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<Snipped quote by Etcetera>

Pro tip: Don't push your luck.

<Snipped quote by Melodious>

*Looks at her from the corner of my eye and speaks loud enough for her to hear*
Maybe Data will poke her with needles until we figure something out.

<Snipped quote by Dynamics>

If it helps, it might be induced by being upset. She didn’t like that we weren’t letting her come help The Legend.

And I was right!
<Snipped quote by Etcetera>

Kinesis. You used your mind to move things, somehow.

I did? Woah.
<Snipped quote by Dynamics>

Machina took off through a portal she made with his remote thing and we chased after her to keep her from getting hurt. Did you know she’s got, like, pretty capable telekinesis or something similar?

<Snipped quote by Etcetera>

I am Gajeel. Why does your family have dumb names?

Better than yours.
<Snipped quote by Etcetera>

*stares at you*
Why is your name Machina?

What's your name?
<Snipped quote by Etcetera>

<Snipped quote by Dynamics>

You have a sister?

Yeah! I'm Machina!
<Snipped quote by Session>

Why should I? Did you see all of this garbage???

*Grabs your leg*
Sis, why are you still mad at Third?
<Snipped quote by Melodious>

You'll all be fiiiiine! Look at it this way, he could have just killed you, and even if you didn't show up, you would've been in the same spot as you are now. But you're all good as new and here with us!

Yeah yeah!!
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