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2 mos ago
Current I've pretty much given up on forum RP at this point. So many RPs have ended due to dropouts and flaking, that it's just killed my enthusiasm.
2 yrs ago
The thought of starting up an RP is stirring, but then the memories of numerous disappointments come back too.
2 yrs ago
Logged in for the first time in months just to have a look around. Am not dead. Just took a break for a while. Not sure if I'll start RPing again - depends what's around.
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3 yrs ago
Time for a new RPG; more fighter jets. Been a while since I've done one of these, hopefully it'll get some attention
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3 yrs ago
Okay; Gundam RPG made. Now let's see if it gets any interest
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I've been roleplaying in one form or another since the late '90's. I've played as many tabletop games as I have online ones, and the quality of both has varied wildly.
I have an active imagination, and I love immersive, descriptive roleplaying. My genres of choice are sci-fi, and modern-day (with a sci-fi twist). I like RP's that mix reality with fiction, and throw an unusual and exciting twist into an otherwise normal setting - something like Stargate SG-1 would be an example, or Battle: Los Angeles. An almost recognizable world, but with some sci-fi twists.
I'm a fan of military and action-based RP's that do this especially, and they are easily my favourite - though I rarely see any that appeal to me enough - all the military RP's are too 'plain', and anything else modern day is usually fantasy or fandom.
I have a lot of fandoms, but I don't really like fandom RP's - or at least, the ones that come up. I often find them a bit lacking in ideas, or too far away from what actually makes the thing I'm a fan of enjoyable.

I don't play in free, as I find the short posts and bad spelling and grammar infuriating.

I'm 39 years old, and live in the UK, so I may not be on all the time.
I also like playing non-human characters, especially anthro ones. I dig giant robots, and I love military aircraft. I'm also a very dedicated and proud Brony and furry.

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Hi, yes, sorry.
TBH, I just completely lost all motivation in online RP over forums at the time. It all became too much of a chore and I just wasn't enjoying it at all anymore, so I just... stopped.
My apologies for just doing so abruptly without saying anything, but I just kept logging in and finding myself loathing typing anything at all. And after a succession of RP's that have just repeatedly died over and over and over again because of nothing I could do about it, I wasn't really willing to put all the effort in again and see the same thing happen.

I'm not 'back' in any way, as I'm still pretty jaded and burned out on forum RP, and after looking at what's around on the Guild lately, there's even less that interests me than ever, which doesn't help in the slightest. But I am sorry for just dropping everything and not offering any kind of explanation or apology previously.
Jeez, we're losing a lot of people, and the game's barely even got started.
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Yes, sorry; I realised I hadn't edited that yet. I'll do it right now

Done; Jade is now teamed up with Hatchet and Tusk to tackle the ground defences, acting in a SEAD role.
<Snipped quote by Silverwind Blade>
I am actually ready to post now. I checked back to see if "Jade" had received a mission.

Yes, sorry; I realised I hadn't edited that yet. I'll do it right now
<Snipped quote by Silverwind Blade>

Please share your impression or ideas for the Dranfel? the only thing I had to go on was the image you linked to the word.

Just your more commonly seen anthro dragons. with more of a muzzle on the face.

@Silverwind Blade Submitted for your review.

Gleefully approved; she's not what I imagined Dranfel looking like, but she's more than fine anyway. Please feel free to add her to the characters tab, and post in the IC as soon as you're ready - I'll edit my original post to give her a role in the mission.
Somewhat on-topic: Saw Top Gun: Maverick today. Very good, especially considering what usually comes out these days.

Now I want Ace Combat movies...

I feel your pain! I've wanted an Ace Combat movie, or anime series, or... something since at least Ace Combat 4...!
I haven't seen Maverick yet; I'm supposed to be seeing it with a friend next weekend, but she got the plague. Hopefully she'll be clear by then though.
I've added some non-explosive ordnance to the list in the OP post, as I figured some additional systems might be useful for certain types of missions.
The first IC post is up. I'm launching up straight into the action to give things a chance to get moving at a fast pace off the bat, and for everyone to have some moments of coolness to distinguish themselves.
The first post is just to set up reactions for everyone to the launch, then I'll throw us into combat with the next round of posts.
As stated; there's no turn order. Just get your posts up, and once everyone's posted, I'll throw up another as a reaction. Unless anyone has any immediate need for anything in the meantime.
The planet Edara was an icy, storm-tossed rock orbiting a dim star on the frontier of Commonwealth space. Once it had been an unremarkable planet, home to an automated mining station.
Under Imperial rule, it had taken on a new guise; mining still it's main export, but now through convict labour. Edara was a penal colony, a final destination for anyone the Empire found guilty of dissension, trafficking secrets, or anything else that was cause for 'punishment'.
Hanging in orbit of the planet, an Imperial Yeoman-class transport and its' escort of Lancer-class frigates lingered as the transport prepared to offload the latest cargo of prisoners and take on the latest shipments of ore from the world below.
Between the orbit of Edara and its' moon, at the gravitationally stable LaGrange point, space twisted and ruptured as a hyperdrive exit point formed, and the Wandering Star catapulted into real space along with a marine assault carrier. Aboard the Star, klaxons sounded to signal the launch of Onyx squadron into action, along with the ships' marine assault teams. Their mission was clear; Onyx squadron was to shield the assault team as they made planetfall, engaging the fighters from the planet, and taking out the defence systems. The Wandering Star and the assault transport would tackle the frigates head on with their heavy weaponry, and shoot to disable the transport.
The goal of the operation was to liberate the prison - based on intelligence received from resistance agents, a high-ranking imperial defector had been exiled to the prison, and was in posession of information that was high value.

Strapped into her Excalibur's cockpit with her suit sealed, Asora hit her comm channel to the squadron as her fighters' engines spooled up to launch speed. "Listen in, Onyx. We've got to cover those marine dropships and gunships as they make their attack. Fighters will be scrambling from the garrison planetside, which is also armed with defence weapons. Here's the play; Cataract and Monarch you stick with me. We'll be engaging the fighters and giving top cover to the transports while Hatchet and Tusk, you take out the ground defences. Jade, you provide them with electronic jamming cover. They'll be searching the skies with all defences for targets; we'll need you in the SEAD role for certain. Tusk, in particular; you use that railgun to target the heavy cannons and any anti-capship weapons that pop up. The marine gunships will engage in close air-support for the troopers, but be alert for any sudden changes". She hesitated, beak half open, words half-formed in her throat, wanting to say something motivating, something to spur them on. Good luck sounded insincere, like it didn't trust their skills as pilots. Good Hunting too jaunty and irreverent. "Let's do this. See you all back on the ship," she finally said, her voice firm and even.
With the words said, the voice of flight control sounded in the ears of all the pilots. "Onyx squadron, launch".
The pressure of the electromagnetic launch tube accelerating the fighters so rapidly shoved the avian back into her pilots' seat like a massive pair of hands shoving back on her shoulders, the thundrous rumble dying away into the vibrations of the Excaliburs' engines and systems moving through her seat and body as the fighter moved into the vacuum. Gleaming points of light dispersed all around them as decoys and long-range missiles launched from the Wandering Star and the escort ship, others resolved into the shapes of angular gunships and transport dropships, drives flaring bright as they burned at high speed for the cold blue ball of Edara.
"Stay in formation, Onyx and maintain speed. Let's get these grunts on the ground!"
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