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Well you're always welcome to jump in at any time. Thank you so much for taking interest!
Should we wait for a few more? Or should we get started? I can start us off as early as tomorrow morning.
Looks good, approved
I'm willing to look for weekly posts from you guys. And again, if a scene is smaller or fast paced and people wanna post more, then that's fine.
you got a time paradox going on.


That guy is just a really slow eater
@Yankee@Argetlam350@Lucius Cypher@Bondye@Sanity43217@Norschtalen
Like I said in the interest check, I'd be comfortable posting as often as daily or even more, but I understand that not everyone else is that free all the time. I'd like everyone else's thoughts on how often we should look to post though. I think once per week would be the slowest I'm ok with.

Plus, depending on what characters are doing and the pacing of their scenes, it could make sense for some characters to be posting more often than others. If a few of you are fighting a monster while someone else is in town or on a more relaxed expedition, then of course the post frequencies should reflect that.

Please everyone sound off with your feelings on this.
That's true, as an LS main myself I was thinking about making a character who uses one here. I'm somewhat torn on if I wanna make a character or just play the npc's and monsters only.
Since the weapon has been modified, does that mean she doesn't use a kinsect? Either way you're approved too
No worries! I really recommend the games, they're so much fun. Thank you for showing interest anyway (:
Very cool, definitely approved
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