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@Mutank95 Please review the required sections of the character profile and update your profile. Thanks!
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@GyldedCirclet I'm guessing you're still working on this?
@Reivax Approved. If you want to make the second ability a 3, that might be more in line with things, but otherwise good.
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@Creeper Okay, but what is the power it gives to the weapon, or does it depend on the type of weapon?

Edit: n/m. Just put a ? by the tier for the stone and we'll go forward with the understanding that it isn't going to be leveraged.
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I do not quite know how to rate the stone nor a couple of those abilities listed... they seem about right for the explanations given?

Other than the stone, the profile seems fine. I don't see anything about what the stone does other than that it has immense power, so my guess is that your character isn't going to be leveraging the power so if you want you can claim that the stone's power is in stasis or hibernation or something and then request an update your profile when you're ready to activate it.
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“As to the former, that is acceptable.”

He made a gesture and the contract updated with the agreed upon wording. After that, he pursed his lips and almost seemed to shrug in resignation as he felt that there wasn’t no longer a meaningful path forward with respect to what it seemed they actually wanted in regard to the latter—which was, in his estimation, the sharing of intelligence and top-secret technologies. To the UFP, as far as the public record was concerned, to which his security clearance was limited, the Ragnarov Fleet were an unknown quantity.

After a moment he spread his hands and said, “As I stated earlier with respect to the sharing of scientific information, these are things that can be negotiated at our leisure on a case-by-case basis. Much of the items you delineated are accessible via our extranets.”
He glanced around the room and took in their expressions. Obviously, this was a moment of impasse, but hopefully they were satisfied that it wasn’t closed permanently. With that settled, he asked, “Are there any other matters you wish to raise or shall perform the signing of contract ceremony?”

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