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<Snipped quote by Etcetera>

- heheh, always one step ahead of me.

Coheed:that's our victoria, alright.

- indeed it is.

Royce: If you're listening, Victoria, you onow according to article 18 in setcion 234-a of the EDB's Constitution, you know that persons of power that are placed under any form of arrest forfeit their power for the duration of their holding, and quite possibly at all, should they be found guily of their crime and jailed.

Then you'll be glad to know that I'm not the one who made the designation. After a little chat, the National Security Council was more than happy to oblige. And in case that isn't incentive enough, regardless of whether or not you're officially designated an enemy of the state, your actions speak for themselves. You and any council member in this room who continues to oppose the status quo may easily find themselves guilty of treason, and subject to tribunal.
<Snipped quote by Etcetera>

Coheed: whatever he has done was to protect us. There hasnt been a time ive known him to do anything selfish, albeit it seeming that way at first. Also, you do know that i can just as easily show you that the video could have been edited.

Royce: then why would shinji go through such great lengths to hide it, hmm?


Royce: thats what I had thought.

*lpoks to the other council members*
You see? This monster has been keeping us in the dark. There are god like beings out there that could wipe us out in a blink of an eye. And our oh so great leader here believed we were better off not knowing this. He put it into our heads that we were safe. Untouchable. Its all lies. He amd his little superhero group have been treading a thin line, fighting these unspeakable horrors. Should they have slipped up even minimally, It could have dastardly results. For example...

*pulls up a picture of Waternaux city*

This 'city' was a secret kept from all of us. This galaxy sized metropolis was destroyed by some of these foes he has faced. An entire city that large, gone. They failed, and it cost them dearly.

But thats not even the best part. The kicker here? The villains could be right under our noses. Shinji here was even Married to one of them, before they showed their true side. Thats right, shinji here wasmarried to the bloosthristy war criminal known as Kirina.

*thousands of outraged cries ring out from the crowd*

I'm intervening.
*Activates the intercom*
This is head council member Victoria Raine. As I'm sure you're all aware, Royce has been designated as a domestic terrorist. Any council members caught assisting him in his goals will be charged with aiding and abetting criminal activities—this will result in you losing your position at best, and at worst, severe penalties.
<Snipped quote by Source>

- *walks into the room Royce is in, Coheed follows*

Royce: * my face contorts into one of anger and dissaproval*
Why arent you in your holding cell, shinji?

*looks to Coheed*

...You. you freed Victoria too, didnt you?

Coheed: They did nothing wrong, and you know it, Monster.

Oh..? Did shinji really do nothing wrong?

*holds up a disc device*

- n-no.. Royce, you dont understand what your doing with that. Thats very dangerous knowledge. The public isnt ready-

Royve: oh, you're a bit late for that one. This was uploaded on our main drives, and shipped to every agency across existence. It was then distributed to every data base on the internet. Youve lied and used us for power. You used us as a cover for what you really are.

*Starts to fill out documents*
<Snipped quote by Etcetera>

*walks off*
Echo, Kurtis, on me. Coheed, stay with Delta and Victoria.

Coheed: sir, I'm coming with you.

*rolls my eyes*
Fine. Come.


Bye Shinji. Don't die.
<Snipped quote by Etcetera>


Coheed: time to go?

-time to go.

Have fun.
<Snipped quote by Etcetera>

What are you gonna do?

Watch and not get hurt. I don't have anything I can use to help. I'd get in the way.
<Snipped quote by Etcetera>

... youve done incredibly well today, and I wont deny you that.

*Brushes my hair behind my ear*
Thank you. Let's save Joy. And by that, I mean you go save Joy.
<Snipped quote by Etcetera>

Echo. And as far as Im concerned, ill let you keep thinking that about being the bigger person. Youve been striking me low all day today.

I've done almost everything right today. You have some issues to work out.
<Snipped quote by Etcetera>

Its not a war, not yet. Its us preventing one. Not like we have much of a choice.

Fine, I'll be the bigger person. What is Delta's Sister's name?
<Snipped quote by Etcetera>

Royce is mine. But first we get Joy. And by the way, these soldiers have names. Feel free to ask about them.

You need to check your attitude. I'm not the one sending a child into a civil war.
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