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After seeing the bio of a certifiable genius, I decided to redo mine. Had to remove videos from my bio two versions back to have space, because I'm pretty sure that before this editing I had exactly 100,000 characters. Moved and added some stuff, but this is mostly a placeholder. Can't seem to write at the moment, not in the write mindset, (hehe. I didn't notice I made this typo but it's a nice pun so I'll leave it) and that includes this so... Whatever.


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In Myriad Reality 27 May 2017 21:56 Forum: Casual Roleplay
<Snipped quote by DarkwolfX37>

Gabriel Dropout is a poorly made comedy.

You shut your whore mouth.
In Myriad Reality 27 May 2017 21:40 Forum: Casual Roleplay
<Snipped quote by DarkwolfX37>

Or if you're referring to the hmm hmm hmm thing she did a while back, I'm going to need that clarification.

She's literally just humming to herself in their house.

If I recall, we had a previous applicant that also wanted to be a hacker, but their character was much more blatantly power playing (like the ability to make and distribute illegal cards) that we immediately said no to. That might be where Tobi's apprehension is coming from.

But yeah, Violet seems a lot more subdued by comparisons, so I'm willing yo give her the benefit of the doubt. Besides, it wouldn't be the first time Digimon had a child genius (Izumi Koushirou, anyone?). And a character that essentially idolizes D-Connect? It'll be interesting to see how she reacts when my future spoilerific-plans come to fruition.

As for the partner. I can understand the pensiveness about Grandracumon. Personally I like the idea of Valykrimon more, if only to avoid confusion since both the Grandracumon AND my own Commandramon line both include Bommon and Missimon and that could cause confusion. But that's just me.

I'll accept her, go ahead and transfer the sheet and I'll see about finally moving us forward.

PS: By the way, your introduction will be as a recipient who showed up late. Understandable, given that she was flown in from the States. Don't worry too much about language barriers. Kuroda speaks English, but even if he didn't Samantha obviously does.

Alright, I'll get on that then and use the Valkyrimon line.
In Myriad Reality 27 May 2017 4:59 Forum: Casual Roleplay
<Snipped quote by DarkwolfX37>

I must have missed the post. I'll reply if I can find it. Link if I can't?

In Myriad Reality 27 May 2017 4:52 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Tox, start quoting.
David, so is Storm just not going to say anything to Yami?
I'm going to bed. Had to get up early. Night all.
In Myriad Reality 27 May 2017 4:46 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Anyway, goodnight guys.

In Myriad Reality 27 May 2017 4:24 Forum: Casual Roleplay
<Snipped quote by DarkwolfX37>

Not surprised. I don't want to sort through that.

Neither do I lol. There's probably over a thousand images to go through. I'll probably start using the image hosting for the account for each image I use, but that probably won't help you much.
In Myriad Reality 27 May 2017 4:18 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Yeah, kind of a catch 22

The military is known for those.
In Myriad Reality 27 May 2017 4:18 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Also, don't feel like a dick

It's much more intellectually feeling like a dick than emotionally feeling like one, lol.

<Snipped quote by Araby264>

hmmmm, good point.
I'm gonna keep that in mind.

Gloves. Wear gloves and change them as necessary. It's a good sanitary practice for food servers regardless, but especially if you tend to do something like that. That'd add a bit of a delay, but if you explained it up front in the hiring interview you'd have a good chance.
In Myriad Reality 27 May 2017 4:16 Forum: Casual Roleplay
<Snipped quote by Araby264>

Can't you use that?

<Snipped quote by DarkwolfX37>

I'd ask for a dump of all of your images, but they're probably lewd.

On my current phone, yeah. Probably on my ipod too. And then my old phone I don't even remember, it's been a year since I last used it. Same with my older phone. And if I gave a dump of all my PM links or pics saved to my desktop, I'd say about 80 and 15 percent respectively.

I got told today, but I'm going over to Navy Legal tomortow.
To get a loan I need proof of employment.


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