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Current I'm ashamed to say, if I die to a vehicle crossing the road my last thoughts will be "Holy shit, it's Truck-kun".
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Who's read and remembers the Rhapsody books by Elizabeth Haydon? Still to this day one of the most interesting fantasy stories and settings I bother to remember more than a decade after reading them.
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Enjoy the drugs LongSwordMain
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Hmm. To try meth or to not try meth, that is the question.
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Hmmm. Idk man real gamers viciously seek and abuse any and every exploit that will give them even the slightest convenience or advantage. The math don't add up.
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Against my better judgment I'm popping this again. Let's goooo!
Update Bump
Update bump.
Good day fair reader, as the title says upfront, I'm kind of DYING for a roleplay with that warlock and their otherworldly patron.

As usual, the polite request and soft expectations I have for my potential partners.

-be 18+

-Be prepared for mature topics, including a little trashy romance novel action.

-A paragraph or so on average would be great, am capable of and frequently post multiple paragraphs.

-Please contact via PM and be prepared for the roleplay itself to take place there too.

And that's about that.

The real basic idea I'm looking for is to explore the relationship between a warlock and their patron, be that adversarial, mutually indifferent, or perhaps even more involved than one would expect. The setting is certainly flexible, and so is the general plot should someone be interested in the dynamic.

I am updating this with the very specific request as the warlock, looking for their immortal power giving mommy/daddy.

If you aren't entirely sure what this dynamic will consist of, allow me to explain.

A warlock is a mortal who makes a pact with a powerful otherworldly being, be it a devilish fiend, an enigmatic and scheming Fae, or even an ancient eldrich horror that barely even registered the warlocks existence until they've done something noteworthy enough to deserve direct attention.

The pact could be any number of things that the patron could want a mortal to do for them in exchange for their power. It's quite open to interpretation, depending on the tone of the roleplay we want. Is the patron strict, controlling, orchestrating every step of the warlocks life in the pursuit of esoteric goals? Perhaps the patron simply wants the warlock to complete simple menial tasks such as turning every cup and tankard upside down when empty? Maybe the patron is using the warlock like a reality TV show, simply wanting to be entertained. Who knows, maybe the patron is making their mortal go on the most absurd and obtuse "courting ritual" in order to find their one true love. It's seriously only limited by our imaginations!

See? Easy!
Alright, I'm innamood, time to drag this crusty dusty old idea out of the basement and give it at least a little sunshine.

Long break bump!
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