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<Snipped quote by Legend>

Mierno: always is.

<Snipped quote by Legend>

Mierno: *shrugs*

It shouldnt be here. This planet technically doesnt exist.

*follows the energy signal*

Bad idea.
<Snipped quote by Legend>

Mierno: nah, im just gonns kill it. Im not in the mood to talk. Very irritated, very tired.

Wouldn't that be very rude?
<Snipped quote by Legend>
Im gonna go fight whatever caused that energy spike.

Shouldn't you go see what the situation is first?
<Snipped quote by Legend>
....I'll deal with this. You can help if you want.

*looks to issac*
You too, if you wish.

*walks outside*

What are you doing?
<Snipped quote by Legend>
... a while. I've seen and fought some tough things, recently.

*in the distance, an energy spike can be detected*


<Snipped quote by Legend>

Mierno:.... once I recharge, possibly. Ive spoke with Nemid once. Not a fun guy.

How long will that take?

Mierno, will you be joining him?
<Snipped quote by Legend>

But nothing to distinguish where it came from, what it might be, anything?

I think it's a part of him but that's mostly speculation on my part.
<Snipped quote by Legend>

Are there any details about it?

As far as I'm aware, whatever it is is already within him.
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