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Also from me: I have a two week class I have to take so I'm going to go to bed around 11:00 PM central for the next couple weeks. So night, laters.
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It ain't much. Also, Fallout 4 is being a bitch in the graphics department and lags like crazy, so I'll have to avoid recording it for the time being.

Yeah, it's a bit of a beast at times. Thanks for the link.
So I'm probably going to be offline the rest of the evening to record and play Fallout 4. Just a heads up for those interacting with Ainz or Fenris.

Link to YT channel/Twitch?
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Its worth a try.

We'd have to find someone first.
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What if we can find someone who has the same ability?

Hm, it might work. I guess it depends on whether it's as easy as "add curse" and "remove curse" or if there's some kind of complex mechanism underneath.
Sorry guys. I really wanted to join this one, but with work and real life, things are pretty hectic right now. So I'm gonna drop. Again I'm really sorry, but I gotta focus on this stuff first.

No worries. We're always open if you change your mind.
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Yeah, but what does Second do that allows him to work with the tangle?

Second's ability is to manipulate the Strings of Fate. Everything in the world that interacts is connected with a series of string-like paths. When I walk forward, I'm following one of these paths. When some beings use their abilities, though not all, they use these paths to interact with whatever it is they're doing. Even gravity has its own strings that pull all of us toward the ground. Likewise, this enemy's ability entangled us with its own strings, so he had to untie those like a big knot.
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What was it that allowed him to do it? Power? Magic?

Second, or the one who caused this?
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What about those who share DNA?

Maybe! But it may be too tightly wound to transfer it at all anymore. Second really had to work hard to put it on me to begin with.
@Etcetera Nah, it's all good! ^_^. I just figured this might be a good character since I don't wanna use any of my other ones. And again thank you! ^_^

Just let us know if you have any questions. As you saw in the opening post, we don't have a GM so it's entirely a collaborative effort to run this. Did you want to start out as a Tier Four, an interdimensional being, or start as a Tier Three first figuring out how to escape their home dimension? I suppose we could do a Tier Three that doesn't become a Four, but that's harder.
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