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"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery. But today? Today is a gift. That is why it is called the present." -Master Oogway
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So many writing ideas, so little time to write. Being an adult sucks...
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It's the most fattening time of the year!
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There is a madness to my method. Or is there a method to my madness?
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Tis that time of year and I have just one thing to say: Happy Holidays! Whatever your celebrative holiday this time of year is, I hope it's a good rest of the year for you!


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Jason Connor

Swift and Shockwave huh... And at 750 P a pop, Jason would be lying if he said that he wasn't considering it. Especially after he reviewed the list in front of him. Catching that Scyther gave my funds a nice boost, but I'm not looking to blow it all again. Still... After a few moments internal discussion, he decided to have Scyther learn Ominous Wind. Sliding the man both the money and Scyther's ball, Jason nods to himself. "I figure this can't be a bad idea, especially since I've yet to pick up a flying type aside from Occisor." Jason also prepped to pull out Sable, just in case there was something about this process he missed.
Jason Connor

Nodding in understanding, Jason was about to thank the breeder and leave when he made mention about the long road ahead of him and that caused the aspiring champion to pause mid-step. Additional moves wouldn't hurt for any of his team, but he also needed to start saving up in preparation for the battles ahead of them and he knew that. However, the more he considered it, the more he decided getting price ideas wouldn't hurt. "Alright, well, my first Pokemon was a Ralts. What could you teach him and how much would it cost me?"
Jason Connor

After thanking the Nurse for healing his Pokemon, Jason had been on his way out the door when she mentioned the Move Tutor and this caused him to pause at the door. Sure his team were all relatively young, but there was no reason not to see if they could pick up on something. Alternatively, he did also need to officially meet his new team mate, but the way those Scythers attacked...Well, there's no harm in talking to them, they are a breeder after all. Smiling at Nurse Joy, he nods. "That sounds helpful, thanks."

Approaching the breeder, he smiles and pulls out the ball containing the Scyther. "Hi, uh, I know that you're technically here to be a move tutor, but do you think you could answer some questions I have about my new friend in this ball here?" The breeder's inquisitive look told him what he needed to expound some. "Myself and two others went out into the deep forest to investigate the recently discovered gash marks in the trees. Turns out it was Scythers, and, uh, they were not kind. They actually tried to take our heads off in a literal sense."
Jason Connor

Even though he had briefly entered Starbor before, Jason had been in such a hurry to get his extra pokeballs and be back out in the forest he hadn't paid any attention to anything other than where the Pokemart was. But now that he was looking around, the sheer size and magnitude of everything in this tree-bound town was absolutely stunning. If it wasn't for the fact that he had a team in need of healing all sitting on his belt, he would set to exploring the town right away. Having said that, he glances at Conner and waves. "Alright, I'm going to be heading to get my team healed and then, uh, look around Starbor here. See ya around."
Spartan Lucas Ryker

The Sangheili had managed to avoid the bulk of Ryker's second volley, only taking a couple of rounds in his armored shoulder, but the bolt of plasma from Yalu caught him completely offguard and impacted his head, causing the body to simply flop over to one side. Lucas signaled his thanks to his Sangheili ally before catching a Kig-yar trying to slip past him and slamming it into the floor before putting a bullet in its brain.

Infiltrator Comi'Masam

Using her hardlight shield, Comi had already pushed further into the remainder of the enemy lines, her pistol finding its mark as it put down several grunts and exposed a pair of Kig-yar mercenaries to her allies fire. However, as she fought, she noticed that their own Unggoy was nowhere to yet be seen and decided to bring it up to their commander over the comms. "Commander, Grikgar hasn't joined us yet. Should we be concerned?"
There are not enough Genre tags in this sometimes. Anyways, who's up for a Monster Hunting RP in the vein of Van Helsing?
Jason Connor

High-fiving Sable as the second ball secured the catch, Jason still sat down hard when it was all done. Before coming to the Evig region, Jason had met a lot of different Pokemon, including some different bug types and, as many as he'd met, none had been quite so violent. First time for everything I guess... Checking on their maniac friend and Connor, he saw that they had all successfully captured the Bug/Flying type and smiled. That meant that things had been a success and they could exit the deep forest with their heads held high. When the cowboy spoke to him, Jason didn't hesitate as he returned Sable and indicate for him to lead the way. "Probably better get everyone rested up and meet my new teammate away from the trees and ambush places."
Jason Connor

Worried about Murus but aware he was in a little more imminent danger with his Ghost type safely in its ball, he almost cheered outloud when Sable delivered a powerful hit with her Water Gun. "Atta girl, Sable. Be ready to dodge whatever it throws at you!" Noting the way it was breathing heavily and the way it was kneeling, the rising trainer knew he had his chance. Pulling a Pokeball out, Jason throws it at the Scyther and orders Sable to get ready with another Water Gun if it breaks out.
Spartan Lucas Ryker

This wasn't Ryker's first time fighting a Sangheili, though doing so since becoming a Spartan had certainly gotten easier with their strength advantage gone. As the Sangheili grabbed his arm, he leaned back hard, pulling the enemy combatant off balance and towards him, messing up the lunge for his helmet. Letting momentum do the job, he emptied the remaining rounds from his pistol into the Sangheili's shielding before pulling his arm free and rolling away, trying to get space to get up on his feet. Spinning in place once he'd finished his roll, he reloaded swiftly and fired again, hopefully, catching the larger enemy off guard.

Infiltrator Comi'Masam

Meanwhile, Comi clashed multiple times with the enemy infiltrator, their blades sparking and hissing as they met. The male Spec Ops member was certainly stronger, but Comi had learned how to fight smarter and every time he tried to force a contest of strength over skill, she would deflect his attacks away and counter with a thrust or slash. The pair were well-versed in fighting with the sword as could be seen by those watching but the enemy was growing impatient with the lack of his almost immediate victory over her. As such, he overextended during one exchange and attempted to force her to block with her own blade against his overhead slash. He crowed triumphantly when her seemingly undefended arm when up instead.

The shout of victory quickly turned to one of confusion and panic when a hardlight shield stopped the blow and, despite everything, Infiltrator 'Masam smiled. "Och lad, so close too." Pushing his weapon away, she quickly stepped forwards and plunged her blade up to the hilt in his chest before pulling it free. Dashing to cover as plasma bolts started coming her way, she drew her pistol and once more fired controlled bursts back at her attackers.
Jason Connor

While Jason couldn't really place what attack that the Scyther insisted on using over and over again, he could tell that drawing this out much longer was going to be a bad idea for Murus, even with his defensive power. "Alright, buddy, Defense Curl and then try and Astonish him one more time." After that, he would swap out the Ghost type and let Sable have a turn. "Sable, I want you to blast it with Water Gun!"
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