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Well. I tried. Best of luck all!
Hello. 😁 Dropping in from the discord, got a question about a character concept after reading through the rules more thoroughly. Shoot me a pm when you get the chance.
Hiiiiii! Just dropping in checking in on the goings on. Miss Ya bunches!

Sorry, Alistar, figured this was the best way to get everyone together.
Draku didn't wish to spare much time lolly gagging about the city, taking to the rooftops and heading straight back towards the direction of the hotel, always lost in thought. He wondered if anybody noticed he was missing at all, hopefully he didn't have much to deal with in terms of copping another ride out of here, he would rather not have to explain his brief disappearance and the missing bike. Draku smirked sheepishly at the thought, stopping very suddenly when he spotted a green flare bounce of the bottom of an unknown aircraft in the vicinity.

Looking down over the edge of the building he stood upon, eyes widening behind his dark shades at the sight of AListar's hotel being swarmed by agents of some kind, his gaze switching between the infiltrators and the ship up above. Stepping back he would close his eyes and sigh deeply, Here goes nothing..., he'd think grimly before launching himself straight for the ship; with the wind to carry him for added effect, landing deftly upon the jet without a sound. He had himself two options here, the first being to tear the plane apart to get the patrons inside and the other being to sit back and enjoy the ride. No harm in finding the source of the attack, right?

Draku would raise a brow, as if listening to another's suggestion, before allowing a small grin to play about his lips as the jet seemingly prepared itself to take off.
<Snipped quote by Draku69>

I have a way, if your character would be compatible.

I mean I'm open to suggestions. Lol I would love to be a part of this rp.
Goooooooooood. >:D
@sorenand that was all you guys in the hotel yeah? So when I show up will the agents still be there?
I know I was a part of season 1. Lol Correction. Was gonna be. Could never figure out how to get my character in.
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