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After seeing the bio of a certifiable genius, I decided to redo mine. Had to remove videos from my bio two versions back to have space, because I'm pretty sure that before this editing I had exactly 100,000 characters. Moved and added some stuff, but this is mostly a placeholder. Can't seem to write at the moment, not in the write mindset, (hehe. I didn't notice I made this typo but it's a nice pun so I'll leave it) and that includes this so... Whatever.


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"The thirteen year old noticed her standing in the hallway. 'What the fuck!?'
She feigned indignation. 'You are not old enough to talk like that young lady.'"
"Be warned, the narrator is not a nice man."
<Snipped quote by DarkwolfX37>

This is accurate too. Strange that they're this way when they have such a clean flag to represent them.

From what I've heard, that was actually either their flag for a while or one of the flags they thought of for themselves before choosing their actual one.
<Snipped quote by Ignacious>

Ah, customs. Surprisingly, customs were super easy when I returned from Chiapas, Mexico recently. They had a cool machine and everything.

<Snipped quote by Ignacious>

Everybody says that's true. Go socialism!

That's more their society than anything else.
<Snipped quote by DarkwolfX37>

Yeah, my family is medical military. They have shown me the result of war. Didnt want to but they did.

That still doesn't necessarily mean you'd be prepared to see it up close. Close proximity to death can really mess someone up badly.
<Snipped quote by Fractured>

I think its called homicide detective.

That's a job that could really fuck you up. If you're at all squeamish about corpses, I'd advise against it.
Decided to just not bother with the extra stuff since I'd been taking too long. Sorry.
Still staring at her D-Scanner, it took Violet quite a while before she registered Makoto's question. "The writer, the character, or the hacker?" She thought for a moment, putting her digitama to the back of her mind. "There's a writer by that alias who made a fairly popular digimon comic in America. Of course there's the character from the 'Tamers' manga, and given the newfound existence of actual digimon, I wouldn't totally rule out the possibility of a fictional character suddenly sending people emails. Then there's the hacker who leaks a lot of information from D-Connect. Theories range from it being the 'Best Tamer' M to it being Mr. Kuroda. The idea that it's a stealthy way for D-Connect to leak information they want leaked is fairly plausible, as is the idea that it's someone from some government trying to undermine D-Connect, even more so if they knew about the existence of Digimon before now. I used to think it was most likely an automated program someone made to gather information on D-Connect's coding languages and systems. Now, though, the possibility of it being a digimon or even Yggdrasil seems plausible." She went back to focusing on the egg in front of her.
<Snipped quote by DarkwolfX37>

>That anti-US bias
>"Driving is the metric system"

Like I said, literally everyone else. All the countries people actually care about.
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