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Despite the excitement surrounding today, Reya in particular felt sorrowful. She found it rather... odd. From the second she had learned about the masquerade ball she had been ecstatic, waiting eagerly for this day to arrive. This was her chance at escape. She would take this rare occasion to liberate herself and disappear into the shadows of Hua'mu. She would give herself a new shot at life and live by her own rules. Admittedly, however, her plan had not been very well thought out; she had no idea how to live by her own means. Her entire life had been orchestrated by others and she had never known a life where she had only herself to rely on. Not only that, but she would become a fugitive and have to live life on the run. Hau'mu was allied with Estrye and would most likely turn her in if she was discovered, thus she would have to continue in search for another place to call home. The idea had excited her, filled her with ambition and belief in herself. Many nights alone she would fantasize about what her new life might look like. She had been so ready for this... until today.

When she had awoken from a restless nights sleep next to her new husband, the reality of what was happening sunk in. If all things went to plan this would be her very last day in Estrye. Everything she knew would be gone within hours. She would never be able to return without risking being caught. Reya's heart ached as she thought of her siblings. She he had not seen them in six months and missed her brothers dearly. In all likelihood she would never see them again. Her husband, the Chieftain, had paid her mother a hefty sum in exchange for Reya; there was no doubt in her mind that he would want his property back.

This day felt as if she were grieving the loss of a loved one.

The carriage ride to Hau'mu wasn't exactly helping to lift her spirits, though it was exciting for her as they passed into the kingdoms borders. She had never been to another kingdom before! As they entered the kingdom Reya had turned to express her enthusiasm to carriage-mates Hanne and Willa, but quickly bit her tongue and refrained. From the moment she had been stuffed into the carriage with the two girls she had been ignored. For hours it had felt as if Reya had not existed and after so many dirty looks from Hanne, Reya had decided to give up on trying to have a conversation. Despite her best efforts during these last six months it had seemed that nothing would make the Guo siblings warm up to her. Not that she could truly blame them, she was near their age and the newest of their fathers many wives. They owed her no respect, she understood. Especially for someone such as herself, who did not come from any sort of nobility. She was a commoner brought in off the streets; the other wives had made sure to remind her of her place in the castle.

Willa, I wanted to talk to you about the nightmares. They've been really bad lately, and I feel terrible for being so selfish asking you to spend so much time with me. Being alone with my thoughts is terrifying, and you're really the only one I can trust. You're the only one who treats me like a person, and not just a nuisance that my family thinks that I am. I just want you to know that I really appreciate your being there for me, and when we have more time, I want to talk more in length about the 'bad dreams'.

Reya listened in as Hanne spoke, though she did not turn to make eye contact and instead continued to gaze out of the window. "Nightmares?" Reya thought, surprised at the fact that Hanne would even speak about such things while Reya was sitting only a foot away from her. Nonetheless, she felt glad that Hanne had someone like Willa. She even found herself wishing she had someone like Willa too.

As the carriage came to a halt Reya felt another tiny spark of excitement. Finally she could be let out of this box and perhaps find a random servant that might have a conversation with her. Even exploring the castle sounded more exhilarating than this silent ride.

Stepping out of the carriage, Reya smiled and gazed at the fog fondly. She adored dreary weather and she found herself hoping that this ominous fog would eventually turn into rain. Upon hearing footsteps on her left she turned her eyes away from the landscape of Hau'mu and watched as the Guo siblings all began to walk towards the castle and people whom she could only assume were the Princesses of the kingdom. Hurriedly, Reya patted down her red silk dress and affixed the white and gold mask to her face.

"Happy birthday, Princess Minagi. We from Estrye greatly appreciate the opportunity to have an enjoyable evening. It will be nice to get away from the political side of things and to have a good time, no? And Princess Asami, it is good to see you again as well."

Reya listened intently as Cryus spoke, Hanne having already run off with Willa. It was a good thing Cyrus was so good at this "royal" thing. Reya already felt so lost, so she would have to follow his lead. As he spoke she made a mental note of their names, etching each of the princesses outfits into her mind so that she would not look like a fool and somehow accidentally mix their names up later on. Unfortunately, her mother had not taught Reya much about other kingdoms before handing her over to the chieftain.

"Yes, happy birthday Princess Minagi." She bowed her head in respect before meeting the girls hazel colored eyes and beaming a smile, "I'm thrilled to be here. It's a pleasure to meet you," Her own icy blue eyes turned to meet those of the smaller red haired girl, "And you as well, Princess Asami." She bowed her head in respect to the younger girl too. "My name is Reya."



Reya Selvik

26 | Female | Bisexual
Estrye; Fruit Kingdom | Pomegranate-Chocolate
Chieftain's Newest Wife | #8c546f

Friendly Flirtatious Confident
Impatient Thrill Seeker Stubborn
Playful Optimistic Nurturing
Sheltered Tease Noncommittal

Crafting: Reya is very good with her hands due to years of creating jewelry for her families merchant shop. She is usually able to pick up any sort of crafting fairly quickly.
Actress: She's fantastic at letting herself fall into a character role who is nothing like her true self. She thanks her mother for this skill, though at times she could consider it a weakness. Being a good liar isn't something she's particularly proud of and this "skill" can sometimes get her into trouble.
People Person: She's charismatic and can get on the good side of most people.

Tease: Though she has fun flirting, she often doesn't know what to do when someone returns her advances. When they do she withdraws and becomes rather shy and will freeze up. Most people shy away from her boldness so she doesn't deal with this often, but some people will catch her off guard. She has only ever had one genuine relationship.
Fighting: She is not one for physical combat as her mother sheltered her from most things that would have given her chance at self defense.
Letting Go: It feels difficult to be herself. She can't seem to let go of the act that she's been holding up for so long. Putting her walls down and letting someone know her true self feels impossible.

Meeting new people & learning about them
Rain / Snow
Animals; all kinds

Her mother
Bitter or sour food
Feeling embarrassed

Reya actually has a nice singing voice, though she doesn't like to show it off.
Her only true romantic relationship was with her best friend, a female whom she has not seen since being sold off to the chieftain.

Reya grew up with what she believed to be an average life. Born as a middle child, the only female, to a family of merchants. Her father would spend much of his time away in search of rare gemstones to bring back to her mother who would then turn the gemstones into beautiful jewelry. For many years this was the main source of their income. Her mother worked diligently while their father was away and much of the parenting would end up falling onto her eldest siblings shoulders. Over time Reya would learn to help her mother in creating and selling jewelry while the boys would get to spend time away on adventures with their father. Reya became increasingly envious of this year after year. Unfortunately, due to Reya being the only female child, her mother sheltered her from any sort of danger, much to Reya's dismay. Having grown up with two brothers, Reya was a tomboy at heart and she wanted to play like one of the boys; do what the boys were allowed to do. Nonetheless, her mother forbid anything of the sort.

When gemstones became harder to come by, Reya's mother began to train Reya on a new form of income; fortune telling. At their merchant stall, Reya was expected to play the part of a seer for weary travelers to get their fortune told and convince them that it was true. This new lot in life was placed upon her due to a certain allure Reya had about her. A certain aura that most people felt when they were around her which her mother explained as her bloodline brilliantly showing through; the aphrodisiac pomegranate. Reya easily fell into this role, getting better with each traveler. At her core, she just wanted to make her family happy and proud.

Sadly that could never be; Reya had become a source of tension between her parents. As she grew in age, Reya looked less and less like her father or her brothers. She had traits that no one could explain, like her blue eyes. Her father began to doubt her mother's faithfulness, often interrogating her upon his return from one of his "business trips." Her mother had always swore that Reya was his child no matter how many explosive arguments they got in. Reya believed her, though her fathers doubt hurt. The rift between them only got wider as Reya grew older and her father became colder, more distant. It was as if he knew something that she did not.

Six months ago her entire life got turned upside down. Her mother had boasted to her about the Chieftain wanting to meet with them. It was supposed to be so that he could buy their goods, as he was clearly impressed with their families work. Reya was ecstatic. The Chieftain giving attention to their little family business would bring in so many new customers! Her family wouldn't have to ration so much once that happened!

It was all a lie. The goods, it turned out, was Reya. As her mother and the chieftain spoke, Reya learned about her true past. She was not her fathers child, but instead the child of someone her mother had met in the kingdom of An'ell. One of their enemies. She was a hybrid bloodline of Pomegranate and Chocolate. Two aphrodisiacs, her mother made sure to note to the chieftain who was looking for a new wife to bear him many children. Reya couldn't believe what she was hearing. Times were hard, but how could her mother be offering up her daughters life as if she meant nothing? Was this the plan from the moment she was conceived? Reya had frozen in panic, unable to say anything as she tried to process what was happening. Before she could even react, her mother accepted the Chieftains large sum of money in exchange for Reya becoming his new wife; his property.

That was the last day she has seen any of her family members. It was a difficult transition to live with the chieftain; she spent many nights sobbing to herself. Today, she is still rather uncomfortable in the chieftains household but she plays the role as well as she can for her own safety. When the opportunity of a masquerade ball came around Reya sprung into action and offered to escort the Chieftains children to the ball. Luckily for her, he accepted. Perhaps he wouldn't have if she hadn't played the wife role so well.


Nylah Aldaos

"I'll bet her."

Nylah raised her eyebrows in shock, looking back over to the pirates who had immediately took the bet. "You don't own-"

She caught her self mid sentence, realizing that her true self was coming out just then instead of the bumbling fan-girl that she was trying to play. Luckily, the game was over in mere seconds and Dalious had won everything back. She began watching him curiously, "Did he hustle them just now? Is he trying to play with me? Perhaps he is not at dimwitted as he pretends to be..."

With this notion in mind, it began to make sense why the price on his head would have been set so high. Never underestimate your opponents!

"I'm so happy you won, Dalious, sir!" She beamed with delight, "Thank you for letting me join your crew! I will be the best crew mate you've ever-"

"But don't be fooled love, I'm not an idiot. I know what your after."

Surely he was playing with her. Fortunately she was quick on her feet in instances like this, and it did not throw her feigned character just yet. "What I'm... after?"

"You're after my good looks, and I can't blame to join me? This is, after all, MY ship! Let me show you around."

She didn't buy it, but she'd play his game and with that she let out a hearty laugh. "Oh, don't make me blush!"

Nylah began to follow him around the ship, making mental notes about any possible escape routes while also keeping an eye on the man. He was good at playing dumb, that was sure. Most people in his life must have underestimated him, and that must have been a key factor in what led him to lead this pirates lifestyle.

"This is where my old crew kept me enslaved, but this is my ship! They didn't know I had a way out from the beginning. If you look inside closely, ill show you..."

"Look inside... closely..." His phrasing made her feel uneasy. She would not be walking into that cell. If he wanted to capture her, he'd have to find another way. Nylah would not openly walk into a trap like some innocent hare walking into the hunters arms.

"I'll admit, these sort of things do frighten me." She stepped away from the cell and looked around, "I can't believe that they would do that to you!" She turned to look at him again, a light smile on her face. "I swear I wouldn't." She winked, her smile turning into a smirk. "Can you show me the.. captain's quarters?"

Sorry everyone, its been a little crazy with all the virus stuff going on. Going to try to sit down today and write though!
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I was feeling inspired so I decided to get the first post up! :) We are still waiting on a few more character sheets, so no one needs to feel pressured about posting yet if they aren't ready haha Just wanted to make sure I write while I feel the inspiration to :P

Excited to get this kicked off though!


Ariella looked outside her bed chamber window, teal blue eyes looking over the treeline in awe. Within the last week she had experienced many "firsts", but this had been the only pleasant one. Some time over night the snow must have started as there was already a few inches weighing down on the dormant tree branches.

It looks so peaceful...

She marveled, watching as small flakes gently floated down from the early morning sky and coating the kingdom below. Ariella had never seen such a thing before, but her mother had told her about it. On the islands it did not snow, even in winter. The air for most of the year is warm and humid, with rain storms coming often during their "winter." The snow was beautiful, just as her mother had described. It was too bad she had to experience it within this cesspool of a kingdom.

"It's the first snow of winter."

"AYE! Ma'lei hewa!" Ariella spun around, speaking in her native tongue. In the capitals language, she would have something along the line of "What the hell!"

"Don't you people ever knock?!" She hissed, glaring down at the small servant girl who had quietly entered her bedroom undetected. "How long have you been there?!"

"Oh! I- I am sorry, G-goddess. Please, take my apology. Truly, I.. I was only..." The servant girl began to get on her knees, bowing her head deeply and refusing to make eye contact.

Ariella practically shivered at being called "Goddess." She groaned and hurried over to the girl, gently pulling her up and back onto her feet. "Stop. Don't do that. I am not a Goddess."

"You.. you are her. Goddess Aurelia reincarnate."

Ariella stepped away, eyes still glaring as the girl continued to look at the ground in shame. "I said stop! Please." She sighed and turned back to the window. "Just call me Ariella." She had grown so exhausted hearing herself called a "Goddess." The people who believed this were delusional, clearly grasping to anything they could for hope to win the war. Insane!

"What do you want?" Her moments of peace with the snow had been ruined. It was time to start another agonizing day as a prisoner of the Imperial Family. Her heart ached at the thought, her body tense. She has tired... so, so tired. How long would she have to be here until the Emperor decided that she was not some reincarnated Goddess? Would she be allowed to live even if he did?

"I only came to wake you.. but.. but you were already awake."

"So leave me."

"I.. uhm... I am sorry, Godde-... Erm.. Ariella. Upon the first winter's snow, we hold a festival and pray to the gods of season. Do you not know? We give thanks for a bountiful year and ask the gods for a comfortable winter until spring arrives. Great Emperor Ulric has asked that you join the church in this, as you will be a high priestess one day when you have awoken Aurelia."

Ariella heavily sighed, refusing to look at the servant girl now and instead focusing on the snow outside. Even this snow, beautiful and serene, was bringing her pain. Perhaps this was not such a great first experience after all. Nothing here could make her happy.

"Ariella?" The servant girl waited for any sort of response, but Ariella was clearly trying to shut her out. Now it was the girls turn to sigh. "Uhm... The Emperor also would like to introduce you to those he is calling "The Divine." I have heard that they will teach you how to unlock your strength. We must get you ready in your priestess garb now, we cannot have the Emperor waiting on you." The servant girl, hesitant to grab Ariella, began to walk closer to her. "If you could please follow me, Goddess..."
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