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Nylah Aldaos

In a dark corner of Black Jack's Roost, sitting in a booth by herself, Nylah Aldaos thumbed through some bounty papers she had snagged from the local mercenary boards. All of which were interesting to her, though especially the bounty from Alvion's contractor - something that came few and far between, but always paid a hefty price. She had worked for them once before, but they were typically so popular that many people would be after the bounty. It was mostly a race to see who could carry out the orders first. This, however, paid the largest price she had seen them offer yet, which meant it could be worth the extra effort of trying to be hasty and possibly fighting off other mercenaries who were after the same thing.

"A rouge knight and an elf..." She read the descriptions carefully, "The knight could be a problem. The elf... perhaps. I could take her out first, deal with the bigger problem afterwards." She leaned back in her booth, pondering on how the odd pairing could have possibly killed Alvion on their own. If there was one thing she had learned through all the years of mercenary work it was that you don't underestimate anyone.

She pulled out the second bounty paper she had grabbed and looked over the details. "A pirate..." She thought, recalling several times she had brought in or killed pirates in the past. This one, however, has apparently had a bounty on his head for quite some time and had avoided being taken in, or killed, so far. He could prove to be more difficult than the other pirates she had encountered. Clearly he was skilled in evading capture, which would explain the high price for his head. Much less than the Alvion contract, but could still be worth her time.

"Both." She decided, folding the papers and putting them carefully into her satchel. She would pursue both contracts at the same time. Just in case the Alvion contract didn't pan out due to some other mercenary, she at least would have had other leads on the pirate by then.

"For now..." She looked up and took a survey of the pub. It was bustling with people on this day. Loud. Wenches stood near the entrance, waiting to sink their claws into any man who would let them - for a price. Drunkards hung around the bar, shouting at each other and the women who walked around serving drinks. No doubt a crew of pirates had pulled into port recently and were celebrating being on land again.

"Someone here might know, or have heard of Dalious. Pirates know pirates. Especially infamous ones." She stood and moved towards the bar, ignoring a dwarf who whistled as she passed him.

"Barkeep!" She called to the man behind the bar counter, making herself heard over the noise of the room. "A pint of your finest ale, please." She flashed him a warm smile and leaned up against the bar, flirting with her emerald eyes as she playfully looked him up and down. Bartenders typically knew a lot of information. They hear a lot of things throughout one shift, especially in a place like this.

If no one took any interest in her from the group of pirates, she would focus her attention on flirting with the bartender for information.
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Josephine Jacobs

Home, The Western Shore

All of this had been a mistake.

Josephine continued to repeat this to herself as she scrolled through multiple news articles on her phone, stunned. Sometime between Thursday night and this morning, a local club had been blown to smithereens. Miraculously no one was harmed, but it was astonishing nonetheless.

I must be cursed.” She thought, selfishly, “This dark cloud follows me anywhere I go... ” She nearly laughed out loud at her own thoughts. “How foolish… thinking I could escape…Ha!

Over the past couple of days, Josephine had continued minimal contact with her friends and family who tried reaching out to her. She still had not spoken to her ex-boyfriend at all. The man had been going through a rollercoaster of emotions, as recorded by his text messages to her. First, he was sweet. Apologizing and begging her to come back, giving her empty promises to be a better person. After his text messages and calls went unanswered, he became nasty. The insults flew as he called her every name in the book, telling her how he hoped that she was dead and that he was better off without her. His voicemails were just as bipolar, but she continued to ice him out, despite not being able to bring herself to simply block his number. Weak, she called herself.

She heard her cell phone buzz across the new coffee table, her best friends name lighting up across the screen to indicate a text message.

“Get out, get some fresh air. Things will get better, J.”

She sighed as she read the message. Zoey was right. She needed to stop sulking by herself and go do something that might actually improve her new life. After a shower, first on the list was to look for a new job; she wouldn’t be able to survive on her savings for long. Downtown was likely to be a mess, but it was also the best option she had to find somewhere that was hiring.

An hour or so later...

What Remains of Club Aether
Interacting With @CaptainSully

After handing in resumes and filling out applications for several open positions around town, Josephine decided to take a walk towards where Club Aether had once stood. Like many others who were gathering in the area, she was curious to see what was going on. Not to mention there was a very small, hole-in-the-wall type of coffee shop not too far from the rubble.

Standing in line for her coffee, she stared out the window at the mess that use to be the club. It was unlike anything she had ever seen, which was clearly the same for many others who were rubbernecking at the sight of it. The small coffee shop was packed with watchers, and the place was clearly understaffed for the influx of people.

Just as she was about to be called up to the cashier, she noticed a man standing in front of the ruins. She stared at him for a brief moment, suddenly realizing that he was the man the articles had been posting pictures of; The Owner of Club Aether, Mr. Sullivan. Her heart sunk for him as he stood there, motionless with an aimless look on his face that she recognized all too well.


Two medium caramel macchiatos, please.

Once her two coffee’s were done, Josephine took them and crossed the street to approach the owner of Club Aether, who was just hanging up the phone and turning away from what remained of his business.

Hi, sir, uh…..

What the hell am I doing?” She began second guessing herself as she opened her mouth to get his attention. Too late to turn back now.

It just… it looked like you could use this...” She reached out her hand to give him the macchiato, “It’s a caramel macchiato… they are usually pretty strong, it’s espresso… but...” She gestured towards Club Aether and frowned, hoping she was expressing her sympathy correctly. She had never been very good at social interaction, but she certainly was empathetic towards this man. They both had to start over, in one way or another.

Coffee usually makes me feel a little better, so… ” She gave him a sheepish smile.

I probably look like an insane person trying to drug him right now… Idiot...” She started mentally preparing herself for utter rejection.
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Josephine Jacobs

Western Shore Neighborhood

”I’m all set! Thanks for your help today. Appreciate it!”

Josephine waved goodbye to a muscular man who was currently climbing into the driver's seat of a moving truck, now empty. She held a smile plastered on her face until he began to pull away from the curb, the feigned happiness disintegrating immediately.

Slowly, she closed the door to her newly leased condo. Closing her eyes, she pressed her back against the door and took in a deep breath. She held it for a brief moment before letting out a deep sigh and opening her icy blues once again. Standing there against the door, she took in the room for what seemed like the first time. She had been here since 5am, moving in, but she had been running on autopilot. Get shit done. Feel later.

Unfortunately, “later” was now. Finally alone in her new condo, she felt the weight of the world settle snugly atop of her shoulders once again. Everything still felt so surreal and the past seven days had been a complete blur. Exactly one week ago, almost to the hour, her and her boyfriend had gotten into another argument and he drove a kitchen knife into her right forearm. She could still see it in her mind's eye so vividly. The anger in his eyes, the red hot flash of pain in her arm before adrenaline numbed her out, and the way her heart pounded as he raised the knife again as if he was about to take another stab at her. She had bolted into their room before he had the chance, slamming the door and locking it quickly behind her. They had a bathroom connected to their bedroom, where she went to tend to her arm while he screamed at her from the other room. It bled and hurt like hell, but luckily it didn’t seem that he had hit anything too important. The bleeding stopped eventually and she dressed her wound with some left over bandages they had in the medicine cabinet, but then the excruciating pain set in...

Loud vibrations from her pocket suddenly snapped her out of the memory. She blinked a few times and reached into her sweater to grab her cell phone, where she had over 20 missed calls - not including countless text messages. She frowned, walking towards her new bedroom, contemplating picking up the phone. Her best friends name flashed across the screen: ZOEY

She had sent two texts to her best friend within the week, but had yet to speak with her yet. She had texted her mother once, letting her know that she was okay and not to worry. She hadn’t talked to Evan, her boyfriend, at all.

Josephine wasn’t ready to speak. She needed to be alone. She tossed her phone on the brand new king-size mattress, leaving it buzzing. Zoey would have to wait.

For now, a shower was deeply needed. She felt disgusting from moving boxes and furniture with the mover all day. Plus, she just needed one of those long self-absorbed pity showers for once. It felt healing, almost. Her wound needed to be cleaned and re-bandaged, too. Moving boxes did exactly nothing to help her healing. She had felt the nasty scab rip open at one point…

On the bright side, this was going to be the first night in a very long time that she would sleep in a bed that she actually wanted to be in. The first time she would feel relatively safe in 4 years.

@Almalthia Thank you! :]

Side note, would anyone be able to send me the discord link? I tried the one above but it expired Haha

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