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Current It's the most fattening time of the year!
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There is a madness to my method. Or is there a method to my madness?
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Tis that time of year and I have just one thing to say: Happy Holidays! Whatever your celebrative holiday this time of year is, I hope it's a good rest of the year for you!
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The world has become a place for two kinds of people: the kind who make jokes so they don't have to acknowledge that this is happening and the kind who don't care and go with the flow.
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"If you had told me yesterday that I was the last hope of mankind, I would have punched you. After everything that's happened today though? Strangely normal to hear." -Future RP character


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And without further ado, I am Zarkun, one of your two GMs. I will be in charge of the Mandalorians for the duration of our RP. Welcome to the Lawless and Wild west of the SW universe!
Alicia Harnick

Level: 3
Day/Time: Day Two
Location: Butter Building, Kirby's Dream Land
Interacting: King Dedede(?)@Holy Soldier
Mention: Frisk Dreemur@Guardian Angel Haruki, Cloud Strife@Holy Soldier, Wario@Holy Soldier, Waluigi@Holy Soldier, Banjo-Kazooie@Etherean Fire
Word Count: 305

The Doctrine of Passing came up as the bloated form of King Dedede turned to face them and didn't waver, the barrel of the auto rifle ready to unleash the entirety of it's clip on the penguin the moment he turned hostile. However, he instead choose to engage the group in conversation. Or something like it at least, as it was basically just the fat bastard talking before he collapsed. As he screamed for help, Alicia lined up her shot with his head, beginning to squeeze the trigger. However, before the first bullet could be fired, the shadow consumed the penguin. "Sonova-" Leaping back, she peppers the boss with auto rifle fire even as it sets its gaze upon the bear and bird.

Reloading after expending the magazine on the creature, she swaps out for her 4th Horseman shotgun as Frisk calls out for someone to help Banjo-Kazooie and the rest to engage the monster in front of them and attack the eye. "Iron!" The Ghost materializes and zooms over towards where the edge of the gravity enhancing effect is before scanning it. The effect took several seconds, with the Iron Companion shelled ghost looking over the data as it came in. It seemed to be some kind of elemental attack, which, as far as he could tell, had no way to cut the energy other than waiting it out and hoping it didn't kill the bear and bird duo or putting down the caster, which in this case was the evil monster in front of him and his Guardian.

"I can find no way to stop this short of putting that beast down." Grunting, the Striker Titan obliges the information, unloading all five shots from the heavy caliber shotgun into the monster's eye. She wasn't about to let anyone get killed on her watch.
Good news. Nobody is trying to kill me, it's a bug not food poisoning

I mean...are we sure someone didn't send it to you?
<Snipped quote by Sep>

Clearly you have too many enemies.

Or not enough friends.
I am interested and would likely play a Yapi Force Adept style of character, though if Yapi would be weird, a Firrerreo or Vahla would be other choices for me.

Currently we're in the process of debating on what exactly we want to do with Force Users. We'll keep you posted though.
<Snipped quote by Zarkun>

Oh I'm sorry mate. Do I disappoint you?

No, you could never disappoint.
Darn it Sep, you drug me in again.
Friendly neighborhood, Co-GM here. As vance said, we'd greatly appreciate a skilled map worker who can help us give direction during the more planned combat and large scale engagements, but I'd also like to say we're looking for dedicated players as well. I get that RL can strain ya sometimes, I RP and have a job, I get it on many levels, but please don't just up and disappear. Speak to us, let us know you need a break. We'll understand and appreciate the heads up. That said, I will be playing Barbatos, but not Mika. Reasons for that to come later. In any case, welcome to Gundam: Those Who Correct!
To help a Spider

Wrath made a point to deflect how he knew the Broodmother, instead reminding them that how he knew her was less important than what she needed them to do. He was silent during the trek, but when the spikes sent the broodlings fleeing, Rage Bringer was free of it's place on his back, his body shifting into a ready position as he held the blade towards the source, which proved to be a group of Assaults, purple energy lacing through them, with the purple energy causing cracks in their spikes. "Well, this should be interesting. Be a good work out at least." As the lizards rushed their small group, Wrath moved forwards to meet them, his great sword arcing overhead towards the one closest to him.

Whether or not the blade found it's mark, he would roll to the side, pulling his crossbow free and unleashing a quick flurry of bolts on the other Assaults as he comes up on one knee.
Alicia Harnick

Level: 3
Day/Time: Day Two
Location: Butter Building, Kirby's Dream Land
Interacting: Banjo-Kazooie@Etherean Fire
Mention: Frisk Dreemur@Guardian Angel Haruki, Cloud Strife@Holy Soldier, Wario@Holy Soldier, Waluigi@Holy Soldier
Word Count: 316

Alicia didn't speak any as they pushed through oppressive darkness, her rifle up and her grip white knuckled around the AR's grip. Memories of the fight against Oryx in his Throne World tearing through her mind. Fortunately this wasn't the Ascendant Plane, nor was their opponent a Hive God bent on avenging the death of his son, simply a penguin with a thirst for power that rivaled many of the lunatics that she'd met in her career. She did, however, keep an eye on their flip-flopping help when she could, waiting for him to try and slip the net when he thought they weren't looking.

The trip to face off with the Penguin, however, was uneventful until they were somewhere near the bottom when the greedy fatman tried to get them to go first. Frisk, however, saw what he was trying to do and ordered herself and the bird and bear duo to come in last, forcing Wario to go in ahead of them but behind their leader. What awaited the group inside, however, was not what Alicia had been expecting. While it was clear that the powerful and dark aura they had been moving through was coming from the penguin, whether or not he was in any condition to try and fight the group was another matter. His breath was clearly laborious and if it weren't for the purloined winged greaves, he probably wouldn't have been able to move. Leaning over to Banjo and Kazooie, the Titan whispered, "Think fatso's gas did that or the virus?"

She had a hard time, clearly, thinking that the virus had done that much damage in so little time. Perhaps James could have been mistaken about what it did to Odin in that other realm. "Or perhaps the virus affects each host differently than the last?" The Striker frowned thoughtfully, but didn't speak, waiting to see how things unfolded.

James Varrock

Level: 5
Day/Time: Day Three-Early Morning
Location: Platform City-Tetris Castle
Interacting: Guile and Rosalina@Holy Soldier, Fox@Etherean Fire, Sparx@Holy Soldier, Shantae@Guardian Angel Haruki, Bently@ONL, Cuphead@Majoras End, Taric@DracoLunaris

James frowned as Rosalina relayed the locations of the other Council members and what they were doing, or in Artanis' case, lack of knowing what they were doing, let alone where they were. "James, the missing Council member needs to be informed of what's happened here." The Hunter didn't respond right away, instead looking towards the others. Spyro needed help, Artanis needed informing and the Vanguard needed an update. All in all, it was a mess as messy as it can get and he knew that a solution was needed, so he did the most logical thing he could think of.

"Artanis needs informed of what's happened here and, well, I need to make a trip to the Tower and reaccess my loadout, since I don't think lacking a heavy weapon like I am is doing me any favors. Do you know where he went?" He knew that heading off alone was probably incredibly foolish, not to mention dangerous, but that was a Hunter's bread and butter at the end of the day. Putting his helmet back on, he pulls the Imago Loop free of it's holster and checks the cylinder before flicking it shut. "Need to keep every one informed and all that jazz."
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