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Current Sometimes you spend so long looking for peace in someone else, you loose sight of that peace you can give yourself. Don't forget that guys.
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"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery. But today? Today is a gift. That is why it is called the present." -Master Oogway
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So many writing ideas, so little time to write. Being an adult sucks...
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It's the most fattening time of the year!
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There is a madness to my method. Or is there a method to my madness?
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Jason Connor

The trip from the depths of the forest all the way back up to the sunlight, or what at least made it around the massive trunks of the trees that were here, saw the aspiring champion mulling over things, the details of which kept popping into his head as he reached the village. He had travelled, so far at least, by himself, from the Professor's lab all the way to Starbor, had fought off a poacher, had outbattled a Hawlucha, avoided getting decapitated by a Scyther and now had won a battle with a flaming specter from the forest's past, met Celebi, and-Stop, stop, you're gonna send yourself into a fucking spiral. Just...shoot a message to a couple of other aspirants, see if they'd be up for meeting up and traveling together. Maybe I'll be less likely to keep dodging death by the skin of my teeth that way... As he reached the lift to the Scholar District, he pulled out his Pokedex, picked two names he didn't recognize from the people he'd interacted with and sent the following message to them, hoping they were fellow aspirants.

Hey, names Jason. I, uh, hope you're also aspiring to become a champ in the region, and if you aren't, just ignore this text. I'm just lookin' for a travel companion and potential friendly rival, someone I can sit and BS with around a campfire and have friendly battles with when the urge takes us. If you're interested, I'm in Starbor right now, but can meet ya somewhere else if that works better for ya. @Lunarlord34@Sanguine Rose

He sent the text and then leaned against the railing in the cart, praying one of the two answered and were up for the idea. When the lift stopped, Jason stepped off and headed to the library, where the coffee addicted scientist seemed to be more human today and helping out by working the front desk. However, when she saw him, she rushed him with excitement, saying she was glad he was save and then asking how he was and what he learned. This was where he had struggled to decide. The Professor had warned against talking about it and Helga likely didn't want a bunch of people snooping around, so he improvised, though some of it he'd decided on earlier; a white lie in many ways, but mingled with some truth. "I'm doing alright, Jacquelin, just tired. Spent a lot of time out there, but, well, I didn't find anything concrete. There were some areas that looked like they could be ruins, but with all the wild Pokemon there were, I wasn't able to get close enough to confirm much. Sorry."
Jason Connor

As he started heading back out of the deep woods, Jason found himself unsure of the exact path forwards he wanted to take. On the one hand, he knew he needed to get stronger, raise his team and get them ready for whatever shenanigans he was going to find himself involved in moving forwards. He also needed to get back to Jacquelyn, update her on what he had actually found. What do I even tell her? Turned nothing up? Nah, I've been gone too long for that...Could give her a false story, just some ruins that indicated a shrine elsewhere...actually, that might work. At the very least it would give her a boost of serotonin for a bit, maybe convince her to actually rest. Jason could still see the coffee Zombie she'd been when he last saw her clearly in his head and shoot it. Seemed it was back to the Scholar district for him then. Then he'd go find that Blue Lichen Cave, mainly cause he was a fan of spelunking and he hadn't gotten to put his gear to use this whole time. And so he followed a Pumpkaboo back out, listening for anything out of the ordinary around him.
Jason Connor

Jason wanted to argue with her, to say that taking a natural course to strength might not be fast enough, but he knew the Amazonian woman was probably right. Trying to rush to strength like a bullheaded idiot with more brawn than sense wasn't going to help him and panicking about what could or could not happen wasn't going to help either, so when she said he needed to rest, he nodded in agreement. "Yeah...yeah, you're right. Rest is probably the smart thing to do here." When she asked him to sit down, he did, humming to himself as he waited and trying to figure out his best route forwards. The woods had to still have their secrets, their undiscovered species of Pokemon. Avem was a good little guy, Starly tended to be, but Lucha and he were both flying types and he knew he didn't want to double up on typing. Actually, I think I'm tripled up on flying right now, with Occisor, Avem and Lucha... His typing for the team could use some work, that was for sure.
Jason Connor

As Kapoc, after a very telling moment of silence, denied the fact that a person fell out of a hole in the sky, Jason opened his mouth to counter argue, but never got the chance, the Professor moving swiftly on to assure him that the odds of him being moved from the timeline were virtually nil and then, after saying he had other things to do and to essentially leave the situation to the adults, he hung up. Jason could simply stare at his dex/phone combination in disbelief. The hell is with everyone telling me to let this be? I don't have that bloody choice at this point. Still, he rubbed the bridge of his nose in annoyance as he turned to head back inside. He would give the professor one thing, and that was for the time being, all he could do was get stronger, and that meant getting his team evolved, so they were more capable of defending themselves as well. Once he was inside, he looked at Helga. "Where can I go to help make my team stronger? To get stronger myself?"
Jason Connor

"The reason I don't want to tell you, Professor, is because I genuinely have no idea how to explain it all without sounding absolutely crazy. Sure, I met Celebi..." Jason hesitates and then, after a moment, sighs. "It was in a shrine here in Starbor Forest. Apparently something is keeping it out of everywhere that isn't a shrine to Celebi here in Evig. Except...it forced Celebi out in it's territory and now...there's a chance I could get yeeted somewhere else in the timeline at any moment and I don't know what would do it." There were details he was leaving out, things that he needed more information and context for before he shared, but not talking about the entity keeping Celebi out of Evig period...that was just a bad idea. "I understand grand scale isn't necessarily my worry, but...Professor, did someone fall out of a hole in the sky recently?"
Jason Connor

Shit. He had hoped to derail the professor's train of thought with that question, but that didn't work. And he'd hoped to further derail with the Darkrai deflect and that worked even worse. Arceus, whatever I did, I'm sorry. And then, there it was, the confirmation that the Pokedex has informed him of Celebi, which Jason had a feeling that that was what it was about, but he had hoped to avoid talking about, at least over the phone. So now, after his desperate attempt to deflect, he was back to asking himself how he explained it all without sounding like a fucking nutjob.

I could say I didn't know I'd seen it, but I missed five phone calls, so that isn't gonna work. I could try and deflect further, but I'm out of things to deflect with...Arceus damn it... Sighing, Jason wanders a bit into the clearing, amongst the Pumpkaboo. "Alright, fine, since deflecting isn't going to work. I saw Celebi, but there is...no way to explain what happened that's not going to make me sound like a fucking loon, Professor."
Jason Connor

Jason opened his mouth to answer and then stopped, realizing just how insane everything he had just experienced was going to sound to the Professor once he started relaying it. So then how did he tell Kapoc what had happened? How did he say "Yeah, there's something out there that is keeping the Deity of Time from entering Evig's time flow at any point in the regions history or future and now might yeet me into another time at any moment" without sounding like a total fucking nutjob? As he tried to think up an answer that didn't make him sound like a total nut, he remembered the first message from Kapoc and decided that for now, he would deflect. "Hold on, how about you tell me what you meant by you know what I found first. Doesn't a Pokemon Professor have better things to do than sit and wait for updates from the individual Pokedexs of the aspiring champions?" He paused. "Oh, and the Night-touched might have been contacted by Darkrai. The mark is...I'm not sure about what would cause it, maybe extended attempts but I feel confident in who's causing that phenomenon now."
Jason Connor

Jason nodded to Helga and let his whole team out of their balls, allowing Helga to work on them while stepping outside and looking at the Pokedex/cellphone combination and sighing. Kapoc would be trying to reach him as he discovered that there was some great evil out there that was out to keep Evig...actually, he wasn't sure what the end goal was, but it couldn't have been good. After some debate and internal arguing, Jason would listen to the five messages that the professor had left and then, with a heavy sigh, call Kapoc back to try and distract himself from the sense of dread that had settled into his bones since Celebi had been forced out of its own shrine.
Jason Connor

If Jason was concerned before, he was now filled with a sense of such existential dread that he didn't know what he was going to do to continue to avoid getting shot somewhere else in time and that it could happen at any moment, including the worst possible moments. "Well...I'm not sleeping tonight..." Helga continued on for a moment before indicating he should follow her so he and his team could rest up, an invitation he wasn't going to turn down. The trip back through the woods was quiet as Jason contemplated his road forwards, trying to work out what he was going to do. Now that he knew the voice that had reached out to him in his dreams though...Maybe I should try and contact Darkrai...surely it might have an idea of what's happening... He also needed to get stronger and he very much intended to do so.
Jason Connor

Jason listened to Celebi's tale without looking away, making sure that he didn't miss a single detail. Admittedly, it wasn't what he asked about, but this was just as important and useful. When Celebi showed him the image, Jason blinked in surprise, as he recognized it. That's...that's Darkrai. I know a bit about it, it's been seen in Sinnoh and a couple of other regions. But i- His train of thought was interrupted when Celebi suddenly doubled over and curled into a ball, its eyes widening in surprise. Before his eyes, it flashed red and the focus that had been there a moment before was gone, confusion and desperation in its place as it muttered that something was different. It was clear, even to the aspiring champion, that something was very wrong.

Before vanishing in a flash of red light, it locked eyes with Jason and said simply, "Become strong. I fear that you have no choice." And then it was gone, leaving Jason in the shrine with his partner. A sense of foreboding came over the young man and he returned Lucha to her ball before practically sprinting out of the shrine, taking the stairs two and three at a time before finding the exit and Helga.

"Something just forced Celebi out of the timeline, out of Evig. It said that what was happening was different."
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