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Alright, I'm an official 1000 day veteran!
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If people are talking about you behind your back, just fart!
5 mos ago
My fondest childhood memory.......... not having to pay bills
8 mos ago
ME: I got paid today!! MY BILLS: Nah! "I" got paid today!!
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People never cease to amaze me. Lady told me that if I suffer from constipation, anal sex will help with that. Worked for her. Smh


Well Come On In...

*Slight nod* The names King Tai, King, King T, Kingles(yeah...that's right), Kingsley, KT, Tai Tai(yes...some call me that), or simply...."Bro".

A little about myself

I have 6 years experience in RPing and I hope that one day I can write and complete a novel. I'm easygoing and quite friendly...or at least I try to be :D. I'm a comic fan, lover of martial arts and action movies, anime, and all kinds of music.

I'm a bit cartoonish and tend to have a random imagination. I'm into Action packed, adventurous RPs along with romance, super hero based, some fantasy and sci-fi, slice of life, and apocalyptic. Favorite color is Red and I'm dark-skinned ;).

What else......

I also have skype and facebook if you want to friend me there. (At times, I'm barely on FB but you can still ask to add me if you want)

Acquaintances/Honorable Mentions/Friends/Partners

@DarkAngel Kena My very first 1x1 partner on this site. She is awesome and a wonderful friend. I consider her one of my internet siblings. Great to talk to as well. If I'm correct, we have been on the same RP we ever started with. Over 8,000 posts and counting :D

@DemonMiyu She's cool in my book. For someone so patient with me and my, at times, RP neglect, I truly am appreciative to have such a loyal partner and friend like her who enjoys teaming with me.

@Wick Cool as hell...intense with passion...but cool as hell :D. I have mad respect for her. If she ever needed my assistance, I'd do what I can to help

@HaleyTheRandom@SouffleGirl123 These two chickadees here are both not only cool but my respected frenemies from the Men Vs. Women Spam thread. Not only can they take it but they can dish out the damage as well especially when together.

@AdamantiumWolf If you want real action, she brings it. She's someone that I can say, keep me on my toes. Super cool and badass! This Lion can trust this She-Wolf.

@BookGirl1993 Sis from another Miss. Rode with her since we first hooked on another site a few years back. She's one of the first people I've ever RP'd with when I first got into the game. I was very glad when she decided to come on to this site to join me. Just be ready to deal with me if you cause her problems and she let's me know. Love ya sis!

@Ken We may not have known each other long but from what I've witnessed, she's a super cool beautiful black sistah! Wouldn't mind teaming up with her on other RPs and grow as RP partners/peers :D.

@RumikoOhara Heroically cool and Meta extraordinaire. Awesome to role play with, I look forward to the (at times sexy) Meta/super beings/heroes she comes up with. She inspires me to get back into the heroic game with ideas of my own. All and all. Super friend in my book.

@KrystalKleo Wonderfully awesome. A pleasure to talk with and very caring. Despite her schedule, she's willing to stay up to work with me on our RPs and talk in general. Usually checking on me to see how my day is going. Loyalty at it's finest :D.

@KatherinWinter One of the first people I RPed with when I joined :D. Kind cool as hell and always driven in creativity for her RPs and an awesome RP partner! there's always bound to be something she runs that will catch my eye and interest. Thanks to her, she helped me to get a better understanding for character development :D.

@Dynamo Frokane Bro of Bros! He was the first person to welcome me to the guild and if I want some serious, ass whoopin', bad ass action, he's the one I'd refer to in getting that. Two different nations, common interests. I got yo back bro!

@BoyMom035 Creative, awesome, and refreshing to talk to. Known her for a short period of time but I swear, feels like we've known each other for years. She is down to earth with lovely humor and I appreciate her company. Funny how comfy you can get with talking to someone. Yep..might as well be my sis or recently established BFF that we named FOFs= Friends of F***ery lol

@Wolfmother May have just joined this site not long ago but she's absolutely amazing as a person and RPer. Cool to talk to and open to types of RPs I've been craving, she helps with easing my boredom. I'd recommend RPing with her.

@WhiteLily Smart, fun, and just plain enjoyable to RP with. She brings the fluff along with the drama and in a creative way. Easily adaptable, sometimes she makes posting simple but yet with so much quality. She's a sweet person and someone I could RP with and talk to at any time :D.

@WiccanRose15 Good friend, sweetheart, and quite interesting to RP with. I can admit, I have someone here that never have any complaints in our posting. Very patient with me and loyal enough to continue on having interest despite my crazy work schedule. I truly enjoy her company! And I find the virtual hugs quite comforting.

(Will be adding more soon...I'll keep you posted)

If you want to add my ass on Discord, you can reach me with: King Tai#7510

If you have interest in RPing with me, I have a page that you can sneak up on and lurk rape RIGHT UP IN HERE!

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Xia alexander

Location: Luna Sports Facility

Interesting. That was the first thing that came to Xia's mind when Paige mentioned she simply gave it a wild guess. Hell of a guess but she was close enough. Some wouldn't guess about her nationality for the fear of insulting her thinking she's of another culture. Jamaicans didn't like to be confused with Haitians and vice versa just like Puerto Ricans didn't like to be mistaken as Mexicans. Xia wasn't that prideful to get upset over a simple misunderstanding. Most people thought everyone from the Caribbean were the exact same. With a small chuckle to the blonde haired southerner, Xia gave a warm smile. Well that's a hell of a guess a darlin'. I did stay in Jamaica for a short period of time since my ex was from there. hearing about Delta City, Florida, Xia had to think about that place for a moment before remembering something. Florida? I actually have family there. It's been maybe 2 years since I've been there. And your Rude-boy...he didn't turn out to be a Yardie did he? My Ex was one. She responded.

Now knowing that Paige was familiar with her parts of the waters, Xia felt she found someone she could actually talk to about home. Someone that knew a little something about her culture and Florida was pretty fucking close. Now hearing about the smoothie, Xia pointed to the cup and smirked. See you can't go wrong with banana and mango. And not that you're taking me back home with that Wray and Nephew, girl, you just help confirm you know a little somethin somethin about that Jamaican happiness baby!! Haha!! getting a little excited about that the reference. Nothing like having Wray and Nephew in mixed in a Bahama Mama drink. You gonna have to let me in on that one. I'm starting to like, Paige. You know your shit. If you know how to make ox tails or curry goat, I'm coming your way. She smile brightly.

Turning back to marlin to and trying to keep herself from getting riled up about home, Xia couldn't help but to still show enthusiasm. Trust Me'll love the Caribbean. Islands all over and very beautiful scenery. Hopefully it wouldn't be a culture shock but it's something you'll have to experience thing though...get some sun screen and bug spray if you're not use to that sort of climate. She warned her. hearing Marlin doubt that her existence in this universe being any good, Xia had to shut that down. hey, now toss that low self esteem shit out the window baby. You're good if you chillin with me! She grinned.

With her mentions of her uncles military workout plans, Xia gave her a good look up and down, scanning her physique. You might have ached but you was able to build some sexiness and that outfit is doing you some justice. And loser buys lunch or smoothies? You're on. Just let me know the time you want to do it and I'll see if I can bring a real challenge to your confident ass. She winked.

See...just like with Paige...can't go wrong with Banana and mangos. Gives you that soothing energy. And seeing as all three of us have accents, I bet we could all get free stuff. Not that I'm that kind of woman but shit just happens to be free when someone likes hearing your exotic voice. She wondered if marlin's ever tried rum before? She's probably have tried many European style alcoholic beverages but was she into trying something new? if so, Xia was down with going out and having a good time with marlin...hell...even Paige if she wanted to. With Marlin offering up her services as a pilot, Xia raised an eyebrow. Well...if you're willing to give me a private ride back to the Caribbean, you'll be the first I'll call. She said.

Xia's phone started buzzing and it was her aunt this time. the mother of her cousin Carlo. The smile she wore, sort of faded but she let it buzz so that she'd answer later. So what do you ladies have planned after you leave here?
I'll try and have a post up soon
That shit right there, that was some growing hair on your chest and nuts kind of shit, he tried. That's what Prisoner 8951 felt after trying a swig of that one hitter quitter whiskey. manning up from the burning sensation and trying to get himself back together, he was not going to try that again. Walking on and shaking off the power of his drink, he looked behind him a few times while going forward just making sure no one would get the drop on him until getting to the platform and went onward to the stairs. Now...after hearing the noises, 8951 pondered if he should head up to find out who that would be or play it safe and try not to run into anyone. Of course he's going to go where the people are. He was a fighter and who knows, whoever is up there could have something better for him to use as a weapon. If he didn't get himself killed first. With that, he made his decision to head upstairs. Maybe cautiously but curiously.
Will probably make an introduction for Knox soon.
"Tricky" Teka

Location - The Streets


Getting confirmation that the necromancer was not the girlfriend of that guy, Teka felt that this guy was going to be a c**kblocker. Seeing how he responded to him and giving Teka the eye of not trusting him, Teka shrugged him off. If he was going to be a problem and attack him, Teka would simply defend himself the best way he knew how. At least he was leaving, Teka didn't want to be acquainted with him anyway. he had two ladies now all to himself. When the male started to leave, he turned his attention back to the floating female in front of him.

he looked down at the little girl hiding behind the necromancer and after that little sappy introduction, Teka lazily averted his eyes when the female wanted to ask him question. "Natty huh? I'm don't have to use the Mr part of it. And...if you have questions...go on ahead but let me ask you a question first...." Teka said walking up a little closer looking the girl up and down as if he wanted to ask a perverted question. Awkwardly silent for a moment, he finally broke the silence "Do you know a good place that sells coffee cake muffins. I'm in search for it." He asked her. We can talk on the way...if you know where this shop is at..
Xia Alexander

Location: Luna Sports Facility

Xia's eyes switched between both Paige and mali, listening to their claims of mostly knowing each other in passing. Sort of same situation between Xia and Mali. Hearing the Southern Accent of Paige when she introduced herself, Xia's first impression was that Paige could easily be a no nonsense hard ass who'd readily put you in your place and wouldn't bat and eye when, in Xia's way of saying, "droppin' yo ass". It's funny because Xia is sort of like that herself but she herself have learned to not make an enemy out of the world and chilled a bit. Still though, Paige came off as someone Xia wouldn't mind getting to know. This reason is because of the question Paige asked her. She must've been familiar with the Caribbean scene despite being hella ways from it. This piqued her curiosity since she named a place her family is from and grew up around. yes her accent was a dead give away that she was from there but to be that spot on? Nice to meet you Paige...and...well...Barbados. I was born in Saint Thomas, Virgin Islands and been back and forth in Barbados. My mama and family are from there. That was a hell of a guess. You know some people from Jamaica or Barbados? Or just familiar with the Caribbean in general? She asked her. She definitely had her attention now. Talking about back home was like expressing her emotions.

Not to be rude, she answered Mali back whens he mentioned that they were okay and the reason why they've never ran into each other in the facility. With a slight chuckle, Xia responds Oh that's good but if you have yourself a great lawyer expensive and willing to do what it takes to help you in the end, you'll get away with murder......wait I hope you never murdered anyone in the past... Xia gave a sideways look at Mali.

But you don't look like you'll do some shit like that. She said while wiggling her index finger in a nah-uh fashion. Ah! Everyone has a purpose and importance. We as human just tend to do stupid stuff that hinders us from greatness and harm our own chances to peace in life. Xia nodded feeling good dropping some knowledge. I see...yeah I'm always around machines. They'll probably rule over us someday but for right now, I'm going to rule them. BUT I don't always use them myself. Thanks to my daddy and his military style workouts, I get better results using my very own body and it's attributes to get me in better shape.

Oh Don't get Xia started on workouts and exercises and sports or anything of that nature, she'd talk about it for hours. Xia smirked when Mali was speaking about her swimming skills. Xia wasn't a bad swimmer but when it came to competition, she may try harder. She crossed her arms and nodded with a smile. Oh? Alright...alright, I hear your confidence. We can go at it anytime you we both have some extra time to spare, sweetheart. She winked.

Still looking between the two, the slight relationship between the two didn't look very pleasant. Not that it made Xia feel awkward but she could feel the tension between the two. Whatever was going on between them was their business but Xia could see herself making friends and workout/sports/sparring friendly rivals out of them. She looked at their smoothies. What kind of smoothies did you two ladies get? my favorite is one of the Protein power smoothies...the one with the Peanut butter, chocolate, and banana in it. keeping the conversation in a good least...try to for now...
Hearing the two out once more, Isago could do nothing more than to take Kai's word for it. If it was an issue, he would've heard something by now and he didn't seem like the type that would intentionally put them in any danger. "Alright...we'll stay at the basement for now. Kid, if you hear anything or run into any trouble at all, I know you can handle yourself but contact either me or Ratte." He mentioned. "And lead the way..." He said to Kai to take them to the basement. Isago took another look to Ratte to see if she picked up on anyone suspicious.

There was a gulp coming from 8951. After looking to his left and right and checking out the bottle, 8951 couldn't help but feel this was just a set up for him to fail. What the hell was going to do with a glass bottle besides breaking it across someone's head and using the jagged shard that was left to stab others? And the supposed whiskey...was he suppose to gain his courage from drinking it?

The poem didn't make sense to him, since riddles and such was not his forte. Picking up the bottle, to have some form of security to use it as protection, 8951 took to the right to start off cautiously. He took a quick swig of the contents of the bottle just to give it a taste while walking forth and stayed on guard.
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