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<Snipped quote by Legend>

Coheed: *looks stressed*

... its only a matter of time, now... this reality is being ripped apart by the volatile Amaranthine.... these children... im not sure I can save them...

*looks to you, with worn eyes*

I know this is a lot to ask... but there are 13 beings here, including myself. Can you take the other 12 children away from here, if I can get you back home?....I.... I couldnt forgive myself if they died, here.

Where could I possibly take them, if this world is being torn apart?
Whatever it is, he just adsorbed a lot of it.

Not sure how that'll affect him. Soul could tell you.
It's intelligent?

No, but those made of it are.
What does it do?

It's effectively a type of matter that can choose what it does and doesn't interact with.
What was the energy that he ate? Amaranthine?

<Snipped quote by Legend>

Coheed: *facepalms*

Ugh, temporal portals. Theyve been popping up more and more. Ever since the great event, the Amaranthine has been tearing this planet apart, creating a place between space and time with each fissure. Few places were untouched. Apparently this area isnt safe, anymore. Can you pinpoint the exact location of the portal?

It was outside, where Jakobi ran into me. I don't know if it's still there.
<Snipped quote by Legend>

Coheed: what properties did it have? Purple? Seemingly draws you in?

That sounds about right.
<Snipped quote by Legend>

Coheed:... what kind of void.

It looked like a crack in the air and tugged me in. I don't know anything beyond that.
<Snipped quote by Legend>
Hmm. Where are you from?

I'm from a distant place. Some kind of void brought me here.
<Snipped quote by Legend>

*the figure reaches their arm out for a greeting handshake*

The name's Coheed. They call me the Councilman.

*Shakes your hand*
Singularity. They don't call me much.
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