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Current Celebrate the spooky season with a horror RP from an national award-winning writer roleplayerguild.com/topics/…
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"This world is enough. [...] It must be. This is the greatest and kindest arrangement the atoms had in them."
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Perhaps if my other RPs don't catch on it's time to dust off Unhallowed Metropolis
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Some good RPGs to mine for anti-paranormal content include Delta Green, Hunter: The Vigil (especially Task Force: VALKYRIE), and some more obscure stuff I'll remember right after hitting post.
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The old world is dead. The new world waits to be born. Tell me, masterless sword, what do monsters dream when they have forgotten being men? roleplayerguild.com/posts/5…


Lifetime GM. I run horror, dark fantasy, sci-fantasy. All players welcome, as long as you engage with the material.
You can, I think, tell a lot about me based on my blog
I will reference Disco Elysium and no one can stop me.

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I think making Cold Hands fistfight a Vampire would be very cool. This portends nothing.
I am currently in no position to critique pacing

Quick Question: Do bad things happen if the six bodies of a goblin fail to remain within close proximity of each other?

You've got a maximum dispersal range of around 12 metres, and that's where you feel a kind of... signal loss. The distant body has slowed reflexes, weakened cognition, goes catatonic if they're fully out of range.
You could arrange your bodies at 10m intervals with minimal negative effect - you know when you go into work on two hours less sleep than usual and you can feel yourself being kinda slow? The result and sensation are kind of like that.
A goblin left catatonic out of range for a few hours can start to lose autonomous brain function and asphysxiate.

There are horror stories of goblin bodies cut off from the whole that become independent and strange but this has never been proven. Trollkin a whole would consider experimenting with such a thing to be monstrously cruel, like cutting off a human's arm just to see what happens. But maybe some untroll maniac has tried it.
Could this be foreshadowing? We'll see.
Good enough. No clauses that'll fuck you over an interruption. Eavesdropping is fine if you have a reasonable expectation that you are standing on protocol - such as if someone in authority is aware of your presence and has not yet given you leave to step forward. Like Orohome. But are you willing to play them off each other?
<Snipped quote by Excession>

Since Chwegwn would have thoroughly read that agreement, could he make a roll to recall a loophole in the aforementioned obscure clause that would allow him to avoid the fine?

Hmmmm I can allow he just remembers because he seems the type, or you can roll Intellect/Academics with the caveat failure will add a complication to Chwegwn's near-future.

Do either of the captains have a reputation for violence against people who interrupt or eavesdrop on their conversations?

No, they're both quite non-violent but they will make a note.
Kira might fine you for the offense, citing some obscure clause in an existing agreement.
Orohomi cannot be eavesdropped on if they don't want to be, safe to assume either they want you to hear this or they have deemed you irrelevant to their wider plan. They might be allowing you to eavesdrop purely to use it against you later. The only safe assumption with an elder Vampire is that they are thinking ten steps or as many years ahead.
The Cells

The prison quietens; the chatter and shouts have stopped, leaving only the cries of unbroken beast and the weeping of captives. Even the guards seem on edge.
You sense someone approaching - their gait is measured, but betrays weight in the soft pad of the stride and vibrations in the floor.
An Orc steps into view, waring only linen trousers and soft-soled shoes, and you immediately understand why. You can read the scar-writ saga upon his frame like a mother tongue.
Those five lines from the left temple to the right cheek, over the eye; claws. They intersect a neat score to the corner of the lips from... a light blade, a rapier perhaps. Pockmarks from a pellet gun warp his shoulder. A puckered indentation just above his hip recalls the bite of an axe.
His knuckles are worn steel fused over the bone.
He squats until his pale brown eyes are level with yours and says nothing for a time.
"You're no more trapped than I," he says in accented Trollish, and you recall you've heard ths name of this one. The Unfortunate Son.

The Streets

One of Leadbelly's henchmen sees you approach from half a street away and ushers you past the lines of glaring specators who have to wait their turn to enter the worn red edifice of the arena.
You're pointed to the corridor to Kira's private box. She has posted no guards that you can see, but that's unsurprising. Few Scions live long if they can't defend themselves with surpassing style.
As you approach the the door, up steps and steps and more bloody steps, you overhear voices beyond the door marked VIP.
"...an't spare the bodies with those bastards on the wind." Kira says, sounding nothing so much as tired.
A high, strangled voice replies in sing-song. Adrian, so paranoid, immediately looks at the ceilings and sees a fat black spider on the lintel of the door. The speaker must be one of Orohome's Chorus.
"She will come here, Kira, with or without the star, and neither ends well for anyone."
"You send someone then!" Kira barks.
You have a very narrow window to interrupt, or listen; if the spiders have seen you, it is the Vampire's choice not to announce your arrival.
Worst case, just return to the scene of the crime.

Good news, I did think of a fun interaction for Cold Hands while the others are being subjected to Mild Horrors.
I can work with two feds and a local, although a 4th player would be nice.
Brace for a main thread.
Will schmoove things along tomorrow. I'm just trying to remember a cool scene transition I thought of in the shower.
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