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After taking some time to think about this little writing project I've started 9 months ago now, I think I am losing a place for it in my weekly life. Between my very unorthodox work and sleep schedule, and the other creative projects I have outside of this site, I unfortunately find myself approaching every Sunday with dread rather than excitement. Taking last week off due to no votes being cast gave me that whole day to realize this, but I decided to give myself today to see how I'd feel about going into it one more time.

It's not really a lot of writing in the grand scheme of things, but it's just one obligation too many for me at the moment. So, for these reasons I think I'm going to be placing Adventure Awaits on hiatus for the time being. I'm not at all opposed to resuming in the future, but at the moment I'm just too exhausted after each week and would rather have at least one full day where I can answer to nobody.

Thabk you to anyone who's voted at least once in this game. And especially thank you to @Guardian Angel Haruki for voting on (I think) every single page since the beginning. Guardian, I know she's still a very generic character, but feel free to use Verity in anything else you do. She might as well be your character at this point.
Due to a conflicting schedule I'll be unable to continue this RP, I appreciate everyone's patronage in the matter and I apologize for the delay up until now.

Thank you,


No worries. Thanks for letting us know
> Ask about Yachir's magic.
[Pass time to the Daldon-Geland border] <

Divulging the nature of your newfound quest so soon surely wasn't something you nor Aika were keen on doing, even as talkative and friendly your new companion seemed to be. The astuteness with which he correctly guessed such secrecy was not lost on you either, and so you chose to exercise a careful choice of words to keep him away from that topic. "Soul searching does seem like something a holy man would do. With your prayer earlier and the one that Umildraen made for this good weather, perhaps I should consider faith myself." You threw a cheeky grin up to the dragonborn, whose lip curled in a shared amusement. "He claimed that Ersu, the god of weather and travels were to thank for that. To whom do I owe appreciation for your healing magic?"

As it became clear where you were going with this, Yachir bowed his head slightly, not breaking your group's stride along the road. "My servitude is to a god much more, somber, shall we say? You see, my duty is not to heal, it is to allay suffering, and ease the soul for wherever it may go next." His explanation avoided a name, and yet the scholarly woman beside you picked up on the clues and uttered a single word herself.


"Indeed. Many don't even consider him throughout their life, but as life nears its inevitable end, we must all answer to him. It is not uncommon for a priest of Acmez to bless those for whom it is their time, and to stave off his call when it is not, though we priests ourselves are few and far between." You nodded along to his explanation, at the very least grateful for his aid. "So, what, you just wander the countryside, healing the wounded and performing funeral rites for the dead?" Your blunt oversimplification sat slightly uncomfortable upon him, but nevertheless he confirmed your assessment with a nod. "Surely it is a service none would decline, be it as simple as you say or not." With the point taken, you posed a question for him to elaborate upon further. "What other kinds of magic do you know, then? Surely healing isn't all you've got." "True, in entreating the god of death, I've learned quite a bit about the subject. Most clergy would agree on the horrible nature of bastardizing the natural life cycle with necromancy, but in the nuisances between the lines, you might discover that there is much more to it than simply turning the undead or protecting against such influences. But- ah- as you two have elected to hold cards close to the chest, so too shall I." Despite his long-winded turns in conversation thus far, he seemed quite set on cashing in his turn to keep a secret.

In getting all the information you seemed like you'd get out of him, you turned to Aika to pick her brain a little bit. "Does any of that sound like what you've studied with your master?" Unfortunately, she shook her head. "Study of the arcane and worship of the divine are quite different. As I'm sure you can guess, it takes a great deal of faith- both in belief and action- to prove one's self worthy of a god's blessing." Yachir chimed in again, suggesting a counterpoint. "Ah, but is that so different from wizardry? Both require zealous trust in their craft, and both require years of genuine effort." To this Aika nodded, though her stance that they were not so similar remained. "Doesn't every skill worth having work like that? Sure- they require time and effort- but fundamentally the magic is totally different. While I can shape and craft my own reservoir of energy into whatever my imagination can come up with, you must abide by the limits your god gives you, both magically and behaviorally. And while you draw on an external and crazy powerful source to fuel your spells, I'm limited to my own stamina."

"Mmh, I will always appreciate those who are well read not only on their own art, but of others as well." Yachir conceded the point gracefully, acknowledging Aika's knowledge on the workings of both forms of magic. A bit lost in the middle, you could only pivot your head side to side as the two continued the conversation in even more nuanced jargon. Something about ontological leylines, mathematics in magic, and even the terminology behind such classifications of spells? It began to fly over your head, and so you focused more on your map than anything else. This roll of parchment between your fingers, with crude borders and redrawn itineraries was grounded, direct. Simple. You consulted the dried ink and considered the roads before you as you led your little group eastward.

It would be the late afternoon of the eighth day since your outset that you reached your next checkpoint. The stage around you had been reset from the glistening white overlaid on militaristic grey that was commonplace in Daldon, slowly replaced by a warmer breeze and a greener undertone beneath the snow. Further east still, the descent from the mountains returned you to a temperate land, where the snow melted away and the verdant plains of Geland stretched before you. Front lines of forestation mimicked the borders on your map, and nestled comfortably against one of these northern patches of woods was the border town of Gallluma. You had passed here before on your initial hike westward, a through-village surrounding the crossroads that would split in all directions between Daldon and the neighboring Gelish provinces of Vatiir to the south, and Cesbury to the north and east.

Gallluma was a cheery and quaint little hamlet, not nearly as bustling as Guthram at this time of day. The road that ran from the western to eastern gates was wide enough for carriages to travel both ways unimpeded, with an additional road branching off to the south for those who had business in Vatiir. As you walked among the collection of buildings on either side of the road, you could pick up on the alluring scents of dinner wafting from the nearby inn, as well as the less than pleasant smelling stables across the road, where travelers gave their horses somewhere to stay for the night. The look in Aika's eyes as her attention aimed toward the inn spoke volumes to her desires, though it would be hard to fault her for hungering a proper meal and bed after a long week of walking. It was still difficult to read if Yachir was at all weary too, if he was he hid it well. As he observed the stables, perhaps he was assessing the viability of acquiring a faster means to travel.

At the very least, you were in your homeland once more, even if it was the far side. A long breath of refreshing spring air filled your lungs, purging the bitter and flavorless winds of the Therakin Mountains. The only question now, was what to sort out first?

• Follow Aika's lead to the inn.

• Follow Yachir's lead to the stables.
> Ask about Yachir's friends. <

Your mind wandered along with Yachir's words, to the almost decadent streets of Albrigh as you recalled your recent stop there. No matter where you stood within or near the city, the sky-piercing tower atop the King's palace shone with a mystic and serene radiance of all colors, befitting the city's various rainbow-themed titles. Being from the more drab and dreary province of Aurelius, the saturation of Geland proper and its capital might almost have been disorienting even. Nevertheless, it was there that you had spoken to Aika's master and why you were even here atop the cold-swept peaks of Daldon to begin with. Faces of all shapes, sizes and colors flooded Albrigh at all hours, so it would be simply impossible to know exactly whom Yachir spoke of as he name-dropped his companions. "Aiden," you repeated back a bit lowly. "And Annalise. Can't say I'm familiar off first names alone, especially from a place as packed as that. Aika?" You turned to her and she simply replied with a shrug. Standing between the two of them, your head pivoted back and forth. "Are they, ah, hands-for-hire like us?"

"Mhm, and two of my dearest friends." the dragonborn nodded in affirmation with a smile. "We had met at quite varied points in our own lives, though it would seem that meandering without a greater purpose was our common calling- and that which we've cured within each other's company." A feeling that was likely shared among all at some point, you felt inclined to perhaps find more in common yourself. "So, what are they like then? If they are so similar to us anyway?" "Well," he began, looking to Aika first. "They both carry in their hearts a fire, if you will. A penchant for something more. You can see it in their eyes. Like yours, Aika, Aiden's are alight like starry beacons of potential and inspiration. I see that there's nothing that will stop you, and he is very much the same." Aika looked away, her expression clearly unsure how to take such a compliment, but in this moment Yachir turned to you. "Anna's flame is subtle, collected, though no less potent. But- ah- words do no justice for them. To paint them as simply as this is to insult them, as it is for most." Yachir digressed with a long breath. "I have seen many come and go from this world, as is my charge in service to the gods. To wave the lives of others off as a background on the stage of our own-" he caught himself again, clearing his mind and lung with another breath. "Sonder is a valuable tool."

"So... if they mean so much to you, why are you all the way out here in the mountains without them?"

"A bit of soul-searching, if you will. We all have our personal reasons and tasks once in a while, as I'm sure you two do as well. I would ask what yours are both here and in Albrigh, but," he paused, eyeing Aika directly, a knowing look in his eye. "I suspect it would be rude to pry at such things." You could see her again tense a bit under his gaze out of the corner of your eye, and only a meek "Ah- y-yeah," eked out of her. The cleric displayed patience though, reassuring her as he turned his attention to the road once more. "I understand."

• Ask about Yachir's distain for Minerva.
[Pass time to the Daldon-Geland border]

• Ask about Yachir's magic.
[Pass time to the Daldon-Geland border]

• Say nothing.
[Pass time to the Daldon-Geland border]
Yachir Ithaelyuidm

Draconic - Dragonborn (Silver)
Yachir's age seems difficult to discern. His youthful scales and posture are countered by his worldly and age-wizened mannerisms.
The lanky and serpentine form of Yachir carries the draconic motifs that course through his blood. Equal parts surreal and regal, he dressed as he acts, with travel-suited vestments aligning his faith in some deity.

Skills and Abilities
So far, the only magic Yachir has used was that of healing.
Yachir demonstrates a strong mastery over multiple languages, most notably both the rhythmically course Daldoran and the smooth flowing Gelish, along with his native Draconic tongue.

Yachir is a well-composed man: reserved, eloquent, and seemingly unbothered by the little things. He seems just as likely to dispense a word of advice as he is a hand to aid. The only thing that appears to have rubbed him the wrong way so far is the homeland of his own draconic people, the Minervan Oligarchy.
Yachir's story has yet to be revealed. He claims to have home and hearth in Albrigh, but beyond this is unclear.
> Accept Yachir's proposal.
[Player suggestion: Ask about Yachir's business in Geland] <

With his immediate willingness to help and his ease in making small talk, it was hard to deny that this Yachir was quite personable at least. He also made a good point: thrice in under twenty-four hours, you've needed to raise arms against both monsters and men that sought to do you in. It is expected for someone in your lines of work, but nevertheless, having a third set of hands both to combat such adversaries and mend you again should something go awry? The more you thought about it, the better the idea became. You turned your head away from him to meet the bright blue eyes sitting across from him. It seemed like she was thinking the same thing, as she gave you an affirming nod.

"It certainly would be safer," you agreed as you turned back to Yachir. "We've had a few hiccups so far, and getting a few more hands on deck could be quite the boon." At this news, Yachir graced both you and Aika with a smile as he picked himself up off the bench. "Excellent," he began as he lifted his staff off of the floor. "As this didn't seem to be a matter of great urgency, the magic I've used merely accelerated your own body's healing. A good night's rest should see you just fine at the east gate tomorrow morning." A soft "Mhm," acknowledged his medical recommendation and rendezvous point. With such matters confirmed, the dragonborn bowed his head and stepped around the bench to excuse himself from the church. In his departure, you could hear the under-breathed scoff of the priest who owed duty to this church. Standing off to the side, the Daldoran cleric had taken a moment away from another church-goer to eye Yachir with continued distain for his previous comment. The gesture was not lost on one as perceptive as you, and as Aika picked up upon where your attention aimed, she too recognized it.

"C'mon, Verity," she said, perhaps a bit too loud. "Let's go before he tries to charge us for sitting here." The twinge of playfulness in her voice continued as you two rose and made your way outside as well. "Sheesh, greedy types everywhere today, huh? Hopefully whatever inn we stop at isn't so bad." A heavily exaggerated shrug bounced her shoulders up and down momentarily as you stifled a laugh, instead only rewarding her antics with a smirk.


Another once-over across town and a more humble innkeeper made the rest of your night a breeze by comparison to the day and a half you had prior. With yet another renewing rest behind you, the first glimmers of morning sun peeked over the rough Daldoran horizon as you and Aika stood once again by the multi-lingual sign inscribing the town's name. Your eyes were set upon the road ahead, winding back up the path you fought the carriage driver along and over the next ridge eastward, the itinerary back to Aika's master plotting itself in your mind. A soft "Good morning," drew you from these mental depths, followed by the clacking of bare claw on cold stone as your newest traveling partner expressed both his own punctuality and his appreciation of yours. "I hope that you are feeling better than yesterday? Well enough to set forth, yes?" You turned away from the morning sun to see Yachir placing himself at the gate as well, a serpentine bow of his long neck met by the more angular nod from yourself. "Good enough to go, as you said it'll get better with time so I'm not worried." The dragonborn drew a long breath of relief at your high spirits. With another round of pleasantries for Aika, the three of you made your way east, and in only a few minutes time you began to make new progress homeward.

The chatter was idle among the group. A note about the clear skies elicited a call back to a certain dwarf and his prayers to a god of weather and travels. Another merchant along the road conducted more honorable business to sell your little group extra rations for the hike. And the sight-seeing was immaculate as the sky filled with a purer blue and the dull slate glow of morning mountain stone was replaced by the brilliant crystalline white of midday snow. A thought brewed in the back of your mind though, ever since Yachir first asked to join you, and in the peace of this walk you felt it appropriate to ask.

"Yachir, I've been meaning to ask. What business have you in Geland? Or are you simply passing through on your way home to Minerva?"

The dragonborn chuckled a bit at the question, turning his eye down to you without aiming his head. "Ah- I was wondering how long you'd stave off curiosity. No, I do not live within the Oligarchy. My people- as I am ashamed to call them such- have made a mockery of what it means to carry the blood of dragons."

"Ohh- right. Dragons, haha," Aika's eyes widened and though you knew exactly why, you kept it to yourself. "You don't like them, then?"

"I wouldn't go as far as to say I dislike them. Only, the Minervan way of doing things is... disagreeable. Surely you don't hold the actions of some humans against all human kind?"

"Suppose not, yeah."

"So where in Geland, then?" You reiterated your question, keeping the conversation on track.

"Albrigh, the Lustrous City, and your- our- capital." He answered in Gelish, with a bit of poetic dance in his voice, as if he were drawing the city's prismatic flower fields and sparkling skyline with his tongue. "Two dear friends of mine have missed me since departing on this most recent pilgrimage. In some ways, you each remind me of them a bit. Perhaps that was why I felt it was my obligation to aid you."

While the Daldoran spoken by you and Aika was rough around the edges, good for most conversation but clearly of someone not fluent, Yachir seemed quite proficient with both human forms of speech. Nevertheless, it was a relief to continue the conversation in your own native language. His head turned fully this time as he asked "And what about you then?"

Aika beamed slightly at the chance to answer, a feeling of kinship clearly radiating from her. "We're on our way to Albrigh as well! My teacher expects us. After that-" she caught herself, pivoting to an alternative narrative to keep her master's goal a secret. "After that, maybe we'll stop by to meet your friends?"

"That would be delightful. I'm sure Aiden and Annalise would warm up to you right away."

• Ask about Yachir's friends.

• Ask about Yachir's distain for Minerva.

• Ask about Yachir's magic.

• Say nothing.
[Pass time to the Daldon-Geland border]
> "Let's spend the day here, I need help."
[Reduce harm from major to moderate: stabbed shoulder] <

Despite only just beginning your march home today, it would seem that returning to your client to collect your payment simply couldn't come soon enough. Even so, the sting in your shoulder beckoned you to stow your impatience. "I- ah-" you winced at the sensation, interrupting yourself. A slow shake of your head from side to side dismissed the prospect of hitting the road again as you continued. "I gotta get my arm looked at, at least while we're in town. No need to waste one of my potions just yet." A concerned look came from your companion, who then cast her gaze across the road toward the buildings that lined this street. "Yeah, there has to be someone who can help us, a doctor or maybe even someone who knows some healing magic..." she trailed off as she read the names of each establishment in eyesight. You helped direct her focus with the tinge of impatience from earlier though, stating "Someone with magic would certainly be faster. Hopefully not terribly more expensive, though." One last "Mhm," came from Aika's pressed lips. "A church it is, then. Can't imagine that there isn't one around here."

It only took another round of stopping folk on the now less dense late afternoon street to acquire the directions you needed. A simple stroll placed you and Aika in front of a taller structure than the one-story market fronts you had been walking through for the past few minutes. From the outside, the gentle drape of snow atop the slanted roof was distinct against the thicker piles that sat on the flatter tops of the rest of town. A small flight of stairs before you acted more as decoration than any legitimate elevation into the structure's main hall, a cozy single hall of mostly wood construction. Candles lined small and low-placed shelves to the sides, upon which a few individuals knelt in isolation. In the middle of the room, several benches gave audience to a central podium from which sermon was likely read. No session seemed to be held at the moment though, the mostly hushed mumbles of prayer around you set a somewhat formal undertone as two people seemed to be wrapping up conversation before the podium.

Both of these individuals dressed the part of priests, though it would appear to two different faiths. On the left, an older and balding human was cloaked in white and grey with wide tassels of bright red draped over his shoulders, a motif befitting the banners decorating the hall. On the right, an inhumanely thin figure towered over the daldoran priest, sporting what looked like a greenish undertunic beneath a black hybrid of clerical robes and traveler's coat, accented by a large puff of white fur as a collar. Protruding from this collar was a long, serpentine neck which culminated in a draconic looking head, and coiling on the floor behind him a similarly winding tail. His silvery scales just barely reflected the amber candlelight within the church, giving him an even more supernatural glow about him as he tapped his staff against the floor lightly.

In what you were now beginning to think was her typical bombastic fashion, Aika drew quite a bit of attention to you both as she elevated the average volume of the church greatly with her voice. "Hey!" she called to the two priests. "Either of you know any healing spells?" Her pace towards the two of them matched her eagerness to get you help, and if you were any less injured you might have felt some level of embarrassment as you more calmly caught up behind her. The eyes of both men turned toward you two, as well as a few heads turning from the corners of the hall. You rolled the bad shoulder, more tactfully addressing the point. "Excuse my friend, but yes, I've seen better days and could use some help." By now, you at least weren't bleeding everywhere, but the damage was still quite visible beneath the patchwork that you and Aika fashioned to control the wound a bit. The dragonborn was the first to reply, succinctly stating "Why yes, we both do, in fact." His voice had a bit of raspy quality to it, a pitch above medium-toned which carried into a thoughtful "Hmm..." as he tilted his head down to examine the injury. His pondering was interrupted by the human clearing his throat and interjecting, much less friendly sounding. "Er- Yes, for a small donation, I'm certain that Udhir's blessings would-" "Nonsense," the dragonborn stole the moment back. "The whims and wills of the gods aren't swayed with coin, fellow cloth of the earth." The dragonborn leered to his side at the human who shrank from being called out for his greed, but soon returned his eye to you. "I shall see what I can do. Come, sit with me." And with that, he beckoned you to follow him to the nearest bench, much to the disapproval of the other cleric.

"So," the darker-clad cleric lowered himself beside you. "If you are feeling at all generous, I would only ask for your names as payment." You pulled your cloak down, and shed just enough of your armor and tunic to grant him ingress to the troubling site of your shoulder, during which your companion took the chance to introduce you both. "My name's Aika," she spoke with a much more setting-appropriate volume this time as she sat on your other side. "And this is Verity."

"Aika, and Verity," he repeated back with a nod. "And mine is Yachir. It is a pleasure," he completed the formalities and then turned his attention to your arm. He began to speak softly to himself, likely the beginnings of some incantation as he lifted a clawed finger to your skin. "Likewise, though it's not every day you see one like yourself this far west. Don't suppose you're of this church, are you?" Yachir completed his spell, pulling his hand away from you with a small chuckle. "How astute, you'd be correct. I am a traveler of sorts, as I can only guess you two are as well." As he withdrew, you felt the stinging begin to subside. Not as quickly as a potion, but noticeable at least. You verified his guess with a nod as you stretched your arm and covered it once more. "We've quite a bit of traveling to do, so you'd be right."

"Is that so? Where might you be traveling?"

"Just on our way home, to Geland," Aika quickly stated, leaning forward to look past you.

"I see. Might you entertain the idea of another companion, then?" Yachir's hand lifted to his chin, scratching it as he wondered outloud. "I too would make my way there eventually, and surely it would be safer to keep one with healing magic among you, yes?"

• Accept Yachir's proposal.

• Decline Yachir's proposal.

• Say something else.
[Write in: Briefly describe a verbal response.]
Gunna look for time to write tonight amidst the new years plans.
Ill be honest I completely forgot that yesterday was Sunday, was real busy with family stuff. Since today is Christmas I probably won't be writing today either, might just skip this week. Merry Christmas if you celebrate it!
Of course the first thing to be dealt with upon touchdown is pleasantries and formalities. Big-wig red tape and double-speak. Steel hated this kind of fluffy ass-padding that these "influential types" loved to dance with. Luckily she had already donned her helmet, or everyone on both sides of the conversation would see her rolling her eyes several times over. Flint however, was more tolerable to this kind of process. While he didn't exactly like it either, he at least could keep a straight face as Sunrise and Richard played their banter.

With the proposition laid before them, it sounded to him like an easy opportunity to prod for a little bit more. His throat cleared enough to take center-stage in the conversation. "We only just touched down, we're not here to sight-see and be on our way," he pointed out. "Safe passage isn't going to cut it as an offer. But it seems that hide and seek is the name of both our games. If you're as connected as you say, you should have no qualms with aiding our search while we aid yours."
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