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Current I think my creative juices are finally flowing again
6 mos ago
First night without my son. I already miss my little troublemaker.
11 mos ago
Your fingers have fingertips but your toes don't have toetips, yet you can tiptoe but not tipfinger
1 yr ago
Alright, I'm an official 1000 day veteran!
1 yr ago
My fondest childhood memory.......... not having to pay bills


(Currently under construction)

Don't have much to say right now but while this is under construction, wanted to mention that my circumstances have changed now that I have a newborn baby in the house. With that said, I will be on when I can and my posts may not be consistent or fast on a daily basis. That goes for both group and PM RPs. If I take forever posting, my apologies in advance. But I will try and inform ones I work with of my current status and when I'll attempt to post again.

Appreciation to the ones I work with
Thanks :D

In the meantime:

If you want to add me on Discord, you can reach me with: King Tai#7510

If you have interest in RPing with me, I have a page that you can sneak up on and lurk rape RIGHT UP IN HERE!

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I'm at work and won't be able to post until maybe 2 hours.
#27 watched all that was happening when he heard the group drinking. He finished his planning for a new tool to use and would soon watch the others. He didn't know what they were discussing but then again, the way that they interacted was different than to what he was used to. Interesting people but #27 only have been drunk once and he was not going to try anything. That was their business. he decided to just wander around for a bit, not really ready to sleep.
@King Tai got time to read now with everyone being asleep

That's what I'll try to do. just got to work but no one is here so I have a little time. thank goodness it's only one liners for the most part lol
I got left in the dust again but that's my fault for going to bed early

Don't worry, me too. I have no idea what's happening right now.
Tororo looked at Jabber. he hissed and nodded. Tororo couldn't speak physically but mentally, yes. He spoke back. "The toughest" he said with pride.

Dong looked at Nic. "Thank you must also warn you....a couple days ago...there have been sightings of certain human-like beasts and beast tamers who have been seeking to take other's beasts to enslave them. be careful."
"I did and Toro bit me poisoning me haha!!" Dong said to Nic. Kaala came over and spoke. "I heard you could cook...will you cook for all of us then? And I'm sure the monsters don't want to eat other monsters..."

Dong looked over. "Well that dragon is a carnivore. It will eat humans or other regular wild animals. But some are omnivores...they can eat both. Human based beasts are omnivores as well but it depends what type as some can eat humans or drink blood or feed off life forces..." he said.

Kaala wanted to see if this smart ass would slip. "What about my bird...what can Revi eat?" She asked.

Dong stared at her. "Hmm....she looks interesting....she's phoenix based so...flames would satisfy her. I mean...get a campfire going and she's have her dinner right there. Same with sulfur...she can eat that as well..." He said. Kaala raised an eyebrow and smirk. "Alright..." Knowing he was right.
Dong Da gave a nod and smirked. "Thank you but if they inspire me to make a new dish...can't promise anything." he laughed in a joking manner." he said while Kaala walked over with Revi looking at Dong Da as they gave a stare off but then just went back to what they were up to. Kaala was indifferent about other people these acquaintances of hers meet. But...Dong Da...he seemed jolly.

Tororo looked at Jabber as if it wanted to challenge him. These heavy weights would likely cause a lot of damage in the forest if a fight was to breakout.
Hearing the snarls from around him and finally getting a name, Dong Da looked at this crowd with a little interest. none of them scared him. (I mean...would you be scared of monsters if you grew up eating them? lol). "Heh...why so serious...there are much worse people out there than me. Me being friend or foe....that's up to you to decide. I'm just walking through to find another monster I once had and to find a water based monster for my new cuisine. I'm the great monster hunter chef, Dong Da of the Hu family." He said. "Say hi Tororo...." he said while Tororo gave a more hissing noise than anything.
"Hoho...usually it's considered proper manners to introduce yourself before asking others for their names." he said not revealing himself. Not trying to be difficult but he'd rather do things the proper way and then give his name.
"haha!! Right to the questions. I should be asking you the same..." he simply said. "I'm just a traveling chef." he told them.
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