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Probably gonna bow out. I'm so sorry; I forgot I even was interested in this, and I have a whole lot of other RP related things to do. Good luck, though! :D
I'll put a veerrrry tentative interest down... I'll need a lot more info before I commit though. (Especially since I know nothing about Wizard 101 other than that it's a video game) So if there's a need to know about it first, that's fine and I can either look into the game's lore or just rescind interest, whichever you prefer.

That's fair. I kinda didn't know how popular Wizard101 was around here, and I've just learned the hard way. :')

But, don't worry! I will make another RP interest check/revamp an old one soon, so, uh, maybe you can join that one instead! :) ...After I put it up/show my ideas for one to you, if you're curious!! :D
Okay! Thank you for telling me! :)
((Yeah, this pitch isn't really gonna have as much of a structure as my other ones. I'm just gonna be spitballing ideas for a potential RP here. Think of this as having roughly the same plot and setting as Wizard101, but a magic system similar to how the Human Souls work in Undertale. And, y'know. I'll be adding my own spice to this as well. :D))

Basically, it's the start of a new school year at Soul Magic Academy, and sentient, magical beings from all around the Splintered Realms(not just humans) are gonna start their first year there. The classes are different depending on which Soul you have(don't worry; I'll talk more about that later), but the culture and stereotypes surrounding the seven different Soul types, while semi-accurate, isn't completely. It's more made up by the students than school staff, is what I mean by that.

But, besides all of that, the academy's headmaster, eccentric Headmaster Guinevere, has gotten a prophecy from her snarky, oracle pet owl, Cassandra, that one of the school's former teachers, Mrs. Will, will try to gain the great power that keeps the Splintered Realms from falling apart completely, thereby putting everyone in it in danger, in order to bring her three children back to life, oh no! But, fear not! A bunch of students will band together and stop her, hooray! But then Mrs. Will will die soon after they do! Uh...huzzah?

But yeah, this is mostly wholesome, lighthearted fun for now. The students should be more focused on their studies and honing their Soul magic at present, and not even Cassandra knows who'll be the wizards who'll band together to save the Splintered Realms from Mrs. Will! Maybe it'll get more serious once the true plot and enemies get introduced, but again, we'll just have to see.

Also, here's more information on the Soul magic types in this RP, as promised:

Determination: Focuses on constantly moving forward in pursuit of your goal, and never letting anyone or anything get in your way. Counterpart to Perseverance. Usually are jack of all trades, in terms of fighting style. Mrs. Will used to be in charge of this class, before mysteriously disappearing a week after hearing that her third and youngest child had died.

Bravery: Focuses on combating fear, and encouraging/inspiring your teammates. Usually are a fierce opponent in battle, and often encourage themselves and others to push past their fears and fight.

Justice: Focuses on figuring out how to bring justice to a victim(s), or who they should really be fighting. Usually evaluate their opponents before fighting(or not fighting) them.

Kindness: Focuses on being kind to others, and peacefully solving/mercifully solutions. Usually buff their allies' magic and/or abilities, and healing them and others.

Patience: Focuses on being patient and observant enough to figure out a foe's weak points, and when would be the best time to strike. Usually closely analyze their opponents for their weak points, and their environments for something to use against them.

Integrity: Focuses on staying true to themselves, and keeping the group grounded/true to themselves. Usually keep their team's morale high, and try to see if they can make their enemies surrender/stop fighting them, through using their moral compass/code against them, or something similar.

Perseverance: Focusing on being steadfast in your goals, no matter what happens. Counterpart to Determination. Usually are tanks/strong protectors of their teammates.

((If you have any ideas for this, I'll be happy to hear 'em! :D))
Oh, neat! A "rerun" has been posted for this! Cool! I wanted to join the first one(but then it got filled up), and I've always wanted to play a bad guy/not a squeaky clean hero, so I'm excited to join the second version of this!! :D

Currently thinking of making a typical artificer/rogue goblin, whose greatest flaws are Wrath and Greed(with some Pride and Cowardliness for good measure).
I'm also interested in this! I just thought this would get more popular before I could get my foot in the door, like most RPs on here. :') However, I guess I can get my foot in the door, after all! :D

I'm currently interested in the tank or(combining two roles, but) an "outcast soldier/scholar" role. Is that okay? :D
Hmmmmmm 🤔

I love him and he sounds like such a good boy, I just don't know how well I'm connecting

For one thing, I've never been crazy about casual time travel stories/usage. When I do time travel plots/elements, I typically have a lot of structure and rule to it, and even then it always gets complicated, so I usually try to avoid it 🫤
As it stands in this world, I'd rather not deal with it, simply because the story is so focused on the love story and character relations, it feels too messy to get into time travel ethics, if that makes sense?

Another point is I don't really see there being separate races/species in this world except maybe in the possibility of alien races (in the case of Superman types)? Mainly there's humans, and "metahumans" but metahuman is just a lable given to people who have these strange genetics and in the end they're still human. I don't see the meta gene being structured or consistent enough to be passed directly in family lines, and definitely not repetitive enough to create a whole new race 🫠

And lastly, I'm not sure if the his reasoning for becoming "evil" quite vibes with the structure of the story? It feels a lot like he kinda just stumbled into the villain life and doesn't have a true connection to it? And I'm looking for a villain who has a strong rise to villainy, and a solid reasoning and defined goal, if that makes sense??

Again!! I love him a lot! He's a really good character and sounds like a really fun guy to interact with, I just don't know if he fits the role?

Yeah, that's totally fair! I don't think he fits the role as well, honestly! :') I just created and tossed him into the ring, in order to see if he would fit the role! Now that I know he doesn't, though, I'll probably leave it up to Crimson and/or some other person to fit it with their potential character idea. Thank you for humoring me, though! :D
Thank you! :D
@Dragonfly 9 Oh man, I love me a good, "they were treated as an animal/object and need to figure out how to be a person" character arc, Li would definitely help with that reintegration and see the person this guy is beyond the animal he was made to be...Li would also want to punch whoever treated this guy so horribly, but that's probably not the best idea

Do tell me more!!

Aight! :)

So, I think Minotaur guy was born in Ancient Greece as, like, apart of an ancient Minotaur race(the myth was either inaccurate or solely focused on just one Minotaur, with the writer not knowing that others existed). The guy then got kidnapped by a time traveling scientist, who tried to study and treated him like an animal overall. He escaped somehow, taught himself how to read, write, and speak English, and became a villain in the city's eyes by trying to steal food from one of their stores(because he still didn't know how money worked). He then later embraced this role after a bit when he realized that that was probably the only role people would respect/treat him like a person in. At that point, Minotaur guy had fallen in love with all aspects of theater, so he took a page from its book, becoming a fearsome, loud and domineering villain, who just LOVEDDDDD to be EVILLLLL!!!

Beneath that, though, Minotaur guy is more of a soft spoken, socially awkward guy who thinks he'll never be loved as he is(and has always been very jealous of Hero Guy(or whichever character fills that hero role) for him being popular and loved by the city).
@Dragonfly 9 You can still try out! This isn't fcfs, it's who I feel is going to offer the most substance for story and character interaction! Tell me your ideas :D

Aight! :D Right now, I have two:

1. Minotaur Man! :D Could be that Jewel's character is a traditional gentleman, while Minotaur guy is (initially) the more traditional version of toxic masculinity. Or, at least, he seems to be a toxic jerk. In reality, he's more of a classic tsundere type; harsh and aggressive on the outside, but kind and a bit of a classic romantic on the inside. Could be that he was treated as "weak" by his family/the people around him, and tried to "toughen up" and "be a man" in order to compensate for that.

I have another, but I wanna see what you think of this one first. If it's too heavy for this, that's okay! I just often get a bit too into character depth while fleshing out my characters. :')
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