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Hey don't steal my line Eric, but I too am intrigued. I have to ask though, is the Great War about to kick off in this story?

What year is it? Also, are the North Koreans allied with any other stronger power, maybe a coalition of China and Russia and the DPRK?

I’ll pitch in as the Voice of Freedom


Looking both affronted and amused Shannuk laid a hand on his chest in mock shock, unable to keep the mischievous light from dancing in his grey eyes. He had to admire this Rila, she seemed to know exactly what type of person he was, and more importantly, how he was. The brawl presented an opportunity, and her urges for him to avoid the conflict only bolstered his desire to 'show off'. That's what she wanted right? To use reverse psychology to convince him to intervene and present a favorable outcome? Or maybe she just really didn't want him to get hurt... No it couldn't be! Obviously she wanted him to take action.

"You wrong me ma'am." Shannuk said, tagging along behind Rila like an annoying shadow that never quite vanished. "I have been injured as you are aware, but if you must truly insist upon a non-partisan solution to said kerfuffle in the prison courtyard it would be my deepest honor to accept such a challenge. Never fear I shall provide..." Seeing Rila was still walking away from him Shannuk sprinted until he was in front of her, waking backwards so that they were face to face. "Though you might insist upon non-violence, those are the words of a lady, kindhearted and tender. However, when it comes to issues such as these the strong must step forth, and bring about a semblance of security and peace for all others by any means necessary, even if it means sacrificing ourselves to achieve such goals. I however possess the skills to not only accomplish the mission with flying colors, but to do so without further injury on anyone else's part! Especially mine, which is most important. Hold." Shannuk held up his hand, stopping Rila from getting in a word edgewise. "I can read between the lines, never fear, I understand!"

Then he was away, jogging heroically across the yard. The young pirate, whose 'honor' could be bought with twelve coins or a pretty lady pushed and shoved his way to the front of the small ring surrounding the fighters knocking the noncombatants out of the way. Without so much as a backwards glance Shannuk threw himself headlong into the battle with a cry of, "Cease and desist!" before getting pushed, seeing red, and then trying to throw punches and spitting in an Earth Kingdom man's face. Shannuk was no stranger to fights, having been on a ship for the past couple years filled from aft to stern with hotblooded, and easily offended rouges. He fought dirty too, gouging at eyes, kicking at groins, and tugging on hair all while fastening his teeth around any inch of skin available.

Anyone gonna post?


Pushing himself to his feet Shannuk swayed a little, making a show of holding his head and pressing against the cell’s damp wall. “Sorry, just a little dizzy chum,” Shannuk lied, milking the situation for all it was worth. Waving off any help offered the pirate fell into step beside Rila, watching the guard, and more importantly the lock and key he was using to secure their vacated cell. This one seemed a little sharper, someone to be reasoned with perhaps...? He took a moment to memorize the guard’s face,

“It's nice of them,” Shannuk commented to Rila, loud enough for the guardsman to hear. “To let no good, dirty criminals like us even draw breath, let alone get fresh air outside. It makes one want to do good by them, cause they’re doing good by us, a little tit for tat if you catch my drift. One could always be thankful for every little nicety shown. It makes me want to turn my life around, recognize my wrongdoings and maybe help someone if its ever needed. A little redemption if you will. Besides it's always good to have friends above and below when th’ seas get rough.” Shannuk winked pointedly at Rila. “Wouldn’t you concur miss, ah, didn’t catch your name there. I’m Shannuk, call me Shan, or Nuk, or whatever you’d like, just not blubbernose, can’t abide that name.”

“Oh, and since we’re starting on good terms and sharing introductions might be good to learn our jailor’s title as well.” Shannuk flashed a cheeky grin at the guardsman, his demeanor friendly and welcoming. “So, if we ever catch any on the downside trouble, we know who to tell forthwith. We wouldn’t want some upstart no-good lobster getting all the credit, now would we?”

I dunno, Aaron is a practical person, with his animosity targeted towards, “I’m better than thou,” rather than a “I refuse to associate,” @Aerandir How about, in one last ditch effort, @Rydude17’s character Danath works as a spy for Aaron directly in defiance of the King, seeing as the Woodsmen report to the king. Because one thing Aaron would definitely do is things that irk his lord father.

@Kitty @Rydude17 I really like the character, he reminds me of Tyrion Lannister, and we could always use a Tyrion esque character. How about a Halfling that’s pretending to be a dwarf, with trimmed ear tips, who faked pedigree documents to pretend he’s from some distant highborn family. It’s not a unheard of ploy, and If his talents were sufficient in placateigng the nobles I’m sure they’d be content to look the other way for the more questionable bits. Like “who the heck is Family Kindasmall? and why have they been ruling a Earldom in the farthest reaches of the kingdom without me knowing about it for three hundred years?”

Jacob Wheeler

“It does actually.” Jacob answered for them all. There was some good fortune at least amidst all the confusion. These people weren’t making any sense, claiming there was no gulf or lake near where they lived. Why did he care if there was no gulf where they lived, what mattered was where they were now, and that was in southern Louisiana which most definitely had a gulf.

Deciding against engaging into the nuances of the point Jacob instead walked next to the signpost, kicking at the sand ground with his soulless boots, talking as he went. “There’s an arrow pointing that’a’ways, and a distance. The kingdom of Honorfire must be a theme park or something, there’s all sorts of alligator farms and tourist traps and such down here. We’ll find a phone to use, and call a cab, or at least I will I don’t really care what ya’ll do. Ah ha!” Jacob’s boot scuffed hard dirt buried under a light layer of sand. He’d seen this before in the desert, where wind had blown sand over a road less traveled. A road sign, even one as old and rickety as the one they were examining now wouldn’t just be placed out in the middle of nowhere. It’d be connected to a road, and a road could be followed.

Tugging on his pack straps he hoisted the satchel he never knew he had higher on his back, Jacob strode boldly down the path in the direction of Honorfire. Something truly strange was going on here, and setting aside the wild theories of kidnapping and the matrix he intended to find out what.

He had gone several feet before he realized the others were slow in following. Halting Jacob turned, frowning and waiting for them to catch up. “Let’s go people. Four miles ain’t that far, and we’ll make it in less than an hour if we step it out. Last thing I need is to get lost out in the Louisiana wilderness in the dark. Also, some of you might even have family or friends worried about your wellbeing, and we don’t want to keep them waiting.”
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