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1 yr ago
Current Managed to drop 33 lbs and have 17 more to go to reach my goal!
2 yrs ago
Starting my 3rd week of my 91 day challenge. I have 50 lbs to shed and looking to be in good health again. Time to go beast mode again!
3 yrs ago
I feel the only ones that are not complaining about the mandatory lockdowns are the gamers and people like me who likes staying home not doing shit.
5 yrs ago
My fondest childhood memory.......... not having to pay bills
5 yrs ago
ME: I got paid today!! MY BILLS: Nah! "I" got paid today!!


(Currently under construction)

Don't have much to say right now but while this is under construction, wanted to mention that my circumstances have changed now that I have a newborn baby in the house. With that said, I will be on when I can and my posts may not be consistent or fast on a daily basis. That goes for both group and PM RPs. If I take forever posting, my apologies in advance. But I will try and inform ones I work with of my current status and when I'll attempt to post again.

Appreciation to the ones I work with
Thanks :D

In the meantime:

If you want to add me on Discord, you can reach me with: King Tai#7510

If you have interest in RPing with me, I have a page that you can sneak up on and lurk rape RIGHT UP IN HERE!

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I have two kids and a dachshund pup
Hello old friend :)

Still open for adventures, chaos and entire plot lines spawned out of random comments that evolve into direction changing events?

Of course I am lol
Added another idea. :)
bump. slightly craving the Knight and samurai idea.

Edit: Added another idea!

Name: Ryuzaki Moto
Gender: Female
Nicknames: "Kissu"
Race: Human
Class: Ninja/Trickster
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 16
Size: small
Body Type: slim but with a little curves
Height: 5'4
Weight: 112 lbs
Complexion: Slight tan
Hair: Light blue
Eyes: golden brown
Handedness: Left handed
Scars: wrists, neck, and feet
Relationship Status: Open
Personality: Happy, bubbly, curious and childlike. Treats battles as if it's a fun game.
Mannerisms: Energetic and child-like
Likes: toys, sweet treats, creating new jutsu, strong opponents, having fun.
Dislikes: Boring people, fights getting interrupted, toys getting broken, responsibility


Moto uses Toy Jutsu. This allows her to utilize toys as weapons along with offensive, defensive, and supplementary uses. This allows her to summon a giant teddy bear, stuffed rabbit, toy soldier, and a clown doll to assist her in battle. other toys she can use as attacks includes silly puddy/playdough, spinning tops, jack in the box, roller skates for speed, jump rope, building blocks for defense, puzzle clones/puzzle substitution, bouncing ball and so on.


Her aura is the key to utilizing her jutsu. She was born with exceptionally high aura. With her incredible aura, she's capable of lasting longer and release more devastating attacks that an average ninja. This leaves her to be hated for the fact that she's strong but yet act so innocent and child-like when in battle as if to mock her enemies. She has enough control of her aura to supplement her physical attributes and infuse it into her weapons to add extra damage.

Physical attributes:

Despite her small frame, she's in great fighting condition. Genius in hand to hand combat. Her stamina is quite high, Has high pain tolerance, with her aura control, she can increase her strength several times over. Her speed can increase and her durability is also quite high. Her reflexes and tactical skills are something one could be impressed with.


Her main ninja tool/weapon she uses are a pair of yo-yos she can manipulate with her aura to increase it's durability ans size and control it's movements and attack power.

She also uses an inflatable mallet with surprising durability.

She's proficient with using marbles as ammo to flick at her target with high kinetic force (Thanks to her aura infusion)

Her special weapon she uses is a bubble wand that's usually resting in a large capsule she'd have around her back once she'd summon it. With the liquid soap solution, she can use her aura to create explosive bubble attacks and other uses for the bubble attacks.

For traveling use, she can summon forth a kite to get around if there's plenty of wind to glide with.


She have many other jutsu and toys she uses to fight with. Constantly she comes up with new skills and tools to help her to keep up with any situation she's put in. There's only one person she cannot seem to beat but yet put in a stalemate with, Starla Gretel, her only frenemy she frequently tries to find for battle purposes.
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