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Current So many writing ideas, so little time to write. Being an adult sucks...
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It's the most fattening time of the year!
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There is a madness to my method. Or is there a method to my madness?
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Tis that time of year and I have just one thing to say: Happy Holidays! Whatever your celebrative holiday this time of year is, I hope it's a good rest of the year for you!
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The world has become a place for two kinds of people: the kind who make jokes so they don't have to acknowledge that this is happening and the kind who don't care and go with the flow.


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Temari Ordo

"The plan," I growl, "to send your daughter after Stoneheart was mine. I offered to go, but Jakito suggested himself in my stead." I step closer to the Twi'lek and match her gaze. "Remember who it was that found your children and got them the medical aid they needed." I linger for just a moment to prove a point before stepping over to the display and enlarging the generator section. "As for the defenses in place around the generators...I'm not convinced that he has. From what I understand, the patrols in the sewers are light, if not non-existent. I'm thinking either Sucal is convinced we won't find the route, or he wants us to."
Temari Ordo

Once everyone else had left the room, I turn to face the two teams I was in charge of and I look to Gavin. "Do we know for sure whether or not there will be the mainline Hunters in the sewers? Getting caught in a firefight with one down there would be no good."
Onboard the Evergreen

When NED came in, whom Ren recognized vaguely from time spent around the base, the former resident of Nar Shaddaa had already set up a cot in one of the far corners of the bay and had made a makeshift punching bag out of his duffel upon which he was already practicing his strikes. He turned, however, when the Lieutenant called them all to attention, he did as he was asked. Even as a Sullustan and a Weequay nearby quietly made jabs at him and made unseemly comments about his parents.

Now Ren could typically brush the pair off and move on with his day, especially as NED took his lines out of the cargo bay, which was now a lot less crowded as a result of the droid’s presence and mission in the cargo bay, but these two were especially persistent. “Look you two, I get that you had a bad experience with Imperials, but I’m not Imperial, or even former Imperial.” The Weequay sneered.

“One of you monkeys is bad as any other, ain’t that right Jirm?” The Sullustan nodded in agreement.

“Can’t be sure you won’t turn on us first chance you get!” Ren sighed as he turned to return to his corner.

“Tell ya what, when this whole operation is done, how about I buy you drinks of your choices? Bring a couple of your friends if you want. And I’ll bring Cragdor along.” The Trandoshan was a good friend of his and had a reputation for not taking kindly to anyone attempting to hurt his little buddy. And while the human did everything he could to combat the anti-human sentiment that permeated the Scarlet Moons, he wasn’t foolish enough to think that the moment he and these two and their friends were alone, they wouldn’t try and maim him, if not worse.

“Well if you’re paying and it’s not just us three alone, why not?” The Sullustan uttered much the same and the pair left Ren to his training. He resumed with a left hook and continued, thinking of if he could get the officers to approve more than drinks back on the asteroid.

Operation: Incalmo

Ren had, of course, not really brought anything that it was revealed that the soldiers would need and he made a mental note to pick up one when they had more down time. Nar Shaddaa, and a job on Nal Hutta once, should have taught him that having one when conditions were unknown never hurt. Course, a few of the KNBs questioned the need for masks and grav boots, with another Sullustan asking why they’d need them “in space.”

Of course, the Major set him straight, while Ren set to making sure his NFBs would at least get on the station in one piece. How many would survive...the Corporal glanced around and silently sighed. He’d been with the Moons long enough to know their fatality rates were and the odds weren’t in favor for this group of poor souls. Boarding the shuttle he was assigned with the Major and several others, he pulled his carbine free of its place on his back during the short trip to the station. All Ren could do as the Sullustan called for aid, saying he couldn’t feel his spine, is shake his head.

“Poor bastard…” was all the CQC specialist had time to mutter before a group of Imperials came through one of the doors. The firefight was short between the ill-preparedness of the Imperials for a sudden fight and the fact that most of the troops here had already been prepared for a fight. With the Sullustan back on the shuttle and a map of the station thanks to the Imperial corpses nearby, mission parameters were set and Ren knew exactly what he was doing.

“I’ll head out with you, Major, if you’ll have me. Those other shuttles probably found more heat than us and could use a flanking maneuver to take off some of the heat.”
Jason Erthos-Aboard the Taris

Jason nods, watching the general hustle aboard the ship. "You're right, of course. But then, even in my universe, Alderaan never explicitly fought the Empire. They provided many of the ships the Rebellion used early on as well as a large chunk of it's funding. Princess Leia herself wasn't condemned as a member of the Rebellion until shortly after they had obtained the Death Star plans, which had resulted in the testing of the full power of that battle station on her home. You already know what became of it."

He sighs as he leads Vael out of the hangar. "I'm simply gambling on the chance that the Alderaanians may be willing to help us in similar ways. I'm not even sure they actually maintained their own militaries among the noble houses."

Kham Rho-Aboard the Aegis

Kham had tuned in just in time to catch the tail end of the discussion, but he was mostly in agreement. However, he was more concerned with his discovery. "Kham Rho from the Resurgence here. While I'm all for sitting down and figuring this out together, might I suggest we figure out what kinda physical limiter is in place? Because every time I run a simulation with the AI, about thirty seconds in there's a catastrophic meltdown and that's including if we clean up the coding."
Temari Ordo

I note Zarka as well and mentally frown. During the previous Manda'lor's reign, I had assumed his attitude was due in large part to the lack of activity that he had demanded of the clans. But as I have watched Zarka Saxon and many of his clan since Ava had given us a fight, I began to think the man wished for the mantle of Leadership himself, though he lacked the spine to make it known. "My hope is that Sucal hasn't considered the sewers himself, though I am expecting at least some of those variant droids with the shields and rapid fire blaster rifles."
Temari Ordo

I shake my head no. "Nothing at all, Manda'lor. I do wish to remind you all, however, that there are a fair number of those blasted Sith Hunter droids on the other side of that shield. So far we've determined the best way to deal with them is to cut their mobility and get them on their backs. From there, they're harmless."
Jerus Je'and

I brace myself and grit my teeth as the scream rips through my mind, keeping my grip on Jakito despite nearly dropping him. "What in the hell was that?!"
Jerus Je'and

I glance back at Draxxal's body and pause a moment before shaking my head as I resume moving to the speeder. "Well, it's not a total victory, but Draxxal, at the very least, is dead. One less tool for Sucal to put against us. As for Stoneheart...I'll just have to knock his helmet off next time. While I'm thinking about it, perhaps you can explain how it's supposed to work while we some downtime. We might be able to figure out what's wrong with him."
[center][h2]Jerus Je'and[/center][/h2]

I don't move until I can sense that he's too far to do anything to us and the deactivate my sabers before retrieving the datapad and then rushing to Jakito. "We'll worry about what's going on with the man in the armor later, when we can think more on it. Right now, Jakito needs medical help. Besides, when Draxxal doesn't answer them here soon, the Republic's gonna blitz this place." I gently lift him up, pulling his other saber to me along with his arm. I indicate for Cosen to take the lead. "Let's get back to the speeder." I wasn't sure what good the arm would do us, but I didn't want to Republic thinking any of us got hurt in this double cross. And besides that, it was going to be hard enough explaining to Becca what had happened. "How's your head?"
Jerus Je'and

I don't relax my stance, even as he starts to rummage through Draxxal's clothing. However, after a moment, I slowly begin working towards Jakito and Cosen. They both needed medical help. "That's it? Nothing dramatic from the son of the great Darth Tepes?"
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