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Current Well, gosh. That's a new one. Unexpected PM asking me if I was interested in an RP, and then getting shitty with me when I said I was too busy running a game to run another one.
2 mos ago
I done a thing; GEARs is back again. Let's see if it's successful this time around.
2 mos ago
Time for a job interview. AHHHHHHHH, and then after that, maybe some development of RP ideas.
2 mos ago
I'm considering - CONSIDERING, mind you - getting back into this whole RP thing again.
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2 mos ago
Good to see that some of the old GEARs crew especially, and some others are still around. I should really try harder to keep in touch with folks. Hope you are all well. (2/2)
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I've been roleplaying in one form or another since the late '90's. I've played as many tabletop games as I have online ones, and the quality of both has varied wildly.
I have an active imagination, and I love immersive, descriptive roleplaying. My genres of choice are sci-fi, and modern-day (with a sci-fi twist). I like RP's that mix reality with fiction, and throw an unusual and exciting twist into an otherwise normal setting - something like Stargate SG-1 would be an example, or Battle: Los Angeles. An almost recognizable world, but with some sci-fi twists.
I'm a fan of military and action-based RP's that do this especially, and they are easily my favourite - though I rarely see any that appeal to me enough - all the military RP's are too 'plain', and anything else modern day is usually fantasy or fandom.
I have a lot of fandoms, but I don't really like fandom RP's - or at least, the ones that come up. I often find them a bit lacking in ideas, or too far away from what actually makes the thing I'm a fan of enjoyable.

I don't play in free, as I find the short posts and bad spelling and grammar infuriating.

I'm 38 years old, and I work full-time, and live in the UK, so I may not be on all the time.
I also like playing non-human characters, especially anthro ones. I dig giant robots, and I love military aircraft. I'm also a very dedicated and proud Brony and furry.

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Still working on CS, life is being a meany

I can make a post soonish, but I don’t want to get too far ahead of everyone else ^_^

Soft timetable maybe by the end of this weekend.

No rush for either of you, I'm all good with things being at a relaxed pace!
Not sure if my dice-roll is correct; bringing the BRRRTTT to a plane with no-one in it is a bit of a strange dice roll to try and pull off anyway, but I think I added it up correctly.
I mean... does it still count as an ace if nobody is flying it? o.0
could have done with the dice being kinder though

Scott's reaction was much the same as Jamie's own. He was following the dogfight from a distance, and had anticipated moving in shortly, as the aerial ballet was drawing out far too long. But the last development was... beyond belief.
They were less than an hour into this undeclared war which was all of one brief engagement old. The stakes were minimal at best; there was no superweapon to defeat, no 11th hour desperation, no civilian population under threat or held to ransom. But here it was: using desperation tactics in nothing more desperate than an unnecessarily personal duel. It was a tactic of the desperate, not that of a professional, experienced, ace of a pilot.
And if their enemy had already sunk into this level of desperate, dire circumstances in their first engagement, already being willing to throw their aircraft at their enemy, all of one engagement old, rather than run. What madness was this? Were they all this level of fanatical? Was this the real face of the enemy they were fighting, a nation of fanatical mad men, equipped for the machinery of war, but resorting to the tactics of the damned and the desperate insane?
Well, fuck that.

He hauled the nose of the A-10 around, feeding thrust to the twin turbofans and his one channel for his comms.
"Angel 2, this is 4. I dunno about you, but I'm pretty fed up with watching this shit-show. Going for guns on that unmanned Flanker. Follow me up for a second pass on it if I don't take it. Over."
Using the A-10's maneuvrability, he pulled into a steep banking turn twisting the nose of the powerful ground-attack jet onto the unmanned jet. He trusted in his helmet-mounted sights' cues, and bought the GAU-8's gunsight pipper into the course of the plane, curling his gloved finger against the trigger on the joystick between his knees.

"Angel Four, Guns"
Scott felt the reverb through the airframe as the massive GAU-8 fired a brief burst. Seven barrels, firing milk-bottle sized shells, the recoil was enough to noticably slow the jet, and he could feel the gun firing through his seat. Black smoke streamed back from the nose of the plane on his brief pass; merely a heart-beats moment of firing, before the moment passed and he was turning in an arcing bank back toward the engagement.

He saw the parachute descending toward the earth spiralling as it went, and hit his comms.
"This is Angel 4; enemy pilot ejected. Request SAR in the area, looks like the ejection went bad. Better have the medics on standby, over".
As promised, as new post has been made!
Full description of what's going on in the mission, and getting us out in the field. If posts come up quickly, I'll reply with getting us into the combat as well.
A bell rang across the space of the naval vessels' hangar, and with a clatter and rumble of machinery the hangar door rolled upward toward the ceiling. The salty gust of night sea air blasted into the hangar and chased out the lingering chemical smells of GEAR maintenance. The brief pause was taken away as the clattering thunder of rotor blades filled the space and a helicopter touched down on the pad, bouncing lightly on its' skids.
"Let's go!" Silverwind yelled above the noise, leading the Hunters to the chopper as the cabin door opened. The loadmaster ushered them all aboard, the fox climbing aboard last.
The flight over to the amphibious assault ship was short, but gave them all a good look at the flotilla of vessels as they plowed through the waves. Even in the dark, their running lights lit them up like alien constructs in the darkness of the night-time ocean.
As the chopper angled toward the flat-top deck of the amphibious assault ship. A duo of heavier transport helos lifted off as their smaller helicopter angled in for a landing, heading in the direction they'd just come. "Going to pick up your GEARs, sir", the loadmaster said over the intercom.

The helo set down, and the GEAR pilots were ushered through the corridors and decks to a capacious briefing room. Officers, ratings and various other personnel were all clustered together, with numerous screens and holoprojectors set up at the far end of the room. Even as the Ghost Hunters filed in, more people followed. By the end, the room had about fifty people assembled. The murmur of conversation continued, and then died away abruptly in a shuffle of squeaking chairs on the floor and boots hitting the floor as the officer in command of the task group walked in.
A smartly appointed and stern-faced stag, captain Heartmann took position behind a lectern at the head of the room.
"Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. You all know the jist of why we're here; hostile elements have taken control of Isenor; a remote island under Anthillan administration. The island is uninhabited on a regular basis, with only occasional visits from research personnel or military personnel. There is a small installation for defence and resupply; a paved emergency airstrip and heliport with a pair of hangars, an operations building, a concrete dock and associated facilities and accomodation".
The screens changed to show an overhead map of Isenor, pinpointing the facilities on the island. The island itself was roughly a flattened diamond shape, with the longer points to the North-East and South-west. The airfield was centrally placed, the runway running along from the south to north, and the dock in the middle of the island. It was a short mass of land, flat and only three miles along its' longest axis and a mile and a half through the middle, and mostly forested - other than where it was cleared, of course.
"Drone recon has shown that the vessels and aircraft noted as coming and going have been shipping in people and supplies. No heavy vehicles have been noted, but several light fighting vehicles up to the level of IFV's have been spotted, as well as fortified positions for containerized automatic cannon, anti-ship, anti-air and anti-armour missiles, as well as heavy weapon positions set up at key points. Armed utility GEARs have also been spotted. Utility aircraft have been observed, but do not appear to be armed, likewise with seacraft, though these may have been equipped with heavy weapon crews and small arms".
Heartmann's sharp, blue eyes zeroed in on Silverwind the the rest of the Ghost Hunters where they sat among the group.
"The main offensive force will be the 33rd; they'll be deployed by air assault to go ashore and take out the mobile defences and secure the structures and the airstrip for a follow-one strike team. The 33rd's assault will follow on directly from a missile strike against the fixed positions as cover. Jamming drones and countermeasures will also be deployed to shield the Ghost Hunters' assault."
The captain informed the rest of the commanders of their specific roles; after that the rest was general information: The weather would be cloudy, with no moon. The sea state calm and the tide going in. It was as good as they could hope for with an amphibious assault. After that, there was only time: a few short hours to prepare.


Silverwind adjusted the cuff and collar on his GEAR pilots' uniform and pulled on his gloves as he moved up the stairs to the amphibious ships' deck. The thunder of rotor blades and whining turbine engines filled the space from the pair of heavy twin-rotor transport helicopters, their stance like big predatory birds, crouching to leap into the skies. The red running lights gave them an even more threatening air.
The fox looked to the rest of the unit, about to speak, but was interrupted by a light-show as the ships launched their missiles, the streaks of light climbing into the skies and tipping over as they headed for Isenor
"All right!" Silverwind roared over the sound. "Mount up, it's time to go to work!"
He lead the squad across the deck in a trot, directing half to one of the hulking twin-rotor helicopters and the other to follow him. They bustled aboard, and were pointed in the direction of their GEARs, stowed in a crouched, ready to board position. All of them were now fully armed and tooled up, just waiting for their pilots.
Silver climbed aboard his machine and strapped in, before flipping the power to STANDBY mode. Moments later the hatch closed to the outside, and he was cocooned in the humming, readout-lit interior of the machine. All external noises were muffled, but he still felt the lurch in his stomach as the heavy-lift helicopter peeled itself away from the amphibious attack ship and banked hard toward Isenor.

"All units, check in," he said over the squads' comm channel. "Listen up; gonna keep this short. You were all in the briefing, so you saw what we were up against. Nothing too outstanding; some civ-GEARs mounted with whatever weapons could be scraped up or improvised - they won't have our C3 systems, drones, or targeting and other sensors. They won't have our armour, powertrains and high-grade systems. And they especially won't have our ECM GEAR or military-grade comms.
"The most effective vehicles and weapons they have are the small number of tracked or wheeled IFVs, and some light utility/combat vehicles. They can hit us hard if we don't move quickly to take them out. Same with shoulder-fired or crew-served heavy weapons. Those are our combat priority. After that; neutralising their power and communications. The objective is to eliminate resistance swiftly, so follow-on units can take the buildings and search them for intel or captives. Should be a walk in the park."
The GEARs mapping and navigation systems told him they were coming up on only two miles out.
"We'll be dropping into the shallows and wading ashore. Sprinsteam, Bastion; you two stick together. Bastion, I want you focusing on anything pumping out counter-jamming, or trying to break through the comm blackout. Sprinsteam, you keep any word from getting out, and fuzz their comms. Target the antenna farms and communications systems in the north-west corner of the island"
"Somachain and Sobrero - engage the hangars, as that's where I expect their heavy vehicles, and any aircraft to be. But stand ready for word from any of us as we spot high-value or high-priority targets. The cruise missiles might've missed something, and your heavy weapons and explosives are our ticket against those targets."
"Proudcrest, you get the short shitty stick; you get to stick with the old man while we take on anything else that comes up. Our main target will be the airfields' operations building, but we'll be aiming for any and all points of resistance en route".
"We'll split up as we head up the beach. There's a Big Eye drone holding above the island at seventy-thousand feet, it'll be acting as a relay for our comms."
A sharp buzzing tone sounded rapidly across the frequency, and the sensation of movement abruptly dropped away, as the view through the GEARs' forward camera changed, the ramp dropping down to reveal the sea below, churned up by the downwash from the helicopters rotors.
Rollers on the cabin floor assisted the movement of the GEAR to the rear of the helo, and Silverwinds' GEAR stood tall as it dropped for a few breath-taking moments, before crashing into the shallows in a spray of water and a reverbating thump. With elegant, practised, and deliberate movements he swiftly darted aside, 20mm rifle coming up to his machines' shoulder ready and covering for the next GEAR to follow.
Heyo, have a good idea for a character that's less native Solernian then the others on the team and would make for a fun dynamic. Is me playing a character who was born outside of the kingdom but emigrated at a very young age okay? I have Margoth in mind specifically.

Sure, that sounds like an idea. I figured Solernia takes in a fair few immigrants and refugees, mostly likely since it has a pretty good reputation. That makes sense to me, and sounds like it could be an interesting background.

Will probably get the IC post up tomorrow evening (UK time)
@Silverwind Blade
Your mention of a melee gave me an idea.

Either a large mech designed to take tons of hits, using a much larger shield and melee weapons.

A baby mech designed to assist in breaching and traversing infantry sized locations.

Or both in one.

What do you think?

Nice ideas, but remember that we're all using the same modeL of GEAR, rather than different ones. I did that, as it's more in line with actual military units that use the same models of vehicle, and also closer to most 'real robot' style anime, where a unit uses the same kind of mecha, rather than a hodge-podge of different ones. I really wanted to avoid earlier versions of the game where we had a unit of six or more people all using completely different machines. It seems particularly flimsy trying to explain away why any military would run so many different models of machine in one unit. The logistics and training for the mechanics would be an absolute nightmare...
Also do remember that GEARs aren't your typical Gundam, BattleTech, etc sized 60+ foot tall monsters, they're not nearly a third of the size.
Any smaller and they'd be suits of power armour, which don't really exist in this setting. I did a post with the size of them -
While they can't quite get into everywhere infantry can, I can't imagine there'll be too many places they won't fit in, but that would be where what I was saying earlier, about us dismounting and acting as infantry on occasion, would come in. Also it does fit; many of the same tactics would probably apply anyway - since our machines are humanoid and move in the same way, I imagine the knowledge would probably cross over and it'd be an integral part of GEAR pilot training.
Follow up question, what sort of role would I have on the team? I have an idea for a stealth and infiltration kind of role but if you have something else in mind I'm all ears.

As an aside, have you hosted a game like this before? Your name seems super familiar, and the first game I played on this site was an anthro mecha RP with a similar name. C:

TBH, I'd struggle to find another specific role if I'm honest; as Esailia says, stealth isn't overly practical in a mecha, even a small one like a GEAR, and it's kind of a given that we're all pretty stealthy since the Ghost Hunters are a Special Forces unit anyway (which also means that we can all probably do a bit of one anothers' roles, but some are just better at it than others).
Max also does probably cover the position as far as it would go in the unit too; recon/marksman is kind of target designation, pinpointing of enemy key figures, weapons, etc for destruction by the rest of the group, as well as taking out particular high-value targets, and pinpointing key figures or items of interest for capture.
I'm not really sure how 'infiltration' would fit in as far as a mech-based unit would go either. And as has been said, we're going to be primarily in the mecha, with occasional sojurns on foot out of the cockpit, potentially in the same missions.
I suppose you could have an 'assault' specialist who uses close-range weapons such as melee or shotguns but that's about the best I can come up with - someone who's a bit more of an all-rounder and uses regular mid-range battlefield weapons - ie a rifleman sort of type - would actually be pretty helpful, as over-specialising is just as bad anyway. And as said; in real-life Special Forces everyone can do each others' jobs, and in the game, GEARs are modular as far as weapons go too, so all it takes is a few equipment swaps to make any GEAR do any job.

Also, to answer your second question, yes; you played a previous iteration of this game and setting xD…
Oh heck, anthro mechas.

Shame it's full, otherwise I'd be in this in a heartbeat ^w^

If you want to join, I can probably make a space; while I did say six initially, I can probably cope with seven, and it wouldnt' be too difficult to introduce another character at this point - if you're quick with putting a CS together, anyway.

Also, regarding posts: I'll put a GM post up by end of Sunday to get things back into gear (pun not intended).
Everything seems to have gone quiet - I'm back from my writing quest, and successfully; managed to hit 50,000 words early.
Doesn't seem like many posts have gone up. I imagine thanksgiving took most of our U.S. players away for a while.
I'll get a post up to move things on in the next day or so though, and to try and get the life pumped back into things
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