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Current Infamous adult words like "tax evasion" or "debit card"
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Nothing wrong with going "I dont want that." or "I wont join because of that." as long as whoever's doing that understands its a personal choice. People aren't owed an RP, and RPs aren't owed players.
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Someone: What's your favorite anime? Me: Its complicated youtu.be/qIZL5qeEKj0
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@gilgex there is not a single valid reason to hate people for their race, or any other biological factors they have no choice or control over
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A rock stuck in your shoe, but like, metaphorically


I'm a stupid idiot who runs away from problems instead of facing them. Trying to change that one place at a time.

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Jonatan Rhen liked to think he was a simple man. He owned quite a bit of farmland, sure, and was one of the wealthiest in town because of it. But that didn't mean he was afraid of some honest work. Which was why he found himself knelt down, working away at his crops by hand. He'd been told the town would be getting some new tools he could buy to help with this. They'd told him that last year too. And the year before. By now, Jonatan had consigned himself to simply whittling away at it on his own. He sighed, looking up from the dirt to wipe his brow. Maybe he could-

His thoughts were cut off by a thunderous roaring from the sky, and a sharp glare catching him across the face. He looked to see what looked to be some sort of falling star careening off across the horizon. And it was headed straight for his fields several acres away. He stood, and quickly began to sprint off towards his farm home.

"Marthe, Marthe, come quickly!" he shouted as he ran, calling his wife to come outside. She did, startled look across her face.

"What is it, Jonatan? Why are you shouting, is something wrong?"

"I don't know! Something strange just came falling from the sky! It crashed in the field a ways away! Grab some water and come look with me, I don't want it to burn the crops!"

As Jonatan rushed away from the home and towards the object's landing site, his wife hurried to fill a pair of buckets from their well, rushing after him.

Marthe arrived heaving a bucket in each hand, nearly dropping them from shock at what she saw. Jonatan stood there too, eyes transfixed upon what had fallen into their world, changing it forever. A large, shimmering metal object, looking unharmed from the impact and partially burrowed into the ground. The strange thing opened with a hiss, and what was inside shocked them even more. A baby, the largest either of them had ever seen. The couple looked at each other before both carefully stepped towards the object, reaching in and hefting the child out together. Silently, they carried him to their home, both contemplating the bizarre situation they'd found themselves in. The baby looked up at them both, emerald eyes glinting in the daylight, hands reaching out to them.

Bringing the child inside, the two quickly worked to make up something they could set him on, as they figured out what to do.

"What do you think it could mean, Jon? A baby, falling from the sky? Its like something from out of an old fairy tale!"

"Well, this definitely isn't a tale. We've got to deal with this somehow. We need...we need to take him in."

"What if he's dangerous?!"

"We can't just abandon a baby out into the wilderness, Marthe! The right thing to do is to take him in and...see if anyone comes looking for him."

"Who would come looking for him? He fell from the sky, Jon!"

"Well maybe there's people out there. People like him. He's big, far bigger than he should be, he's definitely no normal man's son."

"So we're raising him then? Adopting a baby from the stars... Not at all how my mother would've expected her first grandchild."

"Well, if we're raising him, he'll need a name. Got any ideas, Marthe?"

At his, Marthe knelt down to look the child in the eyes, letting him softly grip one of her fingers in his hand.

"Wolfram, after my grandfather. People said he was a strange man, and I have a feeling they'll say the same about this boy here."

"Wolfram it is, then." Jonatan said with a small smile, kneeling down as well to gently rub the boy's head. Then he stood, heading back for the doorway. Marthe gave him a concerned look as he did, standing up.

"Where are you going now?"

"To bury that thing he came in. Last thing we need is people flocking from all over to oggle at the strange thing crashed into our farmland."


Wolfram grunted as he hefted several sacks of grain onto a cart in quick succession. He gave his father a smile as he dusted off his hands. The boy had grown incredibly fast, almost inhumanely so. He was already almost twice as tall as Jonatan, and seemed to have no sign of slowing down. He was strong, insanely strong. In the time he'd been helping around the farm he'd already made the job far easier than it could be. And that wasn't mentioning just how smart and gifted the boy was. When he'd heard about some of the new tools his father had been expecting, what they were supposed to help him do, he'd gone out, examined the crops for a while, then gone into town, and come back having built them himself. Standing here now, Jonatan couldn't help but be equally awed and startled at the way Wolfram was progressing.

"Thanks again, son. I can do it, it just goes by a lot quicker with your help."

"You're welcome, father. Is there anything else I can do to help?"

"Why don't you ride into town with me? I've got some stuff I need to tell you, and I think you're ready to hear them."


Wolfram stood in front of the mirror, examining what he could of his massive body within the frame. He was barely large enough to fit into the room without needing to duck down, much less the whole mirror. Nonetheless, he looked over the well-tailored outfit he'd been given, designed to fit his large size. It didn't bother him too much, being so large in comparison to those around him. Not after what his father had told him, shown him. He knew he wasn't a normal person, wasn't really his father's son. That strange object he'd been found in, buried at its crash site years ago, was still something he dwelled on from time to time. Its part of the reason he was doing what he was now, preparing to leave his hometown for the first time, to head to the largest university in Korstel, his homeland.

He'd gained more and more of an interest in machines, cities, and people as he'd grown. Learning how people grew their food, built their homes, traveled, and protected themselves. And eventually, he'd reached the limits of what he could learn in the town, and the neighboring towns. He knew he'd need a proper education if he wanted to learn more, especially if he wanted to learn about the object he'd come from within. And this was why his father and mother had been kind enough to give him a large amount of their savings, to help him see out his dream by attending the Vohenburg University for Science and Engineering.

The large man gave his parents one last hug goodbye, taking his things and loading them onto the cart they'd prepared for him. Guiding the animal and the vehicle out onto the road, he looked back at his home, and then forward towards his future. He didn't know what was in store for him, but he knew he had much to learn.
The Schuisse Guardians

Nico and Malthis stood outside their command tent, observing the battle before them. The troops of their company fighting side by side with the forces of the so-called Emperor of Mankind, assaulting the forces of Gyptus. Watching their men stand with the mighty Thunder Warriors was a sight to behold, the gene-modified warriors carving a path for their men and others to fill.

"I still don't like this." Malthis said, arms crossed as he looked over at Nico. "He might have a strong army, but he's far from the first person to try to conquer the world just because his army's big and strong."

Nico watched his troops through a set of magnoculars, lowering them to turn and face Malthis. "Your objections are noted, Malthis. But I feel differently. Look at how his troops fight for him. Its clear there's something more to him than just another warlord."

"So he's inspiring? We're mercenaries, Nico, our inspiration should be the biggest pay!"

"We're mercenaries *now*, but you know our heritage as well as I do. We used to serve a cause. We used to have dedicated purpose. We were the Guardians of one of the most important positions on the planet! And seeing this man, how he leads his men, how he inspires them, how he convinces them of his cause, I think we can have purpose again."

Malthis sighed and shook his head. "You're too much of an idealist, Nico. The world our founders lived in is long gone. The only thing important now is making sure you have the supplies to live to fight another day."

"Malthis, my friend. You need to learn to see the bigger picture. We are who we are because of our heritage, our regimentation, our organization. I made you leader of the Honorbound because I trusted you to drill our best and brightest in that philosophy. And you've done a fine job. But now I'm asking you to hold fast to that mindset, see where this goes."

"...Fine. But if this blows up in your face, I won't hesitate to say I told you so."

The two returned to watching the battle unfold. In the distance, a squad of Honorbound leapt to the defense of a pair of Thunder Warriors, lasers from their halberds cutting down the men that had ambushed them. The mercenaries stood at guard as the Thunder Warriors readied to rush back into the fray, and as the gene-soldiers charged forward, the squad rushed in after them, weapons at the ready.

Nico smiled. That kind of dedication to duty was what it was all about.

All ready to be on board if you'll have me.
Did wanna say I am still around, just got some IRL stuff kicking my ass.
@Dusty Horthy said a couple days ago he'd get started today, and it's barely been a day since he was last around. RPs far from dead still lmao. Serious "dead chat XD" vibes
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