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6 mos ago
Current Gonna be away gor the weekend ^^ So no replies till then, see ya everyone <3
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6 mos ago
There's so many people I miss that left the Guild <3 I hope to see them again one day
6 mos ago
Working on posts y'all <3 Left this essay a little too late so I'll finish this first. Then I'll finish those posts ^^
7 mos ago
I am absolutely exhausted from constant drilling. I'll work on posts and replies tomorrow y'all, I'm just too tired XD
7 mos ago
Okie, gonna be leaving for a camp tomorrow. I'll be away from the keyboard until Saturday EST or Sunday NZT but I'll be checking out OOC in my downtimes :)


"I ain't no hot shit, I'm just a normal guy tryna enjoy life and make friends."

Hello there, I'm the Sergeant, the Sarge, the Gio or the guy that you're currently stalking because you thought I was A) Interesting (I doubt that very much) or B) I was on your stalking lists. If B, I apologise for my stalker tendencies. I'm a weirdo. Okay, that's a strange opening line to say to someone who is potentially new to you but it's just the truth. I'm not one to say much about myself because I ain't that interesting and to be honest, you could be looking at a myriad of more interesting people to look at. But since you're here, I might as well quit wasting your time and tell you a tidbit of info.

I am a Kiwi hailing from the lands of the Philippines a place which really fucked with me but who cares, Pinoy Pride. My name is Gio and as I said, I ain't very interesting. I'm pretty young but I'm not going to spread my age out into the RP world and instead tell you things you should know about me. I absolutely love sci-fi and slice of life but I take anything that seems fancy and I'm willing to try out new genres and flex my roleplaying muscles. I enjoy reading roleplays just as much as I enjoy joining them and writing for them. I enjoy making up fantastic world's in my head and daydreaming. I love my friends and if you become a friend of mine, you take away a piece of my heart that you ain't shaking away for a long time. I don't necessarily love myself but I love the people around me who shaped me into who I am today.

I try to write sad characters with sad back stories most of the time but my muse takes me everywhere and anywhere with ideas. A running theme in most of my characters is that they're in emotional turmoil and that there is something wrong with them that no one can fix. It may sound boring as I centre the character on one fixture of their personality but I challenge myself by also trying to make them interesting as well. I'm all for varying ethnicities and varying genders but I'm trying to vary my sexualities as well.

"1 universe. 9 planets. 204 countries. 809 islands. 7 seas. And I had the privilege to meet these wonderful people."

@Dirty Pretty Lies
My Boo, My Soul, The One Who Rocked My World

@Altered Tundra
My Older Brother, My Bear, The One Who Brings Me Up

My Fox, My Eternal Friend, The One Who I Stand By

My Shipper, My British Girl, The One Who Shows Me True Beauty

My Dorky Dork, My Typo Queen, The One I Share My Stories With

My Cutie, My Smartie, The One I Wish I Could Be

@Wade Wilson
My Meme, My Weirdo, The One That Makes Me Laugh

My Tormented Friend, My Toilet, The One I Shit On Constantly

@Silent Observer
My Grandmother, My Pretty Girl, The One I Wish I Could Talk To More

My Younger Brother, My German Cutie, The One Who Shouldn't Look Up To Me

@lovely complex
My Mother, My Kind Friend, The One Who I Should Be

*I might add some more shit cause I'm indecisive like that XD*

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Sorry <3 Advance without me. Put me on a temporary short hiatus while I try and get my shit together

Where are you? Sounds like my home country XD
<Snipped quote by PrivateVentures>

No memes for you.

Those memes are too easy though, too normie.
@Silver Fox

Yussshhh, I'll just rest and nap because I'm exhausted after hitting a PR yesterday :)

Send me a google doc link and I'll get on to it while I also do a post I need to catch up on :D

Ja'Far: *glares at Rayes* "What is thine relationship with miń daught- miń apprentice?"
Currently working on the first post but it's slow going cause of busy stuff :/ I'll try and get it done soon though and I wanna get this right <3

Still here, kinda waiting for people too so that the trio can interact with someone
@Lord Wraith

Sorry the collab is taking so long boss, we're apmosy finished <3

Apmosy... Apmosy...

I have no excuse for that.
@Lord Wraith

Sorry the collab is taking so long boss, we're apmosy finished <3
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