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All of a sudden, a woman whispered in the real Jester's ear.

"Well, I do like to keep people guessing!" He whispered in response to her, making the illusion of himself vanish. "It's fun, y'know?"

After a while of watching the woman whispering to the other notable people(and mentally noting that he needed to figure out how to do what she was doing, so he could enact a possible prank with it), the woman officially made her entrance known, and showed him and the others where they should go.

"...Well, I'm not the best swimmer, that is true," The Jester admitted, then grinned under his scarf as Fae and Red Queen showed off their respective weapons, armor, and/or powers.

"Excellent showmanship, all of you!" He said, clapping before taking a double take when Sinmara pulled out her weapon, and her subsequent fall immediately after. "Very impressive! Though, maybe you should find a way to not hurt yourself while pulling out your weapon? No one wants the Denizens to-"

"...Did I miss anything?"

The lady's comment made The Jester suddenly pause, his head sharply turning in her direction to see that she...

Oh WOW...

"Not much!" He said, climbing up onto the table he was previously drinking his Sunrise Deluxe at. He waved at the lady, mentally pushing down the obvious question about her appearance. Voicing it would probably be rather crass and ignorant, after all, along with it possibly making him very hypocritical!

"...Okay, fair, you missed out on a lot. I'm sure our generous benefactor will answer any and all questions, though, so it's not a big loss!"

At that, The Jester pointed at Acacia, while giving a thumbs up at the lady with his other hand.
I think I'm gonna bow out. I am super sorry about all this, but it turned out I'm more busy than I initially thought. You guys have fun, though! :D
Aight, will be getting my character out soon, hopefully! :D
I'm also still here, and still thinking about my character.
Interested as well!! :D
Sounds interesting! I'll wait and see if any other people show my interest, though.
Interested! Already coming up with a character idea!! :D

No one had seen him come in, and there seemed to be no anticipation for his arrival before he came. He just...appeared, and gave them the invitation he had gotten for the party. He said nothing as they inspected the invite, and only smiled and bowed after they said he could participate in the festivities, soon taking a seat as a waiter came over to him.

"ID?" She asked after looking him up and down. Her eyes and expression told him that she saw him as a child, or at least a very weird dwarf. He smiled brightly under his scarf, however, and took out his ID in a split second, showing it to her.

"...Why are you covering your-"

The waiter was then interrupted by him chuckling darkly.

"Some things are not meant to be known, young miss!" He said, putting his ID back just as quickly as he had pulled it out. "And besides, I do look like the jester you were told to serve, is that correct?"

After a bit of silence, the waiter just nodded.

"Any drinks you want?" She asked him.

"Sunrise Deluxe has always been my favorite choice, so make it that," He said, snapping his fingers almost playfully as the waiter rushed off.

It wasn't long until he was given his drink, and not long before drama started. A woman with a six pack and red devil horns was causing a delightful, chaotic scene, and she had already gotten quite the audience. Then, a much shorter woman wearing a school girl outfit walked up to her and suggested that they should go outside for a smoke break, though he noted that the suggestion didn't feel entirely genuine.

After stroking his chin and wondering what to do, he decided to make an illusion of himself, doing a cartwheel off of one of the tables and landing next to the shorter woman.

"Greetings and salutations, ladies!" The illusion said, bowing in the same way he would. "I am The Jester, and it's wonderful to see the two of you here! May I ask what's going on?"
Discord sounds good to me! :D
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