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Current Why is it that I work my ass off to be a good person but the assholes in my life get the good shit? I may loose someone I love to a promotion....sick of this life
7 mos ago
For those I RP with, it's been a long two days and I'm not done with my work week. I'll post tomorrow if time permits but I'll get there.
9 mos ago
I'm back after a long time gone. I've been in and out of alot of hospitals and I've lost alot of things. I just want to get back into something familiar.


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@Zarkun True. Could do a collab of how you get there if you wanna, but I know you have alot through the week
Who else needs to post in the prison? I know we have two players that aren't in the prison. You guys dont have to wait to post.
Also everyone as this will be a fairly large RP I've asked @Zarkun to be a CO and he accepted. If I cant get to you he might be able to. That being said I might need another.
Alistar, dropping his bag on the floor he walks up to her with his head tilted, "Athena is that really you?." He would then shake his head and rubs his eyes as if he was seeing something that wasn't there, "Did it actually work? It's been a couple of months I was worried."

She looked back at him and showed true emotion. He wasnt some A.I. loaded into a body of a doll or an L.M.D. built by SHIELD. Though she was not human or kree anymore. She was a new being formed from an amalgamation of beings, technologies, and herself. She took the form of what she would have looked like if she had grown up and could transform into the Goddess Athena or rather something like the legend. She clicked out of her thoughts and then began, "Yes my friend, it's me. It took so long because I had to make sure the parts would work together." She looked past Alistar for a second and smiled at the others. "Hello everyone." She then walked closer to Alistar and reached out then pulled back for a second looking him over before she leaned in and hugged him without saying a word.

When she hugs him he smiles as he hugs her back then all of a sudden he stops and says, Imma go take a shower, we can talk later." Rushing he gets his bag and goes towards his room. Once In the shower he lightly punches the wall as he hears the all to familiar voice of his father "Haha you are falling for another, haven't you learned anything from the others you can't be happy for long you're a demon come on." Alistar would say, "Shut your mouth, don't you think I understand. Now leave me alone or I will put you back in the cage, remember I can create one in my mind for you." Grumbling his father shuts up. After the shower Alistar would walk around in his sleeping shorts towards the kitchen area.

She nodded as he left. She could tell something was bothering him but right now she hadn't a clue what. After seeing him leave Oberon smiled and explained that he and Ava had things at the office that had to be done and they strode off. She was going to open her next two projects and have them finished for herself by the night.

As he got to the kitchen he would start prepping and cooking Cajun chicken and rice enough for everyone else who was here. The aroma would start to flow throughout the place, cooking is one of the things he's mastered. With the chicken he made tea for it.

Recieving a message from an associate Oberon left with Ava in the jet to pick him up. Oberon before that asked for Alistar to keep an eye on Athena and to save some food for them and the guest.

Athena finishing up the last bit of her project detected something in the air. That's right she thought I can smell now. Suddenly her stomach rumbled and she felt...hunger. "So this is what it's like. I can trace the scent to solve this physical need for food I assume." Her stomach rumbled again in assurance then she went down and made her way to the kitchen. "Hello Alistar." She said as she walked in. "It seems I must consume food as my stomach has informed me." It rumbled again and went over to him looking at him to the food.

Smiling he says "Oh yea you gotta eat from now on for energy. It's part of having a human side now." He would offer her a plate.

She took the plate and didnt detect any harm. Then she went over proper manners before she took out a fork from the drawer and then started eating. As it turned out she liked spicy food and ate all of what was served for her. "Thank you Al. That was really good for my first meal. I cant wait to try more food." With that she wiped her mouth as it was covered in cajun sauce.

Thinking to himself he would say. "Hows the body feeling? Have you tried to practice any attacks or moves? I got the time beautiful." out the corner of his eye he sees the image of his dad laughing then says, "Shut it old man!" quickly covering his mouth looking down.

She looked up at him and cocked her head to the side. She blinked then glared over his shoulder. "Dont listen to that old fool." She waved her hand in an annoyed dismissive gesture and the image of Alistar's father vanished in a plum of smoke. "Al just so you know I can't tell what's going on in your head all the time. You know we will get him eventually." What she had done to most people would have seemed like she was a real goddess but in reality all she had done was wipe away an anomaly detected by the nanites which she was still connected through. "As for your questions no I haven't done anything. I'm waiting for my spear to be done as well as my owl. I named him Archimedes, but you can call him Archy for short."

Looking at her he says "No we are going to train now hand to hand because what if you drop your spear huh? You just going to smile at them and ask politely if you can pick it up? Hell no I'm training you so you can go into the field into of teaching you how to control your strength. You have my raw power and you don't know how to use it." Walking to her he says, "And I'm not going to take it easy on you so get ready now." Staring at her with his arms crossed he waits for her response.

She was about to speak when she felt something then turned looking at the elevator on the other side of them common area. "It seems that we can't right now. Oberon and Ava have returned with..." She took a second as a file downloaded "...Cross. Hmm that's interesting." Athena went to the elevator to wait but then another sound in her head went off. Taping into Oberon's com she spoke, "When you make it up here food will be in the kitchen and I will be in the lab getting my latest project out. Come there if you like otherwise I can come back to the kitchen." Oberon said ok in her ear as she strode off to the lab to pick up Archy and her spear.
@officaz it's in the original post. Now you applied before but your first CS wasnt accepted due to reasons of not fitting well.

If you make a new CS keep in mind that original characters would be preferred. Existing characters within the marvel universe need a good reason to be on the prison.
@officaz I believe we should have room for one more :) post a CS for approval.
Also would anyone like a discord channel for this rp?
Everyone good?
@BladeSS4 weird it works now
@BladeSS4 under his actual armour tab it doesn't show anything
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