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7 mos ago
Current @arabxlla, how do you lead by example without first leading?
7 mos ago
Instead of complaining about it on the status bar, go make a 1x1 partner search. I pretty sure you'll find a few takers.
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7 mos ago
Kink responsibly
3 yrs ago
@Andreyich, I bet you secretly want to join Chaos.
3 yrs ago
The Steam winter sale is so powerful not even the servers can handle it. GG Valve. GG.


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<Snipped quote by ArmorPlated>

Yes. That is another thing that disheartens me.

Well, I suppose you could clear something up for me then.
Is the Heavy slot open, or are you holding hope for the one who made a heavy NC to make a character?
<Snipped quote by Instigator>

Yes, actually, but I'll need at least 5 players.

Well, I'm willing to toss my lot in.
So there's another player for ya.
I'm down.
Nothing of interest
Starting this late in the year is never really the best time for an RP to start in general. With or without NaNoWriMo, it's just the ending months of the year. Especially now that we are almost midway through November, and December getting closer. People will be disappearing to be with family.

Looking in the characters tab @Slypheed, it'd probably be safe to assume they're lieutenants until corrected, and just make an edit. That's the rank everybody else has gotten.

I was thinking somewhere along that line if he didn't get on and respond today.
The reason for hesitation is I've assumed things like that in other RPs in the past and got all the aggro.
When will the next IC post come up?

I'd like to post. But I'm unsure of what rank he wishes to give my characters, as I'd like to use their ranks in my post. :/ (And also to help others with posting responses and what not)

Also, he hasn't been on for 2, almost 3, days now. I'd say his novel is where all his attention is going right now.
I miss e-mail notifications for new posts...

I do miss that from the old guild. Seeing the email notification that there's been a new post.
Well, rl shit took longer than expected.
I'll get my post up today.
I'll get a post in the works after I take care of some things on the rl side.

That also applies over here.
Though why I didn't post here much sooner? Was mainly to let you focus on getting GEARs up and running.
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