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Summer had spent her time since getting to the main island searching for a certain girl to no avail. Since this was apparently a beach episode, she'd decided to avoid using her magic to find her, and had been scouring the island by foot instead. Finally, she overheard that there had been a problem with the girl getting to the main island herself, so Summer sat near where the rescue team left until they got back, hiding behind a tree when she saw them arrive. She began her stalking in earnest when they returned to the island.

Being the only member of the PI to wake up so far, Shion had taken it upon herself to send clones out to learn of who else was on the island and what they were doing. So far they'd snagged a few pictures, but only a few were noteworthy, a couple different pictures of a certain luck-based magical girl. Though things like importance were more for the other PI members to decide, and she paid little notice to them. Then again, maybe she could sell that last one for a couple coins sometime? She'd think about it later. Finally, on the second day, there was an announcement that was music to her ears. A free gold coin and a shot at another? She quickly ran to where the Keijo tournament would be taking place, eager to participate.
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*Steps through the portal and waves for Yami* It's ready. Thank you, ma'am.

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Yeah Yami?

My new teacher needs to know if you have a... a bunker?
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What is it?

Big sis?
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That would be useful. Otherwise, we shall have to come up with some other arrangement. I'm sure Seth will be able to help.

Okay! *Pulls out a small phone and calls Storm* I'll put it on speaker! *Hits the speaker button*
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Does she have anywhere in particular where she trains? And is this available to you?

She lives somewhere. I could call her!
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Hmm, I see. We can surely work something out. You see, I'm currently working independently of Indigo Scribes in general, so I don't have access to any of their training facilities. We must rustle them up ourselves. Do you have a family with superpowers?

Mmm... *Thinks for a bit* Kind of? Big sis has superpowers.
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Do you have any bulidings that won't respond negatively to a large and sudden change in electromagnetic charge?

I don't have any buildings.
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We may need that later. Do you have a relatively electromagnetically static bunker?

No? I don't think so.
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It's great to meet you, Yami. You're very strong. I think we'll be able to work together well. Quick question—do you have a nuclear reactor on hand, perchance?

Thanks! *Thinks for a moment* I could!
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