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Shion finally received a response from Christine as she got back to her "hideout." She quickly responded: Only said I have one. Sorry that I don't have more info. With that she decided on her next course of action.

"I need to buy a gun."

Ko looked up in alarm and Shion sighed. Thanks to the time in the beach world, she had plenty of money, but trying to buy a gun with her current body may be difficult. Still, she could probably get the parts if she was careful. With that in mind, she ventured out once again towards the nearest walmart.

@DarkwolfX37 Nothing changed. The mods just stumbled upon your RP and realized it was meant for the Free Category as far as they were concerned. We didn't sift through documents and checked up on you. Again, I'm not sure who said this was supposed to casual 5 years ago, but the mods now are saying they were wrong and it's free.

There's nothing wrong with free though. You guys are doing a great job, as far as I can tell.

Right, I was just wondering. Thanks for telling me.
Also, unfortunately, I took it to the other mods and they deduced that this roleplay fit into the 'Free' category. We do not know which mod told you otherwise, but that is what they have told me. Perhaps if your posts were a paragraph or two it could be put into casual, and if you showcase that we can move it. But as it is, I apologize but I have been informed that this is a Free roleplay as far as the higher ups are concerned.

Momentai. Though I've got a question. What changed? We've been in casual for just shy of five and a half years now, with no mods wanting to undo the move. So I'm curious what happened now.
Shion continued to glare at the owls until they were out of sight. Finally, she sighed and sat down. "A bounty, huh?" This was going to be troublesome. She pulled out her phone and composed a quick text to Christine, telling her that there was apparently a bounty on Shion's head and that there was some guy calling himself "Vermin Killer" or some such that had attacked her, adding the details that he used owls and crows but was not actually the crows themselves, but could replace himself with them when attacked. She hoped to get some info on the guy in return but she doubted it. Hitting send, she sighed again.

"Here." Ko said as she handed Shion one of the vials before putting the other two back in her bag and taking Fielder to put in it as well. "In case you get attacked again while I'm not around." She rummaged through her bag again and pulled out a thermos that she handed Shion. "Here."

Shion knew what it was without needing to open it. "Thanks, Ko."

"So what's up with you needing coins anyway?"

Shion leaned in to whisper into Ko's large ear.

"Awwww! That's so sweet of you!"

"I wouldn't say that. Selfish maybe, but not sweet. Anyway, we should get out of here. Keep an eye on the sky, I'll send out more clones once I've recovered mana."
<Snipped quote by DarkwolfX37>

Would you like to try the same to get us back to the portal? It’s okay if you’d like to train in the tracks for that first, as large-area transformations do take some practice.

Okay! *Tries to change the speed of light but accidentally creates a gravity well that flings me over to the portal* Whoooaaaa!
<Snipped quote by DarkwolfX37>

*The arches are flashing on and off as people exit and enter them, but there are very few people in the middle of the platform at any given moment; rather, most people seem to be crossing the wide area extremely rapidly, walking more slowly close to the arch* Watch my transformation carefully. *Decreases the speed of light in the space in front of it and it contracts drastically so that the stairs at the end of the platform are immediately visible* Take two steps forward with me. *Takes the steps forward and arrives at the other side of the platform*

*Takes two steps with you*
<Snipped quote by DarkwolfX37>

Then let us go! *A portal opens in front of us and I lead you through; we exit out of an arch onto a large circular platform filled with many more arches at the centre of a bustling city, full of low but large buildings of all shapes, most dark but some metal, glass, or different shades of purple* Welcome to the Velvet Nexus!

Oooh. *Looks around*
<Snipped quote by DarkwolfX37>

It depends on which tracks you take and how fast of a learner you are. How long do you have?

I dunno! However long it takes, I guess!
<Snipped quote by DarkwolfX37>

Then, as independently as I am training you, we are going to the training centre of the Velvet Planet, and we will start sending you through the tracks for specific particles, fields, skills, and so on.

Okay! How long will that take?
<Snipped quote by DarkwolfX37>

Very much so! But let us take stock of the tools you've learned: you can move particles in most directions, manipulate fields and the energy contained therein, and extract and insert energy in general. These are the building blocks of all the tools in a Velvet Scribe's arsenal. How do you feel so far?

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