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5 days ago
Sudden and brief bout of dyslexia when typing Sylpheed, and I like it better this way.
5 days ago
@Guy0fV4lor. I am ready brother, let us take back the Holy Land.
5 days ago
Monstergirl RPs are always in demand? I can only wonder why...
6 days ago
I wish I had some pizza.
8 days ago
I shall eagerly wait for that day.
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How many missiles can possibly be in a barrage launcher?
Gonna put my interest in here.
after dealing with the responsibilities I delayed to play TW for 12 hours.

Which TW?
So yeah, while big boom can look very cinematic and badass it tends to have very grave consequences.

You're allowed to have your opinion...even if it is terribly wrong and very heretical.
*goes back to considering how much boom is too much boom*

I poked my head back in here to see what what ya'll were talking about and see this heretical thought.
I'm going to drop out of this. Won't be able to finish my character for an unknown amount of days.
Best of luck
Hopefully since I've dealt with a few RL setbacks I'll be able finish and post my character....tomorrow.
I'm tired af right now.
@DeadDropSorry to say, but I can't seem to make a character I'm happy with. So I'm going to drop to not hold ya back.

Best of luck to ya.
I'll go ahead and claim the combat engineer spot then. I do like big booms, more so when I'm 'controlling' them.
@DeadDropOh I'm still interested. Just busy thinking about character ideas.
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