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Current ME: I got paid today!! MY BILLS: Nah! "I" got paid today!!
13 days ago
You know, as a black kid, I used to often wonder if I tasted like chocolate or if I bled chocolate milk...
14 days ago
Okay...someone request for me to RP with their Fire-mermaid-vampire-futa-princess. the fuck is this gonna work?
1 mo ago
Is it possible to be a badass loving male role model?
3 mos ago
There's nothing like getting hit in the groin and farting at the same time...
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Well Come On In...

*Slight nod* The names King Tai, King, King T, Kingles(yeah...that's right), Kingsley, KT, Tai Tai(yes...some call me that), or simply...."Bro".

A little about myself

I have 6 years experience in RPing and I hope that one day I can write and complete a novel. I'm easygoing and quite friendly...or at least I try to be :D. I'm a comic fan, lover of martial arts and action movies, anime, and all kinds of music.

I'm a bit cartoonish and tend to have a random imagination. I'm into Action packed, adventurous RPs along with romance, super hero based, some fantasy and sci-fi, slice of life, and apocalyptic. Favorite color is Red and I'm dark-skinned ;).

What else......

I also have skype and facebook if you want to friend me there. (At times, I'm barely on FB but you can still ask to add me if you want)

Acquaintances/Honorable Mentions/Friends/Partners

@DarkAngel Kena My very first 1x1 partner on this site. She is awesome and a wonderful friend. I consider her one of my internet siblings. Great to talk to as well. If I'm correct, we have been on the same RP we ever started with. Over 8,000 posts and counting :D

@DemonMiyu She's cool in my book. For someone so patient with me and my, at times, RP neglect, I truly am appreciative to have such a loyal partner and friend like her who enjoys teaming with me.

@Wick Cool as hell...intense with passion...but cool as hell :D. I have mad respect for her. If she ever needed my assistance, I'd do what I can to help

@HaleyTheRandom@SouffleGirl123 These two chickadees here are both not only cool but my respected frenemies from the Men Vs. Women Spam thread. Not only can they take it but they can dish out the damage as well especially when together.

@carla6677 One word, loyal. She's a cool gal once you take the time to get to know her. She is a firecracker but she can be handled with care.

@AdamantiumWolf If you want real action, she brings it. She's someone that I can say, keep me on my toes. Super cool and badass! This Lion can trust this She-Wolf.

@BookGirl1993 Sis from another Miss. Rode with her since we first hooked on another site a few years back. She's one of the first people I've ever RP'd with when I first got into the game. I was very glad when she decided to come on to this site to join me. Just be ready to deal with me if you cause her problems and she let's me know. Love ya sis!

@mskennedy615 We may not have known each other long but from what I've witnessed, she's a super cool beautiful black sistah! Wouldn't mind teaming up with her on other RPs and grow as RP partners/peers :D.

@RumikoOhara Heroically cool and Meta extraordinaire. Awesome to role play with, I look forward to the (at times sexy) Meta/super beings/heroes she comes up with. She inspires me to get back into the heroic game with ideas of my own. All and all. Super friend in my book.

@KrystalKleo Wonderfully awesome. A pleasure to talk with and very caring. Despite her schedule, she's willing to stay up to work with me on our RPs and talk in general. Usually checking on me to see how my day is going. Loyalty at it's finest :D.

@KatherinWinter One of the first people I RPed with when I joined :D. Kind cool as hell and always driven in creativity for her RPs and an awesome RP partner! there's always bound to be something she runs that will catch my eye and interest. Thanks to her, she helped me to get a better understanding for character development :D.

@Dynamo Frokane Bro of Bros! He was the first person to welcome me to the guild and if I want some serious, ass whoopin', bad ass action, he's the one I'd refer to in getting that. Two different nations, common interests. I got yo back bro!

@DeadReckoning13 Have to say, never thought I'd enjoy dark twisted RPs....thank's to her introducing it to me, makes me want to try more. A true badass and sweetheart....if that can go together. She keeps me on my toes with the intensity :D

@BoyMom035 Creative, awesome, and refreshing to talk to. Known her for a short period of time but I swear, feels like we've known each other for years. She is down to earth with lovely humor and I appreciate her company. Funny how comfy you can get with talking to someone. Yep..might as well be my sis or recently established BFF that we named FOFs= Friends of F***ery lol

@Wolfmother May have just joined this site not long ago but she's absolutely amazing as a person and RPer. Cool to talk to and open to types of RPs I've been craving, she helps with easing my boredom. I'd recommend RPing with her.

@WhiteLily Smart, fun, and just plain enjoyable to RP with. She brings the fluff along with the drama and in a creative way. Easily adaptable, sometimes she makes posting simple but yet with so much quality. She's a sweet person and someone I could RP with and talk to at any time :D.

@WiccanRose15 Good friend, sweetheart, and quite interesting to RP with. I can admit, I have someone here that never have any complaints in our posting. Very patient with me and loyal enough to continue on having interest despite my crazy work schedule. I truly enjoy her company! And I find the virtual hugs quite comforting.

(Will be adding more soon...I'll keep you posted)

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Mind if Xia and Olin have a little fun? I'll try and post something soon if you want them to interact.

Thanks for telling me it's out! Now I can finally watch it :D
I was still posting. I just had a crazy work week.
Xia Alexander

So far, the night wasn't too bad. Meeting a few new people, mingling a little, and after speaking to the white haired girl, Xia figured, what the hell...and had some whiskey. Why the hell did she do that?

Xia for the most part was okay but a little to herself and swaying so to the music until hearing some commotion and the girl she seen earlier, take to the stage to make a public service announcement.

Along with this perfect posse showing up and plenty of drama happening, Xia's high was blown by the blasting alarm that came about while the sprinklers went off.

Ah! wh-what? man...not my hair and my clothes...trying to get me naked... The buzzed woman said while noticing the English girl getting grabbed on by the Indian guy. One thing that Xia didn't like was men manhandling a woman.

With the security pushing through the crowd and Xia was now outside after the rush to get from the water but of course, she was a bit chilly from the air outside. To think there was this much drama here. She was usually the cause of it but to see what was going on now, she wondered if she was needed to help. Still a bit tipsy, she didn't know how much help she could provide but she was willing to defend any girl who was in trouble with a guy.
I'll post something either tonight or tomorrow.
My boss is currently looking for me to give me more work so I'm: much posting. I'll try and read up on some that I'm tagged in. Been a hectic week for me.
Snake in Vagina's shadow
36 Vaginas of shaolin
Once upon a time in Vagina
The Iron Vagina
The Vagina Reloaded
Reservoir Vaginas
The Vagina of Monte Cristo

Everything sounded good from what was said, looking to Kai and giving a smirk and a nod "I believe I can trust you to have my back. I will have yours." he told his comrade.

With the mention of the weak point being between the caravan and the museum, Isago could see how they could pull this off because of how tight the security at the museum would be.

When the next morning came, Isago was already up and prepared to head out to get the fighting started. Isago was actually waiting on Kai to show up. Roxy seemed to have a good plan as long as everyone did what they were supposed to do.

Im here. I will post tomorrow
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