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Current There is a madness to my method. Or is there a method to my madness?
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Tis that time of year and I have just one thing to say: Happy Holidays! Whatever your celebrative holiday this time of year is, I hope it's a good rest of the year for you!
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The world has become a place for two kinds of people: the kind who make jokes so they don't have to acknowledge that this is happening and the kind who don't care and go with the flow.
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"If you had told me yesterday that I was the last hope of mankind, I would have punched you. After everything that's happened today though? Strangely normal to hear." -Future RP character
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I miss those moments when people would question my motives. Because then, at that moment in time, I did not know them.


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Hey everyone!

I just remembered something. Silly me.

Dusksong already took all the information that I was going to use on a stand alone site and created another RP within the roleplayer guild. This is the link to it: LINK.

I'd like to use that thread's content (maybe just dial it back a bit and make it more focused). All the ideas that I've ever had are neatly put together there. Unfortunately, all of Dusksong's work on it is located in the 1st OOC post instead of the 0th OOC post. This means only she can edit it. This leaves us with two options.

1) We wait for Dusksong to come back online, before making any decisions. She hasn't logged in for 14 days (as of the time of this post).

2) I copy and paste all of her work and build a new RP off of it. Technically, she copied it from me first from my stand alone site (with my permission of course), so I doubt she would mind.

What do you all think?

Oh... there is a 2 Co-GM limit. I already have Dusksong and LuckyBlackCat already volunteered. Zarkun, do you mind helping LuckyBlackCat by proxy?

I'd be happy to help.

<Snipped quote by Zarkun>

Using Pokemon Showdown felt wrong in general? Or using only type moves felt wrong?

Also, I've created a 0th post for the IC section. I wrote in a general Plot overview, but I need help filling out the Chapters that will be contained within hiders. That's where all you come in. Can you all please summarize any major plot points that have happened since the inception of this site. I know it is a daunting memory exercise, but don't sweat the small details. You can break it into multiple "Chapters" or condense it all into the "Chapter 1" hider. At this point it is more your story than mine. So you all can do as you like. @Zarkun@dusksong@LuckyBlackCat

Primarily the only type moves. Pokemon learn tons of moves, even if they don't match the type, and denying them that move feels wrong.
You got it! I'm working hard as we speak and loving every minute of it.

I have a related question for you all though. Did anyone in this RP try to PvP battle using the Pokemon Showdown method? If so, how did that feel? If not, why didn't anyone use it?

Similarly, has anyone used Pokemon Showdown in other RPs? How did that work out?

I think we kinda did in the battles, I know in the one PvP battle I did with BlackCat, we used only type moves. But, it didn't feel right. I understand the purpose behind it, but it feels...I don't know how to say it other than wrong.
Okay, I've skimmed over the top of everything. It seems as though a solid break has been met. Now is the perfect time to do a time skip. If I may, I would like till Friday night to try and revamp this RP. I'll have 3 objectives.

1) Condense and simplify the manual and processes currently in place.
2) Move content to the the 0th post so that Co-GMs can help edit.
3) Release/upgrade at least one new feature. I'm open to suggestions. Gyms? Contests? Etc...

When the time skip happens, it will be the middle of a new day, three days later, a "Monday" (just to pick one). I will be simplifying the time elapsing model, so don't work about sunrise or sunset anymore.

Any objections?

Sounds good to me. I would like to request that we add Gyms, a Pokeleauge and something non-battle focused, like contests or the like. Gives us some more structure to work with.
Hey guys and gals,

It sure has been a while! I'm glad to see a few people have stuck with this RP. I've recently quit my full time day job underneath "the man" in order to focus more on a company that I have started. I'd rather not talk about the details on that. It IS legal and wholesome; I just want to keep my real life separate from my RP life.

That being said, my schedule has opened up immensely. I'm want to revisit this RP in order to build some much needed features, such as a gym infrastructure. As my first order of business, I would be moving some content from the 1st OOC post to the 0th OOC post,so Co-GMs can edit the 0th post. Unless there are any objections, this would replace the off-site google document.

I would then be promoting new people to the position of Co-GM. This would be a solid way of spreading out the work load even more. If you've been active in this RP and would like to be a Co-GM, just let me know. To keep things organized, Co-GMs would have different areas of focus (e.g. Co-GM of Location Approvals, Co-GM of Character Approvals, Co-GM of Organization Approvals, Co-GM of Story Arch Tracking, etc...)

Also, I will not be continuing work on the stand alone site that I began earlier. I have my hands full already in regards to website development.

Let me know what you all think about me becoming re-involved in this RP and the ideas mentioned above. I don't want to make any moves without your approval, seeing as you all have been much more active than myself. I only want to help your community grow and hopefully become an active participant myself. And on that note, any input at all would be appreciated.

Thank you!


Would be good to see ya come back! Also good to have a Gym and Poke League infrastructure. I'd also be good with whoever you appoint as Co-GMs.
A Mandalorian, a Togruta, a Ssi-ruu, and a Droid...

Elias was just as surprised as Delni at the sudden appearance of the droid and took a moment to appraise the new arrival. While it certainly had more personality than other droids that the smuggler had had a run in with, he didn't recognize it and, in an equally low voice, he stated so. "Never seen it before and that's the honest truth. Just how much of a coincidence is it?" Elias himself was suddenly itching to put his helmet on and sweep the area with an alternate view mode, but he figured it would be rude, not to mention he had a business proposition for the two sisters.

Delni kept her voice soft, so as not to call any attention from Sirka. "Hmm, sure. Guess I can take you at your word for now. I suppose we shall just have to watch and see what happens." She said, taking a small sip of her drink while keeping her eyes on Elias, and maintaining a smile. "But...I get the feeling you had something to say, yes? You would not approach a stranger if you did not. Please, go on."

Willoh was esctatic Sure this lizard person was a bit aprehensive at a droid asking a ton of questions, and Willoh could detect the distrust of droids in their voice, but they were being pretty polite compared to some other people she had to deal with. Figuring that it would be more polite to talk first, since she was being a slight bother anyway, Willoh stoood up straight. "Hiya! I'm Willoh. And I'm a droid, I thought that was a bit... well nevermind. And my questions are because I've never seen someone that looked like you! Its really neat! She said, not doing much to hide her excitement.

Sirka exhaled sharply, pausing to take a swig of one of what was now several drinks sitting in front of her. "Yeah, well that makes two of us." She replied. She had been asked what she was so many times by this point that it may as well have been a ritual for her. Few greetings passed without it, and she could still never answer it. "Don't know what I am. Never seen or heard of my own species. But I've also never seen a droid like you. Never met one so...curious either."

Elias chuckled softly before taking another sip of his drink, letting the taste linger on his tongue a moment before swallowing. Straight to the point, his type of gal. "Well, you've got me there, though it was only after your sister indicated she worked as muscle. You see, I'm something of specialist. The kind of guy who will get it to where you want it with no questions asked." He takes another sip of his drink and glances over as a third Mandalorian, once more of a different clan, walks by.

"I recently got out of a bad business deal with a former Moff and thought you might be looking for someone who could provide...discreet transportation when needed." He let his eyes come back to the Togruta's own and smiled a dashing smile. "What do you say?"

Delni kept her eyes mostly on Elias, glancing only occasionally over to the droid and Sirka. The machine certainly had an...interesting personality. From what she was overhearing, it seemed as excitable as a Gungan toddler. Regardless, her conversation with the Mandalorian seemed a bit more important at the moment. "Well, if we had somewhere we needed to go, that certainly would be a wonderful offer. Unfortunately, we are not in need of any sort of discretion at the moment. My sister is a mercenary, and she does not tend to take jobs that overly-rely on subtlety. Not to say she is not flexible, but she is one to hire when you're expecting a firefight. She's about the toughest fighter you could imagine. Strong as a wookiee, scales like durasteel; I've never seen her lose a stand-up fight. She plies her trade for anyone who can pay well enough. I don't suppose a dashing Mandalorian like yourself would have need of such a deadly ally, would you?"

Willoh tried to give a smile, well, as good as a smile you could express with only eyes for your facial feature. "Well I thought you were a tiss'shar, just oversized at the start. But looing at ya up close, I don't think thats true. Pretty neat though!" bouncing around a little bit on the heels of her feet, she continued. "As for why I'm so curious, why wouldn't I be? I'm not one of those storebought droids. I'm a bit more advanced than them." She said with a giggle. "But don't worry, I get that a lot! Whats your name by the way? And who are those two behind ya. Friends of yours?"

Again, Sirka exhaled, though this time it was more of a result of frustration than anything else. "I swear, I'm either the most avoided person in the room, or the most popular." She muttered audibly, though mostly to herself. In general, she was not actually so anti-social, but all of the attention on her sister had put her in a certain sort of mood. On top of that, it was unusual for a droid to be walking around asking questions, and that made her naturally wary. "Guess it can't hurt. My name is Sirka, she's my sister Delni, and I don't know that guy."

Hearing Ms Sirka's little verbal frustration was a bit funny. Willoh had sort of the opposite problem, ignored until she made a loud ruckus. "Hiya Sirka. Nice to meetchya! And thats pretty neato how you have a sister lke that. Droids sorta don't got family ties like that. Kinda lonely really... But hey! You get someone fun to travel with." Willoh said. She then started to eye the mandalorian that Sirka had said that she didn't know, the one who looked like he was flriting with her sister. Motioning to Sirka with a small giggle, pointing at the mandalorian, Willoh approached the mandalorian.Getting his attention, she put on bedroom eyes and got into a sexy pose. "Heya Mr. Rugged. Wanna buy a lady droid a drink?" She said, in a deeper tone.

Elias glanced over at the lizard again and then shrugged, taking a sip again. "Perhaps not, but most Mandalorians also know when it doesn't hurt to have an ally to fall back on too. Besides, it never hurts to have the connections for when future jobs call for mo-" And from out of left field came the droid, adopting what was supposed to be a sexy and seductive pose and asking him if he wanted to buy her a drink. He blinked for a solid thirty seconds while his lips moved in an effort to find words.

From a day that had been horrible due to near death by turbolaser and TIE Fighter to being hit on by a droid that was programmed with a female personality, the smuggler was willing to call it a day. But he needed this potential client and so, with a great effort, he spoke. "I must apologize miss, but I'm not into droids like that."

Willoh looked disappointed at the rejection, or so she had him beleive before bursting out into giggles, slapping her knee and saying. "Aw shucks. And it would've been a fun night. Oh well!" Willoh was used to that response, but it was fun all the while to flirt anyway. Never knew when you'd get some free alchohol, especially since that made for great flamethrower fuel.

Sirka, even with as irritable as she had been so far, could not help but to laugh at the absurdity of the scene before her. It felt like someone was staging some sort of joke on her. Regardless, it would be difficult for the droid to miss her bellowing laugh. "Okay, so...what even are you? Were you programmed as some sort of...I don't know. Dancer? Servant? Prostitute? Where is your master, even?" She asked.

Pumping her fist in joy as she made Sirka laugh, happy at the hearty laugher, Willoh turned while beaming and decided she could say a little. "Well, lets just I'm a bit... more autonomus than most droids. No master, and boy I wouldn't want one. Though other droids do tell me I'm glitchy sometimes. Being a free droid does that to ya." willoh said, laughing. Turning to look at everyone, Willoh went on "So... why is Mr. Mandilorian here? Considering theres a few running around here, it can't be just to flirt."

It took some effort for Delni to maintain most of the composure she had been keeping with Elias, as she shared her sister’s sense of humor. This droid, whatever it was, had rendered the confident Human speechless. It was funny enough that she could not help but to want to keep it going, if just slightly. “I do wonder, how much are you here for business, and how much for pleasure?” She added towards Elias.

Inside, Elias was fuming. Outwardly, he simply grinned finishing his drink before sweeping his arm at the entirety of the entire club. "Look at this place. One comes for one as much as the other, it simply can't be helped. But in all honesty, I'm here to lay low. I do have to do that on occasion. I saw the pair of you and thought perhaps a little business was in order."

Delni raised her brow just slightly at Elias. "Strictly business, then? A shame." She commented briefly. "Not to say I am...uninterested in business, of course."

"What kind of business?" Willoh asked, a bit curious. She hadn't dealt with many mandilorians, only going on what she read on the holonet. But the name was quite reputable, and reputation was what she was after.

Unlike the droid, the scents she picked up on off of the Mandalorian were actually meaningful. Humans were a constant in the galaxy, and she could recognize their scents pretty much on reflex by this point. To his credit, he controlled his expression and most other body language perfectly, but he could not control the chemicals his body exuded. He was angry, and she could guess at the source. "The droid upsetting you, Mandalorian? She is about as blunt as a hammer, I'll say." She said, flicking out her tongues.

Elias ignored the ribbing from Delni's sister and opted to instead to address first Delni, then the droid. "If you'd rather have a night of fun, I'm certainly for that. You would have to pick the fun, as I feel your sister wouldn't trust my choices." And then on to the droid. "As for business, just looking for a new client who has the occasional need of my services."

"Oh, ok. I'm a mercenary slash bounty hunter so... I'd be the one offering you muscle for cash, not the other way around." Willoh said, dismissing his offer with a giggle. She'd be much more interested seeing the date with Delni and this guy though, she was off the job as it was anyway.

Delni nodded along after Willoh. "Much like the droid, I and my sister would not be the one hiring you, unfortunately, but if we ever needed to go into a job as partners...well, I would have to see yours skills first, naturally." She grinned, placing a hand gently upon his armored shoulder for a moment. "So suffice to say, we do not have anything for you right now. Not in terms of business. For fun, well..." Turning back around on her stool, Delni picked up the drink that Elias had ordered for her and swirled it around lightly. "I'd have to say I would have a hard time trusting a man who doesn't drink with me."

"What she said. Plus no drinks for a droid. Now I gotta buy my own." Willoh said, trying to pout in a playful manner.

Elias glanced at the droid and briefly wondered what she even drank before taking a proper seat next to Delni and ordering a round of Mandalorian Ale in Mando'ade, including for the droid. Holding up a glass, Elias offers another grin. "Well then, shall we?"

Sirka placed down an empty glass, then picked up the second drink that Elias had bought. If nothing else, Delni had managed to get the stranger to buy enough drinks for them, and even a droid for some reason. "Way ahead of you there, Mandalorian. You're goin' to be playing catch up."

Willoh gave a little 'yay' at having a drink bought for her. "The downside of being a droid, I can't get drunk. It looks like so much fun when you guys do it. All that stumbling around and all that stuff. Nice to be social though!" she said. making a 'hatch' for her 'mouth to drink the liquid. She did so as best as she could manage with a very basic 'mouth, unable to make anything more eligant with stangers. After all, can't have the wrong eyes on her. Finishing her drink, she looked at Sirka, then Elias, "This makes for decent flamethrower fuel. Can make quite the fireball with alchohol. Thanks guy!" Whilloh said, slipping the bartender a few credits when Elias wasn't looking to pay for the drink he had gotten her.

After giving a knowing smile to Sirka, Elias took the two glasses in front of himself and downed them both in quick succession and then pouring a third and drinking it as well. It clearly had a different effect on the man versus the Brandy, because he quickly stood and retrieved his helmet before calling the droid bartender over. Speaking to it in Mando'ade, Delni's glass was quickly decreased in the volume of drink. "It's been a pleasure, ladies, but I think it's time I head to my room. I need to have some repairs done to the Eclipse before I head out in a couple of days, and I need to shower after today's fiasco. Delni, I must suggest you get to your own room after trying the other drink I had brought to you and consider it me placing some amount of trust in you." And with that, the Mandalorian is gone, his helmet back on his head as he exits the club.
Elias Joranis Ordo|Another Job gone Wrong

Elias grinned at the pair, allowing the lizard's started threat to go ignored since it seemed from the argument he'd caught the tail end of had put her in a bit of a bad mood. Motioning the bartender droid over, he ordered a class of Corellian Brandy for the three of them and made it three for the Togruta's lizard companion. "So what brings the two of you to Paradise? Most people here are either hiding or job hunting." He takes a sip of his brandy and enjoys the taste, unaware that his problems had followed him to the safe haven.

Meanwhile, the response from Koren did not do anything more to Elarn Taurus than anger him further, as it would seem all of Hutt Space was full of disrespect for the Imperial power. "I will do no such thing, scum! Forward Batteries, open fire!" A small tirade of green burst forth from the front of the Victory Class Star Destroyer. Elarn was fully unaware that the ship he had set his sights on was fully functional and more than capable of handling his flagship, but by this point he was so enraged, that he hardly thought about it.
Hey guys! So I did a little editing to Zenoram/Zero. Added a bit to their history for the point of time that they WERE in the RP and put in a little tidbit as to why they're hardly around the guild. Changed the FC, added a bit to existing magics and added I think two knew magics. I think he/they are fairly done and well made. If their are suggestions, possible edits, or otherwise please let me know. I also am not sure how strong he would be now which I noted. So if a GM is willing to help a bit in his placement that'd be great. He used to be high B to low A class.

I'd put him at high A myself. But that's me.
Elias Joranis Ordo|Another Job gone Wrong

Under normal circumstances, Elias would be having this holocall with the client without his armor or his helmet on, a class of Corellian Brandy in his hand and some music he enjoyed playing quietly in the background and ended it with a thanks, a toast, and a trip back to the nearest civilized, using the word loosely, planet to celebrate in a small way, usually some new alcohol, at another job completed without incident. However, these were not normal circumstances, as the Eclipse sat in low orbit over a planet under the ownership of a formal Imperial Moff, a man who insisted that his title still held sway even though the Galactic Empire had crumbled just a few months prior. Normally the job would have him delivering a shipment of Twi'leks and conscripts, who the smuggler would normally drop off about half way to the drop point with the money to start over or return home, except that the guy always sent escorts to ensure a flawless mission.

The pair had argued about it in the past, as Elias knew that a quartet of Imperial TIE fighters following an old XS Light Freighter around would eventually call the wrong kind of attention to them. The Moff refused to budge on the escort and so, here he was, on a call with the man explaining that he'd been right. "I told you that I didn't care if the Emperor himself stopped you, those conscripts and Twi'lek servants were to be delivered. Give me one reason why I shouldn't have you shot from the sk-" Elias's fist slammed into the console next to the hologram and cause the man to visibly flinch and also startled him into silence. Of course, an angry Mandalorian looking at you in full armor does that.

"And I damn well told you that those stupid damn TIE fighters were going to draw the New Republic's attention and get us intercepted. You have four dead men and your concern is about the lost cargo that I was only picking up because you have a Star Destroyer floating over me with half it's turbolaser batteries aimed at me! You're a fool and an egotistical jack ass who's only concern is satisfying his need for the opposite sex and increasing a pointless power base! Consider me done working for you, Elarn, it's just not worth the pay anymore, never mind the chafe it gave my morals." He was already moving his ship away from low orbit by the time the Moff found his voice again, only it was angrier and much more threatening.

"Now listen here, you insignificant piece of bantha poodoo! I am an Imperial Moff and you will show me the respect I deserve! I am here with the Emperor's personal blessing and I will not be intimidated by some Outer Rim piece of trash! I had been willing to let you go, Elias Ordo, but that can't happen after your slight against me." Several blips appeared on the Eclipse's radar as the transmission was cut and the smuggler cursed. He was a hell of a pilot, but even he couldn't out-maneuver the veritable cloud of TIEs coming his way. Ramming the thrusters to full speed, he set off for the other side of moon. Of course, he knew that the TIE fighters wouldn't be enough to content the now furious Moff Elarn Taurus and sure enough, turbolaser fire soon lit up the area around him as they tried to hit the relatively small target that the Nightingale Eclipse was.

"Work for a Moff, they said. It pays well, they said. It'll be fun, they said. I ever see those Imp loving spice smugglers again, I'm putting a blaster bolt in each of their heads." He barrel rolled to the right to avoid the strafing run of several TIE fighters, but a hit from a turbolaser still glanced off his shields, depleting them by twenty-five percent. The Mandalorian knew he had to get out of the system to somewhere that was neutral, and while he wasn't fond of the idea, he quickly punched in the coordinates for the Providence ship that was known as Paradise. "You want me dead, Elarn? Come get me then."

Just as another flight of TIE fighters was about to strafe him, he flew into hyperspace, having made the jump just in the nick of time. While Elias sighed in relief at the success of the gambit, the Moff only grew angrier. "After him, you idiots! No one slights the Empire and survives! Helmsman, where would he go in this part of space?" The helmsman, who was getting tired of the Moff who'd been placed in charge of them and only wanted his two months of leave to visit home, tapped at the keys of a datapad before answer.

"A neutral zone known as Paradise. It's an old Providence Star Destroyer." And then he regretted it as the Moff's face grew triumphant.

"Then recall all TIE squadrons and prepare to follow. He will learn what happens when he fails to uphold a deal with THIS Imperial Moff."

The trip from the system under ownership of Elarn Taurus to Paradise was a little over two hours, and Elias spent that time simply resting, not bothering to remove his armor in case the bastard caught up with him. In fact, it wasn't until his console beeped at him that the ship was about to exit from hyperspace that he woke up and that was with a yawn. Stretching, he pulled back on the accelerator to exit hyperspace and his one safe haven from the trouble he was in came into sight. Once more he made a mental note on how glad he was he paid for a private hangar on board.

Landing was far from difficult once his credentials were confirmed and then it was a matter of disarming. Elias approached the security checkpoint with both Black Nebula blasters drawn for passing off. "Now do me a favor this time, Hanor, and don't scratch the paint. It's a pain in the ass to fix." The Twi'lek attending him, a male with orange skin, sighed in annoyance before nodding.

"Won't happen again, sir. I swear it won't. I assume you'll take the same room as before on the mid-level?" Handing off his sword after removing it's sheath and also allowing the B1 to remove his jetpack, he nods as he removes his wrist weapons. "Very good. It'll be ready in a couple of hours." Elias thanked the Twi'lek and moved through the gate after making sure his gear was stored separate from the more common folks. Those blasters alone weren't cheap to get ahold of and he didn't relish the idea of replacing them.

Approaching his regular nightclub on the middle level after the turbolift ride up, he paused just outside the door to remove his helmet. He didn't want people thinking he was there to find someone, whether it be target or client, because he was only there to relax and wait for the heat to die down. As he walked in, four people stood out. One was a person wearing goggles with black lenses on his way out, whom only stood out because the guy was a fairly larger person. The next was another Mandalorian sitting at one of the booths, though he didn't seem to be from Clan Ordo, so he wasn't of huge concern either. The next, and final, two were at the bar, one a giant lizard with deadly looking claws and the other a rather attractive Togruta who Elias couldn't help but gravitate towards. OK, so maybe he was looking for someone to replace Elarn, and it was all the better she was a pretty girl. Approaching the pair as the Togruta jabbed the lizard in her, as Elias failed to spot any indication it was male, ribs, Elias spoke when they were done and the lizard busied herself with her drink, wearing his most disarming smile.

"Well good evening, ladies. I'm Elias, don't think I've seen you here before. Anything I can help with?" Elias's charm was immediately put to work, and he was hopefully coming across as nothing more than charming, though the Mandalorian helmet resting in the crook of his arm would indicate he was more than he seemed.

A few short minutes after Elias's arrival, an Imperial Star Destroyer dropped out of hyperspace with two light cruisers as an escort, the Destroyer itself being a Victory Class. Immediately after, the owner and proprietor of Paradise would receive a message from the former Imperial Moff aboard, who seemed to think that the death of the Emperor and fall of the Empire were a bunch lies or Rebel propaganda that Hutt Space liked. "Attention owner and inhabitants of Paradise, this is Imperial Moff Elarn Taurus. You are harboring a wanted Imperial criminal who's name is Elias Joranis Ordo. You have ten minutes to turn him over to me or I will destroy the entirety of your establishment and kill anyone who attempts to escape. This is your only warning." Elarn then cut the communication and smiled smugly to himself, convinced that this show of force would keep the lowlifes on board from trying anything. "Game over, Elias. I win."
<Snipped quote by Zarkun>

We have a Discord?

Boy, I'mma slap you. Check the top of the 0th post.
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