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*Checks the state of affairs in the capital*
*Follows a stream of notifications*
<Snipped quote by Etcetera>

Sandra: are you okay, miss?

I’ll be fine. Don’t worry about me.
*Pauses and sets down my phone*
<Snipped quote by Etcetera>

Meh, there's worse ways to go out.

Not many.
<Snipped quote by Etcetera>

Nope. This will relfect on me. I'll see to that as well.

Going out with a bang, I see.
<Snipped quote by Etcetera>

Thank you... and Victoria? This amaranthine won't be around when the election is over... I'll personally see to it.

It’s probably blown up my chances anyway.
<Snipped quote by Etcetera>

Its... horrible, honestly. Something straight out of a scifi horror movie.... I'll start saving suvivors, send in a few squadrons of stealth carriers. Have them meet me at disclosed locations on your holomap. Sending that info now.

*the info pops up, showing 1,300 locations*

I’ll get those sent ASAP.
<Snipped quote by System>

*pulls up Victoria 8n the feed*
Help is on the way... I'm going to head into the fray, comms might go on the fritz once i'm in.

How does it look out there?
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