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4 mos ago
Current Awesome. I've been let down again. Why do I try with anyone? No one in RL treats me with the same respect I give them. To them: next time you want me at a family thing. Then I think I might be busy.
7 mos ago
Just finished kh3. If anyone is wanting to do a KH rp then PLEASE pm me or if you just wanna discuss the games
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1 yr ago
Why is it that I work my ass off to be a good person but the assholes in my life get the good shit? I may loose someone I love to a promotion....sick of this life
1 yr ago
For those I RP with, it's been a long two days and I'm not done with my work week. I'll post tomorrow if time permits but I'll get there.
1 yr ago
I'm back after a long time gone. I've been in and out of alot of hospitals and I've lost alot of things. I just want to get back into something familiar.


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Oberon was about to stick the needle in for the sample when the build erupted with alarms then the explosions came. Oberon was knocked over as the needle cut lightly across Finnlay's arm. Ceiling tiles fell and lights burst with a shower of sparks. Oberon got up and moved to the door. A cold chill ran down his spine and his eyes glowed white underneath his contacts. "Smokescreen I suggest you get stay with me." He clicked his watch dial into place and millions if nanites ran out over his skin then spread his suit over him. The AI filled his ears and gave him feed on what was happening. "Athena, lone target outside the building with a rocket launcher." Then the cracking began...


Athena's systems hadn't picked up the rocket in enough time...she had been linked to her system when she had over reached and it had cause a number of system failures with out her even knowing it. The shields should have come up to protect from explosives and impacts. The system should have warned about an unidentified vechile and or persons even taking aim...but no. Athena go the com from Oberon and suddenly she changed to her goddess form and her spear materialized in her hand. "Alistar! Conference room now! Protect Jocelyn!" With that Athena ran out of the room as more lights burst. Loud cracking outside began and the structure listed to one side. Athena panicked and flew out a window. Seeing the attacker she snarled and sent a mental command to her drones to attack as she flew over and found points on the building that was optimal to hold the building up without crushing her.
Well that was interesting. Lol
@Cerces22 well I was in the habit but when I wasnt about to get one for two years I lost it
Forgot to mention normally I'm on a phone for my postings as I dont have a computer. If you really want me to do the color text for speech I will but itll take a little bit to remember and select and easy one for each character
@Sewer Rat token non-powered

The music played at the venue that he was currently at as his art stood on display. The pieces he had done were only done two afternoons ago where as it should have taken him months. If it wasn't for his gifts of reshaping metal he couldn't have constructed the town foot solid bronze statue and the snake to go with it. The scene was of the Greek god apollo killing the snake Python. It had been easy enough but one thing gave him trouble. He was going to have to sell them. He already head bids but as his watch went off of a fire he knew he was going to have to leave. Walking out and leaving his contact info he took a side street found his stash. It was a large metal lump and as soon as he saw it the metal seemed to melt and then slide over to him and up his body forming to his clothes. "Guess it's time to go to work." Taking off he flew over the city and scanned so he could skim some metal once he had enough flew over and scooped up water. Closing the giant sphere holding the water he flew towards the scene of the fire.

Once he had arrived he noticed the fire department having a hard time. He couldn't avoid being spotted this time as he heard the crys from inside the building. Transforming the sphere into a square holding the water he extended out from the four corners legs the plunged just deep enough to keep the structure in the ground then opened holes into the bottom of the square so that the water could rain down steadily helping to choke the fire.

Once he had done this he flew inside trying to locate anyone who might need assistance getting out. "Hello is anyone there!? I'm here to help get you out of here!" He absorbed several metal doors and tables baring his way into rooms. The heat would have gotten to him if he had dispersed and cool himself. Still quiet hot and no inhaling a but of smoke he called out again seeing if anyone was there.

Good good :)
Hows everyone?
With her mom is was a fluke that she erased her self from her mom. But with others it's only the last 10 or so seconds so she isnt unknown but more a mystery
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