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Current Trying not to worry is another form of worry. Sometimes you have to just accept that you're panicking, do absolutely nothing about it, and then the panic might stop
6 mos ago
You pour the milk and cereal at the same time, one with each hand. Duh
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7 mos ago
Why are there always so many guests viewing pages?
10 mos ago
My friend thought GM stood for "General Manager" in an RP and that's what I'm officially going by now
4 yrs ago
Being 20 is weird, because my friends circle contains both 1) people who are still excited about just learning to drive, and 2) people getting married and buying houses.


Hey y'all. I've been at this for about 7 years, and I've played a lot of kinds of RP. I like fantasy and sci-fi the most, just because they give me the most to play around with, but I'm cool with almost anything. I just like writing. My only hiccup is using discord or anything else off-site: it's a headache, and I'll always leave an RP to avoid it.

Previously named Jeyma.

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It does make me feel better to know that I'm not the only one who drives something tied together with strings and hope
It would be a happy Halloween, but I'm at work, trying to make that spoopy paycheck
Dyla frowned. The Blackwood had not been as fun as in her daydreams. She didn't think it would be easy, but her imaginings had always been about fighting monsters, or unearthing lost treasure. Instead, the big problem of the Blackwood had been finding stuff to eat. She missed pumpkin pie.

She was hoping the inn would be a welcome change, and now the first lady they met was telling them there was no room! But an inn was the place where she could find leads on treasure. In fact, the more she thought about it, the more Dyla was certain her entire adventure depended on getting into that inn.

Or maybe she just didn't want to sleep in a barn.

"Are you sure there's no room in the inn?" Dyla looked up at the pretty woman with the broom. "I don't take up much space, you know." Remembering Arden, and feeling a bit foolish, she added: "My bigger friend might, but he won't be any trouble. He's gentle. And," smirking now, "I'd bet he'd buy a lot of the ale!"

She wasn't even sure how true that was, but if she was lying, isn't it for a good cause?
So, there's no room in the inn, and we have to sleep in the barn with the animals instead...

Are we about to witness the birth of Christ?
Just updating folks- as per our GM with the interesting username, Dyla does have the ability to turn invisible for a short period of time.

The opportunity for Lord of the Rings references will not be missed.
A fellow roleplayer
Since Burrowhobs have special abilities-

One, many have the ability to grow larger for a short period of time, though it only increases their height by about 14 inches. The other is they have the ability to turn invisible for an extremely short amount of time, only for a minute or two

-would Dyla have these as well, even without any magic/mysticism, or no?

I don't really need her to be able to be able to grow, but turning invisible would sure be neato
Plus, we can't overlook the obvious comedy of the giant elf-man and the hobbit traveling together.

Maybe she can ride on his shoulders? Just saying.
No problemo. His backstory is interesting
Hey y'all, sorry for the hiatus. If everyone's still interested, I put up a short post to move things along. Essentially, we're still in the situation room trying to decide whether to grant the alien prisoner ("T'ri") asylum with us, or to send him back to Vei to be executed.
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