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Current In any interaction that I create/control, anyone's free to join as long as their char has an IC method of being there. You're welcome to hop in!
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Standing Loudly.... Somehow
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<Snipped quote by Source>

*Snaps my hand back for a moment to see what exactly is happening, then quickly snatches at the crystal anyway*

<Snipped quote by Tank O The Lake>

*Given that I have no true physical body in the traditional sense, and my anatomy is unknown, I don't seem to have any pain receptors that activate*
Enjoy it while you last.
*Stays focused on the gem*

*Your manipulatory limb falters and halts, a different consciousness controlling it.*
<Snipped quote by Source>

*Places my hands on your back very suddenly, encapsulating you in a bubble of dense Brinkspace reality*

<Snipped quote by Tank O The Lake>

*Expands the same sphere of reality as an aura around me, capturing the insects in a space of infinitely expanding space between us that keeps them from reaching me*

*My voice still rings out.*

Oh, you think space is going to stop me? Thanks to your gift, I am no longer spatially constrained. I can be here-

*My voice comes from behind you.*

Or here-


Or there-


Maybe even here-

*From everywhere at once.*

Anywhere I want to be. So now we get to work.

*My metaphysical form dissolves like smoke in the wind. Then, my voice rings out from within your head. You feel your pain-receptors being prodded and activated, one by one.*

I'm going to enjoy this.
<Snipped quote by Tank O The Lake>

*The psionic attacks are buffered by the growing-infinity effect within my body that is caused by the compressed void of Brinkspace it consists of, making it far more manageable*
Tell me if it matters.
*Pulls a bubble of space from my form that contains a large portion of the attacks you launched at me, and expands it around you, forcibly bombarding you with your own attack*

<Snipped quote by Source>

You have it, is your plan to now run forever?
*The crystal begins to chaotically disperse all kinds of devastating energies inside of you*

*I stagger backwards, stunned, before I recover and teleport a shard of my own being into you. It reacts violently with the Brinkspace, generating enough energy to boil an ocean. That power is fully contained within you.*

Brothers and sisters... grant me strength.

*A massive swarm of insects pierces the boundary and crowds around you, ripper-blades scything.*
<Snipped quote by Tank O The Lake>

No care? Then you have the wrong idea about me.

<Snipped quote by Source>

*The crystal flashes as reality folds momentarily between us, closing the distance and allowing me to reach out and grab you by the face, smashing you into the dirt and pinning you there*

*I chuckle.*

*In an instant, I am right behind you. As a psychic assault of massive proportions tatters your mind, a single phrase booms through your mangled thoughts.*

Clueless, aren't you?
<Snipped quote by Source>

*Reality surrounding me is quickly veiled in unstable Brinkspace that then expands outward rapidly, consuming them all*

<Snipped quote by Tank O The Lake>

The sooner it ends, the better it is for everyone.

Yes, but neither of us seem to care about these... mortals. To use Existence, or to burn it. That is our goal. If the eddies of fate were better on our side...

*The phantom gives off an aura of wistfulness.*

But while you stand, I will be prevented from reaching my apex. So, really, I regret it having come to this.

*I ready my psi.*

No hard feelings, pal. But you need to go.
<Snipped quote by Webmaster>

*It dissolves totally in the void within me, and I point a finger at you, shooting a beamlike projectile that is Outside-heavy Brinkspace directly toward you*

<Snipped quote by Tank O The Lake>

That was incredibly long-winded. You-

<Snipped quote by Source>

*Glances your way briefly*
*Holds in my hand a small orb, with the image of a stone structure held in it like a sort of distorted snowglobe*

I'm enjoying this, really. So sad this has to come to an end.
<Snipped quote by Webmaster>

*Thrusts my hands outward, unleashing a pulse in all directions with substance-manipulating properties, turning all matter it touches into raw energy and all energy into harmless, gaseous matter*

*I, being composed of essentially null, am once again unaffected. In fact, a radius around me remains pristine simply by all higher forms of energy being consumed by my presence. All the while, my psychic presence imposes an air of coming doom over the entire battlefield, friendly and otherwise. Around me, organic flesh begins to decay, metal rusts, stone collapses into sand. When I speak, it is with a low whisper that is still somehow heard from miles away.*

I thank you, truly. You have freed me from my mortal form and let me persist. Well, you didn't let me, I just did. You couldn't have known that I would live on through sheer force of will. But then again, one can't predict what will happen in a battle between someone who refuses to lose and someone who refuses to die. I won't call myself a god, because that implies some lofty ideal and I'm honest with myself at least. I am simply a spark. Behind me...

*I gesture upwards towards the wretched abyss. Patches of green and white are in the skies above, and they are growing.*

Is the flame. We're not inexorable, but you've done nothing to set us back. Rather, you've done nothing but call out to us, scream into the void.

Don't be surprised when the void answers.
<Snipped quote by Webmaster>

A barrier against reality warping itself. Hm.
*Turns toward Kat and Sven*

<Snipped quote by Source>

*Is exactly where we were before the Sensory Deprivation attack*

*The entire hiatus, I had been charging up a psychic assault, having completely ignored the attacks made to me, and now I unleash my stored power, letting loose a storm of psychic blasts that shred through Nemid before letting out a mighty telepathic war-cry that both attracts and invigorates the Withers in orbit. Ships of many sizes and types seem to blanket the skies.*

Brothers, sisters! Today we have found ourselves a victim, one who cannot die! Let us show him the meaning of our hospitality! Welcome him with open arms, and he shall play our games forevermore. Witherhive, CHARGE!
<Snipped quote by Tank O The Lake>

It's not my call. Besides, in the meantime, I get to do what I really want to do while I'm here.

And that is?
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