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u wot m8
Got a hold of him on Discord. He's alright. Had some irl troubles but our favorite shelled reptile is fine.
@Katakuri He's had health issues before, disappeared for quite a few months before resurfacing to make this. I've got him on Discord and have been trying to get ahold of him again. He's, again, probably fine - but I'm trying to make sure as well just in case.
Tort tends to disappear for long stretches and then resurface. He's most likely fine, but it's good of y'all to be concerned.

Спасибо товарищ.

Things will get weird now.

Hmmmmm this looks like it could be very fun

Exactly how wild can we get here?
So I had a couple of questions was going to ask on discord but it seems like thats not an option.
1.What was the level of technological advancement and exploitation of the solar system at the time of the exodus?
2. while we cannot use STL travel to reach other colonies, can we have some presence, perhaps outposts, on starsystems closer to our system? like, less than 10 LY away. this would obviously be a challenge for the civilization to manage, but in a dense starcluster might be semi-manageable.

EDIT: oooops noticed this is full, sorry about that.

1: General tech level in earth isn't specified closely but cybernetics, genetic engineering, obviously the construction of the arks and gateways, etc was possible.

2: Consider the difficulty of actually sending people to those other locations. If you don't want the trip to take thousands of years, you're sending them at some significant fraction of c. I actually have a nation in the works that did this for one colony. The difference is they're not ferrying materials around. The main reason for colonizing besides the ideal of spreading humanity further to the stars is, of course, resources. The cost of sending materials back and forth at any appreciable fraction of c would completely negate the resources you'd receive. This is of course not including the extra resources required to accelerate and decelerate a larger payload due to its greater momentum.

All this is to say, yes*
*you aren't gonna be taking a shuttle to alpha centauri and back on a routine basis and your communications with them are likely on a big delay.
You know quarian porn I get I've drawn it myself and I definitely want myself a nice hot suit husbando but

I admit, I am a little confused at fem krogan porn - but then again, scalies exist so
Writing done for today. I'll draw her tomorrow. Other stuff to write.

Crazy melee space russians are fun.

EDIT: Shitty halfassed art by me added

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