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Noticing Suzi's apprehension, but too oblivious to notice the tension from the digimon, the man held his hands up in an attempt to diffuse the situation before the young girl became too frightened. "Hey, actually... Looking at you kids, I don't think you'd really be able to mess with it anyway, so don't be scared, okay?"

He was confused for a moment at Lily's admission of guilt, but was about to wave it off when Wormmon appeared from thin air and went over between the two higher stage digimon. "What the-!?" he shouted in surprise before looking around and shaking his head. Clockmon and Meramon noticed Wormmon and lowered their guards to a more neutral stance as the man in the hardhat regained his composure.

"Alright, so... If you kids can make your Wizards appear like that, I could probably believe that you'd be able to hack the wave tower. But I don't think that whoever did it would just come back and wait for someone to come check on it."

He then looked at Octavia and Aki, slightly concerned at the voice that Aki had greeted him with. He noticed Octavia's confusion as he replied to Aki, "You don't know where you are? And you were attacked? What 'thing' are you talking about?" He stopped and thought for a moment. "Well, let's say that you really don't know. This is -" was all he managed before his eyes glazed over and he slouched forward slightly, no longer conscious.

"Hey there. Sorry about that, girls." a young man said from behind Meramon and Clockmon, who both turned in shock and took up a full fighting stance this time.

"Who are you!?" Meramon asked, clearly surprised.

"And how did you sneak up on us like that?" Clockmon added.

The boy held up what appeared to be a Capture Chip, or at least a Battle Chip of some kind, with an image on it. "'Invisible' Battle Chip." he said in explanation. "I came to check out the wave tower, but with it on the fritz I figured it would be better safe than sorry. Picked this one up off a virus yesterday so it worked out." The boy looked towards the other four humans. "You girls have transers, or Expanse Callers?" He looked at Wormmon directly, before continuing. "Stupid question. You have digimon, so they can't be transers. I take it then that you're new to this place too? Not very good at info collection if you don't know the local tech, though."

The boy held out his left hand to Aki, while using his right to put the 'Invisible' Chip in his pocket. His right arm had what appeared to be an Expanse Caller on it, down even to the symbol on the bottom, which was visible as he kept his hand in his pocket. "Name's Jacob. Nice to meet you all. And a 'Wizard' is like a digimon. From what I've learned the past few days, they're programs of some sort, but can't normally actualize like a digimon can." He paused a moment. "Though I guess digimon can't either, normally."
"An Angemon? Here?" Meramon wondered aloud. "And with a human as well. Wait. Where are we, exactly?"

"Given the presence of humans, I assume we're not in the Digital World any longer..." Clockmon replied, before turning to Lily. "I'm afraid I don't have any food, but I'd be happy to help you find some. I can't very well let a child starve."

"And I can cook anything we find!" Meramon added.

The two remained silent as Suzuki explained that they had been part of a virus to Octavia. They glanced at each other when she finished her explanation, and Meramon looked back to the top of the nearby tower, lost in thought.

Clockmon made a sound not unlike someone clearing their throat, despite not having one, and looked at each of the humans. "If we're really in the Human World, as I suspect, then there should be other humans somewhere. Perhaps they would be able to help you better than we can. Furthermore," it began, walking over to Octavia and Lily, "I'm fairly certain that trading food like that can infect humans, can it not?" The digimon waved its claw-like hand over the remains of the sandwich, which reformed into a full one as if it had never been eaten from. "Not only that, but this is digital food, I believe. I don't know if it would be sustaining for a human."

Meramon finally looked away from the tower, towards Aki and Suzuki. "Well, I think there are two options here. Either look around here and hope that there are others nearby, or try climbing that, what's it called? Sell-fone tower? If you could look around from higher up, you might find a landmark to figure out where we are, or maybe a settlement of some kind."

"Hey!" Someone shouted towards the group as they got closer. Clockmon and Meramon turned towards the sound. "What are you all doing here?" It was then that he noticed the two still actualized digimon. "Whoa. Cool Wizards. How'd you get them out of your transers?" A closer inspection of the man would show that he was wearing what appeared to be an Expanse Caller of his own, though there were notable differences that were obvious even from a distance. The man in the hardhat looked at the group. "Hey, wait a minute. You kids aren't the ones who messed with the wave tower, are you?"

Meramon and Clockmon both moved slightly, taking a somewhat more defensive stance each upon seeing the man's helmet. It wasn't the same as the viruses', but they were wary regardless.
<Snipped quote by DarkwolfX37>

>More like a sentient universe in a sense, albeit one that needs to expand by using portals to consume matter and energy. To make a better comparison, it'd be one that's more like an Oblivion plane if you will.

I don't see why that wouldn't work, but I'll let everyone else chime in too. (If for no other reason than to give ideas and advice on how to put it in.)
>Could one play as a living dimension?

Probably, did you intend to play like... an organismized form of one or a literal "this is a universe/multiverse that is sentient"?
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"I was just minding my own business when this weird helmet-wearing blob attacked me!" Meramon replied to Suzy. "The last thing I remember is getting a pickax swung at my face!"

"You too?" Clockmon asked. "I remember this strange ball of fire with yellow helmet show up, and the next thing I know I'm here."

The two digimon gave each other a look of understanding, but kept quiet as the human children conversed. Then, just as Ciel had managed to get over to Aki and was beginning to question what the others were capable of, there was a loud crash near the tower, dust rising in a plume around the sound. Meramon and Clockmon both took a battle-ready stance, a fireball burning in Meramon's hand and a gun appeared within Clockmon's, but there didn't seem to be any threat from the explosion of dirt and dust.

"Child-Level Reptile Digimon, BlackAgumon detected." The humans' Expanse Callers said, just as the smoke cleared and said digimon became visible, having apparently face-planted from high in the air, as its head was buried in the ground and its body was sticking straight up balanced on its neck. As it tried in vain to push itself up so that it could remove its head from the earth, the Expanse Callers rang out again. "Adult-Level Angel Digimon, Angemon detected."

Clockmon looked back at the humans, intrigued by their knowledge of the digimon near the tower, but Meramon's gaze turned upwards once more. From the top of the tower shone a bright white light that served as a poignant backdrop to the descent of a winged humanoid. The foreign digimon held something in its arms, though it was to bright to tell what it was. Soon the angel floated down to the earth and stood, just as the BlackAgumon freed its head from what was now a rather large hole in the ground, and it became clear that what it had brought with it was a human, held bridal-style in its arms. The digimon set the human on the ground so that she could stand; Octavia Wilmens was back.

"I apologize once more for the inconvenience, Miss Wilmens. When you were brought to our palace, it was believed that you were similar to Mister Hanson. However, it is apparent now that you do not fit in with our realm, and as such I have brought you back to where you were taken from." The Angemon spoke to the newly arrived girl, and held out what appeared to be a trading card of some kind. "As compensation, I hope you will accept this Capture Card, programmed to gift the wings of an angel to a digital being."

As soon as Octavia took the card, the Angemon would rise back into the air, ignoring the other humans, digimon, and navi, until it disappeared from sight entirely. The light that shone from the top of the tower faded alongside the angel digimon. It was just as it faded from view that Ciel began glowing a light green. The NetNavi slowly faded away with the color, only to reappear inside the holographic portion of Aki's sight, back in her Expanse Caller. At the same time, Kudamon began panting heavily. But by the time Suzy noticed, Kudamon had already been engulfed in a white light and returned to her Expanse Caller as well, now visible in the part of her sight taken up by its hologram. While the other two partner digimon did not return to Lily's Expanse Caller, they were visibly hurt from the battle and a warning appeared in her sight, scrolling across. -Digimon Health Critically Low. Recommendation: De-Actualization.-
As Kudamon fired another attack at the Mettaurus, Wormon and Candlemon attacked its legs, the combined assault enough to drop it to the ground. It began to slowly raise itself back up with its remaining arm when the new digimon decided to act. Agumon fired a blast of flame from its mouth, hitting the virus that had withstood Fefnir's flames with ease, and noticed that it was having little effect as well. In a rather reckless move, it and Veemon both decided to rush the virus hazard and attack. Just as the Mettaurus L got back to its feet, Agumon's Claw Uppercut connected with its jaw. The flames engulfing Agumon's hand did little harm, but the force of the attack was enough to send it two feet into the air, where Veemon jumped and slammed its skull into the virus' forehead with its Vee Headbutt. The Mettarus was sent flying backwards into the dirt a few meters away. There was a palpable sense of anticipation as the virus once more tried to get back to its feet... And failed, a crack showing in its head from where Veemon had connected its attack which spread throughout its body until it finally burst into polygons and a flood of the neon "blood" that had leaked from it previously.

As the realization of victory dawned on the survivors, they would likely notice that the ooze left behind by the virus would catch ablaze, and the polygons that were blasted around that same liquid would reform into a new shape. The fire began to reform into something new, as did the polygons. The humans' Expanse Callers would chime out: "Adult-Level Machine Digimon, Clockmon, detected. Adult-Level Flame Digimon, Meramon, detected."

As the two digimon lay face down in the dirt, everyone would notice that not only had the growing heat of the area subsided since the virus hazard's defeat, but that the sun was back in its position for early morning, rather than near the horizon as it had been a moment ago. The two digimon would slowly regain consciousness and stand up, clearly confused.

"Where... where am I?" Clockmon would ask.

"I thought I was dead!" Meramon added.

The two of them looked around at each human and digital entity in the area, before looking towards the tower. It seemed like they saw something, before turning back to the group, waiting to see what happened next.
Kudamon struck the Mettaurus with its strongest attack yet, managing to blow the rest of the virus' right arm clean off, exploding it into raw data. The force of the attack knocked the virus back just as Ciel's leg broke apart, causing it to fly out of her arms and over the Holy Panel she was standing on. An unfortunate truth became apparent; Ciel had taken a lot of damage from the attack as well, due to how she was holding the Mettarus. Her own right arm was now experiencing glitches from the damage, but the Holy Panel had done its job well, and she was still functioning even if not in fighting shape.

Lily's response to the voice was all it needed. The small box she held burst open with light, revealing a small golden lamp with a mischievous grin on its... face? Why did a lamp have a face? Smoke bellowed from it as the Mettaurus stood slowly back up from where it landed. Fefnir took a few shots at it to try to distract it from the weaker Navi and its partner near the Holy Panel, which itself was now dissipating. Soon the smoke that swirled around Lily rose to the air, revealing a new digimon.

"Your wish... has been granted!" the digimon proclaimed to all in the same voice Lily had heard a moment earlier, its lamp rising to float underneath it. "At a price."

The humans' Expanse Callers would speak out in their wearer's own voice once more, declaring "Lampmon, Ultimate-Level Demon Man Digimon detected." As soon as the message was said, Fefnir and Enma were turned to light, and in a flash that light was sucked into the small box that Lily still held which sealed shut once again. In return for this horrid act, a new light formed in front of the Mettaurus as it finished standing. Hideaki Saitou and his partner digimon, had been brought to the battle by Lampmon. Though their memory of the day until now was hazy, Hide would remember falling asleep after the strange call that each human had received in their own world, and his partners were already Child-Level as Agumon and Veemon. Perhaps these three would be enough to turn the tide?

Lampmon turned to Lily. "You still have two more wishes. But remember, everything has a price, and a consequence." it said, snapping its fingers as a small card with the same dimensions as the Capture Cards the children had found and a Battle Chip sized object appeared from light. The two both had the word "Wish" written on the front of them in golden lettering while the rest of the card and chip were a pure white. "Try not to waste them, and thank you for freeing me, young one!" With that said, the Lampmon returned to smoke and poured back into its lamp. As soon as it was inside, the lamp flew away into the distance.
Looks really good, and the Jogress idea would work well, yes. So accepted, I should be able to pull Hide in by the next GM post, if you don't mind waiting. Or if you do, I'm sure I can introduce him sooner, too.
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