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Current There is a madness to my method. Or is there a method to my madness?
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Tis that time of year and I have just one thing to say: Happy Holidays! Whatever your celebrative holiday this time of year is, I hope it's a good rest of the year for you!
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The world has become a place for two kinds of people: the kind who make jokes so they don't have to acknowledge that this is happening and the kind who don't care and go with the flow.
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"If you had told me yesterday that I was the last hope of mankind, I would have punched you. After everything that's happened today though? Strangely normal to hear." -Future RP character
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I miss those moments when people would question my motives. Because then, at that moment in time, I did not know them.


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A Discussion with Blades

Wrath stood further towards the back of the three groups during the meeting, listening as the three leaders shared information and generally reaffirmed the terms of the single most shaky alliance the Nephilim had ever seen. Angels and Demons were already naturally...well, to say distrusting of each other would be one of the greatest understatements he’d ever heard, but he could nary think of a better way to phrase it; humans, likewise, held little to no trust for Heaven or Hell, though Wrath liked to blame the Hierarchy for the distrust held for Heaven. A small contingent of the Army of Light, about a thousand angels strong, had come to Brightwater Isle under Zarrath’s command, who stood to Kushiel’s left, silently listening and watching. He hadn’t said a word since entering the room and had at some point recognized Gomory, but he was there was a commander of Heaven’s forces, so anything else would have to wait.

When it adjourned, the Nephilim followed his friend and mentor out as Kushiel flew off. ”Quite the chain of events, eh old friend?” The archangel he walked next to didn’t reply right away, a hand still resting on his katana’s hilt as they walked. When they reached a quiet alcove, a pond at one end, opposite where they’d come in, he finally spoke, angels of the Army of Light flying in formation through the air on patrol, only seeable every so often from where they stood.

”They may be, but my concern is with the future, not the past. Such as what will become of this island once the Seal is either safe or destroyed? And how long can Gomory keep her demons in check before they decide they’d rather fight us than Vega and these other Nephilim? Even our own forces are wary of an alliance with Hell’s forces, many have openly stated their distrust of the demons.” Wrath, sighing, took a seat on a nearby bench and pulling Death’s Rain free of it’s back holster, removing the clip and inspecting the “barrel” while speaking.

”And what about Ladonna? Or Bael? Or even Sonna? What do they think?” The archangel held out his hand as a butterfly landed on his finger, the sun catching it’s iridescent wings and reflecting off them slightly, humming thoughtfully before answering.

”Bael trusts me, as do Ladonna and Sonna. The four of us have been Uriel’s Striking Fist for millenium. Still, they don’t trust the lesser Demons here; Bael even has something of a betting pool going to see how long before a Minion attacks a human.”

That drew a laugh from the Nephilim as he replaced the clip and put the automatic crossbow back in it’s holster before flicking out the blades of the Wrath Dealers, cleaning them though they likely didn’t need it. ”That sounds exactly like Bael. I’m honestly not worried about the Demons, it’s the Hierarchy that concerns me.” Zarrath sighed, though he knew that Heaven’s Nephilim had a good point. The Hierarchy was prone to...not so innocent accidents when it came to Hell’s denizens and the members of the Third Kingdom and they rarely, if ever, apologized for it. As Wrath worked on his weapons, Zarrath had an idea to help alleviate both their worries, something they’d done to destress during Wrath’s early years, not to mention if his frustration grew enough, he’d yell about what was really bothering him, as the archangel could tell there was something he wasn’t saying.

The Nephilim had only a moment’s warning, but that was all it took, the bladed gauntlets held up in a block as the black bladed katana sparked off them. His counter-attack was just as fast, a right hook aimed to land in Zarrath’s gut, but it found nothing but air as the archangel had flapped his wings once to slide back out of range of the counter, a trick he should have seen coming. ”You’re distracted, but not by concerns of Demons or the Hierarchy. What truly bothers you?” No response was immediately forthcoming as Wrath drew Rage Bringer and swung the sword in a vicious overhead arc. A rune flashed to life on the black-bladed katana briefly before a runic shield appeared in the great sword’s path, blocking it and allowing the archangel to race forwards into range of his own blade, unleashing a series of three quick slashes that force the Nephilim to go on the defensive, blocking the first two by simply putting the flat of the blade between himself and the katana, but the third required that he hop back and to the right, straight into a Cleansing Spear rune that sent Wrath sprawling. ”You going to open up and talk or are we going to keep this up?”

The sounds of the combat could be heard by anyone nearby, even as Wrath picked himself up off the ground and didn’t reply, instead opting to reassume his ready stance, which drew a sigh from the Archangel as he took his own. ”You could have given me some warning you weren't holding back.” As his sparring opponent raised an eyebrow, the Nephilim pushed off the ground towards him, bringing his sword around in a spinning horizontal slash, a move with enough momentum behind it that Zarrath opted to dodge back away from it than try to block it. His counter-attack was swift, however, as the black katana moved forwards in a thrust before transitioning into a slash to the left. Wrath parried both and then locked their blades between them and throwing a punch into Zarrath’s gut, a right hook that had missed its mark before. This time it was the Archangel’s turn to be sent sprawling, not that it lasted for long; he picked himself up before dashing forwards with the aid of his wings, a thrust delivered at high speeds that the Nephilim deflected to the flat of his blade.

It proved to be the wrong move to block, however, as the angel’s own fist connected with Wrath’s right cheek, spinning the spawn of Angel and Demon bones spinning away and back to the ground. Spitting a bit of blood as he rubbed his cheek, Wrath finally sighed in defeat. ”Fine, fine, I give. It’s these other Nephilim, the ones after the Seals for their own reasons. Aeon and Void are the only two I’ve met and…”he sighs again, standing and sheathing Rage Bringer, “I don’t know what to feel. I mean, I’ve had centuries to prepare for finally meeting Death, War, Strife and Fury, a meeting I don’t expect to be peaceful unless I still serve the Council, but these ones out of the blue? I”

Zarrath sheathed Shadowsteel as he considered the best response, relative silence once more reclaiming the alcove and the birds and insects returning. ”I wish I could offer you some kind of answer, but this is as much a surprise to us as it is you. If she weren’t so busy hiding in Hell, I would find Lilith and force the answers from her wretched mouth, but no angel goes to Hell and returns unscathed, even Hellguard.” Noticing the discouraged look on his former student’s face, he approaches him and rests a hand on his shoulder. ”You will get answers, Wrath; that much I can promise. I just...can’t promise when.” Looking to his friend, the Nephilim nods before returning to his seat at the bench after turning it upright, a look of thoughtfulness on his face.

𝕶𝖎𝖓𝖌 𝕭𝖔𝖔'𝖘 𝕮𝖆𝖘𝖙𝖑𝖊

Day/Time: Day Three-Morning
Location: Boo's Castle
Tagging: Six@Majoras End, The Heavy@ONL, Akira@Tenma Tendo, Slayer@Lugubrious

Slayer's well timed counter attack managed to disperse all but one of the flames, which found it's mark on the large Russian, specifically his shoulder. And while he found it to not be painful all the time, every now and then it would cause piercing pain before stopping. It was clear that he needed to either get it off or put it out, but it was a question of how, which would need to be focused on another time as the first of the purple Boos reached the group; only to be banished by Heavy's finger gun, which caused the others to hesitate. "What just-."

The Boo found it's question cut short as Akira's waves of dark magic reached them, and while four of the remaining five managed to dodge the attacks, the fifth wasn't so fortunate, vanishing in a puff of smoke and a grunt of frustration. The remainder squared off with each hero. Six's was on the receiving end of her attack, but nothing seemed to happen at first. Still, the rushed forwards once again, a purple ghost managing to knock Six off of Akira's back and both of Heavy's and Slayer's opponents moving to deliver punches laced with purple fire to the pair. Akira would find himself facing off with the one who spoke to them before, it's little nubs laced with purple flames. "Feeling lucky, punk?" Meanwhile, Six found her Boo looking a little haggard, but his flames at full strength and it launched another ball of them at her.


GM Note: From now on, all players will be required to keep track of their word count. XP will be awarded every GM post. Be sure to check the XP hider to see how much XP your character earned. Remember to keep your CSes updated. I have seen players slack in keeping their XP up-to-date and they have lost XP points because of it. I didn't take the XP away from them, they just didn't keep track of the XP on their own. It is YOUR responsibility if you want your character to level.


If a player is inactive for more than 3 days without letting the GMs know of any delays, then the player can be skipped over on the 4th day. If a player does not wish to post, they can Mention the GM and let the GM know he or she "Passes" on his or her turn.

P.O.: Slayer, Akira, Heavy, and Six.

James Hunt|A Test of Honor

James listened to his student and watched him as he thought, he himself musing over it. As he had feared when they'd squared off with the woman, her words had managed to break through to him, though to his credit, it took much longer than the paladin had anticipated. Often times, an attack against ones inner most feelings was felt quickly and strongest. And while it had taken time, it would seem he finally felt it's sting, and while he wasn't sure he could answer the first, the second, well..."That's because you care for her far beyond that of a guild mate, Cody. To use a word you already have, you're in love with her."
We all do really. Let people know this RP isn't dead XD
Damian Gerard|Solving the Disappearances

Damian let Penny and Mayt leave, keeping anything else he had to say to himself. Penny’s reaction to what he wasn’t his intention to upset her, but he also couldn’t abide by the notion that fear was ever a valid reason for anything. He stepped out shortly after they did and headed out to see the guilds off, the light of the sun shining over the group as they headed out of Magnolia. Godspeed to all of you and the best of luck. Once the last of the group had vanished from sight, Damian headed to his house, collecting Andor from the guild hall before doing so, and gathering some provisions for the trip. Oshibana Town’s mayor had contacted the guild shortly before, looking for one of it’s S-Class.

With a slight grimace, Damian had taken the call and apologized, promising to be there as soon as possible. As he stepped onto the train to Oshibana nearly an hour after he’d started getting ready, he pulled out the cell phone he’d bought and dialed the number he’d been given. It was picked up before the second ring had even finished. “Hello? Is this Phoenix Wing’s Damian Gerard?” Of course he’d know to ask that right away.

”That it is, Mister Mayor. I’ve just boarded the train and will be there by late afternoon. How many more since we last spoke?” That had, of course, been a couple of hours ago, but apparently the perpetrator had grown bolder.

“That’s the thing, Mister Gerard. Many of the girls and women have returned. The mages here say they’re almost completely drained of whatever natural magic they’ve stored, but they’re fine otherwise. We have them resting right now. Still, many did not yet return with the group…” Damian clicked his tongue in thoughtfulness. So then these women weren’t being held for ransom or some other reason similar to it, which only added a layer of confusion as to what he was doing to these women he was taking.

”I’ll speak with those who returned when I arrive, Mister Mayor. In the meantime, let them rest and get their magic returning.” There were a few more pleasantries exchanged before the Blade of Phoenix Wing hung the fancy, lacrima powered contraption up and relaxed. He really hoped that this wasn’t going to be as complicated a job as he thought it was, but the low magic with each girl…Something about this is...wrong. I’m not sure what it is, but… As the train left the station, it’s loud call echoing through the open air, Damian sat back and waited. He could theorize and guess all he wanted, but without getting to see what precisely it was that was happening, it would do him no amount of good.

Damian, as the night fell over Oshibana, was no closer to understanding what in the hell was going on than he had been before he’d arrived. His conversations with the girls who had been taken and had recently returned had been incredibly unhelpful so far, with all of them describing a similar sensation of becoming suddenly weightless. However, there had been one story that had stood out to the S-Class mage, one that was...well, it was different enough for him to consider following up on it. However, he had already passed along to group up all the women and girls in the town in the one building he was positive would work for his plan. As he walked, he reviewed the story in his mind.

“It was...well, it’s hard to explain. We were all huddled in the living room, my husband armed with a pair of kitchen knives and our son with his guardsman’s spear.” The woman laughed as she shook her head. “We used to think some ruffian would be the worst thing he’d face after he joined up with the Guard force. Anyways, I know what I’m about to say is crazy, but I’ve had a long time to think on what I heard. So, like I said, we were in the living room and I remember hearing, which still doesn’t make sense to me, the sound of the wind rushing up behind me. The thing is though, and this is why I thought for a long time I was crazy, it never passed me. It stopped, then a split second later, I felt like I was weightless and it became hard to breathe. I’m sorry if that didn’t help.”

Damian had consoled the woman, telling her that it was as helpful as it could possibly be and then bade her rest. The story made it sound like wind mage, but it couldn’t be so simple. Every wind mage he’d ever met, which was admittedly only two or three, said that the Wind Body spell couldn’t affect other people, only the caster. Not to mention that I’ve never heard of any mage phasing through a wall or teleporting into an area without some kind of sound… There had been that one guy that James had told the Blade about, who’d been imprisoned beneath the Council building, whose Shadow Magic had been unlike any other that the paladin had seen, but Damian wasn’t convinced that this was a similar situation...yet.

As he rounded a corner, the house he’d picked out to have all the remaining women and girls protected in came into view, fifth one from the left, brick, with windows that were probably the most secure in the city. Of course, since it was the house of the Captain of the City Guard, he most certainly hoped it would be that way. In fact, he’d tested the door himself, and short of Titan Magic or some other strength boosting magic, that door wasn’t going to budge either. If this mage could find a way in around all that, then Damian would be convinced it was time to look at other examples besides conventional Wind Magic. One of the guards spotted him as he approached and rushed up to him.

“Damian Gerard? All the women not in recovery have taken up in the Captain’s house. We have them all in the living room for the night. Any additional ideas?” Damian shook his head as he walked, the guard falling into step beside him.

”No, not that would work. The mayor insinuated that you’ve already tried every advanced entrance prevention technique you can think of, conventional and otherwise. This? As much as I hate to do it, this is a test to se-” His sentence went unfinished as the light of the setting sun vanished and suddenly all the lights for six blocks went out. ”Shit!” He burst into a sprint, slamming open the unlocked door of the house. Damian should have known that any relation to wind magic would allow the man to hear their plan. The living room was just around the corner from the entry hall and the Blade rounded it, Hermes Blades in hand, to find a man made of wind reaching for a girl in the back. Spotting the Blade’s glowing magic blades, he grinned.

”Too slow, ‘Blade.’ Maybe next time.” Grabbing the girl as she turned with a scream, the pair became nothing more than a stiff breeze that flew right out the air vent, his laughter echoing throughout the house. Damian, meanwhile, stared in disbelief. Not only was the man seemingly made of the air that made up the wind, he had transformed that young girl into wind the moment he touched her.

The guard caught up just as the man vanished and turned to look at the dumbstruck Blade of Phoenix Wing. “So, uh...what...what now?” Damian turned after a moment, shaking himself awake from his disbelieving stupor and hardening his resolve to end the threat this lunatic presented.

”Now? Now we know what he can do and how he does it. Now we plan and prepare. We will catch the bastard, somehow.” The only question was, how do you catch and corner the wind?
𝑭𝒐𝒓𝒆𝒔𝒕 '𝑱𝒆𝒅𝒊' 𝑯𝒖𝒏𝒕

May 17th, 2020, Egypt

Retrieving the now filled capsule, Forest couldn't help but grin as he headed back towards HQ, Qui-Gon following behind, walking proudly at having bested a Pokemon he'd had a type disadvantage against. With his fire type in tow, that left water and a sixth type of his choosing. But what to choose...well, he'd cross that bridge when he got to it.

𝓙𝓪𝓼𝓸𝓷 '𝓑𝓵𝓪𝓭𝓮𝓻' 𝓒𝓸𝓷𝓷𝓸𝓻

May 17th, 2020, Egypt

Jason looked at the professor, raising an eyebrow at him. "And where was all this help when us Pokemon World trainers started on our journey, Professor? No, we can't help them that much, not in a world we don't know. Besides, they'll learn more from their journey than they ever would from any of us, much like we learned from our journeys. What objections would you have to my leaving? You know the Legendaries are a threat that can't wait for fledgeling trainers to get the OK from their governments to face."


Hey there, I hope everyone is doing well. I apologize if anyone has been waiting for more content from my end. I have been busy, as I'm sure we all have been. But if you are waiting for something in particular, please let me know. I'll work on it.

On a loosely related note, one of my new challenges in life is my new lifestyle. In order to save money, I have been living out of my car. I've been doing this since the beginning of this month. If you're interested in following me on this endeavor, I have actually started a private Wordpress blog. If you send me an email address (via PM), I can give you access.

Again, I only mention this, because this is part of why I haven't been hands on with this RP lately. But again, if anyone has a specific request regarding this RP, let me know.

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