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Current So many writing ideas, so little time to write. Being an adult sucks...
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It's the most fattening time of the year!
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There is a madness to my method. Or is there a method to my madness?
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Tis that time of year and I have just one thing to say: Happy Holidays! Whatever your celebrative holiday this time of year is, I hope it's a good rest of the year for you!
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The world has become a place for two kinds of people: the kind who make jokes so they don't have to acknowledge that this is happening and the kind who don't care and go with the flow.


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I've been busy. Sorry mate.
To help a Spider

As Souta moved himself into position for his power attack, Wrath hopped back a couple of steps, sheathing the Rage Bringer to draw Death's Rain, leveling the crossbow even with the monstrosity's center mass and waiting. While the Nephilim wasn't entirely sure what blacksmith was up to, he could see that some kind of opening was about to be created and he wasn't going to miss the chance for a decisive blow, no matter how strange the set up might seem.

Sure enough, however, as the clip of bolts began to head towards max speed for a Burst Shot, Souta's hammer struck a powerful blow to the top of the undead creature before sending him sailing away. Wrath capitalized, tossing the crossbow up into the air after locking the trigger to keep charging it and moving in. Rage Bringer flew free of it's place on his back, connecting a powerful blow to the creature's caved top half before being spun around to making a powerful horizontal slash across where it's midriff would normally be. Leaping up, the Nephilim landed on the creature's chest and pushed off as he sheathed his great sword once more, knocking it off balance and landing in a crouch after flipping and catching the crossbow as it finished falling and spinning up. "And here's the money shot." In a surprisingly spectacular flash, the full clip discharged in a shotgun style blast nearly point blank into the mass of flesh, shredding it where it stood.
Alicia Harnick

Level: 4
Day/Time: Day Two
Location: Butter Building, Kirby's Dream Land
Interacting: King Dedede and Kirby@Holy Soldier, Cloud Strife@Holy Soldier, Akira@Tenma Tendo, Slayer@Lugubrious, Naija@DracoLunaris
Word Count:

As the Penguin spoke his protests, the Titan almost channeled her inner Hunter and put a round in him right then and there. She was almost positive that James would have, though the more she thought about it, she was pretty sure that he would have told Frisk in some not so kind words what his pacifism was doing for the group in Dreamland. Still, she shook her head and opted instead to try and prepare mentally. Shortly after she closed her eyes and quietly started humming to herself, the ship jumped, and then shortly after that, klaxons were going off indicated they had been engaged.

Dedede continued making excuses and a plan of action was laid out by Vault Boy, which Alicia mentally kicked herself for not thinking of her jumpship back at Platform City. It was too late for it though and instead, she stood and headed towards the shells marked for the boarding squad. At least until Dedede protested going with them, at which point she turned towards him, but Cloud beat her to it. Still, he persisted in fighting the motion and so she walked over to him, pulled her 4th Horseman free from her back and parked the four barrels against his back. "One twitch of my finger is all it takes, penguin. Get in the shell."

Slayers-Legends out of Time/Damian Gerard-A New Dawn

"One hundred years? Has it...really..." Tears began to form in Wendy's eyes and she turned away as Gajeel stepped forwards, appraising the group around the slayers.

"If it's been a hundred years, why do you all smell like you only have about a decade's worth of magic experience on you? What happened?" Jack Goran stepped up and Natsu, recognizing the smell of his magic, moved forwards with fire around his fist, but didn't move as Jack held up his hand.

"Peace, Natsu Dragneel, I am no Zancrow. As for why it seems like the mages gathered before you lack the experience of mages in your time, that's because when Zeref twisted you into dragons and forced you to obey his commands, magic saw a severe decline in popularity. It's only been within the last several years that mages could use their magic without fear of reprisal, which was often violent. The Council was forced to throw innocent mages, mages who's only crime was wielding magic, into prison in order to keep the peace. In short," he sighed, pointing at himself and a couple of Frenzy Plant's mages, "very few were fortunate enough to have real tutelage." Sting stepped forwards next, his face solemn.

"If that's how it's been until recent history, how are things now?"

Damian was still reeling from what he was seeing when Penny stumbled towards him and his instincts kicked in before he processed what was happening. A flurry magic rose around him as he brought his Ares Blade to bear, and then he finished processing and the magic faded with his sword as he moved forwards. "Easy, Penny. I'm here, I'm OK. Little dazed, little confused, entirely lost, but alive and well."

Day/Time: Day Three - Evening
Location: Northrend-Valiance Keep, Borean Tundra
Tagging: @DracoLunaris@ONL@Holy Soldier@Wxer

The armored individual glanced at the only member of Darion's group to appear to be properly equipped before looking back at the icebreaker, a frown pursing his lips together as he appraises what she had said to see. He stroked his beard in thought before sighing and shaking his head. "Officially, I imagine it's likely just one of the mages retrieving some of their extra materials stored in the hold of the ship. It's part of why it's still docked here, as well as to act as an emergency departure system should the need arise. Unofficially," he steps closer to her and gestures towards a barely noticeably windmill atop a cliff on the other side of the beach, "the nearby town that was giving us a steady supply of supplies has gone silent and strange things are happening in the keep. I have reason to believe the Cult of Damned has something to do with this."

Stepping back as they all retrieve their gold, he gestures. "Feel free to do what you need. The black smith is over there by your friend, along with the armorer. Better winter clothing is available there as well. Our general supplies merchant has healing potions and such as needed. Take a look around the keep as well, this will be your home here on the Borean Tundra after all."

𝙒𝙤𝙧𝙡𝙙 𝙤𝙛 𝙒𝙖𝙧𝙘𝙧𝙖𝙛𝙩: 𝙒𝙧𝙖𝙩𝙝 𝙤𝙛 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙇𝙞𝙘𝙝 𝙆𝙞𝙣𝙜

Post Order: Rubick, Cole Phelps, Blue, Constantina, Vent

Level: 3
Day/Time: Day Three-Evening
Location: Northrend-Valiance Keep
Interacting: Flint, Black Smith
Mention: Blue@Holy Soldier, Constantina@DracoLunaris, Rubick@WXer, Cole Phelps@ONL
Word Count:

After retrieving his gold with a quiet thank you, the Mega Man turned to wait for the rest of his squad to catch up, appraising the area around them. Above the parapets, he could see some kind of flier soaring above, launching...something at the troops on the ground, who seemed to be engaged with both the flyers and "The hell are those things on the beaches?" The young man simply couldn't tell from that distance, and as he moved to find out, a passing midget-like man carrying a rifle stopped him.

"Hold on there, lad. Those undead Nerubians aren't somethin' to go an' gawk at from any distance, not with their flyin' pets above us." Vent glanced at the man and opened his mouth before the man continued. "Och, but where are me manners? Names Flint, Dwarven Ranger. You one of those that came with the Death Knight I saw headin' into the keep? Ye look a wee bit, well, scrawny, if ya are." For just the briefest moment, Vent could feel a flash of his old temper flare up at the mention of his obvious physical ability but he managed to tamp it down before he made a mistake.

"Well, I'm not sure what a Death Knight is, but I did come with a Darion Mograine, as did my team," he points over the dwarf's shoulder, "there. We're the help he brought back from Platform City." The dwarf glanced at the team and then back at Vent before nodding.

"Well, if the Death Knight, something you'll find out the meaning of soon enough, thinks you're good enough, tis good enough for me. Although ya might want ta pick up a weapon while you're here, those fists won't do much more than aggravate those Nerubians. Follow me to th' black smith where we ca' get you a proper weapon, lad." Or at least, the dwarf hoped that this was a lad, or he'd be in a world of hurt later. Vent started to object and then paused as he looked out at the beaches where the gunfire continued coming from. Perhaps being prepared wasn't such a bad thing, especially since he might not be able to megamerge right away.
Life is crazy. Slow progress is slow.
Nab even. *facedesks*
I'll nap my originals as well. Saves time XD
I had an idea of a Mandalorian bounty hunter who doesn't wear a helmet and very little armor. his main ambition will to one day retrieve the helm of Mandalore that was stolen from his people by Revan.

He doesn't wear a helmet because he feels his people have been disgraced and their honor took until he can retrieve the helm back.

This picks up WAY after the events of KOTOR and KOTOR 2. Helmet isn't even a factor anymore.
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