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<Snipped quote by Threads of Fate>

Would you confirm it to Baphumet under threat of death?

<Snipped quote by Threads of Fate>

Well, I guess that makes sense. Okay, well, I'm assuming now that this outcome is certain, we have a better chance than we did before, anyway, even if it's not the max. Next question: do you think you can help us confirm that entropy is permanently reversible with the NaN sector?

It is. Even in a worst case scenario, there appears to be an "Admin" who could do so manually if necessary.
<Snipped quote by Threads of Fate>

So, you're saying that this wasn't that implausible after all?

I was asked for possibilities that don't fall under implausibility, which I define as ten percent. There's is an above ten percent chance of her assisting if all the other Codex work together.
<Snipped quote by Threads of Fate>


Given that death is already almost a certainty if we don't win and only a possibility if we do, I'm hoping that the Codex will take your deal in exchange for your help. Ulthar, how much will Baphumet's joining us raise our chances?

I added her in our best possible outcomes of fourty-seven and fifty-four.
@Threads of Fate

<Snipped quote by Legend Begins>

I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you're not trying to make some dirty deal. Ulthar, what are the odds that we all die if we fail at our goal?

I don't need to use my powers to tell you it's very high.
<Snipped quote by Threads of Fate>

I understand your dedication. How dedicated can you inspire the other Codex to become?

I don't think I can very much.
@Threads of Fate
<Snipped quote by Legend Begins>

I think it would. But But this Codex—what's your name, by the way?—says that we all have to work together for the best odds. So that hurdle is still there, though maybe not as high as it has to be set for your ritual.

Xirqiae-Ulthar. You may call me Ulthar if that's simpler.
<Snipped quote by Threads of Fate>

Failure is more likely than success. That is all.

Correct, unfortunately.
<Snipped quote by Threads of Fate>

The statistics on the likelihood of your success again?

You want me to list them again, or are you asking if that's what I'm referring to?
<Snipped quote by Threads of Fate>

Having no reason to believe that order will not cease being generated is not sufficient. Even granting that true generation of order is taking place, I do not have confidence that such a change is non-volatile.

The main problem with it is what I'm here for. The generating of Codex abilities among Codi. Many of which include the power of entropy control, though none on the scale you're after. I understand that you've spent your life dealing with that problem, but it's not a problem anymore.
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