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<Snipped quote by Queen Arya>

No bother! Sorry for the miss. The Raven inspired OC seems to be the best fit to me.

All good! I figured I got a washed awayin the CS'! I'll get to work on one!
@Ruby I apologize if I keep missing the response to it, but I had posted a question on the first page about potentially joining! Sorry for the bother :C
Hihi! I have a simple question!

I know its a marvel rp, but if I wanted to make an OC using heavy influence from a DC character, would that be allowed? The full disclosure is I wanna make a character based off Raven from DC. Just, probably gonna tie her into a bit more dark magic/demonic heritage stuffs. So likely related to stuff such as Darkhold and such as Scarlet Witch is, just that heritage might Actually have a demon-dad.

Could also be fun to play with there already being a Dr. Strange ^^

I do also have two backup ideas, in the way of an AI in a nanomachine-built body that is designed specifically to kill mutants (Her whole arc would be learning to be a person and maybe even switching to the Mutant side! But rn she'd be an Orchis unit. Probably specifically controlled by Hydra-elememts).

OR I do have a Spider-Girl oc. Which basically is just my twist on Spider-Man but I like writing girls so sue me.

I'd prefer the Raven idea but I could do any of these!
@Rune_Alchemist That would be great ^^, I'll probably stalk the thread cause I'm nosy anyways!
Hihi! The rp looks really interesting but I see that you guys are full! If spots ever open back up, I'd love a shot at one ^^

Good Luck! @Rune_Alchemist
Welcome to the thread! Have a look around, make yourself a coffee, and enjoy your stay!

HeyHey! I'm Arya, a 24-year-old RPer who's been going at it since she was 15! I am fairly new to RPG, but not to Roleplaying in general! For a bit about my posting frequency, I can promise you at least one post per day, but perhaps more if work isn't destroying me! Work? Yeah, I work in engineering so I get busy in random bursts. Who do I RP with? Just about anybody who's willing, and able to be around my skill level in writing, along with being old enough for the more mature themes I'd like to write. My preferences in Roleplay are pretty hard to narrow down, but a big preference for me is on character development and telling a story. That being said, you will always see romance, combat, adult themes (Darker themes, smut, etc.) showing themselves in one of my games!

That being said, I love to hear out what you want to play, as I love ensuring both of us are having a great time with the RP. Let's be friends while we write this thing, shall we?

Roleplayer Info

> I'm flexible. I love coming up with ideas, hearing others' ideas, and incorporating that in our story! Let's talk about things, figure out what we're going to include, and build that lovely story. I keep an open mind for whatever might partner might want to include!

> I'm a pretty easygoing girl, so long as you're friendly and not a total jerk we should get along! Gender, orientation, things like that won't bother me! However, antagonizing or the likes about these subjects? There will be an issue. As a note, that means I would prefer to avoid RPing with a person like that, however, your character can be a bad person if that's what we decide to go after.

> I like to think I'm a pretty decent writer. Typically range from high-casual to low-advanced level in writing. I always write in the third person and simply ask that you can write at a similar level, as well as writing in the third person.

> I create some pretty decent and in-depth characters and am pretty good at world development. So we should be able to work out something fun and interesting to play through together.

> I'm an MxF or FxF RPer, with me usually occupying the female roles. I'm more than happy to write a male as NPCs/Supporting Characters as needed. Lately, I've been dying for something MxF, but I'll be happy to do another FxF RP! Just my preference~

> I tend to like stories where both of our characters will be the protagonists. We will be the focus of the story, and the brave heroes facing down the evils of the world.

> I will make some writing mistakes; comma placement, grammar, but these are not common. As I touched on earlier, I would say my roleplaying skills are rather decent. So, I'm completely fine if you make some mistakes as well. We're only human, after all. My writing average is around 3-5 paragraphs per post, but I have slapped out a couple of 10+ paragraph mega posts.

Roleplay Requirements:

> As I've mentioned before, I want you to be around my level in writing skills. What does that mean? 3-5 paragraph average per post, high casual to low advanced level of writing. Minor writing mistakes? Not worried about those, as I previously mentioned! Additionally, I ask for at least a post per day like I assured you I can write.

> Be at least 18 years of age, it's a personal comfort thing for me!

> Be friendly!

Roleplay Setting:

Now, as the title says I've got two fantasy plots I'm currently craving and two fandom slots that I am also in the mood to see run! So I'll be going through a bit of a summary for each idea, let me know what grabs your fancy/inspires you! So with that being said, we'll start with the fantasy settings.


  • Star Wars AU (Order 66/Early Empire Era. My character being a hunted Jedi, we can plot more in DMs.)
  • Naruto AU (Focused on Konohagakure. My character being an Uchiha. We can plot more in DMs.)

If you are interested, please shoot me a PM, and let's work out the details! I hope to hear from y'all soon!
@Fabricant451@Dead Cruiser@Alfhedil@Catharyn@PigeonOfAstora@TGM@Sir Lurksalot, and anybody I missed:

Discord is up! Please change your name to represent your username on RPG once in the server <3

@Dead Cruiser Don't worry, I've got some stuff lined up to make it possible for us all to get around for the intro quests. As far as the single person ships, not at the start no. As I mentioned earlier, these are cutting edge and operated solely by the naval forces in the sea. For a pirate character, it would likely be best to have them separated from a crew. (Whether sent on a land mission, cast out, left of his own will, up to you).

Hihi Welcome! <3


I'll start on the OOC soonish. Right now I got kinda screwed at irl work (I work every day for the next two weeks :]) so development will be slow. Would y'all like me to make a discord to keep chatting while I work on it?

Slap a like on this post if ya do want the discord <3
@Dead CruiserWell, this is meant to kinda focus on individuals in the party. Whereas this would now bring an entire Pirate Ship of NPCs into play, which is kinda outside the scope of what I imagine.

I'm fine with a pirate, but I'd prefer if he didn't have a whole pirate ship and crew.
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