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In Avalia 2 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Afternoon
Location: River Fairy Kingdom - Treeant Inn
Interactions: @Helo Orias, @CitrusArms Aiko, @princess Yuka,

Xavier watched everyone interact silently. He was anxious to get a move on so he could distract himself from his thoughts. He nodded to Orias’ speech. This was a sacred holiday for them, and he wouldn’t wish to ruin it. When they spoke about getting Yuka a bell, his eyebrows raised, but he didn’t comment. Once she asked if they’d split up, his gaze slid to her. Orias and Aiko were good company, however he wished to speak to her privately. When Aiko asked him about the fan, he smirked at him and shook his head. "A little bit here and there, I'm more used to my swords and bows." He then continued speaking.

”If we split up, I’d like to choose Yuka as my partner. No disrespect to any of you,” he added, as he glanced at Orias and Aiko. He looked at her intently, hoping she could catch on, and then turned to the other two. ”We can meet back here later. If we need help, I can signal for you with the… transmission bracelet.” Xavier awaited their responses and fought back a yawn.
In Avalia 4 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: 2pm
Location: Guarav Village
Interactions: @Alivefalling Dante; @FunnyGuy Darius; @samreaper Menzai; @Blizz Isolde
Mentions: n/a

The walk towards the fog beast had set Aidan on edge. When Dante requested she stay close, she didn’t need to be told twice. Once or twice she nearly grabbed his hand to console him, but decided against the sudden movement. His seriousness had her attention, and she was not going to interfere. The appearance of blood made her frown. What the hell kind of monster were they attacking? Were they being led into a trap? The fog around them didn’t help her relax either and she began wondering what the hell they’d agreed to. Her skin began to crawl and she kept a tense guard up throughout their walk.

As soon as they reached their destination, Addie halted at the base of the trees. Shock didn’t begin to cover her reaction. Addie, who laughed when she was injured, joked about being in danger and had quoted Simba from the Lion King, stood with undeniable terror. The demon from four months prior didn’t surmount to the horrible sight before her. As if she’d been dunked in ice, her feet were frozen to the ground. When this horrendous monster spoke, its voice sent chills down her spine. Her mouth opened, but no sound came out. She inhaled sharply when one of the tentacles grabbed Dante to quickly devour him. Addie’s hands immediately lit up with flames with two fireballs, ready to at least try to distract this disgusting creature when Menzai reacted faster than her. His first sign of emotion was absolute horror and his yell at them sent another wave of fear through Aidan. This was… This was not what they had come to fight, was it? Judging by the reaction, it was not…. So how did this … thing get here and what the hell was it? Menzai soon freed Dante from the creature’s clutches and attacked it to distract it from them. Isolde and Darius both had grabbed Dante and were running off with him. Breaking branches snapped Addie out of her reverie of terror, and she turned ot run, not even noticing the flames had extinguished themselves on their own due to the dense fog.

Aidan began to run, then wondered if this creature would chase them. She stumbled over her feet and ended up crashing to the ground. Normally she was graceful and catlike, as if she had nine lives. Addie scrambled to her feet as sticks and leaves caught in her hair and poked her cheeks. The only sound she was aware of was her hasty breathing, and her ears straining to hear if this gigantic disgusting piece of shit was following them. There wasn’t much she, a pyromancer, could do with the fog and the inability to see well. Addie struggled to see through the fog and began focusing on the sound of breaking branches from Menzai for a clue as to where the group was. Though not far behind, Addie lagged a few feet behind due to tripping.

Time: Morning
Location: Her bedroom

Attire: Her dress
Interactions: @Lava Alckon - Farim

Laying in bed and reading the Caesonian newspaper had brought Layla to tears laughter. What kind of pathetic morons ran this town? How did they find time to publish this? The Damien family sounded wild, and the comments regarding a cowlicked blond had her giggling. Whoever that wanted girl was looked sickly and was definitely a peasant in her eyes. The comments regarding the Vikena’s had her holding her stomach from laughing. It seemed they were notorious for stupidity. Later tonight, they would dine with her family, something Layla looked forward to. She had briefly woken Zilal out of his nap from laughing and immediately apologized to him. She looked over the events and sighed. What boringness did this town have to offer? Were all their establishment as plain and boring as this?

The Taste of Alidasht caught her eye. While she pondered if these vampire-looking citizens could boil an egg, the delicious sound of silence was broken by a knock, followed by a familiar voice. Layla narrowed her gaze and lowered the paper. It was one of the last people she'd ever wanted to see. Her skin began to crawl while a surge of venom surged throughout her. She paused before answering to allow herself to relax and then sat up slowly. She gazed at the door with narrowed eyes and watched Zilal uncurl himself and face the doorway. ”Come in.” Her voice was cold and the scowl remained on her face. She quickly fixed herself up before he’d come in.

Location: Archery Competition
Time: 10am
Interaction: @ReusableSword Roman

Princess Sadie, with pancakes in her hands and a guard carrying her drink, strode towards the archery competition and stayed near the back. Being a Varian princess who had missed the ball would be quite the story in this gossiping hellhole. She arrived in time to watch Leo vs Ezra and felt a pang in her chest when he subsequently lost to the Caseonia male. Part of her wanted to comfort him and let him know she was proud of him, but his earlier reaction to her caused her to decide otherwise. Instead, she waited by the sidelines to watch Verrick vs. Nahir.

However, Sadie couldn’t contain her excitement and happiness at watching. ”Go Verrick! Wooo! You got iit!!” Her cheers could be heard loud over the audience. ”GO V-E-R-R-I-C-K! YEAH!” She let out an excited yell once he’d won his match and won against an exotic looking woman. Was she an Alidasht? Her eyes widened with curiosity and wonder and watched as she joined Leo. Had the two met at the ball yesterday? They seemed to be on friendly terms. How cool for Leo!

Sadie knew Verrick would have to wait for the next round. Wanting to stay out of the limelight, she directed a guard to pull her up a chair near Roman’s table. Seated under a tree in the shade, the Varian princess was inconspicuous almost, save for the guards around her. While she ate, a figure out of the corner of her eye caught her attention. Briefly tensing up, Sadie turned to see the man who’d beaten Leo standing nearby. She didn’t know him and it made her anxious inside to speak up.

Sensing her anxiety, the man turned and bowed to her. ”Good morning, Princess.” He greeted and smiled at her kindly. ”Enjoying the match? Are you the Varian princess who didn’t show up yesterday?”

Sadie’s cheeks flushed red. She turned to glance at her pancakes and then took a sip of her apple juice. Was he a nobleman? Had she offended him by not coming? After a delayed pause, she turned and smiled. ”Yes, I had some work to finish up at home. I’m inventing a surprise.” One of her guards gave Ezra a glare but he smiled through it. ”I take it you went to the ball?”

”Yes. I am the town baker and provided the bakery for the ball, per King Edin’s request. I was humbled to be of service to the great kingdom.”

”You’re a baker? How cool! I love bakery!” Sadie’s smile was wider than ever. The cupcakes would be great! Annie, Zarai and her could share them! ”I’ll have to stop by your shop this summer! Where is it?”

”August lane, fifth street.” He bowed to her and was flushed in his cheeks, as if embarrassed by her reaction. ”You are too kind, Princess. It is truly appreciated. Your purchases will be on me.” He scrutinized her and smiled maliciously, lowering his voice while one of her guards coughed in the background. Over the crowd noise, his voice was quieter than the breeze ruffling the leaves above them. ”I don’t think you need anymore though, Princess.” With that, he nodded to her and walked off after nodding kindly to her guards.

Sadie’s smile fell. Her stomach churned as if she’d been punched. Her eyes teared up and she bowed her head so that her hair covered her expression. She glanced at herself and the pancakes and frowned. After taking deep breaths, Sadie sat back up after pretending to move a spider away from the field so it wouldn't get stepped on. Sadie didn’t want to admit her feelings at the moment, and therefore she savagely began eating the low carb pancakes with a vengeance. Later she would have to deal with the results.

Once she finished, Sadie strode over to a garbage can and pitched her food and drink. When she turned around, she found Roman and strode over to him. Happy, just be happy.... She gestured for her guards to follow her and pulled over a seat next to him. ”Good morning Roman! How are you? Good to see you! Isn’t this competition great?”

Time: Morning
Location: Archery Competition
Attire: Outfit
Interactions:@helo Leo
Mentions: people

The confusion following his name did not bother Ezra. The anonymity of it was soothing. Not enough people knew him, which meant his background was shrouded in mystery to most. He had rolled his eyes at Leo’s announcement though and the Varian crowd. They would soon be disappointed. When he thought about telling them about himself, he decided he’d rather take an arrow to the knee. His gaze flickered to the audience towards Annie and Zarai. He was surprised and also elated to see Anastasia here. It would be important to win now; disappointing her was out of the question. Then he noticed Zarai, who looked as if she had been attacked. Briefly, he wondered what had happened but decided he didn’t really care as long as Anastasia was safe. His gaze slid further and he spotted Wystan and her brother Wulfric. If he decided to approach her, he knew he’d have to be careful with those two lurking about. It didn’t surprise him to see them there; not after whatever fiasco happened at the party. He turned away and focused back on the archery competition.

Ezra turned to Leo and smiled kindly. However, his bow was mocking. ”Hey Leo.” He greeted while grabbing his bow and stringing an arrow. ”I’d wish you luck but I heard you may not need it. I’ve heard great things about your kingdom.” He paused, allowing his voice to soften so only Leo could hear it. ”And how quick your mother got over your dad’s death. I’d say it’s a shame, but I guess the heart wants what it wants. Your sister looks like she’s taking it well though. Looks great today.” He grinned at him with a wink. He turned back to the range and stepped up to take his shot with smugness written across his face.

There, he took a deep breath while feeling the grooved marking of the bow between his fingers. It wasn’t as heavy as he expected, though he figured it was so it was fair to everyone. He rolled his eyes. If someone was too weak to handle the bow then they didn’t belong there. Ezra fired his first shot and grinned when it hit the blue circle, scoring five points. He strung the next arrow and he imagined Anastasias’s giggle and smile. The arrow soared as he was still in the daydream and he did not even notice immediately that he hit the bullseye! Ezra grinned as he continued to fire, his mind reeling as he continued imagining Annie, but the disappointment of last night seeped into his mind. The sight of Wystan and Anastasia dancing made him grit his teeth and he lost focus. The next score was only in the black circle. Only three! He growled audibly and then strung another arrow. Here, he did better for his final one, scoring five points for a total of twenty-two. To his dismay, it was announced that Leo scored twenty-three. His expression contorted and he clenched his fists. After a moment, he gave Leo an unnerving grin that promised vengeance.

Ezra rolled his neck and stretched for a moment. He contemplated the next round of shots and readied his next. He took a deep breath and fired the next shot for another three? What was wrong with him? He looked foolish and that could not be! No, this next shot would be for Anastasia! He focused with all his might and got another bullseye! Ezra glanced over slightly to see Annie’s reaction and she was applauding him. A smile stretched across his face. The next shot was three then a seven. Twenty-two again! But this time, Leo failed. He only scored seventeen.

“Heh.” He grinned again at Leo. The final round he was feeling a little overconfident, but he managed to shoot four fives in a row for a total of twenty. He noticed during this that Leo had missed twice and kept cackling maliciously to himself. It wasn’t audible to anyone but Leo as well and if anyone noticed, he would have a “coughing fit”.

It was clear who the winner was. Ezra turned to the crowd with a genuine smile and bowed. ”Ezra Turner, ladies and gentlemen!” The Caesonia crowd cheered and for once, Ezra felt as if he … was worth something.
In Avalia 21 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: 2pm
Location: Dugmaghord
Interactions: @13org Nuallán, @FunnyGuy Slick
Mentions: n/a

Rosaria returned Nuallán's smile with one of her own. His agreement with her statement was comforting. The closeness they’d shared was now broken and she found it lacking. She did not however, speak nor think upon it anymore while she approached Slick. His words caught her off guard. She remained impassive as he spoke. Her eyes narrowed and a flash of irritation crossed her face. The “life is cruel” card only further infuriated her when she thought of Orias. The princess didn’t need any reminder of the cruelty of life, either, nor the almost order he’d given her.

His demonstration over his element as he spoke was remarkable, and she was proud of how far he’d come along with her other humans. Nonetheless, she chose not to comment on it. When he finished speaking, her expression had become less warm and more… cold. It wasn’t enough to chill a man’s soul, but it was a sharp contrast to her usual expression, which was alarming due to her usual sweet nature.

”You don’t get to talk to me like that. Don’t do it again.” Rosaria replied simply, not elaborating, as her expression and eyes gave enough away. ”Focus on the prey.” Rosaria waved her hand and turned the three of them invisible. To each other they were visible, and while Rosaria focused, she listened for any strange noises or movements that might catch them off guard.
In Avalia 21 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Morning
Location: North Pass
Interaction: @helo Bowyn

”I think we can use our magic and Moony could help out a bit too. Maybe… Maybe others could help?” Rue’s voice trailed off. In her mind’s eye, she pictured the winter fae village and how desperately hungry they had become. She couldn’t let him or the others down! They were counting on her. With a frown, she turned away from Bowyn. Then, she began lining up her shot for the moose.

Bowyn’s voice broke her reverie. It sounded familiar and warm, much like his old self. Rue aimed her bow at the moose. It was a large target but a good distance away. With nervous concentration, Rue pulled the string back and released her arrow. Unfortunately, it hit a squirrel who had been in the wrong place at the wrong time. A frown crossed her face and she lowered her bow. She paused and looked back at Bowyn.

”Oh no… I’m sorry.” Her voice was softer and lighter than the breeze. Now she felt her cheeks flush with embarrassment. How could she miss such a big target? ”I’ll….” Rue’s voice trailed off momentarily. If she missed again, then what? Moony glanced back at her and Rue felt embarrassment wash over her. ”...Try again.” Rue aimed her bow once more and fired the next shot, hoping against hope that she’d been more successful.

Time: Morning
Location: Danrose Palace Outside
Interactions: @Helo Leo, @Aerandir Verrick, @JJ Doe Riona
Aesthetic: Sadie’s Dress, Shoes & Hair

Sadie smiled at Leo and nodded eagerly. ”There’s a horse race? Awesome! Maybe we can go together later. I do think you’re good company!” She exclaimed and watched him bow again. Her scrutiny of him gave away three things; he was uncomfortable, there was tension, and he looked ready to jump out of his skin. The corners of her mouth fell slightly, though she repainted the same smile on her face. You fucked up again Sadie. Can’t you stop doing that? You are so annoying! She pretended not to notice though and nodded to him. ”You can go, Leo. You don’t need to wait for permission again but thanks!” During this time, Riona had left.

The familiar voice of Verrick distracted Sadie from her thoughts. She whirled around and the radiant smile returned to her expression. Her eyes lit up like a puppy and she nearly bounced on her feet. Verrick, her favorite guard! His grumpiness would not perturb ”You’ll be guarding me? Awesome!!!” Sadie wanted to hug him, but refrained from doing so. ”Oh the events are near each other? That’s great! I think some food while watching the archery competition would be great! Let’s go now! Time is of the essence!” Riona had soon come back with a cloth to clean her hands. After Riona washed her hand for her, Sadie smiled wide. ”It’s good to see you too! I’d love to hangout with you later.”

Now it left Verrick and her alone. She relaxed more now and smiled at him pleasantly and clasped her hands behind her back. “Are you ready to go? I am. I am so excited to spend summer with you!” The traces of her anxiety were beneath the surface, but as long as she focused elsewhere, it would be fine…

Time: Morning
Location: Archery Competition
Attire: Outfit
Interactions: None
Mentions: @Tae Thea @Rodiak Matthias @Alivefalling Tsuki

The night had been a blur for Ezra. He remembered walking into the party and seeing his princess; knew he had bought her an extra drink, and then it was hazy. It infuriated him that he had been so close and had not taken her yet. Torie had told him that the Queen, Wystan and the others had shown up to bring their imbecile nobles home. Knowing he had been dragged home by his friends without the princes had caused him a restless night's sleep.

However, his night hadn’t been in vain. While the castle had been emptied after the party, he’d asked Faith to search Anastasia’s room. It was there she had found her diary and taken it home with her. Ezra had read some of it over, but it was still a work in process. The next move he had taken was to dye his hair black, and also cut it short. It was an extra precaution to avoid being recognized for any mayhem he had been involved in the night prior… and also for another reason.

The fury of the night events, though punctured with his momentary gratitude for Faith’s stealth, drove him to the archery competition. He needed to blow off steam and this would be a perfect opportunity to embarrass these ridiculous nobles. He saw Matthias and Thea, along with some man with long hair he had never seen. Ezra didn’t care who he was and thought of him as a freak. Seeing the Varian nobles only incensed him further while tension boiled under the surface. All of them were insignificant yet so self-obsessed. They were just like everyone he had met growing up, especially the cruel man who had killed Louis. They had everything, yet they acted childish and irresponsible. They acted as though they were above the peasant who were the backbone of this disgusting country. They had it all but it was never enough.

His mind raced as he paced back and forth like a caged tiger. He remembered her speaking so sweetly and reaching her hand across the table to console him…. Her voice sounded as angelic as it had that night…. If he didn’t win this…. If he didn’t take what was rightfully his…. Ezra clenched his fists.

All he could see was red. He strung another arrow on his bow as he pondered his method; he had already signed up for the skilled category and now waited to hear the announcement. His gaze slid to Thea. Wasn’t that alcoholic brat the princess’ friend? He stored it in the back of his mind while a sly grin crossed his face. Maybe his luck would start improving….

His mind flashed back to Anna feeding Wystan cake. A surge of hatred flowed through him so powerfully he thought he might faint from it. He glared at the announcer as if he could intimidate him into starting the competition any sooner. Where were these slow fuckers at?
In Avalia 29 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Morning
Interaction: Barboda @Alivefalling, Helio @princess
Tesoro aka “Rat” @Infinite Cosmos, Nym @helo
Location: Roshmi City Streets -> Tavern

Tigerlily knew pain, both physical and psychological, and had endured over a decade of both. Life offered escapes through self harm, drinking, and drugs. She could both compel and forget memories through her magic. She could busy herself and work so hard her hands bled. She could be around Helio as a form of punishment towards herself. Lily could swim in the coldest water and come aboard the Harem freezing cold. At times she could get into fights and allow the numbness to overwhelm her. Being in Roshmi City brought all of these methodologies to a halt. Her mind had raced and recoiled as she was brought closer and closer to the shores of the city that brought her world tumbling down and forever changing her and many others lives. Needing to stay sane and aware had caused her to fill up more and more with anxiety and tension that she thought she could explode from.

Strolling through the streets and seeing the many merchants mingling with the Dark Elves made her want to scream. Her heart hasn't stopped racing for over a month. Tigerlily twirled the seashell she’d found over in her hands. The sharpness of it reminded her to stay present and not to drown in the memories she was holding back. With her hood over her face and her hair tied back into a net bun, Tigerlily surveyed the area. There weren’t any hints or whispers of the missing duo.

There was nothing but cruelty around her. Demihumans cowered in fear and ran their shops and nervously eyed everything around them. Light elves were hustling around to avoid the Dark Elves. A few of them were so nervous they’d knocked over someone’s drink and caused a fight to break out. Tigerlily didn’t look back to confirm the yelps and cries she heard and knew the dark elves had intervened. Her heart would ache, if only she could feel anything other than her own terror for the others.

Sighing, Tigerlily glanced up for the tavern her crew would be in and ducked into it. She arrived to find Helio on the ground and Barboda next to him. It didn’t take much to deduce he was drugged and acting like a fool, while Nym sat nearby. The Rat was absent, but she knew he was safe. Tigerlily kept her hood on as she strode through the patrons and over to Nym.

”Nothing,” she told him quietly. The mystery of what the subject was would confuse anyone listening. Nym though, would understand her message. Tigerlily let out a sigh. Pain was reflected in her eyes, though her expression was unreadable. ”And it’s getting worse by the day.”
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