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I was feeling inspired so I decided to get the first post up! :) We are still waiting on a few more character sheets, so no one needs to feel pressured about posting yet if they aren't ready haha Just wanted to make sure I write while I feel the inspiration to :P

Excited to get this kicked off though!


Ariella looked outside her bed chamber window, teal blue eyes looking over the treeline in awe. Within the last week she had experienced many "firsts", but this had been the only pleasant one. Some time over night the snow must have started as there was already a few inches weighing down on the dormant tree branches.

It looks so peaceful...

She marveled, watching as small flakes gently floated down from the early morning sky and coating the kingdom below. Ariella had never seen such a thing before, but her mother had told her about it. On the islands it did not snow, even in winter. The air for most of the year is warm and humid, with rain storms coming often during their "winter." The snow was beautiful, just as her mother had described. It was too bad she had to experience it within this cesspool of a kingdom.

"It's the first snow of winter."

"AYE! Ma'lei hewa!" Ariella spun around, speaking in her native tongue. In the capitals language, she would have something along the line of "What the hell!"

"Don't you people ever knock?!" She hissed, glaring down at the small servant girl who had quietly entered her bedroom undetected. "How long have you been there?!"

"Oh! I- I am sorry, G-goddess. Please, take my apology. Truly, I.. I was only..." The servant girl began to get on her knees, bowing her head deeply and refusing to make eye contact.

Ariella practically shivered at being called "Goddess." She groaned and hurried over to the girl, gently pulling her up and back onto her feet. "Stop. Don't do that. I am not a Goddess."

"You.. you are her. Goddess Aurelia reincarnate."

Ariella stepped away, eyes still glaring as the girl continued to look at the ground in shame. "I said stop! Please." She sighed and turned back to the window. "Just call me Ariella." She had grown so exhausted hearing herself called a "Goddess." The people who believed this were delusional, clearly grasping to anything they could for hope to win the war. Insane!

"What do you want?" Her moments of peace with the snow had been ruined. It was time to start another agonizing day as a prisoner of the Imperial Family. Her heart ached at the thought, her body tense. She has tired... so, so tired. How long would she have to be here until the Emperor decided that she was not some reincarnated Goddess? Would she be allowed to live even if he did?

"I only came to wake you.. but.. but you were already awake."

"So leave me."

"I.. uhm... I am sorry, Godde-... Erm.. Ariella. Upon the first winter's snow, we hold a festival and pray to the gods of season. Do you not know? We give thanks for a bountiful year and ask the gods for a comfortable winter until spring arrives. Great Emperor Ulric has asked that you join the church in this, as you will be a high priestess one day when you have awoken Aurelia."

Ariella heavily sighed, refusing to look at the servant girl now and instead focusing on the snow outside. Even this snow, beautiful and serene, was bringing her pain. Perhaps this was not such a great first experience after all. Nothing here could make her happy.

"Ariella?" The servant girl waited for any sort of response, but Ariella was clearly trying to shut her out. Now it was the girls turn to sigh. "Uhm... The Emperor also would like to introduce you to those he is calling "The Divine." I have heard that they will teach you how to unlock your strength. We must get you ready in your priestess garb now, we cannot have the Emperor waiting on you." The servant girl, hesitant to grab Ariella, began to walk closer to her. "If you could please follow me, Goddess..."
@Jeyma Awesome! I would love that :)
@Amore I spent probably far much more time than I should have on it, so I'm glad you like it! Haha I'm super excited to see what everyone comes up with. I'll be getting the reincarnations character post up soon. :)
The RP has been posted! :) Here: The Divine
The RP has been posted! :) Here: The Divine

The once harmonious empire of Aerowyn is in complete disarray. Over the last decade, peace over the land has begun to unravel due to a previously allied king who has grown in strength with every year that passes. The imperial family of Aerowyn, The Blackwoods, have allowed King Fiske Ormund to live out of hope that their prior "friend" would come to his senses. Until recently, he had not done anything to directly attack the people whom live within the capital that Emperor Ulric Blackwood's directly rules.

Rapidly, famine and disease have spread from King Ormund's kingdom of Barovia. War has been declared upon neighboring kingdoms as he seeks to overthrow their royal families and create his own empire. Rumors have spread to The Blackwood's that King Ormund has been possessed by a powerful demon and monsters run rampant across his kingdom.

Those who have begun to fear for their lives have started praying to an ancient Goddess by the name of Aurelia. Several centuries ago, an elven priestess was said to have saved Aerowyn from a similar plague of evil. She was consequently named a Goddess among men after the fact. As the story goes, she possessed an incredibly powerful soul which was coveted by demons and men alike. Her power was immeasurable and those who could harness her soul would be able to use that for whatever their heart desired; good or evil. Relics lost to time were said to have been activated by her presence alone, creating high-powered magical weapons. The temptation to destroy her or manipulate her was ever so tantalizing. She was depicted to be an elf, though through legend she is said to be a shapeshifter of sorts. She knew her way around magic and was a skilled archer. However, this Goddess was never said to be a saint. Often times she would struggle with the dark side of her own power and some would even label her as a demon or a trickster god. Many refused to worship her, even forbid it. Nonetheless, Aurelia warded off demons from the empire and settled down there for quite some time.

In present day, King Ormund has directed the army of his kingdom to attack anyone leaving or entering the capital. The Blackwoods, at their wits end, have taken this as a declaration of war. Just when all was beginning to feel lost, a human woman has appeared. Dragged into the emperor's castle by a knight who has claimed her to be the reincarnation of Aurelia. Undeniably, she appears to be the spitting image of the goddess. Those who believe have found hope, while some believe this to be an omen of destruction. The girl dragged in, however, wants nothing to do with the empire and does not believe herself to be a reincarnation. Still, the girl brought a resurgence of morale to the emperor's people and as such, he has decided that his eldest son is to be married to this woman - whether they liked it or not. If she is the reincarnation of the goddess, all the better for the Blackwoods, though those who believe Aurelia to be a demon goddess are displeased and continue to fear for their lives under Blackwood rule. Now, if only they could find a way to awaken the reincarnations power...

In an effort to do exactly that, the Emperor has ordered those he has hand chosen and considers to be at the top of their specialty to train (and watch over) this girl. Each of them range in different abilities from sword work, magic, archery, and more. He has named the group as "The Divine" and tasked them with activating the girls power, no matter how difficult.

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Hi everyone! I'm getting close to finishing writing everything up, I am working on the map now and then I will be able to post it.

I do have the character sheet ready if anyone wants to get a jump on their characters. Once I get the map up, you will better be able to choose your character origin/residence. Anyway, here you go!

Hi everyone! I'm getting close to finishing writing everything up, I am working on the map now and then I will be able to post it.

I do have the character sheet ready if anyone wants to get a jump on their characters. Once I get the map up, you will better be able to choose your character origin/residence. Anyway, here you go!

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