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I say phase one is a good place to start.
Man. I'm not a GM or co GM or anything, but it excites me to see so many interests roleplayers and will feel almost equally disappointed if we lose a lot of this interested party.
I can dig it.
As annoying as this dude is, sorry I let you guys down and made a mockery of y'alls hard work with my "carbon copy character"

Was just trying to rp my OC in a different universe where he wasn't some super OP mother fucker. I took a shot because he was limited to a single magical ability.

I don't honestly care what the hell your dick head GM has to say about me, because he doesn't know me and thinks he does based off of what he found here in the guild. But I do regret the fact that I won't be able to role play with skilled players such as yourselves.

Edit: Yeah. I get it. I made an ass of myself.
And you're basing this off my characters history? Lol and you won't find a lot here on my role-playing because I've been around since the old RP Guild. You know, before all of us original guild members lost every bit of work we ever had lol so pardon me for not having that same level of dedication coming back into the guild when Mahz brought it back.

As far as being invested. I wouldn't still be here trying to create a character post from work every chance I get if I wasn't. ;) You've not given me the chance to come to you via PM, because this is only the second attempt I've made to flesh out my characters history. I know you're GM and your word is law, but I'm laughing at your judgement of me based off of how little you know of me. I am an advanced role player and have been since before you were even a part of the guild. Now. I would love to have a one on one brainstorm session to see what all I'm missing out on to be your second in command. Because in all the time I've been here since the Guild was rebuilt, THIS rp has my full on interest and I would love to be a part of it.


I guess that's a fair enough reason lol I'm seriously not complaining. Was just curious.
Funnily enough, there are two telekinetic characters and I was dissuaded from using lightning. What's up with that? Lol
Not even close
Look me up for any future rps
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