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Current I feel the only ones that are not complaining about the mandatory lockdowns are the gamers and people like me who likes staying home not doing shit.
12 mos ago
I think my creative juices are finally flowing again
1 yr ago
First night without my son. I already miss my little troublemaker.
2 yrs ago
Alright, I'm an official 1000 day veteran!
2 yrs ago
My fondest childhood memory.......... not having to pay bills


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Don't have much to say right now but while this is under construction, wanted to mention that my circumstances have changed now that I have a newborn baby in the house. With that said, I will be on when I can and my posts may not be consistent or fast on a daily basis. That goes for both group and PM RPs. If I take forever posting, my apologies in advance. But I will try and inform ones I work with of my current status and when I'll attempt to post again.

Appreciation to the ones I work with
Thanks :D

In the meantime:

If you want to add me on Discord, you can reach me with: King Tai#7510

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Name: Edge
Gender: Male
Race: Enhanced Human
Class: Assassin
Alignment: Neutral
Age: ???
Size: Above average
Body Type: Thin but athletic
Height: 6'1
Weight: 180
Complexion: Brown skin
Handedness: ambidextrous
Scars: too many to remember
Relationship Status: Single: for good reason
Personality: reserved, distant, serious, and yet respectable while being able to be brutal, professional
Mannerisms: tends to keep note of his surroundings
Likes: Very little
Dislikes: A lot

Abilities and Weapons:

Sporting an artificial spine, he's granted above peak physical attributes. he uses tech along with melee and firing weapons. He's skilled in ninjitsu, sword style, stealth, and various other hand to hand combat.

He wears an outfit that grants him invisibility, and floor tilting (basically wall and ceiling crawling). He has a Digital matrix implant that can digitally shapeshift his image to look like others. Also capable of using holograms of himself as a distraction.

Besides the outfit, he has several powers. one, he can see weaknesses, has danger senses (Like spidey sense), heightened senses, and pain suppression.

Weapons: He uses a blade with material that can cut nearly anything thanks to the material being able to disrupt molecules. He also uses a short blade as well and a rifle with special ammo for long distance fights.

(WIP of the special ammo he uses.)

Miss Avington was pretty happy to see how her new student task force was already on the job and looking at veronica, she spoke up Miss Veronica Blaise. nice to meet you, I'm the student Dean here, Miss Avington. I sent the invitation for you to come here because well...we need the help. I'm sure you'll run into your soon to be comrades soon enough. When you have some time, come to my office. Excuse me but I have a matter to attend to. She smirked noticing Kamiko was coming and could potentially meet her partner in this school to help fight for the halls.

Someone was watching these two girls who just seemed to stir up some crap all of a sudden as two males stayed hidden, not getting involved while studying them. There was still another gang in this part of the halls that could be a threat enough to stop these girls but little did they know, there was already a knuckle head on the way to deal with that other gang as they spoke. with two gangs basically down, one of the two other gangs was on the way noticing something went down and asking around, 7 males were heading over to the girls that already beat up on Righty and lefty. @Wayward@sassy1085


harmony was still hiding when Dustin, one of the chaotic 10, came over to speak to Markus. She just watched and listened for a moment. Dustin stared. "I'm Dustin...and it's best you know who you're running into in this school or you will be at a disadvantage and learn the hard way. He shook his hand that was of Markus' good arm. "Seeing your fight, you seem to have good potential. come on..." he said starting to walk to the nurse's office. "You just got here today or have you been here already?" he asked. "I take it you use jiu-jitsu?" he asked as well walking with him. He wondered just how good this guy was. There was a reason he needed to recruit and manpower wise was one of the reasons @Jasper19


Walking into the former Student Council office, Elrey stood at the door as he could hear the hip hop music going on with several students in there talking and smoking before they'd look over to see Elrey. Chet was hiding behind Elrey as the male stared the group down. Hey guys...are you the Brawler Boyz? If you are, I'm here to beat your ass and take this room. He said wanting to free up the Student Council office for his group. The guys all looked at each other and laughed. One guy stood up as at the other end of the room, there were just two guys sitting there quietly watching as some dick head comes in claiming to beat on them.

One guy stood up. "Man get the fuck outta here!" the guy said grabbing his shirt with the intention to throw him out but, with Elrey's strength, he grabbed the guys wrist gripping it harder and harder as the boy winced in pain and was getting close to being brought down to his knees before being punched in the chest, getting launched back 9 feet slamming into 3 others who caught him. "What the fuck?" one of the guys said as the others stood up grabbing what they could to fight with weapon wise. There had to be able 10-12 of these guys in here and Elrey hoped these guys would provide enough fun. Hey Chet...would you excuse me? Pushing Chet out the room and closed the door behind him as he could see in the shadows the fight breaking out with Elrey going on the offensive and grunts, hits, and crashing could be heard in there.

Xia Alexander

Tuesday - Hephaestus Manor - Ft. Keyla Alexander

It was a nice lunch and very short nap but it as worth it. Seeing what all they could watch, this was going to be enjoyable. She was as comfy as she could get being the state she was in but she was still grateful for her honey bunny doing this for her. Now, she still wanted her to chill out and honestly, it was worrying her that she's overdoing things.

She didn't hear what she was talking about with her mother but she was sue her mom was not going to judge the house if it was not clean enough to eat off the floor but she knew her words would fall on deaf ears when Marlin and tripping out. Keyla, while on her way told Carlo where to go before they'd get to the place as she just wanted to get her eyes on her baby girl before getting to work to watch after her. She felt that Marlin was probably working herself to deaf and she needed to get there quickly to relieve this poor English girl.

Xia stared at Marlin rather sleepily, she saw when she came back after she mentioned she was afraid everything was not going to look presentable. Babe you deserve to rest. My mom is going to be grateful no matter what. She loves you and so do I and I appreciate that you'd bend over backwards for us. But no worries okay? She told her and watched her cuddle. As Keyla and Carlo made it, Keyla looked at the manner and stared on surprised. "Oh sweet Jesus..." She said looking on when they were buzzed in. As Carlo pulled up and they got out the car, she looked at Carlo. "You sure we're in the right place?" She asked as Carlo smirked. Yeah...we in the right place auntie...

Keyla came up when Marlin opened the door and welcomed them. Keyla, without saying a word, hugged on marlin. "That's sweetheart. And this place...I can't believe you have such a huge place like this." he said coming in and following while Carlo looked around. If only he could have a place like this. He'll always have some big booty hos around. Carlo looked at Marlin when she told him there was alcohol in the fridge and looked her up and down when she said he was not at a hugging level yet. Tch... Was all he said as he looked around. going up the stairs and heading to the guest room area, Carlo looked over to Marlin when she spoke to him about what she wanted.

Hey hey...I told you before, I'm on it. Me and my boys are going around asking questions and shit. You just make sure you do your job and watch after her. Did you get anymore information from her about who she think could have set this shit up? I'm not worried about beer but uh...I wouldn't mind a piece of that guap! (slang for money) He asked her. He went with her as Keyla spoke.

As they were getting to the room, Keyla looked over. "Honey, I'm just going to hang out with my daughter after my things are put up. You don't have to take care of me. I'm just more concerned for my baby." She told her. Xia was flipping through Disney plus. she was aware her mom was in the house but didn't see her yet and as much as she wanted to get up, she knew if marlin or her mom saw her standing and trying to follow, both of them would give her a verbal lashing and beating for not resting. marlin already did so much, last thing she'd want to see is Xia trying to do too much and the fact her mother is there, Marlin was probably trying to make a good impression to show she's taking care of Xia. So...Xia waited.

I'll have a post up soon guys. :)
@PrinceAlexus I'll post soon :)

With her new comrades alright heading different directions to start clearing the section of halls of the lower trash, Harmony felt it was more wise to at least be partnered up with a fellow member of the Student Council. Waiting for and finally getting visual on Markus, she smirked upon seeing him. "I'm not sure if you were going straight to class but I figure that it's best if we walk together...just in case we may have to fight someone or a group of formidable opponents." she smirked before he'd stop and pull her over. Hearing out his plan, she thought to herself 'Who or what is Bloody Silence?' Harmony unfortunately didn't keep up on who's who but it seemed Markus knew who they were. She was about to protest until he wanted to finish telling her. After, she stared. "Are you crazy!" she said in a whisper as he went to execute the plan.

Staying out of sight while Markus went forth to try and infiltrate the 10, she watched how brutal Markus handled this. Now...not far, there was a chatterbox speaking to two members collectively known as Bloody Silence. This individual wouldn't shut up but the moment Markus got started with his fight and how quickly he handled them, they were a little impressed. Lately, the ones who have wanted to either join or be an outside associate, were nothing but weak scrubs and losers. Seeing what happened, The military male whispered to the masked biker ninja and approached Markus.

Dustin kept his eyes on Markus "Hey..."

"Don't you need to go to the nurse to get that looked at?" Dustin asked. "Who the hell are you?" He asked Markus, never seeing him before.



Elrey was walking with the boy he saved earlier, having him show him the way to the former Student council office to meet with the gang located there. "Hey what's your name?" he asked the midget. "Huh? Oh I'm Chet..." He said. "What kind of name is Chet?" he asked bluntly. "I don't parents saw fit to name me that." he said. Coming towards the former student council office, Elrey smirked knowing he may end up with a hopefully interesting fight. "so are these guys strong?" he asked. Chet shrugged. "They might be. They have 2 capable fighters in this group. They are called the Brawler Boyz. The leader uses a nunchaku that he can transform into a longer sectional staff. And he has a strong fat guy that uses thick brass knuckles." he said. Elrey chuckled. "Oh I really want to kick their asses!"

Miss Avington came out the office to notice another new face. It had to be Veronica. Seeing another actually show up to join was a relief as she could add this young lady to the list as a Student Council member. She figured she could get acquainted with her soon enough.
<Snipped quote by King Tai>

I was figuring to have Veronica "help" with that... in her own way, if that's OK.

By all means, they are all on the same team. But also make sure you tag Sassy in your post so she'd know you both are going after the same targets.
Working on my first post... was Kamiko confronted by the gang from her intro or just the one guy? My current draft is using that bit as context.

The one guy. I think she will run into the other two of that gang later.
Elrey / Harmony

Hearing Miss Avington ask if they had anymore questions or concerns, Elrey spoke. "Nope! So..clear the halls of the low level gangs! Gotcha!!" He said rushing out the room to go stir up trouble with a gang. Elrey didn't notice the guys that would soon stir things up with Kamiko but he did see 5 guys throwing a midget into the garbage can, laughing while they threatened to roll him down a hill.

On Harmony's end, she thankfully bowed to Miss Avington. "No, I think that's each assignment, do we need to come to you to know what to do next?" She asked. That's up to you but I trust your judgement. Just don't go straight after the Chaotic 10 least not now. She said as harmony leaves to find out where her team have started to run off to. She was actually going to wait on Markus feeling it's not best to split up just in case they run into formidable opponents.

Elrey rushed over to the guys. "Hey! you guys take him out of there!" He said as the boys looked over. "And who the fuck are you?" One asked. "Doesn't know who we are? We're the Scorpion clique. And this part of the hall belongs to us. So I suggest you back the fuc-oooouuuuh!" Elrey rushed in to deliver a devastating blow to the mid-section, digging his fist deep into the guy's gut with enough force to lift the guy off the ground. The male, in pain fell to his knees nearly puking from the blow. "g-get...him!" He said before passing out as the others came at Elrey. With a smile, he got into a fighting position. "Alright..bring it!" Rushing in, he swiftly cracked 2 of the guys in the jaw, knocking them out as the next two came in with one having a knife and the other with a lead pipe.

Elrey would bob and weave from the attacks. "You guys are too slow." he said easily evading the attacks and grabbed the knife wielder's arm and launched an elbow into the guy's temple and blocked the lead pipe with his forearm and delivered a headbutt to the face as the guy cried out with a broken bloody nose. "yeah..weak..." he sighed and went to help the midget out the trash can. " okay, little guy?" he asked as the midget student looked on. "I...I thank you're only going to ask for more trouble. There's 4 gangs that usually hang out in this hall and the strongest gang out of the four...they are in the former student council room. Please...just stay away from them." he said. Elrey smirked. "Hehe it will be alright..I can handle myself and my team is pretty interesting so I think they will be fine too. I'm Elrey! And where's the student council room?" He asked while the midget male was taken aback by Elrey's attitude.

There were indeed 4 small gangs in this section of the halls as Elrey defeated one gang and Kamiko got started with the other as someone in the front office shook their heads noticing one of them were brought in. Miss Avington watched and smirked. Ms Monroe..keep track of all who have been defeated by the new student council. She said to the secretary and decided to wait if there were more students coming to answer her call.
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