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I'm Randomness. I also go by others names when it's unavailable, but those are usually some variation of Randomness or Random in general.

I like anime, video games, and science. I'm currently in school studying to become an radiologic technologist. I'm in the initial stages, so I'm on my way. My favorite anime is Eureka Seven, and my favorite video game is a tie between Kingdom Hearts and Etrian Odyssey.

I have several story ideas, but currently lack motivation to write them out. I have plenty of notes for some of them so when I finally get around I'm prepared. That said, I absolutely enjoy group story telling like you do through role playing. One of my interests involved is world building and the connections between them if any.

One of my characters travels between worlds, dimensions and universes. What these are meant to be are different RPs. There seems to be some taboo around such a character, but I feel that is should be judged on a case by case basis. The idea of a seasoned character who has been on many adventures being able to share stories in passing sounds like a fun idea. I thought it would be an interesting idea that those stories could be from other RPs. He isn't meant to highjack the current RP, or be over powered. I admit, I can see that concern. Really though, he is meant to be an eccentric character with stories and treasures not before seen. The effects of these stories are meant to be entertaining, like fairy tales to the current cast. And what treasures he has or can use I'd restrict to what makes sense in the current world. But like I said before, it should be case by case. A learner, and a story teller. I think it's fun to link concept together through this character so the story could live on in new ways and perhaps give new RPs a different kind of character. Without upending everything of course.

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I'm interested. I thoroughly enjoy Pokémon, but was hesitant to join one of the preexisting RPs.
Subject: FP-2001-CA

Last Recorded Location: Purple Ward

Last Recorded Interaction: @Nyxira, @BCTheEntity

The younger looking of the two ducked behind the other. Colette let out a small apology as he poked back out and explained that he didn’t have any idea of what was going on. The older man more or less was in the same situation. The two of them confirmed what Colette already knew, which was nothing.

Despite it not being anyone’s fault, she still let her mouth relax into a soft frown. After years of strict schedule keeping and immaculate upkeep of the facility, its staff, and the people they held contained, it was very unsettling that everything went dark seemingly overnight. How was it that she slept through the probably dozens of footsteps of the other captives leaving through the halls, but woke to these two talking? It didn’t matter now. But the older of the two gentlemen brought up a good point.

“Oui. Je suis d'accord.” Colette collected herself and stood up straight. She put her hands together in a soft clap. “That must be where everyone went. C'est une bonne idée. Someone there must know what is happening.” Besides finding someone else who might know what was going on, Colette was also starting to feel hungry. Some food would do some good and hopefully bring some certainty to the confusion. Normally, that is where many of them would have been corralled to anyway. At the very least, there weren’t many ways they could wander. If she remembered right, the cafeteria would be at the end of the hall where the other wards met nearby.

“Oui.” Colette confirmed with the new comer as she decided to start walking that way. Despite the hall being bathed in red light, there was a small sense of normalcy at the moment. Wanting to break up the short silence, she spoke up once again.

“By the way. My name is Colette. I think that would be easier to remember than a number. I don’t think I ever got either of your names. May I ask what they are?” Colette turned her head to face the others. Colette could not help that making as many friends as they could in this situation would be a good decision moving forward. She was still uncertain of what was to come.
Subject: FP-2001-CA

Last Recorded Location: Purple Ward

Last Recorded Interaction: @Nyxira, @BCTheEntity

The air was unmoving and the room was a bit warmer than usual, but that didn’t really affect Colette as her eyes remained closed. Her head was tilted on the pillow, her chest rising and falling in slow rhythm. She had spent several hours the night before typing away on the computer, working on another short story the world would never see. It was easy for Colette to get lost in the worlds of her imagination. On occasion this had made waking up in the mornings difficult, but Colette long ago stopped caring about a strict schedule. The facility told her when various activities took place, and so she no longer kept her own schedule like she had before in captivity. She wasn’t lazy, but she had become accustomed to the overhead alarms every morning.

This morning, however, the pitiful noise that came from the speaker was not enough to get Colette to stir. For the first time, she was able to sleep in even though it was not her intention. Her eyes fluttered open as the still air was disturbed by noises coming from outside. Unlike the heavy strides of the guards, it was quiet conversation. Colette sat up in her bed, pushing the heavy weighted blanket off her torso. She rubbed her eyes and finally took notice of the red light illuminating her room. She looked about from her desk, where the computer lay powered down, to the shelf with the fake planets and completed 3D puzzles. Everything was basked in a dim red light.

“Ce n'est pas bon.” Colette swung her self over the edge of the bed and put on her shoes before doing a quick half skip to the door. She placed her hand against it, ready to try and open it. She stopped herself and looked around the room once again. The camera caught her eye as it pointed towards the ground, powerless. She tried the door, and surprisingly it opened with no effort. Pressing her head against the ajar door, she tried to see who was speaking out in the hall. It was hard to see who specifically, but she did see two figures a little way down. They didn’t look like guards, one appeared to be wearing a hoodie. Perhaps they would know what was going on.

Colette was a little hesitant to leave her room. Even though it was years ago, she remembered what happened the last time she tried to escape. She was mostly unharmed, but the facility was not nice about it. She wasn’t trying to escape this time per se, but perhaps it would be an opportunity. With a quick breath Colette opened the door completely and stepped out into the hall. It was long reaching a fair distance on either side. From what she could see, many of the doors to her neighbors were open. Colette knew some of them, so perhaps they took the opportunity to escape before she even woke up. In any event, Colette and the two figures down the hall had missed the initial exodus.

Colette walked down the hall until she was able to get a clearer view of the two figures speaking. She recognized one of them, at least from the few time’s she saw him in the common areas. He made it no secret that he wanted to leave and while Colette thought his outbursts weren’t helping his case, she sympathized with him. She never got his name, since the few times she’s seen him, she tried to avoid him. The other, the one in the hoodie, Colette did not recognize. He seemed a bit dazed, but was standing just fine. It never occurred to her to request a different set of clothes. The grey uniform is all she was handed. When she approached, she only caught the tail end of their conversation. It seemed like neither of them knew what was going on either.

“Excusez-moi. Excuse me.” Colette said as she walked up to the others. “I think I missed the emergency. Where did everyone go?” She knew that neither person would likely know any of the circumstances that brought them to where they are, but at least now they also knew how clueless she was.
Same group or no, I'm down.
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Classes started again for me this week, so I'm still figuring out a schedule I can work with. I'm still here if anyone was questioning.
𝓟𝓮𝓷𝓷𝔂 𝓜𝓪𝓬𝓐𝓻𝓽𝓱𝓾𝓻

Location: Hall outside Class E-14


Gyro remained floating silently awaiting an answer from the girl with white hair. Either she didn’t hear him in the commotion, or she just didn’t care Penny was not sure. She started to feel foolish for trying to socialize and felt like she might be better with the one person who she was able make acquaintances with. After a little bit longer when the silence was starting to get awkward, Gyro returned to Penny’s side. Just before Penny could move back near Eve, a person dressed in black and blue appeared suddenly.

She matched the picture on the screen, but her dress and her manner of speech did not match. For being dressed in all black and with a professional figure, she was not expecting her to be so…

Penny was not quite sure what she thought, but she expected something more akin to a drill instructor in both dress and demeanor. After a bit to affirm that they were in the presence of their teacher, she left out the room. Penny staggered a little, but caught up and managed to keep pace with the rest of the group. After a flight of stairs and down another hall, the teacher stopped in front of another class. Penny had many questions about what they were expected to learn, what was to come, but she wasn’t able to get close enough to the teacher to ask. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to be the one to ask. Gyro easily kept his place by her side.

Once they reached the class room, Penny’s expectations were once again put into question. Madeline made it sound like the Sunderers was a military core. Training and fighting robots, and the usual military things. Wile Madeline wasn’t specific with the kind of things she did during training, she mentioned that it could be hard and to be prepared to some hard work. But this class looked like it came out of her grade school. Decorations and everything.

“We should wait before we make any assumptions.” Said Gyro softly to Penny, “There may be more to what we see.”
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