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Ba Sing Se, Outside Eight Paths Prison

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“Sure, I could do offense-” Clapping her hands to her ears Huo winced as someone nearby suddenly bellowed to an unbelievable scale. Vibrations rippled down the street rattling teacups off their display shelves and sending them to a shattering doom on the wooden floor below. Shaking off her surprise Huo cast about for a moment trying to locate the source, but no clear indicator was available. It seemed to her it’d erupted spontaneously, from every direction. “Who in the world was that, they ought to hire him to sound the alarm from now on. It’s better than that irritating bell.” Huo wiggled a finger in her ear, recollecting her thoughts. “So, you can do Wave? Wow, hey you wouldn’t mind showing me after this would you? I mean, I can do a little Mountain, but Wave…” Every fire bender worth their flame knew a little of the acclaimed combat styles. Huo was no exception, but basic understanding paled in comparison to physical martial prowess. Hopefully Zhen wasn’t counting on her form to carry them through a fight. Huo’s personal battle strategy consisted of little more than throwing fire about randomly until the enemy was burned. She’d used it to great success against a ruffian once before, but against a properly trained and armored opponent? Well that’d be a first for her.

Huo placed her open palm and fist came together at the knuckles and wrist, forming the traditional symbol of Fire. Her eyes followed Zhen’s every movement as she studied his form with an almost jealous zeal. Her own upbringing left her null and void of formal training, her only knowledge was that which she gleaned off watching others from a distance. Loosening and stretching her fingers Huo copied Zhen’s actions to the best of her ability, planting her feet and tensing her muscles. Jaw set she inwardly searched for every wrong done to her by An and his cohorts. From her fallen father to the lost Avatar, and her own struggles within Ba Sing Se and the wider Earth Kingdom. Every drop of anger she possessed was amassed onto the inferno until warmth permeated every aspect of her body and soul.

Then Laoshan rocketed past.

All semblance of coherent concentration vanished in an instant. Huo glared after the former monk in open mouthed shock, mere irritation replacing her crumbling anger. Was that one of the air benders? His passing billowed her hair answering her unspoken question and systematically doused her inner fire to a demoralizing degree. Huo’s gaze went from the filthy air bender, to Zhen, and at last to the oncoming earth bending General in rapid succession, the separate puzzle pieces haphazardly falling together. “Hey wait come back here, we need you!” Huo rounded taking one step after the tattered monk before changing her mind and coming back to form full three sixty. Stopping beside Zhen she jerked a thumb at the rapidly departing Laoshan. “He’s getting away Zhen! Come on you’ve got to be faster than me, catch him. I’ll hold off miss earthy over there.” Not waiting to see if Zhen even agreed to her tactic Huo darted forward towards the General, slamming her feet down and sweeping her fists together in a wide arc. Flames erupted from her hands in small orange clouds, expanding into a searing trails like a wave crashing upon the shore of some distant ocean. Releasing the burning energy from her control Huo sent the dual fire blasts spinning down the street, arcing rapidly in the general direction of the oncoming General.

Huo wasn’t that great of a shot.

One fizzled out of existence before it even hit anything, and the second slammed into a firewood cart, the concussive blast sending glowing embers and bits of bark scattering everywhere. Her face growing a brighter crimson then her garb, Huo sheepishly hoped no one had been watching too closely. Determined to redeem herself for the initial failed assault Huo skidded to a halt, rooting herself on the cobblestoned street and sweeping her arm about. Slamming one hand into her outstretched bicep Huo closed her second fist, using it to direct a third blazing plume straight towards her target.

“That. Was. Awesome!” Serpentine yelled patting Belle heartily on the back. The snake themed hero was surrounded by a number of very confused individuals who’d just been released from Mr. Johnson’s control. They were the folk marauding outside, freed once Furitta purified the akuma. That sat around blinking in the sunlight and rubbing at their eyes while they conversed amongst themselves over what’d occurred. None of them remembered of course, but they recognized a large patch of their memory was simply, gone. Serpentine ignored them, instead reenacting Belle’s exploits with her hands and words. “You were great bunny, you were like whoosh, boom! And then he was like augh, ow! And you used him as a trampoline and flew through the window. It was totally wild! Who are you?”

At that moment a single grousing, final bleep sounded from Serpentine’s miraculous and her suit began fading away, Ossar’s time spent to the last second. First the gloves and boots went, then the skirt and hood, shrinking and sparking into nonexistence revealing her sweat drenched school clothes underneath. Releasing an undignified squeak of surprise Tonya put her hand up to her mouth turning away from Belle and the window so no one could see her face. She tried to run but a second later the suit fizzled out of existence and Ossar dropped exhausted into her hands. “No, no, I – I’m sorry but I need to go.” Tonya yelled to Belle, hoping the other girl would understand and not follow her, and explain to the others. Clutching Ossar’s limp form in her hands Tonya sprinted away making for the nearest gas station available.


The rogue laughed, his humorous guffaws cruel and maniacal. In his left hand Rouge-Bat’s whip stiffened into a quarterstaff and he pointed it menacingly at Furitta, deeming her the greatest challenge to overcome. “What destruction girl? The wreckage of a few cars, and a hangout, and a mall? What is it to me or you in the greater scheme of things? We are beyond such measly, worldly comforts and distractions. We- I am powerful, and mighty beyond measure. I am not the starry-eyed and egalitarian young fool I once was, I have matured and see everything as it truly is, and so should you. You of all of them should recognize this, you look old enough to understand the futility of it all, but young enough to have not become captured in the web of lies this world tries to sell. I could make this world meaningful, I can make this world safer than it has ever been, I COULD SAVE THE WORLD FROM ITSELF!” The green displays that formed the eyes of Rouge-Bat’s suit flashed red and he set his feet into the ground bracing for Furitta’s attack.

“All I have done are actions deemed acceptable for the greater good, clearly you have no perspective you sniveling brat. If you won’t take the easy rout offered, then I shall force them from you the hard way. You cannot weasel your way out of this one! The Miraculouses are as good as mine!” The wire retracted sparking and whirring as it slid through his fingers clanking off the protective armor. Snarling Rouge-Bat sank his heels into the floor feeling the title crack beneath the massive Newtonian forces applied. The seismic sound rippled through the ground and air giving Rouge-Bat an almost prefect view of the Lounge. His echolocation in full effect he took a huge intake of air, holding his breath and falling backward. His body transformed, almost peacefully like a petal disintegrating into dust as he took on his mist-form. Thanks to his heightened sense and echolocation he executed this maneuver just in time to avoid Talon’s taloned boot. The move didn’t disable the flying hero who barely seemed to notice, instead he performed a one eighty and beat a hasty retreat across the lounge. Rouge-Bat released the oxygen trapped in his lungs and his body reformed allowing him to take a few deep breaths. Recovering fast he took his staff in both hands bringing the weapon down in an arc trying to catch Furitta and Talon both in a single powerful swing. “You cannot escape me you blind sheep, I AM ROUGE-BAT!”

Ozzy Strings reminds me of a younger, happier beldam from Coraline.
Ba Sing Se, Outside Eight Path Prison.


“Wait a moment.” Huo followed suit beside Zhen staring up at the five meter tall walls of the prison. Despite the commotion, her thoughts were firmly locked on the Fire Islander standing next to her, shock resonating throughout her entire being. Keeping her voice just loud enough for Zhen to hear it over the clanging bell and shouting guards, Huo spoke rapidly, barely able to keep her excitement contained. “You’re from Fire, you’re looking for the Avatar and you despise An as well?” Her face glowed with the cheerful glee of a child who contained an important secret and who could barely keep from giving it away at once. It would seem that her good fortune still held despite her earlier concerns to the contrary. This chance meeting was a clear testament to that. “Would you believe me, if I told you I was after the exact same things? Cause, I am.” Huo winked at her fellow Fire Islander, delighted to have a potential ally on her quest. Although, he’d probably possess differing intentions in regards to the Avatar’s destiny, but she’d light that fire when she came to it. “Maybe we could help each other out. I like your reasoning after all, but surely An wouldn’t keep important prisoners and informants locked up in a rundown bender prison in the lower ring. They’d be kept where it’s easier to secure them in the inner ring. Away from potential riots or peasant revolts. I’m Huo by the way, uh, just Huo. Anyway, I’ve got a plan to sneak into the inner ring during the coronation ceremonies when most of his army will be distracted at the main gates with the crowds. Maybe you could come with me, I just need to find a…. Is that….?”

Atop the prison walls a small group of escapees had gathered. Three in total they stood defiantly in a ragged line, watching something Huo couldn’t see. Their presence alone was unremarkable, it was in fact the means by which two of them surmounted the obstacle that enraptured Huo. “Those two are air benders.” She hissed, pointing towards the trio on the wall. Somehow they’d stumbled upon perhaps the one prison in all of Ba Sing Se that contained air benders. Huo couldn’t hardly believe her luck that night. She needed to play a game of high stakes dice before this streak of good fortune expired. “Listen, can you hear that?” Sure enough the faint beat of running ostrichorses could be made out over the other ambient noise. “They must be cut off from that way, but…. But we could clear a path here. There’s not so many guards. What do you say, um…?” She paused, hoping he'd give his name and agree to her crazy plan. Which ironically was the same insane scheme she'd been denouncing as foolish only moments before.
Letting Belle use her shoulder as a means of support Serpentine struggled for the exit using the mirages as cover to avoid any confrontation with the zombiefied kids. There weren’t as many Serpentines’ as before, they were flickering out of existence like fireflies putting out their light for the night. Her miraculous’ frantic beeping slowed as well, the individual beep coming low, irregular, and quiet as if Ossar was a dying heart. He needed to be let out badly, but Serpentine needed him to hold on for just a little while longer. More and more teens and pre-teens were moving to stop the two girls, their counter mirages having gone out. Casting about in desperation Serpentine spotted an open window nearby, changing course and leading the other hero towards it. “Look, we can escape there and get into the alley, there’s no making it to the door now, there’s too many of them.”

Serpentine began running, often checking over her shoulder to ensure Belle was keeping up. However one of the glassy eyed teens realized what they were about and moved to block the window pane, he was wearing a karate GI, and stood in a fighting pose. Uh oh, this means trouble. Serpentine thought, though not halting in her forward charge. Snatching ahold of her battle fans she leapt into action ahead of Belle diving straight for the karate teen, teeth bared in a ferocious snarl.

The Gi donned kid maintained his impassive expression, neatly dodging her attack and allowing the snake themed hero to smash bodily into the window he’d previously closed. With the sound of shattering glass and a surprised yelp Serpentine tumbled through the broken portal landing clumsily on the concrete below. Struggling to regain her footing Serpentine waited, desperately hoping the bunny-themed hero would make it through as well. Inside the karate kid squared off against Belle, wisely taking up a more solid defense of the window, not wanting to lose another opponent by mistake again.


These children were proving far more frustrating than he’d originally accounted for. Rouge-Bat swatted aside a mirage, his clawed gloves raking through the image of light and sound causing it to crumple and vanish. Catching sight of the approach wires from Furitta’s gauntlets he reached out with shocking speed, snatching them in his mighty hands as they shot towards him, holding them secure. “I’ve had enough of these childish games, give me your miraculouses or else!” Pushing aside two minions the masked menace preformed a powerful bound, complete with a half flip midair as he extended his booted legs to attach to the roof. Thus positioned Rouge-Bat strode purposely over the tumultuous battlefield that was Luna’s Lunar Lounge towards Furitta and Talon, still holding the wires in his hand.

Reaching the makeshift stone wall Rouge-Bat dropped from his upside-down position over its peak landing like a cat a few meters from the two heroes. “You have no idea what you’ve been given.” Rouge-Bat accused, his eyes flicking across the room to where Serpentine just crashed through the window. He’d have to deal with those other two later. “Listen to me, the power you now possess isn’t yours to keep, surrender it to me, and I will ensure it remains safe. Away from those who will misuse it. So don’t force my hand, I will go as far as I need too to take them.”
Apparently they were prepared to run the entire way. Frans Vou held up his hands in an attempt to placate the nain’s perception of his insulting notion. Recalling Meinhardt’s warning from the previous night he decided to beat a hasty retreat on such matters. After all his question would soon answer itself in good time once they migrated to the road. “No, no monsieur nain, a mistake, I understand in full. I meant no disrespect and apologize for my ignorance of your attributes and customs. Zey were not highly taught to moi, nor amongst my kin.” This explained Frans Vou mounted his horse and fell into their traveling column.

Indeed the Dawi demonstrated themselves to be determined folk, trudging along without complaint for miles on end. Though not even close to as swift as the study-footed mules or the proud warhorse they did not slow the overall party down by much and by the time they reached their destination Frans Vou found himself deeply respectful of their tenacity and spirit. Even though the weather proved tumultuous at times they, and everyone else pressed on, even Frans Vou did not express his dissatisfaction of their living conditions aloud. After all he perhaps had the most comfortable arrangements with servants to cook and clean and erect a tent for him each night. The Breton remained jealously selfish with his page and loyal manservant, allowing no others to order them about without his express permission, which was not often forthcoming. Still, Frans Vou was distinctly out of his element in this particular life style, but kept his thoughts and words to himself, unwilling to have anybody else deem him weak or soft.

When at last they drew close to their first mission Frans Vou dismounted breathing in the soft air, the scent of wet pine and elder sharp in his nostrils. Yet, besides the coils of wood smoke rising slowly above the treetops Frans Vou recognized none of the warning signs Severo mentioned. Perhaps the lack of guardsmen was obvious, but Frans Vou could neither deny nor confirm their presence was expected, and could implement no further expertise on the matter. Instead the bold knight surrendered his lance and horse’s reins to Adrian and stepped up beside Drimbold and Wademar. “Oui, count moi in monsieur Servero. I am curious to see zis sorcière we’ve traveled here for.”

@Rockin Strings Sure, I could take over Rouge-Bat for the time being.

“Catch it quick!” Serpentine yelled from across the room. She was currently in the clear with Mr. Johnson’s whip broken once again by Furitta he’d left off fighting her and was frantically attempting to push the broken ends of his weapon back together. “We need to get out of here fast and purify the akuma. I’ll get the bunny.” Pushing her way through the crowd of battling mirages and teenagers Serpentine forced a path to where Bella had smashed into the wall, kneeing down beside her.

“Hey, are you alright? That looked pretty painful.” Serpentine prodded the downed girl, wishing she knew her name or alias. But now wasn’t the time for a lengthy conversation, or even a proper introduction. Serpentine only possessed precious seconds before her suit deactivated, and Rouge-Bat was still a legitimate threat. She needed to get herself and the bunny-themed hero clear before he pounced. Casting a nervous glance over her shoulder Serpentine prepared to help Bella up onto her feet. “Can you walk? I don’t think I’m gonna be able to carry you, but I can support you out. We gotta hurry about it too, I don’t fancy facing Rouge-Bat in our current conditions.”

I'm intrigued as well, though I must ask, will there be a rules in regards to the type of mystical creature were allowed to create? Or is it open season?

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