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@Jbcool I’m currently unable to post due to being in the field and away from the computer for another two weeks but I can get a post up after that.

You don't seem to be getting lots of interest, but here is my entry in case you want to continue anyway

What would the focus of this RP be on? Would it be centered around a small group of companions, acting within the events of the rebellion? Or will it be set across the entirety of Westeros and play more like a nation RP? Also, are canon characters permitted?

@Sini Have you determined if you'll be playing as House Hightower or not? I'd like to start a Direct Message thread so we can discuss the finer details, if you would be so inclined.

@Ezekiel I understand of course, which is why, before I finished the sheet, I asked whether the scenario would be to chaotic of a starting point. I'll rewrite, as I do intend to keep applying for Baratheon. Your suggestion for Robbas being the younger brother of Jocelyn and Boremond is excellent, I was originally intending Robbas just as an outright replacement for Boremond but this way we can maintain canonical characters a bit more.

Edit: Finished my watered down back-up version. Please let me know if this one is more palatable?


I understand your concerns in that regard. So keep in mind any of the four rebel houses named can be changed to another Stormland house if a player doesn't want them to be, well rebelling. I don't want to do a peasant rebellion or outsider invasion as that would unite the power of the Stormlands under the Baratheon's, and at the start I want their power to be basically zero.

Still, I don't want to step on your toes, or anyone else's so please take a gander at this WIP and let me know if the scenario is too crazy, and not too your liking.

@Sini I actually was planning on one of the Baratheon children to be in the Reach at the time, courting a Lord’s daughter, if you’re going Hightower would you be interested in collaborating on that front?
I’m working on House Baratheon right now. By the way, I’m adding a little extra flavor to the opening of my character/s stories, how much can we break away from the canon events right off the bat? For context essentially I’m writing in ‘recent history’ the details of a rebellion of sorts occurring in the Stormlands against the Baratheons.
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