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Current There is a madness to my method. Or is there a method to my madness?
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Tis that time of year and I have just one thing to say: Happy Holidays! Whatever your celebrative holiday this time of year is, I hope it's a good rest of the year for you!
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The world has become a place for two kinds of people: the kind who make jokes so they don't have to acknowledge that this is happening and the kind who don't care and go with the flow.
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"If you had told me yesterday that I was the last hope of mankind, I would have punched you. After everything that's happened today though? Strangely normal to hear." -Future RP character
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I miss those moments when people would question my motives. Because then, at that moment in time, I did not know them.


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You know, maybe I SHOULD have put distrusting in Jason's weakness/personality section. He's rich, he's the son of a super hero, and he's the heir to a powerful company. Distrust is a way of life with potential friends in that situation.

Level: 1
Day/Time: Day Three-Early Morning
Location: Platform City-Tetris Castle to Skyrim-Stormcloak Camp
Interacting: Mr. President@Holy Soldier, Captain Piper@DracoLunaris
Mention: Ruben@Mattchstick, Azura@Lugubrious, Vault Boy@Holy Soldier

Nodding in thanks to Vault Boy for his answer on lethality, he decided to demegamerge for the vaccination process, which resulted in him looking more like his normal self. He then turned to the very clearly a robot and opened his mouth to answer, but was cut off by Vault Boy's answers to their various questions. The answer to his own made the most sense, considering they were going into unknown territory with unknown foes, but that didn't make ignoring other potential enemies, or simple incapacitation, ideal either. After it was all said and done, the group was dismissed and he approached the red chested robot. "In answer to your question, these steel gods could very well be Pseudoroids or Mavericks, highly dangerous robots who want to do little more than kill and destroy. Both should be put down with extreme prejudice, no questions asked, for the safety of others."

Not waiting for a retort, he headed off to the 49th floor, where the vaccination scientist was confused. "But...aren't you a machine of some type?" Vent sighed and shook his head, already knowing how this conversation was going to go.

"No, I'm human. I know what, to save us another twenty minutes of arguing, how about we do both vaccinations?" He megamerged back into Model ZX, taking the chip from the scientist and absorbing it into his armor. At least this way, as he gained his other megamerges, they would be immune to the virus. He then returned to his human form and got a shot. With that done, he approached the portal and looked at it, reflecting on where his life had gone to reach this point. After becoming the Megaman X, he had faced one insane enemy after another, one of those enemies being the Pseudoroid responsible for the death of his mother. After defeating Serpent, he had gone on to fight off the other Megamen of the models he'd used to defeat Serpent and Model W, hunting them down even after Master Albert's defeat and reclaiming the stolen models F, H, P and L. He now had them waiting for his need of them, on the other side of a portal similar to this on the Guardian's airship. Well, time to take the leap.

Jumping through, he arrived behind this Mister President guy, who waited until the others arrived to inform that that A), he was just to be called Boss after making a slue of references to things he'd never heard of, and B), that they were to follow his orders. At this point, the Megaman was torn between turning around and waiting for the next mission, megamerging and blasting the asshole into oblivion, or going his own way. The internal tug of war was brief before he just accepted things that were beyond his control. "Alright, Boss it is. I'm Vent, the Model X and ZX Megaman and only Megaman capable of Double Megamerging. Not that I expect anyone to understand that since I didn't understand anything 'Boss' was talking about."

๐”ป๐• ๐• ๐•ž ๐•‹๐•ฃ๐•’๐•š๐•Ÿ

Day/Time: Day Three-Morning
Location: Doom Train
Tagging: Six@Majoras End, The Heavy@ONL, Akira@Tenma Tendo, Slayer@Lugubrious

Warwick growled at Slayer's comment, but he didn't offer any retort, instead focusing on keeping his bloodlust from taking completely over and instead went to throw the vampire over his shoulder. Instead he found his jaws empty as his opponent vanished, a snapping sound coming from his mouth as the teeth snapped against each other. Moments later, his opponent reappeared to his left, purple flames enveloping his arm as he swung. Warwick let loose a howl of frustration and then swung himself with all his might towards the gentleman vampire. Both blows would connect, both combatants would be sent in the opposite direction from their opponent's, but only Warwick, the Wrath of Zaun, would fail to fully recover as the blow's effects set in, making him stumble slightly side to side.

Meanwhile, Akira would find that his blade had clashed with Giggles's left cleaver and a fist was thrown his way as well, but given his increased agility over that of the hulking Abomination's, he avoided it and danced back, peppering the undead creature with bullets. However, it would quickly become apparent that Giggles either didn't feel pain, or didn't acknowledge it, as it continued towards him at it's lumbering gait, giggling the entire way. Executor wouldn't have the easy time that Darion did dispersing the black snakes drawing away his life force, but Six would find that even after her teleport, a sextuple of throwing knives came her way, followed closely by the great axe wielding humanoid himself.

Heavy, however, found that charging the Death Knight Darion Mograine was a mistake, as the first blow, aimed at his head, was intercepted by a block, and the second met with a fist of Darion's own, his undead might allowing him to match Heavy blow for blow. "An admirable effort. You'd make a powerful Death Knight." He broke off from the Russian giant and swung for his gut as the man reached to grab him. Both met with partial success, with the blow from Darion doubling Heavy over, but Heavy's grapple was turned into a push as a result that sent the Death Knight into the wall of the bubble. As he was picking himself up, the Unholy magic that made up his skull attack forming in his hand, the PA came alive.

"Time to call it quits folks! Heroes, you lasted longer than anyone on the train had bet you would, though it turns out Mister Mograine was holding back, pity that. Anyways, King Boo's castle is our next stop. Best get ready!" Warwick, who was just finishing an exchange of blows with Slayer, limped off further down while Executor and Giggles disappeared into the crowd, the latter leaking green...liquid. The one who remained was the Death Knight, who strode over to the group.

"A good fight. Perhaps I can convince some of you to visit Ebon Hold and help teach our newer knights how to deal with the unexpected some time. Regardless, our time is short. I once visited King Boo in my own quest to conquer the Hallow's End challenge. He was more cunning than I'd given the ghost credit for." He waited for the group to reconvene before speaking directly to Slayer. "King Boo can make himself intangible to all but the most potent of magics. The young one may be your best bet to disrupt his invincibility." The train could be felt stopping and after a moment, the doors opened, revealing a castle that looked a lot like a mansion. A pair of skeleton's ushered the group off and the Headless Horseman came down the line from the direction of the engine. He had his fake pumpkin head on, in order to move more efficiently, and a saber sheathed on his waist.

"I've got to get all the yahoos on the train back to their home zones. That'll take...four or five hours. I'll be back by then, but you have six to find and beat the Boo. Good luck." He disappeared back towards the engine and soon after the train started moving again. Soon, it was only the heroes and the open gate to the mansion, which beckoned them forwards.


GM Note: From now on, all players will be required to keep track of their word count. XP will be awarded every GM post. Be sure to check the XP hider to see how much XP your character earned. Remember to keep your CSes updated. I have seen players slack in keeping their XP up-to-date and they have lost XP points because of it. I didn't take the XP away from them, they just didn't keep track of the XP on their own. It is YOUR responsibility if you want your character to level.


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P.O.: Slayer, Akira, Heavy, and Six.

Sorry I'm so inactive guys.

All good mate. It's busy.
For your judgement, oh mighty GMs.

@LuckyBlackCat I plan to post on my birthday on the 17th.
Nar Shadaa Troubles

A collab between myself, @Archmage MC, and @Sep

"Ok, so... is this a mission for two that I didn't see in the ad, or is something else going on here?" Willoh said, a bit confused at the Mandalorian who just came in and asserted himself onto the job. Willoh wasn't sure if she should be annoyed or not at his intrusion, considering Loretta was using her as top billing so far. Something about this Mando looked familiar though, but Willoh couldn't place it.

"Who are you again Mr. Mando?" Willoh said, gesturing at Elias. She got the feeling she had met this guy yesterday.

Elias glanced at Willoh and mentally grinned. The droid didn't recognize him off the bat, which meant that making sure they didn't find out he was here on Koren's orders was considerably easier. "Just a...friend, you could say, of Loretta's. Noticed the job on the postings and figured I'd follow up on it." Placing his helmet back on his head, Elias beckons to the door. "Perhaps we should go before anyone else shows up?"

"Good idea." Loretta nodded. "Though he's here at my request Willoh, it's my job, my choice."

Something about this Mando felt off to Willoh, but she couldn't tell what. Either way, she agreed. Best to get the job done and all that. "So... You need to grab your weapons first then? What kind of weapons?" Willoh said, ending with a very suggestive tone as the Trio got up and started to walk towards the hanger. Willoh really didn't work with other bounty hunters on a job all that much, considering the lifestyle, so she was going to have fun with it.

Elias glanced at the bot as Loretta attached herself to his arm. "Weapons that work for me. Answer enough?" He lead the way back towards his ship, and stopped at the checkpoint, holstering his twin heavy blaster pistols before replacing his jetpack and placing the vibrosword back in its sheathe on his back. He then continued towards his ship. "Not to jump to conclusions, but I figured a ship that's flown by an organic might work better for our employer." Elias kept the additional reason to himself though. Plus Koren can find my ship if we get into some kind of trouble.

"I'm a bit sad you didn't ask me what weapons I need there Mr. Mando," Willoh said, putting on a cute act. She was a bit annoyed at how Loretta was hanging on the guy, but even if this guy was suspicious, Willoh was sure he wasn't stupid enough to take one of the paradise family hostage. Even if it came to that, he had shown Willoh his weapons, but Willoh hadn't shown hers.

As they approached the Mando's ship, Willoh said. "Yeah,I have no snacks for ya. Just hope your a good pilot." She said, eyeing the ship. She figured if Loretta was going to listen to this guy, Willoh should tag along and keep an eye on the two of them, at least until the job was done. Something about this guy felt off. Not sinister, just, off.

"It's just supposed to be a purchase, right? My skills as a pilot shouldn't be needed." Loretta had nodded in agreement and Elias lead the way up the ramp. Once the pair were comfortable in the crew lounge, he himself headed into the cockpit and got them back into space. After punching in Nar Shaadaa's coordinates, the Mandalorian sent them into hyperspace before joining them, his helmet coming off once more. "Well, it'll be a few hours, so get comfy. Can play some Sabacc if anyone's willing to loose a couple of credits."

Was this just a purchase though? Usually if you just wanted to be taxied somewhere, you bought a taxi service, not a bounty hunter. But then maybe Wiloh was thinking too much into it, having just come off of an imp stealth mission. "Yeah sure. I'll play ya. Unless you don't think you can beat a droid?" Willoh said, laughing.

Elias shrugged. "I make it a personal habit not to gamble against a droid that can count their cards without trying." If he was honest, sleeping was fine with him, but it was a risk, especially since Koren's daughter was on the ship and it would be his luck that Koren would think he tried things. "Got other things to do as well."

"Hehe. Could always not play cards. Theres that chess thing as well." Willoh said, giggling. "So what are these other things Mr. Mando?" Willoh said, again putting on a custy act. She doubted she'd get much of anything from this guy, but it was fun to play around just the same. Just as long sa she kept an optic on both him and her client, so nothing bad happened.

"Well, there IS Dejarik, but I wouldn't play that against a Droid either. I'm personally taking a nap. Do me a favor and stay out of my files, and away from my maintenance hatches." Elias laid back and close his eyes, his breathing becoming slow and rhythmic after a couple of minutes, giving the illusion of sleep. In actuality, Elias was using a trick he'd learned from the Ordo Clan to see what his 'employer' and the driod had to say.

"Aw darn it. Guess hes going to just laze around. Welp, Got any ideas on what you wanna do to pass the time Loretta?" Willoh said once Elias started his nap. "If nothing comes to mind, we could just watch stuff on the holonet. I can project videos onto a wall no problem. Thats what I do when I'm by myself anyway, without the projection thingy of course." Willoh suggested. Loretta, keeping her composure but feeling a tad bored with the prospect of a 5 hour travel time said. "A few holonet movies sounds like a good plan."

"Sounds great! If our Mando friend here wasn't asleep maybe he could give some suggestions. I usually watch informational stuff or Gungan comedy videos myself, dunno if you'd be into those. Speaking of informational videos, did you know there is a holonet video that teaches you how to make a hyperdrive from scratch?" Willoh said, not hiding her excitement in the least.

After an hour or two of Willoh talking about the various parts, and ways to build the parts, of a starship, followed by some comedy videos, Elias pretended to wake up and headed to the kitchen area for a drink. It was about an hour after that that the ship's autopilot dropped them out of orbit over Nar Shadaa, prompting the Mandalorian to resume his place as pilot until they landed. Once they had disembarked, and then Elias turned and made sure his ship was locked down, he turned to Loretta. "Alright, princess, lead the way."

"Nar Shadda is a fun planet, lots and lots to do! Its a shame they don't let droids into the casino. You know, counting cards and all that..." Willoh said as they disembarked, Loretta leading the way to the Hutt arena she wanted to visit. Why she needed two bounty hunters for this task Willoh didn't really get. Unless she was worried about the lowlifes on Nar Shadda, which would be a valid concern. Willoh had a few run ins with said low lifes on this planet before, especially with the slave and droid trade being what it was here. "So Mr. Mando, ever been to any nice spots here that I should be aware of after that Hutt arena? I've already tried sneaking into the casino, that didn't work out so well for me so don't suggest that one!" Willoh said, trying to strike up conversation.

Elias snorts as they walk, a hand resting on one of his blaster pistols, though his armor was deterrent enough for most of the cutpurses in the crowd. "If you only tried the primary casinoes, you didn't look hard or deep enough. Sure, the other ones are seedier, but they use jamming tech during the shuffling process, keeps droids from keeping track of the cards. Buuuttt you also run the risk of getting ion blasted and scrapped too. Take your pick I guess."

"Eh, I wanna avoid those types of casinos too. Been to one once, the jamming gives me a headache and I had to turn a guy into mincemeat because he tried the same thing you said. Took me awhile to clean the sawblades..." Willoh said omniously. "But I'm sure you've had to deal with low lifes as well, both of you, haven't ya?" Willoh said, striking up more conversation as they all made their way to the Hutt arena.

They approached the old Arena. A couple of gammorans stood guard. Loretta turned to the two of them. "If I'm entirely honest, I'm not coming to buy with being asked... per say." Loretta turned back to look at the gate. "I'm hoping I can convince them to part with something by pure amounts of credits. If not-" Loretta shrugged. "-I'm sure we can arrange something."

"Second time in two days I've gone shopping with another lady. fun fun." Willoh said, making sure the trio wasn't being tailed or anything.

Elias eyed the pair in front of them and then glanced at Willoh. "Well, if credits don't work, there's always good old fashioned blaster diplomacy." In his personal experience, what credits couldn't get, either cunning or blaster skill could, and the Smuggler had plenty of that to spare for both.

"Or seduction. I've only ever had it work once though, sadly." Willoh said, laughing. "But yeah, I'm up for some firefights." she continued as the trio entered the arena. Looking around, Willoh tried to find a piece of metal, or something made out of metal. But even a slightly out of use arena was still structurally sound, and there wasn't anything easy around to pick up that she could turn into ammo.

Loretta arched an eyebrow between Willoh and Elias in a is she for real type movement. Her bodyguard was a little more... extra than she had been expecting.Loretta raised both her hands. "Don't worry about it guys, I've learned a thing or two from my father. He's only one of the most succesful people in Hutt Space after all." As she neared the edge of the arena Willoh would see a figure appear behind them, a man dressed in a long black coat. Point at them, and then yell.

"Loretta Graeff!"

Loretta winced, audibly. Turned arround and then smiled the fakest smile Elias likely ever saw, and he had probably seen a few.

"Oh, heeeeeey... I'm sorry but I'm busy right now. Call back later." With that she turned around.

"I wouldn't do that, unless you want a blaster hole in the side of your head." She winced again, turning around even slower. Hands raised. "Listen, it's a real bad time. Tell you what, why don't you take this up with one of my two friends here, you can even take your pick-" She pointed her thumb back in the direction of the arena. "-I've got other things I need to do."

Elias narrowed his eyes at the man and strode forwards, his hands coming to rest on both his pistols. "Willoh, stay with Loretta. I've got this." Coming to a stop a few feet away from the black coated man, he took a dueling stance. "Mind telling me what has you so hot and bothered, or do we just get to the shooting?"

Willoh nodded at Elias, and got into a defensive postion around Loretta. Forming a guass rifle inside her arm, she popped it out, as if she was hiding it in there all along. On her other arm she raised it in front of herself and formed a shield, again making it look mechanical as if she had it in her all along. She didn't have that many shots with her guass rifle but considering how difficult it was to dodge and how much damage it did, she probably only needed a single shot. That was assuming Mr. Mando missed, and Willoh doubted he would. And her shield made out of her own alloys could probably only take a blaster shot or two, but it was better than showing what she really was.
Alicia Harnick

Level: 2
Day/Time: Day Two
Location: Butter Building, Kirby's Dream Land
Interacting: Senior Poppy Bros@Holy Soldier
Mention: Phoenix Wright@Leaves, Banjo-Kazooie@Etherean Fire, Cloud Strife@Holy Soldier, Frisk Dreemur@Guardian Angel Haruki
Word Count: 341

Alicia nodded to Frisk in answer of their thanks, but in other words, made no response, instead trying to wrap her head around the cry fest that the two brothers had become. Apparently they didn't particularly care for the idea of death, a thought which was basically confirmed when they argued about what their "king" had ever done for them. "There seems to be some internal strife within this 'Emperor' Dedede's court. Perhaps we should suggest leveraging it?" Alicia grunted as she followed the group, the Doctrine of Passing in hand once more.

"No, I don't think our child leader will agree. It's bad enough he's going to already object to the fact that we may have to battle our next few opponents. And from what I've learned of the Mugen Virus, Dedede is going to be no exception now that he's been infected." Iron made no response other than a thoughtful hum. His Guardian, on the other hand, was still coming to terms with the fact that she was looking at, albeit this world's version, an actual whale. She had seen plenty of them in the archives, all different kinds, from Beluga's to Humpbacks. But to be looking at one in person, especially since it was so close in appearance to a Blue Whale, was simply amazing. "You're saving images and video of this for Ikora and the Warlocks, right?"

"I am. I think we should talk with the group before we go too much further ahead, preferably before the next fight." Alicia nodded, and once the group had crossed the bridge, she called for a halt so they could talk. Of course, she would begin since she'd called for the stop inside the stairwell.

"I don't think we'll be able to talk our way past the next fight, or the one after that, if these next two generals are as fiercely loyal as was suggested. And about this King Dedede...Frisk, there's no reasoning with someone who's been infected by the Mugen Virus. Their sanity is gone at that point."

James Varrock

Level: 5
Day/Time: Day Three-Early Morning
Location: Platform City-Save Point Inn
Interacting: Sparx@Holy Soldier, Shantae@Guardian Angel Haruki, Bently@ONL, Cuphead@Majoras End, Taric@DracoLunaris

The dragonfly's enthusiasm at James's survival of Gnasty Gnorc's ambush brought a smile to the Nightstalker's face, even though he wasn't sure why. "Course I survived, that ugly bastard didn't have what it takes to do me in." He didn't bother mentioning that the Mugen infected Egg Stealer had nearly succeeded though. I owe Banshee a big apology for the comments I made about him insisting my armor was in top shape before I went on patrol before... He nodded when Sparx asked if they were there to help, but as he followed, he noticed the fellow with the black cloak and hood and frowned. Charger noticed and sighed.

"Tag him?"

"Nah, it's late, and who knows what people from other worlds wear. Remember the cuphead here?" Charger made no reply, though he seemed to become annoyed at the reminder. Once they were in the room, with James inside last and closing the door, he stood against the wall to listen. When asked about the giant ugly's fate, the Nightstalker chuckled darkly. "Let's just say Mister Gnorc caught a one way ticket to hell." As the dragonfly went on to tell the story of how he ended up between dimensions, as he put it, James's face fell as he remembered the figure that was downstairs a just a room away from where they'd met the bug. But he then shrugged it off as paranoia; there was no way the guy had managed to track the dragonfly to Platform City.

The end to the story came, and James chuckled again, though less morbidly this time. "Well, you won't have to worry about that greedy sleezeball, Moneybags, any time soon. He's in custody within Tetris Castle and being questioned as we speak. And as for your situation...I'm all for helping, but we'll need to get any of this group-" The cupheaded person said they needed to help before the Guardian could finish, so he quickly pressed on quick as he could before getting cut off again. "We need to get them to the castle and immunized before we go. Then I can get Guile or one of the other Council members to get us a portal to your Dragon Realms and help out."


Level: 1
Day/Time: Day Three-Early Morning
Location: Platform City-Tetris Castle
Interacting: Vault Boy@Holy Soldier
Mention: Ruben@Mattchstick, Azura@Lugubrious, Mr. President@Holy Soldier

Vent simply snacked lightly on his food while they waited, though he was intrigued by the use of a viewscreen like back home. Of course, this one was clearly far more advanced, since it was able to transmit through to other dimensions, as well as receive from them, but the familiar piece of tech was somewhat comforting all the same. For the Megaman, Platform City was still just a touch too much mix and match. Eventually, the screen's picture matched the clarity of the audio, and things began to grow interesting.

First was the message recording, which described "gods of steel" that had made these Forsworn stronger than before. His mind raced as he considered the implications of what they could be. Could be more Psuedoroids, considering how easily Serpent created them and then handed each of them half of a Biometal... It would also fall in line with the "Great Game of Destiny" that Ashe had told Vent about when Albert went on a rant. Still, he wasn't convinced, and it was possible that they were also powerful Mavericks, though he admitted that could be wrong. The group on the other side of the screen had, until the Vault Boy began listing the various titles one of them went by, been largely ignored by him. After all, people were going to be people, even if it was a bit childish.

However, with each title, his attention was drawn more and more to the screen. Eventually, the man gave up and accepted that he'd been summoned. Vent wasn't sure how good of an idea that was, given how he'd already tried to weasel out once, but the more the merrier if the Megaman had learned anything. Vault Boy then asked for any questions or comments, and the first to speak was the girl with the blue hair, asking for better winter clothing. Vent himself had a different question, as he was pretty good at ignoring temperatures after his adventures. "Are we allowed to go lethal or are we only to take out the 'steel gods' permanently?" Normally he wouldn't care, since they were bad guys, but he had since learned that other games reacted differently to his brand of justice than his own.
Stealing the Princess from under the Moff's nose

A collab by Zarkun and Enalais

The Bellator dreadnought came back into Ultmara, it was a crippled ship. It would take some time to repair, but all of the guns were working and the ship would be okay. The other three star destroyers he had taken with him to greet the Bellator came along side. "Steve, in all actuality this will not be my flagship. It presents too big of a target, but it will be announced that it is my flagship. You are to act as my flagship, even without me present can you deliver?" The moff asked, his hands folded behind his back as he looked out the viewport. "Yes m'lord we can do that." Steve replied giving a half bow.
"Good, take care for now Steve, welcome to my little slice of the empire." Moff Orro smiled, and exited the room, taking the lifts back down to the hangar.

Taking the shuttles, and his troops with him. Orro returned home, his two politcal prisoners would be coming with him of course. The girl, and her boyfriend his former trooper. The two of them were going to make nice pawns in the game to come, he could use Moff Livanni's reasources, and given time he could even get him in the same room with the other moffs.

The ride to his "Palace" was quiet, and nobody said anything to Orro until he landed. "Take the prisoners to meet Moff Taurus, the lovebirds will be sharing a cell." He said. "Yes M'lord." The troopers nodded, and went off to carry out his orders. The palace, itself was very utilitarian, the roof was fitted with AA cannons, two turbolasers flanked the front gate, E-webs were set throughout the yard, foxholes were dug. The inside of the manor was void of decoration, the floor was metal mesh so any blood spilt would drain away, small turrets were set here and there throughout the building. All and all he made this palace a fortress, he wasn't one for decorative peices when practicality made more sense. Tired, from all of the places he'd been the moff collapsed on his bed in his office and fell asleep.

Meanwhile, in a holding pattern around the moon of an unnamed planet two systems over, Supreme Commander Jason Je'and had returned to his now fully reinforced fleet, his Z95 setting down in the hangar of his flagship before he disembarked and headed for his quarters. On his way there, Hammer met him in the halls, a datapad in hand which he hands to the Supreme Commander. Reading over it, Jason sighs. "The information is useful, but it doesn't solve the dilemna we've been in since we blitzed Mortifus. Which do we hit next?"

Hammer nodded, his helmet under his arm for the time being. "Perhaps we don't have to make a direct attack, sir. One of the observation teams in Moff Jacsen Orro's Ultmara Sector just transmitted a report. Remember his take over of Moff Livanni's territory?" Jason nodded, his face growing dark. Using the man's daughter as a hostage, it was a cowardly act, one that only proved that the Empire had no honor and no reliability.

"I do. Has he finally returned home then?" Hammer nodded and lead the way towards one of the briefing rooms.

"He has, and he's apparently sent Livanni's daughter and her boyfriend to his prison on Ultmara itself. The convoy left around fifteen minutes ago planetside time." Entering the briefing room, Jason would find that Hammer had gathered a commando team already, Epsilon Squad. This was the squad that had been responsible for taking the watchpost prior to the blitz on Mortifus, and so their abilities were not in question.

"Alright then, we'll send them in. Have they been briefed?" Hammer nodded and Jason smiled. This would be a good test of the commandoes in a more...hostile environment with less predictable encounters. "Good. Epsilon Squad, you know the objective and you know your mission. God speed." The four Clone Commandoes saluted both Commander Hammer and the Supreme Commander before going to retrieve their gear and load up on the salvage ship that would take them to Ultmara. The team consisted of their sniper, a clone by the name of Sharp, who specialized in force recon and long range support. On his back rested a small droid that was deployable as both a small portable shield and defensive turret, the technology based on the Droidekas from the Clone Wars. Next was Eighty, their assassin and close combat specialist. While his expertise lay primarily in wielding bladed weaponry, particularly those attached to his armor, he was no slouch with his Blast Cannon when the situation called for it and he was a decent shot with his pistol as well. The third member of their team was Niner, assault specialist extrodinaire. If it's a rifle and it can be tuned or improved, he can do it, and he never misses a shot, even if his target doesn't make sense.

Finally, at the head of their squad, was the squad commander, Winter. He was their anti-armor specialist and pretty damn good with a sword, though he still wasn't good enough to best Sharp. Reaching the armory, it was only a matter of minutes before they were armed and en route to Ultmara, a group of non-Clone specforce with them to operate the salvager and provide cover for them. The Clones knew they were heading into a wildly different situation than the watchpost had been, but they knew that messing up Orro's plans were the only way to keep the Empire on the back foot.

The Imperial district of the planet had been set up like a fortress, with storm trooper patrols keeping an eye on the street and AT-ST's on standby to be used in case of siege, The Moff used his heavier vehicles the AT-AT's to patrol the much wider streets outside of the imperial district but they could be streamlined to support the palace if need be. In the streets walked guard patrols of both aliens, and humans. In imperial uniform, but they were not stormtroopers instead they were used for milita detail, and frontline infantry. Officers were not denoted among them though other than by emblems, to make them less likely targets for criminals trying to get information out of the empire.

A space assault would be folly with the amount of defense sattalites set up, and the amount of civilian ships going to and from the planet. As soon as the junker entered the system it was hailed by a star destroyer. "This is the star destroyer Pride of Kuat please proceed to Imnay space port and prepared to be boarded by imperial authorties. Do not attempt to resist, we will be quick." The voice said, it sounded bored with what it was doing. But nonetheless it transmitted directions to the space port of where they were to land.

The pilot of the salvager, a Mirialan, grunted an affirmative before following the provided coordinates. Killing the channel, he growls. "Damned Imperial scum. Can't even let fake sscavengers have engine issues in peace." A Mon Cala member of the specforce team shakes his head.

"At least they don't know we're fake. And do try to remember that." Their unit captain, a Selkath, poked her head out of engineering, an annoyed look on her face as she pointed a spanner at them.

"Would you two cut the chatter? We need to get these four on the ground WITHOUT looking suspicious." The pair shut up and silence reigned until it touched down in it's designated landing bay. After a moment, the loading ramp lowered to allow the inspecting troopers onboard. Meanwhile, a hidden airlock under the ship slide open quietly at the same time, and once the troopers had gone up the ramp to meet with the Selkath, who was acting as captain of the vessel, four armored individuals, who's armor had been intentionally dirtied to dull it's reflective nature, slipped out and sealed up the hidden lock before moving towards a sewer access. Popping it open, the four Commandoes disappeared into them with the grate being replaced behind them.

The squad of imperials marched up the ramp, unknowingly walking right over the group of commandos. The insides of the sewers were safe at least, there was an occasional body laying face down in the slude from the cities seedier inhabitants. But one could walk the entire thing of tunnels all the way under the palace.

The underbelly of the palace, was unguarded it was quite the easy way into the palace itself, dodging skulking the streets but there was no way to tell where to properly exit into the palace itself, or where you were going to be coming up.

Sharp took up the rear of the formation, his rifle moving around as they walked in formation; Niner on the right with Winter on the left while Eighty took point, his Blast Cannon their hello to any unfortunate stormtrooper to stumble across the four. It was important to note that instead of the sniper rifle that Sharp would normally use on the field, he was packing a DMR carbine, which was the more practical option for their current engagement range. After several minutes, Eighty signalled a stop. "We're somewhere under the palace, sir, but we don't have any way to know where the prison is."

Niner nodded in agreement. "Yeah, and as much as I enjoy blasting Stormies into oblivion, just the four of us can't handle the garrison that's likely here. It isn't a watchpost." Winter stood thoughtfully, looking over the various entrances they had before snapping his fingers.


"Aye, sir?"

"You go thermal, I'll go magnetic. Between the two, we should at least be able to avoid the barracks." The sniper nodded and his visor changed to a red tint while Winter's took on a blue. Silence reigned while they searched, scratching Xs onto the doors that weren't what they were looking for. After about fourty-five minutes, Winter stopped at a door on the left with Sharp next to him. "You get groups that look to be in cells up there, Sharp?"

The sniper nodded, reaching for the open button. "I did, sir. This is most likely the prison." As he was ready to push it, Winter, Eighty, and Niner stacked up for a breach, Eighty in front with Winter then Niner behind him. The moment the door slid open, the commandoes charged in, but found only an old storage area, various pieces of outdated equipment in it. The next door lead to a hallway, where the sound of prisoners calling for release reached them. "Bingo."

The prison cells were unberably hot, they felt like a scorching desert. Something that Orro did to his prisoners to make them clearly uncomfortable. The cells contained political prisoners, and major criminals, there was a squad of stormtroopers posted in the cell block, and at the far end of it a console manned by an officer that would release the prisoners, or activate alarms.

To say the squad was surprised would be an understatement, caught flat footed they reacted the best they could taking cover where they could, the officer going for the console to activate the alarms, the storm troopers offering covering fire where they could.

Having caught the squad of stormies off guard, it bought Sharp the few second he needed to put two blaster bolts through the back of the officer as he made a break for the alarms before he took cover along with the rest of the commandoes. The following firefight was brief but intense, the two sides exchanging fire rapidly. But after eight or nine volleys, only one stormtrooper remained, and he wasn't in great shape. Winter hefted him up and slammed him into a wall, his blaster pistol to the man's gut. "Moff Livanni's daughter. Now." The stormtrooper grunted.

"Go to hell, you clone son of a-Oof!" Winter had delivered a punch to his gut and then leveled the blaster pistol with the trooper's kneecap.

"Moff Livanni's daughter. NOW." Grunting in pain to lift his head back up, the trooper pointed at the cell numbers.

"She's in cell block B, number 2. Please, I have a family, I enlisted to provide for them. Don't kill me. Please." Winter sighed, and signaled Niner, who swiftly and promptly slammed the butt of his DC-15A into the base of his head, knocking the stormtrooper out cold. Winter took a moment to find the right block and then get them moving. The trip was relatively short, and further patrols were easier to avoid.

Fifteen minutes later, they stood outside the door to their target, who was supposed to also be in there with her boyfriend. The guards for this block all lay unconscious, the Commandoes having had time to set their blasters to stun this time, but they couldn't take much longer. "Eighty, go." The door slid open to reveal Livanni's daughter and her boyfriend huddled together in fear, having heard the shots outside. Winter nodded and Niner and Eighty grabbed them and bound them before ushering them back towards where the clones had come in.

The girl screamed, the boy was bewildered, when the clones entered their cell, as they grabbed her she fought screaming at them. "You idiots, leave us!" She shouted, at the clones, she tried to pull away but failed. "He already won anyways!" She shouted at the clones.

Niner dug the barrel of his blaster pistol into her back, prompting her to be silent. "Do we look like some of your daddy's loyal stormies? No, we don't. We're Commandoes and the only reason we're here for you is to complicate things for Orro. WIthout you, your daddy has no reason to listen to Orro. Course, it's entirely possible that he simply joins forces with Orro to get you back but we're willing to work with that." Winter turned to look at Niner, who fell silent.

Within a few minutes, they were back in the sewers and heading for the spaceport. For good measure, both Livanni's daughter and her boyfriend were gagged before they got to where their ride was waiting.

The group escaped with no further incident, and Orro was awaken quite rudely. "M'lord, the prisoners. Moff Livanni's daughter have been freed." His attendant said, looking visibly disturbed that someone could break into the palace. Orro on the other hand looked at the man, and laughed. A manical laugh, something that disturbed the attendant to his core. "Well then, we better find whoever took them, cameras in the prisions looked through find our assalians, increase security from where ever they came from, and we will hunt them to the ends of the galaxy. They played their hand, lets play ours." Orro said, when his laughter finally subsided.

The girl tried to speak when they gagged her, but eventually she gave up and awaited for the ride to end. For wherever they were going to take her, and the man of her dreams. Her brave trooper who seemed just as alarmed as she was, but she hid it much better. She hid it like a moffs daughter, awaiting her chance.

It wasn't long before the junker was back on the hyperspace lanes, making a multi system jump. It would be a few hours before they met back up with the fleet, so orders were given by Winter to secure the two Imperials before removing their gags. Winter spoke once it was done, their hands manacled to chairs. "So, what's Orro got to gain from extorting your father? Shipyards? Mines?"

The girl just sighed. "Spice from Kessel, slaves from the mines to bargain with the hutts, also the loyalty of my father. Before he left Orro started changing the guard, he probably has my fathers officers by now. So he's already won, Orro's plans are for some sort of meeting of all the Moff's. What he does from there is all up to speculation." She sighed, looking at the commandos. "If you care at all for your republic, you will go back and kill him." She said, hidden venom in her voice.

Winter chuckled, taking a seat nearby. "Unfortunately, the fleet isn't up to full strength yet, nor are our ground forces. But don't worry, Orro'll get his soon enough. When we reach the fleet, we'll have to see if what the Supreme Commander thinks of you. Might be willing to train ya up, give you a unit to lead against Orro yourself. Until then, get comfy, it'll be awhile until we reach the fleet."
James Varrock

Level: 5
Day/Time: Day Three-Early Morning
Location: Platform City-Tetris Castle to Save Point Inn
Interacting: Guile and Sparx@Holy Soldier, Shantae@Guardian Angel Haruki, Bently@ONL, Cuphead@Majoras End
Mention: Moneybags@Holy Soldier

The trip back to Tetris Castle for James was silent and, well, rather dull, but all's well that ends well and all that jazz. The contagion had been contained, despite the unnecessary loss of civilian life, and they hadn't immediately been laid into by Guile, which was also a plus. Once they'd reached the castle, he headed up to the Council's room when directed there by one of the Lemmings. The Nightstalker wasn't honestly sure what to expect when he got there, but he supposed that didn't matter at the end of the day, because it was a mission success in his book, even if he might not have done it by the book.

The only person to have beat the Guardian there, which was of little surprise, was Guile himself, and after taking a seat, the others trickled in before the blonde soldier spoke. His words were surprising, and there was none of the tongue lashing that he would have expected from a man with an attitude like Vanguard Commander Zavala's. Still, he wasted no time standing when Guild finished. "I don't have any questions, but I would like to say that Moneybags told Steve that the reason he did what he did with Gnasty Gnorc was for money, plain and simple. I don't know if that was the truth, but that was what he shared just before the martial artist knocked his greedy ass out. I'm heading to the Save Point Inn to meet with Sparx, see if we can offer Spyro some help in...I think it was Dragon World. Something like that."

It was a short and quick trip back down for the Nightstalker, using the teleporting elevator thing to get to the bottom floor. Rest was the last thing James needed with what could be potentially another crisis in another world happening. "You know, sleep wouldn't hurt you at this point. You've been fighting hard all night." The Guardian shrugged, running towards the Inn and following directions he got from passersby to get there.

"Later, Charger. We need to find out what's going on." The time to reach the Save Point Inn had been about half an hour with his unfamiliarity with the streets, but he found it and walked in. Noting the sleeping patrons, he quietly searched for the dragon fly until he found the purple haired girl from the Smash Arena, a talking turtle in a wheel chair and-"OK, this guy with the cup for a head is testing my suspension of disbelief."

"Can't believe I'm the one saying this, but shush." James approached the group and removed his helmet, offering a smile. "Good to see you made it out of there in one piece there, Sparx."


Level: 1
Day/Time: Day Three-Early Morning
Location: Platform City-Tetris Castle
Interacting: Vault Boy@Holy Soldier
Mention: Ruben@Mattchstick, Azura@Lugubrious

The former courier had seen many different kinds of buildings back when he worked for the now deceased Girouette, ranging from from state halls that had soaring roofs and painted ceilings to the humblest shack, made of little more than some cheap alloy that the owners could barely afford. As a member of the Guardians, he'd stormed so many more types of buildings, from factories that churned out the mavericks he fought to what had essentially equated to a flying palace, with overly dressed up walls and filled to the brim with enemies he'd already bested.

Tetris Castle, however, was something new. On the one hand, Vent had heard stories of the old world before the creation of Reploids and the beginnings of Maverick attacks, with large buildings similar to the castle he now strode through to reach the reception hall. The Guardians wasted no time in requesting an official place within the castle in order to lend some of their unique brand of research and technology to that being used already, plus it had given Vent, who had volunteered to be the primary combat support, a way to stay in contract with the majority of the Guardians as well as Prairie.

He approached the hall today in the appearance of Model ZX, energy humming through his body as he pushed the door open. He had not been the first, as there was a small crowd gathered just a short distance from the doors, but he didn't seem to be the last, and he took his place amongst those gathered, one hand resting on his belt. After Vault Boy had said what he had to say, the Megaman, or Chosen One depending on who you asked, took a seat an equal distance from the two people who'd stuck out to him the most after ordering a soda from one of the Lemmings.

The first was a girl with long, well cared for aquamarine hair, who had been carrying a lance until they were told to enjoy the food. He wondered briefly if Model L would like her, but decided against that. The weapon of choice for Model L was a dual sided Halberd that really was at it's deadliest under water. The other wore armor that the Megaman had never seen before and carried a rifle of unfamiliar design. The pair had both left their weapons where they wouldn't necessarily get in the way, but Vent had his on his hip, currently in Megabuster mode. It was essentially a large pistol in that form, and so he had very little in concerns to what others would think of him keeping it.

After receiving his drink, Vent took some ham, a couple of rolls, and a sandwich before beginning to eat, as he was eager to get going.
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