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Current So many writing ideas, so little time to write. Being an adult sucks...
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It's the most fattening time of the year!
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There is a madness to my method. Or is there a method to my madness?
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Tis that time of year and I have just one thing to say: Happy Holidays! Whatever your celebrative holiday this time of year is, I hope it's a good rest of the year for you!
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The world has become a place for two kinds of people: the kind who make jokes so they don't have to acknowledge that this is happening and the kind who don't care and go with the flow.


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Aboard the Resurgence

While the various delegations from the other ships arrived and were led to the briefing room that had been chosen to host the various people and beings, Jason stood in his quarters, donning his armor, a gift from his SWAT unit before he'd joined up with the Republic Military during the Clone Wars. He could still remember the engagements he'd fought in, guided his previous flagship through alongside Jedi Master Siyen, who had lead the 237th through numerous successful campaigns on the ground. But in the end, it hadn't mattered, as indisputable evidence was exposed proving that the Jedi and the Republic, an institution far too many good soldiers had died to protect, was doomed from the moment the Senate went to war.

None of it mattered though, as he retrieved his blaster cannon from it's place on a weapons rack and slid it into position on his back, followed shortly after by his vibroknife, sheathed on his shoulder, and his R-30017 Aikion blaster pistol, holstered on his right hip. The helmet to match his armor remained on its place on the armor rack as he turned and left the room, unneeded for the time being.

Outside, he was met by Hammer, Lieutenant Jerus, and Ice Squad, the commandos who'd lead many of the covert operations that had made victory against the Imperial Remnants. The team consisted of their sniper, a clone by the name of Sharp, who specialized in force recon and long range support. On his back rested a small droid that was deploy-able as both a small portable shield and defensive turret, the technology based on the Droidekas from the Clone Wars. Next was Eighty, their assassin and close combat specialist. While his expertise lay primarily in wielding bladed weaponry, particularly those attached to his armor, he was no slouch with his Blast Cannon when the situation called for it and he was a decent shot with his pistol as well. The third member of their team was Niner, assault specialist extraordinaire. If it's a rifle and it can be tuned or improved, he can do it, and he never misses a shot, even if his target doesn't make sense.

Finally, at the head of their squad, was the squad commander, Winter. He was their anti-armor specialist and pretty damn good with a sword, though he still couldn't best Sharp, even on the CQC specialist's off days. Their commando gear gave them a rather imposing presence and the group left the front of the Supreme Commander's quarters in silence, no words exchanged as they walked. As requested, the long metal cylinder that made up Jerus' lightsaber hung visibly from his belt, swinging with each step he took and reaffirming to those who hadn't seen him yet that he was, indeed, trained in the ways of the Force

Outside the briefing room stood a small collection red and grey armored members of the 302nd Clone Legion, placed there in case the room got messy and Jason needed to remind the various factions that they were on his ship and would play by his rules. Nodding to each one as he passed them, he opened the door to find himself face to face with the strangest amalgamation of people and non-human species he'd ever seen. He recognized the creature from the biological ship immediately, though seeing her in person gave no clarification on where she might actually be from unfortunately. Around her sat four smaller creatures that seemed to be attack animals of some kind, though again, he didn't recognize them

Then there were the heavily armored humans, who's suits vent exhaust and servos whined as they moved nervously about. It was hard to miss the glances they tossed the creature and the look of concern in them. Then there was the humans who simply sat in military uniforms he'd never seen before, not that that would matter. There was a trio of octopus-leg using creatures to add to the strangeness and a potentially human person sitting in orange and yellow armor of some kind, along with aliens with...Is that four jaws? Definitely new... and unique armor and weapons from the last. Lastly were the humans who all seemed to be members of a ship, but their uniforms carried various differences that failed to clarify what role they served on their ship for the Supreme Commander.

Once he had reached the podium at the front of the room, he speaks. "First and foremost, I'd like to welcome you all aboard the Resurgence. I understand that coming here wasn't easy, as we all seem to have been thrust into an unexpected situation for whatever reason. As I stated in my initial hail, things here in our home aren't how we left it, as the Galactic Empire is still showing a strong presence. But rather than simply attempt to explain everything I can at once, let's start with questions you all may have. If it's not confidential for us or outside my area of expertise, I'll do what I to answer it." He levels a gaze with each creature and person in the room. "So, let's keep this civilized then."
Zar'kun Je'and

"Nor would we have. The Rakata were the only Force Sensitive beings to make the kinds of technology they did, but their arrogance cost them, as we know." I shake my head. "It would seem we need to make a decision. And there's only really one, who takes that power and keeps it from Sucal?"
Zar'kun Je'and

I ponder and then look at the others. "We'll...need a moment to decide, Caretaker. If you will."
I mean, it's also the only ship with any kind of remote knowledge of where they are.
Zar'kun Je'and

"Pupil and Iris, huh?" I hum to myself thoughtfully before snapping my fingers. "The orb! That's why it's been trying to direct us here! Caretaker, is the Pupil a reddish black orb? Seems kinda self aware?"
Zar'kun Je'and

"Would it involve, in anyway, tampering with the Living Force itself?"
Zar'kun Je'and

"More or less. Might we inquire," I ask as I approach where the door had appeared, "what the purpose of this core is?"
Zar'kun Je'and

"Zar'kun Je'and, Wielder of the Force. What is your purpose, Caretaker?"
Zar'kun Je'and

I look around the group of bugs before facing the pulsing blue engine again. "Are you satisfied? Or do you want more?" I mentally cursed myself. Of course it was a dark side test, the Rakata had been rank with it.
Zar'kun Je'and

Building up flame in my fist, I slam it into the ground in front of me, blue flames blasting out in a half-sphere around myself, Luci, and Caelin, incinerating the bugs. "Then by all means, keep sending the Kiliks to die. But we will NOT yield."
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