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I would like to think so-

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*I am immediately cut of by a notification on my phone, and i check it*


Is something wrong?
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Hekrom: ill try every other option first, though.

She saved you, so she can't be all bad, right?
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None of those.

I'm at a loss, then. Sandopolis is pretty annoying though.
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Worse as in annoying.
It's not.

I prefer annoying over poorly designed, not that there are too many of those.
If you mean Sandopolis, I already know about that level. I'll disagree if you mean Hilltop, because that's one of the best stages in Sonic 2. Oil Ocean, I can kind of agree but am ambivalent. Starlight, also kind of agree. Marble Zone? Sure, it's slow. Marble Garden? No way; that stage rocked.
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No because the level is even worse remade.

Worse as in poorly designed or worse as in annoying?
I severely hope it's not Mystic Cave.
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Hekrom:... then i may kust have to kill her. I'm one of veey few whom have an ability thats almost guaranteed to work.

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Hekrom: thats fair.

And what if you don't find anyone?
Hekrom: yes, but asusming that there is at least one confirmed power of the mind, There are probably more.

I don't know any, speaking just for myself.
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Hekrom: the odds are slim, but i would say its possible. I mean, my abilities dela with Psychokinesis, so if im able to move things with my mind, then whos to stay there wont be someone who can read minds?

Isn't that different though?
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Not it's worse.

Doesn't exist. Metropolis is definitely the worst.
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