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After seeing the bio of a certifiable genius, I decided to redo mine. Had to remove videos from my bio two versions back to have space, because I'm pretty sure that before this editing I had exactly 100,000 characters. Moved and added some stuff, but this is mostly a placeholder. Can't seem to write at the moment, not in the write mindset, (hehe. I didn't notice I made this typo but it's a nice pun so I'll leave it) and that includes this so... Whatever.


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<Snipped quote by DarkwolfX37>

*Whispers back* A really good one, I guess.
-Another Man- We've heard rumours that this element is potentially volatile. Have you taken any measures to protect other floors from a potential failure?
-Speaker- All possible precautions have been taken to ensure that any explosion consistent with the level of energy measured in this sample of Quolium cannot harm any layers other than the restricted layers above and below this one. Rest assured; we are always looking for signs of volatility and have established protocols for evacuation. Now, close interaction with the substance has proved safe. Shortly, we will enter the chamber as part of an experiment on the growth of the element. While we prepare the circumstances, please feel free to inquire with our scientists.
-*Steps away and waves after me for you to follow; gets to an emptier area and whispers* Perfect. I can get in with the Quolium. All we need is a distraction.

I can do that! Um... do something loud when you want me to!
<Snipped quote by DarkwolfX37>

*Raises my hand*
-Speaker- Yes?
-You said this is an element. What's its atomic number?
-Speaker- To call it an "element" is a misnomer in the traditional sense. In fact, it does not appear to be made of atoms at all. Instead, it is composed of what we tentatively call "quorons": tangible bundles of philotes with mostly unknown properties. How these bundles hold energy, how they are created, and how Quolium is assembled are all unknown to us.
-Bystander- You mentioned its extraction rate. Does this shrink the element at all? If so, are you being responsible with the element so that it can be studied more thoroughly?
-Speaker- It shrinks upon extracting energy. But we have noticed its growth in several circumstances; the common theme is something we are piecing together. When it grows, it does not gain energy; energy must be imparted to it. It readily absorbs any energy given to it with minimal loss.

So... it's just a battery?
<Snipped quote by DarkwolfX37>

*The elevator opens to a large, darkly-coloured room with metallic tiling, lead walls, and a domed ceiling; scientists in suits mill about and there is a large group of people listening to a speaker near a large glass cylinder in the middle of the room*
-Man- There they are! *Strides toward the group briskly*
-*Shrugs and follows him*
-Speaker- *A woman's voice with a placating but slightly monotonous tone* That ends the safety guideline portion of this informational tour. We will proceed to discuss what might be considered the elephant in the room—the glass behind me, which houses an element called Quolium. We are investigating its properties and construction because it stores energy at a very high density with an extreme rate of safe transfer. If replicable, it will be an extremely valuable resource to this company's short and long-term plan.

*Whispers to you* Psst. What's the number of... proteins? Neuters? Uh... whatever the number el-things use for that?
Still waiting
<Snipped quote by DarkwolfX37>

Because it doesn't track you. It's made by the co-founder of Mozilla (they made Firefox), Brendan Eich (the guy who made JavaScript) because he got fed up with browsers stealing peoples' data. So he said "I hate all of you; I'm making a better one" and then took Chrome's open-source engine (Chromium) and built a new browser out of it called Brave.

Cool. I'll get that next time chrome fucks up.

You should switch from Chrome to Brave.

<Snipped quote by DarkwolfX37>

is she time line's
i always get them mixed up

Yes, she's TL's.
<Snipped quote by Techspert>

Mean but also slightly accurate. Sorry, Misty! She's Data's daughter!

<Snipped quote by Techspert>

Didn't you say this is the second time for us?

<Snipped quote by Fractured>

Well, don't worry! I'll be sure to make sure that those occasions are more occasional, in a good way!

No... she's not?
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