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Current Sometimes you spend so long looking for peace in someone else, you loose sight of that peace you can give yourself. Don't forget that guys.
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"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery. But today? Today is a gift. That is why it is called the present." -Master Oogway
5 yrs ago
So many writing ideas, so little time to write. Being an adult sucks...
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It's the most fattening time of the year!
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There is a madness to my method. Or is there a method to my madness?
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Jason Connor

If he wasn't so shell-shocked by having his memories jacked and forcibly resurfaced with essentially no warning, Jason would have been more than a bit angry with Helga. After all, gambling both his and his Pokemon's lives like that on the possibility of a loss was not OK in his book, but right then, he felt more woozy and dizzy than anything, having to lay back for a minute, he didn't immediately respond to the mythic Pokemon. Many of those memories were from his infancy, which, to the aspiring champion's knowledge, no body remembered, or at least so few that the number was basically zero. But others, well, they brought a smile to his face. Some of it reminded him he had been slacking on his training and, when he was done helping Helga and talking to...oh right, Celebi had mentioned something was wrong. Sitting up with a groan, Jason then stood up, Lucha helping him balance the best she could.

"Right, you said something was wrong. I...how is it wrong? I know Evig was...well, basically destroyed by Cipher, but...it's healing right? Unless you mean something else."

(Lucha and Murus will be passing on their new moves.)
Jason Connor

For the time it took him to pull the flute piece from the apparition's chest, all he could feel was extreme pain as the fire scorched the skin on his arm. But he didn't bask in the flames like an idiot, he quickly ripped it out, and watched, albeit with a heavy grimace, as the green flames scattered. Before the pain set in, he began contemplating the intelligence of reaching into a flaming effigy of any kind and cursing his impulsiveness that, most likely, would strike again later. For the first couple minutes once it did, however, his mind was largely pain and the smell of seared flesh, his flesh, and he could barely think of much else. The intensity and pulsing nature of it caused him to feel light headed and he fell to his butt as Lucha rushed over to look at her trainer's arm, panic in her eyes. "Halucha! Ha!" The trainer himself was barely registering anything around him as the pain started to take over his mind as it crawled its way up his arm.

He barely even registered the voice in his mind as it asked about a new champion. If he was honest, in that moment, he was about ninety-five percent sure it was a pain induced hallucination. Jason muttered a yes in response, trying to say he had been selected by the current to run the region's league challenge. The light began coalescing as Helga ran in, asking him what had happened. And then he was face-to-face with a green...pixie? He still thought it was a pain induced hallucination right up until it healed his arm and removed both the feedback loop of pain and the scarring he'd earned for his efforts. At which point, he blinked in surprise when he realized not only was it real, but Helga saw it too. His Pokedex beeped at him about a lack of a picture and he kinda acknowledged it out of habit, and it quickly took one. Jason, however, eventually stood and moved his arm before his brain caught up to what the Pokedex had said. "Wait, wait, wait, did that...you're...I'm...Celebi?! I...I'm honored. And...kinda surprised."

He looked down at the flute piece and then remembered what the fairy had said before. "Wait, you asked about a new Champion. What...what did you mean?"
Jason Connor

There was only a moment's hesitation for the aspiring champion, but that was it. He knew that Lucha was hurt from the Ember, though not how much, and Sable and Murus needed to get healed up. So he did the one thing he could, lunging forward and plunging his right hand into the fiery form's chest and wrapping his fingers around the flute piece, even as Lucha watched and was stuck between awe and concern at her trainer's willingness to hurt himself on their behalf. "Time to go back to sleep, you piece of history!"
Jason Connor

"Lucha, use Detect and keep up your attack! Don't let that bastard breathe!" The fact it was dimmer after that super-charged Ember gave Jason ideas, but he didn't want to risk Lucha absolutely having to tank another one if he could have to. And while Detect was a potent move to aid in evasion, there were only so many times she could use it. "Mix Aerial Ace in there as well, keep it guessing!"
Rembrandt Township
April 13, X903
Suspicious Monster Sighting-Briefing
@Cello@Lunarlord34@Sanguine Rose

Sergeant Monreu chuckled at the as-of-yet unnamed mage's statement, but he did respect the intent. As he lead the group outside to where there were four horses with armor waiting for them at the main gate. The ride was uneventful as they set off into the forest. The wildlife seemed to be making its usual sounds, but after about 45 minutes, the Sergeant signaled a halt and dismounted, approaching a large tree with a ladder ascending it. "This is my post, got a view of everything for about a fifteen or twenty mild radius. The last known position is a massive clearing about two miles north of me. I'd dismount here unless you think you need the extra mobility, approach on foot. We don't have any real understanding of what this thing is, so...yeah. All I can do is advise an approach, final decision is yours. Good luck."

And with that, he started his ascent up the ladder, his sniper rifle smacking against his back as he went. This left the three mages to discuss amongst themselves how to handle their own approach for the mission, whether they'd thunder in on horses or sneak up on foot, or if they could even attempt to be sneaky, as for all they knew, it would smell them long before they saw it. What would the three mages do?

Road to the Outpost
April 13, X903
Urgent Delivery-Rendezvous
@hatakekuro@Sanguine Rose

As the tornadoes hurl towards the Asterin rushing the mages, two of them manage to dodge around the vortexes, hissing as they land and then resume their charge. The third, however, was not so lucky, getting caught up and slung through the air, where one of the PFCs gunned it down without issue. The creation of the Water Canopy was timely as a group of six of the large lizards bounced off of it, scattering amongst the branches. Another wave rushed forward, 12 in total, but the combination of magic and tactical prowess that the soldiers had made it easy to deal with. However, more could be heard and it was clear the group was surrounded. "Hey Corporal," PFC Tanson called, "think there could be an Alpha? There's way more than a normal pack has." The corporal didn't reply right away, instead busy speaking into the radio and seemingly arguing with someone. One of the drivers poked his head out of their window, looking around carefully as he did so.

"What, uh, what's the plan, people? We can't afford to turn back, that outpost needs this." The driver with Damian looks at him and the Lord of Fire and Steel shook his head.

"They're more than capable of dealing with Asterin, even an alpha. I'm sure it'll be fine. And if not, I'll step in. But this is supposed to be for the guild, not me. Everyone, mostly, knows and trusts me."

Rembrandt Township
April 13, X903
Rising Starborn Guild Hall
@Cello@samreaper@twave@Joshua Tamashii@LunarLord34

Directing the group to where the job would be beginning, the Rembrandt train station, Jenna watched them head out the door, waving until it closed and then silently praying that it would be as peaceful as it was supposed to be. Rumors abounded of all kinds of things happening in the world, including new monsters, and it made the Guild Master worry for the safety of her guild members. For the group, they would arrive outside the train station and, when inquiring about their intended escortee, be informed they hadn't yet arrived but should soon.
Jason Connor

Jason's perception of time seemed to slow down as the Ember was launched at Murus. His Golett was a big, beefy fella who could take a hit and keep going, but he'd been hammered by that fire spin and letting him tank the clearly empowered Ember was a bad idea and he had one, but...it was a gamble. "Murus, return!" He called back his wall and dove to the side, trying to avoid getting hit by the ball of fire as well before he pulls out the Pokeball he didn't think he'd end up using. "Lucha, hit the bastard with Wing Attack! Dodge and keep hitting it with Wing Attack!"
Jason Connor

He knew he didn't have long to consider an actual plan. The only move that actually came to mind as the balls of flame moved towards Murus was Confuse Ray and that wouldn't bode well for any of his team, though he had to have faith in the Ground and Ghost type. "Use a Mud-Slap to try and intercept those flames! Following that, pummel that thing with More Shadow Punches! We've got this!"
Jason Connor

Fire Spin maybe? I'm not sure, but I can't let Sable get caught in whatever that is regardless, so I guess we're bringing out the big guy after all. "Sable, return!" The red beam of light shot out and pulled Sable back in and he put her ball away before pulling out another. "Alright Murus, ya big guy, time to shine!" Throwing the Pokeball, the Golett would emerge ready to rock and roll. "First, use Shadow Punch to try and catch it off guard, followed up by Mud-Slap! Don't give our green fiery friend time to breath! Alternate between the two moves as you need to!"
Jason Connor

Jason would have crowed in victory if it wasn't for the fact that the figure was clearly still full of fight despite the two back to back blows When it leapt up to the fixtures, Jason was already giving orders, trying to anticipate. "Sable, dodge everything it throws at you, don't stop moving and keep track of what it throws at you." No sooner did he finish saying that than the being a flame threw ember after ember at his Totodile, leaping from fixture to fixture to keep from being pinned down. At this point, Jason decided that dodging everything probably wasn't practical and instead adjusted his orders. "Sable, dodge what you can and block what you can't dodge with Mud-Slap and Water Gun. The moment it presents an opportunity, just like before, hit it with all you got!"
Jason Connor

Jason blinked in surprise at the perfect dodge and counter to his attacks and, as the blazing fist flew towards Sable, he knew he couldn't let her get hit. "Sable, dodge and then more Mud-Slap's. If an opening presents itself, blast it with water gun! But don't let it touch you!" He didn't know how powerful this thing was and he wasn't going to cause Sable to take more damage than he had to.
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