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Shay stared a Alex came in and opened her arms up to him quickly. "Alex!" She cried before she could reply to Jason. "I've missed you!" She shrugged off her injuries and tried to crack a smile but whimpered in pain instead. Her face felt like glass. She stopped trying to smile and instead pulled him closer to her so she could rest her face against his chest. She was careful to filter her thoughts about her evening so he would not be able to read them. All she allowed herself to think about was how much she loved and missed him. She then looked at Alex's hand after hearing Jason and stared with panic. "What the hell?"

As she listened to the exchange, her eyes teared up. Rose, now Alex? Why was this happening? She grabbed the blanket and wrapped it around his hands. "We'll have to get you gloves. I think I have some in my room, okay? I won't let anything happen to you, Boo Bear. You're safe with me." She hugged him tightly to her and wouldn't let go of him. "Nobody's touching you."[/b] There was a pause, then she added, "And of course Alex is worth at least half a million, I'd say he's worth everything in the world. Don't you, love?"

She rubbed his back in small circles and ignored the throbbing pain from her face, abdomen and chest. Her head felt as if there were bombs going off on it. She gripped her head painfully and bit her tongue hard which only caused more pain. The room was spinning around her the more she moved or sat up. She moaned and laid down and stared at Alex and asked him telepathically if he'd lay down with her. Shay stared at the two of them. "Will you let me know how Rose is the moment she wakes up so I can come see her?"

The exhausted sigh of the tall young woman broke the silence of the serene home. Shay groaned as she slipped off her heels (or death traps as she called them) and hung up her coat. She pulled her hair out of the ponytail it had been in all day with relief. God, her head had been hurting. She hated pulling it up into ponytails. She looked around the house briefly for Alex. Her heart skipped a beat just thinking about him. She could feel her entire body relax and her expression lighting up. "Alex, I'm back! And I've missed you so so much!" She paused, then added, "And I'm so excited to see yoouuuu." She changed pajamas and took off her makeup.

Afterwards, she laid down on the bed with a groan. Her body ached from wearing her high heels. She was not looking forward to ever wearing them again. Shay sighed about thinking of how she would have to dress herself up again tomorrow. This damn corporation had to have a dress code, didn't it? At least they had accepted her; most of the businesses had turned her down due to her age and inexperience. She knew she wanted to become an official employee here for its' elite reputation, money and benefits. Shay combed her hair through her fingers and looked at the clock. It read 7:00. There was enough time in the evening to still see Alex and also eat. She rubbed her temples and stood up and went to the kitchen.

District 11 - Prison Cell 0

"Ninety-two bottles of beer on the wall, ninety-two bottles of beer. Take one down, pass it around. Ninety-one bottles of beer on the wall, ninety-one bottles of beer. Take one down, pass it around, ninety bottles of beer on the wall. Eighty nine bottles..." The hushed voice barely reached anyone's ears, but for her, that was acceptable. The quieter she was, the less she was noticed. Being alone in this hellish solitude was a mere blessing. People had to come to her if they wanted to bother her, not the other way around. It was a small white room with a bed and complete with a separate bathroom. There weren't any windows and there was a small heater and air conditioner. The only sound accompanying her singing was rhythmic bouncing of a small tennis ball she was tossing against the wall. Strands of dark hair fell in her eyes which she brushed away. She was trying to do anything but go crazy from being in here, even if it meant singing juvenile songs.

She rolled her shoulders as she caught the ball and cracked her neck. Where was Shay? Was she alive, she wondered? She gripped the ball tightly then randomly thrust it at the wall in frustration. It bounced loudly against it, emitting a soft thud. It came bouncing back to her and she held it tightly. Savannah looked down at her white knuckles and clenched her teeth.You can't think that way, they want you angry....

"Id'd say if you had another power, then you could have blasted through that wall, Savannah." The hairs on the back of her neck rose and she did not turn around to face the speaker. If Satan had ever met his match, it was him. She swallowed and said nothing. Sometimes not saying anything at all was safer than speaking. Others, it was harmful. The mind games he played were hard to keep up with for her. "I'd say, too, you're afraid to speak, am I right, Ava?" she swallowed harder this time and concentrated her energy on the tennis ball. "Sometimes not speaking is rude, don't you think?"

"Sometimes," she replied weaker than she wanted to and cleared her throat to reiterate, "Sometimes."

"I'm glad you and I can agree on this." While she had been busy concentrating on her tennis ball, the familiar sound of the beeping had only reached her subconscious. Her door was only accessible through a series of codes, facial recognition, then another code. She had tried to work out the number code based on the sound but it hadn't worked. The intercom in her room wasn't something she could turn off either so anyone was able to speak to her even if she was asleep. She braced herself for her temples wanting to explode, but it didn't come. The sigh of relief could have melted chocolate; she wasn't in the mood for the horrific pain today. Savannah finally turned around to face the Devil's match. He stood there in his leather jacket and darker attire with his tawny hair unusually sleeked back. He usually left it a tousled mess, but there must have been an event today in order for him to appear this well-kept. Her mind began reeling but his voice cut her off from trying to think.

"There's been another raid, little Ava." He came over to kneel in front of her. They hadn't been eye-to-eye in months, and she hadn't remember how handsome he looked up close. His charming smile had melted hr the first time she had sen him. That had been her mistake and he knew it well. Thus, Savannah avoided his piercing icy-blue gaze. It was as if he had consumed winter in his eyes and voice. His demeanor was bathed with despair and death. It wasn't something he let people pick up on the first time they met him.

"Let's hope we find more useful people like you, yes? Maybe you could make a friend!" He grinned as he took her chin in his hand to study her fear and contempt. Savannah glared at him and stared him down despite her trembling hands and body. "I certainly hope your sister is not among them, Ava, because I'd miss you." He smiled and kissed her forehead. He laughed hysterically like a hyena as she recoiled and jerked away. He stood up then grabbed her by her hair to force her at his eye level. She gasped and inhaled as she met his piercing gaze. "Because you're my little healer, and you're not going anywhere. Your sister is as good as dead if she ever comes around." He thrust her into the wall harshly, then down and kicked her in the abdomen.

Savannah let out a cry of pain and her vision went black. She hit the floor unable to pick herself up. There was flecks of red meeting her on the floor. Her body began to regenerate the wounds and quickly heal her. She hated herself for having this power. They tortured her endlessly since she could heal. "And we can't lose you, Ava. You're ours, and you know that don't you? I marked you with that I thought." He cackled as he reminded her of the branded tattoo on her neck. Fortunately with her long hair, it was always covered, but that didn't stop him from bringing it up. She gritted her teeth, but didn't approach him or attack back. It was foolish to try; his powers were much more powerful than her. Besides, it was a suicide wish; they'd find and kill Shay if she didn't cooperate. She picked herself up and glared at him. Neil was aware of that and loved throwing it in her face. "Till next time, little Ava. I'll miss you." He left with a charming smirk as he glanced over his shoulder at her once more.

Once he was gone, Savannah pulled herself up and onto the cot nearby her. She curled up in the sheets and began to sob into her pillows.

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Once the haze had passed and the pain subsided, Shay glanced around the infirmary. She heard ruckus outside but didn't bother listening to it. A sigh escaped her once she saw Aidan. He was more a parental figure to her than anyone. "Aidan," she tried to smile but the pain of moving her cheeks hurt. She grimaced and relaxed despite the relief filling her. "Jason!" She reached for both of them, "Oh, it's so good to see you."

She swallowed hard. People were going to wonder what the hell happened to her face. How would she explain to to Alex? Perhaps they could just lay around tomorrow and not have to go to class. She wanted to go but her mind was reeling and her body was shaking. The idea of going tomorrow was daunting. "Does this mean I'm excused from classes tomorrow? I mean, you know, I can go to a few of them if necessary... Like yours, Aidan." Her voice shook like rocks during an earthquake. Shay cleared it, scowling. "Sorry. Is, um, Alex around?" She vaguely remembered him leaving but didn't know where he had gone. "Is Rose okay? What happened?"

She glanced at the others and ushered them closer just in case that freak returned. She kept scanning the room but the guardians presence was calming enough. "Come sit by me, Jay," She glanced at Jason with a playful s,irk. "You know you missed me."
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Shay heard Lucy ask a question, but couldn't think of how to respond. She moaned in pain as she stumbled along. Her vision was blurry and white. She tripped a few times and scrambled back to her feet. She cursed like a sailor under her breathe in Russian. She was so furious with her night. This guy was unbelievable. The superior were alive and so was Damien Graves. How had nobody told the school yet? She shook as she ran and coughed up blood onto her bodysuit. Dammit, she had paid so much for it. She sighed.She hoped Rose was safe and the others... Ale and Emma. Her heart clenched. Was she safe? Was Emma all right?

The crunching of leaves behind them and Lucy's anxiety told her that Louis was behind them. Shay didn't look back as she suggested. Instead, Shay focused on ignoring her pain. It was hard, because every time she moved, it multiplied. She focused hard. At first, nothing happened, but after nearly exploding her head in concentration, it began to pour. "This little breeze?" She heard Damien taunting in her head. Shay focused and caused the breeze to turn and start to gust. Woodland debris began to fly around hazardously as a full fledged thunderstorm began to strike. She cause branches to fly at Louis and blindly held onto Lucy. She tried to focus and hang on, because she wanted to pass out from pain and exhaustion. She focused even more and caused lightning to start striking randomly. The clash of it began to echo and animals all around began to run and take cover.

"Little breeze, my ass, you old bastard," She whispered under her breathe and clutched Lucy tightly as her vision went black. She briefly passed out which paused the storm. She fell against Lucy and moaned. Once she she was awake, the storm quickly restarted. Shay focused harder. They had to go back. This dude needed to back off. She wasn't dealing with his bullshit anymore. Shay glanced back to wave her hand. The tree they had just passed was hit with a whirlwind of air and came crashing down onto the forest floor behind them to help block Louis. It thundered to the ground and shook the flower. Leaves and sticks came crashing down around them.

"Oh, shit!" Shay hissed and fell against Lucy dizzily. She had been hit in the head. "Help me. God, damn it, are you okay?"
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