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There's an emergency.

The Beckoner overseeing Summer's work in the Overcity relayed the news that something was happening in Penrose. Summer wasn't told what, just that she had to leave. She had fifteen minutes to prepare, but it didn't feel right to leave the cathedral unfinished. So with a burst of magic she transformed into her Magical Girl attire and grabbed an over-sized mallet from her handbag, posing with it above her head. Her magic allowed her to turn herself, to outside perspectives, into a cloud of dust with the mallet rapidly leaving and reentering the cloud at various angles, as the cloud moved its way across the cathedral, repairing everything it covered. By the time the fifteen minutes were up, the cathedral was almost completely fixed. How the Beckoners planned to use the repaired cathedral or send it back to Penrose was beyond her, but she was ready to leave.

Several minutes later she arrived at HQ, slightly out of breath as she burst through the door and went looking for someone who could direct her towards her first mission since her mistake of an Overcity Shift.

Shion arrived on a roof next to Town Hall, sitting down and prepared to stay out of everyone's way until it was her turn to speak with the champion of Thunderbird. Another Shion sat some distance away on the ground, waiting as backup. The two ignored the tornadoes and focused entirely on the roof of Town Hall, as there was surely another Shion who would be closer to the events that had captured everyone's attention. As it was, these two had a very important job to do, one that could potentially net them everything they needed to move forward in her plans; making a deal with Cindy.
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So, yeah, it's at the bottom. We'll get to the top bit soon!

Okay! *Tries to focus on all the different fields at once, a concerning expression on my face*
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*Stops our flying, places one hand on my hip, and extends the other* Well yes, but actually no. First, it’s a mountain, so it’d be kind of hard for the whole thing to just fall over, and second, for our nuclear energy, we redirect all the energy from both the atoms and the explosion to safe places and adjust based on need.

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*There is also a concentration of unidentified substance at a higher elevation* What makes you think that?

Isn't nuclear energy really explosive? If a bunch of explosions hit at a low level couldn't it make the whole thing fall over?
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*As we get closer, there are many places where you can sense new things that you haven't identified; there is a large concentration of one of these unidentified things at the lowest elevation*

Hmm. IT's not the stuff at the bottom is it? It'd probably be higher up, right?
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Nuclear it is! I'm going to fly us around the mountain because it's on the opposite side, but see if you can use your Realmatic Capabilities to guess at what elevation nuclear energy might be in the most use.

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Nuclear energy, thermal energy, and dimensional energy, among others.

Ooh, nuclear!
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*We fall down at half of gravitational acceleration and slow down at the building; I allow you a few moments to study the Transformation harvesting electric potential energy from light* Okay, that's it for gravity and electromagnetism. What particles or forces do you want to study next?

What choices are there?
Summer had spent the last week juggling preparations to start at a new school and fixing the church she'd accidentally destroyed. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but as punishment for it she was only allowed to use a small amount of her magic as she worked, so she had barely gotten halfway through. She wished she could be assisting with the Red Coin studies, but she understood the importance of fixing the mess she made and made peace with what she had to do. Hopefully she'd be allowed full use of her magic soon. It was because of this that she didn't hear the announcement of rulership that was loudly stated through Penrose.

In the past week, Shion had managed to get to two Mint "agents" and successfully obtain the coins they had. Unfortunately, this did not include any Black Coins, but instead consisted of five Silver Coins, eighteen Bronze Coins, and several handfuls of the almost useless Copper Coins. As she was now, she was sitting alone in a small cafe typing on her phone, finalizing her findings after some recent testing. Normally this testing would have waited, but being attacked the week prior and the embarrassing failure to destroy the spider girl had driven her to complete it. Her natural affinity for viewing the world around her mathematically had driven her to derive a numerical system for her magic. As she was told by her mentor Makoto, she had a magic rating of sixteen, rather high. As such, she determined that she has sixteen hundred "points" of magic. From her testing, it appeared that each clone of herself that she made required about one hundred "points," while firing a railgun without her weapon required about six hundred. It was no surprise that she had failed to fire one as strong as she had intended. Further, she found that upkeep of each clone required about ten points per day, based on how quickly she regenerated mana.

At the moment she had twelve clones out and about through the city leaving her with a mere four hundred to use against her current target, a girl who often came to this same cafe. From her experiences collecting coins the past week, she estimated that it took about fifty points to scare away the average magical girl, and she assumed it would take about 200 to defeat most enemies in a close quarters battle. This conclusion came from her skill with her magic calculated against her mana reserves, rather than raw magical might against raw magical might. She also found that having a clone or two do the required calculations for a technique for her, while leaving her open to an attack when she reabsorbed them, could vastly improve her fighting capability at the cost of a few hundred points to summon the clones. With all that in mind, she felt much more confident going forward with her plans. She finished typing a memo of this information into her phone and pulled up a recent discovery instead, a supposed news outlet called the "Penrose Independent." Looking at its stories through the perspective of a magical entity led much more credence to it than viewing it as a standard person would. So much so that Shion decided to have two of her clones work towards finding out more about the group and possibly setting up a meeting with one such journalist. Shion knew that she desperately needed to improve her list of magical contacts if she were to meet her goals. Having finished checking for a new article, she set her phone down and waited for her prey to enter. That is, she did until a voice boomed out, declaring itself the new ruler of the town. This would need attending to...

From her position at the back of the room, Shion watched as the girl attacked by the drone escaped before looking around, noticing the same security member as before guiding someone around near another wall. She took a moment to think of what they could be doing, seeing as they didn't seem to be looking to escape right away, and came to the conclusion that the tall man must be someone rather important, or perhaps a target of the woman who hijacked the event. Looking around, the obvious answer to what they were doing was "avoiding being seen." Shion decided that she had an interest in knowing who this man was and decided to help, allowing a rather large ball of ice to form in her hand. She took aim at the nearest security camera that she could see and threw the ball at it as hard as she could, hoping to disable it, before repeating the process with other cameras. Even if she failed to do damage to them, the distraction might allow the seemingly friendly security staff member to do something.
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