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Ah, yes. That should be fairly easy to figure out, so we should go over the process for the wind release rasengan. Add wind nature to your rasengan so that the small gaps in chakra are filled with pressurized air, spinning the same as the chakra. It takes more concentration so practicing it is important to making it viable. Once you can do that you can learn a very, very powerful technique that builds on it.

I see.
*Creates a rasengan and begins adding air to it*
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Where were we?

Lightning manipulation.
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Sure. It would be prudent then to practice your breathing while doing the other training, except where a different breathing technique is necessary.

Of course. I'll pay mind to that.
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There is. I can hit you with some of the energies it'll help block against, once you've got chi flowing.

At some point I would like to, if that's alright.
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That's because it's less of an actual shield and more like a river of energy that sweeps up other energies within it, preventing them from hitting you.

Is there a way to test its effectiveness?
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If you learned the proper breathing, it should happen naturally as you spend more time in that state. Didn't Cupid teach you that already?

Yes, but I've never had a noticeable effect like a shield.
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It will naturally repel certain other types of spiritual energy. So by keeping a flow through your body, it will help defend against them.

Would you be willing to teach me that technique as well?
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Channeling it into your attacks, essentially. Using the breathing techniques associated with it will help as well. Allowing it to flow freely through you can allow it to act in defensive ways as well.

Defensively how?
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You know chi, right? Where I'm from, that's an "eastern" technique, which are usually useful against "western" based supernatural forces like light-based angels. As for finding their weak spot, you'll have a much easier time if you decide to get eyes beyond those that chakra can give at the end of your training here, but without them it's pretty much trial and error. Try removing limbs or the head and see how they react to it.

How can I more effectively use chi in combat?
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