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Goooooooooood. >:D
@sorenand that was all you guys in the hotel yeah? So when I show up will the agents still be there?
I know I was a part of season 1. Lol Correction. Was gonna be. Could never figure out how to get my character in.
Daaamn! I didn't know this was still going.
Not much. But I posted.
It really shouldn't have surprised him to be honest, but for some reason beyond even the Mother Tiamat's knowledge, when the sound of a chopper above and he and his mode of transportation were engulfed in a volley of Apache Hellfire missiles, he was.

He growled as he laid amongst the wreckage and flame, the concussive force of the explosion knocking every sense he had into a spin, There goes that idea..., he thought to himself before jumping to his feet and drawing The Tri-Force Gun. He quickly brought the weapon up and began opening fire on first the missle pods of the helicopter, then the rotary mast and tail blade. The first two shots connected with powerful bolts of electric green bolts of lightning, while the last connected with his familiar emerald green ice; stalling the vehicle and sending it veering off to plummet to its doom. Certainly not his style most times, but these ones seemed to warrant it. He would holster his weapon and begin to walk away from the scene, pondering just how far he would have to go before making it back to the hotel, as he dusted himself off from the encounter.
So not mad, but how am I at the hotel lol
We still waiting on Twilight?
As Draku was about to respond to Alistar's recollection of their past lives, the one named Slingshot appeared from a set of hidden elevator doors, cutting their conversation short. He allowed the two to proceed with their interrogation, shaking his head rather disappointedly at the pained screams of their subject, walking around the unique underground base taking in the sights of all that Alistar had collected throughout his time on this plane. Aside from Draku's own massive blade on display, he also possessed a number of ancient artifacts from different eras of time; presumably from key moments in his life, his attention eventually falling on a massive set of battle-worn samurai armor.

The armor possessed a resemblance to that of a fearsome black dragon with green accent, riddled with numerous punctures throughout the whole of it. He would run a hand across the damaged dō, inspecting the many perforations, before a sudden sensation fell over him alongside a rush of memories flooding his consciousness, causing him to step back and look to the ceiling with a faraway look.

The sky seemed to turn to night as thousands of arrows dotted out the sun, raining down upon his position and penetrating his once unscathed armor. What his massive blade did not deflect dotted his massive frame almost in its entirety, though even this was not enough to even remotely deter him from his mission, as he rose from behind his weapon with a fearsome roar.

Draku snapped to as the sound of keys being thrown in his direction could be heard, catching them with ease as his attention was drawn back to his blade. He honestly did not know what was happening at this point, having seemingly been completely elsewhere as the other two scrambled to their respective vehicles. It took him a moment to locate the aforementioned hog the one named Alistar had intended for him to use before he was astride the jet black and green flamed Harley Davidson and on the road.

Perhaps it was the vivid memory or the fact that he didn't know where they were headed, but not long after they hit the road he altered his course. Away from their makeshift convoy and the strange man who had the answers to the many questions that formulated inside his mind. Whoever they were to each other was ancient history, Draku enjoyed his solitude and nomadic ways. After all this time alone, why would he go and change that?
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