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The virus Simon had stepped away from seemed to have its attention taken fully by the two digimon, Wormmon and Candlemon, and was ignoring him now that they'd changed. It seemed that Lily's desperation had been the trigger needed for her partners to digivolve into their Child stage, finally battle-ready. Though the box's contents remained a mystery, and likely would stay as such for now, at least now there was a fighting chance for the two children on that side of the hill, perhaps more-so now that Solarman had awoken.

As Enma activated the chip, inserting it into one of the small slots near his wrist, his partner Fefnir.exe's silhouette appeared in red in the world in front of him before filling from the bottom up with red 1s and 0s, his form realizing as they passed each part of him. Within a second, he was standing there in full force, ready to fight. It seemed that the egg in Enma's vision was unaffected by the chip, however. Perhaps the user's intent had something to do with its effect?

Similar to Lily, Suzi's desperate command had brought about digivolution for her partner, and though it remained safe and secure within her Expanse Caller, it was now in its In-Training II stage and closer to being ready for a real battle.

Aki's hand went to the pickaxe, and to the virus' immense surprise, and likely to everyone else's as well, the pickaxe stopped as it bounced off her hand. The force behind it was enough to injure her where it connected, but she had managed to stop the attack before it finished, and in some miracle of timing, had -COUNTER-'d the attack, stunning the Mettaur for several seconds. Unfortunately, the Mettaur that had ignored her before in order to continue to the tower seemed to sense this, instantly turning back around and jumping up to its full size. It stared at her for a moment before firing a bullet of energy at her. It seemed that these viruses weren't just limited to their pickaxe attacks as they were in the games some of the children knew them from, but could use the attacks of their predecessors from the earlier Megaman games as well.
As Lily cried out for help, her new partners seemed to understand as they jumped between her and the viruses, of which one had moved at astonishing speed past the other humans and the tower, towards her and Simon. As it reached them, it lifted up to reveal a small creature in and of itself. Simon and Lily's now Expanse Callers would chime up at this, stating "Mettaur, Class F virus found" in their wearer's own voices.

Similarly, the helmet that stopped when Aki approached would lift up to reveal itself as well, resulting in the same message from her Expanse Caller, once again in her own voice. It was at this moment that her strike connected, hurting her hand as the virus' hardhat felt rather like one a human might wear while constructing a building.

The Mettaur that Enma was watching also stood up, and for a third time the message "Mettaur, Class F virus found" would ring out, this time in his voice from his own Expanse Caller, and at the same moment from Suzuki's in her voice. It seemed that these "viruses" were somehow hidden when they were flush with the ground, but when they rose up the range that they were detected by the Expanse Callers was relatively large. The small creature in Suzuki's vision turned to face the virus that Enma had gained the attention of, its expression shifting almost imperceptibly towards a more "battle ready" one, if it could be called such a thing from such a small and fluffy creature.

The remaining helmets continued their approach towards the tower, two from the west and one from the south, without standing up. Their approach was slow but now obvious from the distance they had moved.

There didn't seem to be any innate hostility towards the humans from these viruses, yet the varied digital beings aligned with the five humans seemed to recognize them as a threa
Enma's partner was correct, the three humans and their new companions were nearly surrounded. As Aki approached the pair of helmets, she became able to see their slight movements from side to side as they made their way closer to the tower. One of the two stopped when she got within a few feet, while the other seemed to ignore her. Meanwhile, the three to the west stopped their imperceptible movement and the one to the north seemed to be lifted slightly at the front, revealing blackness beneath it and what appeared to be two white rings to anyone who looked in its direction.

Several yards to the east awoke two more humans who had appeared during the flash of light from the tower. There was a small hill between them and the other three, obscuring their view of the other humans. These two humans were a young boy and an even younger girl who awoke to circumstances even stranger than the earlier five had. Underneath their heads, in place of pillows, were two boxes. In the one under Simon's head was five of the blank battlechips that could be found in the boxes near the tower as well as five of the blank capture cards and what looked to be seven battlechips ripped straight from the Battle Network games. Lily's box contained only ten of the blank capture cards and another smaller box with a keyhole on the front of it. The box seemed to be made of ivory with golden accents, and while it didn't have a seam to open at, the keyhole must mean that it can be opened, right?

As they awoke, the two would notice that they already had their Expanse Callers' holographic overlays in their vision. Simon's had a yellow egg with darker yellow splotches on it being held by a sleeping but already initialized person, if they were even that. However, the strangest thing would be that Lily was beset on either side by large eggs. To her right was an orange egg, about the size of her head, and on her left was a light green egg that was just smaller enough than the other to be noticeable.

The sun had moved in the sky enough to be noticed by anyone looking at it in this short amount of time, and the temperature seemed to get even warmer.
@DarkwolfX37I just finished my CS is it oaky or do I need to change anything?

Looks good! You'll be waking up nearby, not quite within eyesight of the others but where you can see the tower from, and your box containing your chips and cards will be next to you. I'll specify all that in the next gm post but wanted to give you a heads up.

Also, here's the link to the discord:

5 standard chips and 2 mega chips, but they have to be version 1 of the chip. So WideShot1 would work, but WideShot2 wouldn't. You also get 5 blank chips and five blank capture cards for having one digimon and one navi. Or you can get additional blank chips instead of seven determined ones.
Also, while you don't need to change it I do want to make sure you know that we have a character who's partnered with a Vorvomon already. Again, it's fine to have two but I just wanted to let you know in case that made you want to change it.
--Inertia is a property of matter that causes it to resist changes in velocity (speed and/or direction). According to Newton's first law of motion, an object with a given velocity maintains that velocity unless acted on by an external force. Inertia is the property of matter that makes this law hold true--

Summer entered the feat hall and sat in the nearest chair. She hadn't paid any attention to her surroundings since getting distracted by ice sculpting.

You mean you haven't paid any attention.

Correct. We haven't paid any attention. Or have you been watching your surroundings this whole time, Miss "I've been looking at the ground since I got here?"


Shion found herself being a lightning rod as she entered the dining hall. Hopefully there she wouldn't be assaulted by snowballs.

--Gravity is a fundamental physical force that is responsible for interactions which occur because of mass between particles, between aggregations of matter (such as stars and planets), and between particles (such as photons) and aggregations of matter, that is 10-39 times the strength of the strong force, and that extends over infinite distances but is dominant over macroscopic distances especially between aggregations of matter--

Why do you keep saying random science things?

--Foreshadowing is an indication of what is to come--
Everything was still for a moment as the three rightfully scared humans wondered what was happening. Then a ping sounded out from Enma's Expanse Caller, signifying that the bar next to the red flame was full. Red text appeared in Enma's vision as the "screen" of the hologram filling much of his view changed from the bars to say "Downloading," which lasted only a moment before being replaced with another screen. The red egg appeared once again at the bottom, but above it was now a strange person, or perhaps creature, that seemed to be looking at Enma.

Around the time that he registered this information, Aki's bar next to the diamond filled completely as well, resulting in a ping just like Enma's had moments earlier. Cyan text appeared in her view to say "Downloading" for only a few seconds before also being replaced with the moving visage of a strange person.

Fighting for Enma's attention, the second bar filled and his view now held a diagonal split from top-right to bottom-left, the upper half filled with the red man while the lower half showed a large red egg. Unlike before, there was no message about a download nor was there a pinging sound.

Lastly, Suzuki would find her loading bar fill and her "screen" be replaced by a white egg which immediately hatched! Cracking open as it shook in place, soon the shell had fallen away and revealed a small creature, which was more than happy to simply move around in its space within the hologram.

Meanwhile, the hardhats seemed to be inching slightly closer, turning at the barest amounts necessary to slowly make their way towards the tower. So slowly they moved that their turning back and forth wasn't visible to anyone not watching from mere inches away.

The Event Horizon is approaching...

Sup! Looking for some more players for a Megaman Battle Network/Star Force and Digimon based RP while it's still getting started. Right now we have three players and a fourth taking a hiatus from RPing in general. I'm hoping to get a few more while we're still in the beginning phases. This'll be the last time I put up an Interest Check for it, so if you have any interest please drop a reply!

In summary: You play a human with 2 digimon partners, a netnavi partner, or one of each. Transported to a new set of worlds with new sets of rules, your main goal is to survive, and maybe save or doom those worlds while you're at it.

No knowledge of the two (three) series is technically required, but it'd help! I'm happy to help with any questions or concerns, both with making characters and with how the RP actually goes if you join.

Further details are in the OOC:…

Thanks for reading and I hope that you decide to join!
Before the humans who had woken up could continue their conversation, a sense of unease filled the air. Slowly, the sound of static appeared and rose in volume until it reached a deafening pitch. As the sound occurred, specks of yellow light could be seen around the nearby tower, floating about and switching brightness from dim to bright like fireflies. Soon the tower appeared to be glowing from all of the points of light attaching themselves to it, their glows becoming uniform as they did. When the last light touched the tower and the sound grew to be almost too much to bear the world around the tower seemed to crack in two spaces; next to the unconscious Anemone and next to Luso and Octavia, who had wandered over near the boxes. The light on the tower rose towards the sky, and anyone who wasn't closing their eyes from the noise would have their attention drawn to the spectacle. The rising light formed a ball which flashed outwards, blinding those looking at it for a moment.

Luso managed to keep his eyes open long enough to see this happen before the searing light made him shut them. Octavia, who had just opened the box with the symbols on her Expanse Caller's screen a moment before, shut her eyes as she focused on blocking out the noise. In the same instant that the crescendo reached its peak and the light pillared to the sky, the crack near the two opened slightly and dozens of spindly white hands came from it, grabbing the two and pulling both them and their boxes into the white void that had appeared when the crack opened. At the same time, near Anemone, the other crack opened to reveal pitch blackness as black hands that mirrored those from the other tear in space rose out to grab her and her box. Both sets of hands quickly retracted after grabbing onto their targets, bringing them through the spacial rifts just as they closed, leaving behind no trace that the cracks had ever existed.

A moment after the flash of light the static began to fade away to nothing, leaving a ringing in the ears of the three remaining humans. Looking around them, they would see that there were now several of what appeared to be yellow hardhats with green plus signs on the front of them laying on the ground nearby. A full count would reveal two to the south, one to the north, and three to the west, relative to the tower. The boxes for the three humans sat just next to the tower's base on the east side. Anyone who looked at the sky would see that the sun was now in the position it should be in at noon.

Aki's diamond symbol's bar was now at approximately ninety-two percent, (92%) while Suzuki's white egg symbol was at around eighty-four percent, (84%) and Enma's red egg and red flame were at about eighty-seven percent (87%) and ninety-five percent (95%) respectively.

There was a flash from near the tower as the three boxes that were still there each flashed a light at a steady, repetitive pace. Aki's flashed blue, Suzuki's flashed white, and Enma's flashed red, all muted colors that weren't too bright on the eyes but were bright enough to be notable in the sunlight.

The air suddenly felt a few degrees warmer.
Are you trying to continue the story from this link or is it a whole new story just the same premise? Either way, I am interested and will read the OOC thoroughly later today.

The current plan is to continue since we've barely started. We've had a player leave and a player seem to disappear completely, though they gave warning that life was getting hectic, so their characters won't be continuing on from where we are right now. But because we're still at the beginning it shouldn't be difficult to introduce new players, so that's why I put this check up for new ones.

Thank you for the interest!
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