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Current First night without my son. I already miss my little troublemaker.
9 mos ago
Your fingers have fingertips but your toes don't have toetips, yet you can tiptoe but not tipfinger
1 yr ago
Alright, I'm an official 1000 day veteran!
1 yr ago
My fondest childhood memory.......... not having to pay bills
2 yrs ago
ME: I got paid today!! MY BILLS: Nah! "I" got paid today!!


(Currently under construction)

Don't have much to say right now but while this is under construction, wanted to mention that my circumstances have changed now that I have a newborn baby in the house. With that said, I will be on when I can and my posts may not be consistent or fast on a daily basis. That goes for both group and PM RPs. If I take forever posting, my apologies in advance. But I will try and inform ones I work with of my current status and when I'll attempt to post again.

Appreciation to the ones I work with
Thanks :D

In the meantime:

If you want to add me on Discord, you can reach me with: King Tai#7510

If you have interest in RPing with me, I have a page that you can sneak up on and lurk rape RIGHT UP IN HERE!

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Sure :)

Awesome awesome!! :D
Xia Alexander

Location: Jamaica, Jamaicaaaa!!! / With Marinalia (Aka: English Muffin)

Truly this was what Both Xia and Mari needed. A real vacation. Time to get closer, Taking in the beautiful scenery, eating some authentic foods, listening to the music, going to the festival, traveling around on tours, seeing the beaches, the list goes on and on as what they could do. Of course, the two had their sexy moments to which even Xia could see so much changes in Mari from since they first met and were stuck in that blizzard. Still flirty as usual, both of these beauties seemed to have a healthy relationship, healthy as can be when they are surrounded with drama.

Leaving her cousin Carlo back at home, she left her worries of him getting into trouble and if he did, she'd bail his ass out when she'd get back but one of the highlights of being back home was showing her family her girlfriend. Made it even worthwhile that her mother and father has come to Jamaica to see family as well and to meet Marin. Xia's mother, Anya have heard more about Marin in such a short amount of time, than she would her own family. So it was a pleasure that they'd finally get to meet her. Her father, Tavani accepted Mari since she made Xia happy. Was quite pleasant and even though they could've hung out the whole time, the parents let the kids go off to do what they wanted to do.

They'd eventually got to speak to her and got to know her a bit while they had the chance. Eventually giving her their number to tell her she could call them anytime. other than those side events, the two did get to relax on the beach occasionally having men staring at them. May have been a group of girls that gave them dirty looks but it was because Xia already knew them and they knew not to try her since she's beaten their asses before.

Then...a visit from her drug dealing uncle, Xia had to reject the brownies he used to always offer her since she didn't do that anymore. Damn sure didn't want to influence her lover. But don't forget about the shopping, plenty of cute and sexy wear they could take back home. Xia ended up asking Mari about how she felt about some of the clubs and places they've gone into? If there were anything time she was uncomfortable? If she'd love to ever come back here? How she felt about her family? Just various things she wanted to know in order to make the experience better of to apologize for any inconveniences.

With pictures saved in her phone with selfies and sneaky, naughty, playful photos of the two, in the nutshell, this was what they needed and maybe getting back to Sol, things could change for the better for them.


Hello my friend. I shall have a post up sometime this week. :D
I feel it's partly my fault for not being consistent with my posts :( sorry guys.

What about my character?
Name: Damarko Graves
Alias: Pulse

Alegiances: For now, no one
Style: Strong
Weapon(s): He uses a strong Katana (What's on the pic) He calls Bad Vibe.
Special Abilities: Pressure strike - An ability to strike with a wave of raw pressure either it be a razor wind or concussive force from blunt or puncture attacks.
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