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Current Write the epic tale of Strobbles, the inanimate scarecrow who has been locked in never ending combat against the black winged menace.
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Imagine thinking Tidus isn't the best main character of the franchise.
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I to this day maintain that Breath of Fire 3 was one of the greatest and most tragically underrated JRPGs, FF7 eat your heart out!
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I absolutely love the Honor Harrington books. I think I'm 11 deep right now.
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Then and Now Here and There was the best Isekai.
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Alright boys and girls, against my better judgment I'm opening myself up for one more partner, just to explore a hairbrained idea that's been bugging me. As it stands right now, here are the basic ground rules:

My idea here is simple and probably starts rather typically as far as fantasy trope stories go.

My character is going to be a half-orc human born to a human mother who's tragically, an abused captive to your stereotypical orc tribe (of course). His story however doesn't really start there, not too long after his birth, Elven rangers/warriors/murder hobos, whichever you want, raid the camp, killing the beasts and freeing their captives. Unfortunately, his mother is recently dead with her bastard child clutched in her cold arms. Instead of disposing of the creature, the elves show a small mercy by bringing it back to their city. As something of a joke, the party drops him off at the local temple of Liandry, the elven Goddess of beauty. With the elven version of dropping off an unwanted and particularly ugly baby at the local fire department complete, they take off to do more murder hobo things.

Now, although the Goddess Liandry is the Goddess of beauty, her influence extends far beyond mere physical beauty. Her domain is that of all things beautiful, be it an act of kindness, the love of one to another, one's dream of a better future ect. Being ever the altruistic and compassionate bunch, they embrace the unsightly little monster and begin to raise him within the temple, teaching him the tennants of their Goddess, making him a particularly good noodle of a half orc. Once he'd reached an age to where he could determine his own path within the temple, our boy took up arms as a way to best serve his Lady, training to be a temple guard.

Proving himself as an unsurprisingly effective guardsmen, the Order of Liandry's Embrace took notice of their Lady's special little boy, recruiting him into their fold. This decision was not taken well outside of the Goddess' clergy and men-at-arms however, and the Order faced public backlash the likes of which it had never faced before. For the Knightly Order of the Goddess of beauty to take on such a vile looking creature, it was an outrage!

The public outcry did not go unnoticed, however. In a historically unprecedented and deeply shocking turn of events, the highest leadership within her temple came before the people to announce the Goddess Liandry had chosen a mortal champion, the one who would be the physical manifestation of her will upon the mortal coil. This announcement filled elven society with excitement and anticipation, for a Champion of Liandry had not been named in multiple generations, a time spanning near a thousand years.

Liandry had seen the most beautiful of her faithful grow these last few years, affectionately following their life within her holy bosom. It's there she saw the beauty in his heart, the compassion and love he had for those around him despite the ugliness and hate he was subjected to. Her order of Knights, being the most faithful of her flock had seen it as well and they had protected him, nurtured him to be the man he had become. As such, she rewarded them for their efforts,

Alright! So with the exposition out of the way, I wanted to explore the idea of a half orc becoming a paladin and then champion of the elven Goddess of Beauty, sending shockwaves and unrest throughout elven society as one of their most prominent deities subverts all expectations and exposes the true ugliness that lays below their beautiful skin.

This could go so many ways that I don't want to railroad it in a single direction. I honestly wanted to use this as a way to explore the ugliness in people's hearts while also having fun in a fantasy world with all of the adventure and excitement there in!

Well, just to try and snag more interest, I'm dropping some very rough and basic plot outlines.

Realistically speaking, you can make any number of characters, even if we're in an elven society at the moment. If you'd like to play as some kind of fae or forest spirit ect. That would be completely viable as well, if being an elf is more your speed then that's not a problem at all. If we really wanted to get frisky with it there's also the potential of introducing the Goddess' avatar to accompany the naming of her new champion.

If the Liandry's avatar angle is something we want to do, it could kick off few stories for us.

1. She enters the mortal realm as a way to condemn what the elven people have become, forcing an entire society and perhaps the elven people as a whole to reflect on themselves as she goes to see what the rest of mortal world has become.

2. She does the same condemning as the first, but now tasks them with proving they are still worthy of the blessings she's provided for more than a millennia.

3. The Goddess forsakes the wider elven society, prompting her faithful to journey beyond elven lands to end a long period of elvish isolationism.

Another option is for us to go with you making an elven character of some sort.

1. Your character may or may not be a worshiper of the Goddess who gets entangled in the ugliness that's permeated elven society, prompting the a divine intervention in which our good paladin comes to her rescue.

2. Your character might be part of the problem the Goddess has with her children, prompting something of a conflict between our characters.

3. Starts off as the second option does, but instead of a conflict between them, your character ends up getting involved as part of the solution, being a member in higher elven society.

You play (insert non-elven forest/local creature or entity) that comes across the paladin, initiating a sort of journey of discovery for the two as they leave the corruption behind to explore the world and witness it's beauty and splendor along the way. Naturally, they would also come across all the danger and ugliness the world as to offer as well, doing the best they can to remedy it.

The above angle can also apply with the Goddess' avatar and an elven character as well. (I'm quite partial to this one)

So, those are just a few ideas to chew on to start. Let me know what you think and if anything sounds appealing, if not we can go back to the drawing board.

If this sounds interesting to you, feel free to hit me up via PM and we can hammer things out from there!

Disclaimer: This was written on my phone; take that for what it's worth.
Updated with settings to start off with.
Alright! Yes, hello! Nice to meet you! I come to you with big dreams and an endless amorphous collection of incoherent and less than complete ideas! Right now, I'd say my interests are pretty narrow as far as what I'm looking to sink my teeth into. While I'm always willing to dip my toes into new things, sometimes you just need to catch that rabbit who's been running around in your head as of late; more on that in a bit.

"Requirements" (more a polite request really)

- I'd like to see at least a decent paragraph, if things just won't stretch then at least give me more to work with than "And he/she ate an apple while looking at you". I can go anywhere from a paragraph to a multi-paragraph megapost, it just depends on who I'm writing with and how I'm feeling about the story.

- Please be at least 18 years of age. This is a thing of comfort amd for this particular interest check non-negotiable.

- If you're not gonna get a reply out in a week or so, I'd appreciate a "hey, still alive, wanna keep going!" Or a courtesy "Don't think I'll be able to keep going". I'm easy about it, you can let me know it's time to part ways. I myself can usually give you a reply every other day or so.

- Just let me know what you do/do not what from the roleplay. There isn't much I'll shy away from but I know people have their limits.

- Don't ask me to play a Canon character from a fandom. I won't do it and I won't entertain the idea.

-Be prepared for 18+ content, sex, drugs, violence, foul language ect. Fair warning I like to smut as much as a lonely housewife reads trashy romance novels.

-Romantic pairings will be FxM however I'll happily play a platonic MxM pairing though I do typically main Male characters but can play supporting female characters well enough.

-PLEASE contact me via PM, it's the easiest way for me to keep track of people.

That's about it!

Now, onto the good stuff.

As of right now, I'm really, really craving a sort of litrpg-fantasy-isekai thingy (original, I know). All things considered, a pretty straightforward setting that doesn't have to get too overly complicated as far as world mechanics and initial world and plot. I do fully intend for it to end up being expansive as time goes on, kind of like unlocking more areas of an MMO as you start to progress as a character and are able to tackle more of the world ahead. There will be guilds, clans, exotic races, kingdoms and nations, politics and more! The only real limit would be the amount of time we have to get to it all and what we can reasonably imagine and implement as we progress further on. As far as your character and what you'd like them to be, that's (naturally) completely up to you; the sky is the limit (literally, you can fly and I'd be cool with it). There won't be a limit on characters either. As it happens, I hope for there to be quite a few! Mains, secondary, side, background, fodder. You name it, we'll have it.

Now that I've got you hook and sucked into the idea (maybe, I'm probably just being hopeful at this point) here's the catch. This'll be an 18+ adult adventure, because I'll be honest, half the reason I wanted to do this was so I could be trashy and enjoy smut along the way. It won't be the entire story or the main attraction, but it'll definitely be a cornerstone of this fantasy foundation. With that said, the rest of the details are open to be discussed and molded as we see fit. Like anything else, there's never a true one size fits all and I intend to craft this thing so that it fits us both and satisfies our needs the way a good writing experience should.

So, these are very basic premises in which the culture of the starting area could be based. None of them are absolute and can be played with and tweeked as we see fit.

That's all I've got for now. So if you're interested, or just want to do some no-strings-attached snooping around about this idea shoot me a PM and I'll be happy to answer any questions you have.

See you soon!

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