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I'm Randomness. I also go by others names when it's unavailable, but those are usually some variation of Randomness or Random in general.

I like anime, video games, and science. I'm currently in school studying to become an radiographic technician. I'm in the initial stages, so I'm on my way. My favorite anime is Eureka Seven, and my favorite video game is a tie between Kingdom Hearts and Etrian Odyssey.

I have several story ideas, but currently lack motivation to write them out. I have plenty of notes for some of them so when I finally get around I'm prepared. That said, I absolutely enjoy group story telling like you do through role playing. One of my interests involved is world building and the connections between them if any. One of my characters travels between worlds, dimensions and universes. He has his own set of rules (both personal and IC universal) so that he could fit in a variety of genres. Of course since he is based around magic, its near impossible to get him into anything bound in reality or science fiction even with these rules. As you might have guessed, I have used this character in a couple RPs. Like a traveling merchant he can tell of the interactions he had with other RPs and their players. He's one of my favorites.

The RP style I'm used to is the initial OOC thread where the GM posts his idea, a set of rules, and a character sheet. If you show interest, you'd make a character and hope the GM accepts it. Then when enough people join this way, the game starts. Sometimes there's a turn order, sometimes there isn't. It doesn't look like that is how things work here for the most part. Hopefully it doesn't take long to get accustomed.

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Emi was sitting on a branch that grew from one of the trees surrounding the amphitheater. The height over the other new students gave her a clear view of everyone on stage, and the other students attending the pseudo orientation. Mimi was perched besides her resting her wings from the long flight it took to get here. The forests were large, and the plains were even larger before they reached the mountains.

When Headmaster Jorgle started speaking Emi leaned in closer to fully grasp what he had to say. She was excited. Jorgle was nothing like she had seen before. She was familiar with other smaller beings, herself being one, but Jorgle was the shortest tall person she had seen. And it was not just Jorgle, the woman with the cute rabbit ears was amazingly tall and very intimidating, even though she was several meters away from where Emi was sitting.

Jorgle didn’t say much, but it was enough to further Emi’s excitement for even being there. She felt that if anyone was still distant to what was happening, and then this is what brought in the realization. She was here, she was going to learn to be like those adventurers that come and go through out the forest she called home. Mimi didn’t seem to care one way or another, but she was at peace not having to worry about any distress in their immediate surroundings.

When the tall rabbit lady, Vella, dismissed everyone Emi looked around as her fellow classmates shuffled out looking through various packets of parchment. Curious as to what they were, Emi hopped off the branch and flew down into the crowd. She’d hover over various students’ shoulders looking at the papers in their hands. More than once, she was brushed aside perhaps thought to be a fly. She quickly flew back to Mimi. The students had papers listing classes, subjects, and a map just like Vella mentioned. Emi didn’t have any of those. When Emi arrived she sort of skipped the entrance entirely and flew into the amphitheater through its open roof. That is where everyone was gathering, so she assumed that was where she needed to be. She was correct more or less, but missed her greeting at the entrance.

She was at a loss for what to do, since she had no idea where her dorm was, who her teammates where, or what classes she had. She crossed her arms in thought before looking back at the crowd and then the stage.

Of Course!

If anyone knew anything about where Emi was supposed to go it would be the headmaster, Jorgle. Standing on the branch, she jumped off it once again and darted towards the stage where hopefully Jorgle was still there. Mimi flew after her. As she approached closer over the stage, she started to shout:

"Jorgle, Mr. Jorgle! Hey. I don't have any of those papers. Could I get some? Please?"

Of similar position, My character can team up / share a room with anyone.

Hopefully this is acceptable.

Question: How far has technology developed? I'm not expecting advanced computers or even cars, but how about electricity, plumbing, and infrastructure?
Andrew Jacobson

Location: Peacekeeper Compound, New York

"This is the place? Are you sure? It doesn't seem like the kind of place he'd hang out."

"That is where my associate says he saw him last." spoke Edmond over a small ear piece, "That street is pretty isolated upon looking at the map. It leads from one main street to the plaza, an area known for its taverns."

"I mean, I'm not saying your guy is wrong, but for a guy you described as an uppity British who walks pompously with a cane, a back ally street seems kind of out of character." replied Andrew. He was sitting on top an odd selection of crates crudely piled on the corner that led from the main street. He was dressed in dark jeans, a black windbreaker, and a black t-shirt. Hopping off he took a quick look down the length of the street. There were enough people there to populate it, but was mostly empty. He leaned up back against the crates as he continued his conversation.

"I guess if I don't find him, I can get something to drink."

"Try to find him if at all possible. It was little more than a stroke of luck my associate spotted him. he was observed speaking with our other prospects in that plaza earlier."

"Are we sure he is even real? Are you sure you're not being strung along? We can trust the guy, right?"

"He was not wrong. I made absolutely sure that his information was reliable. With only fragmented knowledge we have of his existence, this is worth the investigation. Now we are wasting time, find him or clues to his whereabouts."

"Right, sorry sorry. Still seems kind of a long shot." Andrew started to make his way down the street. There were still more people populating the bars than one might expect at this time. It was barely mid afternoon, and already people were getting drunk. As he walked, he read the signs over the bars. Many of them lacked windows, and the few that did were just clear enough to see that the person he was looking for wasn't a patron. He poked his head in a few of the windowless ones ultimately finding no one in any of them. He walked the majority of the street, kicking ruble along the way. He glanced towards a stack of crates where a couple people were talking.

"Some of the people in this place are weird." Andrew spoke to himself. As he got closer, he was able to see the conversing couple more clearly. There was a woman upon the crates as well as a man with a poorly done clown getup. The two seemed pretty out of the ordinary even for the compound, and Andrew quickly passed by to not draw their attention.

Finally at the other end of the street, there was only one bar that remained. Wit's End was getting the most traffic from what Andrew could see. He tried to take a peak inside, but the the layout made it annoying. Shrugging, Andrew entered the bar completely and stepped out of the way of the door and scanned the room like he had done the previous bars. There along the counter sat who Andrew suspected was who they were looking for. The figure had a cane, and was dressed in a high collared coat, smoking a cigar, all the things Andrew would classify as the guy he was looking for. Taking a seat in a nearby empty table. Andrew kept an eye on him while not trying to make it obvious. He grabbed a menu to see what selections they might have.
Edmond Grandure

Location: Heidis Building, New York

Edmond had walked out of the meeting room, a little annoyed, but otherwise maintained a professional demeanor. He adjusted his watch as he took a look at the time. He had finished a presentation for a new system that would help with compound security. The executives he spoke with didn't let on one way or the other on their interest in the project. While it was not an outright refusal to purchase it, their indecisive nature vexed Edmond. They could only move forward after approval, otherwise Heidis would lose money on prospects that might not even pan out.

Edmond walked into the elevator, waiting for it to reach one of the upper floors. A majority of the Heidis building was a manufacturing development space where engineers and the like would design, build, and test their equipment before finalizing their designs to be mass produced in one of their factories. This was also the building where Heidis would build singular large specified pieces of equipment that other companies required, but not need mass produced such as analyzers and focused mechanisms. The upper few floors were offices with Edmond's being the top floor. The building was not especially tall, but was large enough to stand menacingly among the neighboring buildings that stood outside the city.

"Ah, Mr. Grandure. How was the meeting?" spoke a young woman sitting behind a desk just off to the side of two large double doors. She stood up just behind the desk as Edmond had exited the elevator. The phone was starting to ring, but she quickly silenced it while also pushing a button which made one of the doors open automatically.

"The meeting was almost a waste of time." replied Edmond walking through the small room towards his office, "please hold any calls that may be directed for me, Carolyn." he paused and stopped walking for a second, "Unless it's from Onyx." Edmond continued into his office. As the door shut behind him Carolyn sat back down and answered the phone she had just put on hold.

"Thank you for holding, I'm afraid Mr. Grandure is not available..." the noise cut off as the door shut completely. Edmond's office was bright, with several windows lining the walls. A few of them had blinds drawn. His large desk was near the far wall off center from the doors, but faced that wall. The rest of the room was mostly empty save for a couple book cases and black leather chairs used by guests. Hanging on the walls at either side of the door were the various certificates Heidis had earned, one especially important congratulating Heidis's involvement with the development of the microengine, smaller compact engines that gave tremendous power output at a smaller scale compared to the standard engines used before. The technology was a wonder when it came to developing drones and exosuits.

Edmond sat in his chair. Had he known the Peacekeepers would have been indecisive, he would have avoided the meeting and continued his lunch with Ms. Oxley. He opened his computer and read a couple emails before resting his chin on the backs of his hands to glance down at his cellphone resting just a little to the side. It wasn't so much as he was expecting her to call, but he thought back to their conversation. Ms. Oxley had an understandably strong stance against him and his position. The benefits he offered didn't outweigh position he was attempting to sell for her to work with him. Even if she was not willing to aid him, he figured she would call eventually just to find out what happened.

Ms. Oxley was not a dumb character even without having access to the majority of technical skills her ability stored for her. By now, she would have figured out what was wrong with her and perhaps be trying to figure out why or how. Edmond knew she would suspect him, and she would be right. As far as she knew, everything was the same up until she had met him. She might have even figured out that she started to forget the moment they shook hands. She probably has questions. Unfortunately, if she wanted answers to those questions, she would have to speak with Edmond again, something she probably doesn't want to do. She would probably do some research on her own through Heidis's website, news, blogs, reviews, libraries, and wherever else she might think to look. It didn't matter where, Edmond knew she was not going to find anything. Edmond took particular care to keep his own business outside of Heidis; outside of everything. The most she would find would be conspiracy theories lacking any evidence to prove them. The answers she probably wanted to know would only be available through Edmond. She could either try to forget once her powers return, or call him. It was her choice.

"I'm sorry Mr. Grandure, but there is a Mr. Jacobson here to see you. He is being very insistent." spoke Carolyn through the speaker on Edmond's landline that sat next to his computer monitor. Edmond reached over and held down a button.

"You can let him in. We have business to discuss."
Edmond Grandure

Location: Tony Barelli Pizzaria, New York
Interaction @Cio

Edmond sat there as Oxley retaliated against what he had said. He listened with his elbows on the table, barely resting his chin on the tops of his interlaced fingers. He knew that for most in Oxley's position, they would argue the same. In fact, he expected her to be angry with him, with his untouched view of the state of things. Yet there was something about the way she spoke that didn't quite fit what Edmond had envisioned.

The deviants. The way she worded her last few sentences gave off an air of detachment. Did Oxley not consider herself one? Perhaps not in the worldly sense, but she seemed to want to separate herself from what makes a deviant warrant the name. While it was no comparison to what Edmond had said to her, Oxley's mixed conviction to the people of the compound wasn't missed.

"You are right though." Edmond spoke finally, "there are some within the compounds hellbent on disrupting the peace, if you would pardon the term. A ticking time bomb as you put it. Perhaps not blow me up, but if they continue as they are I'm certain another massacre will follow. You are aware of who I'm referring to. They have been quiet of late, but I know it's only a matter of time before they resurface with something more devastating than their previous attacks against the Peacekeepers."

Edmond took a sip of water and then reached down for his briefcase. Sliding his plate aside, re replaced it with his case. After he opened it, even though the restaurant was plenty bright, the case let out a noticeable soft light. It was only open briefly though as he pulled out a small smartphone and placed it on the table just between him and Oxley before closing it again, a slight audible autolock clasping it shut. He then reached into his pocket and pulled out a business card, and scribbled on it. He put it atop the phone.

"If you change your mind and wish to help in my ventures then please give me a call." The business card was soft grey, his company name slightly pressed into it colored silver. The company address and normal business number were also printed on it. On the back was another number Edmond had written down, with an out of state area code. The strange new number was the one Edmond refereed to.
"Feel free to call if something else comes to your mind, as well." encouraged Edmond as he started to stand up out of the booth, "I believe to help build trust between us, I should be available to lend you a hand if need be." He then held out his hand to shake Oxley's.
If Oxley accepts, Edmond has the intention of locking Oxley's power of compact mind. The result would be permanent memory loss of the recent intricate details that one would normally not remember unless they made an active effort to do so. This would include the exact directions to the pizzeria, any paperwork or typography used on the computers at the Peacekeepers compound checkpoint, and perhaps the exact phrasing of their conversation. Anything before Oxley meeting Edmond would not be affected, except her ability to recall it until about an hour has passed. His handshake was firm and short. By actively locking Oxley's power, she didn't feel anything. If anything she might notice a wave of forgetfulness. Edmond continues as they shake hands, releasing after the first sentence.
If Oxley does not accept, then nothing happens. Edmond didn't find issue with this, why would Oxley shake hands with the man who essentially told her she deserves to be where she is? Pulling back his hand, he continues.

Edmond smiles "I thank you for your time, Ms. Oxley. I sincerely hope you will be in contact with me soon. You should probably get a box so you can take your pizza home with you, it would be a shame to let it go to waste." Once Edmond had gathered his briefcase and other effects he made his way to the door, leaving the remains of his own food behind. Before exiting he turned back to face Oxley, "I'm sorry to run off like this, but I have another engagement to get to. I trust our Peacekeeper escort will get you home safely."

Once Edmond was out the door no less than four of the peacekeepers approached him. After a brief conversation a couple of them entered the restaurant. Edmond got into his car parked just a little ways from the front window. He watched as the Peacekeepers approached Oxley then drove away. He had told them that his lunch was over and that Oxley was not done yet; she was still inside. Whatever reason they went in after he left was beyond him, but he could think of a couple possibilities.

"I think you could have handled that better." said Edmond's compatriot after being silent for most of their exchange. Edmond placed his hand over his ear. He had almost forgot he had it there.

"Perhaps, but time will tell." Edmond shrugged, "It was a personal project. If she calls or not, it's of no consequence."

"But it would have made things easier?"

"Yes, but it's not like we have other means to achieve the same result eventually." Edmond continued down the road, his mind thinking back to his interaction with Oxley. It could be said Edmond could have been more tactful, but there were other projects on his mind. He had a meeting to get to involving Heidis's latest Compound innovation.
Edmond Grandure

Locatio: Tony Barelli Pizzaria, New York
Interaction: @Cio and @GrizzTheMauler the eavesdropper

"Wonderful." spoke Edmond as he made a turn back into the main street, "then let us be on our way."

"I can't believe that worked." said his accomplice through the earpiece. Edmond paid it no mind. This was only the beginning. So far all he had was her attention, it would take more time and perhaps motivation to get her to cooperate with him and his goals. No deal had been made. If she wanted to Oxley could just end their relationship at any moment, so Edmond still had to play carefully if he wanted her to align with him.

After a short walk to the Compound checkpoint, Edmond had little trouble getting through it to leave, the usual questions. Oxley was a different story. Unbeknownst to Edmond, Oxley had tried to leave already for the day and the same Peacekeeper who handled her before was not having it. While not the main supplier, Edmond was a major player when it came to the Peacekeeper's funding. By speaking to a couple of the managerial officers, he was able to approve of her exit of the compound. After the usual questions, searches, and time wasting assessments, they were finally able to leave the compound.

Leaving the final doorway into the city where the decidedly normal majority of humanity resided was like night and day. The streets were crowded with cars, people flooded the sidewalks. It looked cleaner, maintained, and much more attractive. Even the normal city litter that would scatter the streets was less abundant. Edmond took pause to look at the team of Peacekeepers behind him. He pointed out his car that they would be following, a black, midsize luxury sedan with silver trim still new. He refused to ride in their transports, opting to take Oxley within his own vehicle. Despite their protests, they relented. They did not leave his bumper the entire ride to the pizzeria. Upon arrival, Edmond noticed another transport.

"Looks like someone else from the compound has had the same idea to eat here." he said quietly, almost to himself.
"It's no one." said Edmond's friend through the earpiece, "some guy who..." a short pause, "yeah, some guy who is related to one of the Peacekeepers. Not one of our prospects, no threat really. Be careful of what you say though. Peacekeeper relation and all."

Before they entered the building, Edmond made sure the Peacekeepers would wait outside with those from the other transport. A couple of them circled the building where they could to watch all entrances.That done, Edmond and Oxley entered inside Edmond got their food letting Oxley get whatever she wanted and they settled into their booth. Edmond placed his metallic briefcase at his feet, inside the booth. "Dig in." After a moment of silence while they ate their pizza, Edmond spoke up.

"Alright, Ms. Oxley, allow me to explain a little of what I am about. I am of the belief the compounds are of a necessary evil. You might not agree with me on the sentiment, but when you have individuals capable of causing mass hysteria and genocide precautions have to be made. You might think that argument is too weak to be reason to affect a sizable number of people, but you would be wrong. Even a seemingly harmless ability could be used disastrously." Edmond took a quick sip of his water, "For example, lets use a self regenerative ability. On the surface it is harmless, but that all ties to motives of the individual. In the hands of a terrorist it's devastating. The compounds are our way of preventing another Black Sabbath from occurring. After all it would be difficult if not impossible to regulate it like we would fire arms."
He waited silently to see what Oxley's response might be. Given that Oxley was one of the deviants forced to live in a compound against her will in poorer condition than the rest of the population, she probably would have a less than appreciative view of Edmond's stance.

"That said, I believe we can work together to improve the living conditions of the compound while also providing the world as a whole protection from those with innate weapons of mass destruction. Now that you have the context, are you still interested that we continue?”
@Cio So would be alright if I just whisked Oxley away to our destination? Put pizza filled extravagant destination?

Of course I’d wait for @GrizzTheMauler to see how Dion reacts to what he may have overheard and what he plan on doing.
Edmond Grandure

Location: Compound, New York
Interaction: Mainly @Cio, but @GrizzTheMauler is there, too.

Edmond laughed, "No no, nothing of that sort. I must admit I'm not a fan of those sorts of games. No, what I have proposed involves your particular..." he gave short pause, "capability." He stepped towards the side in a small ally between a couple of the businesses. He motioned her to follow so they could talk without being stuck in the middle of the foot traffic. They didn't have to move very far, just a couple feet inside.

Edmond felt confident that he could at least have a conversation with Oxley now. It didn't take much to recognize that she was wary of Edmond and perhaps his intentions. Nervousness? Maybe, but her quip about her D&D skills looked more like a coping mechanism more than anything. At the very least she seemed interested in what he had to say, and that was the first hurdle. Now he had to tread carefully to not drive her away. Something small he could manage to keep her attention.

"Let me be honest, Ms. Oxley. I'm sure you have figured out that I already know a little bit about your history, your upbringing, and what led you here." Edmond spoke factually, but also softly to give off an air of understanding. "I, of course, also know of your power, the ability to never forget." He looked at Oxley for the moment between phrases to see how she would react. That last sentence alone should have made it obvious to what he was in search of, and wanted to see if its mention would deter her away.

"I can only guess as to how it must be to cope with a bombardment of new information day in and day out. In my case here, I have the means that might help you with managing your thoughts." Edmond tapped the handle of his metallic briefcase with his thumb. "Of course I am also offering you monetary compensation, and a streamlined endorsement to leave the compound. If you would care to join me for lunch, I can go into more detail. I know of a great pizza place of Tony Barelli just outside the compound walls. Getting out this time should not pose us an issue."
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