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Current Just finished kh3. If anyone is wanting to do a KH rp then PLEASE pm me or if you just wanna discuss the games
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Why is it that I work my ass off to be a good person but the assholes in my life get the good shit? I may loose someone I love to a promotion....sick of this life
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For those I RP with, it's been a long two days and I'm not done with my work week. I'll post tomorrow if time permits but I'll get there.
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I'm back after a long time gone. I've been in and out of alot of hospitals and I've lost alot of things. I just want to get back into something familiar.


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----Traverse town----

Soren stood there and unsure about several things he nodded cause he was sure that right now Kazen was lucid. If he was supposed to find people then Soren would follow. After all he was supposed to get Kazen out if here and it wasnt like they didnt have time to explore and see what the fuck was going on. It would take a while for Soren's plans to move forward anyhow. "Alright Kazen I'll follow you and back you up but you must promise me that you'll fight back the control if they influence you. You can use the dark as a tool but you mustn't become its tool. Also you and I need to figure out a damn way to show each other we are who we are besides trying to kill the other." Soren gave a light smile and dispersed way to dawn but kept Grimoire out though the light from the emerald dimmed. "Where to next? Our search in the world of light didnt bear much fruit. I wish we could find remnants of the data world that the dandelions lived in for so long." Soren leaned on his keyblade thinking and waiting for Kazen to make his next move.
Emrys sighed as things seemed to be going well and looked at Cratix as he did. "I don't support the vanguard, no. Your secrets whatever they be are safe with me. Particularly I would like to ask what getting a ship from you would cost?" Emrys let the question hang in the air to see if it would even be answered.
Soren shook his head. His friend was on the verge of being taken over but by what he didnt know. "Merlin and Yen-Sid have only trained me. I told the ex masters I wanted nothing to do with with the book of prophecy. I told them that this time around things would be different that we could protect instead of sow discord, but it seems the dark has finally worked its was into the goodness you used to have." Soren turned letting the dream eater that he didnt know was there show as he looked off to the gizmo shop.

"Remember when we first came here? Trying to figure out the secrets of that shop. So very long ago. I can't remember my home Kazen and I can't remember what happened to us and why we have lived so long. If we are pawns then we have to make it to the other side of the board and beat this. We in another life destroyed the destiny corporation that held our leashes. Now you are just going to throw our freedom away and be a puppet again? Look at yourself Kazen." Soren demanded as water flowed from the fountain and inbetween the two but off to the side. It became solid and mirror like. Showing Karen's reflection. "Is this what you want to become?" Soren let the mirror hang in midair for a second so Kazen could look then let it fall turning back to water. "They put you here more than likely so you wouldn't age or to incubate the dark inside you somehow allowing the full take over. We are not Eraqus and Xehanort. We can do what is right without the destruction." Soren knew this would probably be the last he could try to convince him before he dismissed the conversation.
Soren took all the hits and felt the swoosh of the illusions then felt his legs come out from under him but a quick areo spell righted him. Then he dusted himself off. "Aye, and what would you like to speak about? Ehh? Shall we talk about how many lives we have lived? Or how about how we used to be dandelions? Maybe we should ask some questions? I've got one! What the fuck are you doing here!?" Soren glared his friend slightly. "Or how about what's wrong with your heart. Something has entered it and corrupted you. Recently I might add. Who did you have to see when you left the waking Traverse Town?" Soren kept his keyblade ready and the jewel glowed brighter.
Soren took the attack to his back and the breath was knocked out of him. Gasping he saw the barrage of spells that Kazen had knocked him into. Was it Kazen though? This was the realm of sleep. Soren would just have to beat him down anyway since Kazen was apparently going to do the same.

Before the barrage hit him Soren threw up a barrier in reaction but allowed some hits to smash the ground and kick up a dust cloud. Breathing deep he shot out three thundaga shots then iced the ground beneath Kazen. "We are going to do this again I see. Well this time I'm not going to go easy. I'll make you remember it's me." His voice had come from everywhere and with a charge of areo magic Soren burst from dust cloud straight up and then shot off a gravity spell raising Kazen off his feet then fired a shot lock where words of dark light crisscrossed through his ally dealing status ailments to his opponent. It would now be hard to focus on magic and slightly harder to see along with the sensation of draining.

They did this. If it wasn't his deliberately coming here for something then it had to be Luxu or the master that sent him here. He doesn't believe it's me because he has been lied to so many times. Soren jumped up to higher ground and ran towards the fountain from the side.
----Sleeping Realm-----

----Traverse Town, District 1----

Soren stepped into district one and there were nightmares everywhere. Gasping as he saw a moogle cowering in the middle of the square Soren charged into the fight. Letting off a fireball in front of him and destroyed a few nightmares which cleared a way to get to the moogle. Hoping over a few more he grabbed the moogle and dashed up casting areo to boost the jump. The nightmares hissed and yelled as their prey soared to a roof. "Stay here and I'll take care of these." The moogle nodded and choked out a kupo before soren lept off and fired a stream of water then ice to freeze a path. Skidding to a halt he swung way to dawn in a wide arc and let it fly out and into the crowd of nightmares gathering there. He then cast thunder right before catching way to dawn. There was no use though...they were still coming with no end in sight. Covered in nightmares Soren dropped his keyblades and both dismissed into light. For a few horrible second Soren felt the never ending sleep and the darkness beckon to him. He remembered all the times he had died and fell to darkness...not anymore. Power surged through him and with all his might he willed the darkness taking him into a tool of his own and filled one of the keyblades with it. The sleeping lion disappeared turning into the spellbinder for a second then the keyblades true power came into being. The spellbinder turned purple and black as the key peice turned into three pages with luminous green text, the shaft turned into a books spine as a black chain wrapped around it and down to the guard which locked like an old fashioned lock. Between the lock guard and the book looking shaft was a hexa emerald that glowed green the chains crossed over it whinding down into the guard. With a burst of the green light the nightmares were thrown back and vaporized. "This is one of my keyblades' true form. I forged this with my heart and my dark power that will use me no longer. Instead it'll be my tool!" Soren's mind filled with all his old spells and ways to use them. With a smirk he charged at the nearest nightmare unleashing a torrent of water "Waterza!" Then he flipped back and spun unleashing fire "Firaza Barrage!" Fire balls hurled out and down on the nightmares. Then Soren dove to the ground casting quake as his keyblade slammed the ground.

The rest if the nightmare were defeated and Soren smiled. "I now wield The Grimoire." Its emerald glowed faintly as it disappeared into purple light and green smoke. He then floated up to the moogle grabbed him and sat him down on the ground. "There ya go. Hope they didnt rough you up little buddy. I'm looking for a friend of mine. Think you can point me to him?" The moogle shook his head sadly but perked up and took out a small keychain with a moogle attached to it. As soon as Soren took it the moogle faded away with a "Thank you, Kupo!" Strange but he would just add it to the collection. Soren then went and entered District two yelling for Kazen.
Soren walked through into Merlin's cottage. Archimedes hooted and shouted for Merlin. "Your apprentice is back you blabbering oaf!" With that he put his head into a wing and began to nap again. Merlin came out of the back room and glared. "Now see here you daft bird! Oh bother never mind. Ah Soren my boy! Brought the second key?" Soren stepped back and with drew the blank keyblade from his heart. "Ah yes quite right. The moogles and I will fill it with power. In the mean time I have your next three keychains." From his hat Merlin produced the sleeping lion, way to dawn, and the wheel of fate. Just as Soren took them a letter flew in the window. Merlin picked it up and gasped. "Oh my dear boy we have to empower this keyblade now!" He took the way to dawn keychain back and ran into the other room slamming the door.

Soren took the paper as it drifted to the floor. It was from Yen-Sid to Merlin. It explained that Yen-Sid had sent a moogle to retrieve Kazen but when he had caught up with him had to hide and watch as Kazen fell to sleep. The moogle had apparently barely escaped.

About an hour later Merling came back in with the way to dawn. "Here Soren take this and I'll open a gateway to the realm of sleep. I'll aim for traverse town but be prepared for anything." Merlin worked his magic and a blue sphere with points around appeared. Soren didnt need to be told and touched the sphere and dove into the realm of sleep.

Waking in a dark cavern Soren stood shaking lightly then popped and elixir. Traveling to the realm of sleep took alot out of a person. Looking around he realized he was in merlin's cave and hopped across the stones and too the door. Exiting and now seeing in the light he realized his clothes had changed. Emerald green cargo pants and black shoes with a black shirt. On his back was a dream eater symbol and across his front was a dragon in green with golden eyes. Soren shook his head and summoned his keyblades. He now had to fill both of them with power to get these blanks to reveal their true forms. Attaching the sleeping lion to the spellbinder he set out for the first district.
---The Keyblade Graveyard---

The corridor opened onto an expanse of keyblades and dust. Towering rocks stood along the landscape and the wind blew lightly stirring dust devils up. Soren stepped out and shook his head in sadness as he recognized all the fallen. "All this over Lux. The Master has played us all with that stupid book. What is your end game...." Soren picked up a dead keyblade. "This will have to do." Soren cast out his hand and a circle of light appeared and he cast the keyblade into it. Once inside it hovered there. Below it runes and symbols etched into the ground "Heart of the past grant me your blade. Release your claim and link to me your power." A soft glow radiated upward and the keyblade faded into light flying into Soren's chest. "Thank you." He said as he bowed to an image of a girl that had to be no younger than Sora when he first started his journey. The circle and image faded away and the symbols disappeared. "Well that's three keychains down and the second key obtained to be tempered. Time to return to Merlin and the moogles." With that he opened another corridor and walked through to Camelot.
---The Grid---

Soren walked along and came to a station that had rip sticks. Picking one up he got a good run going then ripped it. The light cycle program activated and suddenly it formed around him taking off towards a tower in the distance.

Soren deactivated the light cycle and it formed back into the rip stick. It was strange that no one was around but Soren didnt need anyone but Tron, which was now worrying him. Walking into the tower Soren ascended to the top floor. Stepping out he walked into a white room with a lone figure.

Without turning he spoke "I had hoped to see you one more time my friend." Turning Soren saw Tron. "I'm the only program left thanks to a rogue program. Even I will run out of time but this world will keep going."

Soren took off his hood. "Hello Tron. You're the only program left huh? I'm guessing the rest were taken for info. I'm sorry you are alone here but maybe I can fix that. I've come to get access to a program hidden in Ansems data base." Tron nodded and went over to a panel opening a door. He nodded and offered Soren to go in. Inside was a computer and Soren got to work.

Soren opened three programs and read through them then he set two to download into the Grid. "Tron these two programs will run and I need you to keep them secure. One will offer a data version of Sora who can help. The other is a replica program that will create bodies that can be realized. Finally he brought up the third program. Data magic..." Soren looked at the computer screen and sighed pulling out a disc from behind his back then attached it to the section indicated. The program downloaded and Soren stood turned and hugged Tron before summoning his keyblade and aiming it at the screen. "Goodbye..." there was a flash light and Soren disappeared.

Another flash of light this time at the hangar area of the Disney Castle. The dual disc keyblade faded as well as the keychain back into the Spellbinder. "Another added to the pages. Seems Merlin was right. Just gotta keep putting myself back together." Opening a corridor with his keyblade he stepped through and into the Corner Stone of light's chamber. "Seems to be all in order here though still as unguarded as ever. The king and his trust. Nothing I can say much about but wish there was more I could do. Still not strong enough yet though." With that he opened another corridor and walked away letting it disappear.
Soren watched as his friend walked out not even saying anything about the note. "Someone he has to see ehh? Well that's all on him. In the mean time I'll take care of a few other things." That he snuffed the pipe and took out another if the keychains. Attached to a blue cord was a dual disc. A device from a place known as The Grid. Attaching it to his keyblade it transformed into the keyblade it represented. Soren walked upstairs and to a terminal. "Time to go pay an old friend a visit." Firing a light beam at a mirror it bounced off and into a laser that fired up and shot through Soren and into the terminal. Soren was then downloaded into a digital world where he began to search for a program named Tron.
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