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As Kudamon fired another attack at the Mettaurus, Wormon and Candlemon attacked its legs, the combined assault enough to drop it to the ground. It began to slowly raise itself back up with its remaining arm when the new digimon decided to act. Agumon fired a blast of flame from its mouth, hitting the virus that had withstood Fefnir's flames with ease, and noticed that it was having little effect as well. In a rather reckless move, it and Veemon both decided to rush the virus hazard and attack. Just as the Mettaurus L got back to its feet, Agumon's Claw Uppercut connected with its jaw. The flames engulfing Agumon's hand did little harm, but the force of the attack was enough to send it two feet into the air, where Veemon jumped and slammed its skull into the virus' forehead with its Vee Headbutt. The Mettarus was sent flying backwards into the dirt a few meters away. There was a palpable sense of anticipation as the virus once more tried to get back to its feet... And failed, a crack showing in its head from where Veemon had connected its attack which spread throughout its body until it finally burst into polygons and a flood of the neon "blood" that had leaked from it previously.

As the realization of victory dawned on the survivors, they would likely notice that the ooze left behind by the virus would catch ablaze, and the polygons that were blasted around that same liquid would reform into a new shape. The fire began to reform into something new, as did the polygons. The humans' Expanse Callers would chime out: "Adult-Level Machine Digimon, Clockmon, detected. Adult-Level Flame Digimon, Meramon, detected."

As the two digimon lay face down in the dirt, everyone would notice that not only had the growing heat of the area subsided since the virus hazard's defeat, but that the sun was back in its position for early morning, rather than near the horizon as it had been a moment ago. The two digimon would slowly regain consciousness and stand up, clearly confused.

"Where... where am I?" Clockmon would ask.

"I thought I was dead!" Meramon added.

The two of them looked around at each human and digital entity in the area, before looking towards the tower. It seemed like they saw something, before turning back to the group, waiting to see what happened next.
Kudamon struck the Mettaurus with its strongest attack yet, managing to blow the rest of the virus' right arm clean off, exploding it into raw data. The force of the attack knocked the virus back just as Ciel's leg broke apart, causing it to fly out of her arms and over the Holy Panel she was standing on. An unfortunate truth became apparent; Ciel had taken a lot of damage from the attack as well, due to how she was holding the Mettarus. Her own right arm was now experiencing glitches from the damage, but the Holy Panel had done its job well, and she was still functioning even if not in fighting shape.

Lily's response to the voice was all it needed. The small box she held burst open with light, revealing a small golden lamp with a mischievous grin on its... face? Why did a lamp have a face? Smoke bellowed from it as the Mettaurus stood slowly back up from where it landed. Fefnir took a few shots at it to try to distract it from the weaker Navi and its partner near the Holy Panel, which itself was now dissipating. Soon the smoke that swirled around Lily rose to the air, revealing a new digimon.

"Your wish... has been granted!" the digimon proclaimed to all in the same voice Lily had heard a moment earlier, its lamp rising to float underneath it. "At a price."

The humans' Expanse Callers would speak out in their wearer's own voice once more, declaring "Lampmon, Ultimate-Level Demon Man Digimon detected." As soon as the message was said, Fefnir and Enma were turned to light, and in a flash that light was sucked into the small box that Lily still held which sealed shut once again. In return for this horrid act, a new light formed in front of the Mettaurus as it finished standing. Hideaki Saitou and his partner digimon, had been brought to the battle by Lampmon. Though their memory of the day until now was hazy, Hide would remember falling asleep after the strange call that each human had received in their own world, and his partners were already Child-Level as Agumon and Veemon. Perhaps these three would be enough to turn the tide?

Lampmon turned to Lily. "You still have two more wishes. But remember, everything has a price, and a consequence." it said, snapping its fingers as a small card with the same dimensions as the Capture Cards the children had found and a Battle Chip sized object appeared from light. The two both had the word "Wish" written on the front of them in golden lettering while the rest of the card and chip were a pure white. "Try not to waste them, and thank you for freeing me, young one!" With that said, the Lampmon returned to smoke and poured back into its lamp. As soon as it was inside, the lamp flew away into the distance.
Looks really good, and the Jogress idea would work well, yes. So accepted, I should be able to pull Hide in by the next GM post, if you don't mind waiting. Or if you do, I'm sure I can introduce him sooner, too.
Before the Mettaurus could fire its blaster, its arm was struck awry by Kudamon's attack. Ciel took the opening to make an attack of her own, but only resulted in her being thrown aside and breaking the ground beneath her with the force of the toss. She stood back up as Aki used a rather ingenious chip to prepare Ciel for her attempted suicide maneuver, halving any damage she would take as she grappled the virus hazard. The virus responded by aiming its blaster at Fefnir, though Candlemon's attack hit first, blocking the barrel and causing the shot to explode inside of it, causing a massive explosion that damaged both it and Ciel behind it. As the smoke cleared from the blast the Mettaurus could be seen missing its right arm where the blaster had been, neon ooze coming from the stump.

Fefnir took the opportunity to command Enma to use a battlechip. In a moment his arm turned into a blaster as well as he fired off a Heat-V, the blast hitting the Mettaurus and creating a cone behind it, of which Ciel managed to avoid due to her positioning. However the virus didn't seem fazed by this attack, once again seeming to shrug off the flames. Noting this, Fefnir fired off several regular buster shots that opened up new wounds on the virus. As the Mettaurus was shot it began to struggle out of Ciel's grip, soon to shake her off.

It was at this time that Lily heard a strange voice. Sounding both male and female, quiet and loud, cruel and kind, it spoke to her and her alone. It asked a simple question. "Do you wish to survive?"
Sorry for the delay and for any typos in this, I have no internet so I'm on my phone.

Yeah, welcome back! You can use your old character or make a new one if you want. I'll send you the discord link again via PM.
Ye-llow~ Looking for some more players for a Megaman Battle Network/Star Force and Digimon based RP. Right now we have three players and a fourth taking a hiatus from RPing in general. (This is the second time we've been in this position, funnily enough)
I'm hoping to get a few more players before we pass the first boss, since we're approaching on a good way to introduce new characters. Last time, I said: "This'll be the last time I put up an Interest Check for it, so if you have any interest please drop a reply!," but I was lying, apparently.

We're a bit slow on the pace, so if you want a relaxed RP, this might be a good one for you.

No knowledge of the two (three) series is technically required, but it'd help! I'm happy to help with any questions or concerns, both with making characters and with how the RP actually goes if you join. Hell, I'd be willing to walk someone through digimon/megaman lore entirely if they wanted to join and knew none of it. I mean it when I say there's little to no knowledge of the two series required, it's just a benefit.

In summary: You play a human with 2 digimon partners, a netnavi partner, or one of each. Transported to a new set of worlds with new sets of rules, your main goal is to survive, and maybe save or doom those worlds while you're at it.

Thanks for reading and I hope that you'll decide to join us at:…
The Mettaur's attack never struck its target. Instead, Kyaromon was able to use the power of Suzi's desperation to once again digivolve, this time into Kudamon. The energy from its digivolution even allowed it a temporary actualization, bringing it into the world in time to rescue Suzi from the shockwave. Its counterattack was not quite enough to defeat the virus, but did do substantial damage to it.

The Mettaurus L, as it seemed to be called, meanwhile was being attacked by the other digital beings. This began with Fefnir firing several blasts that the Mettaurus seemed to take little damage from. In fact, the virus seemed almost unperturbed by the fire. It quickly swiped at Fefnir with a long black whip that formed from its hand, the whip moving so fast that it couldn't be dodged. Strangely though, the whip did no damage, as Fefnir jumped back when it seemed to connect and the actual attack lagged behind the appendage, missing its target by a second. Minomon took the opening to fire threads at the virus only to have them grabbed and pulled on, throwing the digimon to the ground. The Mettaurus then fired what appeared to be a buster shot at Lily, though it moved much slower than a normal buster and DemiMeramon was able to digivolve once more to blast it away with a fireball. Minomon managed to get a better grip on the legs of the virus and slow it down somewhat while Ciel fired her buster at it. Her aim resulted in it taking no damage but she was able to get in close enough to use a Tornado battlechip, surrounding the virus in a whirlwind that sliced at it repeatedly.

As the tornado died down around it, the Mettaurus could be seen with gashes along its black body, each of which was a deep blue color and leaked neon green liquid that could only be assumed to be blood of some kind. The virus swatted Ciel away with another whip, the impact striking her before the whip visually reached its target, before its chest burst open in a grotesque display of blackened bones that could only be likened to having the ribcage of a giant busted open with a sledgehammer. From the center of these bones came a tendril of ethereal darkness that instantly homed in on the last remaining Mettaur, grabbing it and quickly pulling it back inside the Mettaurus. As the bones closed around the smaller virus the Mettaur appeared to glitch before melting into the same neon green liquid that seeped from the Mettaurus' wounds. The opening in its chest closed and the wounds the virus had quickly dissipated, steam coming from them as they sealed back up. It was the virus hazard's turn now.

The Mettaurus tried to take a step forward only to be stopped by the small green digimon holding its leg. As it continued trying to move forward it flashed white for only a split second, and when it finished the thread caught on fire where it was connected to the virus, the fire quickly moving down the thread towards the digimon. The hazard then fired a few shots of its own buster at Ciel, the bullets moving at varying speeds, before turning to Fefnir and charging straight at him, moving as if a video game model was not synched to its walk cycle correctly, its legs moving at the wrong speeds for it to run as quickly as it was. It slammed into Fefnir with its helmet, though the impact was far less than its momentum would suggest. The attack did little damage to the navi but did succeed in knocking him back quite a ways. The virus then aimed at Kudamon, its buster's barrel glowing a dark blue as light seemed to be pulled into it. The Navi Operators would instantly realize that it was charging a shot, and the Digimon Tamers would likely notice this as well. The humans and their partners would have a few precious moments before the attack was unleashed to try to stop it.
Suzuki had been frozen by the overwhelming feelings within her, and had luckily not been the target of any of the viruses. At least, that was true until now. The Mettaur coming from the south got within range and, noticing a non-moving target, raised its pickaxe and brought it down in front of it, sending a shock-wave along the ground at Suzi.

It took a few shots from Fefnir's blaster to do any meaningful damage to the virus, but the activation of Heat-V brought a quick end to the Mettaur, dealing more than enough damage to delete it, another bit-crunched scream coming from it as the flame shot spread at an acute angle from where it stood, creating the "V" that Heat-V was named for.

Lily and Aki had been given a moment's reprieve thanks to the diligent work of Ciel.exe. Even Simon had been granted safety from the viruses, for now. However, as the humans and NetNavis looked around them, they may have noticed that the two Mettaurs from the west were still approaching. They also likely noticed a rise in temperature once again, and that the sun was now seemingly ready to go down across the horizon. It couldn't have been a full day fighting these viruses, could it? And surely the sun going down would lower the temperature?

As the first Mettaur from the west entered firing distance, it stood and fired a bullet at the tower, which bounced off the metal beams with a loud plink sound. Then stood the other Mettaur, the one that did not have a normal helmet. From the ground came a large humanoid figure that was as dark as night, no different in color than the body of the other Mettaur, but this was clearly nothing like them. As it stood, the humans' Expanse Callers would announce in their wearer's voice: "Digital Hazard detected. Anomalous data registered. Scanning." As the Mettaur(?), now looking not unlike a NormalNavi if it were painted black and given a Mettaur helmet, slowly approached, a feeling of unease swept through those who looked at it. Something about it was... off, somehow. The way it moved, slowly and not quite matching the way it should be moving in order to actually cross the distance it did. The way it shimmered, as if the inverse of a hot summer day's haze. The way the eyes seemed to melt into fluid only to spin through its sockets and reform, over and over again.

This was clearly something not natural; not natural to the world, to the games or toys that the humans knew of, not natural even to the digital world the two NetNavis had vague memories of. It was alongside this realization that the Expanse Callers once again spoke.

"M̶̧̮̞̖̪̤͖͑͛̐̂̿̌̇̆͛̓̀̓̎̚ȩ̷̡̪͇͙̖̯̘̒͜T̷̤̼̗̗͔̬̭̩̮͇̾͋̔̌͋̓̐̿̽͆̚̚͜͝͠͝T̶̛̺̺͔̪͔͇͕͙̪͌̇̎̑͛͝a̵̻̭̪͔̯̎̇̃̍̉̅̈́̃̓̾͘ͅǘ̵̧̢̥̙͕̳̮̰͈͜ŕ̷̛̫͓̮͆̃̍̔̅̿̇̐͂̔͝u̸̙̖̗̻̮̠̫̠̱̖̼̐̂̏̊̋̽̌̅̐̆͘̚͝s̴̹͕͎̻̗̲͗̈́͌͂̈́͘ ̵͙͚̥̝̭͍̫̺̣͍͍̳̀͐̓̄̄́̽̈́͂̈͌̕̕͘͝ͅL̵͔͎̱͊́̑̎̃̌̚͝ Class B Virus Hazard found."

Kyaromon strained with all its might, trying to follow its partner's instructions, but it seemed to lack the energy needed to digivolve further. It looked back at Suzy apologetically before trying again, and once again being unable to digivolve. The sense of danger fading away from Suzy's mind might have had something to do with it, but there was no way to be sure. It could just as easily have been any number of other reasons. But Kyaromon kept trying.

Seeing a new threat, the Mettaur that Fefnir shouted at targeted him and swung its pickaxe at the ground, causing a shockwave that blasted in a straight line towards him. It moved at a decent but easy to dodge pace, slower than the bullets that the viruses fired.

Lily reached the top of the hill and shouted, the Mettaur behind her chasing after her until it noticed that Simon wasn't running away. The virus began targeting him instead, but he frantically dodged the attacks, giving Lily a chance to escape from it. As she ran, she tripped and fell down the hill, landing a short ways away from the newly formed Navi that was partnered with Aki.

Ciel.exe formed in a similar way to Fefnir, a silhouette of light that quickly filled with ones and zeroes, leaving a solid body where they passed. The instant she fully formed she had slashed the Mettaur in twain, causing its halves to flash white and disappear with a loud sound of a bit-crunched screech. The other Mettaur that had fired at Aki now turned to face Ciel, firing a bullet at her.

As the three final viruses approached the tower ever closer, it became clear that one of the two from the west had a strange marking on its helmet in place of the usual green plus sign. In fact, it looked a lot like the marking on the underside of the wrist brace on the humans' Expanse Callers...
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