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Current Skeletons are just mummies that haven't been wrapped yet.
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Ewoks are adorably terrifying.
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When I breath it sounds like someone blowing through a tube with water in the end of it.
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Don't forget to make sure he has the most up to date drivers.
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Today was freaking rough. Might not reply tonight.


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The Saab JAS 39 Gripen is the sexiest fighter change my mind.
She did what?!
Alright! Yes, hello! Nice to meet you! This is going to be my first attempt at starting a 1x1 interest check. At time goes on I'll naturally be updating it with new information, ideas, and cravings.

"Requirements" (more a polite request really)

- I'd like to see at least a decent paragraph, if things just won't stretch then at least give me more to work with than "And he/she ate an apple while looking at you". I can go anywhere from a paragraph to a multi-paragraph megapost, it just depends on who I'm writing with and how I'm feeling about the story.

- Please be at least 18 years of age. This is a thing of comfort.

- If you're not gonna get a reply out in a week or so, I'd appreciate a "hey, still alive, wanna keep going!" Or a courtesy "Don't think I'll be able to keep going". I'm easy about it, you can let me know it's time to part ways. I myself can usually give you a reply every other day or so.

- Just let me know what you do/do not what from the roleplay. There isn't much I'll shy away from but I know people have their limits.

-Be prepared for 18+ content, sex, drugs, violence, foul language ect.

-Romantic pairings will be FxM however I'll happily play a platonic MxM pairing.

-PLEASE contact me via PM, it's the easiest way for me to keep track of people.

That's about it!

Vague plots/pairings and ideas:

Blood Alone; The idea behind the manga series Blood Alone is one I've always adored, a sort of slice-of-life modern low-fantasy setting with a very relaxed and rather heartwarming feel to it.

Last Exile; Now, this one is a doosie. Last Exile is a crazy amalgamation of Diesel-punk, Post-Catastrophe, Quasi-Victorian, high-tech sci-fi dystopian skyfaring naval adventure. I really can't sum it up effectively without a lot of exposition so if the above sounds interesting, and you like what you saw from the link, hit me up!

Hunt: Showdown; This is a pretty unique one. It's set in a 189x's Louisiana where some unexplained event opens rifts into hell, allowing Lovecraftian horrors spill in and wreck havoc almost unchecked. Enter the Hunters. Men of paranormal ability, gunslingers, lawmen, bandits, war veterans; bounty hunters all. These men are sent in to fight the unholy plague and it's minions in exchange for the bounty set upon the demons possessing anything they can to physically manifest in our world. But beware, there are no rules in the Louisiana Incident's quarantine. Hunters will just as gladly gun you down as they would the monstrosities wandering the bayou. Rise up dead man.

My "Pairings"; Most of these I'm willing to play either role, the exceptions are those bolded and underlined, indicating that being the role I would prefer.

Witch Hunter x Witch
Witch Hunter x Accused Witch (innocent or guilty)
Witch Hunter x Witch Hunter
Bounty Hunter x Bounty (SciFi, Modern, Historical, or Fantasy)
Bounty Hunter x Bounty Hunter (SciFi, Modern, Historical, or Fantasy)
General Human x Vampire
Police Officer x Vampire
Human Soldier x Fae (Medieval/Renaissance Fantasy; Fae Courts)
Police Officer x Fae (Modern Fantasy; Fae Courts)
Human x Fae (Modern Fantasy; Fae Courts)
Human x Monster Girl (Anything is cool with me)
Monster Hunter x Monster Hunter [NOT THE GAME] (Modern, Fantasy, Historical)
Monster Hunter x Monster [NOT THE GAME] (Modern, Fantasy, Historical)
Mechanical Construct x [Make Suggestions Here] (Fantasy)
Pirate x Navy Sailor/Marine (Mostly Historical/Historical Fantasy)
Human x Deity
Cleric/Paladin x Deity

General genres I adore are SciFi, steam, diesel, and cyberpunk. historical, historical fantasy, general fantasy, sci-fantasy, slice of life, Crime/Noir, modern fantasy, post apocalypse, dystopia/utopia, ect.

With that in mind, I'm all up for solicitations on any of the above genres if you have pairings and plots you'd like to try out. Just send a PM and start a conversation.

Alright, I think that's it for now. I'm always open to new ideas so please feel free to throw your ideas my way!

-Updated (Added pairings and a setting)
Where dey at?
Oh, hello and thank you! I sure hope to find something during my time here as well. The site seems to have everything set up in a pretty straightforward way, not nearly as bad as some of the places I've been.
Thank you!
Hey there, I am Silent Showers! It's a long name so I don't mind if you just call me Silent, Sho, Sisho, or any other variation you come up with! Honestly, I have no idea what to put in here. I already figured out that the "Status" goes to the front page by complete accident so that's good to know! I tend to write about all kinds of things, Fantasy of every type, Science Fiction, Mystery/Noir, Crime, Drama, ect. There aren't many things I'm not willing to write about. I don't really have a "roster" of premade characters as I enjoy drafting up something new for every story I find my way into. Fandoms. That's a mixed bad for me. I rarely do Canon characters as I often don't feel as though I can do them justice myself, I however don't mind others playing Canon themselves but it is by no means something I will ask them to do as I don't do so myself.

Erm, not sure what else to say. If you have any questions or think you can help me expand upon my introduction please do so! My threads and inbox are open to everyone.

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