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Ah, that's who I confused him with. Second. Just out of curiosity, which of the two is stronger?

Second. By far.
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I've heard both used as names. I was wondering if they were two different entities.

The entity Time Line is distinct from the concept of time.
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Is Time different then Fate?

What do you mean?
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Won't things end at the end of Time?

Don't count on it.
You are protecting a man who quite litterally will be the downfall of your group, and all of existence.

You're making a bold assumption.
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I fail to see the reasoning.

Shinji is a member of the group and this guy attacked us, so we're fighting back. How much more context do you need?
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Then why save him? Enemies should be destroyed.

Not Shinji. This guy here. That I'm fighting.
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What makes his life any more or less important then anyone else's? Thousands of people and creatures die everywhere, all the time. What makes this "the right thing"?

Because this guy attacked us. Simple.
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Why are we saving his life? It's the right thing to do.
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