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To all whom it may concern; Cyberpunk came out. I know I'm late. I'm only kind of sorry.
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UGH, I guess you ARE my little Pogchamp, c'mere.
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TIL that nazi femboys and homofacism is a thing. I hate this timeline.
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Grills are scary.


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Okay, now that I've baited the potential interest of what I hope is the kind of person I'm looking for, let's begin.

Obligatory copy pasted requirements (still just a polite request)

- I'd like to see at least a decent paragraph, if things just won't stretch then at least give me more to work with than "And he/she ate an apple while looking at you". I can go anywhere from a paragraph to a multi-paragraph megapost, it just depends on who I'm writing with and how I'm feeling about the story.

- Please be at least 18 years of age. I like not having the FBI raid my home and tragically lose my pupper in the process, she's a Corgi, I would cry.

- Just let me know what you do/do not what from the roleplay. There isn't much I'll shy away from but I know people have their limits.

-Don't ask me to play a Canon character from a fandom. I won't do it and I won't entertain the idea.

-Be prepared for 18+ content, sex, drugs, violence, foul language ect. Fair warning I like to smut as much as a lonely housewife reads trashy romance novels.

-PLEASE contact me via PM, it's the easiest way for me to keep track of people.

So the idea I have rolling around in my head is for the most part a straightforward one. The world is much like ours between 1900-1918 but it developed from a medieval fantasy world with all the usual trappings.

Swords and spells begin to wane in importance as the powerful elites, aristocracy, and monarchies continue to hold magic and the convenience it brings close to their chests. With no other alternatives, the common people and smaller nations without the benefit of powerful magics begin to develop technologies to fill the void created by their masters. Soon these technologies outpace the importance of magic, closing the power gap between the gifted aristocrats and the technological commoners. This leads to their version of an industrial revolution that saw the birth of large industrial nations and empires as the line between magic and technology continues to blur with the slow death of the Old World's social orders.

Much like our world, this newfound prosperity and demand for raw resources to fuel industrial expansion leads to widespread conflict over the following decades. Revolutions happen, reforms take place, and their world is largely carved out in a way that reflects ours just before the Great War. Tensions rise between old imperial nations, smaller nations become increasingly militarized and industrial in a desperate response to not be absorbed by their larger neighbor's insatiable hunger for land and it's bounties.

This is where we would begin our story, however we choose to get it started. The world is largely occupied by the various races, nations rose and fall in the industrial and colonial expansion that saw even the furthest corners of the globe settled by one peoples or another. Now, the only land to be had is that which can be taken by conquest.

The world itself is something I'd like to build with my partner so we both have a stake in it as opposed to something you're only looking into from the outside. If this idea interests you don't be afraid to drop me a line and see what we can make of it!
Had to take a long and unexpected mental health break but I'm back and ready to try again!
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