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I've never been a fan of co-GMing, but for the sake of getting this moving before everyone begins to lose interest, I think it's probably a good idea to hand the reigns over to you, Light. I'm gonna step away from this RP, but before I go, I'll share what I had for my characters and the info in this current re-write I was working on, and then you can salvage what you want from that for your thread.

Ah, I see. I think in that case it would be better to just drop the game entirely. Looking around, it seems like almost everyone else hasn't been keeping up with it so far. Quite a shame though, this seemed really cool from the onset.

Would you be open to co-writing / co-gm? As I've said before, world building and lore are some of my favorite (and most experienced) facets of roleplaying. I'd be more than happy to help organize and consolidate ideas with you.
When it comes to being from a plane/world other than Earth, we can just make up our own shit more or less, right?
When can we expect the ooc thread to go up? I think we can work more on lore and setting ther while also getting things moved forward towards starting like with cs's. I'm all for world building but it's something we can do/decide on as we play too, as we encounter a need to establish lore or meta rules.

Based on the things we've deemed important so far, it seems that our sheets will require the basic suite and a few tailored items:


Arcane Focus


Is there anything I missed?
Inb4 we all have like 30 characters each and are each just roleplaying entire houses/classes in the school.

Oh gods its FE:3H all over again.
I am the big excite
Now this is some flashy magic, I imagine some of the spell duels that occur in or around the school are more like this instead of just standing there flicking wants in turn order.

<Snipped quote by CaptainManbeard>

Like what school would things like Conjuration and Transmutation fall into?

It seems like it would depend on what you're trying to conjure or transmute. Summoning an elemental usually falls under the associated element. Transmutation might be more Universal, especially if you're able to transmute between vastly different things. Turning lead into gold is probably just Earth magic, but it might require Earth and Water magic to transmute lead into wine.

That's just my guess based on how conversations have gone so far.
No worries, if something gray area comes up in game we can just address it then. I get a little carried away with lore/world building so please don't mind me. Almost nothing I've brought up today should even be relevant for my characters anyway.
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