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3 mos ago
Ya know, I didn't think the start of March would be greeted with a some guy in HD2 falsly accusing me of stealing his machinegun and tking me as well. But here we are.
1 yr ago
Just found out my left kidney wasn't done and decided I needed to deal with a second stone before I even passed the first one.
1 yr ago
Kidney stone blocking the ureter...yay...thankfully only 4mm so it don't need surgery, just some meds. But that pain I felt is certainly not an ideal way to wake up.
2 yrs ago
Lightly fried fish fillets
4 yrs ago
And I was 'round when Jesus Christ, had his moment of doubt and pain


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@Silverwind Blade
Notifying you that I won't be participating in this RP. At least not right now. I may join in later down the line. And for convenience the same is true for your other RP.
It will definitely be going in the Advanced section

Oof. Don't know if I can follow this RP if its going in advanced.
You mean something like a Hawk (as an example); light fighters or combat-capable trainers? By all means, yes.

No I meant helicopters powered by jet engines.

Yeah. Light fighters, combat-capable trainers, or combat variants of trainer aircraft.
Had found such an aircraft and really liked it. But didn't put much work into the sheet as I wasn't sure if they'd be allowed. Will get working on it. Downside now is deciding on two characters or the backseat computer option.
Hmmm...@Silverwind Blade Light combat aircraft allowed? Jet powered of course.
I'm probably going to quickly explore other planes. See what I can come up with and if I like it more. If not I'll resume bashing my head against this particular wall.
@Silverwind Blade F-16XL was the first thing to come to mind. But as I started getting frustrated with the sheet I started considering other options. However for what I already have, I might've been stealing a page from your book and was planning to give it the MATV nozzle from the VISTA.

As for what I'm struggling with. Its more to do with if the modifications I'm putting on it sound reasonable or not. And less to do with lack of info I need.
<Snipped quote by Slypheed>

Well, now I'm curious! Especially since I've chosen something similar myself. Hmm... F-16XL?

No surprise you could guess it from what I described. Did my best to be vague.
@Starlance Nah. Its more like early 80's aircraft that was built for a competition that it lost and was turned into a NASA testbed. Also has some limited info, which could be due to being classified to some degree.
I'll try to have my character up tonight but the aircraft sheet is kicking my ass. Though that is down to the aircraft I chose rather than the sheet itself.
Yay, we got sheets now!
Time to work on making my character.
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