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Sorry for leaving so suddenly, guys. The sequel just didn't really scratch the itch for RP in the same way that Gateways 1 did.
Hi, yes, sorry.
TBH, I just completely lost all motivation in online RP over forums at the time. It all became too much of a chore and I just wasn't enjoying it at all anymore, so I just... stopped.
My apologies for just doing so abruptly without saying anything, but I just kept logging in and finding myself loathing typing anything at all. And after a succession of RP's that have just repeatedly died over and over and over again because of nothing I could do about it, I wasn't really willing to put all the effort in again and see the same thing happen.

I'm not 'back' in any way, as I'm still pretty jaded and burned out on forum RP, and after looking at what's around on the Guild lately, there's even less that interests me than ever, which doesn't help in the slightest. But I am sorry for just dropping everything and not offering any kind of explanation or apology previously.

That is entirely understandable, I've kinda had the same thing which (in combination with a busier schedule) lead to me leaving this RP. Hope something interesting comes along soon for you
That's a shame, hope he'll come back at some point
Quick question, is this still an RP we're planning to do? I have more time now and could write a post
I'm sorry guys, but I have become too busy to RP, so I'll have to leave. If I have more time in the future, I hope it would be okay if I rejoin, but for now I just don't have the time
I have been a little busy the past week, which is why you haven't heard from me, but it should clear out in a few days, so I'll have my IC post up then
So what's the status of the IC post?

@Penny, @Shadow Daedalus, @Skwint, @jorvhik, @Cloakedrider, @Dead Cruiser, @ClocktowerEchos, are you all still interested, as I haven't seen or heard anything from any of you in the OOC yet, and have only had a single character sheet posted.

Oh, I had not seen that you posted the actual OOC, I am still interested
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