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Tristan Glory

Tristan glared at Robbie as he spouted crap of a man who practically already gave up. He had indeed been naive to not notice this beforehand or he would have known any attempts to help such a person to be wasted effort. But a part of him still thought that Robbie wasn't a bad person, just an idiot who made a particularly stupid decision, so he didn't regret the peaceful approach he chose to go about this.

That is until he had the absolute audacity to insult and insinuate his family to be the same as him on top of spitting in the face of his olive branch." How dare you! Don't go tossing bullshit at my family who has nothing to do with your fucking moronic mistakes." He spat out vehemently at the man; any dwindling kindness or pity he had for the man was gone as he thought nothing of making him suffer and handing him over. For a moment he even thought to just let the mob have and do as they will with him; nearly losing himself in such dark thoughts and anger born from and directed at Robbie. Until he heard Princess's pained cry from getting knocked back from the clashing quick attack.

An encounter that proved one thing; this ditto was slightly stronger if it was able to knock Princess back as he witnessed the way the ditto kicked up a cloud of dust to jump its way back to its trainer. The rich teen was still very much angry but seeing Princess shaking off the blow reminded him of his abysmal battle with Freya having him glance to King who was glaring at the transformed mon waiting for the next order.

He couldn't go at this recklessly if this ditto was indeed stronger though it didn't seem to be all that much stronger. And he was battling with two; so long as he went at this smart and had the two work together with teamwork then victory was possible as he simply could not allow Robbie win for a multitude of reasons. Having already suffered a painful defeat not too long ago and to lose to this thief even after using both his pokemon... would be crushingly humiliating.

Seeing that Robbie ordered the ditto to transform, Tristan took this chance to take a deep breath to soothe his anger. Not completely, mind as he wanted to keep some of it as motivation as he observed what his opponent ordered the dit-krow to do.

Now that his head had cooled down from Robbie's horrid insults, Tristan was able to think clearly, and an idea came to mind." Princess! Use quick attack to grab King out of the way of the feather dance! Once safe, King wait till the ditto draws close and hit it with a feather dance of your own. Once its distracted or thrown off by the feathers I want both of you to attack with a peck and feint from both sides!"
Izushima Azari

The gathering of wood was of course boring though the fox took this time to think and work out a plan of action. For he knew that Kali would be nothing but resistant troublesome and constantly seeking for a chance to escape. And considering they were quite a long way from the guild meant for a rather long trip with him having to deal with such a cumbersome and hotheaded criminal with plenty of opportunities to break free.

He could tell that this trip would be immensely exhausting and time consuming with having to keep a near constant eye on the phoenix as those cuffs can only do so much. It was his job to keep her from gathering the necessary magic to enable overpowering the magic nullifying effect.

A journey certain to be filled with nothing but headaches, frustration and boredom as any such adventures always from his experiences working with the woman. Izu has worked on jobs with her a number of times and each of them proved unpleasant; if not for the fact she was easy to mess with to stave off her bothersome personality. A shame too as in some cases she could be considered a beauty and had it not been for her temperament and foul-mouthed tendencies she might have been more popular. Not that any of it mattered at this point as she was nothing more than a criminal now and this fox found himself lucky to be the one to enjoy bringing her in and get her just desserts but the unlucky one to have to put up with her violent antics.

The question to ask himself now was what to do to help pass the time and make the journey. Seeing that he was going to be stuck with her for weeks and after hearing her remark knew he needed some way to both keep himself sane and keep her from being too annoying.

Having gathered enough wood and sticks that had been piled up near the center of the clearing, the fox crouched down to pile up dry leaves and sticks. Relieved for the fact Kali hasn't been talking too much, likely busy trying to heal the damages he inflicted on her (a thought that made him grin) and once the makeshift fireplace was set up, he gave a snap of his fingers to start of spark of fire. A few gentle blows had a budding fire crackling to life.

Now that he dispensed with the task of getting a fire going, Izu turned his attention to Kali while dusting off his sleeves and hands. How nice to see her so quiet with that slight pained expression etching her features. After seeing the static spark from his clawed fingertip did an idea begin to form; a way to have a bit of fun and prevent the woman from being able to concentrate too much magic.

Pushing to stand up once more then strode over to the woman, his footsteps nary making a sound. Silently moving to crouch in front of her where he rested his chin against his palms propped up by the elbows resting on his knees with an amused, playful smile." Really concentrating there aren't you? Your determination to not be easy prey is commendable though as fun as it would be to watch you struggle and get tossed around by some beasties. Torturing and toying with you throughout the journey are far more enticing." Speaking in a cloying tone with a teasing chuckle as he extended his right hand forward to gently placed the clawed index finger beneath her chin giving it a light nudge to lift her face up until she was looking at him.

" I might as well get some entertainment for having to endure hauling this troublesome birdy. And to start, I will have you cease with what you're doing." His finger trailed down from her chin letting her feel the claw gently scrape alone the soft, pale skin leaving a light scratch until his fingers wrapped around her slender neck. His grip pressed down with pressure not enough to make it hard to breathe, but enough to feel those sharp digits squeezing." So, here is how this will go. Anytime I catch you attempting to gather magic.." Trailing off as she would soon feel herself receiving a sharp and quick burst of static shock." I will do that and each time you disobey I will up the amp. Fun isn't it?" He asked with a raised brow, the question clearly rhetorical.
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Menzai Isanami

Time: Morning

Location: River Port beach

Interactions: Isolde @Blizz Dante, Darius @Alivefalling @FunnyGuy Aiden @Potter

Equipment: White Haori, Gauravian luck charm bracelet


Menzai savored the peace and quiet while sipping at the tea knowing this would be his last chance with the group setting off before long. Of course, it would not be a quiet departure as he knew the village were preparing a sendoff banquet; taking into consideration that the event would happen either way, the canine decided to have the humans offer a hand with it, but in a way to allow the chance to have each of them demonstrate the efforts of their training.

Even now, the top hunters of the village waited within the forest. Everything was ready with some help from Dante who was currently hiding in the nearby bushes (which he gave no sign of acknowledging his presence) though he only knew the general info of what was planned.

Before long Darius, Isolde and Aidan arrived which he would give a nod to each in turn with a brief greeting and a motion to join him to drink tea. Otherwise, he remained silent; like always he was a wolf of few words who preferred to wait till everyone was gathered as he did not want to have to explain more than once.

Now that they were gathered and Dante finally revealing himself in that nonsensical suit of his, Menzai was ready to speak as he placed the empty teacup down then rested his hands on his lap."Thank you for gathering here as requested." Pausing to aim a stern gaze at Dante and Aidan in turn for the male's extreme antics and the woman's crude manner of greeting before continuing.

" Four months have passed since I have brought you to my home and during this time each of you has shown an impressive affinity and growth with your magic. Your efforts have born fruit. Through all the training and interactions, I have learned much on the ways of humans and of course we must extend our thanks to Dante. For it is thanks to his training regimes that has allowed everyone here to learn and control their abilities in best ways possible." Pausing once more to give any that wished to offer their thanks as well a chance, observing their faces to see what they thought so far about everything they had gone through.

These four were nearly unrecognizable from themselves four months ago who were confused, uncertain and excitable that lacked the understanding and concept of how to utilize their magic. They have grown much and bonded closer with some closer than others. (something Menzai found most unexpected but fascinating at the same time) At least when it came to the use and skill of their magic, but personality wise they still showed signs of immaturity; bickering over small arguments or pulling pranks though this was simply how humans seemed to be from his observations of them.

" Now that each of you are capable to fight and defend, I have deemed the time is right to leave Gaurav and venture off to do what you all feel that you must do. However, I must reiterate that none of you have no obligations nor feel the need to get involved in the troubles of this realm. And so, I have prepared a... as you or the young ones put it, a game." Giving them a moment to take in his words wanting them to understand that whatever happened after this point would be by their own decision, even if it meant leaving the safe sanctuary of his village.

A part of him preferred that they remained here where he knew they would be safe allowing him to set out to find other humans that might not have been as lucky as these four. An opinion he kept to himself." If you are still decided to leave with me then you must participate in this game to both test and demonstrate everything you have learned. Those that choose to participate shall be hunting within the woods."

Moving his right hand to point at four trees which had a circular painted marker, each at a different point of the clearing leading into the forest." Once I have finished explaining the rules you may choose one of the marked trees. Now, for explanations." Clearing his throat with a small cough.

" First, the goal is to collect thirty points. You are to catch and hunt animals until you have attained such. Small animals shall be worth two points, medium animals are worth five and large animals shall be eight points. Next will be the rules." This time holding up a clawed finger for each rule he states and explain." Rule one. You are allowed only the use of your magic and hunting knife prepared at each tree. Two, you are to hunt solo only. No helping or assisting others though you are free to hinder through indirect means only, no direct attacks to the other competitors." His gaze was sharp as he explained this to show how serious this rule was as this was to be a fun test, not something to hurt each other over." Continuing on. rule three, you are to hunt with precision and control and as such must avoid causing any major damage to the forest while minute damage which of course is unavoidable is fine. Rule four, once an animal has been marked by a dagger it is claimed and until otherwise remains open game." Leaving the explanation at that for rule four; curious to see if they would catch on." And finally, rule five. There is a beast that wakes during this time of the year that lurks within the mythic fog. This shall be the only time permission to enter said area is given and those choosing to accept the risk to attempt hunting this beast may do so and choosing to attempt it will the 2nd rule be disregarded as you are free to enlist the others or choose to do so solo though I do not recommend it. The fog beast will be worth 120 points evenly split between those working together and succeed to slay the beast."

With that, the rules for the game were finished as Menzai once again paused to let them take in everything that was explained." The hunt will begin in five minutes with one hour and forty minutes as the time limit." The time limit was two hours had they arrived on time." There are hunters that are hidden who will be watching and checking the claim kills and reporting to me. Three strikes of cheating are given, any more will be considered disqualified. With that, I have explained the game and its rules. Decide your plans or ask any questions you may have then select a tree to wait for the hunt to begin." With that, Menzai ceased talking and went to pouring himself another cup of tea as they were free to discuss and figure out what they wanted to do if they chose to participate.

Those that did would see they had the colors blue, green, purple and pink. At the base of the trees a lone hunting knife was stuck into the ground and on closer look would see the blade was covered in a marking fluid matching that on the tree.
Tristan Glory

Tristan was thankful to be out of that dark and stuffy tunnel and back outside just in time to see a nice orange sky signaling the coming sunset. He had taken ten steps give or take away from the tunnel door to take a deep breath of the fresh air and enjoy the view feeling accomplished like he did a good job. It hardly made up for such a crappy day, but of course things were going too well, suspiciously so.

Barely even given the chance to enjoy his victory before hearing Robbie's voice speak up with mention of truly enjoying the ranch which got him to turn halfway to look back over at the injured thief to see his ditto called back out. Both he and Princess bore witness to it transforming into a perfect copy of Princess..well almost as its eyes were still tiny dots giving it such a derpy expression that it almost looked as if it was mocking him and the Riolu.

The first thing to leave his lips turned out to be an exasperated groan." Ugh.. really? Come on! We were doing so well here too!" He directed at the farmhand challenging him in an agitated tone almost like a child complaining." And for what? This?" Raising his left hand where the folder was clutched in." I don't know what this is, but its clearly important enough for you to go and do something stupid like this. I was going to vouch for you and work out a way to keep you out of jail but guess you like spitting in the face of those trying to help....guess I'm the idiot for bothering to help a guy in trouble."

Shaking his head with a sigh as he turned to face Robbie and his transformed ditto with Princess shifting into a readied stance." So, if you want to battle then fine with me, but before we do I have something to add. See, I've read up on the basics of pokemon and trainers and how a trainer should always fight fairly against another issuing a challenge." Holding up his right hand which was still holding King's pokeball." But, you sir are not a trainer. Not only that but you are a thief and a liar." His eyes glowered at Robbie as he tossed the pokeball calling out King who appeared besides Princess in a flash of light then Tristan extended his left hand forward." Taking all this into consideration and as such I have no obligation of treating this battle as official nor any reason to fight fairly. If you want this folder back then this will be a two vs one."

" If you don't like that then that's your problem. I gave you a chance." Shifting to place the folder into his backpack for the time being then gave his hair a flick." Let's do this then. King! Fire off a volley of feather dance then Princess follow up with a quick attack while its either dodging or distracted by the feathers! King, the moment you see an opening fly in and follow up with a peck!" He called out the set of orders, the rich teen clearly done with being made a fool of today that he had no intention of holding back against this man who spurned his trust.
Tristan Glory

The man sudden hysterical outburst was unexpected and worrisome leaving the pair tense as they could not tell what Robbie might do next. It seemed he was far more desperate than he thought; one pushed to the brink of cracking mentally and for a moment Tristan was sure this guy was going to attack in the middle of losing it.

Not even noticing that his hand was tightly gripping King's pokeball as if readying himself to call back the murkrow. As a crazy person was the time you threw caution to the wind and went all out before they could do anything dangerous.

Thankfully Robbie seemed to retain his sense of sanity to instead tell his story involving gambling, cheating and...the mob?! The mere mention of that word had Tristan gulping nervously as he forced himself to keep his calm expression and composure though were his hand not occupied it would be shaking. His nervousness easily felt by Princess who inched her way in front of him to protect her trainer if needed.

And as Robbie carried on with his tale, the silver haired teen was still curious about that pink blob and would take this time while the man was monologuing to do a silent scan of it. A flick of his thumb to set it aside for later to read, thankful for his expert skill of texting to do it all with merely his thumb.

Once Robbie finished regaling his story, Tristan would cough against his left fist to clear his throat." Well uh... that's quite the harrowing life you have had there. Though can't say that you didn't do it to yourself, but I feel for you." He said but internally.* This guy is a fucking moron! Like seriously?! Cheating and stealing from the mob? What the fuck did he think was gonna happen?! Shit..if they find out it was me that put an end to this operation...this fucking day!* Stealthily chewing on his left thumb's fingernail to fight back the growing bout of panic sitting like a heavy pit in his stomach.

Even having Robbie willingly surrender did little to help his distraught mind and for a moment had an almost overpowering urge to do like a certain she-beat and deck this guy for being a fucking idiot. God forbid if the mob were to find out about him though with how resourceful and determined they were it was more a matter of when than if.

" Good to see that you are capable of seeing reason. But before we do, I must ask that you hand over any stolen items on your person. I will have Princess retrieve them and once that is done then we can head back. Give no trouble and I might be able to talk with the owners to figure out a way that ends well for everyone." Tristan nodded to Princess after explaining as the Riolu cautiously stepped over to Robbie but made no sign she was going to attack or harm the man.

If Robbie handed whatever he took from the stash without resistance, then Princess would pad back over to Tristan who would start leading the way out the tunnel, making sure to hold the door opened for the limping farmhand.
Tristan Glory

King continued to observe as he was only to act if Robbie did something that might seem bad or dangerous as Tristan told him to do. The bird jumped a bit at the table suddenly being knocked over revealing a hidden cover. Before long he would witness Robbie and the ditto climb their way down into the tunnel and since he was told to follow him, the magenta bird would fly his way in after though not before making sure to wait a bit as he did not want to fly in when Robbie was still on the ladder.

Minutes later, Tristan who was waiting further in the tunnel soon saw glimpses of a flashlight and faint crunch of his feet hindered by the limp. His guess that the man would use this tunnel proved correct thankfully as he waited for Robbie to draw closer until shortly before the man's flashlight gave him away did, he turn on his pokedex's light once more revealing himself and Princess standing at his side.

The bipedal canine took a step forward alert but nervous as she wasn't sure what her trainer was up to but kept herself ready for if the human or that ditto tried to attack.

Then the faint sound of flapping came from behind as King flew into view and upon seeing Tristan up ahead past Robbie, the bird landed a short distance behind Robbie and let out a caw with raised wings to let the man know he was there. Both at the ready to act a moment's notice.

At that moment, Tristan held up his free hand." Stand down you two." He ordered with an expression matching the calm tone albeit with a stern hint to his gaze." First, I wish to state that your thieving is at an end and I'm afraid I can't let you go, Robbie. However.." Holding up a finger signaling for the man to wait before saying or doing anything." I wish to handle and proceed things here peacefully. After looking over the facts and details of the case as well as both the manner you went about this in a way that ensured no one got hurt and the reactions of Princess here." Motioning towards the Rioulu who let out a small bark in response." I have come to the conclusion that you are not a bad person nor doing this out of greedy or malicious intent." He studied the man closely and what he saw was a person he had seen plenty of from his visits to his father's companies or when made to observed the dealings of business.

The man before him was not dangerous or evil, no this was a man who was scared and desperate." Having said that. I wish for you tell me your situation and from there we can perhaps figure out a peaceful conclusion. Or you can choose to try and brute your way through risking the safety of...that pink blob there and possibly a cave in." Motioning the light around the tunnel which undoubtedly was not made to handle shocks." And to show there are no tricks." Taking out a pokeball using it to recall king, the unexpected act making the murkrow gasp in surprise as he now rested within his pokeball.

" There. Now it will be one on one if you decide to battle. I leave the decision up to you, sir." This was a gamble, he knew but felt that for him this was the best approach.

Tristan Glory

Tristan made his way cautiously through the tunnel using the flashlight from his pokedex to illuminate the way. Princess walked closely at his side, but not too closely so as to not accidentally trip each other up as even with the flashlight it was still quite dark. A good look few looks at the walls showed that this tunnel likely wasn't natural and the fact the door was covered up with dirt had him surmising this to be an escape tunnel made or possibly discovered by Robbie and might explain how he has been hiding and sneaking off the eggs undetected.

Unsure of how much time passed as the shuffling of feet and ongoing darkness made keeping track of time difficult but eventually the end of the tunnel was reach with a ladder set before the pair.

From above they could hear faint sounds while Princess could make out that they were the heavy footfalls of a human. A few sniffs of her nose and her ears perked up at the familiar scents of Robbie and king which had the canine lifting up her right paw with perked ears." Rio." she let out in a low bark to which Tristan gave a shushing noise with a finger pressed to his lips.

The silver haired teen had not expected to find himself in such an opportune position having him wonder if it was actually due to his skills as a detective or by sheer dumb luck. For now he chose to go with the latter.

This was an incessantly crucial moment; one he would have to decide how to approach. He could go up there and confront the man, but he did not know what he might find up there or the kind of location or hell if he might have others up there with him. Not to mention the fact that Robbie was likely still in a state of panic and going up now was highly like to result in a battle breaking out of which he could find himself at a disadvantage but most importantly if he has any eggs with him then the risk of them getting damage would be high. Tristan may be spoiled and conceited and completely full of himself and....moving on. One thing he was not was one to be rash and refused to tackle this like a trainer who thinks battles and violence were the only way to handle any disputes. He could picture that hot head he glimpsed charging off like a stampeding tauros or a certain horrid she-beast who, at the mere thought of made his body shudder in distaste.

A feeling that going up now would likely exuberate the situation and with too little knowledge on the situation made such approach too risky. Besides, a number of signs stuck out to him from throughout the case that told him this Robbie did not seem to be a bad person as this whole thievery seemed to not be done out of greedy or malicious reasoning or intent. And the concerned expression evident on her face confirmed his suspicions.

After much thought, Tristan pressed his index left index finger to his lips once more signaling to keep quiet then pointed back towards the way they came. Quietly, he turned to tread his way back through the tunnel with a confused Riolu in tow. After traveling to what he felt to be the half-way point of the tunnel did the teen come to a stop and turned around once more and with a press of his thumb turned the flashlight off letting darkness swallow up the tunnel once more.

All that was left to do was to wait and with the hope King was nearby up there who would know to follow after. He would not handle this like the brutes he has since met.
Tristan Glory

King soon witnessed Robbie enter the cabin in a state of pure panic while shouting out for ditto. The bird nearly let out a caw of shock had he not covered up his beak with his wings when seeing the magenta feathered pink blob ooze its way out from beneath the old sofa. Now the Murkrow understood why his trainer asked him to tail this human. Remembering what Tristan told him, King chose to keep observing to what Robbie would do next.

Back at the canal, Tristan was still lying on his back feeling sorry for himself in a pity fest with Princess trying to comfort and console him when her ears perked at the sound of falling dirt. Lifting her head to notice the door and let out a bark while pointing her paw to get her trainer's attention." Princess, can't you see I'm brooding here." He muttered out in a tired voice but the riolu jumped up onto his stomach and barked again with an annoyed huff." Ugh..alright already. What got you all in a tuff." Begrudgingly lifting his head to see half of a wooden door revealed on the part of the wall he had kicked.

Blinking up at Princess and the door with a dumbfounded expression a few times then abruptly the teen stood up prompting the bipedal canine to hop down. She turned to look up at her trainer to see him dusting himself off." Just as I suspected! I had a feeling there was something hidden away and my ploy to be a frustrated teen for in case anyone nearby might mistake me for being up to something shady has worked swimmingly." He gloated shamelessly while fixing his hair as if all of what just happened was part of his plan.

Princess definitely didn't believe him and just stared up at her trainer with annoyed pity before letting out a sigh as she patted at his leg. A pat that Tristan could tell was one done out of pity and disbelief which he coughed to clear his throat." A-ahem. Yes..right. Anyway, now we just need to get the door uncovered and we can see what waits within." Wanting to move on and save face as he saw the dirt that still covered it then looked down at Princess." Hm... Princess would you be a dear? I would help but...I just had my hands manicured this morning and....well you understand, yes?" Smiling down at the blue canine with almost pleading eyes which elicited another sigh from the small mon as she padded over and gave the dirt covered parts of the door a good could of punches from her paws.

"Excellent! I think we've wasted enough time here. Let's get this door open and see what awaits within." Tristan exclaimed; his mood having done a 180 as he made for the door working on opening it though waited before heading through the opening." We do not know what awaits within or if the thief has any other allies so be on guard." Saying this both to Princess and himself as he needed a moment to shake off the sudden bout of nervousness. After a few deep breaths and slow exhales." Shall we?" The two then ventured inside unsure of what lurked within or where it led to.

Tristan Glory

King was worried even landing on the window still would make this cabin topple over with how bad of a state was in. The bird was careful not to move too much as he peered inside only to see nothing of interest besides one of its own feathers? He let out a curious caw wondering if the ditto had been here. Knowing that Robbie would be arriving shortly, the Murkrow decided to remain hidden and wait to see what the human would do.

As Tristan and Princess made their way into the canal ready to take on whatever they might find down there. Except, there seemed to be nothing at all as he soon saw Princess to be at a loss after having lead to one of the walls of the canals." What..that's it?" The rich teen look around in both directions but saw nothing." can't be serious!" Throwing up his arms in exasperation before rummaging his hands through his hair in frustration as Princess let out a whimpering cry feeling like she was at fault for failing his trainer. Tristan took a few deep breaths trying to contain his growing frustration." You did nothing wrong, did everything right. Both you and was just me that was wrong." Shifting his hands to rub his face as he let out a growl.

" Wrong...just like always..damn it! This was supposed to be a special day where I become a trainer and..and finally do something to get father to notice me!" He scowled snatching up a rock and tossing it in some random direction with a huff." Damn that prof and that wicked dragon and damn that she-beast and giant!" Shouting his pent-up rage that and shame that had boiled in him for no one to hear but him and Princess who wanted to try and comfort him but the sudden bout of intense anger and shame was a tad strong for the inexperienced canine.

She could only wait for Tristan to get it out and let his strong emotions relent.

Tristan glared up at the sky as if expecting a reply or sign when he saw some birds fly by causing his eyebrow to twitch and face redden." And damn that fucking bird!!" The teen shouted as he spun around to deliver the hardest kick he could at the wall which he instantly regretted as he was hopping back on one foot clutching the one used to kick." Agh, damn it alllll-" His heel caught a rock causing him to trip and fall onto his back with a thump.

A small cloud of dust settled shortly after as the silver haired teen was left lying on his back panting with his dust covered face wincing in pain." Ugh..just my fucking luck. I just wanted to help the nice couple with their ranch...and because of my dumb decisions the thief has likely made their escape. I've failed that sweet couple...and my favorite designer shirt is all ruined on top of it all." Resting his hands over his face once more to let out muffled scream as his head thumped against the ground.

Lying there panting feeling tired and defeated, unsure of what to do when he felt a small warm embrace against his chest as Princess nuzzled against him trying to offer him comfort. A sharp inhale followed by a slow exhale before Tristan slid his hands from his face to place his right hand on her head petting the mon." I'm glad I have you here with me at least. You did amazing Princess, really...If only your trainer wasn't an idiot." He sighed saying nothing more letting the comforting warmth of Princess wash over him as he tried to figure out what to do as he already dreaded telling the ranchers he likely let the thief get away.
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