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26 days ago
Current On my way to see Wonder Woman. This is gonna be epic!
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1 mo ago
Seems that Im considered healthier now that I've lost 20 lbs in 2 months. Still going with this lifestyle change....I want my damn cinnabon...
4 mos ago
Might as well add that I miss my Frenemies Haley and Souffle as well. Hope everything is okay and will be back to join us regularly soon.
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6 mos ago
I can't sleep because I have too many ideas for roleplays
8 mos ago
That feeling you get when you come on and have 2 pages of unread PMs waiting for yo ass :3


Well Come On In...

*Slight nod* The names King Tai, King, King T, Kingles(yeah...that's right), Kingsley, KT, Tai Tai(yes...some call me that), or simply...."Bro".

A little about myself

I have 6 years experience in RPing and I hope that one day I can write and complete a novel. I'm easygoing and quite friendly...or at least I try to be :D. I'm a comic fan, lover of martial arts and action movies, anime, and all kinds of music.

I'm a bit cartoonish and tend to have a random imagination. I'm into Action packed, adventurous RPs along with romance, super hero based, some fantasy and sci-fi, slice of life, and apocalyptic. Favorite color is Red and I'm dark-skinned ;).

What else......

I also have skype and facebook if you want to friend me there. (At times, I'm barely on FB but you can still ask to add me if you want)

Acquaintances/Honorable Mentions/Friends/Partners

@DarkAngel Kena My very first 1x1 partner on this site. She is awesome and a wonderful friend. I consider her one of my internet siblings. Great to talk to as well. If I'm correct, we have been on the same RP we ever started with. Over 8,000 posts and counting :D

@DemonMiyu She's cool in my book. For someone so patient with me and my, at times, RP neglect, I truly am appreciative to have such a loyal partner and friend like her who enjoys teaming with me.

@velvela Young sweetheart. She's very kind and reminds me of a younger sister who is not afraid to come to me when she's feeling down. She knows I have her back. And thank you for finding my current avatar :D.

@Wick Cool as hell...intense with passion...but cool as hell :D. I have mad respect for her. If she ever needed my assistance, I'd do what I can to help

@HaleyTheRandom@SouffleGirl123 These two chickadees here are both not only cool but my respected frenemies from the Men Vs. Women Spam thread. Not only can they take it but they can dish out the damage as well especially when together.

@carla6677 One word, loyal. She's a cool gal once you take the time to get to know her. She is a firecracker but she can be handled with care.

@AdamantiumWolf If you want real action, she brings it. She's someone that I can say, keep me on my toes. Super cool and badass! This Lion can trust this She-Wolf.

@BookGirl1993 Sis from another Miss. Rode with her since we first hooked on another site a few years back. She's one of the first people I've ever RP'd with when I first got into the game. I was very glad when she decided to come on to this site to join me. Just be ready to deal with me if you cause her problems and she let's me know. Love ya sis!

@mskennedy615 We may not have known each other long but from what I've witnessed, she's a super cool beautiful black sistah! Wouldn't mind teaming up with her on other RPs and grow as RP partners/peers :D.

@RumikoOhara Heroically cool and Meta extraordinaire. Awesome to role play with, I look forward to the (at times sexy) Meta/super beings/heroes she comes up with. She inspires me to get back into the heroic game with ideas of my own. All and all. Super friend in my book.

@KrystalKleo Wonderfully awesome. A pleasure to talk with and very caring. Despite her schedule, she's willing to stay up to work with me on our RPs and talk in general. Usually checking on me to see how my day is going. Loyalty at it's finest :D.

@KatherinWinter One of the first people I RPed with when I joined :D. Kind cool as hell and always driven in creativity for her RPs and an awesome RP partner! there's always bound to be something she runs that will catch my eye and interest. Thanks to her, she helped me to get a better understanding for character development :D.

@Dynamo Frokane Bro of Bros! He was the first person to welcome me to the guild and if I want some serious, ass whoopin', bad ass action, he's the one I'd refer to in getting that. Two different nations, common interests. I got yo back bro!

@DeadReckoning13 Have to say, never thought I'd enjoy dark twisted RPs....thank's to her introducing it to me, makes me want to try more. A true badass and sweetheart....if that can go together. She keeps me on my toes with the intensity :D

(Will be adding more soon...I'll keep you posted)

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Connor Payne

Thinking about her next question, Connor couldn't help but think this idea Hmm...well I think the best way we can find out is to watch some crime drama gangster street movies and find out how the actors don't get caught. I think gangster rap videos can show us too.

There was a reason why he fell in love with Laura. Darn it honey! I knew you were a genius. I knew I fell in love with you for a good reason! I mean, we can just have Piper pretend like she has cancel or polio or something else...or all kinds of ailments. You know how much money we can get if she needs a spine transplant? He asked her Yeah....yeah we totally can do this! he said coming forward to kiss her for her idea and looked down when Piper came back in showing the picture.

Ah! Hey My little donut! So this is the picture huh? He knelt down to look at the pic My little girl is such and artist! You really like it daddy? I sure do! Hey, do you remember how to pretend? Like bark like a dog and meow like a cat? he asked her as she nodded. Okay honey...bark like a dog. He said with Piper barking like a dog Okay, now a cat She then sounded like a cat Now a cow She then sounded like a cow Good job baby...can you hop like a bunny? Piper tried to hop around like one as Connor looked over What do you think hun? Think she could pretend?
@King Tai

Put this code in the 0 box at the top of the OOC and the IC

Alright. Will do in a few.
Connor Payne

Wheb Piper was told to get something,Connor went to let her down Okay mama! Daddy, you gonna like this!" She said rushing off.

Looking towards his wife, Well darling...I was accused of having sex with the boss's wife. They said there were pictures. Several said we did but not once do I remember doing that. I mean she is quite slutty being the office sex magnet but i wouldn't touch her even if it meant saving my life. scratching his head. He did think about how his friend told him that with his wife's boob size, she would make a lot of money.

Sad thing, this is the same friend that was screwing the boss's wife and pretty much helped in getting him fired. Still he thought about his wife putting the pole between her tits and licking the metal bar with a seductive look in her eyes while imagining a man asking to swipe his credit card between the crack of her voluptuous ass while money rained down on her before getting playfully smack and flinching a little. Eh....of course not babe.....even though I wonder what it would look to swipe a card between someone's ass... he mumbled on that last part.

For a while now Connor felt that he needed to go a new direction. If his wife wouldn't sell her ass, and since he couldn't find a better job than what he had so far in the city, he felt he could try being an entrepreneur. His business sense was shitty though. Then it hit him. Honey....this...I think I know what we should do. Remember when we got robbed in broad daylight and those guys took our car. And then we were robbed again at the atm. Abd then the next door neighbor took our satellite and he's kept it on his roof since then?
Lets just do what they do. I mean...I only have a hundred dollars left in the bank and my last check wont be much. What better way than to survive than to take other people's shit?
Connor turned around at the sound of his wife's voice as she came down stairs. He couldn't help listen to his daughter's singing when she asked him the million dollar question. The announcement of fish sticks seemed to make the matter a little easier to talk about. What could he say, he loved fish sticks too. Looking down at Piper, hesitating to talk about work for a moment, Connor looked down with a smile. Heeeey my little donut! picking her up How was you day, sweetheart? he asked her and looking back at Laura, he answered her first question, coming over to give her a kiss. are you honey? work
Especially with your day turning out better with fish sticks afterwards. In fact maybe we can have fish sticks and do other things more often now as a family since I will have more time with you both. Who needs a job that underhandedly rips your balls off when you can grow another pair and move forward.
he said all with a smile.

Fuck It!! We're becoming criminals!

Connor was just coming home right after getting fired from work after becoming a scapegoat to a "scandal" that involved his boss's wife and his co-worker but to take the heat off of them, put the blame on Connor himself. The walk of shame was bad enough with everyone standing around with the look of disappointment in their eyes and shaking their heads. Now, because of the rough ass rookie security guard, Connor was walking with a limp from the treatment of literally getting tossed out of the building regardless of him complying and walking out in peace. With a slam and a "Stay the fuck out of here, fake ass Beaker!" Connor was now unemployed.

Connor limped into the house and looked around for his wife "Laura!? Honey Bunny are you here? I got some news....good and bad..." He placed his things down and limped into the kitchen. He looked through the mail and spoke once more "Darling?" he called once more.


Teddy raised an eyebrow and then looked back at the creature and then to Gem and the pyro-man Alright, fine. Training huh?
I'm down with that. What about you inferno...wanna go a few rounds?
he asked him wanting a tough partner to train with in order to get better himself.

I'll have a post up later today.

I should have the first post up tomorrow.
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