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I am. Actually, I've been interested in a lot of your role plays you've been posting lately. I'd like to seem a few other folk pop up as well though.

Although this role play sounds fascinating, I am somewhat unfamiliar with the historical setting. Who are the four figures you'd want the players portraying? I'd like to do a little research into them.
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Finally, breaking Sorin’s somber mien and turning her bored, neutral-esque expression into even a shadow of a smile made the stinging agony his dominate hand was undergoing all worth it. Sam sighed contentedly, letting Sorin administer what medical miracles she could in their current bouncy situation while he sipped at his new drink. The strong liquor set his lips tingling, and burned his throat going down. It only took a few deep swills for the alcohol to do its work, and Sam swiftly passed the bottle on to the sturdier Ray. “Blessed Dawn that kicks hard’n a forvenmule. You weren’t kidding in the slightest. Here, Ray I think Asa finally found th’ one thing that could lay you out.”

As it often was within the tight-knit squad, it wasn’t long before someone captured Sam’s interest. He watched in atypical silence as Galahad demonstrated his talent, forging a tiny memento to the occasion from the loose residue before tossing the item over. Sam deftly caught the ball, holding it up to admire, the crimson whisky barghest within catching the light through its snarling jowls. “You’re getting pretty good at this artsy stuff.” Sam experimentally bounced the glass, testing how well it held together before pocketing the tiny orb. For him magic was a tool, rugged and unrefined much like the truck they rode in it did what it needed to do, and somehow held together. For Galahad, it was different, and what the aspiring mage might go to be capable of Sam could only guess.

For the rest of the short drive until they pulled to a stop Sam maintained a more casual good humor, cracking the occasional joke when inspiration struck. His usual high energy antics being forestalled by his injury and alcohol and Galahad supplied alternative pain suppression left him feeling happily lethargic. Whether the things he said and the faces he pulled were even remotely funny he couldn’t recall, but sometimes the other’s laughed, and that was enough for him. He jumped out onto the gravel behind the others, a little clumsier than he should’ve been. Licking his lips Sam steadied himself against the side of the truck trying to shake off the stupor that clung stubbornly in his mind. “What’d you give me Asa?” He laughed. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say I’m drunk, and I know that's not possible. I only had two drinks. Tell 'em Bete, you've seen me keep up with Ray before. I can hold my drink with the best of them, and that's a fact." His piece said he strode boldly forward and stumbled, falling against Zak. Leaning heavily on the sturdy red-head he grinned up at him, a look of pleasant surprise plastered on his face.

"Hey Zak, good catch. Say, are you a soldier in the WARDENs?" He clapped Zadkiel heartily on the shoulder as many a civilian had done to them all. "That's so cool, thank you for your service sonny."

I'm interested, reminds me of the one kids book I read, about the red plague.
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Unlike the majority of the vehicle’s occupants Samdihier Zeintler was thoroughly enjoying himself. A half-full bottle of spirits clutched in one hand he pressed up against the back of the driver’s seat through the open rearview window, his chin alarmingly close to the hard metal edge, letting out raucous hoots each and every time Zak put the truck’s suspension to the test. Spilling a little of his drink, Sam (as his friends called him) tapped Zak on the shoulder, pointing out a particularly nasty specimen that stretched across the middle portions of the highway. A gouge that spanned nearly a third of the path’s available space and sunk at least a foot into the earth.

“Ooh, nice air Lance-me-Zak, Sabrina’s right you ought’a be a stunt driver. We must’ve cleared a meter or so at least, and still moving! Now put the metal to the pedal, er I mean, the petal to the medal and hit that’n o’er there!” He challenged, indicating the oncoming maw that threatened to destroy whatever intact springs remained. He gave the rest of the squad a massive wink and snapped his fingers, wrapping the mist around his digits before letting it fall away, floating like invisible paper on the breeze until they wrapped securely around the axles and shocks. A slight deviation from his typical magic, but effective, nonetheless. Instead of absorbing bullets it’d absorb the impact, or at least that was the theory. On the off-chance Zak actually took up his challenge and floored it straight into the oncoming pothole the barriers would absorb the worst of the impact and disperse it harmlessly, sparring the truck if not the passengers from a serious jarring. As much as Sam would’ve enjoyed hiking the remaining miles to their destination, the others would not be so willing to shrug it off. Pulling back from his precarious position Sam stood up straight, so that he could watch over the top of the truck’s rusted cover, banging his bottle on the roof.

“Ten, nine, eight, whoops!” His jubilant countdown ended abruptly when the bottle shattered sending shards of glass flying everywhere and leaving his hand a drenched and bloody mess. He wiped the lacerations on his grey smock, which was now dripping from strong alcohol, smearing the light fabric with blood. He winced, even in his less than sober state the light injury throbbed. “Shit, piss, hey, uh, hey Sorin.” He sank against the back of the cab, glancing back at his dark-skinned comrade, sitting stoically in the truck’s bed. “Could I ask a massive favor from you? Cause I seem to have gotten glass and whisky, and here’s the crazy part right, its inside my hand. I ain’t no Galahad but I’m pretty sure that’s not where those two substances are supposed to be, and would’ja know it, the damn thing hurts worse’n Ray’s handshakes, kinda stings too. Reminds me of that peppery stuff Asa likes, but y’know it hurts here instead of here… Anyway, would you do me a solid and patch it up? I’d really appreciate it.”
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Ah, many thanks Yankee.

On another note I'm thinking about making a combat oriented character, most likely a former Marine from the war and current prohibition officer who suspects the "haunted" house is just a guise for a speakeasy.

When the rolls, for example the strength roll is a 3d6 X 5, does that mean a 3d6 multiplied by five, or 3d6 rolled five times and take the best one?

Well, as it stands I'm a newbie when it comes to Call of Cthulhu, however I am open to learning if you'll have me.
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