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Whelp, here's where you learn a little bit about me whether you like it or not.

Hi! You can call me Effie or ineffable or basically whatever you'd like but welcome to my little corner of the guild! I've been here for about 5 years, starting on my adventure in roleplaying in a free roleplay and moving my way up towards more high casual roleplays, which is what I'm working on right now. You can find me a lot in Slice of Life roleplays and every so often in Fantasy or Sci-fi. As for a little bit about me: I love 80s era movies and music and play an inhumane amount of video games. I am also kind of low key addicted to Dungeons and Dragons and a total bookworm with a favoring towards contemporary fiction.

Hit me up to talk about everything and anything!

Not currently roleplaying, but if you have any interesting roleplays or 1x1s please do DM me! (I check back on the site a lot)


And welcome to where I store all of the stuff that I don't need but turn out to need anyway.

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A collaboration with @Lionhearted

Cass just about saved her phone from it’s death hurtling down towards the ground but found that she herself was pretty much on the same path of travel. She tried to steady herself but found that her balance was pretty much thrown and her arms were flailing around miserably like she was a damsel in distress. Goddamnit. As Cass watched the ground fly up to her face she felt strong hands grip onto her waist and pull her back against the torso that had sent her flying in the first place. She huffed before turning to face her “rescuer”.

“Oops” Was all he said in his relaxed drawl and Cass felt the urge in her to swing at his wildly punchable face. She gripped her fists closed before she exhaled and latched her eyes on his, releasing her hands at the same moment.

“Thanks.” She forced out through her lips, twisting in the weirdly romantic hold that he had on her to look at him a bit better.

He was soft around the edges, Cass thought to herself. The same softness and glow that surrounded most kids at Alexandria Prep lit up his figure like a torch of conceit and well endowed trust funds. She gave a quiet chuckle before she stepped out of their tight embrace.

”Of course, if you hadn’t knocked into me first there would be no need for an apology.” She ribbed him, smiling before she turned to walk away.

Jayden flinched in playful fear at her immediate anger, but released his breath in relief at her sudden change of heart. Perhaps the cheeky smile really did work to calm her down, though she didn’t match the description of a girl to be easily swayed through charm. Regardless, her fist didn’t meet his face, and he got to live another day without a potential black eye. His smile faded into a neutral one, though still pleasant, and decided to keep the hold on her until she’d break from it herself.

There was a second of stillness before she tore the moment with a step out and a teasing comment. “W-Wait!” Jayden stammered, nudging forward with his body as a gesture for her to stop. Now that she was a distance away, he took note of her anomalous style that dressed her, undoubtedly enticing, stature in leather and red lipstick. There was no denying that his eyes glanced her up and down, from the skin of her thighs to the light brown of her hair.

“Maybe, I can get you an ice cream or something,” he paused— Ice cream? Fuck, that’s so childish. . .—and he stepped closer, “You know, for almost making you eat shit and all.” Maybe the ending would disguise the childlike offer.

Cass paused as she watched him give her a once over and jutted out her chin, following him with her own eyes. He was handsome, she’d give him that. All dimples and nice sharp cheekbones, a nice strong chin. Plus, she did have a thing for bad boys and he looked pretty much like the type of guys she’d go after, if not suspiciously clean shaven and glowing with warmth and dewy radiance. At least she was grateful for the lack of cigarette smoke which had floated ceasely around her past hookups. She squinted a bit more at him though because there was something in her that kind of recognized that face. But from where?

Cass watched his lips move as he spoke and arched an eyebrow as he asked her to join him for an ice cream. And without knowing what made her do it (after all, being called a reject was something else) she rolled her eyes and stepped closer.

”Why not? And maybe we can throw in a match at the hoops as well? I’m in desperate need of a partner” Cass smirked and started walking into the fair, trying her hardest to pass by the offending bulletin board without looking at it.

Jayden was taken aback, “Hoops?” He jogged forward to catch up to her, matching her pace with small strides. “I didn’t take you for a basketball kinda girl. You even any good?” He winked.

Cass slowed down so she could look him levelly in the eyes. “If I bet on it for that ice cream, would you be willing to play?”

Jayden smirked at her, “I’ll tell you what. If you beat me, I’ll let you shove the whole ice cream in my face.”

She laughed, a genuine one this time as she grabbed his arm and pulled him towards where the game was, a bit ahead of them. “I’ll gladly take that offer.” Cass squinted and lined up her shot.

Jayden jolted, her pull bringing him to the basketball game in a flash. He watched her reach for the ball and assume her stance for a shot. He grabbed a basketball of his own, resting it between his relaxed arm and his side. “Wait, wait, wait,” Jayden stopped her, resting his hand on her raised shoulder. “So what do I get if I win?”

She shrugged. "My name."

Jayden went to speak, but closed his mouth in a smile. He passed the ball between his hands absentmindedly, tilting his head to her with a flirty chuckle. “Alright. You’re on.” He dumped quarters into both of the machines, and reached to press the start button of her machine first, attempting to catch her off guard. Jayden started his own game and took his first shot with his eyes still locked on her and then moved to play with more focus.

As she watched him speak, Cass undid her intricate braid and took the time to throw back her hair wildly. It was no use to pretend to be someone else when she played. Her focus had to be on the game. He reached over to press the start button and she gave a loud laugh as she realized the dirty trick, lunging forwards to grab the first ball.

She remembered the evenings spent behind the trailers on the expanse of cracked asphalt playing basketball with all the other kids. There had only been a hoop on a cracked backboard which towered above all of them, the tallest thing that they had ever seen. She remembered playing until she was out of breath, until the fireflies had surrounded the mass of sweaty kids on the ground, backs flush with the concrete and trying to regain their breath. There had been no distractions then. No one to call her home.

Cass snapped out of her thoughts as she reached for another ball and another, rapidly firing them into the machine without concentration. She glanced at the timer and winced. They were close to finishing the game.

Jayden went into the game with lenience, but her skill took him by surprise. Basketball was only a mere hobby to him, one he’d exercise frequently to kill time. As a sporty guy, he had a knack for picking up anything sports-related and excelling at it, but Cass was giving him a run for his money. He picked up the pace, speaking between shots, “Okay, you weren’t kidding, huh?”

He noticed the timers reaching their end and his attempt to match her pace was replaced with an attempt to keep up. It seemed like he was just under her tail in points. The buzzing occurred precedingly, her game ending just before his. Jayden shot one last ball before turning to her with beads of sweat forming along his hairline—he gave her his dimpled smirk.

A tie.

“Jayden,” he told her.

Cass leaned back and took off her jacket, tying it along her waist as she tried to catch her breath. She was jolted by the offering of his name and turned to stick her hand out between them.

“Good game...Jayden.”

His hand was big against hers, his calluses rubbing the delicate skin of her palm as he gave it a soft shake. He looked down at his feet, and then back up at her. “You’re good. How long you been ballin’ for?”

Cass looked at his eyes, so warm and open and genuine that she found herself closing up a tiny bit. It had been a long time since she’d seen someone who looked that honest. Her childhood had only been full of liars.

“Been playing since I was a kid. I don’t play on the team though, my skill certainly isn’t that great.” She chuckled and started to walk out towards the ice cream booth.

“I’ll pay for the ice cream since you treated me to such a close match?”

“Hey, you gotta give yourself some credit!” Jayden confidently told her, “You shoot good. I guess we just have to see how fast you can run.” Another wink.

He laughed at her generosity towards his impending doom of an ice cream, “You really don’t have to do that.” He walked beside her, letting her lead the way until they would reach the booth. “So what else are you good at?”

“I don’t know...why don’t you guess?”

“Hmmm,” he chimed to himself. He used the opportunity to look her up and down, as if the question gave him some sort of privilege to do so without being a creep. “I feel like you’re good at punching guys you don’t like, or maybe ones that accidentally knock you over.”

“Sure, I’d take that.” She walked up to the person manning the booth and bent over to look at the ice cream flavors.

“I’ll have coffee...and could we have chocolate for that man there?” She pointed to Jayden and winked, handing over the money for the ice creams and handing his cone to him. “I took a guess you’d like chocolate.”

Jayden laughed, “I’m glad you considered my tastes before totally mashing it in my face.” He didn’t take the offered ice cream, instead he scrunched his face and put his hands behind his back. Leaning forward, he braced for impact. “Alright, I’m ready.”

Cass watched as he anticipated the ice cream and shook her head. There was no way that she would actually do what they had talked about. But she did like to have a bit of fun. She inched the ice cream closer to her face before she paused it when it touched his lips, hoping he’d get a tiny shock out of the coldness.

“It was a tie, remember?”

Jayden flinched from the cold ice cream, realizing after a short moment of anticlimax that she wasn’t going to do it. He licked his lips, “So what does that mean?” He laughed, assuming a more normal posture.

“You don’t get my name and I don’t get to smash the ice cream in your face.” Cass shrugged as she handed him the cone.

Jayden squinted his eyes at her, “Are you sure that’s how ties work?”

“Or would you prefer both?” She raised the ice cream menacingly at him.

“How about I guess?” he replied, smiling devilishly and confidently.

“My name?” Cass pushed her hair over her shoulder teasingly.

“Yeah!” Jayden took a bite from his ice cream, thinking for a moment while scrutinizing her appearance once more. He was waiting for her to get pissed with how many times he’s checked her out already. “Maddy.”

“Nope. Try again, Jay.” She winked at him.


“Nope.” She shook her head and crossed her arms. He wasn’t going to get it and as she looked at him smiling at her, Cass realized that he wouldn’t get it. Any of it.

“What if I told you that we can part ways here? You won’t know my name and maybe one day we’ll meet in the hallway and I’ll wave.” Cass paused to look at Jayden for once. “Trust me, I don’t think a pretty boy like you wants to know me.”

Jayden laughed, with his primary intention to mask his embarrassment from a girl turning away from him, but also to fill the silence of his speechlessness. “Why? You don’t seem that scary to me.” He winked at her, the predetermined challenge sparking something within him.

Cass sighed. “Not scary to you here Jayden would you know?” She raised an eyebrow at him.

Jayden closed the gap between them, maybe getting a little too close for comfort. He sighed, the minty exhale aiming downward at her. He looked her over another time, more obvious and without a proper excuse this time. “I’ve met a lot of girls, and I don’t think scary’s the word to describe you,” he said in a soft voice. He dabbed her nose with the tip of his ice cream.

Cass stared back into his eyes, a cold stare against his warm, challenging one. She rubbed at her nose and licked the ice cream off of her finger, challenging his stare.

“What would you describe me as then?”

“Hmmm,” Jayden thought to himself, impressed with the way that she could hold her gaze against his. He smirked, “Right now—‘full of surprises’. But maybe let me hangout with you a little longer and I can come up with something better.” He ended with a flirty, more sexual tone, not a tone he’d yet revealed since meeting her.

“Mmm...Nice offer but I’ll turn it up, Jay.” It was obvious he was flirting with her but she knew he was like this often and not to take too much out of it. “Listen, it was nice spending time with you. It’s hard to find someone to play me at hoops and offer me ice cream. But, I’ve got to go now. Maybe we’ll see each other again.” She started away from him at a brisk walk. “But I’d not count on it.”

“Wait!” He slouched in defeat, “Ugh, you really like walking away, huh?” Jayden caught up to her, following close behind as she walked, “Okay how about if I figure out your name then you let me see you tonight.”

“Why not?” Cass called over her shoulder as she smiled, walking away.

Jayden went to say something more, but figured he’d be better off spending his time trying to find the name of the girl. One final look at her and he was left with a challenging smirk on his face.

Georgie stood up from the fountain, wiping away the tear tracks on her cheek before she took a deep breath and headed for her vespa. She'd had enough of pretending everything was perfect when it wasn't. It'd broken her relationship, it'd broken her and now it would just break everything else she'd dreamt of for so long. She was done with it. All of it.

Georgie straddled the seat and with one push of her foot, the vespa was off and running. She steered it off of the main road running next to the high school and threw her head back as the wind rushed into her face and her hair tangled itself, strands brushing alongside her cheeks before parting to be thrown back into the wind. The small path she was riding on barely had anyone and she started to do big looping half circles as she drove. She let herself fall deliciously close to the end of the path before she headed back onto the main again, smiling and laughing like a madman as she zoomed off down the road.

As she skidded to a stop at the spot near the Surf Shack that she had met Max, Georgie smiled and leaned back on her vespa more so she could stare at the bright glaring sun. The same sun that had pushed her outside that day to help the model get her pictures. The warmness of it on her skin cheered her on and she deliriously put out her arms, feeling shivers run all through her body as the sun touched her skin. She bowed her head against the handlebars and without a warning let out a scream. It felt good to let go of the anger that had resided deep inside of her for so long. For how imperfect she was never to keep a relationship running, so much so that her parents had backed away. She was probably the reason that everyone had backed away from her. But was she to blame, for trying to be the best she could?

She was so goddamn alone that Georgie didn't know where she'd find someone else to be with her again. Her makeup was smudged from the crying and her hair was a mess from the wind. She didn't look good. And she knew that once she walked into school late, probably having missed half the day she wouldn't be doing so well then either. But she was tired of being the perfect one. The one that got her heart broken on the account that she tried to remain perfect. The one that her parents had started to ignore in the hallways, chatting into their phones about work as certificates of her photography achievements passed them by everyday on the foyer table. The one that nobody really cared about no matter how much she tried.

Georgie chuckled wryly and she heard her dry voice linger in the air. She let out one more scream, except this time she let the words flow out with it.


Cass was tired to say the least, throwing her phone and Macbeth onto the bed before flopping onto it, her hair a mess. Her back ached from having hunched over the book at the nearby coffee shop and she quickly stretched it out before taking a deep breath and launching herself from the bed in the direction of her coffee machine. Before long she had put in a Keurig pod, the small room was smelling of coffee and she had placed a nice Sinatra record on her turntable. Cass hummed under her breath as she sipped on her black coffee and began to rearrange her record collection...for the third time that day. God, was she a boring person. Cass chuckled sourly to herself before she continued to gingerly sort her beloved collection.

By the time she was done arranging her record collection (this time by color) and consumed a total of 3 mugs of coffee, Cass was dead tire. She risked a glance at her watch and groaned when she realized that it was way past dinner time. Her stomach grumbled and Cass reached over to her phone, which was blowing up with Instagram notifications from everyone attending the fair. Of course, she didn't want to go, not today. She was tired and she had just dealt with another screaming match with her brother on the phone. She definitely wasn't in the greatest state to paste on a smile and act sensibly at a school event. But...Cass scrolled down to a picture of what she could discern as candy floss through her cracked phone screen and her stomach grumbled once more. Fine.

She walked over to her mirror, redoing her eyeliner, swiping on some red lipstick and grabbing a knit cardigan before pulling her greasy hair up into a bun. There. She looked somewhat presentable. Cass grabbed her bag and was almost out the door before she doubled back to the mirror. Who was she kidding? Looking presentable was important. She couldn't dress like she had back then and risk getting made fun of again, no matter how old she was now. Cass sighed before she carefully braided her hair and twisted it up into an elaborate bun, grabbing a pair of gold triangle earrings that she carefully poked through her closed up ear lobes and changing into a skirt that whispered scratchily against her thighs. A spray of perfume that Cass coughed on and she was ready...again. She ditched the cardigan and grabbed her leather jacket before she left. At least she could look a bit like herself.

By the time Cass had walked herself over to the fair she was feeling out of it. The masses of people, the fake smiles and laughs. She was done with it all. But still the scent of pretzels in the air and spun sugar pushed her forward to the entrance where most people were crowded around. What was going on? As she walked up to it the people around her turned to look at her and whisper. What the hell was this?

Cass walked up to the board only to get an eyeful of both her own face but also her friends and a bunch of other people that she didn't really know.


Was written under her picture. She breathed through her nostrils and stepped back. Someone knew. Someone knew about her backstory, something that she'd kept under wraps for so long. And now it was up here for everyone to see. Cass shook her head, her fingers trembling as she slipped her phone out of her pocket and wrote a message to her friends. They had to see this because they were up there with everyone else. And she didn't know if it meant the same to them but she always knew when someone was out for her. And here it was. The tell tale sign.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Cassandra (Cass) Marie Clairian

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17; March 31 2002


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New York, United States of America

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Cass is...interesting, to say the least. She can be very serious when she wants to be and highly ambitious in order to reach her goals (whether that'll be in dancing or in High School Lit class) but she can also be highly emotional and reckless. When she's upset she tends to lash out without a care for anyone standing in her way. Her feelings have always been suppressed so the moment when she lets them all out scares a lot of people. However, even with that passion to her she also can be sensitive to emotions at times. She'll cry if she feels hurt but she won't let anyone know that she had. She's ashamed of her own vulnerabilities

Cass grew up in a trailer park on the outskirts of New York with her older brother. Their parents often left the kids behind often so they could be gone for weeks in order to party and travel. The Clairian kids loved their parents though, who would always be so nice to Cass and her brother when they came back. They would pamper the both with gifts and trips to far off places. Then, the next day as the kids got up early and waited for the scent of flipping pancakes, they would be gone and the kids would find only a small envelope of money in their wake. Soon after her 8th birthday however, their aunt and uncle from her dad's side who had just found out about the situation decided to adopt the two siblings, allowing with that for the Clairian kids to come into a family of riches. As her aunt and uncle has no other children the two were spoilt and taken care of with the utmost care, growing up in a penthouse apartment within Manhattan's palace of skyscrapers and seemingly not having a care in the world for their rough past. Cass doesn't know where her parents are right now and she'd rather not ask. Money should be enough to keep her satisfied right? Who cares if her own parents hadn't loved her?

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Dancing, specifically ballet. People don't really guess that I'm a dancer but I love it. Ballet requires a lot of hard work to get where you want and anything worth something always has to put up a fair fight, right? Other than ballet though, I do like kickboxing (which is typical of me, I know.)


I like exciting midnight rides on motorcycles, the carousel in the park, black tea, Jack Kerouac and the occasional sparkly vintage dress.
I hate people who think that they're all that, cigarette smoke, new books and too bright smiles.

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Considering moving to London, if not for the British bad boys and leather jackets, just simply for the rain.


Good ol' rock roll, opera and some of the classics such as reliable Mozart and Vivaldi. Fight me.


Snapping my fingers when I'm anxious, always leaving the crust on everything I eat whether pizza or toast, being an annoying serious but weirdly party animalistic person?
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Whither goest thou, America, in thy shiny car in the night?

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Will be creating a sheet soon if y'all are still accepting?

Georgie was...not feeling well if she could say so herself. It felt sickening to have to walk through the familiar hallways without Sawyer by her side and the quick reprieve that she had had with Jack in the hallways had already faded by the time she reached the bathroom door. Without even knowing it, a stray tear leaked it's way out of her eye and she pushed into the bathroom, cutting the line in order to slam a cubicle door shut and start sobbing. She slipped her phone out of her pocket and was about to compose a text to Sawyer before she stopped and gave a wry laugh. The problem was Sawyer wasn't it? It was the absence of Sawyer that hurt the most. But she had to stay strong. She couldn't go out there and be not perfect. Georgie tried to paste a smile onto her face but she felt it wobble and she dissolved into even more tears, her body shaking as she tried to wait out the tirade.

After a few minutes in which she continued sobbing and the whispers she heard from outside the stall door echoed in the tiny room Georgie wiped away a few more tears that leaked out with the scratchy toilet paper in the stall and stood up shakily. She had to compose herself before she stepped out of the stall, apologizing quickly to the people standing in line in front of her before leaving and veering off in the direction of the exit doors which she promptly passed through. Georgie made her way over to the fountain and sat on the rim of it, putting her face in her hands and listening to the gentle rumble of the water falling into the basin underneath. It was quiet outside. There was no one to gawk at her imperfectness, at her crying over a harsh break up and being undeniably, less of the happy go lucky girl that she was. There was no one here to witness her being weak. And she needed that.

Georgie remembered the goodbye as well as the crying and the subsequent breakup from that. It had taken so long for her to get together with someone that she loved and who she knew loved her for her. He knew her insecurities, all of them and he still loved her anyway. But now he had moved away to stay with his grandparents for a while and eventually their problems had created an uncrossable gap between them. Her jealousy and her insecurity with her flaws had only created more problems. He was different with her, more sensible and gentle but obviously some times when they fought he handled it with the same coldness and intense anger that he normally demonstrated in real life. It was hard for both of them when they fought and she hated it. She hated that with her he had to be gentle and always sensible, responsible and on top of it. Didn't being in a relationship entail also letting the other person be truly who they are? Not just their best selves?

Georgie took a deep breath and rocked forwards on her feet, trembling slightly. It was her fault. All of this was her fault...yet again. She shook her head. She missed him like crazy and she had only pushed him away. She had pushed everyone away. She drew in a deep breath as she stood up from the fountain and landed heavily on her scuffed boots.

"I still miss you, Sawyer. I hope you know that" She whispered.

He would never hear her voice, she knew that but hopefully, somewhere out there in the big, huge world he'd know that a piece of her still yearned for his love.
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