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Well this was peculiar. Not only were the lights suddenly off, but she could hear someone very confident in themselves speaking.

"Friends of Iguchi! Do not panic! Your lives will be safe as long as you listen to what I have to say!"

... Darn. Shion couldn't see a thing, so she pulled out a small metal lighter and lit it. Perhaps not as effective as a phone's flashlight, but much more discreet. As her nervousness rose so too did the temperature directly around her fall; she was using her ability to help keep herself "cool," literally and metaphorically. She looked around with her lighter, slowly moving until she reached the wall directly across from the stage, where she stayed and waited for the voice to speak again.
@Crusader Lord

"...I could create a Gekota AI to help manage your devices, if you so wish."

Shion perked up. Gekota? An AI? "What's the catch?" Shion asked. It'd probably cost a lot of money for something like that. What kind of things could this AI do, and did she trust this girl enough to let her put some mysterious program on her precious mp3, anyway?
Shion gave a light wave back to the security guard, a simple raise of the hand in their direction before a bothersome person appeared. Red hair and eyes, voice on point... Even in her disguise (cosplay) Shion could tell that the girl was... Aki? Ak... Someone from her school.

"Hello there. Waiting for the show as well?"

Isn't that obvious? ... Being broke again must be making me angry.

"Hello. Yes." Shion stated simply. How much longer would it be until the show? She checked her Gekota sticker covered MP3 for its clock.
In spite of the loud music being played around the convention, a girl walked alone through the crowded space with large headphones on, ironically playing the same music that everyone else could hear. Dressed in her Kirigaoka Girls' Academy uniform, a source of pride for her, she scanned the booths and stalls looking for rare or personally appealing items. She arrived at a vendor selling phone cases and though they were high quality and there were some that weren't too expensive, the girl's passion for Kanamin was very minor. Besides, her phone and prized mp3 player were both already covered in Gekota memorabilia. Still, she knew that there were some at her school who would be willing to pay more than this for the items she looked through, so she decided to sspend 2500 yen on a couple of phone cases.

Some time later, Shion had seen most of the merchandise and found herself buying a ticket for the car before finally finding the diamond in the rough of Kanacon. The preorder for the new album of Kanamin music. It took the rest of her savings, but she managed to part with the money easily enough for what she was getting. And with that singular errand done, she went to the stage to wait for the live performance scheduled for later on, ready to record the live audio for her personal music collection.
Shion's copy simply waved as Victoria's left and continued recording the scene. After a few seconds she paused. One of the girls fighting the skeletons was being attacked by a swarm of spiders. Spiders. I hate spiders. She pulled a small whistle out from her pocket and blew into it.

Meanwhile, Shion and her other copies were attacked by another magical girl, appearing suddenly and shooting lightning at all of them. Of course, electricity being a byproduct of magnetism on the atomic level, it was simple enough for Shion to create several fields of magnetism into the air to divert the electricity, albeit barely in time, losing one clone in the process. She quickly jumped west with another clone while the other three split, two going north and one going east, all propelled from the roof with a large burst of repulsive force.

It was at this point that the original Shion heard the whistle and leaped from rooftop to rooftop along her clone until she was directly above her recording copy and saw what was happening to the small magical girl. Snakes suddenly appeared and launched some of the skeletons, if they could still be called that in their wheeled forms, at the web binding her. Stupid. That would only slow them down. No, what she needed was exactly what Shion had, a secret weapon of her specialization. Or rather, two of them. She reached into her clone's pocket and pulled out a rather large silver pocket watch, holding it towards the spider web, close to where the giant spidergirl was.

With her knowledge of magnetism, it was a simple matter to prepare her attack using little mana. The trick was not to rely on magical power, but rather on her own skill, skill she had refined in her time as a magical girl. Alternating polarization spread from her to her target before she let go of the watch and pushed it forward with her magic, firing it down an invisible funnel of magnetism that accelerated it past the speed of sound. A railgun, fired directly in front of and through the webbing from the horrendous monster girl, the "rail" continuing several feet underground before stopping for added power. "I'll give you one chance to leave! The next one is going through your skull!" she shouted at the spider.

Summer barely dodged a spell from one of the witches and hid behind the cathedral. She saw some girl get turned into a skunk, but had no ideas on how to help her yet. It looked like her plan had failed; rather than being able to leave just the baddies in the Overcity, she'd not had enough power to even bring the whole cathedral, let alone make the trip back right away. The girl she had tried to save before seemed to have been caught in the Shift as well and was screaming. Summer was torn between her duty to help everyone and her desire to help her specifically. She decided that helping everyone would in turn help the girl, so she turned her focus back to the witches. It was shortly after that a terrible cry rung out through the area. Her attention turned towards the newly arrived monster girl, a kitsune with flames covering her hands.

This was not good.
Mostly the same, somewhat updated.

If it's okay, I'd like to join again. I'll do my best to post more often since I feel responsible for the slowness of last time.
"Shion" simply stood in silence, switching between filming the girl she was next to and the scene before her, unsure what to say to her fellow doppelganger. She thought about whether to contact her original self, after all while this girl might not care what an army of skeletons did, perhaps Shion should. But with now two magical girls fighting it, no, a large number of familiar looking magical girls, it seemed best to stay and observe rather than interfere.

Summer started as Binky ran off and fell off the roof just as a wave of unnatural fear struck the area. She heard the girl below say something about her magic not being what it appeared, and about Binky being some sort of criminal, but she couldn't make out the details from so high up. While she desperately wanted to find out from the girl what she had said, and furthermore wanted to save the unfortunate magical girl she was chasing, she knew that Alicia was depending on her for her ability to shift to the Overcity. But as the wave of fear struck, doubt entered her mind. What didn't she know about her powers, if they truly weren't what they seemed to be? Was it really okay to leave anyone behind?
It was then that a new wave of emotions hit. Summer was filled with focus and determination not to fail. The conflicting emotions fought within her, so strong that they made a mark on her magic; her shadow began opening its mouth to talk to her, telling her that she was going to fail, that everyone would get hurt and she could do nothing to stop it.

So she stopped it. She activated her Overcity Shift and dragged in the entire cathedral, the witches, those on the ground in the surrounding 10 or so meters, a plan formed in her mind to shift back immediately with those inside the cathedral itself, leaving only the magical entities in the Overcity. She could only hope she could pull it off.
Shion swung her camera around to face this Victoria, somewhat startled by the sudden voice. After a few deep breaths to calm herself, she replied. "It's interesting to watch a fight between magical girls. There's usually something to learn by watching their fighting styles. What about you?" She may just be a copy, but she knew that any information she could gather would be useful to her real self, and so she pressed forward with her questioning. "And why is nobody concerned with the skeletons? Do you know anything about them?"

Summer quickly transformed via incantation as the group reached their goal and turned to Alicia. "Yes ma'am!" she shouted, running towards the cathedral. About halfway there, she pulled out her bat and slammed it head-first into the ground before pulling back on it, it bending unnaturally as if it were hot metal before returning to its normal form instantly, pole-vaulting Summer onto the roof near one of the gargoyles. She looked around, her eyes following one of the witches as she flew past, only to find that there was a strange sight below her. A pile of what looked to be noodles and two girls dressed far too strangely to not be magical girls. She quickly swung her pendant and looked into their... rather personal information with her divination abilities to discern whether they were friend or foe. She started with the one on the noodles. Without realizing it, she accidentally dove deeper than she intended, only meaning to see some basic information but so engrossed by what she learned that she couldn't stop herself.

"That's the saddest thing I've ever seen." she said as she saw small flashes of the girl's everyday life. She decided she'd seen enough without even bothering to divine the other girl's information or purpose for being there; she was going to help this poor soul laying on the noodles. Thinking quickly, she pulled from her Hammerspace Handbag what she'd put in for exactly such a moment. She put on her snake charmer's hat, pulled out a flute, and threw a long bundle of rope down onto Binky. Sitting down cross-legged she began playing. Slowly, the end of the rope began to rise and sway before coiling around Binky and raising its "head" up to the roof, turning back to normal rope as Summer stopped playing and grabbed it, using it to pull the girl below her up to safety. She made sure to untie her and place her items back into her handbag.

"Well hello there, helpless civilian." Summer began, "Beacon is here to save the day!" She gently set Binky down on the roof. "Stay there, the safest place is in Beacon's light. And by that I mean where we can see you and reach you if something goes wrong." She pulled a baseball from her handbag and threw the ball into the air, smashing it with her bat so that it flew towards one of the witches. The ball pierced her and left a far too perfectly round hole in her chest that would almost certainly be fatal if not for Summer's magic making it both possible and nothing more than a painless irritation.

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