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Hey there all. So I have been thinking of my first post.

idea 1 was simply having my character maybe already at the current town before the crew arrived into it.

Idea 2 was arriving after you guys have, either driving her own vehicl or by coach drop off? (not sure if you all planned on the road trip with just one vehicle or not?)

Idea 3, she was already with the group, just maybe was so tired that she somehow slept in the back or something lol, please let me know what you all think, want to get in without disrupting to much that has already happened.

I would suggest 1 or 2. I can roll with either, it's your call as to which specifically.
@Bacon I pretty much have the CS complete, only think not done yet is a sample post, i know it is optional but if you like sample post i have one i can put in but it be from a different style of setting. if your happy with not having a sample post i am more than happy placing the CS up for you to read?

EDIT: I added a sample post and posted everything up.

Everything looks good. I'll DM you a discord link in a bit. Welcome to the RP.

Right. Put up your character CS(s) in the Characters tab. Use the others as an example of formatting, noting that faceclaims (real or fictional) are optional. I'll take a look, then assuming there's no major problems, I'll send you a discord link.
As Vincent enters the diner, the man behind the counter turns to look at him briefly, stopping mid-sentence. He then turns back towards the older gentleman, while reaching under the counter for menus. "We can talk later, I have a customer." The older man chuckles, as he goes to sip on the cup of coffee sitting in front of him. "What am I then? Chopped liver?" He joked, as the man behind the counter simply picked up a stack of menus, before walked out from behind the counter, taking a second to look out the windows, and note take note of the others.

Now that you were closer, this man was wearing a white collared shirt and blue jeans, with a apron around his waist, which had a small pocket with a pencil and notepad sticking out slightly. He was around average height, with a wiry build, and the small dark circles under his eyes betraying the exhaustion that he tries to hide behind that forced customer service smile.

He walked up to the booth, and set a laminated menu down on the table, before asking "Are the other three out there in your party?" while holding the other menus.

I've asked the rest of the party over Discord. I decided this should be a group decision, but I'll let you know once we reach a consensus on whether or not we're taking latecomers.
There were two gas pumps in front of the building, both being available. Nature and time had done a number on them, leaving the initial coat of paint all but washed away, only a couple paint chips still showing the bright red highlight of the rusty pumps. A sizable dent is visible in the side of one of the two pumps, with the other seeming to be leaning slightly towards the road. But, despite it's beat-up and worn-out appearance, they still worked, so they hadn't been retired. Something that could be applied to a lot of things in this town.

Parked by the building were only two cars. The first was a well-kept black SUV by the front door, with a sun shade in the front windshield. The other car was a light green Jeep, parked by the dumpster and sitting in a spot with a reserved parking sign.

The diner itself is in notably better condition, as if it had been built relatively recently. The exterior was painted white with dark blue trim, though a few spots where the building had seemingly been power-washed revealed grey of the glazed bricks that made up the structure. Through the windows the group could only see two people in the building, one man standing behind the counter and a second, older man sitting at the counter. They seem absorbed in conversation, and haven't noticed the truck pulling into the lot.
Along the I-40, a beat up old pickup truck speeds along, it's cabin seating two individuals, a third and fourth sat in the bed of the truck. The truck has large fields on either side, with vision out for miles. They called Arkansas a part of big sky country for a reason, after all. It was only another few miles until they could turn off towards the nearest town, a place called Eureka Springs. Supposedly, they were in the middle of nowhere, and nobody should be able to identify them.

Eureka Springs, from what they've heard, should be large enough that no one would notice a couple of strangers, so long as they didn't actively stand out. Yet small enough that there wouldn't be any major federal groups with a permanent posting here that might cause issues. The perfect place for people like them to lay low.

For you see, these four individuals were not normal people. All three of them were capable of using magic, and hunted for it.

This is where their story begins.
Yooooooooooo! Can I just transfer my cs over?

This server is just for the purposes of me claiming GM rights, so I can edit the server as I need to. See the hiders for details, as there have been some minor changes.

I'd think it's fitting for the GM to kick this off.
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