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Current I have been absent for a while and have done alot of changing. That being said, I hope everyone is doing well. (:


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@TechnoWizROK Considering Lyonel and Hayate are similar in status and allegiance, want to have our characters interact in the foreseeable future?

Vasuki had just finished setting up shop in a tin shack at the local marketplace, a term he would use loosely. He had his

various wares sprawled out on a rummaged hexagonal poker table inside his shack, with sofa chairs and a couch inside so

that customers could relax while he bartered with them. Above the entrance hung a large wooden sign with text crudely

written in marker saying "Vasuki's Maps and General Store (Will accept any form of currency)". Vasuki was not picky when

it came to trading and bartering, anything can potentially be valuable in the wastes, and he knew this well. Much of his

wares consisted of whatever he could get his hands on, guns, silverware, cigerettes, pots and pans, etc. However, the star

attraction of his shop and his real source of income were his hand-made charts and maps. Vasuki was an artist, and his

maps were his art, each one pain-stakingly made, covering much of the land he himself walked on foot across his life-long

trek through the wastes. Each one detailed important watering holes, notable terrain, popular caravan and trading routes,

even formations of the stars themselves. In the ash, knowing where you are a going is a fundamental step in maintaining

one's survival, and knowing where those scarce resources are a godsend to wanderers, and would pay a pretty penny to

attain that information.

Vasuki sits in a bright red chair behind the poker table which greatly contrasts with the muted colors of his

surroundings, eagerly awaiting his customers to enter. He is draped from head to toe in light sand colored desert robes

and sporting a bright sky blue poncho with gold color pattern, brown boots which little known to most others were steel-

toed, thick desert camo gloves, goggles for sunlight and sand protection obscuring his eyes, and a black cowboy hat with a

Ace of Spades deck card binded on his left side. The only skin visible on his body is his nose and adjacent cheeks with

small slivers of his dirty blonde hair sticking out from beneath his hat. Vasuki rarely stayed in any one place for too

long, thus did not care much for opening up to others, metaphorically or litteraly save a few occassions. The only thing

people needed to know about him is if there was a demand, he was the supply. Draped around his neck like some form of

living ornament is his beloved 6 foot black with white stripes pet ball python Arcamedis. Most people would not know just

by looking at him, but Arcamedis is as loving as a puppy, assuming he is well fed of course, which his owner is very

generous with doing so. Behind them sat a very large travelling pack, which carries everything Vasuki owns on this earth

inside. Next to the bag and in plain view were his hunting rifle and a 12-gauge shotgun, a clear warning to any would be

robbers that he will not take kindly to someone taking off with his merchandise without being properly compensated. Of

course, he always had an ace or two up his sleave for dealing with thugs, two long barreled six-shooters hidden beneath

his coat, and daggers and throwing knives of all shapes and sizes hidden everywhere a person could hide them save their


Vasuki had not been in the village long, having only arrived a few hours prior, greatly relieved to find some form of

civilization and human contact after days of exhaustive treking through the wastes. Now, well rested, well fed and well

stocked, he proudly opens his shop for buisness. His target demographic were other travelers, and he knew they would start

lining up to buy his maps out of neccessity. It is a service he is proud to do, so many others have perished under the

scorching sun and the unforgiving wilds, a fate he has nearly avoided on several occassions, and not an experience he

wanted others to feel. Of course, nothing ever truly comes free in this world, an opinion he is very eager to express.

Everything was now set up, all Vasuki had to do now was wait. Vasuki had the supplies he needed to enter the wastes once

more, but before that he seeks to reap the fruits of his own labor. Money is a beautiful thing, few other things make him

smile more brightly then a sac full of gold, the music of coins rubbing against eachother producing that melodious

jingling, and the satisfaction of a well done deal. Vasuki sat steady in his chair, eager to to make the sale, Arcamedis

reclining on his shoulders, relaxed and at ease.
@bmxbrat484 Sorry. I tried to space the paragraphs but since I didn't have Microsoft word I had to settle with Notepad, so please forgive my poor spacing.
@EchoicChamber Kickass! I might post before or after timeskip, not quite sure yet.

@IrishAngelQueen Your presence may have been brief, but it was a pleasure nonetheless. Take care! (:

@EchoicChamber That sounds awesome. I'll help set the scene later. I'm going to get some sleep (its pretty late where i am). :) Have a wonderful day!
@EchoicChamber Can i say a alchemist walks in during his training? Then you can say in a post what he says to Hayate? Just a thought.
@EchoicChamber What do you think about Hayate teaching martial arts to his infantry unit when he receives orders of a mission or something of that nature?
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