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@Agent 47 Color me intrigued, assuming there is room of course.

While admittedly I have some difficulty keeping up with the story, i am nonetheless intrigued by the setting and premise. I know some players are leaving and joining at various rates, but can i join in?


After Diana finished praying at the local shrine for a safe journey, it was time to hit the road. She laid peaceably in the carriage, her mind drifting into emptiness, taking in the touch of the wooden carriage, the sounds of the horses walking briskly upon the soft earth and the birds chirping whimsically in their nests. The fresh scent of pine wafted through the cool air, rejuvenating and relaxing her. Gradually her mind drifted to a gentle slumber. However, this did not last long, as her state of relaxation was abruptly snapped when their carriage crashed into a tree. “Holy hell!” She said. It turns out the crash was caused by the neglectful Noelle who actually fell asleep at the wheel. The driver is the one person who shouldn’t be falling asleep on the job! The crash didn’t even wake her lazy ass up! Such callous abandon would be inexcusable in this circumstance, especially coming from someone who was supposed to be watching everyone else. Thankfully Granoda took charge and assigned Lumi to take the wheel. Diana decided to shift to the front seat next to Lumi, not because she believed Lumi didn’t possess a modicum of urgency or decency to actually keep her eyes on the road, but she didn’t want to take the chance of being jostled out of the blue again.

Despite the initial bumpy start, the rest of the trip was running smoothly. Diana looked up at the fresh blue sky, her smooth bald head absorbing the radiating rays of the life-giving sun. The warmth she felt within was reflected by the smile that adorned her face. Argus too was content in the basking, loosening himself up to relax. The sun seemed to vanish quickly however as a sudden cold fog begins to develop the forest path. Something about this fog didn’t add up. It was as if the cord, the rhythm of the earth had changed pitch abruptly, too abruptly for the occurrence to be natural.

Diana stood up straight and put her hands together in the shape of a triangle, used it as a conduit to channel her energy into a spell. Between her hands was conjured a floating magical eye, invisible to all but Diana. This spell is the Arcane Eye, a spell that allows the caster to observe safely from a distance. She projects the eye forward to scout the road ahead. The eye can be controlled remotely using her mind. The eye can reveal that which is hidden from normal sight, and everything the eye sees so does Diana. When the road became too shrouded to drive through, Granoda roused the party to defensive action. Diana spoke aloud when it came time to ask questions. "Granoda, I don't know much about this fog, but it seems to be made entirely of magic. I suspect we might be dealing with one or more spell-casters to conjure a fog of this size. I casted a spell to see into the fog, though the farther my Arcane eye goes in, the dimmer the image. I'll guard the rear. If I can, I will also scout as far as I can. I recommend we all stay on our toes. There's no telling what the enemy wields, magic or otherwise." Diana may not be an expert with a blade, but she can hold her own in a fight. She secures the rear flank, taking a solid stance, her right hand grasping her sword, ready to strike at a moment's notice. No matter what happens, even if it costs her life, the medicine must not be lost, least the village perishes. She also had an obligation to protect her comrades around her. No one is going to die on her watch.

Argus was feeling too dizzy from visual overload to be of much help right now. Looks like she will have to rely on her own senses. Diana closes her eyes and forcefully inhales through her nose, taking the air into her chest and tightening her stomach before relaxing the stomach by exhaling, calming her nerves and emptying her mind. She needs to be calm but alert to protect her companions and the medicine. Focusing with her mind she draws the Arcane eye back to her, then has it slowly rotating in an ever expanding radius outward. Even with the fog they cannot hide from her Arcane eye. Hopefully she can find the enemy before they have a chance to strike. As her thoughts drifted from her mind, she begins to tap into the frequencies of everything around her. The party, the trees, the earth, the fog, everything. Diana's only priorities now we're protecting everybody first, identifying the enemy second.

After Diana was done gathering up all of her belongings, she approached the group of people who are to be her compatriots for this vital mission with a smile. “Hello everyone. It is a pleasure to meet you all.” She gives a small bow. “My name is Diana.” She points to her robe. “This is my good friend Argus.” Argus waves his hood side to side to simulate a handwave. “This will be our first mission in service to the Guild of the Iron Rose. We want to do whatever we can to save those villagers and complete our mission. You have my word.” She gives a good glance to everyone. Quite an arrangement of people to be certain.

Diana heard Clara introduce herself and responded in kind. “It's an honor to meet you Clara! You must be the one who made the medicine we are delivering. I’m sure the villagers will be very happy to see you and taste the fruits of your labor.” Diana is glad the woman who made the medicine is coming along on this mission. It is a very comforting prospect knowing that Clara has the determination to deliver the life-saving vaccine personally.

“Would it be alright if I asked the rest of your names? Seeing as we’re going to be covering each other's backs, it’ll be good to know who will be fighting by your side.”

Diana rests comfortably still on a couch, her eyes closed and her lips smiling, as though a pleasant dream lay in her mind, yet she was awake, if only in a cloudy capacity. She hears the patterns of footsteps as people walked across the room, a low whirl of energy stirred gently in the room. She could feel a mix of everyone’s energies swirling in the room. Anxiousness, anticipation, thrill, hope, curiosity. All of these thing dwell in every adventurer's heart, and hers was no exception. Her trusty sword leaned on a neighboring chair holding her belongings, facing away from Diana. Argus draped from her neck to her legs, providing comfort and warmth to the reclined hermit.

The low hum of energy raised ever so slightly as she heard erratic footsteps dashing from the entrance towards Maya’s desk. Diana lifts her eyes and head up slowly to address this unexpected visitor. She(he?) appears young and small, and possessing the most adorable fluffy little cat ears on their head, Diana just wanted to reach out and pet them. They certainly gave off an aura very similar to a cat. She couldn’t hear what they and the receptionists were talking about, though her gaze was quickly changed as she heard a series of footsteps at the front door.

Four figures strolled into the hall, all of them armed and sporting B class tags. Diana’s body began to rouse from her rest as she slowly rose to her feet to greet them with her attention as a sign of respect, though they did not seem to take notice. She was curious about all of them though the towering man in armor grabbed her attention the most, both for his imposing appearance and his ability to effortlessly haul their trophies, a testament to their skills as warriors. Rank isn’t everything, but these guys are definitely the real deal. She saw the large man sit down next to another scrawny man playing cards which have abstract symbols on them. Interesting.

Maya lets out a great yell, calling everyone to draw their attention towards the back of the room. Everyone almost immediately sprang to life and started gravitating towards the back. “Well my friend.” addressed to Argus softly; “Time for us to earn our place here.” Argus straightened himself with excitement. This is going to be their first mission and he will be going to see new horizons. Diana too was eager, if more subtly so. She wanted a chance to do some good for the world, to help others in need of her special gifts. She also wanted to learn some magic and other esoteric secrets, but in due time.

She approached Maya and signed up silently for the medical delivery mission. “I want to help those people in whatever way I can.” She told Maya. “Thank you.” She said as she gave a small bow. This seemed the most pressing to Diana. She did not want others to perish slowly and painfully from sickness and disease. She walked backed and started grabbing her belongings. It will not be long now before she goes forth with her new companions to help those in dire straits.…
(Courtesy to Atlus and the Shim Megami Tensei Franchise for picture)

Name: Diana

Aliases: None

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Age: 30

Rank: D

Personality: Diana is very laid back and quite, preferring actions to speak for her. She is very patient, and is known to wait in a location for hours to get what she wants. She is somewhat timid in social conversations, though she is not someone who hesitates when decisive action is called for. She is very intuitive, preferring her gut feelings and instincts to guide her hand. She enjoys her solitude but is willing to share quiet moments with others. Diana is highly spiritual, and covets truth and honesty above all other things, to the point where she can be brutally blunt. Her motto: “Adaptability is everything.”

History: Diana was born in Sirris with blue skin, the cause of which is unknown, to a highly esteemed military officer and his wife. She lived a life of relative luxury, though her appearances made her an outcast to the superstitious around her, who called her a devil child. Due to incessant disillusionment and detachment from the people around her, she turned to religion to find acceptance, as well as answers to far deeper questions. She became obsessed with finding meaning and truth in her life, and devoted the majority of her life to becoming a nun and vowing service to the divinities that governed the universe. Through years of rigorous mental self-discipline, she found she possessed the gift of extraordinary perception. She took it as a sign from the gods to begin a new spiritual journey. She thanked her sisters for the time they have spent together, and decided to head out on a pilgrimage to the holiest sites in Sirris. Her venture took her to the base of the tallest mountain in Sirris. Diana became a hermit and secluded herself in a cave, wherein she meditated for many days and many nights. After months of seemingly fruitless dedication, she had an epiphany, a moment of absolute clarity that allowed her to see deeply both within and without. She felt transcendence, the love and power of the universe swimmed harmoniously within her. In that moment which seemed like a blissful eternity, the depths of her soul were moved beyond words. When Diana left the cave, she had not appeared any different, but within she was reborn. From this rebirth came an intimate understanding of what she wants to do; to bring the same peace into the world that the gods showed to her. As a gesture of dedication and devotion, Diana shaved herself bald, then proceeded to walk the earth, going wherever she feels she is needed.

Magic: One with All

Diana specializes in Divination magic, using magic to locate and see what is veiled by illusion. She uses various means of clairvoyance and prediction, such as dousing chains, looking within dancing flames or pools of water, visions from meditation and so on. It is especially helpful to find something or someone if she possesses a “peice” of them, such as clothing or hair. She also possesses a heightened sense of awareness and perception, and her magical truesight can see through illusions and deceptions. Her powers are generally geared towards revealing something, predicting something, spotting patterns, scouting from vast distances as well as conveying information across the expansive space as well.

Skills: Other than having an acute awareness of her physical senses and exceptional intuition, Diana is very much lacking in combat experience. She has enough proficiency to wield a bow and blade, but is not spectacular with either. She has trained in the basics of self-defense to protect herself from marauding bandits, though most of her prowess is mental rather than physical. Diana is willing to learn any form of magic or spell she comes across and can utilize other people’s styles into her own (With a bit of practice of course).

Equipment: Longsword for Protection (Common Grade)
Bow and Arrows for Hunting (Common Grade)
Backpack (Common Grade)
Crystal Ball for Scrying (Magic Grade)
Various Divination tools (Dice, Dowsing Chain ball, Compass, etc.) (All Magic Grade)
Steel Vest (Common Grade)
Argus, a sentient magic cloak dotted with peacock patterned eyes that allow Diana to see in all directions as well as see invisible objects and creatures. Is very friendly and protective of Diana.

@SilverDawn Oh yeah, good point.
@Conscripts Its like you read my mind or something. I was going to make a very similar character, I was even going to call him Alexander! Oh well, that just means I can chart a course for a new direction. Uncanny though.
@NobodiesHero My character is kind of in the middle.
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