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Whelp, here's where you learn a little bit about me whether you like it or not.

Hi! You can call me Effie or ineffable or basically whatever you'd like but welcome to my little corner of the guild! I've been here for about 3 years, starting on my adventure in roleplaying in a free roleplay and moving my way up towards more high casual roleplays, which is what I'm working on right now. You can find me a lot in Slice of Life roleplays and every so often in Fantasy or Sci-fi. As for a little bit about me: I love 80s era movies and music and play an inhumane amount of video games. I am also kind of low key addicted to Dungeons and Dragons and a total bookworm with a favoring towards contemporary fiction.

Hit me up to talk about everything and anything!

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Jack Goff. Wide receiver extraordinaire. Even though most didn’t like him, he sure as hell made sure his name was known. He had no time to worry about the opinions of sheep, nor did he have time to worry about censoring himself and making sure he appeased everyone. He quickly learned there was just no satisfying everyone, no matter how much you tippy-toed around everything. After that, he just figured he’d do him. Whoever didn’t like it could go fuck themselves. Jack Goff cared for nobody but himself and his homies.

Currently, he was in front of his locker, grabbing a granola bar out of the snack stash he had turned his locker into. Jack was chatting up a random girl who happened to be next to him. ”...yeah! I’ve got a bunch of offers rolling in. It’s almost time for me to make my decision, and I think y’all will like it.” Jack smiled, nodding along to the girl who clearly had no idea what she was talking about.

Georgie was walking down the hallway, her camera swinging wildly around her neck as she tried to quicken up her pace to get past the certain section of lockers she called the “Danger Zone”. It was chock full of jocks and annoying twats and even though she did like some of the jocks (well, if Sawyer could be counted as one) it still was pretty annoying to get a glimpse of some of them fooling around like they were the kings of the world. Which, she supposed, in high school they pretty much were.

However, her eyes couldn’t resist grabbing onto those of Jack Goff nodding along and smiling flirtatiously with a girl who Georgie supposed was new because she looked totally oblivious to what was going on. Georgie scrunched up her nose in disgust and swiftly changed her course so she was walking instead the two instead of away from them.

”Hey,” She rounded up to the girl, locking a protective arm around her back and pushing her slightly in another direction.

”You really don’t want to be hanging around this dude. He’s kind of...well, an ass.”

Jack Goff was minding his own business, chilling and vibing on his own accord with this girl. He was having a good time, and this girl was pretty cute. Maybe he could’ve turned something out of this - for a few weeks before he’d dump her and find someone else. Things were looking up for Mr. Goff. It wasn’t until a certain someone came up and ruined the party.

As soon as Georgie came up, she totally ruined his vibe! As soon as those words left her mouth, there was a look of disgust on Jack’s face.

”Hey, what the fuck?” Jack put his arms out. It was nothing but unnecessary. ”Don’t listen to her, she’s totally bullshitting.”

”Oh, really Goff?” She crossed her arms and smiled almost smugly. Something in Jack Goff always brought out the ugly side in her.

”So...what’s her name again?”

Georgie gave the girl next to her a wide smile as if what she was doing wasn't douchey at all. Who knew, maybe this girl didn’t even need the so called rescuing but Georgie knew about the girls Jack Goff hung out with and threw away. He was a low grade Santiago and that was the most searing insult she could think of.

Shit. What was this chick’s name? ”Uh…” Jack took a second to think. It definitely started with an A. ”Ashley…?” He questioned, offering a reassuring smile as if his smile would change the girl’s name.

“’s Eliza.” The girl said, “I told you twice like five minutes ago…?” She asked curiously.

”...right. Eliza. Her name’s Eliza!” Jack then sort of realized what was going on, ”Don’t you have someone else to be fucking with right now? What are you doing here? I’m clearly trying to have a conversation here.”

Georgie smiled, because he had proved her point and flipped her hair over her shoulder in mock pride.

”Taking pictures.” She joked, flipping up the lens cap of her camera and making sure she turned the flash brightness on high as she took numerous photos up close and personal with Jack’s eyeball.

Closing his eyes at Georgie’s assault with her camera, he quickly put his hand up. ”Jesus Christ, Georgie, get that thing out of my face!” He said, rubbing his eyes and blinking once the light went away.

”Out of all the places, dude…”

Georgie laughed and pulled the camera away to look at the screen.

”Look at your ugly face!” She crowed as she stuffed the screen up at his face. The girl beside him must’ve felt pretty out of place so Georgie turned to smile at her reassuringly.

”I’m serious, darling. Don’t waste your time on this arse here.”

”Or… how about you not pay any mind to what this chick has to say and experience it for yourself? Who you gonna trust? Her, or me?”

Georgie pushed Jack slightly to the side so she was standing in front of him, facing the girl.

”The fact that he calls girls ‘chicks’ is enough evidence to leave him alone.”

The girl looked at both Georgie and Jack Goff, the gears surely grinding in her head. “I… I think I’m gonna go with this girl. Sorry. It was nice talking to you!”

Jack Goff had a look of disbelief. He was clearly not happy with this. ”Alright… you’re making a mistake, but you do you.” He then eyed Georgie, giving her a mean evil eye. ”Thanks, Georgie. Thanks a lot. Seriously.”

”No problem, Goff.” She made to turn away before she stopped and turned back round.

”What did you do during winter break, by the way?” Georgie always didn’t want to be too curious, especially when it came to those she didn’t like. But she had always wondered what Jack did in his free time other than muck about pretending to be king.

”Not meddling in other people’s business.” Jack Goff replied,

”You?” He couldn’t believe this chick just walked up and ruined his vibe like that! Everything was dandy! Up until her interference. She literally went out of her way to fuck with him.

The audacity.

Georgie smiled sweetly at his answer, trying to come up with a similar scathing remark before giving up and saying with a shrug of her shoulders “Sawyer, Gavin and I went to London. It was really nice and I got to take a ton of pictures.”

Seeing as Jack wasn’t responding she simply shrugged before lifting her fingers up in a goodbye

It was nice to see you, Jack. Hopefully we won’t meet again.”

AWWWWW always to my rescue...but if youre serious about this do you want to concoct a story that is not Georgie x Sawyer but kinda?
Here! Like discussed (kind of) still will be playing Evren :)
Hey there!

As there's a lull in my large group RPs at the moment, I'm seeking out a partner to roleplay a cute, sweet and tbh quite the dramatic relationship with me. I'm a fairly high casual kind of person so I'm looking for someone who can match me on that, or has a lot of enthusiasm for writing! Other than that, I'm pretty okay with all ideas. I mostly focus on MxF, and am a serious lover of cliches ;)

If you're interested, barrage me with replies or DMs and we can figure something out together!

Thanks everyone!

For Sunday morning's cute #fieldwood sorting out, tune in to @Moro's post
Texts sent to: Carter and Max

Georgie had a huge smile on her face as she slowly piled her books up on a shelf in her locker. This morning had been...well...She touched her lips and grinned into her hand. She was feeling beyond over the moon with everything going on, and nothing could ruin her mood. She was just about finishing stowing her supplies in her locker when she felt a tap on her shoulder.

"Missed me?"

An even huger smile spread across her face as Georgie turned to face her best friend.

"Chrysler!" She wrapped her arms around him and pulled him in close. She'd missed having him around to talk to. Even though she had Gavin and all of her girl friends, Chrysler had always been by her side no matter what and he wasn't stuck in the middle of some petty drama like all of the rest of them undoubtedly were. He'd always been a constant. And if anyone knew Georgie well enough, they knew she always appreciated constants in her life.

"I've heard all about your Sawyer antics from secret sources. Well...?" Chrysler was bouncing on the heels of his feet, his eyes filled with obvious happiness for his friend.

"We can talk about that later... Georgie winked at her friend as he led her towards the lunch room.

"Well, at least tell me what's up with Max! You've been quite the busy bee, no?"

"My god, Chrys! Let's not get into all that boy stuff...for instance, you can ask instead: Hey, Georgie! How is your entry for the photo competition going?"

"Okay then." He chuckled before continuing "How is your entry for the competition, Georgia?"

"Well, if you must know Chrysler. I think I've done a pretty good job with my entry. In fact, I've chosen the picture of Max to use as my entry. A candid shot at a beautiful location...I like it. And hopefully, it wins. Of course, I'd have to ask Max for permission but I really don't think he'd mind... " Georgia rambled as she set off walking down the hallway, Chrysler taking long lunges to catch up with her.

Chrysler smiled slyly and wiggled his eyebrows at her. Georgia returned the gesture by shaking her head and rolling her eyes at what her best friend had implicitly suggested. She quickly grabbed his arm and dragged him past the cafeteria doors, into the crowd of students surging towards the cafeteria tables.

As they lined up for the crappy standard excuse that the school called food, Georgie put a hand into her pocket and drew out her phone, deciding to send off a few texts so that her thoughts wouldn't weigh too heavily on her mind.


GEORGIA F.: hey, i swiped your number off of my friend but again...i really did appreciate you helping me out Saturday night, both with 🤮 and 🚗

GEORGIA F.: again this is probably weird as hell but i'm always up for a favor...anything you need :)

To: MAX W.

GEORGIA F.: hey, it's georgie. i was just wondering if it'd be okay to use the picture i took of you the other day as an entry to a photo competition?

She put her phone away as she grabbed a tray and sat down at one of the tables with Chrysler. Georgie wasn't sure if she should even wait and look for Sawyer but she was sure he wouldn't mind her sitting with someone else. Her stomach grumbled and Georgie stuffed a sandwich into her mouth. She listened as the other people around her table talked of the party and all of what happened there. She didn't know a lot about the other friend circles that weren't her own but from what she was hearing it seemed like they were all up to their own antics and drama. Ones that she didn't want to be too involved in.
Interested as well! Thinking of playing some kind of little princess character who’s not entirely nice...

An @ineffable and @Moro collab!

Sawyer stopped to turn and look, making sure he was being followed. Gavin noticed the look his brother was giving him, raising an eyebrow at him before answering their friend. “Well it’s no big deal. You know I’ve always got your back, girl,” he squeezed her arm and gave her a smile. Sawyer huffed softly to himself as he rolled his eyes and stepped up to the pair, stopping them in their tracks before starting to take off Gavin’s Hogwarts robe. Gavin started to complain before he figured out what his twin was doing, letting him take the robe without further complaints.

With their arms no longer locked, Sawyer draped Gavin’s robe over Georgie’s shoulders without looking directly at her, keeping his eyes on their feet as he tied the sinches around her neck loosely so the robe wouldn’t fall. Once it was done, Sawyer squeezed around the two and pulled on his mask, walking ahead of them through the crowded house and out the front door. Gavin rolled his eyes and chuckled to himself as he linked their arms again, muttering, “Poor boy. It’ll take him a moment before he realizes he has no idea where I parked.” Gavin continued his walk, guiding the girl with him through the maze of party-goers.

Georgie blushed as she watched Sawyer tie the robe around her. He was so kind and so gracious. Why had she even been stupid enough to leave him for a moment? Her neck heated up before she started to talk to Gavin.
”How’ve you been? How...How has Sawyer been?” The night seemed quiet to her ears and her voice as well as her question seemed unnaturally loud in the cold and clear air. She breathed in deep and wrinkled her nose at the smell before she squeezed Gavin’s arm tightly.

Gavin patted her arm linked with his own, rubbing it soothingly. “I’ve been well, dear. It’s never me I’m worried about, though.”

The boy sighed heavily as he walked through the threshold and stepped out into the night air again, beginning to walk across the lawn down the street some paces behind his brother who seemed to be having trouble walking in a straight line. “As for him, however…” he had to choose his next words carefully. Georgie seemed to hang on every word spoken of his brother, especially about his well-being, he knew as much. He pat her arm again before slowly continuing, “He’s doing okay. He’s pretty good at keeping himself on the straight and narrow, but when he struggles, well,” Gavin smiles and looks down at her, “You know him. He locks himself in the garage when he’s going through a bad stint and doesn’t come out till he feels somewhat normal again.”

Georgie sighed, poor Sawyer. She wished she could be with him whenever he was struggling. She wished she could spend time with him in the garage, calming him down and telling him that everything would be okay... but that would never happen. Well, not so soon anyway. Georgie shook her head in frustration as she looked up at a drunken Sawyer.
”He doesn’t know where he’s going, doesn’t he?” She asked Gavin, and not waiting for an answer she skipped (albeit quite shakily) ahead to where Sawyer was. Oh so carefully she locked her arm around him instead, relishing the feel of his skin against hers and trying not to sigh as waves of nostalgia crashed into her mind. And even though she was still drunk and couldn’t walk in a straight line herself she tried to help them both out as she leaned against him slightly, expecting him to do the same.
”Sawyer? I think maybe we should follow Gavin to the car...I’m sure he knows the way better than we do.” She stated softly.

Gavin smirked as Georgie let him go and wandered up to be with Sawyer, watching the not-couple couple walk together. Sawyer nearly jumped, looking over at Georgie as he felt his arm get snatched up and linked with her own. He couldn’t help but let a huge smile spread across his face, thankful for his mask over his face as he gently rubbed his hand over her linked arm. The boy couldn’t help but laugh as they nearly stumbled off to the side with her putting some weight on him, leaning back against her to balance themselves out to walk straight .

“Georgie?” he said in a playfully mimicking and teasing tone, resting his head tenderly on top of hers as they continued to waltz down the sidewalk, mumbling the next bit under his breath. “Yeah, I know. He slowly had them come to a stop as he turned to look back at his brother. “Care to take up the lead, brother?” Gavin chewed on his inner cheek, trying to hold back certain comments, horribly failing at attempting to hide the smirk on his face. He picked up his pace and walked around the two, giving Sawyer a look before putting a few paces between himself and the pair before taking up a more leisurely pace to allow the drunken not-couple couple to keep up.

”It’s been such a long time since I’ve talked to you, Sawyer. I’ve...I’ve missed you.” Her cheeks colored instantly as she said the words and she drew up Gavin’s cloak about her a bit more.
”How have you been?”

Sawyer smiled, his hand running over hers before realizing what he was doing and pulled away nervously, rubbing his hand across her forearm as he spoke. “I-I’ve been…” the boy grit his teeth, finding it a bit difficult to find the words. He was never good at expressing his emotions. “I’ve just been trying to keep myself busy, you know? Things have been… difficult.” Sawyer sighed heavily, squeezing her arm gently as he whispered somewhat brokenly, ‘Difficult’ would be putting it lightly, honestly.”

Georgie jumped slightly at his touch before she took in what he said, squeezing his arm comfortingly.
”I just wanted to say...I just…I’m sorry...for everything. I think I should’ve stuck with you back then and I’m really really sorry I wasn’t there. I just couldn’t take it you know? I tried, I tried, I really did. And I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you. I didn’t try harder.” Georgie sighed at her words, knowing how maybe false this all sounded. She hadn’t known that he would ever get better. She didn’t think that he would. And she was guilty for all of the thoughts that had consumed her before. Georgie wasn’t a good friend. She knew that.

Sawyer’s pace slowed as her apology kept going, and going, and going. The boy stopped her and stepped in front of her, lifting her head by her chin with his finger tenderly. “Hey, hey hey hey! Georgie, don’t. Please. he then pulled his mask off, looking her in the eyes. “I left. You understand that? I left you. You don’t get to do that to yourself.” His hand dropped to his side, a slight frown cast across his face.

“I know you couldn’t take it. I know that.” Sawyer gently wrapped his arms around the girl, hugging her tightly as he whispered in her ear, “I don’t blame you. Please don’t blame yourself. No matter what happens after tonight, you can’t allow the blame to fall on you. It was me. It was all me.”

Georgie practically melted into his hug. She’d missed it. Damn it. She’s missed so many opportunities to be with him again but she was so selfish. So into herself and so confident in how she won’t be able to be friends with him if he took drugs. Facing the problem again right now, she still wasn’t sure that she wouldn’t make the same mistake again. Georgie had a lot of faith in her relationships and she understood that sometimes they couldn’t be perfect but...with Sawyer she really thought she had the chance.

”I should’ve stuck around though. That much I know. And I’ll try to be better, I promise that to you, Sawy. It's just a bit hard, sometimes. And I want you to know that I’m not entirely okay with everything.” She stopped here to take a breath. Man was her apology long and rambly as fuck. ”But I’m working on it.”

By the time her ramble had come to a close, he slowly pulled himself away, taking up her arm again to keep themselves moving. They’d fallen significantly behind Gavin, looking back and forth down the road before turning her to cross it with her. Sawyer sighed softly, "You're not the one who has to be better. I'm the recovering addict, here."

The boy had meant it as somewhat of a joke, but it didn't seem to take very well with Georgie. They walked in silence for a few moments before she spoke up again. She seemed to want to change the subject A.S.A.P.

”Enough of my worthless apologies, though. Please tell me how you’ve been doing.”

He chuckled to himself, raising an eyebrow. “Uhm, Georgie…” the laughter was hard to contain, chuckling a little more before continuing. “You already asked me that, luv.” The boy’s smile faded slightly, looking ahead of them as they continued walking. He could see Gavin unlocking the doors ahead of them, standing at the side of the passenger door. Probably waiting for Georgie to catch up to help her up into the truck. “Your apologies aren’t worthless,” he mumbled to her as he pressed his forehead against the top of her head in a sort of endearing gesture before letting her go so she could get up into the truck.

Georgie giggled when she realized just how drunk she was before she climbed up onto the truck.
”Thanks Gavin.” She smiled at him, hoping he knew that she was also thanking him for letting Sawyer and her have some time to each other. She’d been wanting to clear up things for so long and now he’d given her the chance to.

Gavin helped the girl up into her seat, winking at her as he shut the door before turning to his brother. “Don’t tell me you need help too, bruv.” Sawyer shook his head and rolled his eyes as he pulled the door open. “No, I don’t. Bruv.” Sawyer gave his brother a knowing look, to which Gavin provided an equally knowing and mocking grin back at his brother. Once he was in his seat with his belt on, Gavin closed the door and came around the back to hop up into the driver’s side, bringing the car to life. “Alright kiddies, hold onto your butts.” Gavin chuckled at the Jurassic Park reference, pulling out onto the street as they headed home. Sawyer leaned forward, resting his head on the back of Georgie’s seat with a heavy sigh. In all honesty, he did not feel good.

Georgie turned around once she felt the weight on her seat and almost knocked her head onto Sawyer’s forehead.
”Sawyer? Are you alright?” She cast a concerned look to Gavin, who she hoped would have the answer to her question. Was he just drunk, or was something else afoot?

Saywer swallowed hard, suddenly starting to salivate profusely. “Y-yeah, I’m… I’m fine, Georgie.” Gavin could hear the underlying lie in his tone, moving the rearview mirror so he could better see his brother without having to turn around. “Bruv.” Sawyer picked up his head and gave Gavin the same grin he’d been given before getting into the truck. “I’m good. Just--” Sawyer forced himself to swallow again, “--just drive, Gav.” Gavin pressed his lips into a thin line, sighing heavily before he gave Georgie a look that said ‘hold on’ as he stepped on the gas a little more.

As they took a turn, Sawyer groaned softly into the back of the seat. “Guess I really should have cut myself off after beer pong with Yess and the boys.”

Georgie had heard of the drama inducing beer pong...and the following fight. But even though the punches that had been thrown had taken up a considerable part of her drunken thinking that night...the idea that Yessi and Sawyer were close and that he had been hanging out with her so much lately irked Georgie more.
”Hey...umm...What happened at that anyway? I think I saw you and Aiden fighting? And um...Yessi...” Georgie could barely finish her sentence so she let it trail out awkwardly, trying not to really hint at what she was thinking.

Sawyer could hear the obvious distaste in the tone of Georgie’s voice as she spoke his best friend’s name. A sudden wave of irritation washing over him, speaking his own friend’s name with a bit of venom behind his tone. “Didn’t think you’d have noticed with your beloved Max standing beside her and I at the table.” Clearly a bit irked at Georgie’s words, Sawyer took a sobering breath as he sat back in his seat and rolled down his window for some fresh air, trying to keep himself together.

Georgie literally jumped in her seat before she turned to Gavin. She was hella annoyed but she didn’t want to say much in front of Sawyer, settling instead for mouthing ’Fuck you’ in his direction. Hadn’t he known that she was making progress on Sawyer? And then he spilled about Max. Oh god. She took a deep breath and tried to sort things out in her head in order to respond. Okay, so, she did like Max but she loved Sawyer. And well, she didn’t exactly think that she and Sawyer would ever have a chance in hell in being friends again, no matter if they were, god forbid, more than that.
”He’s with…Max is back with his ex now. And I didn’t...I just thought you were with Yessi and…” God this was awkward. Her words were all jumbled up and considering she didn’t know exactly where they both stood in terms of each other...well, she liked Sawyer enough, she just wasn’t sure that he liked her the way she did him.

Gavin stiffened in his seat, his face scrunching up as he side glanced Georgie and gave her an apologetic half-smile with a mouthed apology, ‘Sorry, Geeg.’ Sawyer shook his head, knowing the gossip was probably true that Max had hooked back up with Kellie. Still. Then Yessie was brought back up again, Sawyer’s face twisted with pure confusion. “W-What?! Yess has been back for like, a couple weeks? What the hell makes you think we’re together?! I thought I wasn’t even on your radar, anymore!” The boy’s stubbornness had taken over completely, pushing out a final grumbled, “Why do you even care if she and I were together, Georgia?”

Gavin pulled the truck over to the side of the street then, coming to a semi-hard stop that sent Sawyer slamming into the back of Georgie’s seat, Gavin throwing his hand out over Georgie’s upper chest to stop her from doing the same into the dash. He threw a sharp glance back at his brother as he groaned and sat back in his seat holding his forehead as he exchanged a look with him. “Sawyer, stop..” Sawyer grit his teeth and brought both hands to the back of his head, staring up at the roof of the car with a glare that could kill. He was mad, but mostly at himself. He forced his eyes shut, taking in deep breaths to calm himself down.

“Why do I even care?” Georgie was also starting to become angry, even though she knew she definitely shouldn’t. She wasn’t even looking at Sawyer as the car came to a stop.
“You really want to ask me why? Because obviously, Sawyer... I love you! And I just want to be with you!” Georgie’s voice had started to rise and as she finally let go of what she was holding in her mind, a stray tear leaked down her face. She was fucking exhausted of all of this back and forth. She was tired of how one sided it must’ve seemed to Sawyer, how she never managed to tell him that she felt so strongly about him from the start. She needed him to know that she hurt as much as he did when they had been apart.
“There. I said it.” She shouted angrily. And now he knew.

Both the boys eyes widened, Sawyer slowly looking down to stare at the back of the headrest while Gavin let out a heavy breath and ran a hand through his hair. “Wow,” Gavin muttered under his breath, slowly stepping out of the truck to give the two some space they so clearly needed. Sawyer watched his brother go, returning his gaze back to the headrest. “You… what?”

“I...I meant what I said. I love you.” This time Georgie spoke with a resigned sigh. She tried not to look at Sawyer but she couldn’t make herself resist. Georgie cast a quick glance back to register his face before she wiped another tear from her cheek.

Sawyer noticed the tear that fell down her face before she swiped it away, quickly unbuckling his seatbelt to position himself between the seats to get a better look at her. He made her cry, and it made him feel like such a piece of shit. He gently reached over, turning her face tenderly with his hand on her cheek to make her look up at him, brushing her cheek soothingly with his thumb. "Hey, hey hey hey. Wh-why are you.." Enough questions, Sawyer, he told himself angrily. He sighed softly, looking into her eyes as he mumbled, "After all this time..." Another question. Sawyer sighed softly, cupping her face in his hands. "Georgie.."

Georgie flinched at his touch and tried not to turn away. She didn’t like for people to see her cry. But with Sawyer she knew that she could tell the truth. “Just say something....anything” she sighed and reached a hand up to cradle his.

Sawyer nearly pulled his hand away from her face until her own hand covered his own. "I..." Sawyer pressed his lips into a thin line for a moment, "Please don't be mad at me,” he muttered softly.

“Mad at you?” Georgie furrowed her eyebrows in confusion. So he didn’t love her back. Not in the way she wanted anyway. But that was okay, she just wanted to tell him what she felt. And if he didn’t feel it back...well, even though she would be heartbroken and probably would cry her eyes out for the rest of her would be okay if Sawyer was happy as he was, with or without her. That was the most important thing.

Sawyer half smiled, edging closer as he whispered, “For this,” With her face still cupped in his hands, the boy closed the distance between them and pressed his lips against hers in a tender kiss.

Georgie yelped in surprise but she didn’t say anything as she leaned into the kiss. How long had she waited for this? How fuck it. She reached behind her to unbuckle her seatbelt and turned to face him fully, stopping the kiss for one second so that she could whisper that she loved him.

Sawyer knew he’d made the right move when she pressed back into the kiss, chuckling at the yelp she’d made. He let her pull away with ease, smiling a bit wider as she repeated what she’d said before. His heart was hammering in his chest. It all seemed to be happening a bit fast. They’d just gotten back on decent terms after spending nearly two years not talking, and now they were confessing their feelings and kissing? Part of him knew he should stop, but the other part wanted this. A big part of him wanted this. He wanted her. He always wanted her. He breathed a little happy sigh, whispering shyly as if someone else but her might hear him. “I've always loved you, Georgie.”

She pressed a hand to his cheek and kissed his nose, smiling so hard that she felt like her cheeks might burst. This was it. This was what she never knew that she was waiting for. And it might sound cheesy, but she believed that nothing else could get in the way of them. They’ve already had their fair share of drama, but now...She sighed blissfully. Now, they were perfect. Throwin some shade here...don’t mind me.

Sawyer smirked and turned bright red when she kissed his nose, shying away from it a little with a small grin. The boy reached forward with both arms, wrapping her up in a gentle hug before letting out an equally blissful sigh.

♥ ♡ ♥

After their moment wedged between the front and back seats of the truck, Georgie moved herself so she was sitting in the back with Sawyer. Gavin had already walked back to the truck a few moments ago and now that they were on their way to her house, she could just spot the smile that Gavin held on his face through the rear-view mirror. She interlaced her own fingers with those of Sawyer and noticed that she sported an equally excited smile. As they pulled up to the front of her house Georgie pushed open the passenger seat door and carefully climbed out, while the events that had happened tonight were enough to sober her up considerably, she was still a bit unstable on her feet. She paused on the walkway and looked to Sawyer, half hoping and half wanting him to walk her to the door.

Sawyer couldn’t wipe the smile from his face as they rode in the back together the rest of the way to her house. When they arrived, Sawyer let Georgie get out first and was in the process of scooting across the seats when Gavin reached back and placed a firm hand on his shoulder. Sawyer looked back to meet his brother’s equally firm gaze.

“Yes?” Sawyer asked, a bit of confusion and slight brotherly irritation in his tone.

“You two need to take this slow. I don’t want her to get hurt.”

“And you think I do? You know how I’ve always felt for her. Before, it was… out of my control. I would never do anything to hurt her.”

Gavin raised his eyebrow, his tone a bit flat. Intentionally.

Sawyer narrowed his eyebrows at his brother but didn’t have much to say in response, shrugging off his brother’s grip as he slid the rest of the way out of the truck. His expression softened as he rejoined Georgie, smiling his usual smile for her as he gently took her hand in his and kissed the side of her head.

“Come on, luv. Let’s get you home,” Sawyer whispered, gently tugging her forward as they walked up to her front door.

Matt threw his canvas bag into the boat idling next to the shore before climbing in, cursing as the boat moved under his feet. He didn't like the sense of instability it gave him and he fumbled for the side rail, grabbing on and holding tight as the boat moved away from the shore and sped to the aforementioned party island in the distance. The sea wind whipped his long hair into his eyes and he sneezed as the wind passed him by. Damn, if he got a cold right now...that wouldn't be a good idea at all.

"Fuck this." He muttered, cradling his headphones tight as he braced for the boat's bumpy ride over the endless waves.

Matt was looking forwards to the party, as he always would look forwards towards a social event and free drinks but the journey there was starting to sicken him and he leaned slightly over the edge, trying hard not to throw up. By god, what kind of dad rented out an entire island for his daughter? If only he had a dad like that. Well, he did, kind of, but...Matt shook his head and jammed his headphones on over his ears, lighting up a cigarette even though it kept extinguishing itself and trying to move his mind into thinking something more positive. The ocean waves were impossibly blue to his eyes, rolling itself over and punching back down with a cascade of white sea foam following. He remembered childhood days on the beach and building sand castles that would inevitably be washed away by the water. And that was why the ocean freaked him out. As much as it rolled his stomach physically, it also made him nostalgic for better days...and that would always lead into a spiralling sense of no self control. Such a feeling that Matt would never openly accept in himself again. Not after what happened a few years back.

When the boat finally pulled up to Rachel's Island, swaying crazily in the breeze and landing with quite a crash onto the sandy surface ("Fuck, why in the world do you insist on making life hard for me?") Matt climbed out, staggering slightly on land before he righted himself and moved to get his bag. The captain of the ship gave him a disgruntled look as Matt keeled over, dry heaving before he went to heft his bag over his shoulder, struggling a bit with the weight of it all and pretending to look more macho than he really did. The captain rolled his eyes and crossed his arms around his chest. Honestly, with the whole haggard look that the captain was currently rocking, Matt reckoned that he was a living zombie devoid of any empathy.

"Look mate, I'm sea sick okay? No need to give me those eyes. By god!" He made a quick imitation of the look the captain gave him before he gave him a salute and slapped some cash into the captain's hand. "You should really stock those paper bags airplanes have for puking. I'd give you a 5 star on Boat Yelp for that...If there's such a thing. ANYways, adios!" Matt lifted up his hand in a drunken wave before he headed off into the general direction of people and sound, bracing himself to make any awkward introductions and of course, for any onslaught of Rachel-ness that would head his way soon.

As Matt stepped into the main space, it seemed to be that he had missed Rachel's big announcement. Which honestly was a bit of a shame...he did enjoy watching her exuberantly skip around and yell her head off but he'd already watched the video so he supposed he was doing just fine in the Rachel-watching aspect. He grabbed his keys and the packet before he headed off to his cabana, barely watching around him as he did. Everyone else was gathered around the bar but Matt felt that any drink that he downed, he would puke up. He jammed his key in the cabana door, hoping that Valentina was somewhere inside but as he kicked the door open he discovered that the room was devoid of the presence of his best friend. She probably hadn't arrived yet. He sighed as he flung his messenger bag onto a bed and headed to the bathroom to wash his face. The room was pretty nice and so was the view but he didn't feel it in him yet to truly take a look around. All he needed was another friend on this damn island and as he peeked a glance at the room's alarm clock, he felt hilariously let down by how early it was.

"And that, ladies and gentlemen is Matt's welcome to Paradise."

Founder's Festival

October 1st 12:20pm | Interactions w/ Jeremy Lindall (@Rabidporcupine) and a text to Zaddy Azariah (@Hoekage)

Evren knew that she needed some more information, whatever that meant. There was something seriously wrong with Salem but she was a hunter, and she needed verification that her feelings were right. Amy had given her literally none of the information that she needed but she'd pointed Evren in the right direction by talking about her coven and telling her that some of them were trying to find out what was wrong too. Heading to the Founder's Festival sounded like a good plan for now as there would be no place that crawled with supernaturals more. They liked fun and humans...and the Founder's Festival had plenty of both. Last years festival evoked particularly fun memories for Evren as she'd managed to hunt down quite a few werewolves and a vampire or two who'd been too blind by their overindulgence to pay attention to a lone girl walking home at night. The satisfaction of a kill after a day of candy floss and carnival popcorn left a particularly sweet taste in her mouth. Maybe she'd get some luck today but again, she had to be quite careful. Whatever was haunting Salem might impact the supernaturals as well. If it made them stronger, then honestly, Evren worried that she really was going to go into retirement age a bit earlier than she expected. Maybe she wouldn't try anything particularly different today. Maybe she should just walk around the festival searching for more magic users and having a normal day out in the sun, even though it sounded amazingly boring Evren really would never take such a risk without a plan. And the plan had to include all the answers to her questions first.

As Evren stepped foot into the town square, she surveyed her surroundings before sighing to herself. There were too many people and too many booths for her to be able to zero in on supernaturals easily. But she had to try anyway. Reaching into her purse she drew out a piece of note paper, scanning the list of names she'd written down before drawing out a manila envelope of photos. Slowly matching up the names with the photos and other basic information she kept the people in mind as she threaded through the crowds. The magic users were always tricky with where they could be found at differnt times of day and Evren knew that no matter how much research she did, she would never be able to pin down exactly where a coven would meet or where the individuals would be during such a large event such as the Founder's Festival. Evren let herself drift along the crowd, casting glances at the different game booths on either side. Even though she would never admit it, she loved playing carnival games...and she loved all things Founder's Fair. Perhaps for a moment she felt lonely and being one who never went without a solution to her problem Evren drew out her phone from her pocket and drafted a quick text.

TO 🖤
Hey Azzy...I'm kinda bored. @ Founder's Festival. Come and get some cotton candy together?

Firing off the text before she though too much of it, Evren headed to the nearest stall where she could see a couple of odd looking trinkets. Maybe she even recognized the shopkeep's face.

Brushing up to the table, next to a man who was already there, she threw back a lock of her hair before giving the booth owner a shiny smile, widening her eyes as she drifted a hand over the stuff lying on the table. Something about this woman was familiar so maybe her target could be her daughter or something. Either way, they would belong in the same coven and she needed all the help she could get. Catching the tail end of the dark haired man's conversation with the woman she decided that she was going to involve herself.

"That book over there-" Evren pointed to a bound leather journal relatively close to the edge of the table "Is about hunters. Pesky, nosy little things, hunters are. Interesting characters, really. They're not as fun as witches and warlocks though. I mean...not as fun to read about." Evren winked at the man before turning to give the shop woman a level headed stare.

A Collaboration between @ineffable and @Moro featuring Sawyer Lockwood and Georgia Fielders with a sprinkle of Gavin Lockwood

Gavin had managed to get himself in the middle of some other party-goers conversation, his interests suddenly peeked elsewhere as he caught his brother out of the corner of his vision. He looked pissed. Shit. Gavin began to pull away from the group before being grabbed up into a massive hug. ”Heyyyyyy !” Gavin groaned to himself but plastered a huge smile on his face for his friend, hugging her back with equal force.

Sawyer had made his way over to the bar, a long stretch of many choices to choose from. The boy thought of just snatching a whole bottle to himself, but he knew he had to hold back on things tonight or he’d have to deal with the disappointed brother looks the following morning. Sawyer snagged a bottle of Fireball from the selection and poured it into a cup, tossing it back with ease. He stood there a moment contemplating another cupful, staring down at the bottom of the plastic cup.

Georgie was heading over to the booze table when she saw a flash of a white toga pass her. Instantly her head snapped around to look. It was Max, his hair all tousled and his muscles fully on display through the fabric. She almost walked up to him to say hi but in another terrifying instant she caught his hand tangled up in another girl’s. Georgie followed the interlocked hands up to the face of Kellie Anne and her heart stuttered. Of course, Max was back with her. She was perfect and far from anything Georgie would’ve seen in herself. Georgie really had believed that was going to be able to move on from Sawyer with someone else. Some distraction that wouldn’t keep reminding her of something that could’ve been. But the plan had failed and she would have to come up with something else, a way to nurse back her heart after too many times broken and partially mended.

Much too late Georgie realized that her eyes were shining with tears. God, was she really that weak? What was one failed dream after another? She shook her head mournfully before surveying the alcohol on the table. Fireball. That sounded like a good idea. She saw another hand put it down and instantly reached out to grab it, not even bothering for a cup before pouring some of it straight down her throat and feeling the miraculous burn it left.

Sawyer sucked on his upper lip, still staring down into the cup when he finally decided on another fill. The boy went to reach out for the bottle and missed, his brow furrowing as he focused his eyes on the bar where he could have sworn he left the bottle at. He slowly pulled his eyes up to scan for whoever had taken it from him. His eyes found the prize, and had he had any drink in his mouth he’d have spit it out right then and there. Georgie.

The poor boy felt his chest get tight, swallowing anxiously. Part of him wanted to get the hell out of dodge and avoid whatever could happen in the next few moments, but the other part? The hopeless romantic who still had a lot to apologize for? He wasn’t letting the former half move his feet. As if wearing cement shoes, he was stuck in place. The boy slowly placed his Darth Vader helmet on the bar and tapped Georgie’s shoulder lightly. ”Hey, um.. Miss? Do you mind? I kind of had a claim on that first.” he kept his tone light and joking, throwing his charming smile in for added friendliness.

Georgie felt the tap on her shoulder and burst out indignantly ”Can’t a girl get over some heartbreak here? Or do you have to interrupt me?” she turned to look at the offender before tilting her head to the side. By god she was hallucinating. And her brain had come up with some strange things too. Sawyer was dressed in...well...practically nothing and he was smiling at her. The smile she’d been on and off dreaming about ever since their fight. There was no doubt about it. She had gotten way too drunk for tonight.

She huffed before she addressed Sawyer loudly ”Really brain? Are you messing with me right now? This?! This is what you come up with.” and with that she pushed what she thought was an imaginary Sawyer on the shoulder roughly. Huh. She actually felt skin under her fingers. What the hell? Georgie reaches up a hand and ran a finger along his cheek. Okay so her brain had conjured up some kind of physical deity here. Or was she touching someone else and thinking it was Sawyer? What was going on?

Sawyer’s smirk only spread when she began talking loudly to herself, his brow shooting up as she shoved his shoulder and kept his eyes on her. As she reached a hand up, his smirk faltered and his expression changed. A slight confused panic spread to his face as he tilted his head, his face burning red hot as her finger traced his cheek tenderly. Sawyer grit his teeth tightly, keeping eye contact with Georgie. The boy fought reaching his own hand up to grab hers, taking a deep breath before speaking softly as he always had to her.

”If you wanted a drink that badly, luv, all you had to do was say so.”

The boy let a bit of his previous smile return, soft and charming. ”Would hitting me over the head with the bottle help further solidify this hallucination you think you’re having of me?” Now that he thought about it, he was glad she was thinking she was hallucinating him. But..wait.... heartbreak?! Sawyer’s smile faltered slightly as a small flame burned inside of him. He knew from Gavin’s spilled gossip that Georgie had a crush on his teammate Max, but Max knew quite well that if he ever hurt Georgie there’d be hell to pay. Sawyer’s eyes scanned the crowd around them a moment. He had just been with Max. How could he have fit interaction in with Georgie between the beer pong table and the bar? Sawyer put it out of his mind and returned his gaze to the obviously drunk girl before him, smirking a bit.

Georgie listened to her hallucination speak to her before she startled back to reality. The way he spoke, the way he acted. This seemed real. And if this was real then...she was touching him. As in the actual Sawyer. Georgie gasped and withdrew her hand from his cheek quickly, her own burning up in embarrassment. She hadn’t met Sawyer face to face in such a long time and just looking at him now hurt more than she would ever openly claim.

”Sorry, Sawyer.’m just too drunk. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to push you...or touch you...or anything.”

She knew it was him now, and she was talking to him. This was good Sawyer let out a heavy sigh and half-smiled, rubbing the back of his neck firmly. ”No need to apologize, Georgie. I-it’s okay. Really.” Sawyer presses his lips into a thin line, looking down at his cup before taking a glance around at the rest of the partiers, then back to the girl before him. ”Georgie, I uhh-“ the boy’s words caught in his throat, giving the girl a look-over. Charlie Chaplin. Hmm.

He nervously laughed, suddenly remembering what he was wearing before picking up his helmet to hold it, hoping to cover up a bit more. It took a moment for Sawyer to collect his thoughts, slowly holding up his cup. ”I—I don’t think I’ve had enough yet. D-do you mind..?” He was mentally kicking himself. WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT, LOCKWOOD?! he angrily thought at himself.

She had to be more angry. That was what she would have to muster in order to get past Sawyer but she couldn’t help letting loose a small smile of her own. This was familiar. This was home. And she couldn’t help but lean in slightly as he started to talk. It was up to him to bring this in whatever direction he desired and she sure hoped that maybe they’d be able to cross a small bridge. But that was the other weaker Georgie talking. This was the guy who had given up their friendship for a never ending supply of drugs and the droppable happiness that came with a high.

As the next words fell out of her mouth Georgie was reminded again how his words could hurt her, and she recoiled away from the bottle of alcohol that she had placed down already on the table. Her features hardened and she stepped away from him slightly, gesturing with a sour expression to the Fireball.

”Go ahead.”

As his words left his mouth, he could practically feel the air around them turn cold and dense. Her body language changed as she pulled herself away from him, his heart dropping, along with his smile. Fuck. He immediately set the cup and his helmet down and took a half step closer to her, pushing past the feeling of a lump in his throat to speak to her. ”Georgie wait, please.” The boy looked down at the hand that had sprung up to reach out to her, slowly retracting it. He didn’t want to touch her and anger her further. Sawyer grit his teeth as he forced himself to take that step back, giving her space.

”Georgie, I..what I’d meant to say before, is....” He couldn’t help but stop in his tracks. He felt weak in the knees and sick to his stomach. In a rush, the boy mushed all the words together, ”GeorgieImsorryforeverything.” Sawyer ran a shaky hand through his hair, taking an even shakier breath as he held her gaze, trying to fight the tears that threatened to come pouring down. He could cry in front of her, but not here. Not in front of all these people. Especially if that prickhead Aiden decided to show his face again, it’d be all over.

Georgie stopped when she heard his voice again and mentally berated herself for following in what Sawyer said. Out of the corner of her eye she saw the hand that he had in the space between them and she wanted more than anything to hold it but she stopped herself before everything got worse. Swaying on her feet and watching the world blur around her, Georgie tried to capture all her thoughts. She watched his face carefully as he apologized and was shocked to see his eyes glistening somewhat. Was he crying? Watching him upset had always caused a pang in her heart and now her heart thudded in her chest.
”Sorry...sorry for what? What exactly took you two years to say sorry? What happened to you?” Georgie realized she was shaking and combined with her drunkenness she was sure she was close to falling over. Her vision was starting to get splotchy and the world spun on its axis. This really was the worst moment for an apology.

Sawyer visibly winced at her words, holding himself up on the bar. He too was feeling a bit woozy, doing everything in his power to keep his balance. The room seemed to be doing summersaults, and the heightened emotion going on between them wasn’t helping the matter. His voice dropped a little lower, stepping a bit closer to Georgie to close as much distance between them as possible without intruding on her personal space. Although, that seemed a bit tough to do as he was swaying slightly. His footing not as firm as he initially thought it was.

”Georgie, y-you..” the boy held his arms out to the side, nearly stumbling in the process. ”Did’ju r’ly expect me to juss let you sit there on the sidelines so you could watch me go through that? You can’t ev’n imagine how hard that shit iz to quit! You don’ know how hard it was fer me to do what I did! To myself, but most especially t-to you.” the last bit was nearly a whisper as Sawyer dropped his arms to his sides again.

”I tried... so hard to quit. For you, Georgie. You know that?” Sawyer laughed humorlessly, shaking his head as he took a step back away from her. The boy’s gaze fell to his shoes as he grit his teeth and focused on a pattern on the floor to help him stay in place. What took me two years... well, for starters.. my best friend was gone, my brother and I’s mother died, and I pushed away the only girl I ever loved!!” as he spoke, his voice grew increasingly louder, his fists that had balled up tightly in the midst of his momentary anger slowly unfolded and his shoulders dropped.

He looked around at a few people who had turned to stare, glaring a moment before his expression softened as he turned his attention back to his feet with a heavy sigh. With a more defeated tone to his words, he added softly, ”—because I didn’t wanna hurt her, and yet... that’s exactly what ended up happening anyway because I literally can’t do a single damn thing right except fuck everything up.”

It took a moment for Sawyer to realize tears had begun pouring down his face, quickly brushing the evidence away as he looked back up at Georgie, a hardened expression returning to his features. ”I’m sorry, Fielders. This was a mistake. I should have just stayed..stayed away. Good luck with… Prince Charming, or whoever it was you were so broken about before you ran into me. Hope it w-works out for you.” the boy pushed himself off of the bar and began to shuffle off towards the door. He’d had enough. He was going to go home to wallow in his self-pity.

Georgie listened as Sawyer slurred his words. She hadn’t really begin to digest much of what he was saying before he’d started talking about how he loved her. Did that mean that she hadn’t imagined it all to herself? That all the games of What if... weren’t for nothing? And he quit because of her, right, but he hadn’t decided to quit when they’d come face-to-face to it earlier, did he? She’d told him so many times that he should quit, that it would ruin him but he’d just never listen until she’d told him to choose and in the end it seemed like he had chosen the high. Not her. But he was apologizing now and he had gotten over the addiction. He was better.

Georgie remembered when she heard about Mrs. Lockwood’s death and how her heart hurt for both of them, not just Gavin who’d she’d taken care of day in and day out. She’d always wished she could’ve brought the soup she made to Sawyer as well, to give him a hug and tell him that everything would be okay. She wished she would’ve been there for him but she couldn’t because of the rift between them. Thinking of everything now, it just seemed like she had been a total and utter asshole. She’d never really made it up in her mind to actually talk to him...but maybe that was because she already knew that he didn’t value her opinion. Georgie didn’t know that she had it in her to hand him the forgiveness he deserved or not. They’d been fighting for so long and maybe he was really better off without her.

She didn’t know what to say or do but she knew, even though she was out of her mind, that the right thing to do here was to talk it out with him. When she’d done something wrong in the past she had always called him, late at night when the stars were out and she was wallowing in how she’d managed to break yet another relationship. And he’d always been there to answer her, to talk to her about everything and to tell her that maybe sometimes an apology was always the best thing. She needed to apologize to Sawyer for not being able to stick it out with him. For not being more encouraging instead of offering an ultimatum. And she needed to tell him it back, the words she’d been waiting to say for such a long time.

This was what she was going to do as she grabbed his arm and pulled him towards her, albeit shakily because the world had started to spin again. The words were cobbled together lazily but they were already spilling out.

”Sawyer! Wait! I need to tell you...I just need to tell you that I’m sorry and that I lo-”

If not for the vomit that spouted out of her mouth and sprayed all over would’ve been a perfect moment.

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