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Your fingers have fingertips but your toes don't have toetips, yet you can tiptoe but not tipfinger
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My fondest childhood memory.......... not having to pay bills
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ME: I got paid today!! MY BILLS: Nah! "I" got paid today!!


Well Come On In...

*Slight nod* The names King Tai, King, King T, Kingles(yeah...that's right), Kingsley, KT, Tai Tai(yes...some call me that), or simply...."Bro".

A little about myself

I have 6 years experience in RPing and I hope that one day I can write and complete a novel. I'm easygoing and quite friendly...or at least I try to be :D. I'm a comic fan, lover of martial arts and action movies, anime, and all kinds of music.

I'm a bit cartoonish and tend to have a random imagination. I'm into Action packed, adventurous RPs along with romance, super hero based, some fantasy and sci-fi, slice of life, and apocalyptic. Favorite color is Red and I'm dark-skinned ;).

What else......

I also have skype and facebook if you want to friend me there. (At times, I'm barely on FB but you can still ask to add me if you want)

Acquaintances/Honorable Mentions/Friends/Partners

@DarkAngel Kena My very first 1x1 partner on this site. She is awesome and a wonderful friend. I consider her one of my internet siblings. Great to talk to as well. If I'm correct, we have been on the same RP we ever started with. Over 8,000 posts and counting :D

@BoyMom035(formerly)/ @BoyMom69035 (now) Creative, awesome, and refreshing to talk to. Known her for a short period of time but I swear, feels like we've known each other for years. She is down to earth with lovely humor and I appreciate her company. Funny how comfy you can get with talking to someone. Yep..might as well be my sis or recently established BFF that we named FOFs= Friends of F***ery lol

@DemonMiyu She's cool in my book. For someone so patient with me and my, at times, RP neglect, I truly am appreciative to have such a loyal partner and friend like her who enjoys teaming with me.

@Wick Cool as hell...intense with passion...but cool as hell :D. I have mad respect for her. If she ever needed my assistance, I'd do what I can to help

@Ken We may not have known each other long but from what I've witnessed, she's a super cool beautiful black sistah! Wouldn't mind teaming up with her on other RPs and grow as RP partners/peers :D.

@RumikoOhara Heroically cool and Meta extraordinaire. Awesome to role play with, I look forward to the (at times sexy) Meta/super beings/heroes she comes up with. She inspires me to get back into the heroic game with ideas of my own. All and all. Super friend in my book.

@KrystalKleo Wonderfully awesome. A pleasure to talk with and very caring. Despite her schedule, she's willing to stay up to work with me on our RPs and talk in general. Usually checking on me to see how my day is going. Loyalty at it's finest :D.

@KatherinWinter One of the first people I RPed with when I joined :D. Kind cool as hell and always driven in creativity for her RPs and an awesome RP partner! there's always bound to be something she runs that will catch my eye and interest. Thanks to her, she helped me to get a better understanding for character development :D.

@Dynamo Frokane Bro of Bros! He was the first person to welcome me to the guild and if I want some serious, ass whoopin', bad ass action, he's the one I'd refer to in getting that. Two different nations, common interests. I got yo back bro!

@WhiteLily Smart, fun, and just plain enjoyable to RP with. She brings the fluff along with the drama and in a creative way. Easily adaptable, sometimes she makes posting simple but yet with so much quality. She's a sweet person and someone I could RP with and talk to at any time :D.

(Will be adding more soon...I'll keep you posted)

If you want to add my ass on Discord, you can reach me with: King Tai#7510

If you have interest in RPing with me, I have a page that you can sneak up on and lurk rape RIGHT UP IN HERE!

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Xia Alexander & Carlo Washington

Saturday-Tuesday / Various locations

Saturday Night

Xia couldn't even describe how Saturday night was. Fair share of drama, confrontations, annoyances, gossip, surprises, matters being set straight, confusions, comforts, business, along with shits and giggles. If this was how every event was here in Sol or on the rich side of the tracks, Xia could probably do without but as long as her girl was involved, she had no choice but to be involved too. Not long after getting home with her girlfriend, already feeling quite good from their drinks, the two were already getting their little after party started after most of their flirting and dirty talk an hour or two before.

Xia's cousin, Carlo, mentioned he was going to be at his new girlfriend's place but...he forgot something at the apartment. Upon returning, he didn't know if his cousin was back until walking in and hearing the juicy smacking of kisses the closer he got to Xia's room door and the moans that sounded in between. A smirk was planted on Carlo's face while he quietly went to get his laptop from off the couch and headed back out quietly You ain't the only one getting some ass tonight, Cuzz. He said leaving.


Xia was still sleep the next morning when Marlin woke up next to her. The sleepy Caribbean beauty moved a little in between the sheets, mumbling with her eyes closed. She was fairly quiet when she spoke knowing her girlfriend was up wanting her to continue cuddling but at the same time, hungry. After ordering breakfast and eating a little, she soon had to say goodbye to Marlin. I'll see you later baby.... She said beckoning for a goodbye kiss from her sweet little English muffin. She didn't want her to go but she knew that Marlin was a busy busy girl and didn't want to hold her up. After her girlfriend left, she went back to bed for another 45 minutes to an hour.

Getting back up and stretching, she got out of bed to get back on her panties and headed to the bathroom to do her daily rituals, humming with a smile on her face walking out and heading into the living room feeling quite chipper. Damn! You sound happy... Hearing words of someone, Xia flinched and screamed. She covered her bare breasts and looked over to see Carlo sitting on the couch on his phone. FUCK!! Carlo, you scared the hell out of me! She said still covering her chest. I haven't seen your goodies since we were in our teens. He smirked while still looking at his phone. When did you get home? Why are you here now?

Hm? I got home about 10-15 minutes ago and I'm home because.....I live here too? Look...I wanted to come and bring you breakfast for you and your English brought food along with american biscuits. Xia sighed and walked back in her room to put on a shirt to cover herself. Well if you were waiting for Marlin, you missed her. And then you brought food even though I ate earlier. Where did you get the money? I thought you quit that part time job at the convenient store? I girlfriend gave me money for the food. But...don't worry..I'm paying her back.

Yeah..that's what I always hear. No...I'm serious...I start my new job Tuesday. I'll be working with Mercury Deliveries.. Xia raised an eyebrow as she looked in the back that was given to her filled with food from the breakfast deli pulling out a big blueberry muffin and taking a seat on her recliner while crossing her legs. Oh....okay? Carlo looked over. What? you ain't happy I got a new job? Xia started picking at her muffin and eating a little. More surprised...what is Mercury Deliveries? It's a food distributor company. I'm gonna be delivering drink products. Full time work too. With this...if I make enough money, we can afford a 2 bedroom apartment.

Xia coughed a little. Okay...Carlo, if you make enough money working at this place, you should be able to find your own place. Not that I don't enjoy you being here-...actually...I never really wanted you living with me but you're my family. Your mom told me that you were to stay with me until you get on your feet...not stay with me for the rest of your life.

I know..I ain't gotta remind me. homeboy, Phil, he hooked me up with this job and I'm going to be working with him soon too with his group. Group? Phil is a rapper and producer that has his own studio at his house. He has a rap group that does trap music, rock rap, dubstep, and other shit like that. He plays at clubs...calling himself Philly lowride with Yung Casino and two other members of his group Resurrection Brothaz. They want me to join their act sicne they liked my flow. I'm thinking of calling myself Monte Carlo. Xia snorts a little You do realize that's the name of a place in Monaco and a car right? You guys got some of the funniest names. I'm working on the name, cuz. I'm serious...

Xia continue to quietly eat her muffin when Carlo stood. Look...I'm trying to be something....something better than my pops. That's why I'm here. Yeah..the job I got ain't the best but I gotta start somewhere. I know me and you haven't had a good relationship but that was all from hangin' with the wrong crowd, doin' drugs that made me act crazy. Then dealing with my sorry ass father who always was in and out of jail, drunk, beating the shit out of ma, and always bitchin' about how the white man was always trying to keep the brothaz down. I don't wanna be nothin' like that nigga. I'm gonna be better...I'm a changed grown ass man.

Xia was eating slowly and looked her cousin in the eyes. Mhm... Carlo looked over. That's all you got to say is mhm? Xia shrugged. Mhm... Cuz I'm baring my shit here. Seems like you ain't taking me serious. I am...I just want to see more action. I believe you and giving you the benefit of doubt and...I'm in a chancing mood. Why? You have a very good night like I had last night and you tell me if you wouldn't be so cheery. Xia said thinking about Marlin.

I know...I heard you two... Xia's expression was that of surprise. Wait..wait what? Came home to pick something else up. Never knew you were into girl but seems you both know how to get them spots hahahahaha! Xia threw the muffin at Carlo and got up to chase her cousin around the apartment while she tried to get him in a wrestling move..

Monday-Tuesday (Evening)

Monday, was another busy work day. She had a meet and greet with 2 new clients today going on about a little bit of personal life and sharing a few laughs before starting the tour of the facility. This was going to be a busy week indeed but Xia was going to try to make the best of it and see her girlfriend whenever the chance came. She went to deliver lunch to marlin before she had to get back to work but it wasn't a long meeting since both girls had to continue with their business.

There was more texting between the two than physically seeing each other. She would express some exciting things about her cousin trying to do a little better and then on top of that, Xia was still excited that they'd soon go on their vacation soon. For the most part, Xia has been the happiest these last few days since Saturday, even though the little article in the newspaper made her raise an eyebrow, she wondered how Marlin felt about it?

Regardless of those, the girls managed to get together for shopping here and there. The Caribbean beauty found some skimpy bikinis that would more than likely leave little to the imagination. When it came to Marlin, Xia suggested she needed to mix up on her clothes and not be afraid to show off a bit. She was going to support her no matter.

Since it was Tuesday evening, he cousin was just coming home from work and the vibration from her phone got her attention when she saw a picture of Marlin in an interesting choice of apparel. Xia stared and couldn't help but smile and then read the text. okay, Marlin was looking sexier everyday with her changing and adapting. Xia smiles and texts her back

Looking good baby. Have fun tonight and if you need anything, I'm just a call or text away. I think I'm going to catch a flick at the cinema tonight with Carlo. Again, I'm here if you need me. Now...go enjoy your sexy ass, my little English biscuit

Mwuah, Luv U <3

Xia turned to go and speak with the tired Carlo wanting to drag him to see a movie tonight since the movies were not as crowded during the week as opposed to the weekend. Carlo was still getting used to the nice Xia and whatever freaky kinky shit that she was doing to Xia, Carlo hoped she continued it. He eventually and reluctantly gave in to go out to the movies with his cousin but his homies were probably going to be their tonight as well. Xia went to get ready for the night.

If your still accepting, I would like to introduce you guys to...

Name: Morrigan Dorval
Age: 17
Backstory: Morrigan was your average 11 year old when her and a couple of friends went hiking in the nearby woods with a couple of friends. Her and the friends wandered from the trail, exploring the beauty of nature when they happened upon a poachers trap with a wolf pup stuck in it. They had just managed to rescue the animal when it's mother showed up, teeth bared and fur standing on end. Morrigan and her friends ran trying to get away while the wolf pursued them. Suddenly, Morrigan tripped and fell, as she turned around the wolf mother pounced at her. Morrigan threw up her hands in self defense and an icicle erupted from her hand skewering the beast. Her and her friends high tailed it out of the woods before any more wolves came to attack.

Later that night, at dinner, a loud banging rumbled through the house. Her father answered the door and out on the lawn were about 10 men. One of Morrigans friends told her father what had happened and fearful of what the young girl was capable of decided that she needed to go. That night her parents researched where they could go to keep Morrigan safe. They stumbled across a message board pointing them to the academy.

Abilities/Weaknesses: Morrigan is a cryomancer, she can control and manipulate all things ice. Her record lowest temperature is currently at -180°F, but she can only achieve this after intense focusing. Her average is around -75°F, and can lower the temperature in a 50ft radius usually any source of water around her, even the moisture in the air.

Morrigan is susceptible to fire, she can't stand being near anywhere to warm and tends to constantly keep the air around her at a cool 67°F at all times (about a one foot radius).

Personality: Over the years Morrigan has become more and more distant, earning a cliche nickname ice queen. But if you can get past her defenses she is an intelligent, strong independent woman. She can be fiercely loyal to those she is friends with, despite not letting many people get to close. She does tend to get into trouble with staff for her attitude and the way she talks to fellow students.

Yes we are still accepting. I like her and I think she's good but I'm gonna wait on Raptra's take on your character. :)
Okay, this was getting bad to worse. It was already bad enough that they were wanted but now they were in a surprise battle with members of Black Demon's group and they were very skilled. And to top it off, the Captain that was after them before shows up with someone else. And now...this Jobba guy was making Isago out to be the true badguy when Jobba is working for a group possibly worse than their own.

The young girl that was after Kai waited to see what happened until Jobba spoke to cover themselves so to take the possible heat off of them and on to their enemies. She watched how Kai managed to get loose and shook her head how this kid was so slippery. She attempted to go after the kid again but looked to Jobba. We are just warriors doing our civil duty to help this town. We shall catch them!

Isago looked over. "You bastard!" He said while on Ratte's end, Flying Edge was just needing to get in better position nearly slipping from Ratte's attempts. She prepared to use her bow again before the voice of Kai was heard of needing to escape and well...Kai had an idea here. The captain was here along with their rival group and if they were to join forces now, this would not end well.

"To hell with it!" Isago said as he quickly reached into his sack and slung 3 smoke balls out and upon the explosion, Isago rushed in the direction Kai was going to head and looked over signally Ratte to get going. They were going to have to head to the harbor more than likely since that was not so close to all the craziness in town. As Isago rushed, he noticed a girl...a barefoot girl with blood stains and "Girl...get away from here, it's dangerous." He said beckoning her to leave the area as the smoke started to spread a bit.

(Sorry if there's not much to this post, I'm just tired lol.)

I'll post something soon if you guys want Isago to throw a smoke ball or something?
Davarius Hicks

Between the small talk of assumptions with his fellow schoolmates and catching sight of the ones who were peeking through their windows, Dav was taken a little by surprise as he leaned back a little from the initial formation of the fire ball. Well...he had to admit, that is quite a useful ability. Now that he managed to get a better view of both females, he thought they both looked cute while keeping a serious expression on his face before having to push that thought in the back of his head since attractive appearances was not the subject.

After the girl with the fire ball spoke, Dav had to think for a moment before his thoughts were interrupted by the first girl he met out there. With her confirming it was Outerridge, Dav raided an eyebrow of the idea that he was a father. First off...I appreciate the extra light. And second....Outerridge don't seem like the daddy type. If he is...then he'd do like what any loving father would do...unlike the bastard that never been in my life. Anyways...who's to say that he didn't purchase the kid because the kid is too dangerous to be left in the world? He could be doing experiments or just bringing in a new but much younger student. We don't know the facts except that he and some shady man passed off a child and we are just being nosy. He said in a very calm voice.

But yeah...I agree...we need to go back in. With the fire ball included, we will attract too much moths to the flame figuratively and literally. But I'm not really down for a party right now. If I go, my roommate will want my help scoring women. I'm not going to even give him the satisfaction. But uh...I'm Davarius...people usually call me Dav. I may have seen you both before but never said nothin'. He told the girls before turning to head in. He saw the one girl produce fire but he wondered what the first girl he met was capable of?

That was going through his mind before noticing one new girl showing up near the doors and if he noticed carefully, there seemed to be another walking up to the door as well.


@OliveYou@Ken@Eric Horst
I'll have a post up soon. Hopefully this evening.
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Sorry for not posting much for some time now. I've just been mentally exhausted. I'll join back soon. What's going on so far? And where should my character be?
@King Tai
Let's just say this past few days have been a series of bad luck, ugh..
The only thing keeping me going really is when I'm in the mood to finally pop up on some games, especially on league.

But yeah, how's everyone doing?

O_O Bad luck? I hope things are starting to turn around for you.

Everything is okay on my end. Can't wait for the end of the year to come.
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