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Current I have been absent for a while and have done alot of changing. That being said, I hope everyone is doing well. (:


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I think i'm going to jump out now, hope y'all have a good gane. :)
@Mistress Dizzy Yes, i also copy and pasted from Notepad.
@TGM@Bugman Thank you. 😊
I don't know why my hider isn't working.
Can I still post my submission or has that ship sailed? I mentioned wanting to join earlier. Also, Holy there are a lot of submissions.
I have a character concept in mind if your still accepting. I like the idea of a ronin type character with a mix of smooth space biker. 😎 In other words i'm considering making a mechanical pilot who can take names even when not behind the wheel. I can work on the sheet later. Also I can't find art that would do my mind's image justice so i hope a verbal description is enough, though i can find sonething that captures the mood of the character. :)
I changed my mind, i wont be joining.
Thank you Aia. 😊 I while make a character for characters tab then i will submit my first post.
Also, i don't know how jump-ins work or any of that so bear with me.
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