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Okay I'll have a Cs up later today then.
So just wondering is there an age limit to our characters?
I like the concept and shall place interest here.
Pink was almost lost with everything going on. First he was glad that him and some others could protect Faira, but now there was some boy who was gonna help them get out even though they did that all on their own. And now they were fighting pirates also to cap it off someone was casting a wind spell (or something similar.) Pink was still too hurt to do much, he was barley able to fight off the heartless from earlier. Now the sudden gust off wind in the room was putting him off balance and he eventually (despite trying not to) fell to the ground.

He'll just have to sit this fight out till his body heals. He hoped though the others can do well without him. "You guys got this!" he called out while on the ground hoping to boost moral, although it seems the pirates have a numbers advantage over the keyblade wielders.
@Gisk If Raddum's gonna sit out for a bit just do your next post and i'll respond to it and we can move on.
I'll post after Raddum.
I lowkey ship Pink and Faira, also Kupori and Gale.

Pink smiled at Faira's response to his question, at least someone definitely knows how to lighten the mood. When he saw Faira materialize and unlock the cage (even though it wasn't her original plan) Pink pulled himself off the ground so he could see what was gonna happen next.

When he basically sitting up he saw Faira sprawl to floor outside the cage. Shadow creatures were surrounding her, and Pink wasn't get let them get her this time. Even though his body refused to move he made it get up and hurry over to Faira. His keyblade already materialized and he was standing over her in a semi decent fighting stance. The creatures were definitely bigger than before but it didn't matter to him.

When one of the creatures lunged forward Pink smacked it away with his keyblade. Just after that his body was already trying to give out, for it still hasn't recovered from their last encounter with show creatures. But Pink still stood ready to take on more just to defend Faira.

'Not again... Never again..." Pink thought to himself.
There's the briefest of flashes, he's in a chair, surrounded by apparatus and a bright light shines in his face. A voice from behind the light asks him, "Are you ready, *****??" Everything goes dark.

He was back in the darkness, but not alone as he had been. In front of him was a fair haired young man, thin and with a thoughtful face. His hair was well kept, and his clothes neat. He looked at Pink, partly curious but mostly confused.

"This can't be right..." His voice trailed off with a chuckle. A shadowy, clawed hand wrapped around the young man's wrist. He looked backward at something Pink couldn't see and addressed it, "Patience, I'm coming."

He looked back at Pink, more critically than ever. "Well, good luck, I suppose." He took a step backward, and the darkness swallowed him.

Pink finally showed signs of life since he got on board. First it was a little grunting from weird dream he was having, but with the commotion from the others Pink finally opened his eyes.

"Where are we?" he asked trying to get up but his body refused and only gave him pain ares ares response. He heard someone say shut up and tried looking around until he found some dead looking guy. "Hey buddy, I think if you wanted us to work with you, maybe the first thing you shouldn't say is shut up."

Taking another look around Pink figured out they were in a cage and the Moogle and the other guy who was with them when the shadow creatures attacked. The Moogle looked hurt, and yet still willing to fight.

"So why wait for them to bring us food when we could just break out now?" Pink asked.
Man everyone is getting swallowed by shadows today.
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