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Current The moment you sneeze and a glob of mucus and saliva lands on your cheesecake....FUCK!!
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11 days ago
To all my RP partners, sorry for the hold up but I will finally start making responses later this evening and throughout the weekend.
20 days ago
I heard about the guy that had his whole left side cut off. He's all right now...
2 mos ago
Believe me, that ass looks scrumdiddlyumptious!
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3 mos ago
On my way to see Wonder Woman. This is gonna be epic!
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Well Come On In...

*Slight nod* The names King Tai, King, King T, Kingles(yeah...that's right), Kingsley, KT, Tai Tai(yes...some call me that), or simply...."Bro".

A little about myself

I have 6 years experience in RPing and I hope that one day I can write and complete a novel. I'm easygoing and quite friendly...or at least I try to be :D. I'm a comic fan, lover of martial arts and action movies, anime, and all kinds of music.

I'm a bit cartoonish and tend to have a random imagination. I'm into Action packed, adventurous RPs along with romance, super hero based, some fantasy and sci-fi, slice of life, and apocalyptic. Favorite color is Red and I'm dark-skinned ;).

What else......

I also have skype and facebook if you want to friend me there. (At times, I'm barely on FB but you can still ask to add me if you want)

Acquaintances/Honorable Mentions/Friends/Partners

@DarkAngel Kena My very first 1x1 partner on this site. She is awesome and a wonderful friend. I consider her one of my internet siblings. Great to talk to as well. If I'm correct, we have been on the same RP we ever started with. Over 8,000 posts and counting :D

@DemonMiyu She's cool in my book. For someone so patient with me and my, at times, RP neglect, I truly am appreciative to have such a loyal partner and friend like her who enjoys teaming with me.

@velvela Young sweetheart. She's very kind and reminds me of a younger sister who is not afraid to come to me when she's feeling down. She knows I have her back. And thank you for finding my current avatar :D.

@Wick Cool as hell...intense with passion...but cool as hell :D. I have mad respect for her. If she ever needed my assistance, I'd do what I can to help

@HaleyTheRandom@SouffleGirl123 These two chickadees here are both not only cool but my respected frenemies from the Men Vs. Women Spam thread. Not only can they take it but they can dish out the damage as well especially when together.

@carla6677 One word, loyal. She's a cool gal once you take the time to get to know her. She is a firecracker but she can be handled with care.

@AdamantiumWolf If you want real action, she brings it. She's someone that I can say, keep me on my toes. Super cool and badass! This Lion can trust this She-Wolf.

@BookGirl1993 Sis from another Miss. Rode with her since we first hooked on another site a few years back. She's one of the first people I've ever RP'd with when I first got into the game. I was very glad when she decided to come on to this site to join me. Just be ready to deal with me if you cause her problems and she let's me know. Love ya sis!

@mskennedy615 We may not have known each other long but from what I've witnessed, she's a super cool beautiful black sistah! Wouldn't mind teaming up with her on other RPs and grow as RP partners/peers :D.

@RumikoOhara Heroically cool and Meta extraordinaire. Awesome to role play with, I look forward to the (at times sexy) Meta/super beings/heroes she comes up with. She inspires me to get back into the heroic game with ideas of my own. All and all. Super friend in my book.

@KrystalKleo Wonderfully awesome. A pleasure to talk with and very caring. Despite her schedule, she's willing to stay up to work with me on our RPs and talk in general. Usually checking on me to see how my day is going. Loyalty at it's finest :D.

@KatherinWinter One of the first people I RPed with when I joined :D. Kind cool as hell and always driven in creativity for her RPs and an awesome RP partner! there's always bound to be something she runs that will catch my eye and interest. Thanks to her, she helped me to get a better understanding for character development :D.

@Dynamo Frokane Bro of Bros! He was the first person to welcome me to the guild and if I want some serious, ass whoopin', bad ass action, he's the one I'd refer to in getting that. Two different nations, common interests. I got yo back bro!

@DeadReckoning13 Have to say, never thought I'd enjoy dark twisted RPs....thank's to her introducing it to me, makes me want to try more. A true badass and sweetheart....if that can go together. She keeps me on my toes with the intensity :D

@BoyMom035 Creative, awesome, and refreshing to talk to. Known her for a short period of time but I swear, feels like we've known each other for years. She is down to earth with lovely humor and I appreciate her company. Funny how comfy you can get with talking to someone. Yep..might as well be my sis or recently established BFF that we named FOFs= Friends of F***ery lol

(Will be adding more soon...I'll keep you posted)

Most Recent Posts

Kriang smirked upon their blades baring in plain sight of one another. Kriang wondered was this it? Was he actually going to be simply defeated or killed? The anticipation left him trembling with excitement. This is what he trained so hard for. To find out if he truly was a worthy warrior of Yantra. Taking stance, his legs and body movement were fluid in motion and he got into defense looking at this magnificent monk he was fighting hard against. A bit sort in his midsection, Kriang welcomed whatever was to come next as he was going to go all out.

With the monk snapping forward, Kriang was going to see who would draw first blood. Moving forward, Kriang didn't launch off like Xi but he showed he was not going to be in full defense but to show he was no backing down either. Kriang started off the moment they got close with a short ducking motion with a testing thrust of his sword towards Xi's thigh but if he needed to shift to defend, that was not out of the question yet.
@Dynamo Frokane

lol yeah for a bit. I'm trying to catch up on the replies and when I am, I'll respond here my brotha. I didn't forget this place.
In The Breeds 1 day ago Forum: Free Roleplay

Yep Im ready
@Undying Curiosity@KatherinWinter

Hey guys, Kit texted me to let you all know that she won't be able to post until later tonight and if not tonight, later tomorrow.
In The Breeds 3 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay

Hey guys, Kit texted me to let you all know that she won't be able to post until later tonight and if not tonight, later tomorrow.
I think I have a character in mind if I decide to join :)
Tamu had to hitchhike his way to the testing grounds. Running a few blocks complaining about how he couldn't leave home until he had both breakfast and a brunch before going to meet up with the others. His family was all about keeping up your strength.

After hitching a ride on the back of a garbage truck a few blocks and taking alleys to get to where the west gate is. Not long after his adventure from his home, he could see the fenced in area where 3 others have gotten there before him. Catching a cab passing him, Tamu wondered what these others were capable of? Were they much stronger than him or were they weak? Were they cool or just plain annoying? Tamu walked onto the training grounds with his backpack and hisbhands in his pockets looking at the three that were already there. He had a serious look on his face. Trying to put on a front to make it seem that he didnt want to be bothered nor to make friends...but...maybe he was just the nervous one here.
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Just from the conversation, Jakobe tilted his head from what Becca was suggesting as far as getting the collar off and asking if Roxy wanted to be there or not. It made sense that not everyone here came at their free will or was promised something if they joined. Of course, Jakobe had reasons of joining and maybe the others had their reasons for being there also.

The elephant teen did think this could have been a stupid idea to join something he was not familiar with but getting up out the the ghetto and changing is life, he was desperate for. From Roxy's response, Jakobe was getting the true picture. His muscles were still sore and his body was indeed feeling heavy. He stood up to stretch his legs a bit so to loosen up but just stood for a moment before he'd walk over to Roxy and becca in a bit.

@KatherinWinter @medalliah
I'll have a post up later this evening.
In The Breeds 6 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay

Jakobe was pretty much done with his food when he looked over at the conversation between Roxy and Becca. He sat back with his hands behind his head and watched the two wondering what the result would be. Would it be hostile? Would Roxy just blow her off? or would Roxy actually hold a conversation with Becca with no problems? Jakobe honestly wanted to know somethings about Roxy as well. He's already been peeping out the security of the place, keeping everything in memory of which area was more secured than others. He simply watched the two and looked over at the other three before bringing his eyes back to Roxy and Becca.
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