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@Drakey Thanks for the update. The reason I say tier 4 is because tier 5 is telekinesis of large objects, like ships, and tier 3 is illusion magic basically and doesn't have much potential for harm. Meanwhile, tier 4 is where magic starts to become dangerous, like sending a pound of metal flying at somebody's head with just your mind or raining down bolts of lightning even if they are at random and too weak to make someone explode. Does that make sense?
@Drakey Being able to telepathically control metal and its properties seems like it would be tier 4 at the least, similar to the lightning blood ability. The latter mentions a matrix, but I don't see that item in your profile. Could you expand please?
@ChickenTeriyaki @SIGINT @Willy Vereb @HeroicSociopath

I've opened up tier 5 and included some examples. As always, if people have questions about the description of any tier or the examples therein, please bring them to my attention and we can work on clarifying things to make it easier for people to create characters going forward.
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@etoliescidessus Please review the example character sheet and note the required highlighted sections.
@Styxx Acheron I'm going to go ahead and aprove this character as a tier 3 overall. If you want to edit that into your profile, I'll leave it open for a while so you can do so.
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