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Time: Sunset
Location: Art Exhibit --> University Parking Lot
Interactions: @helo - Elias, @princess - Angel
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Shay watched as the fedora man came over to her and yelled at the red haired warrior to ease up. When the woman released her wrist, Shay pulled her arms back and covered her legs with them and glowered. She stared at the woman begging her to inform her of where Alexander’s clan was and managed to snicker. This girl, was she really thinking she could take them on alone? She was clearly part of operation humanity, but why was she indicating to go alone? Shay shook her head at her as she struggled to stand up. Black dots danced across her vision and she swore she saw her mother before her, scolding her for using dark magic. It only caused her heart to shatter more.

The warrior’s voice echoed in her mind; meet you up front, black Toyota… Shay had played this game before. Meeting someone, or going with a stranger, had been the end of her. And who was to say after she gave the information, they wouldn’t just kill her? No. She wasn’t going to die after giving it up. She didn’t know anymore. The exhaustion and strain of her light and dark magic was beginning to take its toll. Her patience was waning thin as she flinched at the sudden howling. Shay glared at the wolves, but also couldn’t help but marvel at them. What an interesting way to live; half human, half werewolf. She didn’t know where else to go but this girl’s fucking car and hell was breaking loose.

”Corium,” she whispered and disappeared from sight. She retrieved her painting then quickly made her way out of the school. The noise was causing her flashbacks to her 21st birthday; yells, screams and cries; gunshots echoing. Shay felt tears streaming down her face as she made it outside. Her breathing was quick and rapid, and she felt an aching pain in her body as she moved. Unfortunately, fighting vampires usually resulted in pain, and due to the heat of it, she hadn’t noticed. Her mind raced as she watched small drops of blood hit the ground around her. She had injuries and blood was dripping from her head. Shay muttered a healing spell as she moved and continued forward.

Once she found this girls’ car, she hurried toward it and pressed her hand to her head. Shay watched as operation humanity pilled in and moved into the back of the car quickly. Once inside, she curled up into a ball with fear. She held onto her painting with her legs, refusing to let go of it. Then, she pressed her hands over her ears to help drown out the noise. At the moment, the past was mixing with reality and she couldn’t tell which was real. Shay trembled and began waiting for it to end. She whispered a silencing spell to help dispel the noise, unable to listen to it anymore. It cost her more energy, but she was willing to bear it if it meant she wouldn’t listen to the chaotic misery.
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Corvina & Bowyn

Cora bit her lip as she listened to Bowyn speak. His discouraging words made her sink slightly into herself. Her smile faltered, as did the light in her eyes. It was a quick admission of guilt as she pulled up her impassive expression once more. She was afraid to admit it had been from Risa, and how she had met her Cora remained silent as she allowed him to speak his mind.. She did need to heed his advice though; she didn’t know this world, or who to follow. While she trusted and believed in Kenia and Malachi, she was wary of others. Those two had gone out of their way to protect Rei and her, while Risa could possibly thrust them into untold dangers. The actions of Princess Risa were indeed reckless and bold. She sighed quietly.

His next statements were enough to quelm her rising doubt and uncertainty. She was able to see the honesty in his words. He was quiet as not to allow anyone else to overhear. She could understand his point of view too. Through his words, she was able to decipher and pick up on his reluctance to join the rebellion. Something had to have happened to him in the past. She had seen his friends earlier and couldn’t help but wonder if they were elves or actually humans. His reluctance could have come from protection, and not just for himself and his bird. Once he finished speaking, she managed a gentle smile, but it wasn’t as bright as earlier.

”I regret to inform you that your previous statement is indeed true.” Cora stole a quick glance over to Risa, who was having quite the crowd. She turned and swallowed hard. She didn’t know what to think right now concerning the fairy. She sighed and looked at him. The friendliness and warmth was there now, as she remained open to the conversation. Despite the reluctance of agreeing, she has indeed made an acquaintance and she was happy for that. She thought about revealing herself to him but decided against it. It was best to keep the list of who knew her true identity to a minimum. Life could change rapidly, and sometimes friends could become enemies.

”I will keep your words in mind. Thank you, Bowyn. It has been a pleasure getting to know you and also your bird. I wish you the best of luck. If you do not come, I will understand.”

Bowyn nodded as she admitted what he’d suspected, her message had come from the princess that, he could only assume, reveled in the attention she was receiving tonight. It didn’t take much for Bowyn to realize he’d soured Cora’s mood a bit, and it tended to be a usual occurrence for those who spent too much time around him. At least she seemed to heed his warning some, though stealing the prospect of hope from others didn’t bring him any pleasure. He was, however, unsatisfied with her vague statements. He remained unsure of how deep into the rebellion she was or how well she actually knew Princess Risa or the fairy’s intentions. He still had his suspicions about Cora, suspecting his dance partner was yet another disguised human but, if she was, at least she had the sense to keep such things secret. He wasn’t interested in uncovering Cora’s personal secrets, but the larger questions he had; about who really led this rebellion and what their end goal truly was, those were the answers he needed.

“Was it Princess Risa who abducted all these humans? Ripping them away from their own lives for something as petty as regaining her crown?” Bowyn asked the question he most wanted to know in a voice so quiet it was almost inaudible. This was a dangerous topic, he understood that, but he needed to know who and why. “Because I have met humans, they are good people. They don’t deserve such a fate and I do not wish to see them suffer and die for nothing. I have little in the way of options for them. So, if this port is truly our best option, I will be there, but if you have any cause to doubt your information, or the source of it, I need to know. My kind are much less forgiving than most.” He continued with his quiet tone, though his words held the weight of his situation. He knew the dance was coming to its end, there wasn’t much time left for his answers and he wasn’t going to waste time trying to make more friends. If her information proved useful, they’d likely meet again anyway. If not that he didn’t need anymore attachments to strangers so willing to throw themselves into a lost cause. He needed to make sure before he tried to lead Torvi and Belle anywhere that it wasn’t on a fool’s errand.

Bowyn’s inquiry of Risa made her eyes widen. Shock and confusion rose. Aklenroth had brought them over, right? Why would the princess have done that? She frowned as she listened to him and furrowed her brows. She sighed and began to qulem her worries. Kenia and Malachi hadn’t lied to her; she trusted them. Cora’s sunny disposition was rising up once more. She wasn’t going to allow this fairy’s doubt to spoil her night, nor Rei’s absence. After a few deep breaths, Cora felt calmer again. She didn’t respond to Bowyn’s commentary and instead, chose to remain silent. She smiled as he mentioned having met other humans. While it was not confirmed, she couldn’t help but suspect his two light-elf companions were actually humans.

”The humans should be the top priority of being kept safe and out of harm's way. They did not ask to be here and were snatched from their world. That’s something both sides should take into consideration. Humans did not ask to be here.” Cora’s statement was bold, but honest. She wasn’t as angry as she had been previously about being here; though, some part of her felt resentment. While nobody would have been looking for her, she had truly disappeared - all the humans had. What was happening on Earth with all the sudden disappearances? These questions had been in the back of her mind, though she never gave them anymore birth. There wasn’t any answer, and it would only drive her nuts thinking about it. To her, this was ehr new life and second chance for her to do good. She had made plenty of mistakes in her life on Earth; both pre-Linnet and post-Linnet. She was determined to do better this time. Cora nodded to Bowyn to signal she understood.

”Thank you for the insightful dance, Bowyn. I would heed your own advice and allow you to make that decision for your humans and yourself. It seems that at some point, we’ll all be affected by the danger of the rebellion. Whether or not the risk is worth it, is up to you. I wish you the best of luck and may the odds be ever in your favor.” Cora winked at him and curtsied. Then, she stood up and began to follow her butterfly paper to her next partner. She caught sight of Malachi and Kenia. She kept an eye on them as she walked through the crowd and worked to keep her doubts at bay. She was going to feel awful if something happened to Bowyn and his friends. She wasn’t sure if she should have told him. Cora bit her lip and took a deep breath and thought to herself, ’Trust yourself Corvina, for you are your best asset.’

Bowyn studied her reaction, his question had surprised her and he knew she did not have the answers he sought. He was no closer to determining whether the location she had given him was a solid option or not, but for now it seemed the only option he had. All he could do was present it to Torvi and Belle and let them decide. “On that we agree.” He said as she spoke about the humans and their tragic circumstances. “Good luck to you as well. He added as his dance partner left him with more questions than answers. He could only hope his next encounter proved as useful though he doubted he was that lucky. In a room full of enemies and empty-headed aristocrats he doubted the odds were in his favor to be paired with another that held any insights or even a common goal. As much as he would have preferred to share what he had learned with his friends before the next dance, it seemed that there would be no break in between. So, Bowyn followed the enchanted paper towards his next partner and tried to bring back his earlier façade that he dropped. As with most things in his life he went in with little hope for the best and all the expectation of the worst.
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Artemis & Cade

Time: Late Afternoon
Location: Roshmi Grand Hall

Artemis listened to Cade’s words intently, not allowing herself to skip a beat. She was silent as she pondered an appropriate answer. She didn’t want to commit to choosing a side, especially when she was staying at Aklenroth’s castle. Mentioning that, too, was off the plate. She decided to answer as honestly as possible, albeit leaving out the rest. ”I am sure you’ll become a great warrior, Cade. I sense the qualities it takes to become one inside of you already. I’d continue working hard on your skills. Most of all, don’t allow your nerve to be your undoing. I am confident you can make Avalia proud, especially your brother, who I can assume is smiling down at you proudly. And your comment on the food was spot on, and I am sure I will meet you at the feast soon enough after this nonsense dancing ends.”

Artemis smiled at him and slowed her dancing. She eyed the food again as fatigue began to creep in. The dancing was slow already, but she wanted to conserve energy for the next one, so she slowed down. She did not, however, show the weakness in front of Cade. She didn’t know how to properly explain it. Maybe she could say she was recovering from being sick? Yes, that would work - after years of abuse, it would make sense; although nobody would know that…

Artemis pasted a genuine smile upon her face as she awaited her partner’s answer. She briefly glanced around then continued to wait. Her hope for demis had been slim, but this feline was proving her doubts wrong. She smiled for a second, then quickly erased it. She had learned not to show emotions or allow herself to feel for years out of self-preservation and protection on Daka Island. So, the momentary feeling of joy was gone and then hidden the next. She was too afraid of someone taking her pure joy away from her. Too many times she had let her guard down and she would not let it happen again. Not when they were surrounded by the enemy and the godforsaken Lich-bitch.

Cade watched, and continued to dance, as Artemis seemed to study his words. He had no sense of fear that he had spoken his sentiment to the wrong person, as he believed her to be a creature of good intention. His trust in others had never let him down before, and so he simply waited for her reply. Once she did speak his tail flicked with joy to hear another believe he could accomplish his goals. To think of his brother watching over him with pride was not something he often thought of, but it was one that brought comfort. He often thought of the kind of cat Shadow had been, his sense of honor and bravery, and allowed those memories to inspire him. Cade had done very little while his brother still lived to be proud of, he’d been a selfish layabout of a cat, but as he really thought about it, he had little doubt that his brother would be proud even to see him try to do better. To hear such praise, from one who hardly knew him, was the exact sort of kindness that fueled his faith in others.

“Thank you, that is the finest compliment you could have given me.” Cade said, with a smile one only has when touched by another’s kindness. He paused for a while before he spoke again, letting himself enjoy this moment for a handful of seconds. “Your take on nerve is interesting though, it takes a great deal of it to become a warrior. I’m not sure I see how that would be my undoing. I have not yet known the glory of true battle, it is my lack of experience in such things that I worry of, and look to with excitement for all I have to learn.” Cade spoke easily of both his hopes and fears, his eyes shone brightly as he thought of the future, of learning to put all he’d trained for to good use.

Cade noticed her frequent glances towards the tables of food and nodded with understanding. His movements in their shared dance slowed to match hers. “It doesn’t take a great observer to see that you’d rather be eating right now. If you wish to end the nonsense dancing early to grab a snack, you’d find no objection from me. I made sure the food was my first stop upon arriving here, I mean, who really wants to dance with an empty stomach?” Cade offered with a lighter tone. It seemed a bit backwards to have such a display of food laid out, for it’s aroma to fill the room, and expect people to simply allow it to grow cold. There were very few quests he supported more, than one to stuff one’s own face after all.

Artemis smiled genuinely at Cade’s words as he took in her compliments. She remained quiet as she listened to him reply. To make someone feel good, had caused her mixed feelings. One was joy and pride. Instead of partaking in evil schemes and wrongdoings, she was not only doing good, but being good. Artemis had not been sure if she was capable of such an emotion after what she had been through. She was beginning to prove herself wrong - maybe she could be better. Still, self preservation had kicked in as well and was going to continue to guide her. She wanted to live, to be herself and enjoy freedom, yet her uncertainty and fear were mixed in as well. The more who knew her, who knew what she was, and associated her, were possibly in danger. She had escaped the black market and disgruntled a high-ranking and vindictive Dark Elf. Artemis hoped the master she was supposed to be serving had not attended.

As Cade commented on ending the nonsense dancing, she sighed with relief and nodded. Her stomach gave her away by growling. She pretended not to notice as she released herself from Cade’s grip and smiled broadly. ”That would be great, Cade. Thank you. Shall we go?” She gestured to the table and waited for him to accompany her. While people were beginning to slow their dancing and finish their chatter, she didn't want to be the first person to make a beeline to the food. She cleared her throat and waited somewhat impatiently, though outwardly she remained cool as a cucumber.

Cade had no qualms about being the first to start eating again, and grinned when Artemis agreed to his suggestion. ”Absolutely, I am always ready to eat.” He said, as he headed towards the table of food once more. He did, however, make sure he remembered to continue his attempts at properly using the provided silverware as he grabbed a few more of the varied meats to eat. He did manage to wait until Artemis had grabbed some food as well before he began eating, in his attempt to make it appear as if he had some semblance of table manners. ”I do hope our paths are destined to cross again, Artemis. I have greatly enjoyed your company.” He added as he noticed the dances around him begin to end; soon it would be time for them to find another dance partner.

Artemis grinned as she followed Cade to the food table. She began picking out as much as she could. She was eager to eat until she couldn’t anymore. She sat with Cade and began using the silverware as well. Part of her felt like being rebellious and eating with her hands, but resisted the urge. She smirked slightly as she watched him use the silverware. His words brought out another rare smile from her. ”I hope so too, Cade. I have truly enjoyed your company as well.” Artemis then continued eating. Part of her wondered if she would see him again and if so, what side would she be on? That was definitely something she would have to figure out eventually.

Location: Ember Grove University Dorms - Art Exhibit
Interactions: @helo - Elias, @princess - Angel
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“Nah, Super-Witch, I’d say this look really suits you.”

The first, genuine smile Shay had in over a year’s time, was splitting across her face. It sliced through some of her misery and pain like bread and a knife. She managed a glimpse at the handsome man in the fedora. It was refreshing for her to hear something so pleasant and kind. She inhaled as he was attacked and moved to help, but then quickly backed off. She saw that he wasn’t being injured. But how? Shay glanced around. There were frightened humans gathered behind the red-haired warrior; the werewolf and child were tangled up in a battle. Then it struck her like lightning: Maeve. Had the witch cast a protection spell over them? It had to be her. Shay knew she had cast some, but none as powerful as the coven leader. She watched as he stabbed the vampire and pushed it off of him. Shay grinned at him and offered her hand to help him up.

Once he had stood, he inquired about clearing the exit. Shay nodded and glared at the vampires in their way. She scowled and chanted quietly to herself, “Adhibete flammis.” Shay intensified the flames in her hands and tossed them at the vampires to grab their attention. Some were able to move out of the way, and others were not. One of the lucky few was Charles, his face drenched in blood. Shay’s fury heightened as she stormed forward and halted less than five feet away. She knew he was an avid fighter, and wasn’t interested in endangering her fedora-partner in crime. However, she saw some of them beginning to circle him now as well. She felt tension rise. She couldn’t focus on both…

”Does hurting innocent people make you feel like a man, Charles? Does it give you some credit with your homeboys? Make you feel like a badass? To me, you’re nothing but a piece of shit and deserve to rot in hell for your crimes.”

He snarled as he wiped the blood from his face and kicked the human girl out of his way. She whimpered, utterly terrified. Shay cast a protection spell over her as she gathered more flames in her hands. This fire spell was one of her favorites. God, she loved using it. ”What’s wrong, Charles? Did I hit a sore spot? Is your ego bruised?

”You’re not supposed to be here, bitch. No matter - Alex will gladly take his pet home. Imagine how happy he’ll be?”

”Thrilled. Over the moon. Imagine, however, that I spare your disgusting life and you have to run back home like a dog with your tail between your legs, crying about how Super-Witch kicked your ass.”

He snarled and moved closer to her and began to circle her. Shay’s flames were causing him not to immediately attack. He was enraged; Shay couldn’t imagine why he hadn’t exploded from it. He shook his head and gathered his composure as he realized he was allowing her to get under her skin. ”Want to know a little secret, Charles? Shay raised her hands and formed the fireballs even more so. They were bigger than her palms and she had to keep them away from her as far as possible. She noticed some other vampires beginning to pay attention. ”I’ve always liked to play with fire.” Shay threw the fireballs at Charles who managed to dodge all but one. He screamed as his foot jacket was set ablaze. He quickly threw it on the ground and glared at her. If he was a basilisk, she would have died upon seeing the gaze.

Shay smiled sweetly at him and used a telekinetic spell to send him flying into the wall. It wasn’t as powerful as she had hoped, since her stamina was draining. She hadn’t used too much magic at once prior until now. She wiped the sweat from her forehead and bent over, panting slightly. She was exhausted; she hadn’t been eating, and had been stuck in a fight or flight for over a week. She felt so tired. Shay glared at Charles who was now grinning at her.

”Tired?” He taunted at her and began laughing. Shay glared at him and used the light-wielding spell, but it fizzled out quickly. Shay scowled as he ran at her and stumbled as she tried moving out of the way. She inhaled as her body slammed her into the floor. Her vision was blurry as she stared at him as he grinned down at her. ”Say goodbye, Super-Witch, to your freedom."

Shay stared at him and felt her composure momentarily break. Shay tried to summon flames, but Charles had pinned her arms to the floor. She watched as his fangs emerged and felt her heart rate accelerate. No - she hadn't come this far, to only come this far. Shay hated it to use more Dark Magic, but desperate times called for desperate measures.

”Summone obscurum. Goodbye.” Shay watched as dark energy formed around her and used it to force Charles’ shadow to attack him. He shrieked as he was kicked off of her. Shay stood up quickly, dizzy and disoriented. She managed a weak fireball in her hands and began to burn Charles alive. His screams echoed loudly as the spells forced him into submission and into death. Shay stared at her arms and moved away as her vision temporarily blackened. She bumped into something and for a moment, feared it was a vampire. However, Shay opened her eyes to see it was a bookcase. Shay slid down against it with exhaustion, her head bobbing up and down. She groaned and looked around at the chaos. Some of the humans who had been hiding, sprinted for the doorway and out. The looks of sheer terror on their faces broke her heart. Shay raised her hand and used a protection spell to seal the area to allow more people to escape. She didn’t have much energy for anything else and wished she could take a nap. Her mind was buzzing from the dark magic and toll of using so many spells at once. Tears filled her eyes.

For a moment, Shay thought she could perhaps rest for a moment, when the red haired warrior entered her line of vision. The woman grabbed her wrist and Shay looked up with irritation. Her once gentle spirit was now aflame with the dark magic. She had no patience for this. She resisted the urge to shove the lady and waved to her wrist as a silent plea to remove it. She did not have the strength to fight off this woman. It did not stop her from assailing her with demands, however, to her disappointment: "How did you escape Sanguine Moon?! Do you know how to get back there? Tell me!"

Shay stared at her, puzzled. Why would anyone want to go back to that hellish place? What the hell? She stared at her with confusion and rubbed her eyes. The painstaking memories of the sadistic clan was filling her mind’s eye and she winced. She glanced at her fedora-hunter friend and turned back to the red haired hunter. ”And I thought battling vampires was too much.” Shay muttered as she forced herself to sit up and eye the girl. She needed to know what this girl’s obsession was and why the hell she wanted to go to Sanguine Moon. There was no rest for the wicked.
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Time: Late Afternoon
Location: Roshmi Grand Hall
Interaction: @Helo Cade

Artemis managed a delighted giggle at Cade’s words. The ‘bull’ comment had paved the way for her amusement to shine through. She had figured that feline demis were graceful, but it didn’t appear as if it were true. She couldn’t help but picture him plowing through and knocking over things. The idea of it made her giggle. Noticing she had been laughing, she quickly smirked to hide it. It might have been rude, she realized. It had been a long time that she had cared for other people's feelings or their well being. She sucked in a deep breathe and quickly frowned. She wasn't sure how to exactly cross this bridge, but she hoped to figure it out soon. Artemis had spent the last decade almost caring and worrying for only herself. Unfortunately, old habits would die hard. Darous and Myra - they were easier. Still, she felt uncertain of how to broach the subject.

”I am sorry if my laughing were rude. I hadn't thought of you as someone stumbling. I do hope you understand that." Artemis paused to allow her words to sink in and then continued. "As for your question: my favorite thing about the world is…” Artemis wanted to say being underwater, but that would only hint to what her species was. It was a snesitive topic and she didn't like talking about it. Not only that, what could she say? It wasn't as if she remembered much of her past anyways...

”My favorite thing about this world would have to be the food.” Artemis decided, already planning on consuming as much of it as possible. Her stomach growled in response and she smirked. Her trauma was beginning to dissipate. ”What about you? Do you have any favorites?”

Time: Late Afternoon
Location: Roshmi Grand Hall
Interaction: @Helo Bowyn

The flinch from the fairy caused momentary guilt in Cora’s eyes. She wanted to apologize, but they unfortunately had to participate in this dancing. His question caused her to pause momentarily, unable to think. She had attended many dances prior to this one, but none as grand as this one. Was this some elven custom she was unfamiliar with? She wanted to be careful with her response, since nobody had any way of telling who was friend or foe. Despite this, she had to pass on Risa’s information and make a good judgement call. It gave her a heavy feeling in the pit of her stomach. What if she told the wrong person?

Still, he wasn’t displaying any malicious intent. His displeasure with dancing and being with a stranger was understandable. His bird was stressed, and Cora judged it had to be due to Bowyn’s own energy. She was able to catch the slight flinch, and care he had with his words. She couldn’t blame him. Dancing with others and forcing small talk was painful. Lucky for her, her extroverted nature was able to capitalize off of it.

”Well, Bowyn and Boreas, I think we’re paired together because it was fate.I think the butterfly papers were a nice touch. I must say, a wise fairy once told me…” Cora carefully leaned near Bowyn, being careful not to lean towards the shoulder Boreas was perched on. The last thing she wanted to do was startle the bird enough for it to attack her. That would cause one hell of a scene that neither of them wanted. Her voice was hardly above a whisper. She had also beckoned him to lean in towards her ear as well and was slow and careful as not to startle or cause him to flinch yet again.

”...if you follow the coast up northwest from Roshmi, you will find a small port town. We will be meeting there on the coastal outskirts. Spread this message to any allies you know of.” As she finished, she leaned away and winked at him with a mischievous smile upon her face. Her green eyes shined with innocence. She cleared her throat and smiled kindly. ”I must say, this is a spectacular ball though, don’t you think? The food smells delicious.” Cora’s voice was now casual, as she allowed her impassiveness to resume. She waited, painstakingly, for Bowyn’s reaction. She was studying his ration carefully. What if she had told the wrong person? She was worried, but she had to trust her judgement. With a deep breath, she calmed her racing heart and the tension building inside of her.


Time: Late Afternoon
Location: Roshmi Grand Ball
Interaction: @princess - Malachi

The sudden movement by him to touch her waist had her startled briefly. She managed to relax, however, as her emotions were needed to be in control. She wasn’t used to physical contact - in fact, even hugs were foreign to her. Nonetheless, she remained calm and took small, deep breaths. Belle listened to Mr. Save-Your-Breath and resisted the urge to roll her eyes. Still, his approach was smart. She was going to mimic it until she knew better as well. He didn’t seem interested in formalities or the ball. Rather, he seemed irritated with the ordeal. Thankfully, that made two of them. His name caused her to pause slightly. She had never heard such a name prior to now, so she had to react as if it were an everyday occurrence. A quick friendly smile was enough for her.

”Nice to meet you, Hagmer,” Belle paused and contemplated a name quickly. She didn’t have experience with literature; but thankfully, college had opened her up to it. She had been lacking in her educational background but her mind was stronger elsewhere: lying. ”My name is Aerin.” Belle smiled calmly and watched him closely. ”I came to dine and dance with the finest of Roshmi. And you?” Belle kept her statements short as well. She didn’t have interest in small talk and rather regretted being here. The whole night already felt like a mistake. She sucked in a deep breath and began repeating to herself: ”54321,

Belle began naming things she could see, touch, and smell, as she danced with her partner. The grounding technique was useful and helped her keep her emotions in check. You’re not in control. Calm down. The enemy could already know you’re a human and it won’t help any if you don’t keep it together. What would Lys say? 54321.' Belle repeated it to herself over until she was able to regain control over her anxiety. While internally battling herself, she was calm and displayed outward pleasantness to Hagmer.

Time: Sunset
Location: Ember Grove University Dorms - Art Exhibit
Interactions: @helo - Elias
Mentions: Angel @princess, Finn @Milkman, @Ducky - Remy

Shay turned to face the speaker. It was a dashing man in a fedora. She felt as if her heart skipped a beat the moment she looked upon him. No one had such an effect on her at first glance before. Instead of letting her eyes widen at the sight of him, she casually smirked, “I could. The question is do I want to…” Her voice trailed off as her gaze fell upon a woman buying the painting of her.

Her heart sank. She couldn’t believe life was working against her yet again. For a moment, she let her guard down and her emotions visually displayed. She quickly recovered and turned to listen to what the man had to say, only to be surprised when the woman approached her and handed her the very painting. “Thank you..” She smiled, pleasantly surprised. She took the card she had given her as well and stuffed it in her back pocket.

Her mood was yet again brought down once Alexander started talking, announcing his leave. Men were coming in and Shay knew there was impending danger. “Gotta split like a banana.” She told Elias and began to make her leave. Once in the hallway outside the exhibit, she turned back around hearing screams. Shay hesitated as the minutes ticked down. She groaned and went outside to hide the painting so she could go back in to help. She placed a ward over it as well so only she could find it.

As soon as she entered, she felt her body slam face-first into the ground, pain going through her body. Her vision slowly began to fix itself as she was turned onto her back to look back into the eyes of Demetri. “Have any last words?” He asked her with a malicious grin. ”Not so witty are you now?”

“Yeah - movere. How’s that, bitch?” Shay telekinetically threw Demetri back into the wall. As she stood up, she transformed back into herself. Shay smirked and flipped some of the hair that had fallen in her face over her shoulder with a smirk. Demetri’s eyes were wide as he watched and recognized her. As she assessed the scene, she turned to see a young red-haired woman stabbing someone in the back. She was very skilled for her age; Shay figured she had to be a hunter. She didn’t display any other supernatural characteristics. Hopefully she could find out. If she worked at Operation Humanity, then Shay might have found her ticket...

Footsteps rang in her ears and she turned and shot a ball of fire as Demetri came running at her with murder in his eyes. He fell to the ground and wailed in pain as he burned. ”I hope you enjoy your time in hell.” The fire alarm started going off to Shay’s surprise and she wondered if that had been her fault. She looked around wildly and set her eyes on another vampire attacking someone and cast another fire spell to light them into flames. ”Light em up, light em up, up…” She sang quietly with a snicker.

She began to look around for the man she had just been talking to in order to make sure he was alright. Her attention was then stolen by the giant wolf in the middle of the room. She hadn’t seen a werewolf up close before, so it was surprising. Nevertheless, he was helping and that’s all she cared about. She turned and watched a kid run behind the red-haired woman and stared with horror. What was she doing here and why? She turned to glance at Elias, now as herself, and smirked.

”Sorry handsome, I’m not your brunette.” She kept him in her line of vision however; she didn’t know what he was. He could have been anything and at this point, she wasn’t discounting him from being supernatural or hunter too. She chanted a protective spell over the red-hed, child, werewolf, and also the man in the fedora. His cross necklace gave her an ill-feeling, and she was hoping he wasn’t part of the Holy Saviors. She was screwed if so.

She used another fire spell and lit her hands up with flames. ”Who wants some more?” Shay called and glared at the vampires with murderous hatred.
Shay and Demetri

Demetri and the guest interested in buying the portrait of Shay Knight turned after the disguised Shay approached inquiring about pricing. The guest chuckled at the 'art student' like one would do to someone who was painfully out of their league.

"Sorry miss, but the painting is coming home with me. 2 grand." The guest said with a smug smirk on his face. He was purposely bidding $2,000 to see how the you lady would react. He figured that much money was two months pay from whatever fast food chain he guessed she stumbled out of.

Shay stared at the men and managed a smirk. He thought he could scare her off, huh? She didn’t allow her irritation to show and mained her sweet smile. She stared at the man in the eyes and responded, ”I bid $2,100.” Shay could feel a few stares as she spoke and ignored them. This man did not have any idea who he was dealing with, or what. Shay was aware she didn’t dress up, unlike the other guests. She had a plan if she lost the bid and this man was surely going to pay for it, with or without the cash. She had a small secret too - the credit card she’d stolen from Ariana’s purse as well.

With a deep breath, Shay willed herself to retain her resolve and not punch this man into oblivion. She wanted to telekinetically take the painting, but again, that would not bode well for her. Shay reminded herself to behave and stared the man down.

His face showed a bit of surprise before he sighed and looked to Demetri.

"Are we really doing this?" The guest asked as Demetri took a single step back and shrugged. The bodyguard honestly thought the two were insane. The guest scoffed and then put on a sweet smile for Shay. "Three. 3,000. Save your cash kid. Don't you have student loans and vanilla chai lattes to worry about?"

Shay stared at him, her sweetness not dissipating. She didn’t blink, nor allow herself to show any sign of break in her resolve. The bid raising another thousand hadn’t surprised her. Shay was surprised the jackass wasn’t summoning a maid to pay for it. Without flinching, she responded firmly, “$3,200. Where’s your sugar mama when you need her, darling? And by the way, those vanilla chai lattes are too basic, kinda like you. Coffee is not my cup of tea. Have you heard of ‘water’ before or is that too complex of a term for you? Should I spell it out for you?”

There was a chorus of ‘oos’ in the background which she ignored. Shay wanted to stay low for the bid and not cause Ariana too much grief - but he was on her nerves. Shay was going to continue bidding until this man was red in the face and caused him to pay much higher than he had anticipated for it. Then, on his way out, the painting would mysteriously disappear. It would have to be in the hour. Shay glanced sideways at the clock: twenty-five minutes had passed. She had a half hour to wrap this up and disappear before she’d transform into herself again. With the devil and his lapdogs here, she knew they wouldn’t cause a scene but she wasn’t taking any more unnecessary risks. Shay crossed the expression off her face and remained impassive as she turned to face the man with a hint of a smirk.

"You kids are pretty witty these days, but I can tell you're not an art student… at least not a good one. This painting being a measly 32 hundred is ridiculous! This painting is at least 7 grand. This is Alexander Drake's last exhibition and though he is more of a recreationalist, this kind of art will never be produced in this armpit of the country. Right?" The guest looked to Demetri who shrugged, a bit bothered by all the theatrics. He cleared his throat and spoke up.

"I've let you two have your fun, but Mr Drake's starting price on this particular painting is $7,500." Demetri's tone was neutral as he looked between both guests.

"$7,500? I was almost on the mark." The guest boasted. "7,500 it is then." He preemptively pulled out his checkbook, a clear power move.

”Ooh, judgey aren’t we? Didn’t your mama tell you not to judge a book by its cover?” Shay replied as she grinned at the man. He didn’t know who she was - or Ariana; but this girl was definitely an artist. Shay had viewed some of the paintings in her room and her sketchbook briefly to grasp an idea of her. This girl was extremely talented. As he continued speaking, she began to chuckle and had to hold back from guffawing at the pure idiocy of this man. Why didn’t go and kiss the ground the Devil walked on right now? Shay didn’t know who this man was, but she’d rather walk barefoot over hot coals before he kept her painting.

She listened to Demetri - who she resisted strangling - and watched as Mr. Hotshot took out his checkbook. She looked between the two, then went with her original plan. "$7,550.” Shay replied and reached into her purse to take out her credit card with a wicked smile. ”Tell your checkbook my credit card says hello,”

"Isn't the limit one of those about 5 thousand? Sir, can we ignore this woman. She seems ill." The guest shook his head. He was getting sick of Shay.

Shay smirked as she was able to see the man’s demeanor beginning to crack. So she was under his skin; good. She would not let this disgusting trash of a man have her painting hanging in his house. She wiped the smirk off her face and folded her arms. ”That was unnecessarily rude. I feel perfectly fine and it seems i nfact, you could possibly be ill. You’re an older gentleman buying a painting of a young female. That seems strange to me. Are you going to continue biding?” Shay did not know how much money Ariana had on this card. Truth be told, she was bluffing now. She planned on him letting him think she’d back out; then attack him in the parking lot. She could possibly hotwheel his car too but wasn't’ certain if she wanted to add Grand Theft Auto to her list of broken laws. She was going to be lucky to make it out of here unseen.

Shay paused and studied the two. Most of her attention was on the man; however, she had kept Alexander and Maeve in her peripheral vision. Was the asshole talking to Maeve about her? She gritted her teeth. There had to be somewhere she could go....

The guest on the other hand, just stood there scowling at her. Her divided attention only seemed to piss him off more. It was as if she thought what she had just insinuated about him was nothing.

"Hey how about you look here and repeat what you just insinuated about me!" He didn't notice how loud he had addressed her.

"Sir." Demetri addressed the guest, but was cut off.

"8 grand. My final offer! I'm not going to let this child ruin my purchase." His face was much closer to Shay's as if he was trying to stare her away.

“Oh my, what a tough guy we have over here! Did I hit a sore spot?” Shay chortled as she watched the man. She glanced at the clock: forty-five minutes or so had passed. Shit. ”Didn’t your mama teach you the golden rule? I guess not,” She smirked at the two. ”Eight grand it is.” Shay smirked and moved over to the wine table, fighting the tears in her eyes. She poured herself a large helping of wine and began consuming it.

"Good. Now that she's gone…"

"You will also be leaving… the premises." Demetri informed as he noticed Alexander's eye from across the room. No doubt, he had witnessed some of the ruckus that had gone on on his own watch. The guest stood firmly, but Demetri's scowl and tall stature caused the guest to think about his following action. "After you, sir."

"This is bullshit." The guest said as he shook his head and walked off. His eyes shot sharp daggers at Shay. He wanted to actually put hands on her, but he couldn't cause more of a scene than he already had. With his exit, the painting remained unclaimed. Demetri should have then approached Shay for her offer for the painting, but he had been close to kicking the girl out as well.

Shay smirked at the man as he was beginning to be berated by Demetri. She said nothing, however, and remained silent. She sipped her wine and grabbed a handful of cheese. God, she had missed the simple pleasures of life.. As the guest passed her and shot daggers, Shay tipped her glass to him and sipped it casually. She wished she could photograph this moment in time, but for now the memory would do. One small win for Shay - hopefully, two would happen now. Before returning to her painting, she poured more wine and nibbled on the cheese she’d taken as well. She turned to Demetri and smiled at him as she sipped her wine.

”So about the painting, handsome. How much?” Shay kept her tone light and friendly as she ignored the many people now staring. Shay had noticed Alexander glance over and had given him a sly, but innocent smile and turned away quickly. She was not intimidated by it. However, she needed to grab the painting and get the hell out! She had no idea what would happen if she transformed into herself with the Devil and his henchmen. ’C’mon damn it. Let me win again. I’m not asking for much.’
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Time: Late Afternoon
Location: Roshmi Grand Hall
Interaction: @Helo Cade

Artemis stared at the feline demi and a hint of a smile crossed her face. However, as quickly as it came though, it disappeared. What a polite demi. While she wasn’t fond of many demihumans, she had a feeling this was one she could tolerate. His mannerisms and quieter voice were comforting. She blinked a few times to help clear the tears from her eyes and adjusted her mask. Taking a deep breath, Artemis composed herself. She was here in the hall, away from that hellish Elf. She had to play her part and guarantee her survival.

She smirked and folded her arms in amusement when he finished. Artemis was grateful he’d consider ditching the dance so they could talk instead. Great - she didn’t want to dance anyway. How stupid that they had too. ”I wouldn’t want to disappoint a handsome feline like you and also tear you away from your feast. Shall you feel the need to continue, I will be delighted to join you. Your call, Cade. Oh, and by the way, I’m Artemis.”

She gave him a half curtsy and straightened up quickly. She didn’t want to waste her energy on this dance, but she’d play along with the dumbass rules if she had too. Whatever it took for her to survive and live another day. Artemis took a deep breath to calm her nerves and waited for Cade’s reply. Despite her mood, there was a playful smirk dancing across her lips.

Time: Late Afternoon
Location: Roshmi Grand Hall
Interaction: @Helo Bowyn

Cora beamed at Bowyn and curtsied. As she straightened up, she took his hand. Her green eyes shined with amusement as she turned to look at Boreas. She was delighted to see him. Cora loved how the fairies could talk to animals. She envied them, but she couldn’t show nor express it. She had to act as if it wasn’t new to her, even though all of her was screaming on the inside to engage more with the fairy and bird. She couldn’t ask him why he looked so different from the other fairies, as well.

She smiled kindly and replied softly, ”That’s absolutely fine with me. It’s nice to meet you too, Boreas. I’m glad you could join us.” Afterwards, Cora put her hands on his shoulders and swallowed. She needed to determine if he could be an ally or not. She searched for a topic mentally. ”Are you enjoying the ball?" Cora finally decided to ask. Her heart rate accelerated but she took slow, deep breaths, to help maintain her cool. She radiated calmness, however, as the logic in her head reminded her of the peril she’d be in if she couldn’t pull off being an elf and he was on Aklenroth’s side.
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Time: Late Afternoon
Location: Roshmi Grand Ball
Interaction: @Tae - Torvi, @helo - Bowyn, @FunnyGuy - Umber @princess - Malachi

Ambience: Tension Rising

Belle stiffened as a voice in her mind began speaking to her. Bewildered and shocked, she began to glance around. There wasn’t anyone standing out. Who was talking to her and why? How did they know? A chill ran down her spine. There was either a spy, or someone with psychokinetic powers. Eyes wide, she kept gazing around as her blue eyes filled with panic. Her attention was broken as Bowyn returned with their drinks. She could only half-hear what he was saying. Something about a princess - not her problem. She didn’t care for the drama or whatever the hell they were doing. Still, she noted it for later - perhaps an ally in the dumbass rebellion for the Elves to entice instead.

When he mentioned leaving, Belle nodded eagerly. ”I definitely agree we should lea-” Belle broke off as a loud voice announced the dancing would commence. She scowled and jumped up, eager to try to leave before it began. She clenched her fists and bit her tongue as she gazed around. The damn papers were transforming into butterflies and obscuring her view. To her horror, Torvi was following her butterfly to her partner.

”Torvi! Wait - please!” Belle cried as she tried to push through the crowd. However, she was knocked aside as people began finding their partners. Her heart began racing. Frustration mounted as she stood up on tiptoes to try to see over the crowd unsuccessfully; as there were too many creatures in her way. ”Damn it!” Belle hissed and glared at a few elves who turned to look. They quickly moved away, startled. Belladonna cursed her height for a moment, but knew if she could duck through quckly, it would work. It was then that a young light elf joined, her clothing reminding Belle of fire. For a moment, Belle wished she could pull a fire alarm and force everyone but this fucking world didn’t have one. God, where was her gun when she needed it?

The light-elf was now Bowyn’s partner, the two of them conversing. Scowling, she watched them for a moment then turned to find a tall, blonde light-elf coming to greet her. She studied him and became impassive. Was he the unknown creature speaking to her? Could elves do that? With uncertainty in her mind but impassiveness in her face, she stared at her partner. She took several deep breaths as she answered the voice in her head: ”A child, huh? You don’t know me at all. You’re calling me the coward when you won’t even come face me yourself. I don’t know who you are but I want you to know you’re a coward and a bully. That’s pathetic of you and shallow as well. Whatever the hell you are - possibly a Demon - add coward to your list. If you or anyone else, hurts my friend, I’ll show you a threat. Despite not having magic, Belle knew she could defend herself. How she would fare against one of these fantasy creatures though, was another story. Her heels would have to be used - which was a shame, since they were beautiful.

Belle studied her partner’s expression after replying. He looked neutral, but Belle could feel him analyzing her. She had done it many times in the gang and school when coming up with alibis. It was time to become the cunning and calculating snake Gaia had turned her into. Who cared about morals here anyway? There was some psychokinetic creature talking to her in her fucking mind. She sounded nuts thinking about it. This world had more to it than she realized. Belle was going to need to ask Ell and Rosemary about it later. They were neabry her still, dancing with other Elves.

Her dance partner bowed to her and offered her his hand without speaking. This Elf didn’t look like he wanted to dance at all and she agreed with him on that notion. Despite it, Belle smiled sweetly. ”Thank you, sir,” she replied. She radiated a calm and collected vibe as she curtsied to him while hating it on the inside. Belle didn’t enjoy bowing to anyone.

Next, she took his hand and inquired, ”Who do I owe the pleasure of this dance too?” Belle kept her gaze on him, keenly aware of everyone else in the room. She glanced around once to find Bowyn with the mysterious young elf and then Torvi across the room. She couldn’t tell who he was dancing with, but he looked like he was greeter. She shuddered - there was something about him that gave her the creeps. Having kept her partner in her peripheral vision, she now turned her full attention to the Elf.

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