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Yup yup! I'm still here and we're still open. I've been waiting for another poster or two as my posts are completely dependent upon other people interacting with the bartender.
Heheh. As long as expectations are curbed.
Very nice. Sorry if you guys expected many a paragraph in response, but the setting ans style of this roleplay doesn't really allow for that outside of initial introductions.
Looking to the newest costumer with that same grandfatherly smile, the bar tender slid a menu over to the thin looking man. Even as he did so, the smell of well cooked food began to permeate the small bar, smelling of the most enticing meal one could imagine, hearty and warm. If the Stool's most recent patron were to open his menu, it would be filled to the brim the with most familiar and comforting of foods. No matter how hungry one felt, the menu's options provided what seemed to be the perfect portion for the amount of hunger they felt at the moment. In this case, rustic, home cooked meals of the Mid-western American style filled the pages, each chock full with goodies as the last. If he got a thirst about him, the pages of his menu would most conveniently show familiar brews and cocktails for him to enjoy.

"You look famished, stranger. Please, review our humble offerings and take your pick of any one of our lovingly prepared meals. Choose any accompanying drink you like." Wordlessly, the bartender presented the hungry looking man with a large basket of steaming, fried, potato wedges, lightly salted and hot from the fryer. Something to whet the apatite. Turning back to the first customer of night, the bar tender set a tall glass in front of them and filled it with ice and water before doing the same for the man who had just walked in. A little hospitality always went a long way.

"If either of you need anything, please just ask."
Still open for anyone to drop in.
Makes sense.
Setting down the glass be had been dutifully cleaning, the bar tender smiled softly at the stranger, his bright green eyes twinkling with a friendly light. His gaze seemed to cut through the gloom that hung around the stranger's head but showed no indications of concern if he truly had learned of their true nature. The smile didn't reach his eyes, but it crinkled the corners and projected a grandfatherly vibe.

"The Wayward Stool can provide anything that your weary heart desires. If you know what you want, all you need to do is ask. I have all manner of drinks and foods for you to enjoy, just ask. If you'd like to avoid alcoholic drinks, I can accommodate. We have many fine teas, coffee, and sweet drinks a-plenty. A glass of juice? Some cold milk perhaps."

The man shuffled under the bar for a moment before gently setting down a beautifully menu book in front of the woman. Opening the book revealed a tastefully made list of the many drinks and cocktails available to thirsty travelers. Each turn of the page continued to unveil yet more options, each just as pleasing as the last. Flipping through the pages of the book would reveal that it went on and on, each page fulled with endless delights. Foods, drinks, treats, snacks, and all manner of other edible goodies.

"Please, take your time and choose."
I are home.
I'll be trying to reply after work today. Still open to anyone who wants to drop in.
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