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8 days ago
Current Why are there always so many guests viewing pages?
3 mos ago
My friend thought GM stood for "General Manager" in an RP and that's what I'm officially going by now
4 yrs ago
Being 20 is weird, because my friends circle contains both 1) people who are still excited about just learning to drive, and 2) people getting married and buying houses.
4 yrs ago
You gotta love Beowulf. "Giant monster? Can't be harmed by any known weapons? I'MMA PUNCH IT >:D"


Hey y'all. I've been at this for about 7 years, and I've played a lot of kinds of RP. I like fantasy and sci-fi the most, just because they give me the most to play around with, but I'm cool with almost anything. I just like writing. My only hiccup is using discord or anything else off-site: it's a headache, and I'll always leave an RP to avoid it.

Previously named Jeyma.

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<Snipped quote by Tortoise>
Yes! Go ahead and switch her over. You'll need to wait a bit before I can add her in, however.

No problemo. The hobbit's burrowhob's journey can wait until you have a chance.

@Tortoise Sorry it took me so long to go over your sheet.

She seems perfect for this sort of roleplay. Though please add a bit more to her personality, if you would.

Personality updated. I also tweaked her skills super slightly (removed intuition, upped appraisal). Good to drop in the Characters tab?

Well, that's enough for me. Small post incoming.
I was waiting for Zanavy, but then school started, and I was a bit busy with that. I can post if that will help. Assuming we're still alive.

We are as far as I'm concerned.

I hadn't posted any myself because I wasn't sure it was a good idea for me to force things along if folks weren't interested. But I never really abandon any of my projects, so if there's still interest, I can have a post up within a day or two.

Could you work with this?

I just want to add, for the record, that it took 100% of my willpower not to include "A magical ring that turns the wearer invisible" in the Equipment section.
Not too late to join?
@Tortoise Just wanted to mention started a new job so gonna take some time for my brain power to recharge.

No problem. I've been working a new job for a while now too, but it's slow enough sometimes that I can write stuff during work


Small Issue: Vei is an individual person, but your post makes it sound more like that's the name of the species- "the Vei"
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