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Cedar was nothing but inconsolable tears and inhuman 'groaning' or 'roaring' combined with deep-seated despair. Acting in his stead, his sisters responded, alternating between scolding the other "rescuers" for their lack of tact with "wounded animal" psychology, and trying to soothe their brother before he really and truly lost his mind.

"Look idiot, He' readeh tuh go ou'side, just stop ya damn grabbin' an' pushin! We's in 'ere tuhs ya know!"

"We lose an eye or summat, all a'cause you folk's cain't grok no' tuh wrestle a des'prate bear, we gunna takes it person'al!-- [Calm daown bruh-- calm daown... sss'ok.. We jus' goin' ou'side...] "

"Ya wan' us tuh get movin, we got our han's full-- Pick a direction-- We usin' da fron' door, or goin' back out da way we came?"

"If we goin' out da fron-- Stop pushin' US-- and push DIS SHIT outta our way astead-- we gots our han's full as-is-- Ya wanna hurry us along? Pick a path, an' clear it! [yo' frien's always dis thick bruddah?]"
"Cedar, get the hell away from that bear! Stritzel is a traitor, and he is her ally! Aiding them is treason against the crown! If you do this, I-!"


"Whatever you think you're doing, it's not worth it!"

Cedar looked down at his feet, then out at Ted, rampaging in the room beyond, then back down again.

"No matter what happens Cedar, know that you are a good person."

All at once, he just started bawling.

"... Uh ain't doin' it fer fuckin.. HER..." he sobbed, clutching his sister's tightly and hugging them for all he was worth, shivering and weak. "...It were fer HIM..."

It was at that time that Varya grabbed him, eliciting a repressed, almost instinctual, reaction. Teeth came out, and a fierce snarl, and before he could stop himself, the elf man's hand got bit-- HARD.

"DON' TOUCH ME!" he raged between sniffs, then incomprehensible babble, ending with "... At bitch... Touch'd me 'nuff."

Then looked back out again at Ted.

"....He dun even WAN be saved.... Fine... Kill 'im... It wut ya want... an uh caint stop ya. Take meh home. Dun wanna see no moar... Don wanna feel no moar..."
"Cedah, this is CRAZEH!" hissed Lily into his ear.
"He nearleh kill' us!" whimpered her sister in agreement in the other one.

He nipped at Lily's nose, then growled at Rose.

"He ...Had .. At .. BITCH.. In 'is .. head.." he snarled between ragged, and labored breaths. His body was in no condition for the abuse the adrenaline pumping through him was causing, but need and determination kept it flowing. "Jus. Stop afore we .. Gits tuh close..." he muttered more congenially after. ".. He jus.. Wanna save .. 'is momma..-- We gunna 'elp him .. does 'at."

Both sets of ears beside his own sank back, and two pairs of very wary eyes showed whites at him, but said no more-- A wordless "we hope you know what you are doing."

Within moments, the trio converged within the prescribed distance of Ted-- Well outside his "bubble" of comfort, but within talking distance. He was still furiously beating himself against the heavy metal door, leaving a vivid, body-shaped smear on the surface from the repeated impacts-- and his lack of skin.

"... At'd be easier... with four... no?"

Seemingly unaware of their presence, The Gladiator bear ignored the regard. His claws crowbarred the partially oppened door, and he forcefully shoved his muzzle through the gap, only to be flinched backward after having his wounded snout collided with whatever obstacles behind that dented iron.

"We.. Won' .. stop ya.. Ted.... Uh wunna.. helps... ya.....'astead..." Drawled cedar wearily, almost forlornly, before heaving a deep breath to steady himself, pushing back the demands of the aderenaline, despite his heart pounding in his ears, and making stars and lights in his vision. He paused a minute, letting Ted work unabated, before speaking again. As close to calm as he could muster. ".. Dey.. Don.. un'erstaand... Cain't... Un'erstand... ... How coul' dey?..." He shook his head side to side. "... E'en dese two... ... Dey jus.. wan'd tuh saves meh..... Likes you wan... Save ..Her.... We's... In dis... Tugether..."

For a moment, the attempt to break through the door stopped. The Gladiator-Bear growled, one hand cluthing his bleeding nose, while dthe other grappling the dented gap to support his massive bulk. It was at that moment he heard that pathetic plea, and the sight of two other bears he encountered erlier. The anger rekindled again, and letting himself fell all of his four paws, Ted let out a primal roar.

"Leave me alone!"

For now the bear's attention was less on Cedar and more on the two other bears behind him. A fair warning was given, from a beastly creature who was literally cornered. His glowing claws sheated, his fangs bared. And he would strike at anyone who dared to approach.

"Ted... If 'at... Realleh what yus... wan'.... We'sll go... Buht....."
Cedar sighed, breathed deep, then resumed. .." Uh. Aint.. useless..." He made a weary, plaintive smile with soft eyes, and lazy, sagging ears. "Gives meh a chance... tuh proves it?"

"Leave ME BE!" the angered Gladiator-Bear raised himself up and roared, brandishing his claw and ready to strike. The only thing he could catch from the speech were the word 'help' and by that instant, he felt whatever left of his pride pricked. The word had betrayed him in the worse possible way. They hurted him because of that word help, they did it all under the name of helping, and worse of all, What that witch had done to him was out of the intention to help, pleaded by his own mother off all people.

Stood unchallenged for a while, Gladiator-Bear's attention suddenly shifted back to the door, when some yellings could be heard behind it.

"It stopped! Captain!"

"Are you daft!" Did you not heard the roar?! The beast is still there!"

"Fuck this shit! It aint worth shit! Shit! Shit! Shit! I'aint signied for it, none of were!"

"You stand on your ground soldier! Mack! Barrick, move that couch! We need to reinforce it before---"

In that instant, Ted The gladiator spun around and rammed his shoulder against the door, focusing the impact on the already bent hinges.

"Stay where you are!" said the voice behind the door. "Whatever comes from that door we fight it!"

"Ya hear 'at?" asked Cedar in a deadpan tone, looking past him at the door. "... em idiots gunna stup ya. Poke ya full a holes-- 'Cause dey IDIOTS.. ... An ya ain't e'en got no SKIN on!" He looked at Ted with a blank, and featureless expression "Ya kin kill meh la'er-- Bu' you NEED dis help-- you KNOWS it."

His expression become more wryly quizical. "WHo you radder see on the stick-- Yaself, ... Or meh?" Then stern again. "Or-- I kin turn an walk 'way;... Yur call...---Be'er make i' quick... She commin' up de stairs."

Whatever Cedar was saying, all was lost in the last roar as the bear focused his sheer might to break through the door. With less people pushing it against, the door finally busted open, along with the large bookcases behind it. Clawing himself up and out, the enraged Bear-Gladiator rampaged toaward the first human he sees and swatted him away, sending flying through the windows next to the entrance. The counter attack from the remaning humans was carried out half-assedly, but one of them somewhat managed to to stab Ted's abdomen.

The guard's face was dumbfounded upon realizing that his spear could barely pierce through the skin, the only expression he could show before Ted brutally grab him by his head and crush it with a single slam.

Cedar sighed, and waited in the hall behind the smashed door, as Ted savaged the guards, wearily shaking his head side to side. He could hear the angry footfalls of someone closing behind. He did not turn to face it. Just waited patiently for Ted to finish his grim "work."
Cedar glowered at the burning revenant, and did not mince words with it, sucking in a breath to steady himself for the very fast rate of speech he would need to do, in the debilitated state he was in.
These "DECISIONS" others were making for him HAD- TO- STOP. It was nice and good that they had come to rescue him, but the .... CALLOUSNESS... that they were displaying about this burned in him just as hot as the fire that had been in the previous room.

"Liss'nyous--Uh ain't gots time tuh waste on da likes a yah, an' ifn' uh was still able tuh throws ya, uh would-- Lilleh, Rose-- Dis sumbitch stan in da way, SHOVE'IM. SAVIN' AT MAN UP ERE, BEEN DA ONLEH THANG AS KEP' ME ALIVE, AN I WILL *NOT* SUFFER YOUS 'DECIDIN' FER ME! YA HEAR!?"

He made a move to push past Bart, only to be bodily blocked. He looked at Lily, then at Rose, with a "You heard me" look, then the two made plaintive faces, and apologized to the flaming headed armor, before bodily shoving him.
"Yous .. Might wanna.. Write im off..." he spat at the witch- "..Buh uh.. won'.."

He glared at her menacingly, even though quite likely, a good slap would send him to his side with how she had sucked him dry with her unholy equipment.

"Ya kin .. takes ya.. HATEFUL.. EVIL.. CROOKED .. MOUTH-- An' Shove .. it up.. ya ASS, .. Ya BITCH. ... Uh hopes he.. Comes back Fer ya!.."

He purposefully urged his sisters to carry him past her, and to ignore anything that twat had to say. SHE was the reason for ALL of this, really. ... At least.. He wanted to believe she was.

He sucked in a breath, then did his best to call up the stairs, only half-succeeding with coughs and sputters between utterances.
"TED--" (hack, wheeze)

He gulped air as his head swam. Being depleted like this, and halfway to to the grave (or more) was no way to go about this.


He turned his weary head back over his shoulder, and drolled behind. ".. Uh .. 'Member 'at Fat-man.. At.. Fang'orn.. NO' AGEEN. Ya's hears meh?! NO' AGEEN! Onleh ways I's goin' out's, Ei'er dead, or wit' 'ose two safes!... Ya hears!? ... Nuh moars kids.. as losin' fam'ly... Nuh moar.... Suh.. Eier.. GIT AOUT... .. Er HELP MEH."
Cedar suddenly started fighting his sisters, trying desperately to turn back toward the side hall they had fled past.

" Go.tta... 'elps 'im!" he rasped. "He.. dun know.. no be'er... Deys .. deys gun. kill'r fer sures..."

"Dis" (hack) "'at ladeh as wants ta roll ya" (bark, cough, wheeze) "da hay Cedah?" Chided Lily, just before her brother's claws dug into her arm and shoulder. She bellowed, dropped him, then looked at him in shock.

"Da Hell ya doin!? She got ya all fire' up AT bad bruh? Don' hurt US-- we's 'ere ta gits you out!"

"IT.. AIN'.. Funnneyh..." he protested indignantly before over-exerting himself, then slipping to the floor with his head bowed. "Uhs.... Seened a man.. git blowed up.. ... Fang..horn... No' 'ere tuh..... Please.. No' 'ere.. tuh.."

Lily and Rose looked at each other with their ears pulled back, then at Cedar with grimmaces of extreme displeasure. Lily sucked in a troubled breath, then coughed clear fluid onto the floor beside her before voicing her dissent.

"Cedah-- 'at SUMBITCH tried tuh rip muh throat ou'-- 'en rubbes muh nose in 'at fire back ere-- AN YOUS WANTS TUH SAVES IM!?"

"He a right ass, Cedah!"

"Sss...soos... Oaak.. .. He's.. MUH.. asshole.. bruthuh..." He looked down at the floor, and started crying. "..An uh. loves him.... " He looked back the twins, eyes wet with tears, but sharp, hard, and resolute. "Ted's.. MUH asshole... Tuh... We GOTS TA SAVE ... HER... Ta saves... HIM..."

"Yeah... Ted.."
"An' wutserface, as we gots to 'saves'?"

He waited an uncomfortable amount of time, just staring harshly into Rose's face with an expression that could curdle milk. (or at the very least, make village children wet themselves) then finally answered. One word. Harsh. Contempt filling every syllable. "..KAITLYN..."

The girls looked at their brother, then at each other a second time, as the sound of beating from the metal door continued.

"At' door's locked-- Gunna take 'skinless wonder' a righ' minute. We gunna help 'im, we bettah catch's ups."
"You bettah be righ' 'bout dis, Cedah..."
"Uh hopes.. so.."

They rolled their eyes, as they scooped him back up again, then headed THE WRONG WAY toward the locked metal door leading up into the mansion, instead of the SANE, SENSIBLE, CLEAR, SAFE, and PROPER exit, the way they came in, shuffling up the stairs behind the bloody massacre of flesh that was Ted, the Gladiator Bear.
Lily shifted Cedar's weight over her shoulder, trying to keep him from pressing on where she had been burned, (or where Ted had savaged her), while Veronica passed the small ivory trinket to him. He looked at it confusedly and made a voiceless "how? with what?" expression. Her heart let out for her brother, as she fished in the fur in her neck for the small blue scarab, pulled it free of its fluffy prison, then slid the chain off her neck, and around his, and gave it a pat, silently. A look of stunned wonder crossed his face, before he nuzzled her silently. It was a weak, and pitiful nuzzle, but it radiated genuine love, affection, and thanks.

Without hesitation, the tall masked man had set to work, calling another ... being... from wherever he called them from. Her lungs hurt. It was hard to breathe. She looked at Rose, and she was all bristles, teeth, and eyes, but ready to throw in beside her carrying their brother, and quickly scooped up his other shoulder to carry him between them, in haste if needed. She could tell from the stifled cough, that she had the same problems from the fumes as she did, though maybe less, from not trying to fight the fire herself.


Cedar held the two charms, one in each hand--the chains having been slipped over his withered, balding head. He looked at the tiny blue stone insect in his haggard paw, remarking how incredible it was. ... What he would have done for this.. just a few days ago...

It wasn't really the way magic was 'supposed' to feel. Magic felt like excitement, energy, vitality, and life inside your veins, eager to get out and take on the world. It could also be calm, soothing and gentle, like the whirlings of a summer breeze through your fur. This was... Something else. This was like a blanket had been wrapped around him, warm and ready.. Something outside yourself, but standing passive, waiting for you to pull it in, and make it yours.

It was not how it was supposed to feel. But it was something.

---It was something.

The other though? He had no idea. He didn't have time to think about it long-- he was vaguely aware of Solomon and his latest summon snuffing out the hot glow from around the corner, as his sisters began to move in earnest like they meant it. --And he knew deep down they did. He tried to think what would best calm Ted-- Everything he had tried to say to him had only somehow made things worse between them. Made Ted even more jealous. More angry. More hateful... What could he possibly say to him? His mind wheeled and came up empty many times in the shortness of a heart's beating as he was carried forward and around the corner.

And then he saw him.

Saw Ted. ... What was left of him.

All at once, his heart and mind raced. Visions of Kaitlyn Stritzel, the woman who had forced herself on him more times now than he could count, erupted in his mind unbidden and unbridled. He could hear... He could FEEL the wailing horror of the woman, cloying and howling through his skin; Pounding in his heart-- imagining her reaction to what she would see had happened to her "boy", "Her Ted."

That phantasm of the imagination merged, and fused with his own horror at seeing him that way. Deep down, he knew he had fallen in love with Ted in his own way. It had been that love that had kept him alive down here in this hole of misery and suffering. That had given him the courage and will to keep on living, and to face the cruelties visited on him daily; with measured resolve.

Whenever he looked at Ted, he saw Oak. The brother that he had chased bugs with. That he had suckled their mother beside. That he had chased their father's legs and played tag with...

... And the one that wanted nothing more to do with him, and who's face only contorted with contempt when he came to visit.

... The touch of humans... can be so cruel...

The visions combined into a symphony of unexpressed passion and need. How he imagined Stritzel would feel. How he felt. How he imagined Ted must feel right now, and without even knowing it, he held the ivory trinket firmly in his left hand, closed his eyes, and DARED TO FEEL IT ALL, as it poured out and through him, sucking at the ephemeral magic surrounding him; giving substance to the pain and anguish he felt, and morphing into that women's voice. Thin. Wavering. Desperate, and fragile. It screamed of vulnerability and passion.

"Oh God---"

it called inside and through him, shrill and mortified.

"Teddy! My Teddy! What have they DONE!?"

Then breathy, broken, and full of despair.


"Teddy, Not here! Not like THIS!"

Before becoming more forceful, even vindictive and pained.

"Teddy Please! Just RUN! Run! Don't die down here, Teddy! Don't waste it on THEM! Don't waste your LIFE Teddy, JUST RUN!"

The bravado of the passionate plea faded, consumed by the breathy desperation once more, before ending in a mere whisper.

"Come to ME! Come to ME Teddy! ....COME TO ME!..."

"...I can't bear to be without you ..."
"... I love you..."

Then, just as suddenly as it tore through him, the voice was gone, leaving him clutching the hateful ivory talisman, with a sour and sick pain in his stomach.

His sisters had not stalled even a single moment, and had been traversing the room the whole time he had been consumed by the emotional deluge that had just ripped through him. They were drawing close to where Ted was-- battling the flaming head thing that he remembered from the tower fight with the wizard Asevor... He really needed to have a trip away from home that did not end in fighting like this some day... Gods.. He hoped.

It was his own turn now, to use his own voice, as the pair rushed him past, and out of arm's reach.

He reached out anyway, clawing at the air.

"Come.. wit.. Us..."

he rasped, as his sisters rushed him through the hall, and pulled Ted out of his sight.
Cedar was not sure what the hell was going on, but the sounds of Ted screaming cut him to the bone.

"O...Oh.GaAwd.. Tehh..Ed.." he rasped, tugging at his straps as the cell door flew open.

For the first time, he realized that veronica was there. He looked at her with a look of pure despair, then at Widernia. "Wuh...Wuh.. Di..Did.. ya.." breathing was hard, the air was burning his lungs."Does tuh hims.... Gawds... Ya Noo....--SAVE.. IM!!"

Lily and Rose rounded the corner mere moments later, then shoved Widernia against the wall from behind to push her out of the way, and bolted into Cedar's cell.

"FUCKS SAKE! WHUT DEY DO TUH YOU!?" shrieked Lily, looking at her brother's wizened form strapped into the bed, before angrily fumbling in her bag for her cutting knife, then setting to work on his restraints. No time to unbuckle, just cut and fucking run.

Rose was equally distraught, ripping the tubing out of his arm, and sending a small spray of blood into the filthy room. It looked like it hadn't been cleaned in weeks. Smelled like it too.

"Lih... Ros...... Noo... Yous.. Yous.. YOUS CAint.. CAINT BE.. Noh... Noh Here.."

The sound of Ted's approach intensified, as Lily scooped her brother up over her shoulder. He was ... So light...

Rose rounded on Widernia, Teeth bared, anger in every part of her sending all her fur standing on end. She reached out with scalded hands and grappled for Widernia's neck, but was prevented bodily by Veronica.

"WHAT. DID. YOU. DO?!" she bellowed at the mage defiantly all the same.

She was hung over, her hands felt like they were on fire, and her heart pounded in her chest. Lily had Cedar over her shoulder now, and carried him like a limp dead animal out of the cell towards her sister.

"We dun gots time Rosie!" she said, but just as she was passing, Cedar seemed to become possessed with some kind of deeply held resentment and rage, as his own shriveled paw, covered in sloughing fur and radically withdrawn cuticles around his claws reached out and grabbed Veronica's shoulder and held tightly, while staring Widernia in the face with eyes that could cut stone.

"MAKE.. IT... STOP!!" he demanded.

"He... HATES.. YOU... YOu knowww..." he rasped, as his hand slid off veronica's shoulder.

Rose watched in horror as the flaming menace paused, then grabbed her sister completely unprovoked, then began menacing her with a savage fire-imbued mauling, before dropping her suddenly as the "tin man" with the fireball for a head slammed an axe into his back, dropping her into the smoldering hot debris she had just prior been trying to extinguish.

Said flaming menace bounded across and through the threshold leading into the guard's barracks, just to their left.

She stood there blinking in disbelief, as her sister snarled, pushed herself up from amidst the burning ruin despite the sizzles and fumes of burned flesh and hair mingled with the acrid chemical reek of the fire, went back up on two feet, then turned to face her while clutching her neck where Ted had savaged her.


She knew better than to question her sister when she got "Serious" like this-- Even though she was always afraid of seriously hurting her beloved sister doing this. It was always a risk, and always painful and harmful to both of them, but sometimes there was just no other way...

... And this time, it looked like that might indeed be just the case...

She did not relish the idea of what this would do to both of them, or how they would feel, possibly for days afterward... But they *NEEDED* to get Cedar out of here. If Lily had a plan, it was more than she did right now.

She hoped it was a good one.

She closed in safely behind her sister, as she stormed off the sizzling, rapidly drying, and in some places, scorched, blackened, and beginning to ignite blankets, and toward the threshold of the guard's barracks, facing Ted with deadly intent, where she stopped just out of arm's reach of the smoking, charred, and (curiously) "Fire dripping" bear man. She put her paws on her sister's shoulders, drew a deep breath, and did her best to focus on what Lily needed done...


Lily glared at Ted with a burned and bloodied face that framed bright white incisors, bared for all the world to see. She was beyond angry.

She was murderous.

If they were to get Cedar out of here, this mother-fucker (if only she knew how accurate that epithet actually was!) needed to be rendered incapable of stopping them. He had proven himself to be unnaturally durable, and the odds of ever dealing enough harm to him to actually subdue him that way were too long for her to contemplate. (of course, numbers bigger than the mid 100s were too high for her to properly consider anyway...) That left only a few options, and this was the best idea she could come up with.

Her magic was not exactly the greatest. She had figured out how to "Soften" rocks so that she could carve them with tools made of the same rock-- a very handy trick for rapidly cutting arrow-heads, fashioning knives, carving cups, bowls, plates, and other very useful domestic items with. On her own, the most she could manage was getting one soft enough to just "Squeeze" in her paw, like it was a lump of particularly hard cheese. Not really soft and pliable like putty or clay-- More like a hard cheese. That was plenty soft enough to cut with a stone tool, and was perfectly adequate for the vast majority of any and every need of that spell she could readily think of. This spell, plus one for heating stuff up or starting small fires (which was naturally, GREAT for getting the fireplace started so her sister could cook dinner) accounted for the entirety of her "Offensive" spell repertoire. Since this son of a bitch was already on fucking fire, the latter effect would surely just be a waste of her, and everyone else's time-- and besides, they had ENOUGH fire to deal with right now.

That only left "Soften stone"-- and she needed something MUCH softer than hard cheese. She needed "RUNNY AS ALL GET OUT, SLOPPY, STICKY, WET MUD" kinds of soft. And for that-- She *NEEDED* Rose.

She hated putting her sister through this. It left her with a headache that could last for days, burned both of them everywhere they were in contact with each other (and contact WAS required!), felt like liquid fire inside her, overwhelmed her senses, was near impossible to "correctly" control, and was generally "Not a thing they ever liked doing." It was only for emergencies, and last resorts.

Gods damnit, Cedar had better appreciate this.

All these thoughts blasted through her mind in less than the space of time it took for her to suck in a deep, resolute breath.

"NOW ROSIE!" she bellowed, then winced as the acrid smell of burning skin and hair erupted from her shoulders and from her sister's paws, at the same time a searing and unholy burning sensation burst through her and threatened to overwhelm her if she didn't focus and use it right away. It always stunned her "Just how ungodly powerful" her sister actually was-- If only she had the where-with-all to actually *USE* it.

She gritted her teeth, focused the spell through her right foot, then stomped the ground with it, where it immediately "Splooshed" from the impact, spreading forward in front of her like a quivering glob of jelly, then underneath Ted. "Gelatinous", but getting soupier and soupier the more she channeled that unholy force rocketing through her into it, culminating in the "Runny mud" consistency she had aimed for in just enough time to watch him barely register that his feet had sunk completely out of sight into the unnaturally goopy flooring, before she lifted her own out the spot she had made, sending the floor under (and around) Ted instantly firm again.

She gave her foot a shake, then shooed her sister off her shoulders and winced in pain, both where she had been touched, and in her poor aching head and chest. She doubled over onto the floor and vomited from the stress, while her sister leaned against the entry way on her shoulder, and whimpered, clutching her seared and smoldering paws in distress.

(pant) (--heave--) "..... Git... out... 'AT .. You .. SUM.. BITCH.." she coughed, both from the now increasingly acrid smoke pouring out behind her, and from the strain of her labors.

She flicked her foot, and felt the solidified "stone mud" clinging to it clack and scrape on the stone beneath it.

This was not going to be fun to clean off later.

This had BETTER hold that fucker.
Rose wasted no more time, as the fire quickly started spreading through the broken glass vials that had been in the cabinet, now demolished by the enraged, roaring, and blindly swiping man-bear.

"OH NOES YOU DON'TS YOUS SUMMBITCH!" she bellowed, bringing the hugely over-stuffed blanket full of heavy books to bear over her shoulder like a giant rucksack while rapidly sprinting over the intervening space, winding herself up to begin delivering a a truly brutal and relentless barrage of heavy blows with it, in percussive cadence with her now angry and forceful shouting, as she belligerently beat the ever loving, living shit out of him, knocking him brutally and forcefully out and away from the shelving and back toward the far wall, striking him across the swollen and infected part of his face several times in the exchange, whenever and where-ever the opportunity to strike him presented itself.


Meanwhile, Lily looked mortified at the growing conflagration on that side of the room, then ducked behind her fully-committed sister, back into the far bedroom once more, looking for a solution. The bed in the room was quite nice, with a well made and pretty coverlet, a nice fluffy pillow, and a well made (in fact, surprisingly well made, as if for something or someone very heavy) wooden frame. The nearby spherical pot of blood now looked VERY useful to her.

One should not be confused by her, or her sister, when it comes to fire control. They grew up with a human parent, who made and used fire regularly, and lived in a forest FULL of flammable materials. How to extinguish a fire was a very important, and very early life lesson for the both of them-- She would have never thrown that jar full of alcohol at that incomprehensibly stupid, thuggish brute (no matter how handsome his butt was) if he had not decided to pick a fight, and then fail to comply with their initial plan to subdue him safely. Confronted with "Do not confront-- and sacrifice her brother" and "Confront unsafely, and see this through to the fucking end"-- she chose, and would always choose, the latter. End of discussion.

While her sister could be heard percussively and derisively pummeling the idiot behind her, she stripped the coverlet and sheets off the bed, threw them out onto the stone flooring, picked up the large crystalline looking container, and threw it down in the center against the hard floor as hard as she could, watching the contents explode onto the fabric, saturating them in the rank smell of her brother. It infuriated her the moment the smell hit her nostrils in a way that was impossible to put into words. The room seemed to go dark in the corners, time slowed to a crawl, her vision tunneled, sounds become muffled and indistinct, and she became aware of herself making a low, deep, guttural roaring.

She fought it back, and time resumed its normal cadence-- the sounds of her sister beating the shit out of that fucker returned to her ears, and she was never more happy to hear her sister beating a fucker to death in her life.

She looked at the blanket, and frowned. It was not wet enough for the job.
"FUCK DIS BITCH!!" she cursed, then squatted on the blanket, and pissed on it as hard as she could, with as much vendetta as she could muster, rapidly saturating it the rest of the way, before grabbing the soiled, rancid smelling, and sopping wet bedding in her arms.

Rapidly traversing the gap, she quickly began deploying the filthy fabric over the top of the burning fluids and cabinets, then began stomping on it to put it out.

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