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Shion swung her camera around to face this Victoria, somewhat startled by the sudden voice. After a few deep breaths to calm herself, she replied. "It's interesting to watch a fight between magical girls. There's usually something to learn by watching their fighting styles. What about you?" She may just be a copy, but she knew that any information she could gather would be useful to her real self, and so she pressed forward with her questioning. "And why is nobody concerned with the skeletons? Do you know anything about them?"

Summer quickly transformed via incantation as the group reached their goal and turned to Alicia. "Yes ma'am!" she shouted, running towards the cathedral. About halfway there, she pulled out her bat and slammed it head-first into the ground before pulling back on it, it bending unnaturally as if it were hot metal before returning to its normal form instantly, pole-vaulting Summer onto the roof near one of the gargoyles. She looked around, her eyes following one of the witches as she flew past, only to find that there was a strange sight below her. A pile of what looked to be noodles and two girls dressed far too strangely to not be magical girls. She quickly swung her pendant and looked into their... rather personal information with her divination abilities to discern whether they were friend or foe. She started with the one on the noodles. Without realizing it, she accidentally dove deeper than she intended, only meaning to see some basic information but so engrossed by what she learned that she couldn't stop herself.

"That's the saddest thing I've ever seen." she said as she saw small flashes of the girl's everyday life. She decided she'd seen enough without even bothering to divine the other girl's information or purpose for being there; she was going to help this poor soul laying on the noodles. Thinking quickly, she pulled from her Hammerspace Handbag what she'd put in for exactly such a moment. She put on her snake charmer's hat, pulled out a flute, and threw a long bundle of rope down onto Binky. Sitting down cross-legged she began playing. Slowly, the end of the rope began to rise and sway before coiling around Binky and raising its "head" up to the roof, turning back to normal rope as Summer stopped playing and grabbed it, using it to pull the girl below her up to safety. She made sure to untie her and place her items back into her handbag.

"Well hello there, helpless civilian." Summer began, "Beacon is here to save the day!" She gently set Binky down on the roof. "Stay there, the safest place is in Beacon's light. And by that I mean where we can see you and reach you if something goes wrong." She pulled a baseball from her handbag and threw the ball into the air, smashing it with her bat so that it flew towards one of the witches. The ball pierced her and left a far too perfectly round hole in her chest that would almost certainly be fatal if not for Summer's magic making it both possible and nothing more than a painless irritation.

Interested, though admittedly Devil Summoner is one of the few SMT games I have no experience with, (Unless you count Soul Hackers which I've forgotten most of.) so I apologize in advance if I assume something works the way it would in another SMT-verse rather than the way it should in Devil Summoner.
Summer was awoken from near sleep by the blaring of the siren. She'd spent the night playing poker with whoever would play and never really got to sleep. She ran to the specified room and took a seat. She nearly dozed off as teams were formed. She nearly dozed off as teams were formed. She blinked tiredly when suddenly Alicia, her apparent new boss, flashed a thumbs-up at her. She didn't like the feeling in the back of her mind that the camera of life was zooming in at each tick of self-reflection she had.

We're going to die.

Nobody gave a thumbs-up unless on a mission unless it was suicide. Then again, maybe she just imagined it. Alicia was asking something about civilian presence, so she seemed to have her head much more in the game at the moment than Summer did. She shook her head a few times to try to shake off the tiredness when she thought nobody was looking, though some other girls noticed and shot her disapproving glances. A few smiles were mixed in from some of the other poker players and they helped keep Summer's mood up.

Shion awoke on a nearby rooftop from the store where that strange shadow creature had attacked her. She and a clone had laid down in the center of the roof with four other clones staying awake at the corners to keep watch and act as decoys. Every few hours she'd awoken and switched places with one or two, cycling through positions with all of them to throw off any onlookers. But something was different this time. This time she had been awoken by the sound of marching and metal on the street below. Two of her clones were already recording the scene, one having left her post to get closer, hiding out of sight of the skeletal army. Now it seemed that there was about to be a fight between magical girls, if the shouting of one of them was any indication.

She sighed. If Ko was around, she'd probably want her to help deal with the skeletons, but... she did just wake up.

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Don't give me that garbage. Say something.
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Magatama Eleven: Relay.

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*Focuses on nothing and remains motionless*

*Appears, though something seems off somehow*
Gods damnit Misty can't you do anything right?
Why are you in traffic at 10:30 :/
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I go to bed at 8 and nobody is online.
I stay up til 10 and nobody is online.
Where the fuck is david.
Where the fuck
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On some trip again. He'll be back sometime relatively shortly. Think he said hed be gone for six weeks, and its running on three or four now.

Where the hell is whiz anyway
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