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Current The Sims: "Do you think he'll kill us this time?" "Probably"
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Dug through some of my really old PMs. Jeez, it looks like I had way more fun in free than I do casual. 3 page PM working out an event in the RP. I barely see more than six replies these days.
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Suddenly, desire for a gender switch RP.
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[@Morose] Some people just hate flawed characters, which just remind them of themselves.
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[@DemonMiyu] Yes, yes it is too late. I feel sad now knowing that a new hermit crab will not be joining us.


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Nadia hadn't expected one of her first flights to be a patrol. But her enthusiasm made her hope for something to fly through the airspace she was stationed in. But that was earlier in the patrol. Nothing had happened for a few hours. Except for a mid-air refuel to keep her plane in the air. She wondered if she had over-hyped the idea of being a pilot. It all seemed boring so far, the past few hours seemed to reinforce the idea. Then her comms crackled with life.

"This is FOB Corona to Major Valentine and Lieutenant Ericcsson. Urgent assistance required for close air support and aerial cover for a convoy unit under attack, co-ordinates incoming..."

It surprised her really. Having come to terms that she'd never see much action. And now suddenly being thrown right towards combat? It excited her to say the least.
"Ah~ Yes, finally. Something more to do than sit around and do lazy turns." Nadia spoke before turning on her own comms to respond. "Yes, this is Lieutenant Ericsson. Send me the info and I'll be on my way. Over."
"Sending it now. Over"
As the info arrived, a puzzled look appeared on her face. "Uh..Is the major equipped to handle ground targets? Over"
"Don't worry, Heartbreak is. Just keep him safe from enemy air. Over"
Nadia shrugged, rolling her F2 into her new course. Keeping her plane level to go a get speed, but to also keep any altitude she had, in case it gave her an advantage.

After flying some distance, her comms crackled to life again. A different voice this time.
"This is Heartbreak One to Ericsson. Looks like we have some souls that need saving down there. What say we get this show over with before the snow starts falling, and get a couple of drinks back at base to warm us up, over?"
"I like how you think, lets do it. Over." She took a small pause before speaking again. "I'm thinking of meeting up with ya. Give ya an escort in anyway seeing as I'll be your guardian. Over" She looked at the info again and took a guess to the route he'd be taking in. But waited to adjust her course in case he wanted stay separated till they were at the target.
Hah! I was like "Lets get some music to get the mood, yes Zero from AC:Zero should do fine."
Then I remembered I didn't click the link in your post.
+1 for using a song from the same game I was gonna listen to a song from.

Of course my post is so short...

Edit 2; electric boogaloo: Hay, remember your other RP? GEARs? Stumbled through an old PM we had relating to it.
Sweet. I'll get a post up tomorrow.
Aw crap, what I said just caught up to me. My impatience got to my head first that day. Don't stress to hard over getting this started if you don't have the motivation.
I mean, you were patient for me when I was having problems making my character. I should give you similar treatment. Just gotta control that impatience..
So, how are things coming along?
Also love the choice of plane too, the F-2 is a great aircraft.

Had to resist the urge to use a Swedish plane again :P
Character Name: Nadia Ericsson


Age: 27

Nationality: Avalonian

Gender: Female

Bio: Nadia grew up in a small hideaway refuge built by the original survivors of the Yerrill invasion. It wasn't lavish or easy going by far. But Nadia still found fun things to do, such as playing with the other children. Though being younger meant she was more mischievous, and lacked the sympathy she has today. Her little pranks causing harm to others and her showing little care. Always with the saying "I'm sorry you don't know how to have fun."

As she grew up, she calmed down a little. And became more sympathetic, though her playful attitude still persisted. Just slowed down a bit by rational thought and a desire to not harm anyone. This changed didn't fix the damaged relations she had with others. Her parents included in the list of damaged relations, as they were not exempted from her younger antics. During this time she heard about the Yerrill invading another world, but didn't think much of it. Feeling like that is what the Yerrill did, and that there wasn't much importance in the news.

After a few years though, she started to hear that the Yerrill got pushed back, and even heard about the other world making a foothold on their world. The later news only arriving a few days after it actually happened. So Nadia decided to pack up and leave her little village. Mainly to see and live near those that had actually saved their world from a similar fate that hers now had. To meet them and see what they were like. Completely and ignorantly believing only a race like the Yerrill could be only think to trump the Yerrill. And was met with humans. A weird mix of what she expected, and a bunch of things she didn't even think to consider. Of which only made her happier with the situation.

Then the human forces began an initiative, bringing Avalonians into various rolls within their military, and a few political entities. Nadia obviously signed up, wanting to do more for her people. And after various tests and training courses, she was put in as a pilot. And while still green from training, she eagerly awaits to fight.

Personality: A goofy, playful, and fun loving girl. Nadia always tends to find entertaining things to do in even the most boring and dull situations. Sometimes, that entertainment can get her into trouble. But it never seems to stop her. Some people are annoyed with her antics, but no one has been seriously injured by her. So she has made no enemies. Always seen with a smile, one could be forgiven for thinking she's super optimistic if they just met her.

In reality, she does her best to not let sad and depressing thoughts keep her down for long. Though it doesn't always work, as there have been times where she was in a lower emotional state for a prolonged period of time. She's also rather rational when it comes to actually being serious. Knowing what can and can't be done, and what is plain suicide. With that rational attitude also comes care and concern for others. Not wanting to see others suffer a horrible end. But most people overlook these traits and only believe that she is just a joker/trickster.

Appearance: Fair skin, with short hair, dark brown in color. Icy blue eyes. Average height with a slender build. Several horizontal stripes going from her thighs to her armpits, four thin vertical stripes on her shoulders, stripes color is black.

Personal Gear: Standard pilots gear and equipment

Aircraft: Mitsubishi F-2A

Aircraft Colours: Standard JASDF colors, no addition decals added yet.

Character Theme: Microburst
So patient
Don't know if I deserve this level of kindness

Edit: Dropped character in character tab
I come bearing news!
Good news!

I am almost done with my character.
Now my new concern is that you have lost interest.
Leave my fellow zombie alone
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