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Pfft, what are you talking about? Everyone knows Disney is the *only* company to own more than one thing!
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Hey, on the off chance any of you have digital copies or physical copies you can make digital of the old TSR Inc D&D solo adventures, PM me right away, I need them for a project
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All the US maps I've seen have centered on the Atlantic, with the Americas on the left and Europe/Africa/Asia/Australia on the right.


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You just say the word and I'm there, boss.
@SepI normally don't have this much trouble. I just can't seem to nail anything down that I'm satisfied with this time around.
@SepI'm gonna be honest here: I just can't think of a setup for a post that's actually long enough to bother with posting. Rather than sit here and flounder about while I keep insisting I'm gonna post, I'm just going to withdraw from this. I hope you understand that this has nothing to do with you or anyone else, just my own inability to figure things out.
Sorry I haven't gotten to this yet, I'll have a post up today after work
Trooper TK-2323 - Bradlev 'Rainstorm' Trawin

Trawin sat in the transport with his T-21 positioned upright between his knees, his hands firmly gripped around the wide barrel. Though to those observing him, he appeared to be sternly staring straight ahead, barely reacting to movement of the shuttle, even when it began to take fire from the surface below, inside his helmet his eyes were closed, and he was silently preparing himself for the battle ahead. He had no concerns about the shuttle surviving to land, he trusted the pilot to do their job as they had been trained, just like he trusted the others to do theirs. He had no control over the rocking craft, so it made no sense to worry about 'what ifs' regarding its descent. All that mattered was being ready to put his boots on the ground and get into action.

When the shuttle hit dirt, or what passed for dirt on the garbage ball of a world, Trawin sprung into action. Piling out of the vehicle alongside the others, Bradlev took his position on the opposite end of the squad from Okoye. As he fired in sync with the pattern they'd bother mastered, an order came in over the comlink. "Tapalo get up there, you too Trawin, we're going to need suppressing fire on the hostiles. Everyone else move ahead, take cover and push forward steadily. The closer we go to the base the clearer shot that turret has of us. Don't get caught in its path." Trawin noted the massive scrap heap Kavis had been referring to, responding with a simple "TK-2323 acknowledges, moving now."

Making his way up the mound to their left was no easy feat, especially not while under heavy enemy fire. As he hefted himself up the precarious trash heap, Trawin quickly scrambled behind an old lump of durasteel that would make a suitable brace for his bipod, as well as decent cover from blaster fire. Bringing his T-21 to bear, Bradlev trained it on the foes advancing towards his squadmates, syncing his fire with the distant roar of Okoye's own blaster, Trawin did his best to either drive the advancing enemies back or into cover, hoping Tapalo would use this to her advantage to pick them off.
@SepYou know, I feel like I miss those things every time. Should be fixed now.
Image worked fine for me as well. Might be your firewall/network blocking Photobucket, Zarkun
Please let me know of anything that needs removed/changed/reworked in this CS!
@SepWhat year is it in terms of BBY/ABY?
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