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8 mos ago
Just found out my left kidney wasn't done and decided I needed to deal with a second stone before I even passed the first one.
9 mos ago
Kidney stone blocking the ureter...yay...thankfully only 4mm so it don't need surgery, just some meds. But that pain I felt is certainly not an ideal way to wake up.
2 yrs ago
Lightly fried fish fillets
3 yrs ago
And I was 'round when Jesus Christ, had his moment of doubt and pain
3 yrs ago
i.imgur.com/Zki6LEk.gif < Accurate depiction of me right now after getting on RPG today.


"Blessed" by the powers that be to potentially experience kidney stones for the rest of my life.

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Silverwind Blade 4 yrs ago
Hey there. Just logged into the Guild out of idle curiosity in the first time in ages, and also wanted to see who was still around. Good to see you're still here. Hope you're well and all is good for you. Much love.
Jurassic Weeb 6 yrs ago
Love the avatar, bro. Thank you for making my day!

Jurassic Weeb 8 yrs ago
I feel your pain. I have the worst luck around Singles Awareness Day.
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