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Tristan Glory

A bit irksome to see the attack failed to land, but the growl seemed to work. Now that his head was clear again, Tristan saw a plan forming after the hint of seeing the skiddoo slowed down briefly by the growl.

With how Ace was, this would be the best approach for the fidgety bird." Quick! Ace fire off an ember at the skiddoo to slow it down then wait till it draws close to dodge back with a growl! Once you land go wild with ember!" The silver-haired teen relayed his orders and hoped for the best.
Mr. V

Time: Evening
Location: Damien Estate
Interactions: Fritz @JJ Doe, Charlotte @Princess, @Helo Leo Smithwood, @PapaOso Cassius Damien
Attire: ???

Having nothing to add for the moment, Mr V remained quiet and standing at the ready; a servant must be unseen and not heard until requested... or whatever nonsense the head server was prattling on about.

Content with letting Fritz and charlotte chat between each other for the moment as he took this time to scan the room. But not the people, the room itself, taking mental notes of the layout and placement of where things were. At times, however, his gaze kept finding its way onto Percy and Weasel (yes he called him weasel, got a problem? Cry about it) where they could be seen dancing and getting along.

Hints of concern etched the corner of his eyes. Seeing the masked stranger being so close and friendly with Lady Olive was worrying, mostly due to being an ally of Fritz, whom gave no reason to distrust, but without knowing the man's motive on top of the pit of doubt ache in his gut whenever looking at Peter.

Not that he had any right to judge, considering the whole gunpowder request and...well just how he was at this party in general just screamed untrustworthy. Sir Fritz's reaction was the proper one really and it was up to him to keep to his words. As if he would ever intend to hurt someone...outside roasting and roasted like pork these fat juicy pigs will get.

* Mhm...roasted pig...Fuck! Keep this up and I'll be drooling as much as King Edin does after looking at his reflection.* A faint rumbling of his stomach..a rumble that very much sounded like begging.* Ugh, sorry about that, gutsy. I promise to fill you with only the best and juiciest and scrumptiest food.* Only the best for his stomach; another small rumble.* Yes yes and pudding. I'm sure Char or Percy got us covered.* Apparently satisfied with the promise, the bothersome hunger ebbed down.

* Wait, where was I again? Oh right, not trusting the two obviously mysterious guys.* He had no real basis for it; perhaps simply just his nerves being jittery and for good reason. Even trying to think of what he planned for would get his heart beating with frantic nervousness. If one good thing came out of this was getting to see his best friend enjoying herself.

Just seeing her smile and laugh did more than enough to settle and harden his nerves.

Nothing to do about the dancing duo, his attention returned to the group in time to catch Fritz mention something about team?"I thought, now that we’re a team…” A team was it?

Mr. V tilted his head in a pondering motion with an actual audible hm as he pictured the three of them and Lady Olive posing together like some kind of...cheesy detective group? Gang?* Maybe..wait! No! Don't get side-tracked!* He could think up some group name at a later date. Or gang? No, stop, damn it!

Shaking his head to dismiss the potential needless wandering and tried to say focused on the conversation.

“Partners in crime, as it were,” he winked at Mr. V and then focused on Lady Vikena again. “I thought you’d give us a more truthful answer than platitudes you’d offer strangers.”

* Was he winking at me? Wait, he isn't coming onto me is he?* He thought with confusion. With how overdramatic nobles could be with... well everything, made discerning anything the rich did difficult to understand.

“There is a thief wandering the ballroom.” he announced brusquely, “they have stolen my watch and left that in my pocket. We must solve this crime immediately.”

Well, there was one thing any could say about Sir Leo, outside being a typical blowhard apparently is his impeccable timing.* Poetic and ironic, I'd say. Just listen to him roar like a lion...sounded more like a seal's bark.* A sly smirk on the corners of Mr. V's lips.

His amusements made all the better by two things. Those fuzzy lion slippers and the fact the mouthy kitty let himself be pickpocketed.* I swear, by ends night I will shake the hand of whoever pranked the schmuck in adorable lion slippers.* (never insult the slippers only the fool wearing them)

And like that, a mystery case had been dropped unexpectedly on their lap or more forced onto them to say, though taking into consideration of where they were and the kind of important vip currently at this party, some being Caesonia's own queen and Prince freezer.

The mere notion of trying to pickpocket at a noble's party was already foolish to do in any pickpocket's eyes, but the count's? As the experts have told him, only those insane or suicidal would dare try. And while his own experience were sparse; never been one for stealing save for some candy or from really obnoxious asshat.

No, that skill belonged to Percy. But, as much as that spicy woman enjoyed causing her brand of trouble, even she wasn't that reckless.

His attention shifting back towards the pair only to find his friend embraced so closely by weasel. Gloved hands clenched. A slow, deep breath, clearly not pleased at the sight but tried to keep from being distracted again.* Please give me a reason to punch him. Any will do.* This little hopeful mental remark aside.

* I can rule her out and no servant would be dumb enough to attempt stealing, well except the cutlery of course. Who would pass up free silverware?* Doubtful any from the village could even get within fifty feet of this place let alone inside. Pondering his musings as his gaze shifted onto Peter's; a sharp glare hidden beneath the mask that would leave Peter a sense of being glared at or at least his hoping with the holes being burned onto the back of his head.

"Excuse my interruption... but if I heard correctly, you mentioned a thief in our midst? Surely not! Not here within the hallowed sanctuary of the esteemed Count's domain." He remarked with a touch of sarcasm. "This is quite unexpected. Luckily for you, I possess a discerning eye for these kinds of…shenanigans, and I just so happen to find myself sufficiently intrigued to entertain such a diversion. How could I not offer my assistance?…This is my father’s little gathering, after all.”

* Do these loudmouth tryhards come in pairs?* Briefly picturing Leo and Cassius in a bathroom discussing plans like teen girls and *...wait, let's add the fuzzy slippers too.* Said slippers appeared into the image prompting a muffled giggle from the silent servant.

Besides the bits of snickering and giggles, Mr. V remained quiet as he observed the commotion. Now, he could give them some advice and hints on finding the thief, but why deprive himself of a most wonderful little show of watching the two chuckleheads strain their minds at the mere notion someone could steal from a noble.

A quick glance towards Cassius, whom he could see fixating Char with a longing gaze.* Yeah, this guy is gonna be useless... Very sharp dresser though.* He could not deny the man's slick costume. Wolf though? doe-eyed puppy was probably more accurate to describe him.

And knowing Charlotte, would probably be adorable as a butterfly detective.

Besides, a servant must be unseen and unheard unless requested, yes?

And like a good servant. He remained ready to give service but not his aid.
In Avalia 17 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Menzai Isanami

Time: Night

Location: Gaurav



Equipment: White Haori, Gauravian luck charm bracelet, Steel Chain Shirt of Deflection (3 uses per day), Disguise ring


A walk that felt long and taxing, became more bearable upon entering his home. The familiarity, the warmth and the myriad of scents; assorted flowers, their flowery aroma gently permeating the air alongside freshly grown berries, a mix of raspberry and strawberry. Though it was the sense of his family embracing him which soothed his bruised and battered body, the seal's painful after-effect lingered all across his prickling skin.

He thought to take it somewhat slow but knew that the group lagging behind would be coming along shortly, too drained for any more interaction for the night. Only pausing briefly to wash and clean his blood-stained right hand, the cool water stinging his palm; a faint, but sharp intake though thankful for it helped distract from the headache pounding persistently so.

Taking notice of his Gaurav Charm gently hugging his wrist softly clinking and splashing. The charm, consisting of five fangs, each tied to the hair-thin silver strand of spider thread; three of them adult while the remaining two were from adult. Each of them were sharp, save for the smallest at the center, clearly not a wolf’s tooth, but stranger yet, were the ruby red lines seemingly etched throughout it.

The unpleasant thoughts creeping at the fringes, claws scratching faintly still. It seemed whatever had stirred was quite yet finished.

Footsteps nearing the front door reminding the wolf, who then carried on his way towards the main hallway connecting to the room. There, he paused briefly; gazing at the door to his parents room; even as the pounding persisted, he wished to check on them.

Their heartbeats confirmed no irregularities and with it came a bit of relief which lightened the pressure assaulting his body currently, albeit only slightly.

A moment more lingering, Menzai quietly made for his bedroom, the door plain and the least assuming of the door save for a few claw marks at child height.

Hand paused briefly on the doorknob as he acknowledged them, a slow, drawn out exhale through his nose.

An audible wince leaving the battered wolf’s lips, now safe in the privacy of his den. Whatever pretense of strength he had held was finally allowed to rest, though with it came a crushing weight, his own haori, it’s fabric normally light as snow now felt like lead.

His body now sagged forward, tired eyes peering into the room without really seeing.

Vision blurred, head pounding fiercely; shadows crept the edges of his eyes…a low hissing whisper rasping against his flickering ears.


A stark glint suddenly caught his gaze, immediately letting out a small surprise gasp from shock. Heart pounding in his chest..or was it the rap of his mind until he realized it was the mirror placed on the back wall.

And like that, he was back in his room. Dark and quiet save for Menzai’s slight panting. Yet, even without light, the wolf had the room (and the entirety of the house) memorized.

A saving grace in this moment for Menzai’s head was pounding like drums that kept building tempo with each passing second; before long it felt as if the room was spinning.

Unsure of what else to do, he trudged his way through the darkness, each step feeling as if walking through tar.

An unknown amount of time later, a semi-heavy thud followed by the faint clacking of something being knocked over. Some quiet fumbling before his clawed hand found the box of matches, experiencing the first difficulty with the loss of his hand.

A most frustrating and poorly timed experience as both the pounding and his breathing continued to worsen; panic beginning to course icily through his veins. Each failed strike would increase in frustrated aggression

Strike; pant

Strike; Pant!

Strike! Gasp

Strike! Gasp!


The warm glow of a newly lit candle crackled to life, illuminating the wolf who had just been gasping, now crouched over the desk and with it finally found the ability to breathe; sweat spilling down his face.

Menzai could do little else but remain crouched, hovering over the candle as he feared doing so might allow the overwhelming sick sensation curling within to take over.

Just as well, with his head still a cacophony of pain, leaving him to work on regaining his breath first before attempting elsewise.

Minutes passed; time he attempted to spend thinking over the events that occurred today though as expected; proved difficult with his mind in such a frazzled state.

Nor the immense weight bearing down on him. So much so that, once the wolf regained his composure, had carefully pushed off the desk where he would gingerly undo the haori, finding himself needing to almost peel the fabric from his skin as if it had nearly melded to flesh.

A relieved sigh as the apparent heavy robe was dropped over the edge of the desk, it’s damaged sleeve barely hanging on by a few threads. A fair representation of how he was feeling in this instance.

Was it over? Menzai could only hope as his barely conscious body wobbled weakly, held up only by his sole arm now. The lack of weight from his left side easily felt, though it was the unsettling sense of still being there, much like the phantom limb phenomena he read about.

A flurry of sickness and confusion wracked the injured wolf’s body; skin feeling hot and cold all over as if inflicted with the flu. He barely acknowledged the shivering or anything around him as he tried to focus on the lone flickering flame, the only protection grounding him.

Slowly the poundings started to die and ebb and with it so too the sensations wracking through him.

Quieter and quieter until the crackling candle and gentle breathing were all that remained. Relief etched his face, thinking the ordeal over finally.

Tap tap tap

The tap of finger on glass. Barely perceptible, and only due to his hearing, was he able to pick it up. The relief, once more turned to confusion.

Scrt scrt scrt

Again…but this time it was closer to claws scratching against glass.

Scrt. scrt Scrt!

On the sound persisted; like nails to a chalkboard to the wolf, whirled in place or as much as capable without removing his arm, being the only thing supporting him.

Turning his head sharply to and fro, scanning each part of his room with slow and deliberate scrutiny.


He was alone. That had not changed and yet the scrt scrt scrt kept clawing with no source seemingly in sight.

The normally calm and reserved wolf started showing desperation and fear.

But saw nothing to warrant. For his room offered no real hiding place, being plain and simple that consisted of a single bed that with a single glance could tell had not been slept on. A single bookshelf holding only two books, the desk Menzai currently leaned against where three photos rested, the center one having been knocked over revealing what had fallen previously.

For a moment he thought to place it back when….

Scrt Scrt Scrrrrrrrrrt!

A pained whine came from the wincing wolf as the drawled out scratch continued.

So loud, now revealing its source as Menzai spun around, where at first he thought to glimpse a terrifying beast standing just outside his room, causing Menzai to try and take a defensive stance, but succeeded only partially as any further would surely make him drop without the desk supporting him.

Realization dawned on him seconds after…what he thought was merely his reflection.
Menzai finally caught a full view of himself and what he saw was far from pleasing. For his skin was nearly ghostly pale and colorful bruises (majority healed by Phia, thankfully); soaked in cold sweat, making the tattoos inscribed over his upper body and back stand out in darker contrast.

( LIke this though the portion of the neck is more at the nape of his neck giving a faint resemblance to a collar)

(The middle and bottom ones inscribed over his abdomen and lower stomach)

They stood out, like black ink on a blank canvas that seemed to still let off the faintly dark violet glow. Along the etched lines, signs of minor red burns and wrinkling as if they had been digging and burning into his flesh.

Though most eye-catching was the tattoo etched onto his breast, directly over his heart.

( LIke this but the wolf in between the twin crescent moons overlapping)

Much like his own eyes, it shared a tiny red glint and were any to take a good, close look might find the tattoo almost appearing like an inky black hole spearing through.

The sister’s blessing….and his curse.

Nothing of what he saw of himself looked pleasing to the eye; images of Darius and Phia’s faces flashed through his mind as he was forced to take in his own gruesome and sickly visage.

All the while, he sought to avoid looking at his left shoulder, but no matter how he tried, the reminder could not escape him.

Scrt! Scrt! Scrt!

It came, yet again. That insufferable scratching sound and then his gaze rested upon his own face.

The pale, sweat soaked face stared back with uncertainty and fear, his breathing beginning to pick up.

Eyes widen in shock as he finally saw it.

Scrt! Scrt! SCRT!

A set of huge, black feral wolven claws scraped at the mirror’s surface, almost as if scratching at his reflection.

Just then, a wolf’s face flashed and overlapped over the left side of his face then pushed against the glass. Black fur rustling; eyes glowing a fierce bright crimson stared back, malice and bloodlust dripping from its rankled maw.

Scrt! Scrt Scrt!.....Groooowllllllllllllllllll.

Scratching; a bone chilling growl permeated the air astride the acrid stink of blood filling his nose like before, only stale.

Menzai found himself rooted in place; unable to process or understand what he was witnessing as he soon felt pressure gripping down on his body or was it his heart; uncertain if it was fear or the seal.

Whatever it was he was feeling, one thing was for certain. This…this apparition? Beast? Whether real or not…was dangerous.

Blood! Rage!

That feral voice rasped yet again in his mind; clawing and scraping.

It was then that black smoke began to form at the bottom of the mirror; rising like black smog, the stench of blood permeating now mixed the rancor of death filling up the mirror till it surrounded his body in the reflection.

Kill! Danger! Spared them…WHY?!

The ephemeral wolf spat wickedly, rage and lust dripping in it’s every words.

Intruders…threatened…..must protect….why?

Why Deny us…Deny me!

It’s voice slowly became more coherent, as if this beast…this monster was gradually improving or gaining strength and at an scarily alarming rate as it's aggression grew in ferocity every time Menzai denied the mirrored beast.

Denied me…allowed them to live!….Why?!

Protect….must protect…isn’t that……all that matters?!

The beast clawed and snapped at the glass; all the while gradually enlarging and becoming more monstrous; fur sharp like razor sharp needles and rows of vicious teeth sprouting in its maw, all dripped in crimson poison.

You…desire to protect…only to fail!

The wolf growled out; this time, however, almost out of wicked glee as if relishing in his fearful denial.


Menzai whispered in response.

A cruel gravelly chuckle rumbled out of the beast, it’s tongue dragged over the surface.

Failure…only failure awaits without me…


You need me…


Weak….far too weak….but not me….


You can’t deny me


You can’t run from me


Lies….all the lies…but I know


Wanted to tear….rip…thrash….kill...but you denied us


Wretched Fairies….they will take her…


They want to take her from us! Let me end them!




Menzai exclaimed in fury, refusing to listen any further to the monster's disgusting mockery; having finally gathered his strength combined with the shock of the beast’s murderous declaration.

To put an end to this, Menzai had quickly followed this rebuke by grabbing his haoi and tossing it over the mirror.

As the robe draped over the glass surface, the remaining seconds of visage from the wolf came with its most wicked chuckle yet with an almost cheshire smile, or as close as a wolf could with those crimson eyes glinting with terrifying glee.

Hahhhhh *black smog exhaling from its twisted maw*….hide and run…ignore me…but the day will come…..you will regret letting them live…until then….I shall dream... for the day I shall savor.... the taste of our enemies…

Enough….foul beast and return to your slumber.” Menzai sought to challenge confidently, but could only manage a tired whisper.

Then a most unsettling sound between that of a raspy growl and laugh as Menzai saw a single eye staring back, filled with nothing but repressed malice and anger all directed at him. A spine tingling cold filled the grip pressing down on him at all sides.

None may take her from me…any who dare shall feel my fangs….

With the haori finally covering the mirror fully, the horrific sounds and smell of blood vanished.

Next thing the wolf knew he was slumped against the desk; breathing haggard and rough as his body ached and burned in numerous ways. HIs body is shaking from this terrifying experience with a part of him hoping this to be merely a nightmare.

But he knew this to be real..whether in his mind or not.

The monster that had been in deep slumber; now awake and biding it’s time. Parts of him started to doubt and wonder if he could even trust..


He refused to let this…this…. Beastly instinct to stop him. Now here... not now. Not after coming so far! Not after sacrificing his arm!

No matter how difficult or painful, Menzai would not give in to his own instinct’s extremities. For he was Gaurav’s Guardian and he would do everything to keep his pack safe.

To keep her safe.

These thoughts pushed the cruel words from his mind; comforting him. Enough so to afford him enough energy to stand up, where he would pick up the knocked over picture.

Lifting it up, revealing the picture of a young Trinity and Menzai lounging together against a tree, a book on the boy’s lap. With it came the charm that had been hers with its four fangs; one being his own.

A painful twinge struck his heart as he held them gingerly in his hand. A rush of emotions he had long since buried away started flooding through him.

Such that he could normally resist, but in such an abysmally weak state, it was proving overpowering.

Long pass having had enough this night, Menzai hastily placed the picture back in its place in between the other two. The left picture showcasing the Isanami family pre-Phia all huddled together and much like the previous one, the young boy cub could be seen smiling brilliantly.

The remaining picture had Phia hugging Menzai’s side, but unlike the other photos and to Menzai’s own dismay, could see himself neither returning the hug or smiling.

A heavy sharp exhale through his nose; regretting how he had treated her at first and now it was forever saved in this picture. There were countless better ones…

But these were the ones he kept. Further reminders of his resolve and now with Phia’s original family, along with the brothers would be under his care.

Gripping both of the siblings' charms in his hand, the beaten wolf allowed himself to slump down to the floor; back to the desk.” I must be strong. I will endure through it all…long as I breathe, I will not allow any to harm my pack...not from unknown evils…nor myself..” Clutching the charms in his hand to the point the fangs could be felt against his palm.” For them…for Phia.

For you…Trinity.” Whispering his promise, voice cracking at the end as hugged the charms to his chest, a comforting blanket.

Quietly, the wolf sat there, slumped against the desk. Sleep did not come easy, but the comfort of the charms and exhaustion allowed sleep to take him.

Tears spilled with sullen bitterness and longing.
Tristan Glory

The silver-haired teen had been stressed and thrown off from all the unexpected surprises. Yet, the soothing sweet scent and witnessing Angel not only succeeding with the strategy, but did so beautifully at.

Now pumped and his mind relaxed once more, Tristan regained his composure with a delicate brush through his silky soft hair." Absolutely splendid!" He called out the compliment which only added to the delight of praises she was getting making her giggle and blush.

From there, Tristan held up her pokeball, quickly recalling her." Stunning work, Angel." Pleased to see this battle going better than the previous one so far. And from it, the teen felt a strange sense of excitement and a teen like him living the rich like him having experience many, but none of them could compare to now.

* Is this what a real battle is meant to feel like?* And if just this was satisfying then..how would victory feel.

A victory earned by his hands and not his family.

Determined and eager to see how this goes, Tristan moved to replace the pokeball.

A red beam of light as a scared chirp rang out as Ace stood revealed with a surprised like squawk.* Ugh....I really got to work on Ace's scaredy-cat antics.* Something he had no clue on; have to wait for later." No need to fear, Ace! Your opponent is asleep! Just keep your distance!"

His trainers words helped Ace to see, that indeed his opponent asleep which did help comfort the fiery birb." Ace! Keep your distance and let loose embers, but first a growl for good measure! Make sure to keep your guard up too!" Tristan gave the orders.

One thing was evidently clear. Rushing into direct battle was definitely wrong, defensive and range was the safe bet until he had Ramos on their last leg, only then would he risk a full confrontation.
In Avalia 25 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Menzai Isanami

Time: Night

Location: Gaurav

Interactions: Cyrus @Helo, Phia @princess


Equipment: White Haori, Gauravian luck charm bracelet, Steel Chain Shirt of Deflection (3 uses per day), Disguise ring


Sensing the vines just before bursting forth, Menzai had instinctively leapt back in defense. The speed proved surprisingly fast even for the wolf-kin as he still found himself trapped; cursing his injured state.

Upon landing with a gentle gait, his body knelt partially low, prepared for possible following attacks. After a few seconds of no such signs, Menzai casually standing up into an relaxed pose as he felt no hostility. This led him to assume this to be a form of defense mechanism; shame that he could not allow himself to admire the plants many intricate feats. Gingerly shifting his right foot back, his gaze studying the thorn nearest his heel. Slowly, he inched the foot back; taking note of how it seemed to actively avoid pricking him.

Fascinating as all this was, for such an extreme reaction to occur left Menzai to then peer at Lady Viola with confusion. For while he could understand some unpleasantries with what she was glimpsed, but to react to such extreme degree?

At least, that was how he appeared on the surface, but beneath, the seal was working in overtime; a faint dark violet glow could almost be seen beneath the haori.

Regardless if this had just been for defense and the fairy's expert control. To dare to do such a sudden and reckless thing like this...

And in the immediate presence of his family...

Beneath that look of confusion; furious bloodlust thrashed just beneath the surface; scratching and gnawing desperately. The thick smog of blood spurning the voracious wrath all the more, his instincts warning him of danger while something....deeper desired...

Dangerous! .... Wretched weeds .... Reeks of blood.... give her more....tear out her throat...KILL!

A very percicptial whisper in his own mind; an almost guttural and rough sound almost like a feralistic wolf attempting to speak. Each word raking across his mind.

All Menzai could see right now was Viola, his eyes a ferocious fire fuming.

An internal conflict wholly new even to the wolf; saved only by the emotional spell searing his flesh beneath. Yet, it had not been quite enough; forcing him to clench his remaining hand with fresh blood dripping from palm. The fresh crimson like sweet morning dew to the bestial instinct.

A decision that came with a cost and it was the only thing tethering Menzai's logical side in place.

* Had she lost control or overreached.... my family....Phia...* This thought was all he could think about at this moment.

Kill! Kill! Dangerous....will bring harm to her... KI-

*...No. She is Phia's..sister.* His logical side pushing through to allow this thought to form that tempered back the tumultuous animosity.


An ever-familiar scent, that with a single whiff soothed the wolf who had been in the midst of battling his feral protective urge. All the ill-thoughts and anger melted away.

Graceful for his senses that allowed him to come to his senses.

He refused to allow the sweet fairy, who arrived shortly after to see her step-brother displaying....such a horrific side.

This had Menzai concerned and unsure what to do with what he had just experienced; one that left him completely drained on what little energy he had. Energy used towards jumping back.

Perplexing as it was terrifying, but a part of him understood what it was.

For just as much as he had his gentle and logical human side, deep within there always lurked a beast within all wolves.

And a wolf Menzai was.

Said wolf could also barely stand on his feet and yet, even then... had it come down to it... Menzai would have fought with every last ounce to protect them.

" I am glad to see that Viola has not chosen violence. I still am not happy though because it appeared like you were going to hurt my Menzai for a moment."

Her words showing concern for her step-brother, were heart melting and greatly appreciated, giving him just the boost needed to keep him going. Though it also saddened him to have it said towards her actual brood. He hoped this would not leave her looking at them unfavorably.... amending things would only prove more difficult were that so.

" Indeed, no harm has been done here. As Sir Cyrus said, a demonstration. A very impressive display of skill and prowess, none here can deny that" He stated in his usual calm tone though his voice came out slightly raspy, the mere effort proving almost too much.

“You make heavy requests and choose to refrain from explaining your reasoning for them. We are only trying to ensure your motives are not incompatible with ours. If the situation were reversed, would you not ask similar questions? Seek to understand the situation as much as you can?"

Menzai listened to Sir Cyrus, the doubt in his words clear as were some uncertainties. Perhaps they shared a confusion towards what had occurred, albeit for different reasons.

This had not gone well. Frustratingly so and there was nothing he could do but post-pone these misunderstandings for tomorrow.

" What you say, Sir Cyrus is true. What I ask is heavy, yes but only asked from a place of caution." A sly glance towards Phia, one Cyrus would easily notice were he watching his face, hinted with exhaustion.

" Having said such, unfortunately any further talk must wait. I extend apologies and hope each of you can afford me a second chance to explain." A light bow of the head." And impressive as Lady Viola's prowess...the abrupt and spontaneous nature...." Taking a moment to resign at the situation's overall sour ending." So, I must shamefully ask, dear Phia to save me a plate for tomorrow."

Turning in preparation to make departure towards the house, but paused shortly." I bid you all good night and may your dreams be pleasant. And Sir Cyrus, Lady Viola, I ask you think on my request, at least until the next time we can talk?" At the end he eyed Cyrus, hoping he could understand how serious he was about this.

As much as he loathed doing so himself. But, they were said purely out of brotherly concern. Still, they did little to assuage the guilt of leaving the innocent fairy in the dark.

With that, Menzai made his way homeward and in passing of Phia paused briefly to give her a small, apologetic smile and an opportunity to hug him if she wished." Sleep well with sweet dreams, dear Phia." Bidding her personally, expressing his care for her; finished, the tired wolf made his departure.

The wolf's shadow weighed doubly so beneath the twin sister's dazzling glow.
Mr. V

Time: Evening
Location: Damien Estate
Interactions: Fritz @JJ Doe Charlotte @Princess
Attire: ???

The two could see a hint of anxiousness in the masked servant's face and pose as he waited for Charlotte to answer. A twitch of the left arm; a sign of him resisting the urge to drum his fingers. A sense of unease almost came from him.

"... No."

A simple enough response, but enough to help recompose himself though the concern still weighed on his mind as his friend continued on to mention having not talked or interacted with her.

A heavy situation with possibly very unpleasant answers. He hesitated; lacking too much evidence and proof, it was then Sir Fritz interjected...

“I’ve been here since the party started, but I haven’t seen her at all,”

The genlteman's words did much to add credence to what he feared and matched well with the lack of chatter on Lady violet. What he said needed to be said carefully, or risk giving the kind lady sitting before him, a cursed boon she chose an innocent butterfly.

"What prompted you to raise such a question?"

He already made a lady cry on his last invited party, he refused to let it occur again.

A quick cough against his gloved fist followed with a distinguished chuckle, hint of nervousness." That...is a very good question, Char. To cut to the chase, it concerns Violet. As Fritz had pointed out, Violet strange lack of appearance. With this being hosted by her family and all. It has me... worried." Eyebrows furrowed." For the sake of avoiding any misunderstandings or freakouts, I'm not gonna go jumping to conclusions so just.... keep an eye out for her, alright?"

Concluding this business for the time being; much to discuss and think over and possibly more may be discovered from tonight so it was best to hold off on such matters for the time being.

Pulling away from Lady Charlotte, Mr. V resumed his pose." Ahem, apologies for the delay. These concerns were such I felt needed given before anything else." Shifting to better fix his pose and any part of his disguise that may have gotten moved out of place.

" Do let me know if there are any other matters needed be dealt with, if not then we may proceed." Said with a gentle smile.
Tristan Glory

The praises and attention were proving quite effective in getting out blushing reaction from the glittering gossifleur who shown with an added green glow of the field effect. Elated to be able to demonstrate to a crowd; a part of her frustrated at her trainer, however, for having her debut so unexpected thrusted upon the poor grass mon. Unable to properly prepare, but she readied herself anyway.

Tristan, on the otherhand; normally one to relish much like Angel was, albeit in his egotistical manner, but the teen was trying to wrap his head around the multiple things he was taught just now. He thought this would be simple until this field nonsense came into play and with it alarm bells were ringing with some beads of sweat forming.

All while his attention was on that blasted goat...just standing there looking all cute... no, menacing.


No point dwelling on it anymore and if there was one good thing to come of this is his own poke-

"Alright Skiddo, use Defense Curl and then Rollout!"

The seemingly simple buff move, while annoying with the field effect that also confirmed to the novice teen that Ramos looked to be a defensive style guy. Yet, that sudden speed had snapped Tristan from his thoughts.

" Holy Arc- hngh.. darn it all! A-Angel, quickly use scen- gragh- sweet scent in front of you to try and throw the skiddo off then side-step it and follow up with a sing right in its face!" The silver-haired teen ordered through some bits of struggling, finishing with a frustrated huff, face slightly flushed from the near heart attack.

He could only help but be nervous at this plan he fumbled onto after looking over Angel which he chose on, banking on Ramos using grass type.
Mr. V

Time: Evening
Location: Damien Estate
Interactions: Fritz @JJ Doe Charlotte @Princess
Mentions: Olivia @Potter
Attire: ???

With thanks to Fritz's suggestion, the trio found themselves a somewhat more secluded spot for a bit more privacy. Or as much privacy as one could get at a costume party.

Along the way, the masked servant would be approached by sir Fritz, whom by their expression looked to have a somewhat worrisome expression, met by confusion from him.

“Do you intend to harm anyone?”

The gentleman's words left Mr. V to momentarily drop his facade as he could not keep himself from looking at the man like he was crazy. Immediately after, he let out an airy chuckle with a playful dismissive wag of his index finger." Harm anyone? Never, good sir! Though I do understand your worries due the prior interruptions poor timing." Letting out another small, amused chuckle.

There he would step in and lean closer." I assure you that no such thoughts nor intent ever passed my mind." He whispered; gloved hand obscuring his lips." I'm not one of those radical sorts. Nay, my need for such request is for more...." Tilting his head to ponder how to best explain, then gave a smile much like that of the cheshire cat." I merely wish to entertain, but alas mere words simply will not do...that is why I am in need of a bit of.... mhmmm...pizzazz if you will?" Wiggling his fingers in a magical way to end his explanation with a charming wink. Plus, if the need arises it could serve as an emergency escape for him.

Stepping back, where he then coughed into his closed fist." I understand this is not an easy request, so I simply ask you think on it... at least for the moment." Finishing with a respectful bow.

With that dealt with, Mr. V was ready to proceed though briefly halted when Fritz started to pull out a seat for him. Thankfully the gentleman self-corrected with an apologetic look of which he nodded in return.

Seeing as he was a mere servant. He would remained standing and posed, ready to serve, leaving Fritz to speak first which he was content with. All this hoighty toighty talking and butt kissing left a bad taste in his mouth.

While Fritz spoke with Charlotte at the moment, he would take this moment to study the room to see where the host was; best to know where the enemy is and all. But, also to check on Percy who seemed to be enjoying herself with this Peter. Eyebrows knitting in a mixture of worry and delight to see his oldest friend getting to enjoy herself. He had much to talk with her too, but that would have to wait.

A reluctant sigh as he forced himself to look back at the group and much like Fritz, his mind was a whirl storm of thoughts and planning; more reasons why he appreciated this chance to slow down and get a breather. And to hear that Charlotte seemed to be fine, though uncertain of whatever it was she experienced. Simply another point to discuss in the near future added to the list; said list already concerningly long as is and likely will escalate even worse, if his speculations prove to have merit to them.

"Uhm... you wanted to tell me something, yes?"

A number of things he wished to tell her in fact and much to talk about, but something else nagged on his mind more than anything. The masked servant would stand there with right index finger pressed to his lips in pondering fashion, trying to decide the best way to proceed.

A few moments later, Mr. V would smile with a clearing of the throat." Ahem, apologies. Had some last-minute thoughts I needed to peruse over. And more apologies to you, Sir Fritz as there is something of import I musk Lady Charlotte before proceeding."

This time it was Charlotte's turn for him to lean close and whisper." I'm glad you're alright so far... just please let us know if any bad effects pop up." He started, putting a hold on the facade, his concerns taking precedent." As for... the matter I wish to discuss, but before we can, there is something I need to check and I feel you're the only one who confirm or not..."

Biting his lip, almost worried that merely asking might make the possibility very real." Char...did Lady Violet say anything or show desire towards coming to this party or that other one going on..that..ritual party or something by that huge bear of a man or something?" Mr. V asked though fearing he rambled on too much." Basically, I'm asking if you spoke to her prior and if so, if she expressed interest in the events?"
Tristan Glory

Tristan, gave a sly smirk which he covered through a quick peruse of his Pokedex. Taking delight in both Ramos motivational words and Lois's Displeasure though the sturdy portion left him wondering.

" Y-Yes! Don't expect your elderly age to have me hold back!" The silver-haired teen responded in kind; trying to follow the family no sympathy for losers and to a Glory, everyone were losers.

Then Ramos revealed their first mon and with it the chime of his Pokedex relaying it to be a gogoat." Ah-hah! A plant type just as I-" Tristan was about to exclaim smugly his solving accomplishment, that is until he took notice of the the glowing green petals on the grass goat.

What followed was a rapid string of quick that had Tristan shouting-

Glowing petals." What? "

Pokedex chiming with mention of field effect." What?!"

Flower power! The garden's terrain has activated Skiddo's Grassy Pelt. Its defense stat has increased by 50%." WHAT?!"

Flabbergasted at the unexpected train of mechanics wholly new to the rookie trainer. This left him thrown off briefly, needing pinch his cheek." I'll worry about it later!" Growled out the teen, who while annoyed had that sly smirk come back as he thought about what this so called field effect does.

With that, Tristan tossed his pokeball; a click and flash of red light as Angel popped out with a cheery melodic tune ending with a cutely posed wink. The newly acquired grass type would look at the gogoat with a somewhat curious and confused expression then back to her trainer." Apologies, Angel. I'll do proper introductions after this, but for now we battle."

Still a bit confused, but with a chirpy hum she bounced forward with a elated sing songy cry.
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Menzai Isanami

Time: Night

Location: Gaurav

Interactions: Viola @13org, Cyrus @Helo

Mentions: Phia @princess

Equipment: White Haori, Gauravian luck charm bracelet, Steel Chain Shirt of Deflection (3 uses per day), Disguise ring


The chill air of the night had worsened; attempts to soothe the icy sister's thorny mood served only to further them instead.

For as Menzai stood there, a solitude and quiet figure with only the faint glow of deep-sea blue eyes with the dull fierceness of red specks illuminating his face beneath the moon's glow. Save for the gentle flapping of his armless sleeve, billowing in the breeze; drifting along a chilly breeze and unpleasant remarks from the fairy siblings.

The shadow loomed tall; soon sensing Viola's Harsh stare and instead of avoiding the cold gaze, Menzai returned with a strong gaze of his own.

*note this is Menzai’s mentalscape*

Viola would see nothing at first as the wolf gave nothing of himself away unless he deemed to. Then the red slivers seemed to twitch; almost appearing to burn like tiny embers only to immediately be followed by darkness. All around, Viola only saw the vast expanse of darkness.

The motion of ripples beneath her feet reveals the ground to be emptiness rippling like ink on a mirror-like surface. All the time, a low thrumming growling much like a warning growl could be heard like an unpleasant tickle against the back of her neck. It was almost as if a figure stood breathing right behind her, only to turn to find nothing.

A lone child-like giggle broke the unsettling sensation as a young Phia seemed to materialize from the inky sea. Following in her wake, the inky black expanse gave way to life. Flowers and plants of all assortments sprouted from the ground with butterflies and birds flying about.

Within seconds, the landscape had changed completely with the two moons glowing dazzlingly bright in place of the sun, more so than normal and seeming to be much closer. Upon feeling its rays, a familiar warmth that left Viola almost feeling as if being hugged by her sister. But, as expected any attempts to call out or get her attention failed. Not much longer, it would become apparent the child like Phia was running towards something...no, someone.

A delighted glee filled bit of laughter rang from Phia as she jumped onto what seemed like a huge ball of fur. A stir and a low growl of annoyance; slowly shifting from slumber, the once pile of fur rose until a feral wolf twice that of a direwolf sat, graceful in its form with black and white fur split directly in the middle in a vertical pattern. This left the wolf appearing as if a mass of shadows on its left and warm glow of light on its right.

Most striking were the eyes, but unlike Menzai were inverted as two pools of blood-red eyes glowed with subdued ferocity with a gentle twinkle from the slivers of rich deep blue glittering stars swimming in crimson.

The beast remained unmoving; fur shimmering like silk, his body resting comfortably around Phia in a protective manner, leaving the giddy child free to play.

For a brief time, all was well, until the wolf picked up the scent of blood coming from the unknown visitor. Then thorns would start forming and breaking through Viola's skin and from it the air would take on an almost reddish hue as if a bloody mist filter had encroached the feel.

All the pleasant sounds of nature and Phia's giggling faded. A harsh rush of wind pushed Viola leaving her disoriented momentarily, her vision returning shortly after only to see the wolf standing right before her staring down at her with cold bloody eyes seeming to darken and drip from the sockets as bloody thorns could be seen sprouting out from the ground beneath her feet.

The low, rumbling growling from before returned as the wolf rankled his maw revealing rows of pearly fangs that would suddenly snap open.

A loud, ear piercing shriek at loud, shattering volume. A horrifying shrill scream enveloped her; surrounded not by the horrors of a wolf howling, but of despair...of pain. It neither sounded like a beast or a male, but closer to that of a despairing woman.

All around this scream reverberated and rebounded to deafening volumes, going until the point she might feel as if her head would split, then just like that it was over.

An exchange that appeared to last ages, but only an instance passed. What was allowed was given and what to make of it would be left to her.

Menzai gave no indication the exchange had occurred at all as his eyes closed. Quietly, the wolf pondered to himself on how to proceed from here.

Having received their questions and listened to the comments shared as well, all made the situation clear. These two were focused on getting their family back together; so much so that in their haste they failed to see the unknown dangers likely seeking out members of their family as well. And to his dismay, misunderstandings have formed; if left alone then future conflict were sure to happen.

Viola in particular was an unknown issue. The woman's troubles clung to her much like the thorns adorning her body.

He understood why they were upset and worried; eager to have their sister back and he wanted nothing more than to make their reunion an happy occasion and instead he could only offer them disappointment.

Some of his own frustrations regarding Phia’s loss of memories tried to bubble forth, made worse by the estranged sister’s question or more specifically the cold manner she requested. This left him with much to say with choice words of his own, but doing so would only serve to worsen this already formed rift.

For both Phia’s and the group’s sake, he had to ensure these two joined them. And with a slow, reluctant exhale, followed by a gentle breeze, a comforting brush against skin.

Though, as the two would soon come to learn; Menzai while gentlemanly had a fierce bite just as much.

Stepping forward once more, closer within three steps from the siblings, ready to speak, his gaze shifting between the two briefly.” Very well then. As our guests have made things apparent and my attempts to spare the two of you disappointment after a difficult and tiring journey.” He spoke in the calm tone prior, a hint agitation.

But, unfortunately, I know no more than either of you when it comes to her memories or to be precise, the method in how she lost them which should explain my caution.” Pausing briefly to check their reactions.” Please, understand that your sister came to us with her memories already lost and only two were allowed to meet this..unknown envoy that brought her.” His voice took on a mixture of curiosity and frustration as he spoke of this part.” Any misunderstandings born of my status or position, allow me to clear up for I am no keeper of her memories nor her life.

Menzai then moved till he stood close to Viola, there he merely stood peering at the dark fairy. Silently studying the features of her face, taking note of the faint, but familiar traits, the unmistakable and undeniable proof that these two truly were her family. His usual stern expression softened as he delicately reached his right hand forward.

Leaning in close, his clawed fingers gently brushed along the thorns and vines in admiration.” Such breathtaking beauty. And a lovely plant specimen as well… sharing a love of plants.” An almost amused huff escaped him as he whispered his admiration, inspecting the blood seeped plant a moment longer, turning his attention back to Viola.” As for your request, Lady Viola, unfortunately it is not one I can satisfy for neither I nor any in this village aim to keep or hold her hostage as you have eloquently hinted. She is and has always been free to do as she wishes, while we endeavored to give her nothing but our kinship.” Speaking calmly yet again though only perceptible to Viola was a clear hint of coldness directed explicitly at her.” Something of which we would like to share with you as well, if possible.” Added the wolf, slightly frowning.

Leaning in closer, where as he did so, his hand gently gripped the vine, this time to whisper into her ear instead of himself.” Blood Ties or no, she is family. Whether you accept it or not matters not to me, but…dare to disregard my tribe's love for Phia around my mother…” Trailing off to let the silence linger, the grip of his hand gently squeezing all the while as his harsh, but controlled words brushed her pointed ear until thorns broke skin.

After a few seconds, his hand released revealing pinpricks of blood spilling down his palm.” Apologies for encroaching so closely. I hope this offering will satisfy any discomfort I may have caused.” Drawing his hand back; pausing to peer at his crimson stained palm and flex his fingers.” If not, then feel free to make a request at a future time, whenever convenient for you.

Finished with his brief personal exchange, his hand closed after a few more testing flexes. Whether this request was given genuinely or out of spite, this he would keep.

Pulling his face away from the fairy.” And to you, Sir Cyrus, no I would not interfere.” He kept his gaze with Viola as he answered the brother matter of factly.” On the condition there is no sign of danger or risk to her life, that is.” His head turned to Cyrus' direction while further explaining.” Nor do I have any desire to keep her from you, I desire the opposite, if my words had not already hinted so.” His usual calm response with a curt bite at the edge in regards to the brother’s comment towards their “deal”.

Turning to step away from Viola giving her space, talking as he went.” However, both of you have made accusations towards me and my tribe, intended or no, so let me be clear to ensure no further misunderstandings.

Stopping in place and turning his head to peer over his shoulder at the two.” I am merely a brother to Phia, and I, much like the entirety of my village, wants nothing but her happiness. With that said, my goal aligns with yours.” And in more ways than the siblings might expect.

Pausing here to take a moment to himself; turning his head away with his back to them.” To see her living blissfully, unaware. It both saddens and frustrates me to a maddening degree…” Whispering his own grievances with this whole situation.

Here he turned to face them once more.” But, while I lack the answers regarding her memories. I do, however, know the ones that do have answers. And I, now carrying the guardian title, affords me the capabilities to request what they know and I would have both of you with me.

This time, Menzai could not help but let out a small chuckle to himself.* The timing of their arrival…*Trailing off to peer up at the two moons shining brilliantly.* A most fortuitous blessing….* Thought the stoic wolf.

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