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24 days ago
Current Great...now comes the conspiracy theorists about Kobe's death *sigh*.
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8 mos ago
I think my creative juices are finally flowing again
1 yr ago
First night without my son. I already miss my little troublemaker.
2 yrs ago
Alright, I'm an official 1000 day veteran!
2 yrs ago
My fondest childhood memory.......... not having to pay bills


(Currently under construction)

Don't have much to say right now but while this is under construction, wanted to mention that my circumstances have changed now that I have a newborn baby in the house. With that said, I will be on when I can and my posts may not be consistent or fast on a daily basis. That goes for both group and PM RPs. If I take forever posting, my apologies in advance. But I will try and inform ones I work with of my current status and when I'll attempt to post again.

Appreciation to the ones I work with
Thanks :D

In the meantime:

If you want to add me on Discord, you can reach me with: King Tai#7510

If you have interest in RPing with me, I have a page that you can sneak up on and lurk rape RIGHT UP IN HERE!
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