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I'm Randomness. I also go by others names when it's unavailable, but those are usually some variation of Randomness or Random in general.

I like anime, video games, and science. I'm currently in school studying to become an radiologic technologist. I'm in the initial stages, so I'm on my way. My favorite anime is Eureka Seven, and my favorite video game is a tie between Kingdom Hearts and Etrian Odyssey.

I have several story ideas, but currently lack motivation to write them out. I have plenty of notes for some of them so when I finally get around I'm prepared. That said, I absolutely enjoy group story telling like you do through role playing. One of my interests involved is world building and the connections between them if any.

One of my characters travels between worlds, dimensions and universes. What these are meant to be are different RPs. There seems to be some taboo around such a character, but I feel that is should be judged on a case by case basis. The idea of a seasoned character who has been on many adventures being able to share stories in passing sounds like a fun idea. I thought it would be an interesting idea that those stories could be from other RPs. He isn't meant to highjack the current RP, or be over powered. I admit, I can see that concern. Really though, he is meant to be an eccentric character with stories and treasures not before seen. The effects of these stories are meant to be entertaining, like fairy tales to the current cast. And what treasures he has or can use I'd restrict to what makes sense in the current world. But like I said before, it should be case by case. A learner, and a story teller. I think it's fun to link concept together through this character so the story could live on in new ways and perhaps give new RPs a different kind of character. Without upending everything of course.

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Name: Vyvien Nimbus
Age: Young Adult
Gender: Female

Magic: Air magic. Vyvien can control the power and direction of wind as well as create a gusts from still air. She can also alter the air pressure so that she can compact air into small spaces and release sonic booms, or she can lessen it and lower the concentration of breathable gases like that on top of mountains. Lastly, she is also capable of altering the density of air around her to act more like a solid object, but her invisible constructs made this way are no harder than a pillow in texture. These constructs only exist briefly, such as cushioning a fall, or creating a wall to stop something moving.


Vyvien has long blueish hair that tends to get in the way of what she is doing, but doesn’t mind it much. Her wings are a deep blue, and translucent, making her hard to see when looking up at a clear blue sky. She always has a smile. She doesn’t wear much if any jewelry. Her outfits tend to not have many lose or long cuts such as sleeves or pant legs to keep from getting snagged on things (Despite her not having this care when it comes to her hair). She has goggles and a series of magical tools she has locked in a wheel of runes. When active, the rune wheel floats behind her, manifesting tools as she needs them. Each rune represents a different tool.

Personality: A cheery individual, who tries to get along with everybody. She is not afraid to introduce herself to anyone she meets. She enjoys talking with people, and if interest aligns, it might be hard to get her to stop. This is especially true if anyone shows interest into her inventions. She will go on about her creative processes, or what problems her devices hopes to solve. She will even invite complete strangers to her home so that she can show off some of her creations.

Vyvien is not afraid to try out new ideas and will often add suggestions of her own if she thinks it will help. Often times, these are not good ideas, but sometimes her enthusiasm wins people over. She is very passionate about her projects, and she is not afraid to bring in others.

Vyvien is quick to forgive people who wrong her, and holds little to no repercussions on requests from people who may have done her harm in the past. If they come to her with an apology, Vyvien will continue to work and interact with no reservations. Similarly, it is hard to make her angry. She can feel hurt, and betrayed, but she will rarely get angry with a person.


Vyvien grew up with Feydale. Of neither royalty or renown, there wasn’t many duties for her to fulfill. As a result, whenever she had free time, which was often, she would spend it tinkering with whatever odds and ends she found lying around. When she was very young, she started out making her own slingshots, air cannons out of tubes, or other simple machines that involved only her magic and few moving parts. As she grew up, she started taking things apart and putting them back together. She was making her own tinker toys, or tiny pistons that blew out smoke rings. She would spend hours making and perfecting Rube Goldberg machines.

At first, Vyvien’s parents were not all that pleased with her. Not because of the creativity or ingenuity of what she was doing, but rather she was often disruptive. She learned how things were put together by trial and error, and given the different make up of what built Feydale, it was not hard to figure out that if something fell through, Vyvien had a hand in the disrepair. She never meant to cause harm, but her curiosity and fascination always clouded her judgment when it came to whether she should take things a part.

In an effort to control their daughter, Vyvien’s parents tried to get her into other hobbies, such as the choir. That failed when Vyvien dismantled several old instruments. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to put them back together, and she was banned from the music theater entirely. As another attempt to control her that more aligned with her interests, she went to learn from other artificers so at least she could have a better understanding of what she was doing and perhaps find a career in maintaining the infrastructure that made up Feydale. She was initially denied because of her antics creating more work then any of the other fairies wanted to repair, but eventually relented choosing the lesser of two evils, in their words.

Vyvien finally mellowed out, and her destructive nature was contained. Vyvien grew to be very good at fixing things that were broken. She was fast, efficient, and always delivered quality work. While she found joy in the repair work she was doing, it didn’t quite scratch the itch she had when it came to tinkering. In her off time, she often worked to build different machines and inventions. Many were powered by air, fire, or water. She had friends that specialized in those magics to help her understand and utilize their namesakes. However, these inventions usually had unforeseen consequences, and her devices seldom worked. In an effort to make a tool that could self bake cakes, for example, the result was a device that was more like a flamethrower capable of launching over-baked bricks. Vyvien was able to fix the damage easily, but she had to move into a workshop away from her parents place.

Besides for her two friends, Vyvien doesn’t hang out with many others often. She has gained the notoriety for her wacky inventions that may or may not result in structural or bodily harm. Despite the stories that spread about her inventions, most of them are harmless. It’s the few that are that leave a lasting impression. For Vyvien, it’s either go big or go home when it comes to those particular devices. Regardless of her reputation, she still lives and works as a talented and quality tinkerer. She can fix most things just fine in a short amount of time. She’s always happy to help.

Her friends are Tyrone Spitfire and Rain Riverfell
Her parents are Star and Zephyr Nimbus
Her favorite food is angel food cake
She detests anything sour
Vyvien is happy to report she has hospitalized only three other fairies by accident (She wants to stress that none have been on purpose).
I love world building. I might be able to help with that
You have gained some of my interest. I'll see what I can do to help.
I have soft interest.

Location: 666 Mystic Lane, MA

As Xan was speaking with those who stood farther from the house, he failed to notice when some of those lingering around had become stiff and facing the door. However, he did not miss the violent opening of said door. A powerful gust of wind blew from the house. It was enough to blow the one who opened the door into the porch rails, which held surprisingly well for its condition. If Xan was wearing a hat, he’d surely lose it in the squall that emanated from the house. Xan watched as shortly after the burst of wind, four of the others were pulled into the house, rapidly, and maybe even violently. Xan couldn’t tell. One moment they were suspended in the air, and the next they were stashed away within the house's gullet.

As wood strained and snapped, and the tree groaned as bark splintered, the house was beginning to repair. The dilapidated house was steadily becoming presentable as bits of glass fused together into panes. The gaps and crevices rats probably made their homes in sealed. The paint brightened while it peel mended. The tree that once invaded the side of the house now carried a large canopy of lively green leaves. Xan stood speechless. Only moments ago did he comment on how magic might make house keeping easier, and now here it was. This left Xan with a thought.

“The house just ate them.” was the first thing that came to his mind. But as he pondered, it finally made sense. He clapped his hand with a grin like he just figured it out.

“The house ate them in order to repair itself. It needed the magical energy of us fledgling wizards to finally rejuvenate its aching boards.” Xan said dramatically. “It was all a trap, and here we fell for it, yeah?” Xan laughed. He felt a bit giddy. This was quite a first impression, and Xan wanted more. He watched as a couple of the others had already climbed the stairs onto the freshly remade and refreshed porch. One peered through a window and the other was still making her way up. Xan decided to join them.

With swift steps, Xan quickly followed the two girls up the stairs. Despite his size, he made only a faint sound with each foot fall. The music stemming from the house echoed louder than he steps. His quiet approach was further hidden below the shouting from the girl at the window. As he got behind them, he clapped a hand on either shoulder of the girls, holding them close to either side of him. He placed his head between the two of theirs’.

“Could you see any remains in there? I bet they were taken to either a boiler room, or maybe somewhere in the basement, yeah? That is probably where its stomach is.” Xan also peered into the window. To his slight disappointment, all he could see was normal interior furnishings and décor. Wooden cabinets with molded crowns, velvet upholstery chairs and lounges with studded gold rivets, large portraits of art surrounded in thick carved frames, and large smooth rugs over shiny dark wooden floors. A scene Xan was not unused to. Xan leaned back away from the window. He brought his arms back to his side, releasing his two female comrades from his hold.

“As far as predator houses go, this one is pretty nice, yeah?” Xan commented as he spotted someone in his peripheral vision. Xan took a step back to watch as the person walked on by. He thought he was the last to arrive, but this new figure casually strode right up the porch and into the house without any hesitation. Xan pointed it out to the girls next to him.

“Well, if he’s going in, we might as well, yeah?” Xan nudged Sally and Gwyn towards the front door before he ultimately walked in himself, not checking if those two would follow him in. Though the house had received such a miraculous makeover in the course of a few minutes, there was still an air of mustiness. He stopped for a moment to get a better look around. Yep, the benefactor had quite expensive tastes. Either that, or the house was really into fine dining. Xan followed the newest arrival into the next room. The spacious living area was decorated more or less the same to the entry hall. Not that Xan expected anything less. He looked to see that those who were taken against their will gathered together onto a wide ornate couch. Drinks were floating before them, and cleaning supplies were, well, cleaning. A faint waft of something cooking touched Xan’s nostrils. Xan had arrived in the new room just in time to hear Tristan comment the arrival of the benefactor.

“Oh, yeah?” said Xan as he walked next to Tristan, “Could still be the house, given what we’ve just witnessed. Though, it doesn’t look like you guys were the meal, yeah? At least, not yet.” Xan took a couple slow steps towards the four others on the couch. There was a sense of concern and confusion, which Xan could understand, given how they were abducted. But now that they were comfortable, perhaps things would look up from here.

“That said, I wonder if the other’s are coming.” Xan turned around to see if perhaps the two he was with followed, or anyone else who was still outside for that matter. Xan took a deep breath in, “Hey! I think it’s safe to come in!”

Location: 66 Mystic Lane, MA


“Badum bababadum. Badum bababadum. Ooooooooooo, badum.” Xan was drumming the edge of his steering wheel in time with the beat of the song playing on the radio. A wireless receiver was plugged into the center dash, connecting his phone to a radio station on the console. He sang to himself, swaying and bopping as he drove down the near empty road. The music stopped. After a moment of silence, the voice of a woman, speaking much louder than the music that was playing before.

“In one mile, turn left.” The sound of fast paced drums and complicated guitar rifts began to play through the speakers once again. Xan turned down the volume as he looked more closely up ahead. The road was surrounded by pretty much nothing. There were acres of land between anything man-made. He peered at his phone mounted next to the center console. The dimmed screen just before going back to sleep displayed a map of the surrounding area only had one square at a time. If each square was a building, there really wasn’t much around. All he could see was the yellow line of road and the light shade of green of for the empty space between.

“In 200 ft, turn left, 666 Mystic Lane.” Xan chuckled as he saw his turn come up. 666 Mystic Lane, that was definitely not a coincidence. Whoever the benefactor was had a sense of humor. He thought it was funny once he finally absorbed the possibilities the letter propositioned. He thought it was still funny now. It made him all the more eager to meet the benefactor. Even if it turned out to be nothing but a farce, this was something he wanted to check out.

Xan had left the hotel he was staying at just an hour ago. He kept the room, just in case he’d need to return. The whole trip across the country to get here took him four days. Xan took several stops. If he was going to drive across the entire continental united states, he’d might as well make it an adventure. Besides, there wasn’t a date on the letter, so it wasn’t like he would be late. Even if the letter threatened potential danger, he survived this long. What was a few more days? It’s not like he’d be hunted that quickly between receiving the letter and him decided to take it up on the offer. If it was that urgent, there would have been a date, or a time to meet, or something else less ambiguous.

Xan saw his turn quickly approaching. He sharply turned the wheel, barely pressing down on the brake. The car groaned at the sudden change in direction, threatening to ride two wheels. The tires squealed as they barely clung to the asphalt. Having successfully prevented a roll over, Xan continued to drive down the drive way. If the map was to be believed, the actual house wouldn't be fore another short while. Gravel crunched underneath the tires as the large yellow hummer drove along the winding path. Xan could feel just how little care the driveway received. It was riddled with potholes, and Xan could feel most of them. Either side of the pavement was covered in plant life and weeds. If that wasn’t enough, most of them were dead. Xan thought magic would have made keeping up the yard work a breeze.

One final turn along the winding driveway and the residence had come into view. Xan was not terribly surprised to see the state it was in. The condition of the long driveway was more than enough of a teaser of what to expect. What had surprised him though was the gathering of people outside the door. Xan’s first thought was that one or all of them was the benefactor, but he quickly overruled that. Of course Xan would not be the first or only magician to somehow resurface, if the letter was to be believed. So then he questioned how everyone would have been here the same day, or even at the same time. For the last hundred feet or so as he circled in front of the house, he couldn’t think of an answer. He concluded that it must have been one of those magic things. He pressed down on the brake, the car coming to a stop near the few others already there.


Xan opened the door and took a step down, looking up at the dilapidated building ahead of him. Xan guessed in the interest of humor, the benefactor grabbed the first building available that had such a theme accurate address. Either that or he didn’t have time to fix up the place before he and everyone else arrived. He closed the door to his hummer behind him, locking it with his fob. He walked up to the group who seemed huddled near the front door, but it didn’t look like any of them were interested in trying the door. As he approached he waved. He was dressed black slacks, black sneakers, and a dark gray sweatshirt. His hair was over his eyes, and the shadows of the nearby trees partially hid his figure.

“Greetings, my comrades. I can see that I was not the only one to receive such an invitation. Tell me, why hasn’t anyone tried the door?” he spoke in a low voice, but loud enough for the group to hear. He walked methodically, as if he purposefully tried to appear threatening. As Xan came upon them, the light lifted and he smiled. “How awesome that it’s not just me. You are here because of magic, yeah? Why are we chilling out here, and not inside? That guy over there is already at the door, lets not leave him to enter by himself, yeah?”
I’ma toss my interest in. As far as character concepts, for a power I thinking shadows and ice. When you feel that chill in the night like there lies something in the shadows.
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