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New member so bear with me :)
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Excuse the gif, I find myself with a certain Sherlock addiction right now.

- Parachute
- Blink182
- Artic Monkeys
- Any 80s music, bring it on!


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IRL is killing me rn so I'm so sorry for the massive massive massive delay on the CS! If only I had enough inspiration and time! I'm still interested though and will try to get it done soon (if I can)

Oh please don't wait on me...go ahead!

Real life is just about starting to catch up to me so I definitely don't want to delay you guys if I don't finish my CS in a reasonable time :)
In Star Trader 14 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Hey there! Yeah...I don't do too well with science fiction so I'd just say we can try a different story? Something both of us can be more invested in.

P.S: How have you been?

Okay I'm giving up on the fancy pants format...hopefully it'll be up soon in a simple normal style :)
In Star Trader 15 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay

Er... Thins?

Sorry the character sheet is taking a ton of time...trying to get the format right and everything :)

Woohoo! Count me in :)
Hopefully my character sheet will be up soon

Hey sorry for the bad post, I'm not exactly good at writing sci-fi and am a bit confused as to what the Maiden entails :(
Sofie felt the slight tremor in the control panel before Ed did and immediately her face turned pale, anxiety and happiness long forgotten in the wake of a threat to her dream.
"Darcy?" Her own voice felt far away to her ears. Sofie quickly reached over to slam down a button calling an alarm for the other passengers (if there were any) on the ship. They should at least be aware that they were facing trouble, right? She leaned in close to the microphone in front of her and spoke slowly.
"It seems that we have a slight problem. Please brace yourselves. Captain Darcy, please report to the front." She leaned back in her seat and spun towards a lever controlling the speed. Her fingers clutched at the rubber handle and she shakily lowered it. Nothing happened except for a sudden shake that reverberated through her bones.

Hey there! We could definitely try the minor RPs if you want to do so and it’ll also be great practice for me as well.

As for length of post I don’t expect too much, I’ve been very busy lately and as you know I wasn’t exactly in tip top shape so I honestly don’t mind. Please take your time and write whatever feels comfortably, I’ll support it :)
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