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10 days ago
Current I'M BACK! And I've been reading through all my old stuff...they suck
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6 mos ago
Sorry for any slow replies! I've been dumped in a bucketload of work lately
11 mos ago
Addicted to Sherlock
11 mos ago
Looking through my friend list and seeing so many people have dropped :(
1 yr ago
When an RP you've been writing for for so long ends....


Excuse the gif, I find myself with a certain Sherlock addiction right now.

♥ I play the cello and also play the electric bass (self taught, woohoo!) along with a bunch of other instruments that I lost interest in. (piano, recorder, violin...)
♥ Into rock and pop music
♥ Movies are my life. (Especially 80s movies)
♥ Total bookworm.
♥ Beginner in programming (working on Javascript and HTML)

- Parachute
- Blink182
- Artic Monkeys
- Don't you forget about me - Simple Minds
- If you leave - Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
- If you were here - Thompson Twins
- Vienna - Billy Joel
- Spring waltz - Chopin
- Movie soundtracks etc. (Anything John Hughes)


- The Breakfast Club
- Sixteen Candles
- Ferris Bueller's day off
- How to lose a guy in 10 days
- The Harry Potter series
- Anything 1980s related


- World of Warcraft
- Stardew Valley
- Life is Strange
- Borderlands 2 (If any of you guys want to help each other out here, PM me!)
- Overwatch (Contact me if you guys want to friend each other!)
- Guild Wars 2


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Do you need one more person?
- ignore me here -
@Omega Man

Hey! If you still remember me I would love to join....LIKE REALLY REALLY WOULD LIKE TO JOIN
Interested however, can we do it outside of Google Docs? Maybe Pirate Pad or something
YAYYYYYYY. I was going to check on this thread but RP guild just went bleh on me so here I am, albeit a bit dazzled and confused about what I've posted or not.
@Dark Light
No!! I don't want this RP to die!
@Burning Kitty@rocketrobie2
Awesome! I'll just wait to see if anyone else is interested otherwise I think we can start. Will notify you guys :)
@Omega Man
Gotcha. Will get that done as soon as possible (well, as soon as I can possibly manage.)
I hope you get better! Rest up, Thins! :)
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