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D'angelo Schultz

Walking his way out through the doors with a slight hop to his steps, unable to fully contain his excitement for the adventure ahead. This could prove to be just what the enthusiastic chubby individual had been looking for. His journey still mostly new; only a few months since living the boarding school.

For him, this could in a literal sense be a new beginning for D'angelo. Not to mention all the potential future friends he can make! There were probably more, he figured and sadly had missed them. But, always possible to meet them when they return. Whether he would stay, undecided.

With a giddy chuckle, D'angelo came to a stop a few steps outside the guild, Nimbus floating at his right-side level with his chest." Just think, Nimbus. All the comics of mages going on jobs and bonding, and we get to participate in! So wicked!" Nodding his head with an energetic clap.

" But first. Let's be off Nimbus!" He exclaimed pointing skyward in his attempt of a heroic pose. And continued to maintain it as the seconds ticked by as if expecting something to happen, the golden cloud simply floating in place...being a cloud.

A small gulp as the pudgy young adult pursed his lips to the side." Psst...that's your cue." He whispered under his breath.

The cloud gave no sign of moving nor any real indication it even heard its creator.

Now having posed long enough for it to be awkward (possibly been awkward to begin with, but opinions) D'angelo let out a huff and thought to rebuke the cloud for letting him look stupid. Pausing as he remembered...

Right hand slapping to the forehead." Ah, darn! It slipped my mind." Muttering as he bent down to slip his shoes off; holding them by the heel, he stood back up." Sorry about that, Nimbus. One going up, please." At his kind request and proper respect, the cloud drifted down to feet level allowing him to step on.

Miming the action of pressing an elevator button before crossing his arms, his shoes resting against his left arm as Nimbus rose upward. Bobbing his head humming elevator music style tune. Up Nimbus rose with minimal effort; eventually reaching above the roof of the guild where his cloud shed had been set to wait." Ding! Please watch your step." D'angelo spoke in a faux female announcer voice then gave a casual wave of his right hand, following with an amused chuckle nudging nimbus with his elbow.

The action causing an opening in the otherwise entrance less cloudy mass wide enough to act as a door." Alright, just need to grab some stuff. I may mostly just be a spectator, but doesn't mean an excuse to be lax. We must be watchful and diligent." And enjoy the sights and events that unfold, nothing bad hopefully.

Stepping his way inside, Nimbus following where he then clapped his hands to have a small yellow glowing puffball pop down from the ceiling illuminating the chamber with a faint staticky spark every now and then.

A rumbling spark came from Nimbus from beside him shortly after seeing the poorly organized belongings." Ugh, you don't have to keep reminding me. I know its a mess." Turning away with a pouty face and with a sarcastic tone." I know I should organize..." A huge blowing huff of relief." But, I can't keep the group waiting. Gonna have to wait!" A victorious cheeky laugh as D'angelo moved towards the pile where he started to rummage around.

" Let's see. For now, just necessities should do I suppose. This shouldn't be a dangerous quest." Speaking out loud to clarify his plan to Nimbus. With that, he carried on; humming as he grabbed some bottles of water, reaching them out where he would rest them on Nimbus. The items placed on the golden cloud shortly sank into its puffy depths eventually disappearing from sight. All the while, the chubby male continued on, grabbing some fruits and dry foods along with a simple first aid kit.

" Think that should do it. Hm... oh yeah!" Snap of his fingers as he thought of something and moved to a different part of the pile." Got to have entertainment. If there's something I can do for sure. Let's see, what instrument to bring." Searching around.

The bongos? No. The recorder? No. The banjo? Maybe...nah. The maracas? **Sounds of Marakas being shaken obnoxiously** No. The harmonica? *Awful shrill blowing noise* No." Ooh! I got it!" Diving in, his upper body disappearing from sight for a few moments only to suddenly reappear and turned around holding a bagpipe. *Expected awful bagpipe sounds that almost sounds like the bag pleading for deaht* " Yes?! " He asked the floating cloud enthusiacally?

Seconds passed as the cloud floated in placed with no feasible change. And yet, its appearance almost gave off the appearance it was agitated at what it had just been made to endure. A completely and absolutely for sure and horribly unfortunate tiny spark of lightning shot out hitting the bagpipe leaving a hole. The sweet release granted upon the bagpipe in its sputtering glee as it deflated.

" Sheesh. A simple no would have been enough. Ah well. I can get a new one, sorry about that." Patting the bagpipe before turning to return it to the pile for the time being. After some more pondering, D'angelo made his decision and for everyone's relief had chosen the triangle.

A metallic clang rang out with a tap." Righteous! This is going to be so epic!" Exclaimed with a strong clang of the triangle to finish off his side quest." Hah-ah! We will find our heroic moment tone, just you wait." Winking at Nimbus who gave a small quiver in cloud form for shoulder shrugging.

A satisfied grin, he tossed the triangle and rod onto Nimbus while making his way towards the opening." Think that should do it. Now to meet up with the group." Taking a step forward out of the floating shed though Nimbus with one quick fluid motion had floated under the previously empty space under his foot." And best to get this out of the way." Turning halfway to the cloud shed where he clapped his hands having the hole close up before it drifted higher up into the sky until it would be hidden among the clouds.

Clapping his hands in a dusting off manner while moving to sit down, the golden cloud floating back towards the ground. From there, D'angelo was ready to meet the group and set off.
Tristan Glory

Not surprising that the vip's identity would be confidential until these festivities took place. If this vip was quite the big shot then chances of his plan succeeding increases, albeit slightly.

Seeing no point to waste time on that anymore, Tristan had made his way to the library, getting a bit turned around as he went. Looks like his direction sense improved somewhat when he took an interest in getting somewhere.

At the library, the silver-haired teen paused for a moment to take in the decor of the room. The colors were a bit muted but at least had more color compared to the rest of the building. Even if he was not exactly the reading type as should have been apparent, still, he was curious to read on this plant. The mystique of the whole thing was enough to catch his interest. A plant he knew to be vital going forward.

Not bothering to waste his time trying to find the aisle himself since he knew the layout or system of the place.

This eventually brought him to a rather tall and lanky individual. His first thoughts were that he had quite the fetching face, the glasses complimenting his oval face quite well. Only to immediately be struck by whiplash from the horrendously drab outfit. Forcibly biting his tongue to keep from showing a face of visible disgust, almost being reminded of Faye while doing so.

"Ah, hello there sir. What can I help you with?" He asked while he made his way over to him. He flashed him a friendly, yet nervous smile.

The kind reply mixed with that nervous smile seemed to do the trick to snap him out of his awful fashion sense stupor." A-ahem. Yes, I am searching for books regarding on the Gracidea flower." Turning his head to the side letting out a wary sigh. Grateful to be given a minute to gather his thoughts.

An assist he had anticipated to be over prettly quickly, until he noticed the lanky stranger grabbing books one after the other rapidly scanning through them.* Just my luck. As if my eyes being burned wasn't enough, I get the newby.* Grumbled Tristan; quietly watching the person continuing his search with decent enthusiasm and understanding of the layout at least, while the glint of silver caught his eye.

Recalling the silver buckle on the belt though vaguely remember something within its center. He attempted to get a better look though a person moving around and tending to be out of view or turned away made checking difficult.

Little else he could do but wait for him to return to inquire about it as his assumptions the guy was the librarian had been wrong.

The answers soon given shortly after his arrival with book in hand." A temp? That would explain....your interesting searching approach." Lowering his gaze to the belt, taking notice of the pokedex." Then if this merely temporary, what may I ask is your actual profession? By your POkedex, I can guess to be a trainer?" Though how a simple trainer could end up a temp at this place, had him uncertain.

Pondering over this as he accepted the book offered." And thank you. Better you than I spending hours wandering around aimlessly." The mere thought of the hundreds of piled up books left him picturing himself huddled in a corner muttering Gracidea book, a cold shudder going up his spine.
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Menzai Isanami

Time: Morning

Location: Gaurav


Mentions: Dante, Darius @Alivefalling @FunnyGuy , Phia @princess , Viola @13org , Cyrus @Helo

Equipment: White Haori, Gauravian luck charm bracelet, Steel Chain Shirt of Deflection (3 uses per day), Disguise ring


With the threat dealt with and the situation previously rife with tension and heated emotions had calmed, thus allowed Ulysses to stroll along at a leisurely pace. The aged wolf maintained his semi-slow pace to afford Menzai as much time to recover his strengths for whatever he intended to do.

And just as neither Phia nor the brothers hated seeing him in such a weakened and broken state, so did the man carrying him.

Eyebrows furrowed, dotted with beads of sweat as he peered over his shoulder to see how he was doing.

A momentary memory flashed through his mind. The silhouette of a small boy running about and playing, the sound of an excitable child's laughter heard in his mind; only to fade away as Menzai's pale face speckled with blood came into view, the cloth of his shirt obscuring most of the unpleasant visage.

* Tch. You really don’t intend to make this easy for anyone, are you?* The grizzled wolf thought with annoyance; concern etched his bearded face as he peered at the young wolf who looked to have passed out with those ever watching eyes of his actually closed for once.

A hopeful thought that came to an end through a gentle squeeze to his shoulder.” Why have we stopped? Is something wrong?” Menzai weakly asked in a soft and tired voice. Even now, Menzai refused to allow himself to sleep nor rest.

Ulysses found himself jumping a bit out of surprise with a hint of disappointment.” Hmph. It’s nothing, just thought I picked up something. You can trust me to handle whatever might pop out. Only thing you need to worry about is recovering.” Snorting his clear annoyance at the pup’s stubborn refusal to sleep.

No response came. Menzai remained quiet and still from that point on and whether he slept or not, none could say. In fact, none have seen him actually sleep since….

A weary sigh left Ulysses lips like a cold mist.* Sorry, Lady Annabelle. Doesn’t seem like even this wasn’t enough…if it were up to me I’d make him sleep for a whole damn week.* Ulysses chastised himself; hating that any of this had to happen to begin with. The pain each of the group felt was apparent.

But for Menzai who had since become impossible to read, had not let on any of how he felt or thought. This had the man wonder with worry on the whirl storm of emotions and thoughts that must be going through his student’s mind.

All he had to do was voice them and Ulysses would help him anyway he could.

On he went, carrying his charge towards the Roc. The silence, like an unpleasant blanket persisted through the trip.

Before long the pair reached their destination. Waiting before them sat the Roc's massive corpse.

The massive bird’s rested lifelessly on its side, blots of dried blood stained its beak; feathers adorned the ground, falling like the leaves of autumn but there was no joy like the seasons.

Silence permeated through the forest surrounding as all life had fled from fear. At times glimpses of the Lunar corps members could be seen dashing and moving along the bird’s unmoving body.

And the air, once filled with the delightful scents of flowers, fruits, trees and other pleasant aromas, was gone. In its place, only the stench of death remained; to the rest of the inhabitants this was a bountiful feast to be enjoyed for months. For Gauravs, it would be a constant reminder of the dangers they narrowly avoided for weeks to come. Even now, its rotting scent could be smelt and while it was still fresh with little scent, to the wolven demi-humans it might as well be as if living right next to a rank dumpster. All traces of what happened may fade with time.

The loss of life, however, could be felt by all denizens of the forest. So much so, that the once quiet and solemn field around them started to return with the sounds of nature. Insects buzzed about, small critters skittered about; curious predators stalking the fringes. Soon even the trees surrounding them could be heard creaking and groaning.

To any other, they were merely simply the cries of life, but Menzai could hear what it actually was beneath. As unseen breezes drifted through; all the cries began to change. No, not change but reveal the true nature of all the cries and blowing breezes that swelled with each second.

Canine ears flicked and perked, Menzai’s head lifting from his protector’s shoulder.” What a beautiful, but melancholy song.” He muttered aloud.

What? The hell are you on about? Don’t tell me you’ve gone delusional now too?” Ulysses growled his indignation at his companion and his lack of any explanation.

Any attempt to speak more misgivings were silenced by a squeeze to his shoulder. Unlike last time, this one had a smidgen of strength put into those fingers that could hardly hold a stick still.” Apologies, Sir Ulysses. I know my ways are…frustrating and there is much to discuss and that you all wish for me to rest…” Trailing off as his ears perked up higher.

Hints of the sorrowful melody filled him with renewed strength and determination. With it the grip on his shoulder became stronger, enabling Menzai to push himself up, if only a bit.” But….I need to do this. So I ask that you allow me this selfish request.” Menzai spoke his request in his gentle voice.

Each word the injured wolf said merely fueled the man’s confusion. A part of him wanted to tell the blasted wolf to shut his mouth and rest.” That’s unfair. How many times I gotta tell you not to use that voice.” For it was now just a painful reminder of the past. In that moment, he briefly pictured the kind and rambunctious boy in place of Menzai though it only lasted a second..

Come on! Higher! Let’s climb to the sky!

Young Menzai’s words rang through his mind. An old memory that left the aged wolf tearing up briefly before blinking them away.” Go on and do whatever needs to be done. Don’t take all day, I’m already getting an earful from your mother as is.” Ulysses grumbled out before lowering his body to make it easier for Menzai to get down from his back.

With a small bow of his head, Menzai made his way forward after taking a step away from Ulysses where he soon walked him.” This will not take long, I promise.” Nodding to the larger wolf then turned away to start stepping towards the bird.

Thankfully they had arrived in time as Menzai allowed himself to be wrapped within the forest’s requiem. Almost like magic, the sounds of whooshing winds and cries of unseen creatures turned instrumental. A cacophony of noises changing like a whisper in the air.

His right foot gently tapped against the rough ground, the grass ticklish to the toughened sole. The fabric of his haori rubbed against aching skin. A soothing breeze brustling his cheek, the gentle touch of caring. The scent of leaves and berries, inhaled; calming his burning lungs. Whistling of the trees, their sorrowful cries like falling leaves.

With every step he took towards the Roc; all of these had blended, coming together. Their feelings of grief sung for the majestic bird. A great beast, hunter and a parent.

-The requiem of the forest-

Menzai stood. A solitary tiny figure dwarfed before the unmoving Roc. Eyes closed, listening; living the forest’s sorrow at this terrible loss. A privilege only possible due to his immense love of the forest and its inhabitants and the guardian’s mark.

Through it all, he thought over the events that lead up to this moment. A battle no one expected nor with any real ill intent. The mistakes made, the amazing feats the group pulled off. The tragic ending.

A sorrowful song, yet filled with love and gratitude towards those that prevented further tragedies as well.

As the melodies started to slow and fade away, Menzai had made his decision on how to proceed and the many lessons he had come to learn.

Slowly exhaling from his nose, Menzai opened his eyes, a sharp purple gaze peering up at the Roc. Eyes previously faded and empty glowed with a fervent, radiant shine, the crimson glints almost appearing as if burning.

I had thought I understood. Thought I was ready to be a leader. That I was capable enough to do what I had sworn.” His voice spoke with volume and conviction, each word spoken with pure honesty. Menzai; a wolf of few words though when he speaks always come with his all. One that can be trusted with no deceit, ill intent or such.

But I was not only foolish, I was naive. I forgot or perhaps to say more accurately, misunderstood what it truly means to take on the moon’s oath. Forgetting it all, I allowed my concern for Phia overtake my mind.” A small shake of his head, disappointed in himself.

Turning his head slightly, turning his eye to the corner to glimpse a small peek back at Ulysses.” I worry over her at all times, of course. But, had I not rushed to get to her and instead had instructed the brothers more properly first…” Whether things may have played out differently or not no longer mattered at this point and Menzai knew this.

Yet, the idea of being a leader and his own personal bonds with Phia proved to be too much.” I have failed. I understand that each of you probably do not think of it that way. The group I can imagine not.” For a brief moment Menzai gave a small smile picturing the objections and kind words being said as if they were there.

The matter, however, is that I still failed. But, now having given up my arm freely, I have come to realize the true meaning of taking on the moon’s blessing.” He had more to say when

Gave up freely?! The hell are you blatherin about? Talking like you purposefully gave up the arm?” Ulysses spouted out flabbergasted with rage.

Menzai paused for a moment to let the man let out a bit of his anger.” Your anger is understandable. It might seem like I put them through seeing me like this to teach some cruel, but hard lesson. I assure that I would have preferred to avoid such an experience myself. Merely saving Phia meant the loss of my arm regardless…

Picturing his body a jumbled, disoriented messed of a body barely able to make sense of where he even was.

Well that’s all good and all. But..bleedin hell! If Phia wasn’t around you know you’d be going in with the Roc?!” Ulysses barked out, throwing his arms up in an incredulous manner.

A nod from the wolf who kept his gaze on the Roc.” Yes, precisely. I trusted Phia with my life, just as I trusted Sir Dante and Sir Darius and our unexpected guests would pull it off. They have all done exceedingly well. I am immeasurably proud of them. And while to outside eyes, this…” His right hand clutching around his shoulder where his left arm had been only mere minutes ago.

It was true. He was crippled and weak, his body’s center of gravity thrown off. At this point it was undeniable. Menzai could not possibly fight as he was, any item given could not change that.

But I am not beaten. I will rebuild my body. Train as I train the humans. Teach and learn, improving ourselves with help from each other. But, the path I must take will prove far harsher. A path I won’t let them share.

He could only help but be thankful to the Roc for the harsh lessons and loss. And with it, a far higher growth await him. Through the lost of his arm and this event, he had caught a glimpse of the group’s future potential, his own open to him too, albeit a painful and…gruesome one.

Yet, the path he had accepted the moment he took the ritual.
A deep sigh from Menzai who had moved close to the Roc, placing his hand against the bird’s face. Still warm, he thought, grateful.* Be at peace and know this. I will find what brought this unneeded tragedy….and make them regret messing with our forest.* His body flared with magic around his body as he declared this; purple eyes flaring with fierce and ominous belief.

Pulling his hand away. One last fleeting look before turning away, leaving the Roc and his failure behind.

I will ensure to get strong enough so that they never have to endure seeing me or any of us in such a… state. As long as there is breath in my body, I will make sure the bro- … no, all the humans get through this alive. They have already died once….I will not let our world tarnish their 2nd chance. And any who need my aid I will do my best to help.” Menzai meant every word as he stared into Ulysses' eyes.

Ulysses could barely remember what exactly he saw when he peered into Menzai’s eyes. Only that he felt that he could trust that everything he did was for the sake of Avalia.

The touch of Menzai’s hand on his shoulder snapped Ulysses out of his bit of daze as he took notice the wolf was on his back once more.

This is the 2nd time now….” And there would not be a third time. And unlike previously, he succeeded in the part that mattered most.

This alone was worth an arm and more. No matter what he would keep her safe.

A quick shake of the head.” Apologies. Ramblings of something I was reminded of. I have wasted enough time. And with the council…best we get back.
Tristan Glory

The woman's slight disdain did not go wholly unnoticed by the teen, but was thankful for the woman's kindness or understandable desire to not get wrapped up in a teen's mental tape." Ah, yes. Gracidea. Thank you miss. I have recently come to gain interest in plants and that as one can admit, can be a difficult to remember precisely." Nodding his head, eager to move on.

The receptionist proved to give a number of vital information that offered up number of ways to approach this whole mystery quest further. Listening to the woman explain had Tristan think over everything he had learned; halted briefly as he was taken aback at the insane price at the fine merely for picking a flower. For a moment a painful sting struck his heart out of his nowhere as if some unseen burning sensation hit.

In that he would be amiss to remind himself that this was no mere flower. Certainly not for such a cost. The legal routes were not easy at all or at least that is how it might first seem.

As mention of the head gardener and this vip reached his ears, things began to form a picture for the silver-haired teen. Now that he had all the clues.* Ok. So, either route I take will clearly cause me trouble to get through. And honestly, after having just gone through such a tedious case just yesterday on top of everything else...* Folding his arms as he turned to the side letting out a huff of hair from his nose, annoyed.

Not annoyed that this whole process seemed so tiresome, but that he was deciding to use the lessons his brothers tried to etch into his mind. It was clear Tristan was by any means a genius or had any real deep understanding of business fare, but even he understood the basics.

" Never forget Tristan. Whenever there's something you want, simply give a trade. But, also take the client into account for they won't always value money most. Doubt any of this will ever stick in that empty mind of yours though." His brother's cruel words rang cruel, said through mockery.

He intend to prove his brother wrong. And while the mere notion reviled him, through it a possible path that ensures he gets the flower and passage into the forest. His body started to shiver as the plan he was forming was honestly a gamble. A huge risk, but if his guess truly was right...

Before setting off to initiate what he intended to do, there was stil acquiring a book on plants. If he does somehow meet this gardener, he had a feeling meeting him with at least some modicum of knowledge on plants might be....smart. The thought of another learning session so soon left him cringing in suffering.

Turning back to the receptionist, clearing his throat one last time. Once he started, he knew things couldn't stop. If his curiosity and admiration were not strong, Tristan would never attempt doing this." Thank you. You've given me a plethora of help. I just need two ask two things. Who is this vip and where exactly is this Gracidiea flower so that I may at least admire before I depart?"

Once he would get the answer, Tristan would give another thanks then make his way to the library where he would seek out a book that may contain information on Gracidea flowers after a quick request for help from the librarian on where to find said books.
Tristan Glory

Through his inspections of the portraits and pictures involving Lady Aria, he would quickly take notice of the flower being the one similar link. Outside that, nothing else stood out from his investigation. It was both strange and yet not? Considering all her achievements involving plants and flowers and all.

And one would figure the woman to have a number of favorite flowers. But, in all images were the same type of flower; in fact, he could hardly recall seeing any that did not have one involved whether on her person directly or simply part of the image in some way.

Peculiar indeed." Either the lady just really loves that flower or.... but surely it can't be something that simple can it?" Tristan muttered to himself as he pondered off to the side having chosen an angle where he could not be seen. As his actions would likely come off as strange." But, seriously. This can't be it...can it?" Though it also made perfect sense. With her intent to keep whatever lie within the forest secret, she would choose an item that even if she lost could easily be replaced and not to mention completely inconspicuous.

The mere notion sounded so laughably ridiculous and for a moment he thought to laugh the idea off.

Then his mind was struck with a flashback recalling the researcher and his skeptical and dismissive approach.

He had nearly fallen into the same mental trap as the researchers. If the answer really was this flower. An answer right under their nose this whole time."Because the answer is, just as her life was like. Magical." He commented aloud to himself, his eyes briefly tearing up at this possible revelation.

Of course, even Tristan wasn't stupid enough to go and outright say or assume this to be the answer and he merely thinks the flower is involved in some way. Whether the flower was just the first part or if it was the key itself.

For now, he needed to find out more information on said flower and where he may procure one. The silver-haired teen turned to get moving only to halt in his tracks.* Hold on a second. Why the hell am I doing this menial grunt work when Fahe...or was it fuha? Gah, whatever! She was the one who wanted to go in in the first place.*

After having this thought, Tristan changed course to make towards the exit but with each step his curiosity on the mystery behind the forest and Aria, this moon petal mon and something about sibling beasts?

Without consciously noticing he would realized he was standing in front of the same counter from before.* Damn that glorious woman. How could anyone resist!* Grumbling his acceptance; besides, to have an opportunity to hold this over Faye was a delicious little cherry on this delicious mystery sundae.

" A sublime dessert with impeccable flavor that delights the tongue." Said Tristan, who took a few seconds to realize he muttered out loud. Quickly shifting into a throat clearing cough." A-ahem. Pardon, merely a treat from lunch lingering on the mind too much." Playing it off with an awkward laugh, his hand covering his embarrassed flushed face.

Hoping to have saved himself some bit of pride there, Tristan gave one more clearing cough against his fist." I apologize. I don't intend to waste your time too much, so I would like to ask where I may find information on this...Gra..gracie? No...Gracedie flower? Or where one could perhaps be obtained?" Asked the teen, genuinely curious to know.

He was already this far in. Might as well and see how this plays out and if this whole flower route proves to be a bust they can still back out before its too late.

Tristan Glory

Tristan observed the portrait closely for anything that might stand out. Besides being a lovely painting, little else stood out, other than her impeccable taste but that went without saying. The bouquet of Gracidea flowers were the only thing the woman seemed to have on her besides jewelry.

A thought came to mind as he studied the bouquet though it was only that. What he was thinking seemed like it was on the right path, but if it was that simple then accessing the forest would have been solved already. Though, considering the stories he was told up to this point and Lady Aria's achievement and theming with plants being too strong to ignore.* If this woman did indeed have some kind of key or totem then it must either be a very specific small item that had since been lost or...something that is actually easy to get but requires more to it.* The silver-haired teen contemplated.

If it was indeed some kind of plant, this could explain how she would easily hide it since the woman was likely seen with flowers or other plant on her person quite often considering her position. The pieces were there, but something was still missing.

" This whole thing is peculiar. Why even put up such a barrier to begin with? And keep it such a secret for that matter." Was it really to keep humans out or was it to keep whatever inside? The inverse was possible as well, there was also this mysterious Moon Petal...

Right index finger gently tapping against his left arm as he pondered over this. Things were starting to connect though best to check around more to see if he could glean any clear proof. With his plan of action decided, Tristan moved about inspecting any portratis related to Lady Aria, where he would search for any commonality or hints.
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Menzai Isanami

Time: Morning

Location: Gaurav


Mentions: Dante, Darius @Alivefalling @FunnyGuy , Phia @princess , Viola @13org , Cyrus @Helo

Equipment: White Haori, Gauravian luck charm bracelet, Steel Chainshirt of Deflection (3 uses per day), Disguise ring


Watching Phia depart, the stomping footsteps of Ulysses could be heard drawing close to the lone wolf waving off the departing fairy." Talk about a tense situation that was." The bearded male said with a barking laugh.

This earned him a stern gaze from Menzai though said nothing for merely standing was taking all of his effort and concentration. That and the promise made, spurring him to keep himself conscious until everything was properly finished.

" She's grown into quite the dependable young lady. Good thing too, otherwise we would already be searching for a new guardian candidate." The big man scoffed with a small chuckle, his meaty fingers fumbling over his body searching for something. A quick scrrtch, a match was lit and brought close to Ulysses face where he lit and puffed at his half-used cigar, the fiery glow giving the aged warrior's visage an almost eerie shadow as he turned his gaze to the injured wolf who still yet moved.

Observing quietly while taking a big puff of the cigar then slowly exhaled upward." The group will be alright, long as they got Phia with them. Even more so if they decide to go pay Sonia a visit." The mere mention of her name had even the huge wolf shuddering." Good luck to those brothers..after this incident, I doubt she will be in much of a good mood. Course.... nothing goes well whenever the sisters get involved." Another barking laughter rang out followed by a bit of cough from some cigar smoke getting caught in his throat.

Every swaying motion of the large hand had the glow briefly illuminate Menzai's face shadowed by his hair. The reddish hue contrasting with his slick, sickly pale skin. His eyes normally vibrant stood dim amidst the shadows, but still maintained that sharp, fierce spirit burning within those crimson glints. Gaze fixated on some unseen spot though his ears remained perked; flicking to his companions words as a single work spoken did not go unnoticed

Yet, gave no indication of what he thought or felt about the recent incident or what had been said. Menzai had always kept everything close to his chest. Mind, he was not simply standing there feeling sorry for himself; in fact far from it. Since regaining consciousness, Menzai had been slowly piecing everything together and working out how to best proceed. He had some ideas though still needed time to think on things and there was still the council that will surely be happening in the coming hours.

Ulysses let out a tired sigh, smoke billowing from his lips, the smell of booze on his breath." Those humans really are something too. Shame I missed the big open moment." A frown creasing his brow.

" They did well. If not for them, more lives would assuredly have been lost." Menzai spoke his praise towards Dante and Darius, his tone solemn and sad; peering off towards the Roc lying lifeless.

Following Menzai's gaze, Ulysses peered at the corpse and gave his beard a wary scratch." This is merely the start, of course. This attack likely no more than a warning. Probably trying to show us that even these woods aren't safe for humans. Didn't expect it to be so soon, but we might have-"

" Ulysses. Enough." Menzai cut the man off, his body trembling and wobbling in place about to collapse if not for the larger wolf stepping forward using his body to catch and hold him up." That is something.... I must discuss with the group, but..enough for now. Please, take me to the destination I requested." Asked the violet-haired wolf in a soft spoken manner barely above a whisper, refraining from elaborating any further for the time being.

With a final puff of his cigar." Ah, yes. Started rambling there and when you're already barely kicking. God forbids the reaction your mother will have." This time choosing not to chuckle, for what awaited Menzai was hardly a laughing matter. Things were only going to be more difficult once they get back to the village. Not to mention Sonia's possible wrath or how Phia would react if this prideful fool failed to hold up his promise. The duties of the guardian; a weight Menzai forced himself to carry. One they feared might crush him one day.

Bending downward using a decent size rock to put his cigar out on; finishing with a quick hand dusting, he turned and bent down." Alright. Get on. Your care is in my hands and making an enemy of the ladies from your family is one thing I definitely don't want on my arse."

A simple tired nod was his response as he allowed himself to rest against Ulysses back. Once secured and comfortable, the two made their way towards the Roc's head.
Tristan Glory

The answer the doctor gave proved him to be wrong, but only on the object which now that he thought about it was not, only too obvious. It also looked to be too big and likely heavy which for Lady Aria would be far too inconvenient.

And Burgundy merely stated that said object wasn't it. The possibility of some special key or so was still very much real.

Coming to the research center proved more fruitful than the teen expected, who previously merely had a passing curiosity about entering the forest now found himself intrigued. Especially more so if this Moon Petal Pokemon really has some connect to Aria.

And considering that the only way into said forest was through said item, then better to pursue and get their hands on it now. Recalling it now, Faye mentioned needing to look something up in passing.* Hmph, where is that frump gallivanting around anyway?* Tristan pondered, annoyed.

Why was the rich, spoiled teen doing detective work? A question with no real answer and at this point it didn't matter. Tristan was already where he needed to be and had most of the info needed now, so might as well make use of it.

Figuring the tour had nothing else for him from this point on, he chose to lag behind. His initial opinion of Dr. Burgundy now uncertain. As while he disliked the grumpy asshole, Kapoc..the man was at least honest. At least that's what he felt. Doesn't change his dislike of the horrid man and that wicked dragon beast of his.

Now left alone and no Tristan had no intention of wandering off and causing trouble. Instead, he chose to inspect the museum artefact involving Aria, starting naturally with her portrait. If the woman indeed had such an item, then items concerning her could hold a clue.
Tristan Glory

Tristan listened to the doctor explain answers to his questions with a sarcastic skepticism that somehow made Tristan feel a bit insulted. Not for himself, but for Lady Aria. The man's attitude with how he almost seemed to belittle the idea of these myths and legends as merely an amusing thought.

Not that the man was exactly wrong either. Such fantastical things does seem unlikely, but after the stories of Aria's tale; in fact true at that and....

That... unseen force. Previously thought to be ominous, though, however, the details about this moon petal mon and Aria linked certainly seemed clear. Could it be the source or guarding said source of whatever... mythicism surrounded the forest truly made to be illusive.

Mention of Aria having a way to enter in and out certainly stood out.

" she was trying to keep us out. As for why I can't say for certain."

Those words. Something did not fit for some reason. If she was the only one allowed passage then... maybe she had an item that allowed it? Why such a force would be put up, he could not say though saying it was to keep everyone out felt like only part of the story.

Taking all his thoughts and considerations together, Tristan raised his hand once more." Doctor, may I ask one more question. Has that.., crystal memorium been attempted to be brought near the forest?" He asked curiously, hoping not to come across trying to offend.
Tristan Glory

Tristan was understandably a bit shaken, having not expected such an experience from a story regarding a legendary figure. Overwhelming could be considered the most prudent term. The walk offered the needed recompense though it was not long before they would arrive at the resarch center.

After what he just experienced, the thought of a long and drawled out boring lecture on plants was mind-numbingly boring, at least at first.

Then entered Dr. Burgundy, who seemed to somehow draw people in almost immediately with the confident way the extinguished man carried himself. Something that certainly could not be said about a certain grouch; merely thinking of the void of life bastard sent a frustrated shiver through his body. He could only hope Burgundy was nothing like that uncouth louse.

As such, his reservations were understandable; albeit poignantly dickish without noticing.

Shortly after, Burgundy would start his lecture centered on zones and flowers. At first appearing to lose interest, but the doctor proved to have a certain..allure or aura that had even Tristan starting to pay attention.

Unbeknownst to the rattled teen still in the midst of learning interesting tidbits on temperature and soil effect on plant life, found himself drawn in just as much as the surrounding crowd. His pause also proving to be super-effective as a number, he, included had been holding their breath.

"It's magic."

Breaths exhaled almost in unison, a brief applause following.

A begrudging clap from Tristan. His sudden foul mood lessening considerably. The man was not quite done yet, however as mention of Aria's name got his attention once more. " The Moon Petal Pokemon. " The title of legend and myth told or at least a tiny portion of it. Seeing the peculiar remains both unnerving yet immensely fascinating.

The speech ending with one last big mention, the Illusive woods.* Hang on. I feel I've accidentally stumbled onto something..assuming this is that same...wicked forest.* Briefly recalling the intense ominous aura felt from it made his body shiver yet again.

"Now, does anyone have any questions?"

After some contemplation, Tristan raised his right hand." Yes, this Illusive woods you spoke of. These are the same enchanted forest with some strange..force around it, to clarify yes? If so, I am curious if there is a way into said forest? Plus, I feel there might be some strange things going on as I have caught two shiny pokemon within the garden only prior to coming here." He asked, appearing as if like bragging, but Tristan decided to share it after hearing about the strange effect surrounding the forest.
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