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After seeing the bio of a certifiable genius, I decided to redo mine. Had to remove videos from my bio two versions back to have space, because I'm pretty sure that before this editing I had exactly 100,000 characters. Moved and added some stuff, but this is mostly a placeholder. Can't seem to write at the moment, not in the write mindset, (hehe. I didn't notice I made this typo but it's a nice pun so I'll leave it) and that includes this so... Whatever.


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<Snipped quote by DarkwolfX37>

Need to talk? Im here for ya bub.

I need to die and am unable to. Maybe will elaborate later. Must sleep.
I don't know if I'm okay.
Sound and safe we are
you break your leg - like you should
crawl away slowly
does it matter now
if you still stay anymore
introduce again
your vacant place there
with your matching vacant eyes
hell is real it's here
I'll introduce you
to all my friends, in the fire
my mind is reeling
my veins are bleeding
and the heat here is stifling
so I must make clear
so long and goodbye for now
goodnight once again
Is everyone dead?
<Snipped quote by DarkwolfX37>

Positivity is healthy.

I'm actually really surprised they managed to make the gameplay look fun. But the opening tutorial is genuinely at least 4 hours long before you can play at all, and continues some after that too, they ripped off the "Welcome to the World" scene almost frame for frame, they make you talk about the same subjects almost word for word with multiple characters like 4 times each in the opening, it's just like the last two where it's basically just a bad SAO VN, the game universes are separate from the LN/Anime/etc. universe apparently because AIDS girl is still alive, the game gives you the option to be female and have your slave android be male but the writing clearly wants you to be a male with a female slave bot and it doesn't even try to hide it, ad the characters complain that there aren't many female GGO players yet 80% of the cast is female, especially if you play as one.

If it weren't for the massive disrespect towards Ovan and was priced at its value instead of that of any mainstay game at way too fucking much, I might have even gotten it just because the gameplay looks promising and I've done enough shitty VNs that I could probably handle the story and it's obvious from the start villains.
Actually now that it's literally over 4 hours into the game and there's some gameplay, this is the first tolerable gameplay to come from an SAO game and it's because it's GGO instead.
<Snipped quote by DarkwolfX37>

You should be able to? Right click the tab and select mute.

It's mute site now.
While the mute site change is nice most of the time, I wish I could still mute individual tabs without muting the site.
Okay so FUCK the new SAO game not only is it shitty as a game, not only is it terribly written ALREADY, but Kirito ripped off the Welcome To the World scene only months after Last Recode FUCK the people behind this
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