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Aurelio & Ximena

Aurelio had leaned his backside against the edge of a table next to the one Chanel and Julie had assumed their rightful positions upon.

“Aurelio, Stella."

The name was fitting for her and earned a small nod from the now silent observer, he wouldn’t be forgetting that name, nor the face associated with it She was cute. Aurelio’s attention was pulled to his right as the number two suspect for Yessi’ poor mood called out to him.

“Oh, thank god just who I needed to see"

An eyebrow raised in curiosity at that statement, and as his brown eyes analyzed her face he thought he could faintly see a peculiar shadow underneath the almost perfect attempt to hide the mark. God, I hope I’m wrong.

“While it’s all very nice to see you all here again in such short notice, I need to borrow Aurelio for a bit. Of course, if that’s okay with the rest of you. I’ll have him back to you in a jiffy”

The fake smile mirrored by Chanel was enough encouragement for the boy to get Ximena out of there sooner than later. Aurelio gave a short wave to the three girls as he pushed off from the table, “I’ll catch up with you two later and it was nice meeting you Stella.”

Aurelio led Ximena away from the bustling courtyard and to the growing vacancy of the hallways between the auditorium and entrance of the building. When he was sure they wouldn’t be bothered by anything he turned to her with narrowed eyes, the shadow was harder to see now in the artificial light of the hallway.

“Does the reason you need me pertain to what the fuck happened to your face or am I going to have to save that question for later?”

The tension building was quite high, but it was all deserved after the antics Ximena was up to prior to the events of homecoming. While she was sure Chanel had a disdain for her, Ximena simply did not feel the same. She had a deep respect for her as a worthy rival and a connoisseur of both fashion and music. If the two ever worked to a peaceful amnesty then they would have more than enough connections pooled between them to raise their personal statuses. Of course, however, the idea would seem like signing your soul to the devil. It might be, well then again there was no telling what the sly minx was up to and if she always needed something to gain.

As not to linger she hoped Aurelio would pry her away, so Chanel wouldn’t be reserved to slapping her across the face like a certain boy just two evenings ago. As always it was nice to see her other half in Julie also present. The new girl Stella was someone she hadn’t accounted for but her little birds would sing her secrets soon enough. Just in the nick of time Aurelio pulled her away and sent his regards to the trio of lovely predators.

Aurelio led her through turns and corners quite quickly and forceful she almost broke a heel; not even able to get more than a stuttering word in. His face changed, this wasn’t the same Aurelio she had known when they were kids nor the one she met prior to the bruise on her face. Something changed or maybe he changed, Ximena only hoped than both Astor’s weren’t ready to leave a decade of friendship behind.

“It’s nice to see you to Reli. Was that the new piece of ass you were thirsting for back there?” she tried to say in attempts of playing off the serious aura radiating off the two of them. It failed, she didn’t really care about Stella or Aurelio’s intentions with her. Being weak was something she never wanted to show outside of the confines of her room. Her fake laugh grew into a silence that felt like it lasted hours when it had only been a few seconds. Her head heavy like lead, fell to the ground with her eyes plastered to her feet. The sides of her heels rubbed together releasing a sound of plastic friction, he hands clasped together hoping to provide some kind of strength to lead from.

“Y..Ye..Yeah, it does. It’s just….I don’t know what happened Aurelio, I really really fucked up and I just- I don’t know! I didn’t even know she liked him. You know I wouldn’t do something like that on purpose I wouldn’t hurt you guys. No se que paso, it all happened so fast. That night at the party and then this.” She was rambling, hopefully, Aurelio stopped the girl before she turned into a Spanglish novella.

The hardness in his eyes melted as they saw the uncertainty in her own, the deflecting question preceding her rambling was easily ignored as he tried to make sense of the mess that spilled from her lips. The quivering of her bottom lip, the transfer of weight between her hips and the trembling of her hands were so unlike the Ximena the public was allowed to see, Aurelio knew whatever had happened was serious.

“Xi, take a deep breath,” his voice was low as he stepped toward the girl entering her space and placed gentle hands on either side of her face, “Look at me Ximena, you know I got you, but you’re going to have make sense of what’s going on. Tell me again, but slow down, you’re okay.”

The silence was finally broken, thank god. There was something soothing about his voice, it was new and foreign but not unwelcome. The sweet scent of cologne snuck up her nose, had he moved closer or was she imaging it? Her eyes raising from her feet now found the tips of his own shoes, he had entered her space. Loosing up her hands she drew in small breaths of air, exhaling every three seconds. Suddenly her chest wasn’t so tight and her heart wasn’t in her throat.

The sudden shock of his hands startled her, jolting her face in his hands. With one more deep breath, she did as he asked and looked at him. She recognized these eyes, his soft brown pupils, she wanted to pull away but was trapped inside them. While his eyes were as he remembered everything else around him was different. He was a man now, at least more of a man than the last time she saw him. When did he get so muscular and rugged. It’s like she always knew, but she never accepted it until now.

“I don’t know where to start Reli. Déjame pensaré” the beginning was always the best she thought, “okay well you know that guy Santiago? Well, he held a party a few months ago like that project X movie on steroids. Pues, this was when he and that April girl were on the outs. Entonces...well...we used each other” she paused “and well I didn’t know Yessi and him had a thing. I was in LA and you guys were in Korea. So I told her and well you know the rest” a weight was lifted off her shoulders, but her hands found themselves on the sides of his shirt gripping tightly.


The chuckle that left his lips was mostly out of relief, and a little bit of disbelief. The information Ximena just shared shed a lot of light on the morning and explained away his questions about his sister’s, more than usual, piss-poor attitude from earlier. Aurelio released his reassuring hold on the girl’s face and wrapped his arms around her shoulders pulling her in for a hug as he let a more audible laugh escape his chest.

Good god, the woes of women were over his head.

“So what? You think Ass is going to stay mad at you forever? Nah, you know she’s not like that. My annoying ass sister might be a little more than hotheaded and irrational in the worst times, but she loves you Ximena, she’ll come around after she realizes how stupid she’s being. Then you two can do whatever weird lover shit y’all do and be as good as new.”

Aurelio had pulled away from the hug to look over the girl with a wide grin on his face, he brushed a lock of her hair behind her ear,” Astraia would never turn her back on you, she’s just on edge right now because she made some choices that she’s probably regretting. Not that that excuses her punching you, but if you want to get her back for that let me know and I’ll hold her down for you.”

His hands went from her face to a full embrace, enveloping her whole. Her body went from tense and rigid to limp and relaxed. She hadn’t been able to relax like this since, before her fight with Yessi, it was...nice. And while she could have stayed like that for the rest of the day, she knew they couldn’t. Ximena and Aurelio could never be more than what they started out as, friends. For now, she would milk this moment while it lasted.

“I don’t know Aurelio, I’ve never seen her this mad! You should have seen her, it was like I was no one to her in that instant” her head rested against his chest “I hope so I really do miss her, I don’t know how I made it while you guys were away.” She laughed at his remark burying her face into him mumbling, “Sounds to me like you’re just jealous.”

And just like that, the hug was over when he pulled away to look at the once disheveled girl. Yet he still pressed on with his delicate touch. “I know I know I wish I could help her, but I don’t think she wants to speak to me right now” a soft pout appeared on her face. “I would take you up on that offer, but I’d probably break a nail. I have another idea, let’s just say the road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

Morning | Saturday, May 16th | New York or Tepes Private Island

♀ ♀
ℳ𝒶𝓎 16 9:00 -> 9:47 𝒜ℳ
𝒢𝓎𝓂 -> 𝒯𝒽ℯ ℒℴ𝒻𝓉
ℐ𝓃𝓉ℯ𝓇𝒶𝒸𝓉𝒾𝓃ℊ 𝓌𝒾𝓉𝒽 the order, herself, Leone, Milo and Roommates @Altered Tundra@TootsiePop@NeoAC

Fuck. This. Whole. Week.

Each word added fuel to the punches thrown at the punching bag. The frustration from Khione was palpable as she bounced between her feet, breaths coming out in short exhales while she repeated the one, one, two, three combo as she circled the bag.

Obviously, the week was a long shot from being the worst out of all 1,147 weeks she’d been alive. Regardless of that, it was definitely getting up the ranks to be the most annoying. With her luck, the usually ample options of burning off that annoyance were limited to whooping the punching bags’ ass since her favorite people were nowhere to be fucking found.

They better both be dead.

The thought of being avoided, whether purposeful or not, combined with the sound of her phone ringing was enough fuel for her to roundhouse kick a hole in the bag all while releasing a war cry of her pent up sexual frustrations.

“Khione that was a bra-“
“Yeah, yeah, my bad. I’ll bring you the cash tonight after I’m off work.” The reply was as swift as her retreating form, the only other sound from her was a grunted ‘see you later’ to the owner before she pushed out of the glass doors. The phone rang again, this time the distinctive tone of a facetime call played and elicited a groan. why couldn’t she have a morning to herself to throw a fit? Taking a deep breath to extinguish the annoyance that lingered she declined the facetime and answered a second after the phone rang for a normal call,

“Hello Oni, I thought you were going to ignore my call again.” The familiar distortion feigned a hurt tone, but Khione knew better, even through the hard work of a program, she knew who was on the other end of the call.

“Yeah, I thought about it. What do you want?” Khione replied in a well practiced tone that held just enough contempt to make her displeasure clear without crossing any lines. She knew better than to cross those lines.

“Be cautious child… I’m simply just following up on our last discussion about those interesting people you keep in your company. Especially that human girl, oh what was her name, hmm… Natalia was it? The one who lost her family to the ‘Bonekeeper’?”

Khione’s brisk gait froze a moment receiving an irritated grunt from someone passing by her as their shoulder roughly hit her own. The mention of her roommates’ name usually wouldn’t have elicited this sort of response, but if the Order was inquiring about you, it rarely meant anything favorable. The last time she was brought up in the conversation it was for testing purposes, the Order wanted Khione to present the new recruit for their trials, but she wasn’t ready for that.

“I told you all last time that she’s not ready, we ha-“

“You have until July 8th to bring her to us or we issue a termination. That should be enough time for the best of Genesis, no?” There was a taunting quality to the distortion, they were testing her patience, and she wouldn’t feed into their games. Silence was her only answer, her feet moved against the cement again carrying her towards The Loft as the conversation changed from Natalie to the other hunters around the five boroughs.

Khione navigated the conversation cautiously wanting to avoid the topic of a certain hunter who had been causing problems for her and barely contained a sigh of relief as the conversation was reaching its end.

“We will be forwarding some assignments, make sure one makes its way to Set, we’ll be checking in again. All for glory.”

“Glory for all.” Khione’s reply was cut short as the line ended just as she faced the door to The Loft. For a moment she stood with her forehead pressed against the cool metal, the bustling of the street was relaxing for once, a welcomed distraction to the hot-headed girl. Slowly opening her eyes she glanced down at her phone going to her conversations, there was no way she was going to be able to keep the God of Destruction high and dry from the action any longer. Of course they knew her game.

To: Pyscho
Envy tonight 9pm, Platinum Room, wear something hot.

The gym was not going to cut it anymore, and as much as she hated texting the Zeno’s lap dog first, somethings were more important than her pride. Sex was one of those things.

To: Asshole
Did you finally go and die? Or are you avoiding me? We can’t be fuck ‘buddies’ without the fucking.

With that out of the way she slid her phone in the pocket of her shorts and entered into the only place she called home, making sure to announce her return to her loving family’, “DARLINGS IM HOMEEEE~“

Starring // YessiJules
Interactions // @CosmicComet@Dirty Pretty Lies@TootsiePop

For a long moment after the Elise had pulled to a stop and her karaoke partner had gone to the rescue Yessi stayed in the passenger seat. Manicured fingers paused a moment as the sounds of yelling pulled her attention away from her phone and drew her eyes to the scene just in time to see AJ receiving a well deserved smack. From the looks of a shorter, tanned guy stomping to the front of the smoking RV and the couple people stumbling out Yessi could assume what had just happened.

Not without an exasperated sigh she unbuckled her seatbelt and begrudgingly exited the vehicle. A slightly annoyed expression took her features as she approached the growing group of new graduates, why wasn’t anyone calling a tow truck or a mechanic?

Yessi stopped next to Monica as the group of misfits seemed to have their combinations of breakdown… or well, really just one person was sobbing. Though that’s not what had Yessi’s attention, rather it was the palpable anger rolling off of AJ who Monica had placed herself close to. A raised eyebrow was thrown his way as Yessi looked at his stiff posture in the arms of… whatever her name was, the midget. Bumping her hip into Monica’s to get her attention she whispered lowly to her, “You might want to find cover, I think another tantrum is coming.”

Another stumbler exited the rust can but this one caught the Spanish girl’s attention immediately and she cocked her head at his obvious embarrassment as he turned on heel and went the opposite direction as she.

Was kissing me that bad?

"Stop acting like we're okay, because we're not."”

Oop, time to go.

Yessi couldn’t help the snicker that left her lips as she gave Monica a knowing look, whatever issue AJ was having with the girl wrapped around him was not her business, and frankly dealing with him when he was this upset was better left to the professionals like Chris… who wasn’t here… so next up meant…

Your time to shine Russian Super Nanny.

The thought pulled her eyes to look at everyone else on the scene as she moved away from the ticking time bomb, and landed on another familiar face, but this one didn’t run away from her. Yet. Barely able to contain the bubbling excitement she practically skipped over to the cutie pie that had “stolen her heart” in middle school and stopped just in front of him.

"what the fuck."

“I haven’t seen you that tired since the night I popped your cherry, Juju. What were you misfits doing on that RV? Yessi teased as she crouched down in front of him a soft smile playing at her lips.

The luscious, lascivious Latina seemed to shine in front of her little japchae as he lay down beside the RV, though a combination of the Gucci bags weighing down his eyes and the fact that it was so fucking bright like goddamn who thought inventing the sun was a good idea made it hard to exactly see where his favorite rich bitch was. That didn’t stop him from still cracking open his eyes just a tad in a practiced sultry expression as he purred out a wavy ”oh, you know, a little bit of this, a little bit of that,” leaving his fingers and his wrist to do most of the talking.

He straightened out his back before crossing his feet, using them to push himself up at the same time as he took Yessi’s hands and pulled her up alongside him, twisting her around so her arms were crossed over at her waist in a dance that they had done countless times before. Automatically his head craned over her cheek with lips pursed, but something stopped him at the last centimeter. A wave of ice and revulsion viced onto his head as he hovered just a breath away, but he forced himself to plant one anyway on her beautiful bronzed skin.

The odd, cold feeling still lingered, however. Jules quickly disentangled himself from Yessi, turning her back around so that she faced him at an arm’s length, hands just barely touching her hips. ” Better question for you though babe is where is your little electric beast? Don’t tell me you’ve taken something that you actually have to drive?”

If Yessi had noticed his hesitation or the slight change in his expression she didn’t show it, instead at the mention of the Roadster her head turned and she threw a lazy thumb over her shoulder at the purring Elise. “Nope, I’m not driving… not that I’m opposed, but I’m sure Aleks would kill me if I even asked to drive the damn car. So I get to annoy him from the passenger seat until he kicks me out and makes me ride with someone else.”

Jules rolled his eyes at her, hiding a deeper annoyance that he managed to quickly squash before it lingered too long.

Yessi took the time to look over Jules and realized how much he had changed since she last saw him. They were no longer the same height, it wasn’t drastic but he had gained a couple of inches over her, his once cute baby face had matured and his features were sharper and definitely more handsome, his hair still looked soft but was shorter than she had ever seen it, and fuck did he start working out? Yessi had to drag her green eyes from his exposed midriff to meet with his familiar brown ones. If not for his usual charm and humor, and the still bomb-as-fuck fashion, Yessi probably “wouldn’t have recognized him, and that made her feel kind of awkward.

” Holy shit Jules, you look like a whole new person…”Her voice was softer as she shifted a bit restlessly, a sheepish smile finding her lips,” It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Sorry… for being MIA… I hope everything has been okay.”

To which Jules did not have a response, at least not immediately. Well, at least not to the last bit of her sentence. Instead, he was more focused on how her weight was subtly and continually waving from one hip to the other and how her eyes seemed to drift away from his, then snapping back to meet them before moving away again. He leaned just a little bit closer, bending at his waist so that he was just slightly above level with her. Fatigue (aside from his bags) was no longer apparent on his face and the earlier discomfort suppressed under the prodigious importance of one singular directive: tease the ever-loving fuck out of her.

One hand began a purposeful journey from Yessi’s hip to her navel, tracing its way up the center of her body, then stopping with a middle finger resting between her collar bones and his index gently placed under her chin so that her face was forced to meet his. ” Oh my god,” he mouthed.

”Oh my god,” once again. ”Is my Thotiana actually embarrassed about something?”

The trailing of his hand caused an involuntary shiver to go up her spine and warmth to reach her cheeks as he leaned in closer to her. Astraia could smell the inviting scent he wore and felt herself leaning into his touch, ah how stupid she was. There was silence between them but his lips were moving she noticed a second too late, her eyes were squinted in confusion but unluckily he repeated what he had mouthed, still, there was confusion. Then he spoke. Seven taunting words were all it took for that warmth on her cheeks to turn into a noticeable pink tint as she pulled back from him, eyes narrowing in annoyance, and heart fluttering from his game.

“I-I…” she cut her stutter off and cleared her throat moving her eyes anywhere but his face for a moment as she pulled herself together. What the fuck was that? When her eyes moved back to his she sported a full glare and her voice carried her annoyance, “I’m not embarrassed about anything babe.”

A joyful laugh tinged with the lackadaisical exhaustion of insomnia bubbled from Jules as he used his playful hand to cover his mouth. ” Sorry Estrellita, you were just so cute acting all-”


Jules’ head snapped immediately to where he thought the red firebrand was only to see she wasn’t there. But nothing was on fire, nobody was screaming except for Val and AJ, nobody was crying except for Emilia (which was depressingly becoming more and more normal), so everything seemed fine. Val was the type of person who needed to vent and it looked like she was at least familiar with her shouting dummy.

Everything seemed fine.

Turning back to Yessi, he put on his happy face again and flashed her a smile and an eyeroll, but it felt stiff, forced, unnatural. Mostly because it was. His easy charm was gone, replaced with the weariness that fit all too comfortably onto his visage. There was no choice but to keep on acting, however, just like he always did. Go for the easy joke: ” Those two definitely sound like they need to bone down, especially from what I hear about Pretty Boy over there.” Let out a laugh. Wait for a response. Zone out. What was Val saying? Is she talking about her insecurities? About damn time. Guess her bottle met its cap. It had been forever since he had seen Yessi. God, she was still so beautiful. It seemed like she found a cute side too. When was the last time that-


Jesus fucking Christ Val really did find the perfect person to have a shouting match with but god fucking damnit did their therapy session be so. Fucking. Loud. Jules’ couldn’t shake this off as easy as he could with Val though, mainly because Jules knew Val, and he didn’t know AJ. And AJ was currently yelling at one of his best friends.

But Val needed this. Girl needed to let out some steam. Girl needed to let loose.

But also fuck anyone who was yelling at her.

”Sorry babe,” he coldly intoned to Yessi. ”Gotta make sure nobody gets beat up.”

“Duty calls... I guess. Yessi grumbled out her attention moving to the two in the middle of a shouting match, as everyone’s would be, it’d be impossible to ignore the two idiots at this point. Whatever thing was going on between Jules and she would need to be revisited at a later time, right now the more pressing matter was making sure neither of their best friends killed each other.

Jules quickly walked towards the front of the RV where a small gaggle had already formed and shoved his way past, not really caring who or where he was touching to get people out of his way, and then going a little further around until he found Val straddling AJ with fists raised, blood and fury alight in her eyes.

Without a moment’s hesitation, Jules’ body shot forward, propelled by the explosive force of legs that had been running daily all their life toward the pair. That fucking bitch did something, didn’t he? Sure Val was like a little chihuahua in where she would literally bark and fight anyone that even looked funny at her, but in all the years that he knew her, Jules knew that she never got into anything without at least a reason.

Man was he tired.

The next thing he knew, Jules was in the same ditch where the RV had trapped itself just a little further down. His back was down on the dirt, and he found himself curled around the petite form of one Valeria Drake. Seems that when he tackled her - which he guess he just did - he turned his body around so that his own body would take most of the impact when they landed. Knowing how feisty she can be, however (especially considering how she was literally about to deck AJ’s face in), he quickly disentangled himself from her, but not without giving her an exasperated ” What the fuck Val!? Are you planning on making a new Black Eyed Peas band with Sami or something?” At the same time, Jules stood up from the ditch and pointed a finger at the little princeling that was on the floor. ” And you Pretty Boy! If you know Val you better haul your ass out of here before you both do anything even more stupid.”

Whether AJ wanted her help or not Yessi was quick to swoop in once Jules had taken care of the little terror, she grabbed his hand offering him some reassurance in her grip as she helped him to his feet. Though to prevent a second round from happening, her fingers laced between his and she started off towards his car, carefully leading him along, the last thing she needed was add fuel to his fire by being pushy, “Take some deep breaths, let’s fix this together so we can get back on the road and have a good time, yeah?”
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