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Draku would have long discarded the unconscious body, sliding the man across the floor towards the area Alistar wanted them, and approached the sword on display, "How did you get this?" He'd growl, turning to look for Alistar, "Better question. Who are you?" He turned to face the weapon once more, placing his hand upon the glass. He couldn't even begin to remember when he last saw this blade. His blade.

The Dragon Fang.
Sorry for that short ass post lol I had to. Saw an opportunity and took it.
Draku's head shoots back through the patio door at Arvin's question, snapping and pointing in the direction of one of the assailants who'd been shot in the hand by his freeze round; pinning him against the wall across from the patio door. He smirked, joint still between his lips and smoke pouring from his nostrils, knowing at the first sign of a a dead man that you ALWAYS leave one alive to answer some questions.

Vigilante 101, baby, he thought smugly to himself.
Draku would have been in the process of fishing a prerolled from his coat pocket when he heard his name from the entrance of the bar.

He didn't know of anybody in this city, aside from Jocelyn, who knew his name.

Looking up from his task and locking eyes with the stranger who called his name, giving a slight nod before looking back towards the bartender with a slight tilt of his head, he could tell this was no mortal man. He smelt as if he'd been drug through fire and brimstone.

Looking back to the man, he began to open his mouth just as the rest of the bar exploded into gunfire. He raised a brow, reaching into his duster, and pulled forth his personalized sidearm from its holster; the dragonic symbol for ice glowing a vibrant blue, as he methodically began freezing whichever gunman wasn't already being mowed down to a wall. Ceiling. You know. Where ever his targets took a round and the sheer power from his hand cannon sent them flying.

With each shot he took, he made sure he made every evasive move he took after the fact towards the patio door. He was gonna smoke regardless of the shit storm happening inside and respect the establishment's ground rules while he was at it.

As everything calmed inside, Draku holstered his weapon and pulled the joint he was searching for earlier from his pocket, placing it between his lips and snapping his fingers; creating an emerald green flame at the tip of his thumb, lighting it. He took himself a nice good drag off of the fatty, holding the smoke in his lungs before expelling a large plume of smoke from his nostrils.
He needs guidance in the ways lol
<Snipped quote by Draku69>


DC the dragon.

And @Alistar Sabbath Yeah. I'm pretty sure they are. You know. Since my characters race is my own.
Oh and DC withdrew. In case no body noticed.
@Bluetommy I thought she was literally across from the bar in her apartment lol
Draku would look to the new comer as she joined this particularly odd sight of rag tags at the bar. Back in his time he would have anticipated a tavern brawl between the likes of these lot, his gaze shifting between each of the mortals that sat here with him on this night, but he just didn't get that feeling here with them.

They all walked different paths in life, this he could tell by just laying eyes upon them, but something drew them all here on this particular evening.

Draku would get lost in his thoughts again, attempting to put together the unknown reason, hoping the bartender went to take the new arrivals order.

Ever since reincarnating in this era and discovering their version of Dragon Herb, Draku had seemingly lost himself to thought at every given moment.

Perhaps it had to do with being revived into a time where nobody actually knew him or the deeds he committed before this time, affecting his entire reincarnation completely due to the lack of extra information about who and where he was, but he felt something about this revival differed from his others; not quite knowing how to put his finger on it.

One thing he knew for certain was that he didn't waste a single moment pondering the bigger picture and questioning every random moment that occurred in his life. His true purpose on a world which still remained cloaked in mystery. All he had were random memories, some he could swear weren't his at all, but memories that helped him gain control of his power and his sense of true self.

A hero to the people who had none.

Draku would open his eyes, remembering where he was before shaking his head and rising to his feet. He needed some fresh air and a smoke.
Heh. Draku might just end up doing the bare minimum lol
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