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Summer did as Annabelle requested; not having enough mana to spare, she simply shifted herself and Annabelle into the Overcity. "Alright, now what?" she asked.

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Shion simply shrugged and sat back down. She couldn't expect a newly self-appointed monarch to be able to pay that, but it was worth a shot. She'd wait to see how this group acted when their leader was away. Besides, red coins? She'd never heard of those, so the chance to get her hands on one or finding out what they did was worth sticking around for.

Summer rushed over through the barrage of tentacles, dodging this way and that to avoid them, finally reaching Annabelle. "Alright, what can I do to help?" she asked the girl. She had a few ideas, but suddenly Alicia changed them, firing a powerful blast at the Black Coin. "Well, crap..." She'd have to follow along with Annabelle's plan for now; hopefully she could still use her own plan if Annabelle's failed.

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"It's rather simple really, an alliance of sorts. I assume someone who feels secure enough to claim a city as oft fought over as Penrose would have the resources I'm looking for. My offer is pretty simple. I'll work for you if you pay me, not in protection or some other nebulous thing, but rather in magic. Be they magical coins or any other source of mana and magic, at a negotiable rate of 30 silver coins or the equivalent every two weeks. If you're willing to pay that or offer something better, I'll be your most steadfast supporter. If not, I'll ignore your existence as long as you don't get in my way. I don't plan to overthrow you or anything, so if you're simply going to refuse there's no impetus to worry about me. But that's my offer."

"Hey Alicia? I'm gonna go ahead and use plan B, okay? Otherwise, I think I might have enough mana to screw this over, but... I don't know that I'll make it out since I'll be drained, which would really defeat the purpose, y'know? I'm not convinced I'm going to be much use this time." Summer said sadly.
@Flamelord@Crusader Lord
"That... that's the dumbest barrier I've ever heard of then." Summer said. But now was not the time to wait, so she quickly jumped through the opening and turned around, making sure to record the barrier re-closing for later. "Why did we not try to break it at all? Maybe this girl is right, Alicia. Maybe we set up this barrier after all. I didn't even think of aiming that train at it. I swear, I'm losing my edge." She was very upset with herself given this new revelation.

"I'll think of something!" Summer replied, heading towards Sammy. "Hi again! Still after Binky? I'd appreciate it if you'd stop. She's a nice girl and she's got things pretty bad... Well, better now that she's under Beacon's protection, but still not great. Anyway, if you could open this barrier like you claim, it'd be really interesting to watch. In fact..." She paused and reached into her handbag pulling out a video recorder. "I'd like to record it so I can learn from you!"

Shion continued waiting for Cindy, wondering when it would finally be her turn to speak with her.

Summer ran ever further into the tunnel as the mana sucking dome grew. She quickly reached the other side of the tunnel, which corresponded to a semi-circle shaped shadow from a headstone just behind the flying Elroy, her figure jumping out behind him quietly. Seconds after, a bright light pierced through the dome of darkness as a Summer's bat unraveled into train tracks leading to the painting, right underneath Regina. The source of the light was a small train that came rushing from the painting all the way to the end of the tracks that had just been laid, hopefully for Summer running over Regina in the process. As it came through the wind from its movement pulled the tarp off the wall entirely, floating in the air for a second before landing painting-down on the ground.

Summer simply leaped in front of Elroy, planning to use her nigh-indestructible body and damage-mitigating magic to tank the hit for Alicia. It was the least she could do for saving her from the dragon. "Hey Alicia, can we go with plan A now!? I've only got just enough mana to pull it off, so if we're going to do it we need to do it now!"
As soon as Alicia's arrow connected, Summer dropped out of the small gap in the dragon's mouth as it opened in surprise. Deciding that a head-on strategy would be futile, she instead pulled out her bat and began waving it in front of the dragon's face. "Here girl, here girl." she said. "Ready? Fetch!" Summer threw her bat into the distance, her magic causing the dragon to run after it like a puppy. During the moment of reprieve, she bit her thumb to cause bleeding and began to suck out her blood, spitting it out afterwards, sucking out the curses like poison from a dragon snake bite. When the dragon returned, happily moving about as if wagging a tail, Summer took her bat back and threw it at Regina, hoping the dragon would run into her in its mad dash towards it.

She took this moment to grab a few items from her handbag, specifically a large paintbrush, a can of paint, a folding ladder, and a large tarp. She quickly painted a tunnel on the tarp and hung it up from the ladder before pulling a multitude of bricks from her handbag, building a brick wall behind the tarp and then running into the painting with her magic to stand far inside the tunnel.
Summer transformed on the way to the graveyard, her trusty bat forming in her hand as she did. When they arrived though, everyone was separated. It was by luck alone that she was in the same area as Alicia, and that fact made her even more confident that they'd win against whatever came next. That being a boy dressed in an adorable king's outfit and a girl with a dragon.

While Elroy wasted time talking, Summer decided to figure out what they were up against. She set her bat against her leg and pulled her sketchpad from her handbag. She began stretching the scene in front of her which with her experience didn't take long at all to have a rudimentary picture of the Bates and the graveyard behind them, crypt included. As she drew, she learned more and more about what she was drawing; the crypt was their main target, if that wasn't obvious from looking at it, and the Bates had apparently used another Black Coin to stall for time!

"This isn't your average darkness... this is advanced darkness! Alicia, they're double coined! Hopefully that means they're doubly weak to light, right? Not... half weak. Oh no, what if they have new magic!? We... we..." She paused and filled in more details of the Bates in her drawing. She flipped to another page and quickly drew Alicia and the final girl in the area. "Well... shit." Summer ran over to Alicia and whispered into her ear. "Do you think you can get through the barrier and make it to the crypt? Me and sword-girl over there can handle these two in the Overcity. Alternatively, I could do what I did to the cathedral to the crypt and a bit of the rest of the graveyard, just on purpose this time. I'll probably get slaughtered on the other side but at least we'd win. Up to you though, great leader."
There's an emergency.

The Beckoner overseeing Summer's work in the Overcity relayed the news that something was happening in Penrose. Summer wasn't told what, just that she had to leave. She had fifteen minutes to prepare, but it didn't feel right to leave the cathedral unfinished. So with a burst of magic she transformed into her Magical Girl attire and grabbed an over-sized mallet from her handbag, posing with it above her head. Her magic allowed her to turn herself, to outside perspectives, into a cloud of dust with the mallet rapidly leaving and reentering the cloud at various angles, as the cloud moved its way across the cathedral, repairing everything it covered. By the time the fifteen minutes were up, the cathedral was almost completely fixed. How the Beckoners planned to use the repaired cathedral or send it back to Penrose was beyond her, but she was ready to leave.

Several minutes later she arrived at HQ, slightly out of breath as she burst through the door and went looking for someone who could direct her towards her first mission since her mistake of an Overcity Shift.

Shion arrived on a roof next to Town Hall, sitting down and prepared to stay out of everyone's way until it was her turn to speak with the champion of Thunderbird. Another Shion sat some distance away on the ground, waiting as backup. The two ignored the tornadoes and focused entirely on the roof of Town Hall, as there was surely another Shion who would be closer to the events that had captured everyone's attention. As it was, these two had a very important job to do, one that could potentially net them everything they needed to move forward in her plans; making a deal with Cindy.
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