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Your fingers have fingertips but your toes don't have toetips, yet you can tiptoe but not tipfinger
9 mos ago
Alright, I'm an official 1000 day veteran!
11 mos ago
My fondest childhood memory.......... not having to pay bills
1 yr ago
ME: I got paid today!! MY BILLS: Nah! "I" got paid today!!
2 yrs ago
Should I kill it with kindness or murder it?


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It was nice for the fact that his two accomplices were okay and made it to the harbor. At first he wondered if they'd go there or not but since they were there, they were probably waiting for a while until Isago himself showed up. Isago smirked at them when Kai mentioned getting to the hideout to which, Isago nodded. "To the hideout...and I have food and a few things I snatched up on the way here. We had to leave everything else behind back there. But yeah...let's get to the new place, eat, and discuss our next move." He told them before hearing another voice.

A drunken...pirate? Okay...this was not part of the plan and the way this guy was questioning their trusts between each other made Isago wondering what this guy was aiming for? "I'm sorry....Jack or...whatever your name is but we have some matters to attend to. I'm not sure of your purpose before us but we aren't really as trusting of anyone outside our group as of at this moment. And if you're taking us to your own hideout...we have no clue if you're setting us up or not. So...give us a reason why we should even listen to you in the first place and why the hell would you want to help us at all? You don't even know us." He told the pirate right before another showed up.

Isago raised a brow but as a bit on guard wondering if this individual was with this Jack fellow. What did this newcomer want? It was a bit amusing. They seem to attract all kinds individuals and situations here. Isago eyes the male from head to toe. "Who might you be?"
@Shadow Dragon

Busy. Preparing for my son to be born. How are you?

Tiger's eyes scanned the three fools who thought they could simply gang up on him and beat his ass. The lead guy smirking with confidence while his boys stood on both sides while he himself was in the middle. Jordan stayed against the wall as this older man stood as his shield. The two goons on the sides started their attacks first, both rushing in while Tiger shook his head before jumping up to perform a splitting kick to simultaneously have the boys get acquainted with a foot to each other their faces...well...chins to be exact, causing the guys to fall back.

Once Tiger's feet touched the ground, he looked at the lead guy raising an eyebrow. You guys must be part of the bootleg version of the Mercer Bros. He said while one of two men that were dropped stood once more and went into a flurry a punches while the lead guy watched. Come on bro drop his ass!! He cheered while Tiger effortlessly defended each thrown punch. Seeing the extent of what this guy could do, showing he must be an amateur boxer, Tiger placed a frontal kick to the guy's chest, pushing him back enough for Tiger to deliver a roundhouse kick to the guy's face, knocking him out.

The second guy finally got up and rushed after Tiger obviously aiming for a take down tackle. Wrestling? Freestyle? Whatever that bullshit was, Tiger brought this attempt to a halt with a swift knee to the face, taking this one out as well. Tiger's eyes rolled over to the leading guy as if he was saying, "next".

To hell with this! The guy said, going for his gun. Why the hell did these guys always go for the gun to avoid an ass whooping. They see their boys beat up and knocked out and their first choice is to pull a gun out as if it would make things better? Whatever happened to just running away like the coward they are? Tiger focused for a moment, inhaling while he brought his forearms up while his finger tips faced each other with his palms pointing upwards. With the guy fumbling for his gun, the moment he pulled the gun to aim it at Tiger, the martial artist extended his right arm outward towards the guy with his palm facing the male releasing a force that slammed into the man's torso, knocking him into a nearby dumpster making him hit it hard enough to dent. The guy dropped the gun and with that, Tiger walked over, grabbed him by the shirt and lifted him up.

The man coughed and grumble and mumbled. fuck-...some magic shit?...ghetto zen mode...genie shit...almost piss my pants... While the man continued to mumble to himself, Tiger stared him down. Gonna get a buff as Eddie Gordo... For now on...stay the hell away from this kid or this pain you feeling will be the best case scenario for you... He said as the man fell to the ground close to passing out.

Damn Mr. Jones! That's was on point! You got powers or some mystical matrix shi- Tiger took his index finger knuckle to knock the boy over his head. OW! Dang Mr. Jones! What wa- You know, you grandma would slap the black off you if she found out about this. I ought to slap you. What hell are you doing trying to hang out with this crowd? Huh? Mr. Jones I just joined because man...I don't want anyone beating my ass like I'm some bit- Tiger hits him again. Stop cussin'... look, you're heading to school now but I want you to meet me at the Street Wise Gym tomorrow after school. I have a job for you and I want to talk to you about something. Don't make me come find you. Alright Mr. Jones Dam-...dang... Tiger stared at the boy for a moment before letting him go about his business and sighed. He looked at the bodies on the ground and shook his head. Hopefully these hoodlums would change but knowing them, they'll probably get backup later and they'll meet again.

Tiger didn't like having to use his powers in front of others but sometimes he had no choice. He walked over to pick up his bag, walking out of the alley which checking his watch. He was running late. he checked his phone next to see he got a text from a special someone and read it for a moment but he could've sworn he saw some movement in the alley...may have been the guys he beat but he needed to go. he couldn't concern himself with this riffraff.

@Stern Algorithm
Now that I'm thinking about it, might as well announce it. I already spoke to a few of you about it but next week, my son should be born. Don't know the exact day just yet but either way, he's coming between the 7th and the 11th. I'm going to be on paternity leave which yeah, I'm not going to be at work for close to 2 months but may have my hands full with a newborn in the house. So, I'm just giving a heads up that my posts may not be as long and my time on here...well..I don't know yet because I won't know how well he will sleep. But I'll be on whenever I'm free. But I'll keep you guys posted on when I'll be more available and when I'll post whenever it's my turn.


Thanks :). He's a Jr. He'll be named TJ. Or Ty Jr.


Thank you!! :D
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