a surprisingly fast pace. As though she was determined to catch a murderer herself.

Verrick let out a very irritated gravelly sigh. He did not like this woman one bit. What did she think she was going to do? He secretly hoped she got confused for the culprit just so she would learn a lesson. The same sigh continued inward as he noticed Sadie’s eyes water. He continued to look towards the idiot running off. Despite his adamant of leaving if something happened he really couldn’t force the issue. The racket was still a distance off and he didn’t feel like it was an immediate danger. “If…you want…I can go check quickly. The five guards who are hanging back with the carriage should be enough to protect you while you try to enjoy yourself."

Sadie bit her lip and nodded. That would suffice for now, as long as he remained safe. She had let go after noticing he was uncomfortable. Her stomach churned and she beamed broadly for him. ”Okay, as long as you stay safe! Thanks!” She waved to him and headed back towards the festival aimlessly.

Lover's Lake

Lovers Lake is one of the most popular places in Sorian during the summer. During the day, it was a swimming pool while at night it offered a private and intimate spot. Mischief, love, heartbreak and happiness are associated with the lake. As the sun rose directly above Sorian, many started to make their way down woodland path towards the beautiful lake. The visitors were a mixture of both nobles and peasants. A vision of lush green greeted them as canopies weighed down by the leaves threatened to tickle their heads. Off to the side was a food vendor offering ice cream, hotdogs, and other handheld foods.

The sun shined brightly on the lake, reflecting off it and offering a a scenic view. There were a few lifeguards settled around the beach which were a mixture of female and male. Next to the lake were cliffs that offered cliff diving. Teenagers, giggling and staring, tempting one another to dive off. Kids were settled near the shoreline while their parents lounged nearby. Laughter, screams of joy, and conversation battled with the rhythm of the lake waves.

Time: 12:00 pm
Location:Festival At the Park
Attire: Her outfit & hair
Interactions: @Rodiak Nahir @Lava Alckon Farim @princess Anastasia

Layla watched the trivial game with interest. Though it was childish, she found it amusing and entertaining. How silly could the games here be? She glanced at her sister to find the same amusement. Layla tracked the cups as best she could, but the swift movement ended up irritating her eyes, so she turned away and instead glanced around the festival. Silently, she wondered if Farim would be able to discover the correct cup, and sighed with relief once he had.

”Nice intuition.” She gave him a faint smile before it disappeared. She twirled the end of her hair around her fingers as she gazed around the crowd. What a stupid yet delightful game. There was a glee in her eyes that hadn’t been there previously. Nonetheless, she remained guarded with a haughty smile on her face. She gestured to the snake once he'd responded and grinned. "That snake would make a nice companion for Zilal."

Despite the noise in the crowd, there were a few faint pops that pierced through the festival. It didn't take a genius to piece together what it might have been. In fact, others had turned to it curiously too, while others remained oblivious. Curious, she tilted her head in the direction but was unable to hear anything more. Unable to hear anything more, she glanced at Nahir and Farim with her eyebrows raised.

Layla smirked and turned her attention to the game once more. ”So Farim, what will you pick?" Her gaze moved to Princess Anastasia. What a shame it was her father was a piece of shit. ”Want a turn after Nahir, love?” She teased and examined her reaction.

Location: Forest
Time: 12:00 pm

The bear roared indignantly when an arrow struck its shoulder. The second one missed, because the bear had lowered itself down onto the ground. The next one struck its other shoulder and caused it more agony. Blood oozed from both wounds, while foam continued to froth from its mouth. The bear turned to Munir and roared once more and began charging at him, intent on ripping him to shreds. There was nothing but rage and murder in the bear’s eyes, and it was relentless.

In the bear’s peripheral vision, it saw Roman, but was slow to turn and face him. It swiped at Munir as if he was a log drifting in the river with ferocity, then rounded on Roman. The spear punctured the bear’s chest, but did not let it stop it from attacking. It charged at Roman and attempted to bite into his leg and crush it with a powerful bite. The bear did not look for the other hunters and instead focused solely on the three nobles.

Sharp, powerful jaws gripped the bear’s neck before it could make another move. It roared and thrashed wildly as it struggled to unhinge the tiger from its back. The bear roared again vehemently, and attempted to strike the tigers’ flank with bloody and sharp claws. The tigress attack was successful in diverting the beast’s attention and was quickly slashed by Mayet, causing it further rage and strengthening its desire to murder them all. It finally threw off Nala with a great thrust and growled as it lowered onto all fours. The bear’s spine was dislodged, and therefore it could no longer stand on its back legs. It charged one last time with a mighty roar at Nala, designating her as the biggest threat.

Location: Forest
Time: 12:00 pm

The soft melody of birds echoed through the forest, while the chatter of the hunters competed with them. Hanna stood with arms folded and with a neutral expression, though now and then she’d scowl. The ideology of them bragging about their hunt was something she chose to laugh at silently. They had found squirrels, birds and chipmunks. One of them had nearly bagged a deer but had sneezed and scared it off. Unfortunately, the hunt had been tame and quiet thus far, much to her surprise. Though, she was relieved it hadn’t been messy. Once she saw the foreign nobles return with their hunt, she let out a relieved sigh. Hanna’s lips curled upwards into a half smile as she approached them carefully, as not to startle them nor the tigress. ”I see you had better success,” she complimented Mayet, Munir, and Roman with a grin. ”The forest may not have blessed us with big finds, but it will be enough.” She gestured to Roman’s beaver, then Mayet’s and Munir’s bunnies.

Her eyes sparkled with interest watching Nala terrorize the poor bunny, and then looked at Mayet. ”I’m sure you’re aware, but watching you both was a gift I’ll treasure.”

Then her eyes flashed to Munir and amusement flashed across her face. ”Your horse and you are a great team. I hope to see you work more together.”

Then her gaze darted to Roman and she smiled the widest for him. ”Excellent find, Sir Ravenwood! Beavers aren’t easy to catch here.”

She paused and turned to face the three hunters and then continued. ”Both kingdoms will be proud of all of you.” The last statement was directed at the three of them whom she added, ”I’ll make sure to pass on the blessings of your hunt to your kingdoms.” Hanna then turned to wave them over to follow her to the entrance of the clearing. ”A feast is a feast, and there are many mouths to feed. Let’s go.”

Before Hanna could move, a large growl emitted from the forest behind her. She turned and stared with wide-eyes as a 7 foot grizzly bear charged at her. She inhaled and tried to dodge it, but wasn’t quick enough; it swiped her with its front paw and knocked her aside like a bowling pin. Hanna let out a cry of pain and dropped to her side, badly wounded. It huffed and turned to face the other hunters. The bear had foam dripping from its mouth as it growled and snarled at them, then charged at the group relentlessly.

Time: Morning
Location: Festival at the Park
Interactions: @Aerandir Verrick & @Blizz Lyra
Sadie’s Dress, Shoes & Hair

Between Lyra’s mystery and Verrick’s questions, Sadie could sense the growing tension. Verrick had apologized for interrupting to which she waved him off: she was glad they were on the same page. The General’s story made sense to those who wouldn’t pry; the answers she provided revealed enough information to satisfy their answers without providing more. The attire she wore did look like a General’s and the sword on her back further pushed the narrative. It was clear the woman was hiding something, and the unknown of it intrigued her. How had she come from a distant land and happened to pass through? Why did she have red eyes? Sadie’s mind buzzed with curiosity and questions, which she struggled to hold back on.

Eating had taken up her attention, and she was hellbent on finishing this food despite what her mind was telling her. Verrick apologized for interrupting to which she waved him off. It was fine and he was right to question the General. Lost in her train of thought, Sadie tossed her plate out and was halfway back when she froze. She hadn’t allowed Verrick the chance to offer it, nor had she thanked him! She mentally facepalmed and looked at him apologetically. She quickly rejoined the two and came over to give him a side hug. ”Sorry! I realized you’d have probably done that but I was so wrapped up in my thoughts I forgot! And thank you for the food, it was so good! All these sugary treats are amazing!”

She let go and turned to face Lyra, a smile still painted across her face. Pushing this woman for details and answers she was clearly unwilling to give would only infuriate her. This was not something she wanted to explore: Verrick and her did not know how dangerous she could be. Being a veteran of war and carrying herself the way she did, meant that the woman knew how to handle herself. Therefore, she changed the subject. However, if there was any danger, Sadie was ready to act, but didn't show it outwardly.

”You must be hungry from your travels! I don’t know what your land is like or if you've ever played games-” she gestured to the festival and continued, "-so now seems like a good chance to do so! What do you think?” Next, she tilted her head back to look up at Verrick with wide-eyes and a puppy dog expression. Her blue eyes reflected from the sun like the ocean. For a moment, when Lyra couldn’t see, she allowed the suspicion to flash across her expression before disappearing like the waves in an ocean. ”Games! Food! Prizes! We must explore! I cannot sit any longer!”

Sadie moved to glance at them both and bounced on the balls of her feet. Then, she stretched her neck and arms and it was noticeable that she she was practically vibrating with energy. ”We can find out more about each other as we go! Let’s not waste the day!”

Time: 11:00am
Location:Festival At the Park
Attire: Her outfit & hair
Interactions: @Rodiak Nahir [@Lava Acklon] Farim @princess Anastasia


Layla grinned when Nahir slipped her arm through her’s. However, she’d noticed her sister visibly tense but hid the frown. Had she done something wrong? Pretending she hadn't seen, she nodded in agreement: the fire spitting and sword swallowing games were exhilarating. The games in the park were tame and foolish but despite it, they looked… delightful. The culture here was polar opposite. The crowd was having a blast though, and the screams of laughter and delighted echoed throughout the park. The food smelled delicious and the atmosphere was … pleasant, to her surprise.

However, a familiar voice reached their ears. She turned and found Farim, out of breath, being dragged by Princess Anastasia. Layla could see her sister biting back laughter and had difficulty doing so herself. Nonetheless, a smirk painted her face, though it wasn’t malicious. Layla bowed her head respectfully to both of them. Her gaze lingered on Farim and a softer smile was hidden underneath the smirk, only briefly being shown. His gesture this morning was not lost on her.

Nahir spoke first, greeting both their cousin and then the princess. Layla’s smirk shifted into a frown as her brows furrowed. What happened this morning? Did it have anything to do with the party? She knew her siblings had attended but not her. Layla glanced at her sister and tilted her head to one side to show her confusion, but it was ever so slight that most people would miss it. However, Nahir waved her hand to dismiss the subject, so Layla didn’t follow up on it. Judging by the way Nahir spoke and eyed Anastasia, Layla could surmise she had taken the brunt of it. Whoever faced the wrath of Hafiz….

Thankfully, her sister changed the subject and interrupted her reverie. ”Yes I do agree, Princess. What game do you recommend?” The change of her tone and body language were slight, but unnoticeable to those who did not know her. It was arrogant and sassy, as usual, but not as vicious.

”Cousin Farim, good to see you again.” Layla greeted and smiled softly. Her gaze snapped back to her sister as she added, ”Farim was nice enough to bring me food from the Taste of Alidasht this morning. It was not the same, but I suppose they tried.” She grinned at him playfully now and offered her other arm to him.

”Princess, we shall not leave you out.” Her voice held a strong conviction to it.

Time: Morning
Location: Festival at the Park
Interactions: @Aerandir Verrick & @Blizz Lyra
Sadie’s Dress, Shoes & Hair

Sadie’s fascination grew by the second. The Kingdom of Baltryia was mysterious and unknown to her. Her eyes widened with interest and she found herself leaning in unconsciously. Her mind raced with the word, but she couldn’t remember reading or hearing about it. Questions popped into her mind, but she held her tongue while the woman continued to speak. However, her curiosity was dashed when the woman changed the subject. Sadie leaned back now so as not to weird the woman out. A kind smile painted her face while she patiently listened to her.

”The food and city are both lovely indeed. They usually have great events.” Sadie gestured to the park around them and folded her hands together. She watched as Lyra turned her body to face her, including her food. Sadie felt her heart rate accelerate and she bit her tongue; this time, physically.

Before Sadie could politely reject the food, Verrick returned. He placed a funnel cake between her and Lyra’s food offering as a physical barrier. While she doubted it was poisoned, she wouldn’t trust a stranger upfront. Since she’d announced she was a princess, the price of her head would be high enough for the wrong crowd. Thankfully, Verrick stood directly behind her, and Sadie noted his presence was comforting. ”Caesonia is a bit far for just passing through if you are from Baltyria.” His gravelly tone remained, which made Sadie giggle internally.

Verrick then handed her the plate of food which she eagerly began eating. She ignored her mind screaming at her to stop. The sugary delight in her hand’s would not go to waste nor his sweet gesture. Since she was preoccupied with eating, she was unable to comment further. Her stomach churned and a knot formed in her abdomen. Sadie refocused her attention elsewhere, while the knot in her stomach grew. ”To my recollection, there never has been a party who’s traveled out of there…for any reason. So why now?” Thankfully, Verrick continued to speak which allowed her to assess the situation.

First, the woman was from a distant land; a land that she hadn't heard of before. Verrick further backed up the claim and had a valid point. Secondly, her eyes were red. How did someone's eyes become red? Sadie was unsure if it was genetic mutation or something more sinister. Therefore, Sadie remained silent, while observing her reaction and hungrily eating the funnel cake.

Time: 11:00am
Location: Princes’ Court > Festival At the Park
Attire: Her outfit & hair
Interactions: @Rodiak Nahir
Mention: @Rodiak Zarai @Inertia Auguste @helo Callum @SausagePat Ruby

After leaving the Princes Court, Layla glanced at the other princes and their prospective future wives. She noticed the odd-looking multi-colored peasant speaking with Callum on God only knew what; then the noblewoman covered in bruises speaking with Auguste. She paused to admire the lady’s hair, then turned away as she had better things to do than hang with the rabble.

Layla briefly retired to her room to check if it’d been cleaned properly and was proud to find the maid wasn’t as stupid as she looked. There was chocolate waiting for her that she smirked at and quickly devoured. Layla then looked at the newspaper once more. Out of all the events, The Festival at the Park sounded decent. She wasn’t in the mood to hunt, nor watch an execution, despite how delightful they might be. Besides, the sun would be enriching for Zilal who’d been cooped up in the buildings. She changed into lighter clothing and pulled her hair out of her face. Next, she grabbed a parasol and spun it around gleefully before turning to her snake. ”Fancy some sunlight, Zilal?” He flicked his tongue and began slithering towards the door. Layla giggled and followed him out.

”Ali!” She called, seeing the familiar tall and slender frame and dark hair of her favorite servant, Ali. He spun around and nodded to her, waiting for her orders. ”We’re going to the Festival; fetch my palanquin will you?” He nodded and quickly left. When he returned, he escorted her out of the guest house and towards her palanquin where several servants waited. During the journey on her palanquin, Layla used a mirror to fix her hair to ensure it was perfect, while another servant fanned her.

After arriving, Layla surveyed the scenery before her while Zilal wrapped himself back around her shoulders so he wasn’t lost. It was an odd sight, seeing all the tacky booths and hopeful workers vying for attention and money. The sweet, savory, and salty aromas piqued her interest, but she wasn't sure what to try first. Towards the back, she noticed the games and watched with curiosity. How interesting, she thought, watching the duck tank while people screamed with laughter and delight. There were a few people she would love to dunk… permanently.

The amount of people here caused her stomach to churn. It was filled with rabble and nobles alike, something she disagreed with. Her gaze traveled to a trio near the bench and then away. What could she do here, she wondered? Could she let loose and be herself? Her gaze moved to her guards and Ali then let a thought die before it could form.

Layla continued walking forward when she noticed her dear sister, Nahir. A sigh of relief escaped her and she strode towards her purposefully. The crowd parted to make room for her which she admired. At least they had the sense to get out of her way! ”Sister Nahir. What a delightful surprise.” Layla greeted and smiled genuinely at her. ”This is quite different from home, isn’t it?” She offered her arm to her to link through if she wanted. ”Shall we continue the festivities together?"
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