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9 days ago
All honesty, haven't seen status keep a mentality for this long in a while. Good shit chads and stacys.
9 days ago
Ambra is the ultimate chad, all hail.
9 days ago
I missed some status bar fuckery again, can ya'll not wait until I'm on? I like catching this stuff live, makes it a far better read.
14 days ago
@ZAVAZggg. Does that mean bagel bites are a sign of ultimate religious defiance?
17 days ago
Help I'm making friends in games now. It feels weird!


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So yeah, while big boom can look very cinematic and badass it tends to have very grave consequences.

You're allowed to have your opinion...even if it is terribly wrong and very heretical.
*goes back to considering how much boom is too much boom*

I poked my head back in here to see what what ya'll were talking about and see this heretical thought.
I'm going to drop out of this. Won't be able to finish my character for an unknown amount of days.
Best of luck
Hopefully since I've dealt with a few RL setbacks I'll be able finish and post my character....tomorrow.
I'm tired af right now.
@DeadDropSorry to say, but I can't seem to make a character I'm happy with. So I'm going to drop to not hold ya back.

Best of luck to ya.
I'll go ahead and claim the combat engineer spot then. I do like big booms, more so when I'm 'controlling' them.
@DeadDropOh I'm still interested. Just busy thinking about character ideas.
No 'UwU' or 'OwO' in here please. We're running a sci-fi action game.

OwO, whats this? Am not awwowd to OwO? Dis mwakes me sad. Whad am I to do? UwU

Joking aside, I'll get a character rolled out sometime today or tomorrow. More or less whenever I finish reading that fucking massive document.
I am most definitely down, but you probably expected that.
<Snipped quote by Silverwind Blade>

Yes, we are still open. Open like a box of ace combat.

If thats the case, then I'm tossing my hat into the ring as well.
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