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Current There once was a man from Nantucket...
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There once was a man in Peru, who dreamed he was eating his shoe. He woke with a fright in the middle of the night, and found that his dream had come true.
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There once was a man from Darjeeling. Who boarded a bus bound for Ealing. He saw on the door 'please don't spit on the floor'. So he stood up and spat on the ceiling.
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I just wrote a goddamn 3-paragraph breakdown on why a Metal Gear shitpost was accurate, because a friend told me to. Where did I go wrong in life?
2 mos ago
"Breed that eats children"?! Its a dog, its behavior is what the owner shapes it to be. By your logic one could argue that all German Shepherds are instantly able to be police dogs by a snap.


I'm a stupid idiot who runs away from problems instead of facing them. Trying to change that one place at a time.

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Both are WIP at the moment as I hammer out backstories, feel free to snoop around and poke and prod every hole you think you've found in what they are so far.

EDIT: More or less done, barring any changes/additions that might be needed.

This seems like its still got some activity going, so I figured I'd poke my head in and ask to make sure before suddenly trying to join a discord that turns out to be dead.
@Kenshi RECON's a longtime favorite, though something not a lot of people are too keen to dabble in.
I've personally toyed with just about every form of D&D in some fashion, though my usual crowd for online games rests squarely in the 3e/PF1e Venn Diagram slot. Overall I've never found an edition I didn't enjoy, though some definitely would need some tweaking before I'd ever run them.

As for comparing 4e to things: I always thought it reminded me more of something like XCOM or other turn-based tactics games rather than any sort of MMO. Cooldowns on abilities have always been a thing in D&D, 4e just made them more obvious and in the spotlight. I've always said that I'd love to salvage the core engine and then reuse it for something like a military squad tactics RPG.
Hey, so, I dunno if anyone at all remembers me but I'm Reede. Was here for a bit, had some issues I'd rather not repeat come up in my life and I ghosted site-wide for about five months before deciding that was a very stupid decision to make and that I should come back, make amends, and try and get back to a part of my life I miss.

So to those of you who remember me: I was an idiot and now I'm here to not be an idiot.

To those who don't: Hello! I'm a person trying to be less bad at talking things out than they were before.
@Andreyich Noted, I'll hop into the Discord with y'all and get to work right away.
@Andreyich Figured I'd throw the question here before cluttering up the Discord, any chance this is still accepting newcomers?
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