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Rex clenched his jaw as the mortal stepped around him, ignoring him entirely, causing him to ponder if his whole schtick really had begun to grow stale in the passing years. He admittedly actually despised vampires, despite sharing so many similar qualities with them. There were a lot of things about their hierarchy and unbridled love for each other that got under his skin, but the whole hissing and baring their fangs thing was the straw that broke the camel's back with him, it was so unnecessary. He actually found it embarrassing to be even remotely like them and considered them amongst his favorite prey and at the top of his personal hit list.

Then here came this guy, cocksure and silver tongued to boot, either too fucking stupid to realize that the shadows were literally forming beneath Rex and expanding outwards or just that confident in his skills.

Rex intended to find out.

Until reality hit him.

Like a two hundred and twenty five pound sack of shit.

Alistar came crashing into him just as Rex would begin to will the darkness into a nigh inescapable dome of shadow, causing the two to become engulfed in the shade and spat out into the lush forested peak of Mount Lamington. An andesitic stratovolcano in the Oro Province of Papua New Guinea. One that he aided to erupt back in 1951, resulting in the death of over four thousand people and the hindrance to the rescue parties and the focus of relief efforts; hampered by suffocating pumice dust and sulphurous fumes, and hot ashes on the ground, which arrived on the scene for the town of Popondetta and other surrounding areas at the time for many months to follow.

Good times.

With a growl, and a shove, he would remove Alistar from atop him and rise to his feet; a summit complex of lava domes and crater remnants rose above the low-angled base of volcaniclastic deposits that were dissected by radial valleys and a prominent broad "avalanche valley" extending northward from the breached crater met his gaze, there was no mistaking his handiwork. The unmistakable scar in the northern side of the mountain from the violent eruption that occurred three days after its initial one was all the evidence he needed, the image of it being blown away and the devastating pyroclastic flow that poured from the gap for a considerable time afterwards brought a brief smile to his face.

Alistar would chuckle, catching his bearings as he rose to his feet as well, taking in and remembering the area fondly,“I remember the fun you had here, brother!” he'd exclaim.

"Tch. That lucky son of bitch..." he'd growl, ignoring his brother's attempt at reminiscing good times alongside him, "Why'd a geek like him get to pull a bad bitch like that?" he'd mutter to himself as he looked out over the land.

Then the yelling came.

"AND WHY THE FUCK DID YOU CAUSE ME TO LOSE FOCUS ON CREATING THE DOME?!?!?" He'd roar turning on Alistar in an instant, "Fucking idiot..." He'd growl lowering his voice to an irritated whisper.

“One, he didn't pull her. You seriously think she would just choose him without knowing him? I thought you knew her better than that. Two, you saw what she did to me, you're gonna tell me if she did the same to you that you wouldn't be putty in her hands? Three, you act like I did this on purpose. I didn't. When I get my hands on him, I'll kill him.”

Rex merely continued his gaze in Alistar's direction, jaw clenched in aggravation, debating whether he was going to respond. He knew Alistar wouldn't have chosen to break his attention in that manner, it was absolutely absurd to think he would. His once feral little brother had grown well past those methods and stages of his life in these passing years, into a somewhat more refined and respectable individual, just as Rex had begun to embrace that feral part of himself. But the rest of that shit, he could kick him square in the dick for. He wasn't watching anything beyond the spot that that arrogant little prick had been standing in before he had chosen to disrespect him. The one who had brushed aside and treated him like he had done to so many other powerless individuals before.

The gall.

It was already bad enough that it had to be Jiang's party that they crashed in the first place, but to have that deplorable incident unfurl right before her…

He'd chuckle quietly at his thoughts, bringing the palm of his hand to his face and shaking his head, What the hell was that guy's problem?, he'd think, dragging his hand away from his face.

“Come now, brother, let's take a vacation while we're here anyways, huh?" Alistar would grin, "You want to cause some chaos here on the locals, maybe get some happy endings as well? It's all on me this time.” he'd continue in hopes of distracting his brother from tonight's, technically yesterday's; thanks to the sudden shift in time zones, mishap.

Rex shook his head, "Nah, I'm good. You chill here if you want, I need some ME time." he'd shoulder check Alistar in their lighthearted fashion as he stepped past him; their personal brand of brotherly love, "Besides nothing's gonna top the way I fucked this place back then." he'd laugh boisterously before stepping away into the shade of the trees and vanishing.

[Location: Central Park]

Draku had merely looked away for a moment, long enough to make sure the flame had truly extinguished, before he had noticed that the demons had disappeared into thin air.


They didn't even make a sound. A few steps here and there, but nothing that would even indicate that they had left the area.

What the fuck..

He growled slightly in annoyance at this inconvenience. There was no telling what these guys were up to, what they were capable of, nor their level of maliciousness. In his eyes, he had just allowed two evils loose upon the mortals and if they'd killed in the time he could find them…

The blood that they spilled…

The blood…

It would be on his hands.

All for the simple pleasures of his favorite vice.

He flicked the half smoked joint from his fingers and into the snow a distance from him, he no longer felt deserving of its pleasures. No. Now he owed it to the people of this city to stop them.

The demons.

Preferably before any innocent lives were lost.

But even so, even if they had taken a life. If any innocent being had lost a single drop of blood, they would pay with their own.

Drop. For. Drop.

He would move away from the tree before a dull ache in his chest turned his attention to a peculiar sensation he had felt at their earlier appearance. The tightening of the scar upon his chest. Now that he was thinking about it, that was an odd thing to happen. He hadn't had that feeling in a long, long time and that feeling had never led him to anything good.

It always ended in death. Mainly the deaths of those he had once loved. Deaths that were caused by his own two hands…

He'd hold his breath to steady his mind, focusing upon the still smoldering joint in the snow. Perhaps it was just Bahumat stirring within, readying his enormous well of power to aid him in his call to duty.


That was it. Bahumat was ready, and so was he.

Only problem was they didn't leave a scent trail for him to follow or anything and that was gonna certainly slow him down. The thought of even further destruction and mayhem occurring on his behalf caused him to grimace slightly. All due to the lack of attentiveness on his part. All because of him.

Just like back home.

If he'd only been there…


Now was not the time to become lost in thought. Focus. He needed to focus. Where in the hell could the demons have gone? Where would they need to go? What could they possibly need here, on the mortal plane?

As he allowed himself to ponder these questions, and more, he began to unknowingly follow the all too familiar pull that guided him to his former targets.

Bahumat's trophies.

The entity claimed he was merely preserving his mother's creations, but every soul he collected in his name only made them stronger.

At least his loved ones would always be carried in his heart…

He'd place a hand upon his own chest with a vacant look upon his face, absentmindedly tracing the length of the scar there with the palm of his hand, and allowing an ironic chuckle.


Location: Central Park/ Undisclosed area of New York

Despite his best efforts, Draku had allowed himself to become lost in his thoughts. So much in fact, that he hadn't realized that he had wandered atop the frozen surface of the Central Park Lake. He'd look around, briefly reminded of his final encounter with his brother, before tensing the muscles in his legs, readying himself to launch into the air and above the trees.

It merely took a thought, if you could even call it that, but just as he extended his legs to jump from the lake, it followed; much like a catapult would a boulder, adding to the already gathered momentum from his mighty leap.

It had to certainly be a sight to behold, watching that massive ramp like structure of ice exploding into a fine mist of water before settling down below as a fresh coat of powdered snow. Only Mother Nature herself could match such mastery of the elements.

As he took to the air, the rushing wind about him began to grow turbulent; slowing his fall dramatically as unseen vortices of wind formed beneath his hands and legs, allowing him to control his fall and lessen the impact he made upon the earth when he landed. From the sky he could utilize his keen sense of sight, immediately taking in all that he could see; noticing the blue and red lights of the law closing in on a single location and a cluster of them already at rest at what would seem to be a smoldering building.

He'd take a deep breath and sigh before altering his trajectory towards the billowing smoke, The downside to being a big city hero I suppose...


Location: Undisclosed Bar/ Alleyway of New York

Interactions: @soren

It didn't take long for him to assist the firefighters and first responders with the inferno and locating any survivors within. Though, the most surprising thing to occur throughout this whole ordeal was finding an unconscious woman cast aside in the shrubbery. She seemed to be delirious; if not for the fact he had seen two demons and heard a third beforehand, he would have agreed, but as she muttered about a blue woman and a man with wings he listened.

After making his final rounds, he took to the skies once more; only this time using the rooftops to manage this feat, and only this time he had something to follow.

Amidst all the soot and smoke, it was there. The smell of brimstone. Perfect. He could follow that directly to them. He could stop their reign of chaos before they truly brought harm upon anyone else.

He followed the scent until it was overpowering and almost directly beneath his nose, taking to the rooftops after temporarily investigating a heavily warded building, accompanied by a familiar voice.

Matter of fact, the voice of the woman who was issuing out orders to the two male demons.

He'd land heavily behind the woman below him, slightly crouched as he took notice of the fresh corpse at her feet; slowly erecting himself to his full height, only if she were to turn to investigate the sound behind her, before he would speak.

"Who the hell are you?" he'd question with a deep rumbling voice.

Rex couldn't help but laugh aloud as he caught the flask, "Alistar, are you seeing this shit? It's like everyone knew we were coming or something!" He'd take a giant swig of whatever was in the flask, "Oye! This tastes an awful lot like demoness squirt!"
Alistar would look to his brother suddenly and shake his head, “Really? Demoness squirt? Why would you willingly taste that? It probably tastes like liquefied brimstone...” he'd then begin laughing just as suddenly as the image of a big burly demoness riding his brother's face came across his mind, causing Rex to laugh again; draining the flask of of the remaining liquid within and crushing it in his hands like an aluminum can, "That guy knows how to party!" and with a mighty belch he'd toss the flask aside like rubbish.
“It would seem you are right though, brother…" Alistar would pause as the cascade of glass upon the floor could be heard from the doors, "They must have known we were coming! It sounds like a fucking rager in there!" he'd exclaim, noticing that the screams of horror and panic were only causing Rex's sinister grin to widen, "Are you sure we're at the right place, Rex? Rich people don't party this hard."
With that, Rex would raise a puzzled brow, "Have you not ever been a part of those massive ritualistic sacrifices those celebs get away with at their concerts and shit? Come on man. You sound dumb as shit right now." He'd laugh smacking him across the back.
“Motherfucker, what concerts have you been to?" he'd pause again, thinking about who he was speaking to, "Scratch that, I forget that you party a lot differently than me.” he'd say, looking back to the scene in the streets and the gala, "We should hurry up to the party before some fucking cops come and spoil all the fun!!”
Rex would laugh boisterously, clapping Alistar upon the back once more, "Man," he'd snort, "you kill me. Cops. That'll just make things more fun. Hell. Let me liven the streets up a little bit." He'd growl maliciously, reaching towards the nearest fleeing gala member and proceeding to feed upon their screaming form; further confusing the escaping party goers to a stop as they now witnessed a blood thirsty demon feeding upon one of their fellow party members, draining them of their final drops of precious life. Rex would allow his victim to hit the floor with a heavy thud, their crimson life force dripping from his fanged face to his bare chest, his eyes beginning to glow a neon red as he drew in a heavy breath through his nostrils; his gaze fixated upon the crowd, "What do you think, bro? How many can I drain before we hit the main room?"
This would draw another laugh out of Alistar before answering him, "I would think ten of 'em should be enough for you, glutton!" he'd chuckle as he'd watch his brother grip the throat of one person while he fed on another, "I was wrong, you're not the sin of gluttony, you're the sin of greed!!” He'd proclaim amusedly before stopping suddenly as he drew closer to the doors where the actual gala would be taking place, looking about as if a most delectable scent met his nostrils,“Ooooh, Rex! I smell some delicious souls inside!!!!!!” he would exclaim sniffing the air and licking his lips in unison, his eyes flaring with the giddiness that filled him, “They have all kinds of special powers I don’t know about!" He smiled genuinely and drew a deep yet steady breath, "So we will have a challenge!" he'd sigh contently, "Oh, how I love a challenge!" he'd proclaim bouncing on the balls of his feet as Rex disposed of yet another drained and lifeless corpse towards the main entrance of the building, with little to no concern with how far or aggressively he threw them.
Alistar would have skipped on through the doors to the gala, leaving Rex behind to finish his feast, only to be met with quite a surprising scene as he pushed on, “Umm, Rex? Did you slip me something somehow??" He'd ask confusedly, looking back over his shoulder, "I'm seeing fucking ninjas right now!!" The words caused Rex to stop mid-feeding, throwing down his final victim and shoving past Alistar; he had more than his fill of meager human anyhow, this he had to see.
The scene of ninja/hero combat would bring back memories of Alistar's time spent training under the best ninja masters that had ever walked this earth, the same moment in history Rex had decided to learn the ways of bushido in an attempt to settle an argument; on which style of fighting was the best, between the two brothers.
“HAIL MY BRETHREN!" Alistar would shout proudly into the room, arms spread wide, "FOR IT IS I! THE ONI GRANDMASTER NINJA, ALISTAR GRIMM-SABBATH!! THE GREATEST NINJA AROUND!!” he'd finish with a cocky laugh before looking around and noticing the name didn't click with anyone.
He'd look down dejectedly and sigh, “Really?" he'd look around upon the empty, yet terrified, faces of the people within, "No one?" he'd look towards the few ninjas that decided to break the awkward tension in the room by running at him with sadness in his eyes, "Seriously?" he'd ask with a certain pain in his voice, punching an almost iron-like fist through one of the ninja's sternum; wrapping his hand around their heart, while back handing the other with the same fluid motion of Alistar removing the ninja's still beating organ and causing their head to turn a complete one eighty, "Well fuck, that hurts...” he'd say with a whine.
All the while, Rex had located what remained of the food bar; enjoying the cuisine of the mortal plane in much relish compared to that of the Nine, avoiding all conflict aside from the rare moments anybody had decided to bump and/or run into him, causing him to either spill or drop the food or drink in his hands in their panic. Other than that, he was too enthralled with the saviours of this little freak show; finding himself genuinely entertained that he was able to add to the chaos, because at any moment now the bloodless corpses that he had thrown about so carelessly would begin to reanimate just in time to meet with the local P.D. he'd think.

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[Location: Central Park]

He always seemed to come here at this time of year, to the bustling city streets of New York; normally not one for the large crowds and all the noise. It had to be something about all the lights and snow that drew him out here like clockwork, though he could go without some of the music. Being out in the park was his reprieve. Closest thing to being in the wilderness as he could get to out here in the "big apple", as the locals would like to call it.

He hadn't been in the park any longer than thirty minutes when he heard it, the distinct sizzle of a portal opening in the distance. Closing his eyes and raising his nose to the sky he would draw in a deep breath, catching the faint scent of both sulfur and brimstone in the process.

Demons…, came a voice like the rumbling of rolling thunder from deep within his mind.

Draku would let out a plumy breath of annoyance at the thought of dealing with demons, Yeah… I smell 'em…, he'd think to himself rather reluctantly, I suppose I should check things out...
With an equally annoyed growl he would begin his trek across the park towards the sound of the portal, the sound of a woman giving out orders drew nearer with each step before what sounded like a roar of flames exploded into life. Not close enough to worry about... Sounds like it's fading.
With another whiff of the air he could tell that he was even closer than before, the faint smell of blood joining the previous two scents. Cold blooded killers. He'd have to watch out for these fiends.

For a male his size, he moved with exceptional stealth at little to no effort and in the snow at that; closing in on the area and spotting what he could only assume what he was searching for, These are the demons?
He took in their appearances with a raised brow and the look of someone who was deep in thought, Nose don't lie, I guess…
He'd lean casually up against the nearest tree keeping an eye on them from the distance he was at and in the cover of the added darkness from the trees around him, reaching into his coat's inner pocket he would procure himself an all black pre-rolled marijuana cigarette. With a snap of his fingers he brought an emerald green flame to life atop the tip of his thumb and lit the joint with a heavy drag, extinguishing the flame with a flick of his wrist, and prepared to tail the two at any moment.

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Posted my character application
Time, to the Dragonknight, seemed to skip ahead with much haste. Two years to him was a matter of days in his mind. Sleep always eluded him, he cared not for what date it may be, nor did he ever find a moment dull enough in his life to walk away from. In truth, ever since he settled his score with Brimstone so many lives ago, he lived a dormant life. But. As the new world began to grow and change around him, he set out to study the way of life. All life. Living amongst all walks, from beast to man, and in all his journeys, and all the lands, he only fell in love with one place.

The Savage Lands.

A prehistoric tropical preserve hidden in Antarctica, though it's existence; oddly enough, common knowledge throughout the world, faintly reminiscent of his time. Residing within the Lands, this being the place he returns to at the end of every venture out into the world, since 1965.

His time here mainly consisted of tending to his vast crops of specially blended herbs. Oh yes. You know. Herbs. The only source on the planet known to keep his dragon rage in check. Occasionally he would be visited by the likes of Moon-Boy and Devil dinosaur, who he had aided on numerous occasions with pleasure. But the being back in New York. The memories that suddenly invaded his consciousness. They always sat in the back of his mind. Who was he really?

That's possibly what brought him back. Back to the place where he encountered the others from that time. Maybe he could find them again. He'd chuckle producing a pre rolled, snapping his fingers and creating an emerald green flame at the tip of his thumb. Who'd have guessed he would willingly come in search it trouble?

Well. I tried. Best of luck all!
Hello. 😁 Dropping in from the discord, got a question about a character concept after reading through the rules more thoroughly. Shoot me a pm when you get the chance.
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