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<Snipped quote by Etcetera>

Fixed the image because once you pointed out it being obvious I couldn't leave it anymore. -_-

Was it intended to go unnoticed for a long while?

<Snipped quote by DarkwolfX37>

Forgot to paste it lol

The fact that her eyes point in different directions bugs me. But the writing is fine.
By the way, we seem to have the attention of someone pretty impressive.

Good impressive?

<Snipped quote by Etcetera>

Absolutely. If it can't get by someone barely awake then it's gotta be garbage.

I'll read it then.
<Snipped quote by Webmaster>

Yeah but by then I could have it looked over by the gm who it's going to.

Do you want an exhausted review then?
<Snipped quote by Etcetera>

Get to Glask. Don't get hurt. Don't do anything stupid.

Alright. We'll do that quickly.
<Snipped quote by Etcetera>

No prob. We're here to help.

So, immediate plans?
<Snipped quote by Etcetera>

Curtis: Nope, sounds good to me.

Alright. Thanks Red.
*To everyone in the room with me*
Alright, I'll meet you all in Glask to give you anything you need as far as gear goes. I hope I've given you enough info for the moment.

I don't think there's anything else. Curtis?
<Snipped quote by Etcetera>

Letting me live?

Very curious, indeed...
*Climbs into a tree and navigates throughout the forest via the tree tops*
<Snipped quote by Etcetera>

That's fantastic. I'm glad to hear that you're doing okay.

You've ignited my curiosity, human. It is entirely out of character for me, but I think, just this once, I'll let you live. I have a feeling we'll cross paths again one day, and I won't hesitate to end you then.
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