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Interested again! <333
<Snipped quote by Blizz>

Sorry, y’all. No dice. Ain’t got the brainpower to come up with anything and I don’t wanna hinder the vibe so I’m gonna have to respectfully step out.

Fair enough. I wish you luck on your future RP endeavors! <333

Also, guys, I'm kinda out of ideas at the moment. I think I'm gonna leave this on hiatus for a moment, but if anyone wants to help me with this, feel free to DM me! <3333
<Snipped quote by Dragonfly 9>

Alright! Glad to have you. First off, thank you for the interest. As for your character, I'd prefer if everyone was closer to the 15 year old suggestion tbh, your character could be 12 or 13 and still fit that same "young child" mold.

Also, with you that makes five players interested in joining and we can start to look at setting up two groups instead of one! (This is my fun, little solution to groups getting too large, please bear with me) For full disclosure, the game will likely not start in earnest for another couple of weeks while we finalize characters and the like, so feel free to hit me with those two options for temples, as I am likely to shuffle teams around, particularly if we find a sixth.

Aight, fair enough! <3
Interested! My current character idea is a nine year old child prodigy(either a prodigy in their martial arts or just general book smarts), who tries to be more mature but is still a young child(and is probably and very likely the youngest of their team).
I might not be able to make it, honestly. I still don't have a character idea for this yet.
@EternalDragon Sorry, but the RP is closed to submissions at the moment. There's enough characters as there is.
Sounds awesome! I'm definitely interested!

I'll probably play as a skinny, sickly centaur/faun who signs up to be a delivery boy in order to escape his parents' doting/over protectiveness, if that's okay.
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