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Bump! Really looking for that PJO AU!

Kada Skirata

Interacting with: Alanna Blasaw @ASDAValueMilk

Mandalore - Keldabe City
25th Anniversary of the Founding, Noon

Kada had been mere seconds away kicking her Uncle from the brazen flirt he fired off as they entered the shop, yet stopped herself as the noticed the Twi'lek's slight blush. Oh, she likes it. The Togruta thought to herself as a thought flickered across her mind for a brief moment, but was quickly quelled as she forced it to not even show a hint on her expression. She did, however, play-up a devious grin as the Twi'lek approached them. "Uncle, I'm starting to understand why you talked about her the whole way here~" The Togruta teased, ensuring her voice was just loud enough to carry to the approaching woman. The comment, of course, causing Artak to shoot her a look and his own cheeks to color a bit themselves. "Ah, ignore the runt's comment, I merely sold your incredible work as a mechanic to her... and maybe a little about how you looked good doing it." The man said quickly, caught slightly off-guard by how his niece had so easily jumped in to tease him. Yet still, the clone wasn't safe. "You also mentioned taking her dinner as a tip for her work." Kada lied, but knew she put the man on the spot. If her read on the Twi'lek was anything close to accurate, the Togruta was willing to wager it'd work in Artak's favor anyways.

As Alanna finally stopped her approach before them, Kada gave a friendly little wave. "Ah, he was just bringing me over." Kada said to the Twi'lek, slightly annoyed that the woman had seemed to miss her previous request. Still, she didn't let the expression show as she continued to speak. "IG here has damage to his right wrist actuator, I believe. I... might've hit him a few too many times when he was teaching me how to defend himself." The Togruta admitted with a bashful expression being played upon her features, before continuing. "I'd fix him myself, but I don't have the proper parts. Nor the time with my schedule today. I was hoping you might have the part and be able to help?" Kada asked softly as she looked up towards Alanna with a pleading look on her features.

"Query: Why maintain an antiquated model? Recommendation: Upgrade to something more effective."

As IG's deadpan voice broke the silence, its question directed towards Alanna while its gaze stared openly at Sable; Kada stood there with an expression that could only be described as utter shock and horror upon her features. IG did not typically act out or speak in such a disrespectful manner, not towards strangers or when they were out. Kada stared between the two droids, uncertain of what model the other unit happened to be or why it had seemed to bother her companion so much. This time, however, the Togruta did kick. Her boot glancing off the Magna's leg enough to cause a clang but avoid causing harm to the young popstar. "IG!?! What was that about?" She demanded of her droid, before turning towards Alanna and speaking in a rather pointed tone. "Maybe you need to look at this one's behavior controls as well." She said, before letting out a little sigh.

"Sorry about him, I don't know what caused the outburst."

For her part, Kada was already staring down the Magna Droid again. Seemingly taking him apart in her mind and trying to understand the cause of his sudden outburst. Had he truly taken that much offense to the other unit's joke as it had entered? Was there some kind of programmed distaste between whatever model that other droid happened to be and the Magna Droids? Kada wore a slight frown as the thought that there might be something off with her friend's strange behavior sat heavy in her mind, yet knew that there wasn't much she could do about it right now. "If Miss Alanna decides to still help us, IG, you better behave. I do still remember how to activate your mute function." Kada threatened the droid, though both she and IG knew it to be a hollow threat meant more to express her frustration.

"I'd have muted him already."

Then Kada was wheeling back towards Alanna once again, but not before shooting a slight glare her Uncle's way for his comment. Then studying Alanna's face carefully to see if the Twi'lek was irritated at all by IG's outburst. Kada's lekku twitched slightly, a subtle movement that was really only understood by other species with similar features. A gesture to express her apology earlier for IG's outburst had been genuine. She flashed a little smile towards Alanna before speaking up again. She knew some owners were very overprotective of their droids, so Kada wanted to try to smooth over the incident in hopes she wouldn't get more fees tacked on.

"Can you fix him?" She asked softly.
Hello I found this thread from the link in the ooc, are y'all still recruiting?

Captain Alys Narezz

Interacting with: N/A

Mandalore - Keldabe
25th Anniversary of the Founding, Noon

"Are you kriffin' kidding me!? You two had one job, and somehow you lost a VIP?" Came a harsh tone, causing both of the Stormtroopers before her to physically flinch back before the much smaller officer. Her usually calmer expression now betraying an expression of pure anger. Anger fueled by fear of the fate of all three involved. Despite all being in civilian clothes, for the purpose of not sticking out, the rigid stance of the troopers getting a firm dressing down told any who might see the circumstances of the situation. The Nautolan officer fell silent as she watched the two troopers, almost daring them to give some sort of retort or excuse for why they'd failed the mission. Yet when none came, Alys gave a small nod. At least these two knew their error. "I want you both searching for the VIP, understand? I'll get some backup and assist in the search. Do not make it obvious. If we manage to find the VIP again, and somehow keep our jobs, you two are going to be on latrine duty until such time as I've decided you have learned the lesson. Clear?" She said, although her tone had lost its angry edge. Instead shifting to the calm confidence of command as she laid out their plan of action. "If you find our VIP, comm me immediately and before you take any actions." The Captain added, as she thought of that last little bit. Both Stormtroopers gave a firm nod towards her with an affirmative "Yes Ma'am." Before heading off together on their assignment.

Alys waited until the two were out of sight, before letting out a rather unbecoming string of swears herself. "I'm going to die." She said softly, cursing herself for letting the troopers escort the VIP on their own. Things should have been fine, but Alys should've known fate better than to think she could sneak in a little free time. A long sigh left the Nautolan's lips as she rubbed at her temple with one hand. "No time, back to work." She muttered softly before pulling out her commlink to raise a couple of her troops from the Wyvern. Two who specialized in intelligence gathering, she figured their skills should translate well enough to task at hand... and she trusted them to be discreet. "Escort squad lost track of the VIP, don't think anything malicious happened. Likely went off to explore Keldabe on their own. I've got two searching now, but I could use some experts helping find her. Once again, we believe nothing malicious happened. So act accordingly, we don't want to cause an incident. Use discretion." She said calmly, earning affirmatives from the two on the other end of the comm. Then with that, Alys herself moved off towards the Grand Bazaar. If she had to hazard a guess where their missing person would've snuck off to, she'd guess the Grand Bazaar.

A couple of hours passed, with Alys starting to become dejected in her failed search throughout the Bazaar when her comm-link chimed. "Go." She said simply, and let out an audible breath of relief as she heard the voice on the other end. "We've found VIP, ma'am. She seems safe. Sending info now." Was all the voice said before a small click signified the end of the call. Moments later, Alys' comm-link buzzed with the receipt of the info and send it to her datapad. She dialed the two troopers from before next, her features looking much more relaxed. "Sending coords now, you two meet me there. We've got the VIP, she's safe." Alys said softly before hanging up and heading towards the coordinates.

New Imp, who dis? :3
Talik Gida & Vorkro Olkzar

CIS Outpost - Teth, Baxel Sector

”We got off at the wrong exit.” Came Talik’s response as the dropships rapidly descended towards the planet’s surface. Talik could hear a light whine from the engines as the dropship reoriented to come in on the heading Captain Olkzar had indicated for them. ”We’re moving in from the South, sky’s are currently clear. Should be groundside in fi-” Talik said, being cut off as the ship’s own klaxxons blared a warning and Admiral Yularen’s voice screamed a warning into her helmet. "Landing Party, get evasive! Enemy has rolled out artillery and anti-air units!”

Even as the warning came over the comms, Talik could feel the forces from the LAAT rolling aggressively to get out of the line of fire from the deadly hail of lasers that suddenly lept towards the inbound ships. Talik’s LAAT shuddered violently and the crew within stumbled as the ship was thrown violently to the side, accompanied by a loud boom and smaller rattling impacts against the hull. ”Down one, AA took out the lead!” Came the report of the LAAT’s pilot, and a flash of rage tore through Talik’s mind as she heard the news.

””Admiral! Danger close fire support, I want those guns wiped out!” She shouted, and within moments she heard thunderous roars racing down towards the planet.

”Captain, be advised the Liberator is firing upon the CIS base, we’ve found Artillery and Anti-Air being deployed, and lost a flyer. Securing the landing zone, the facility and immediate south is about to get very hot.” Talik relayed to Olkzar, even as massive red turbolasers tore through the atmosphere with tremendous roars of rage, tearing past the remaining dropships as they tore through the atmosphere before the lasers slammed into the ground with thunderous impacts. Hurling dirt and superheated rock up into the sky with each impact. The destruction slowly tracing a deadly path towards the very guns returning laserfire back up into the sky. A violent, yet beautiful, display of raw power pounding its way down through the atmosphere.

Vorkro had very little time for a witty retort towards his new ally, he had even less time to shout back a warning as lasers lanced out towards the sky toward his incoming reinforcements. He only hoped that whatever ship she had in orbit was in a good enough position to have seen the AA weapons before they were ready to fire.

His heart sank somewhat when he saw burning wreckage and debris tear through the clouds. It spiraled downwards before colliding with the ground beyond his view.

Vorkro was about to give the order for his closest team to move in and secure the site, and any survivors when Taliks voice came through the Comms. Not even responding to her he shouted at the top of his lungs over the din and into his communicator as the sky turned red. "EVERYBODY GET DOWN!!"

He turned and saw Mohira starting to lift off when he shouted, likely not hearing him over the din. He lunged towards her, grabbing onto a nearby tree with his feet he grabbed her leg with his right arm as his left clung onto another nearby tree.

Vorkro for a moment until she managed to power down the jetpack. Pulling her down towards the ground the pair cowered as explosions rocked all around and the ground shook. He peeked from behind his cover but could see nothing but flashes of light, ducking back behind his cover he knew that there would be no knowing the outcome until the bombardment had come to an end.

The doors on Talik’s LAAT slowly, silently slid open. Their sounds overridden by the sudden roar of wind whipping through the cabin as the gunship tore a blinding pace through the sky. All around, Talik could see devastating glows from the turbolaser fire raining hell down upon the CIS base that had dared to target her landing party. ”Bring us in as the dust settles, Hotshot.” Talik ordered into her comms, receiving a click of acknowledgement from the gunship’s pilot as he shot between twin turbolaser shots that slammed into the CIS base with a thundering response. “Liberator reports Artillery silenced, and base shield is failing. We’re picking up some readings on the scans of the base, will update as more details come in.” Admiral Yularen reported over the comms established between both Talik’s party and that of Captain Olkzar.

Moments later, a soft bump was heard as the gunship came in for a hot landing, both turrets opening up to keep the separatist forces from getting any smart ideas as the rebels poured out of the trio of ships that had made it to the ground. ”Gunships are RTB, call us when you want that pickup.” Came the ever-cocky response from the pilot of Talik’s gunship, Hotshot. The twi’lek gave a simple thumbs up towards the cockpit before turning back towards the base at the top of the hill. ”Tivva.” Talik said, as a twi’lek in blue beskar knelt down and the rocket in her pack fired off on a deadly arc towards a small bunker built atop the hill. “Already on it.” Came the reply, and moments later the thundering explosion from the small bunker as it went up in a violent explosion.

Immediately, Talik’s troops started pushing up the hill as their blasters created a deadly wave of bolts meant to suppress anything dumb enough to try to stop their advance. Talik’s own blaster belching out a furious stream that she waved back and forth across a small barrier she knew two droids to be sheltering behind.

”Captain, we’re moving in from the south. Any target of priority in the base, or is it a simple destroy op?”

As the bombardment stopped Vorkro nodded at Mohira. Signalling for them to advance towards the outpost. Some of the outer buildings were scarred, battered and bruised from shots that landed after the shields had already failed. Shouldering his rifle he pushed up, shots ringing out the moment anything was brave enough to lift its head. Moving towards the compound all they came across was debris, broken droids and molten slag. Some of it still steamed and smoked, occasionally a droid moved slightly but before it was able to stand up it was loaded with blaster bolts.

Vorkro looked at Mohira when the call from Talik came through, he couldn’t exactly discuss details without checking with his employer. She nodded as she charged ahead to the tower in the centre of the compound.

He tapped his comm. “Recovery. Intel indicates there is an underground facility here where a Separatist Scientist is working on something to help them in their war against the Empire. My Employer, Mohira, wants the scientist. After that, we turn the rest to slag.”

Talik clicked back an affirmative as she heard the scope of the mission. ”Liberator, we're taking an underground facility here. Could that be related to the anomalies on scans?" Talik asked her mothership, hearing an immediate acknowledgement and order to switch to scanners meant to penetrate the surface of a world and find said underground bunkers. In the meantime, the rebel leader did not waste even a second as she started to push forward. Her hellish spray of blaster bolts kept the droids pinned in their cover while her two squadmates surged past her and over the barrier. Moments later, the reports of each twi'lek's blasters could be heard with accompanying flashes. Then Talik's side of the compound started to quiet down as her forces pushed in to clear out remaining defenders.

The Twi'lek herself took two squadmates and pushed in deeper to the compound, aiming towards the side her HUD identified Vorkro's IFF tags approaching from. Several times, Talik's rifle barked and spewed streams of crimson death, and each time more battle droids were reduced to scrap. ”Friendlies approaching, Captain." Talik announced as she started to get within visual range of her newfound allies. ”I've got Liberator performing ground penetration scans, we should be getting results soon. Hopefully it includes whatever anomaly they've been seeing." She said, even as her squad carefully swept their weapons across the now-quieter compound.

Their sweep proved fruitful, as the ground ahead of them suddenly retracted back, and the sounds of an elevating platform could be heard. Before Talik could even question the development, a hail of blaster fire started to emerge from the elevator, as a trio of battle droids emerged, flanked by two Supers. ”SBDs, MOVE!" Talik shouted into her comm, responding with her own deadly hail of covering fire as the Twi'lek moved quickly towards the nearest cover….

Only to find the ground beneath her boots starting to violently shake as if the planet itself were trying to shed her. "All Ground Forces, the underground base has been identified as a buried Providence Class Dreadnought, and it's engines just flared offline. Recommend getting away NOW!" Admiral Yularen's voice calmly explained over the comms, even as the earthquake became more violent. Talik, meanwhile, turned a look towards Vorkro. ”I think those clankers are blocking our only survival path." The Lethan said, even as she started to reach for an EMP Grenade. ”Think they'll mind a few stowaways?" She asked, before hurling the primed grenade without waiting for a response.
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