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4 mos ago
Just found out my left kidney wasn't done and decided I needed to deal with a second stone before I even passed the first one.
5 mos ago
Kidney stone blocking the ureter...yay...thankfully only 4mm so it don't need surgery, just some meds. But that pain I felt is certainly not an ideal way to wake up.
1 yr ago
Lightly fried fish fillets
3 yrs ago
And I was 'round when Jesus Christ, had his moment of doubt and pain
3 yrs ago < Accurate depiction of me right now after getting on RPG today.


"Blessed" by the powers that be to potentially experience kidney stones for the rest of my life.

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"There's a great evil residing in that temple." Has my vote.
bimpity bumpity
bump bump
Welcome. I am Slypheed, though you may call me Sly. Welcome to my gizmo.
Sorry if its a bit of an eyesore. But if I took the time to make it look nice, this would never be posted. Though I may make it look nicer over time.


Three extra things about my search real quick.
•I will only post pairings once in a blue moon. As I tend to be interested in specific ideas majority of the time.
•With that, what I post will have varying amounts of starting detail. Just enough to hint at what I'm wanting. While also leaving things vague enough for us to tweak it and work out finer details.
•If an RP is marked Dark that means thats it sole setting. Other RPs could potentially be dark, but aren't inherently so. These ones are solely thought up as being that way. Avoid them if you don't care/dislike them or have a personal reason to steer clear of them. I'll always put them at the bottom of the list as well to simplify avoiding them. I'll also list the primary theme at play for them. And, for the sake of clarity, these RPs follow the same system as NSFW ones. So, PM to show interest and will be played out in PMs.

Sidequest: Scritch ear

Objective updated: Survive
But the important question... Who takes longer to get ready in a morning lol

Bets are on Pascal.
Hmmm, my head noddle finds this interesting. Possible interest.

I was thinking human but you know what? Shame on me for thinking so in the box! Yes humanoid kingdoms are welcome!

Does this mean catgirls as well?
I joke
I've stopped by to say I am going to be dropping from this.
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