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Soga Emishro

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The forthcoming answers did little to assuage Emishro’s concerns. They, in accordance to Hunter doctrine would err on the side of a dead youkai, rather than pursue the question of motive further. Perhaps they were correct in that mindset, after all most of them had been fighting the supernatural beings since the age of fourteen, while he himself hadn’t so much as seen one. Only the brief descriptions from his mother, and the papers clutched in his hands at that moment gave him insight into the mysterious youkai. Emishro glanced down at the mantis’ name, marked in standard ink upon the page. Shuro’s and Isana’s suggestions were earnest to be sure, but how likely would it be that he could talk to Gin? Wouldn’t the Bakekonchu resist their efforts to kill the hive leader Kumogori? Or would Gin stand by and do nothing as justice was dealt? Emishro did not know much about Bakekonchu, but surely a member of a communal species wouldn’t allow its leader and hive-mates to be slaughtered while holding a conversation explaining his actions with some curious human child. The whole thing sounded ridiculous Emishro’s head. Kazama-Sensei’s uncertain guess at an explanation would probably be the best answer Emishro was going to get, and it weighed heavily on his young mind. Would it be right to kill the burgeoning colony, Gin, Kumogori, and all the others on the basis of a probable threat? No jury, no judge, only young executioners following orders.

Nevertheless, Emishro kept his reservations to himself. He was new, the rookie, what did he know compared to these more experienced hunters? His reputation was already on thin ice and mumbling about moral objections about creatures who could very well be planning the mass slaughter of innocents surely wouldn’t help his case.

Outwardly Emishro frowned and nodded, acting as if it all made sense to him now and he had no further questions. “If I can, I shall surely follow your advice.” He said simply, giving Shuro the quickest of glances before forcing his eyes to rest somewhere else, anywhere else and that happened to be the foreigner. He was a Westerner, that much was obvious. Emishro had seen enough television to recognize the accent as that of an English speaker, though whether that meant Oceania, the English Isles, or America he could not say. Giving a good-natured laugh he rested a friendly hand on Jack’s shoulder. He’d heard somewhere Westerners appreciated physical contact. Or was it some other culture?

Crud! Too late now.

“You and I can be lost together friend; I have no idea how to navigate these streets. I’m Emishro by the way.” Emishro said, trying his best to keep the introduction from slipping into awkward territory. He discreetly slid his hand off Jack’s shoulder clasping both of his hands behind his back. “Best we stick to someone more streetwise than us, erm, if you don’t mind of course?” The last part being directed at both Shuro and Jack. Talking to people had always been so easy back home, where he’d known every one of his neighbors. This was different somehow, new territory that left him feeling nervous and awkward like he’d never felt before. Taking a deep breath Emishro released the pent-up energy with a silent exhale, trying to convince his body and mind to relax. He was here, meeting other Hunters, and about to set off to go fight Youkai as he had always dreamed. Things could be worse, he just needed to get out of his own head, that was all.
Soga Emishro

Despite his initial wariness and embarrassment by his haggard entrance only compounded by Kazama’s gentle chiding, Emishro’s interest was immediately piqued by the instructor’s straight forward attitude. There would be no beating around the bush it seemed. Nervous eagerness filled Emishro melting away his shyness like spring snow; this was why he was here, to fight youkai and follow his ancestors’ footsteps. He approached the teacher's desk at once, shuffling through the offered papers. reading the different variables, facts and known components to himself.

“Why would Gin break contact, and suddenly start disobeying Hunter Mandate.” He asked Kazama suddenly, after finishing Gin’s small portion of the file. That part stuck out to Emishro for some reason, worrying him, yet he simply could not think of why. “He’s been here cooperating, and even being helpful longer than I’ve been alive. Wouldn’t he know what happens to Youkai that do such things?” He looked to some of the more experienced members, concern evident in his tone. “Surely this isn't a normal occurrence?”
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This seems really cool, I think I'll join in.

Who're we missing?

Arriving late had been a constant staple of Soga Emishro’s first day in Ayabukuro. Ever since he’d first stepped off the train, his fingers still sticky from the honeyed rice he’d eaten Emishro found himself falling ever further behind. Could one really blame him? He was from the country, in the distant and sparsely populated northern islands, and for the first time he stood amidst the hustle and bustle of daily city life, completely awestruck by the sheer enormity of it all. The crushing shock of people milling about like so many sheep in a pen, the menacing high-rises disappearing amongst the smog clouds, challenging even the volcanic mountains in altitude, their mirrored flanks reflecting the absolute brilliance of the morning sun. Emishro could not recall how long he stood on that dirty train platform, turning in slow circles his jaw agape in wonder. It was some time certainly, his first day of classes completely forgotten. He was fortunate then, that a nearby policeman, his face flushed from blowing his traffic whistle took pity on the hapless boy, approaching him and requiring after his good health, and wondering if there was any way he could assist the young sir on this fine afternoon?

Afternoon?! Emishro nearly jumped out of his boots at this realization. The policeman’s rapid city accent brought him back to the present reminding him that morning was long past, and the day’s first classes would already be wrapping up, and Emishro was horribly late. After a hurried conversation, and some good directions provided by the polite policeman Emishro set off, descending from the elevated locomotive platform and onto the vender packed street beneath, his suitcase bouncing on the rough asphalt as he ran. He could not spend the time he would have liked sightseeing or people watching. Foreigners and locals alike mingled here, westerners with their pale flesh and bright hair, and even a few southern men from faraway places like Africa, their skin dark as charcoal. The sweet smells from carts tempted Emishro at every turn, his rumbling stomach reminding him he hadn’t eaten since early that morning. An empty wallet and a tight schedule kept him running.

At long last he arrived, even as the sun passed its zenith and continued its steady march across the western sky. He was met at the front entrance of Yasuragi High by an irate principle and prefect duo who looked more worried than angry, but still very much angry, threatening a week’s worth of detention among other punishments. After a good talking to, and a great many disappointed sighs the principle directed the prefect to carry Emishro’s luggage off the dorms, while he personally escorted the wayward youth to his evening classes. From that point on the day was a long one, seeming to drag even as Emishro’s stomach growled louder and he developed a cough from the stagnate air. Finally, the last class was called, and he could rush off to his final destination, worried he would be late for the one event he actually wanted to attend.

“Apologies for my tardiness Sensei!” Emishro gasped, bursting into the clubroom’s door, sending a mop that’d been leaning against the wall clattering to the floor. With surprising agility, he stooped mid slide snatching up the cleaning utensil, and in the process nearly crashing face first into a boy’s desk. He grinned awkwardly at the boy in question, taking in his strange foreign style of clothing, the way his feet were propped up on his writing table, his chair leaning back as if he hadn't a care in the world. Embarrassment hit Emishro like a truck on the freeway. Here he was acting the fool, and he wasn’t even late. In fact, it looked like everyone else was just arriving and settling themselves in their seats. With whatever dignity he still possessed he straightened, his face burning with mortification at how absurd he must look, he bowed first to Kazama, and then the other members of the class. They were all unfamiliar to him, perhaps if he had shown up on time he might have met some of them outside of the club. Kazama-sensei most definitely, the stern older man was supposed to teach history, a class Emishro had missed altogether. “My most sincere apologies master, I think I missed your class this morning, er, sorry.” He replaced the mop he was still holding to its rightful place on the rack by the door before scurrying to an empty seat at the back of the classroom next to a pretty young blonde whom Emishro daren’t even look at. He sat straight in his seat, holding his face in his hands, wondering if the day could get any worse.
I noticed that Soga getting "a few hundred" in Yen would be like being handed about $5 or so.

Haha yeah, enough for a singular meal on Emishro's trip, hopefully. Yen is one of those currencies...

So does anyone have any ideas for their characters power growth arc? A way for the character to grow and develop their powers to a more awesome degree?

For Emishro I was thinking as an advancement he'll eventually learn that he can give negative effects as well as positive for his augmentation powers, once he earns it of course. And I have a similar idea for his healing sacrifice power too, but only after he's well and truly deserves it.

I was going through all the accepted sheets, and I noticed nearly every single one had some mention of cooking, meal creation, and the like.

@Tomaru You have unleashed all of the edgy anime girls, tremble in awe at your own powah!
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