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6 mos ago
Current One of each? Those are rookie numbers, you gotta bump those up.
1 yr ago
"Is it better to let someone drown in anger or to try to save them? Is it more cruel to drag someone out of their hatred or to let them wallow in it?"
1 yr ago
Happy New Year~ (Shortly)
1 yr ago
Ah yes, crysler. The day that the Mariah was Carried.
2 yrs ago
"December slowly creeps into my September heart."
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<Snipped quote by Threads of Fate>

Thanks, Erra. Once we're all set, and we go through with this, everything's going to go to shit. We'll have to get through that before things will calm down enough to start gathering allies. But we have a decent chance of making it to that point.

I understand. I'll be ready for your signal.
<Snipped quote by Malevocholy>

We just might need it. Thanks.

*Into the device, after walking around the area and looking at various things in it*
It looks like the checkpoint is safe. I'll continue keeping watch until I receive your signal.
<Snipped quote by Threads of Fate>

May I request for your interference to stop them? So we can stop?

*Just before you three leave the voice speaks again*
I am unsure how to proceed with such a request.

<Snipped quote by Threads of Fate>

I don't need interruptions.
*Snips at the surrounding landscape and we end up in a flat canyon surrounded by stone*

<Snipped quote by Spiritblitz>

You've made yourself an enemy not of the council, but of every disciple of water.
*Shifts forward, then back in time before returning to my current place to avoid each shot*

*Is silent after you disappear, before the sky forms into my mask and I appear wearing it in the area you were in*
*Takes off my mask and pulls out a small device*
Location secured, no hostilities encountered.
<Snipped quote by Threads of Fate>

Can you stop carrot-head for a second? That would be very helpful.

*The voice rings out again*
I am not currently given permission to directly interfere, only to make my request.
<Snipped quote by Meta>

How many are there of you?

<Snipped quote by Techspert>

*Slices in the path of the bullet, deflecting it away from me*
Are we really going to do the same dance again? Especially when the entire council knows you're a dead man now?

<Snipped quote by Meta>

You took my daughter!
*Unloads the entire magazine into your center of mass, each shot aimed further into the past than the last*

*A dark sky littered with stars appears from a small black dot above you three, and a voice rings out from it*
Deepest apologies for the inconvenience and interruption, but would you mind terribly if I asked you to go elsewhere with your squabble?
<Snipped quote by Meta>

*Shrugs and goes to find him*

<Snipped quote by Yatagarasu>

*Looks at other Shion*
Do you know how to tie a bow?

<Snipped quote by Threads of Fate>

*Goes to collect the notepad*

<Snipped quote by Yatagarasu>

You're such a freak. Just finish your notes.

*Hands it to you*
<Snipped quote by Threads of Fate>

Point made.

<Snipped quote by Yatagarasu>

I'll bite your ear off and see how you like that.

Mm. *Finishes writing*
<Snipped quote by Threads of Fate>

It's not like she can't read it, can she?

<Snipped quote by Yatagarasu>

Careful with those offers.

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