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Interacting with everyone at the table
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Gaia watched as everyone made their introductions and nodded as they spoke, some of the details becoming more blurry as she thought about how much this all was going to suck. She noticed Naoko had been seated at the same table as she was though, so she was happy...kind of. Her fingers tapped at the champagne glass in front of her, an impatient yet lazy and languid movement. As the CEO of TAP stepped up onto the stage she turned her head and watched as he spoke. The words coming out of his mouth sounded even crazier as he spoke them. their icecream? Now that was way too overdramatic. Gaia shook her head to herself but tried not to show too much of her disbelief. A tiny sliver of her still wanted to find her match and so if everyone saw her disregard for the whole program...well, that would not allow her to get what she secretly wanted. God, did she sound nuts. Gaia pushed back a lock of her glossy brown hair and clapped softly as Vance finished his speech.

The flutes full with bejewelling colors circulated around the room, a light pastel purple ice cream with white swirls being placed in front of Gaia. She twirled the small parchment label with the edges of her nails before she pulled off the string and dipped a spoon into the ice cream. She lifted the spoon into her mouth. Grape sorbet? Or something like it. She pushed her spoon back into the desert before she felt it hit something hard. Retracting back the utensil and furrowing her brows Gaia used the spoon to try and uncover what was inside. Once she had gotten it out, still fairly coated in icecream she realised that it looked a hell lot like a ring. Gaia grabbed a tissue and quickly cleaned off the object before holding it up to the light. It was a ring! And was that... she looked closer at the gem set into the ring and smiled. An amethyst. She'd always liked amethysts. Quietly she slipped the ring onto her finger and held it up to the light before she finished off the rest of the ice cream. She didn't want to be the first to call out finding her soulmate. This time, maybe, someone had to notice the girl in the back and find her.

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Interacting with the rest of the table, finishing off a conversation with Naoko (@KatKook)

Gaia could not just seem to relate to what the girl was saying. However, she also did get not being used to the glam and glitz so maybe they were a small bit alike. She sipped a bit more on another drink as they talked and almost jumped back, spilling the liquid when the girl bowed at her. She hadn't been anywhere outside of her home town before so she supposed the bow was just something done in the girl's home place.
"Err, hey Naoko. My name's Gaia. Gaia Bradley. It's nice to meet you." She responded, deciding not to go for a handshake if it would make everything weird. She tipped her glass in Naoko's direction instead. As they both smiled quite timidly at each other the announcement was made and Gaia nodded as she listened. She turned back to Naoko.
"Well, Naoko. It seems like we have to head to the table now. It was nice to meet you though, you seem pretty nice." Gaia smiled warmly at the girl. At least she'd made one friend here. Placing her empty glass back on the bar she waved a hand and walked towards the table where she had left some of her stuff earlier. She sat back down in her seat and watched as a bunch of other people filed in, not paying too much attention to individuals as she was too busy trying to keep herself calm and sociable. She listened as people introduced themselves, all attractive and definitely more pleasant than she was. By this point Gaia was pitying the person she was going to have to be matched with.

The first girl to introduce herself was pretty, cute and gave off major cheery, outgoing vibes. She was probably the dream girl for a lot of the people at the table and Gaia's ears only perked up when she announced her career, something interesting!
The next girl to introduce herself was someone Gaia felt she could get along with a bit more easily. She seemed a tiny bit shy but seemed to push back that shyness more easily. As the woman gazed around the table looking for someone else to introduce themselves next Gaia decided to speak up, she might as well get it over with.
"Well hi, I guess I'll go. My name's Gaia. I'm an archivist at a university and I like spending my time in the stacks. This isn't really my scene but I thought I might as well try it out." She shrugged and smiled a tiny bit, fiddling with the threads on her dress and shimmying around a tiny bit, uncomfortable. Man was this really not her scene. But somewhere inside of her heart she still felt that initial longing to find her someone.

Interacting with Beatrice Endive (a bit) and Millie Jean Nicholson

Georgie hummed all the way back home, her soaked clothes dripping onto the dry pavement and earning her a couple of weird looks. It didn't matter though because she'd had a fun time with someone she thought would never surprise her. She flicked back her wet locks and strode up the gate of her house, ringing it in her special pattern so whoever was inside could open the gates to her house for her. Sure enough the automatic doors opened with a creak and she slipped quickly inside, waving a hand to the windows so that they could know her thanks. God, she couldn't stop beaming. As she walked in the doors she made sure to take off her soaked shoes by the doorway so mother wouldn't yell at her for tracking water into the house. No one was home. She knew that from how no one called out for her, or for the echoing almost threatening silence. She was alone, again. As Georgie made her way up to her room she let her mind wander back to earlier that day, distracting herself from the emptiness of the house. Max's frequent grins, the feel of the water as she rushed past her skin, the warmness of the deck under her fingers and the warm light that had drifted onto the two of them. A secret blush spread onto her cheeks and she let loose a small, quiet giggle, shaking her head at herself when she thought she had gone too far in her thoughts. Reaching the landing she turned and surveyed the space. What was she to do now? Georgie simply could not just sit still and wait out the day. Suddenly, her phone beeped as if it knew the answer. She fished it out of her still damp shorts pocket and wiped some of the water off of the screen before she looked at it.

BEATRICE E: Want to come over? Watch stupid movies and shit?

Bea! Just the thing she needed. Georgie smiled, anything to get her out of this tauntingly lonely house would be great. She quickly texted back:

GEORGIA F: Hells yeah! I'll be right on over xX

Now she just needed to take a shower and run on out. Georgie hopped into the cold shower and quickly scrubbed lingering scents of the lake water off of her, running over to pick out an outfit when she was done. She swept a red off the shoulder top off of the hanger and struggled into a pair of ripped up jean shorts from her never ending supply of them. She blow dried her hair and groaned as it took too long before she left it slightly damp and messy. Georgie debated on whether to bring her camera or not but stopped and left it on her dressing room table. She was going to have fun for once and not worry about camera angles or lighting. It was, after all, only a small night out right? Georgie tried to convince herself. After all the persuading was done she shoved on a pair of clunky sunglasses and walked out into the L.A sunshine. She unhitched her pastel purple vespa from where it was perched against the wall of her house and clambered on. She'd begged her parents to buy her a motorcycle when it had come time for her to drive but they had shook their heads firmly no. Georgia was their only daughter and they did not like it all if she was to kick off on a motorcycle, pursuing a stupid adventure off in the crazy world. She'd managed to wear them down though but she'd have to make a compromise and ride the vespa. Georgie had felt let down before but she had shrugged it off. At least she got to ride on something. Now she loved it. She loved the way the air blew past her hair and how unbridled she was to her surroundings. She truly felt free on it.

As she rode along Georgie kept an eye out on the people walking back and forth on the sidewalk. You never knew if you'd run into a fellow classmate or anything and have to stop by and say hi. Her helmet strapped scratched uncomfortably on her chin but she powered on. Maybe she could stop and adjust it later? Or now. Now would be a good idea. Georgie steered her scooter off to the side and parked, hopping out so she could adjust her helmet.


What the hell was that? Georgie whipped around quickly before she met eyes with that of a cat attached to a leash. She wrinkled her eyebrows slightly before looking up and seeing Millie.
"Oh, Millie. Hi!" She waved and smiled. She'd not really seen Millie around school that much but she knew the girl and it would be rude not to say hello.

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Interacting with Naoko Miyamoto (@KatKook)

Gaia had long ago grown tired of simply just sitting in her seat and she decided to herself to get up, heaving a gigantic sigh as she did so. Man, was this whole thing tiring as hell. As she stood up she took another drink from her glass on the table and decided to head towards the bar where she had noticed other people had been gathering around. Maybe another drink would do her good? Or some crisps. She was hungry and everything about this event was slowly turning annoying. As she headed up to the bar she noticed a man who seemed to be garnering quite some attention. An actor she supposed, but since she didn't watch too much TV so she had no idea who he was. Next to him however, was a beautiful woman who he seemed to be engaged in a rather enigmatic conversation with. Gaia decided to let them be and turned away before noticing another girl at the bar. She looked as lonely as Gaia felt and Gaia suddenly had it in her to tap the other girl on the shoulder.
"Hey, my name is Gaia. I see you're just as out of place as I am. Heh, social events are the worst aren't they?"Gaia tried hard to remain relatable and cheery but she just couldn't do it, considering being social was pretty hard for her already, much less initiating a conversation with someone.

She signalled the bartender for another drink and tipped her head back as she let the liquid slide it's way down her throat. It was a wonder that she'd manage to stay here that long, much less believe that maybe she had a chance with someone in the room. It was a joke, alright. But at least there was free food and she could maybe make a friend here. She would have to tolerate it, Gaia thought to herself as she gave the other girl another large smile.

Interacting with Max Wallenberg

Georgie blushed as she saw that she had woken him up, turning slightly so he couldn't see the embarrassment framed on her features. Once she had recovered to an extent though, she turned back around and smiled.
"Hi Max. And you can call me Georgie...I remember that poem writing assignment. Our poem was shit, but maybe that was because I wrote it." She chuckled and brushed off his apology with a hand. She knew how boys like Max were but she didn't mind. If anything it was fun watching him read such a stupid poem in front of the class and it had been fun for a while there as they partnered up and did the task together.

She watched as he came around to her side and looked at the photo displayed on her camera screen. It was a nice one, she mused to herself as her eyes swept over the details. He looked as if his jock macho-ness had been stripped away, at least only for that moment. She flicked her glance upwards at his face and marvelled at the light that shone around the edge of his, was this boy photogenic. Georgie was interrupted from her staring when Max laughed and complimented the picture. She grinned in reply, Max always fit in wherever he was and he seemed like he was undeniably himself whenever he talk to someone. Georgie liked him.
"I can send the pictures over to you later if you want. And I'm sorry again for taking those without your permission, you looked too dead for me to pass up the opportunity!" Georgie joked as she closed her camera. She turned to look out at the water around her again and gave a small smile. The white tipped waves crashed against the sand as colorful blobs of people rushed around, building sand castles and tanning. A lone surfer was riding the waves and he traced lines through the blue water as people paddled around his near vicinity. Georgie loved the beach, the colors she found there and the people. All her photographs of it were her best collection of pieces she had. Something about it made her happy and if she was happy, her photos turned out well. Commenters on her blog had regularly picked up her interest in the beach and asked her why she liked it so much but all she could answer was that she didn't know. It was beautiful in an unassuming way, just like Max Wallenburg was, Georgie realised. A player who no doubt had broken the hearts of many girls without a care in the world, all a part of his spontaneous fun. But when he had been lying there heartbreakingly attractive on the edge of the cliff, he had looked angelic and as he spoke he didn't seem capable of breaking so many hearts without so much of a thought. But who was Georgie anyway, to psychoanalyse him?
"Well, I'd better get going. I'm sorry to have woken you up, I'll let you return to your blissful sleep now." Georgie turned to Max and lifted up a hand. It was better to leave him alone, she didn't really want to get absorbed into his web of girls yet and she had no doubt that he had the capability to do so with her. If she knew herself well enough she would've fallen for him in mere minutes. It was better for her to stay away if she knew what was best for her, right?

However, She was still a sucker for fun and Max Wallenburg was the definition of it.

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