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Varya Chandrar

Cedar bit Varya's hand causing him to recoil in pain. He was eager to go back to grabbing him when he realized that Cedar was reacting instead of struggling on his own accord. He stepped back and addressed Cedar, realizing that using brute force would be inefficient in bringing him to heel. Varya's mustered as much formality as his strained voice could muster. "Would you please allow your sisters to take you to Jazdia? She is quite concerned about you and I am certain that she will be most relieved to see you alive and in one piece." Varya's patience was wearing thin, his desire to complete his mission far outweighing any considerations for Cedar's emotional being. Nevertheless, the goal was within reach, and Varya just had to push just a little bit further. He would walk in front of Cedar, acting as the vanguard. Varya staggered slowly and painfully as he walked, being propped up by little more than magic, willpower and prayers. He clutched his bow like a lifeline amidst a stormy sea, nervously scanning the area around him for any potential threats. He would hobble to the finish line, but he was dead set on fulfilling his mission.
Varya Chandrar

Cedar bit Varya's hand, and he pulled his hand away in pain. This was only momentary though as he immediately goes to grab the bear man's right arm. It was at this point that Varya realized that even with his spell's help, he didn't have the power to restrain him, the best he could do was slow him down or otherwise be an annoyance. Varya's body ached all over, his tendons torn all across his body. Were it not for the Bull's Strength, he would barely be able to walk. Still with what little power he possessed he would use it pull Cedar towards Jazdia. Knowing he lacked the power to stop Cedar on his own, all he could do was plead. "Please Cedar! You are tired, you need to rest! If you want to save the bear, wouldn't it be a good idea to do so from a place of strength rather than desperation? He is strong, he will survive until you can help him. I don't know what he means to you, but I can tell that you love him dearly. Jazdia cares about your well being, and so does your King. We risked much to get you out here, please comfort them by letting them tend to your wounds and knowing you are in one piece." Varya would not abandon his task, no matter how much his body cried for rest or Cedar nibbled at his flesh. Varya can't give up, he won't give up. He looked to Solomon, speaking in a pleading tone."Please help me." He still had his part to play, as little as he could, and he wouldn't stop until he had played it.
Varya Chandrar

Solomon's words reached Varya, and he realized that he was letting his emotions run high in a moment where he needed all of his faculties. He looked to Solomon, his tone more calm than before. "Thank you Sir Solomon, I've let a madness come over me, but you released me from it. The mission must come first for the betterment of all." Veronica pushed Varya aside, fuming at the betrayal of her allies. The sting of being labeled a traitor to the crown and inviting Veronica's ire exasperated his already heavy burden of guilt for failing everyone to the point of crushing oppression. The pain was almost as horrendous as being electrocuted by the demon's lightning. He realized he had to take responsibility for his actions when his allies and superiors need him most, or else forever walk in the shadow of shame.

Desperate to restore his lost honor, Varya stepped forth directly in front of Cedar and looked him in the eyes. Varya pitied Cedar, he saw a lot of himself in the bear man in terms of the stubbornness to help someone who was near and dear to him and screw the consequences. It hurt him to know that what he would do would likely break Cedar's heart, and he may never be forgiven for it, but this was the steep price Varya was willing to pay fulfill his mission. He then spoke to Cedar in a soft but sincere tone. "No matter what happens Cedar, know that you are a good person." He took all his guilt, shame, and frustrations, and channeled them into anger to fuel his spell of Bull's Strength. The wrath of the bull coursed through his veins, and he would use it with newfound purpose. He took solid steps towards Cedar, intent to grab and push him away. Varya was going to get Cedar to Jazdia, even if he had to drag him kicking and screaming the whole way.
Varya Chandrar

Varya looked to Veronica, who is clearly livid with his choice to stand by Cedar. As intimidating as she was, Varya hand to stand his ground for the sake of Cedar's freedom. "Lady Veronica, I understand that was Cedar is doing on the surface is suicidal madness, but his heart is filled with a strong desire to save the bear, who is dear to him. If he does not go as far as he can to attain this goal, his will will be broken and he will not be of much use to the King or anyone else. To have his heart broken would be a fate worse than death. He is not doing this out of a sense of a sense of selfishness, but to save another. If someone you cared about was in a similar position, wouldn't you risk life and limb to save them?" He then turned his attention to Solomon. "And what of you Sir Solomon? Is your heart not moved by Cedar's sacrifice?" Varya was desperate to make his case to the others, knowing he could not stop them if they were adamant. Truth be told he didn't want Cedar to do this, but convincing him in such a delirious state would be even more difficult. Freedom was the right of all sentient life, and he knew if he was in Cedar's position he would not tolerate having his heart's desire denied.
Varya Chandrar

As soon as Varya saw the mad bear pass them by, he cancelled out his spells, becoming visible once again. He needed to conserve his mana, as he felt greatly drained by the electric torture brought about by that demon woman. He would have to conserve what little strength he possessed and make it count. It was then that Cedar expressed emphatic concern for Stritzel. Why he would express such sentiments towards his captor is not something Varya could comprehend, but perhaps it has something to do with the bear? Some sort of link, esoteric or otherwise? He looked into Cedar's eyes and found within his broken body a fiery determination that only a bear could muster. The guilt of Varya's failures weighed heavily on him, and he was not eager to defy Veronica's orders, as he had already lost respect for his recklessness. On the other hand, he could tell that this meant a lot to Cedar, that for reasons beyond logic the fate of Stritzel and the bear was as important to him and Cedar's was to Varya, and he could not find it within himself to snuff out that light.

Varya approached the emaciated bear man but did not stand in his way as he looked him in the eyes and spoke to him. "You have that fire within you, a mission in your heart you cannot abandon, no matter your state. Your life is not the only one you risk to pursue it, but I can tell you have already made up your mind. I cannot promise much, but I will do all I can to protect you, thus are my orders." Varya knows that there will be hell to pay for defying Jazdia and Veronica's orders to extract Cedar immediately, but something was telling him to see this through. Rather this will be a good or terrible decision time will tell. Varya armed himself with Crescent Moon. Any who approach Cedar aside from Stritzel will be shot down, for the time for leniency has passed.
Varya Chandrar

As if by some miracle, sand smothered some of the flames and paved a path for the party and Varya's tender feet, likely Solomon's doing. He would have to thank Solomon personally for now he was in flight mode. He waited for everyone to run to the antechamber before he aimed to fire one of Jazdia's magic arrows at the other tunnel to block the mad bear's escape. He slacked the string just a little so it wouldn't go too straight, and arced the arrow so that it wouldn't catch fire in flight, then he let loose the arrow into the other tunnel. Then there was a great boom! Varya had realized that the brave fiery specter was no more and the frenzied monster would soon be upon him. Hastened by panic and desperation, he shrouded himself in his veil of invisibility, bestowed himself with the powers of the cat, and ran as fast as his tired legs could take him. There was a time for fighting and a time for flying, this was a time flying. Maybe the group could take the bear down in the open air, but fighting this beast in such tight corridors would be all but suicidal. Varya had no shame in running like hell away from the enraged bear, sprinting towards the back of the group line at break neck speed. If somehow that monster still caught up to them, Varya was willing to be the sacrificial lamb so that Cedar and the rest could make it out of the manor alive, as the mission was everything to him, though he prayed to The Great Spirit it wouldn't come down to that.
Varya Chandrar

Varya was convulsing in agony, audibly screaming from the pain. He must have done something especially heinous in a previous life to be inflicted with such physical suffering. After what felt like felt like forever the aftershocks finally dissipated, the runes disappeared and the bars opened wide. He didn't know how it happened, but he was thankful. Varya two handed his war-hammer, turned to Veronica and looked her in the eyes poignantly. He put his shirt over his mouth and nose to filter some of the toxins lingering in the air. "I'll cover our rear. Once we're through, I'll fire a bomb arrow and seal off the other tunnel so the brute can't retreat. If you have anything else in mind I'm all ears." The situation was bad. He could only hope their mysterious benefactor could distract the beast long enough for them to escape to less treacherous terrain, then just maybe they just might have a chance to bring the beast down.

Varya looked at the fire standing between them and the stairs. He knew he would have to run across the burning floor with great speed to escape. Considering he was barefoot, he steeled himself for the pain he would have to endure if he were to survive. This was going to hurt.
Varya Chandrar

Varya saw in the deprecated cell next to him was a horribly malnourished ursine shape. By process of elimination it had to be Cedar! Suffering, but alive. Varya was so close to his objective, only an iron cage bolstered by unknown magics barred his way. He couldn't take it all in for long though before his body surged in mind boggling pain! His body convulsed and spasmed as energy surged through his body, lighting up his pain receptors. His face was frozen in a rictus of agony, unable to even scream. Holy HELL does it hurt! This had to be up there as one of the most physically painful experiences of his life, as much a shock to his psyche as it was to his body. Thank Merciful God it came and went. A few moments later he finally regained motor ability, but it would be a few moments before before he could conjure the will to move. The first thing he did was groan in pain before slowly stumbling to his wobbling legs. Such an excruciating blow knocked the wind out of his sails, though the intensity of the situation was gradually waking up his body out of necessity. You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.

As Varya began to orientate himself he was bombarded with sensory information. The horrible woman was bleeding out on the floor with Veronica trying to stabilize her, bargaining her all the while, his nostrils were hit with the sour smell of burning chemicals, and his eyes saw the gargantuan bear now on fire and fighting with a burning phantasm in plate mail. Everything was chaos, and there was nothing Varya could do about it. Varya walked to the edge of the bars closest to Veronica, taking care not to touch the bars. All Varya could do now is put his Faith in The Great Spirit and his now companions to rescue him from his current predicament and turn this terrible situation around. With nothing left to do, he got to his knees and prayed for a miracle. If Varya couldn't be saved, then please save Cedar. So long as the mission was successful, he could die with some measure of peace.
Varya Chandrar

Varya's blades found their mark on the beast's backside, though this did little more than annoy the ferocious bear. Its going to take a lot more than a few nicks from his sword to tire this brute out. Before he had time to run, his spine jolted and his nerves were frozen in shock! Powerless to move, the bear kicked him with his hind leg, launching him into a brick wall. He would have curled up into a ball if he could from the enormous pain, instead he laid there. He then heard the clanging of metal bars, and looked to see he was now in a cell, warded by some unknown magics. The redheaded woman looked at him with a sadistic smile. "Ah! A new test subject! Be a dear and make yourself at home. Fret not. This will be over soon!" That witch!

Varya tried to get up from the floor, but his limbs would not obey his commands. Get up! Get up! Your allies need you! He cursed his helplessness. His allies were fighting and bleeding for the mission, and here he was lying as if napping on the floor! He felt shame and humiliation, how can he be so careless? He didn't have much time to pity himself though, his allies were in danger! Though he willed it, his body did not feel it. He could only watch and hear the chaos erupting around him. Ok, don't panic, look around if you can. Maybe Cedar is in one of the cells, or there was a vulnerability to exploit? Given his position, there was nothing he could do. He hoped that his allies could persevere without him, and forgive his incompetence.
Varya Chandrar

As Varya charged ahead, the raging bear barreled toward him with alarming speed! He knew the bear would be able to sniff him out as his illusion spell couldn't mask his scent, but how did he discern his exact location so quickly? Panicked by the sudden rush of teeth and muscle, Varya immediately turned tail and ran in the opposite direction as quick as his augmented legs could take him! Panicked as he was, his eyes darted around the room, looking for something in the environment to use against the furry menace. He had to think and act fast! He noticed some sort of macabre operating table. He ran towards the table, luring the angry bear toward it. He lept onto the table on his toes with precision so as to avoid brushing his bare feet against the instruments. When the bear lunged forth to attack him, Varya leapt and fliped backwards into the air, at that very moment his invisibility faded. As Varya descended behind the bear he slashed downwards at the bear's buttocks with his twin blades. Assuming that Varya could dodge the counterattack, he would circle around to the next operating table, using it to act as cover against the mauling fury. The bear attacked like the mountain, so Varya must attack like the sea. He will use his speed to maneuver around the bear, slashing at the bear's limbs and body whenever he saw the chance. Varya would have to bleed him dry, even if it took a thousand cuts to do. He could only hope he could injure his opponent before he himself ran out of steam, knowing full well he could not win the battle of endurance.

At least he could slow down the bear to make a decisive strike, and maybe Solomon could patch him up later, though right now Varya's own survival was of far greater concern than that of the raging beast in front of him.
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