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Just to update you all, I’m still working on the next post to get us moving I’m afraid. Been brought back to work from furlough so my time is more limited than initially planned, but still should be able to get it done fairly soon.

No problem buddy. All the best!

Everyone else, I shall be working on a post to move us forwards and will have that up today/tomorrow I imagine.

I’ll be accepting @Cotton into the RP, due to the few dropping and prior interest.
I’ll be starting getting to work on my next post tomorrow (and doing a few other bits and pieces I’ve been meaning to do, updating the characters for one).

It is my Tsarina’s birthday this day so have been otherwise occupied.

I hope everyone is having a good weekend!
@Lady Selune

Many thanks for the heads up, sorry you also feel that way and sad to see you go.

It seems in my desire to ensure we have a enough players in the long run that I may have caused a few bumps. Well it’s all a learning experience I suppose!

The last large group RP I was in had around 15 characters and the start and after the first few rounds of posting there were 4 of us left. The one before that had 7 and there are 3 of us after the first few rounds.

Do you guys not have these issues usually? Just trying to gauge the best way to start a large group RP numbers wise for the future. Perhaps better to set a desired number early on.

Anyway, the rest of you, I’m locking the doors!

Nah don’t be silly, the post overall was good. I just wanted to clarify so we were all on the same page. You can just change the bits about Barovia to the Misty forest instead.


More great posts.

@Fetzen One thing I do have to clarify, in regards to your post, Barovia isn’t a place that your characters are aware of (with one or two exceptions) and it doesn’t border anywhere in the Sword Coast.

At the moment your job was just werewolves. You are unknowingly and magically transported to Barovia (the shift in surroundings to creepy), which you’ll figure out in a little bit. You then find out escape seems impossible and learn of the Vistani and things. Not much of a problem at all, but just thought I’d clear that up now.
@NobodyJustYet@Tsar Gatto

At this point I’m afraid I cannot accept any more characters.

However, should any of our current cast drop out or disappear I shall certainly let you both know.


I’m thinking that I’m looking for everyone to have their posts up by the weekend at the latest. Of course any issues from anyone give me a shout, but that’s when I’ll get working on my next post (providing everyone isn’t done sooner).

Nice opening posts so far, starting to get a good feel of those characters and the group coming together.

Move on over now she’s all finished. Will add her to the rosta shortly.
Alright. IC is up and open. Any questions fire away.

As previously stated I'm happy giving good creative freedoms, so if you did want to talk to Captain Lanniver or any other NPC in the first half of your post feel free.

Same goes in regards to the openings of the fight with the wolves. Makes more sense for me to spell out the gist and let you have more control over them for your posts. Ofc, after a round of posting I'll go again with the wolves and moving things along - but hopefully the format should work quite well if we each continue to build of what the others have written.

Hopefully it's clear, but if not let me know.


Thank you for the interest and getting a character submitted, however I think with the current characters and number of players I can't really accept another at this stage. Should this change I will let you know, but for now I'm afraid we're full - sorry to have to disappoint.
Daggerford, Delimbiyr Vale, Sword Coast.

The sun was just beginning its gradual ascent into the sky as the group began to assemble. They were a varied bunch, each with their own skills and specialities - brought together and hired through various contacts. Some had reputations, some did not – but for one reason or another their employer was confident in their abilities.

The werewolves that had attacked time and time again had become more than just a nuisance. They had proved themselves to not only be capable and savage fighters, but also cruel monsters. They had slaughtered families and livestock alike as well as having taken children into the forest. Prior attempts to stop them had ended in either death or disappearance and the local population were now living in constant fear.

Several nights ago, some of the group had met with the Duchess and her captains to discuss the situation. They had learnt that throughout the raids one of the werewolves had been captured. Though thoroughly unpleasant and uncooperative they had managed to pull some information from the creature before it had been put out of its misery. It had divulged that the werewolf pack itself has a dozen members, but their numbers are also augmented by many wolves. The leader of the pack is a man named Kiril, whomst they agreed must be dealt with for the threat to be considered dealt with.

Though the origins of this seemingly well organised group of werewolves was still unclear, the origins of the attacks were not. They were each launched from the Misty Forest, always accompanied by a strange and thick fog that had rolled out as if on command to engulf the area surrounding the attacks. They had too decided, that if possible, the source of this mist must be determined and brought to a stop. Of course, there had too been talk of payment, and it was clear that the Duchess was determined to see these attacks halt with the rewards she had offered.

They had agreed on the location and timing of their meeting, and sent messages to those who were not in attendance. That time was now upon them and stood before the gathered group was a rather large and well-groomed man. He was wearing an almost regal set of half plate mail augmented by a fine red tabard. He had a hulking Greatsword slung across his back and a longsword at his hip, both were adorned with the sigil of House Morwen. He was Captain Lanniver of the Duchess Morwen’s guard, grunting greetings to some as they arrived, silent nods of acknowledgment at others. This wasn’t the first meeting for most of them, but for some it was. He was not a man to mince words and wasted little time on pleasantries. Once they had all assembled, he eyed each of them wearily before he began to pace back and forth as he spoke.

“I’ll keep it quick. There was another damned attack last night” he began, his tired eyes darted from one to another as he did. His voice was hoarse and the deep bags under his eyes showed that he likely hadn’t slept the previous night.

“The beast struck at the Floshin Estates, killed several of their best guards and worst – they’ve taken more children for the gods knows what foul reason. Two of them are Lord and Lady Floshin’s own” he paused as if almost for dramatic effect as he ran his mailed fist through what little hair he had.

“As well as wiping out those foul creatures we need you to bring the children back.” He hesitated for a few moments before adding “of course you’ll be rewarded far beyond and above whatever contract you’ve agreed with the Duchess, but only if you get them back alive and well.

He waited no more than a few moments more before adding “head towards the Misty Forrest and that dammed fog. Hopefully, you’ll find them before they find you” the big man didn’t linger for questioning, he simply turned and began trudging back towards the castle pausing only briefly to add “oh, and eh… good luck” as he gestured behind him.

Not more than a few minutes travel outside the settlement and a thin fog already began to descend and drape itself about the landscape. Through the morning haze it made everything look somewhat surreal and almost otherworldly. Fortunately, the ground was almost littered in scattered wolf tracks and they were fairly easy to follow – almost guiding the group towards the distant trees of the Misty Forest. The morning was not unpleasant despite the situation and ignoring the thin fog the weather was good.

A few hours later they had reached the first few trees as the Forest loomed before them. The journey up until this point had been easy and uneventful, the tracks of their quarry easy to follow. A distant wolf howl echoed from somewhere ahead of them, almost like a greeting as they took their first few steps under the canopy of the forest.

As they moved deeper into the woods, the trees around them soon narrowed their ranks and their surroundings darkened and became dim. The further in they went the more their needle-covered arms interlocked as if to intentionally blot out the sun. The shroud of mist that before had only covered the ground now slowly became a creeping wall of grey fog that silently enveloped everything. Soon, even the werewolf tracks began to disappear, and things started to feel… strange and almost like they were being watched despite the fact they could not see anyone.

Suddenly they noticed that there was no longer any birdsong or indeed any sounds of life and the trees around them now looked almost sinister, gnarled and twisted as their branches reached out like grasping claws as they passed. The ground and indeed everything else around them too seemed to have taken on a more sickly and deathly appearance – dark and waterlogged. Though the transition had been very slow and gradual, it was if suddenly they were aware of it, or rather if somehow as well as being slow and gradual suddenly everything had changed in in instant.

The air was split by another long wolf howl, this time however it was only some short distance behind them. It was answered by several closer howls, some before them others off to the side of them no more than a few hundred feet away. It very quickly became apparent that they were suddenly the ones being hunted and the howls narrowed in on them.

A few moments later a huge snarling wolf emerged from the mist as its eyes seemed to stare into each of their very souls. Its fur was thick and black, shaggy and matted with dirt, covering its powerful and muscular form. Thick saliva was dripping from its maw that was of course lined with razor sharp pointy teeth.

All around the group, more snarling and growling wolves emerged from the mist and began to stalk around the edges, disappearing in and out of view as they hungrily eyed up the adventurers.

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