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Palm Beach Royals: Senior Year
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City of Dreams
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Interacting with: Charlotte Thorne @Akayaofthemoon and Rowan @Howilng Zinogre

As Char introduced Alfie to Rowan, he gave the other man a quick onceover. He looked like a chill dude and he seemed to value good times so Alfie tipped his head and gave a charming smile. "Nice to meet you, man. Good party that we have going here." He nodded along to the music and listened as Rowan talked in a calming drawl, casting a quick glance at Charlotte a few times to make sure she was okay with being sandwiched almost somewhat awkwardly between the two of them. Alfie only spoke again when he was accepting the beer that Rowan went to fetch.
"Thanks man, I had an obviously bad day of work. You read my mind, buddy." He chuckled and knuckled Rowan on the shoulder playfully before he took a small sip of the beer and winced, only slightly. He didn't exactly like the metallic taste of beer, he preferred a more refined wine instead but hey, this was a party and beer still had alcohol in it. Man, tonight he was going to go crazy, he needed it. Alfie waved a hand as Rowan said his goodbyes and jumped onto the stage to dance. That dude sure looked like a chill guy, he'd have to get to know him better.

Alfie looked over the rooftop and breathed out. Whatever it was with parties and beautiful woman (such as the one beside him) had always seemed to relax him to no avail. The night was a tiny bit cold but he took it in, the lights sprinkling a nice bit of limelight on everyone and the faint scent of alcohol on the wind. He put down his half empty beer and feeling particularly active, jumped onto the stage to rock out to the tunes alongside Rowan, stripping off his jacket as he went and tossing it on the floor nearby. All he had in his mind now was the clear night sky and the long expanse of stage he had to move about freely. As he did all of this he held out a hand to Charlotte.
"Would you like to dance, Madam?"
He hadn't been able to talk to her this whole past week and he missed the feel of someone's touch. Even though it would be Char's and even though he knew he had no chance in hell to get with her, he still longed for some friendliness, some spark that would set him on the right track again, god knew he had missed that for so long.

Location: King's Academy
Interacting with: Carter Newton

Georgie nodded in agreement with what Carter said about Mr. Roberts as she poked at her burger distrustingly (if you could even distrust a burger that is) and chewed on a cold fry. She was anticipating his response to where he had gotten those amazing smelling empanadas, almost reaching for a pen and paper to jot down the name of the shop but stopping herself at the last minute as Carter replied to her.
"Mi madre made them for me. Usually it's just leftovers from whatever we ate the night before, but since we didn't have any family dinners this weekend she just cooked these last night before she went to bed. She knows that I don't like the food here, so..." As he talked Georgie felt a sense of nostalgia take over her. When she was small she remembered her dad making her snacks to take to school and her mom packing her lunches, or even her brothers sneaking in an occasional chocolate bar but now...well, there was no one to take care of her lunch anymore, or make her home cooked meals. Her brothers were away at university and her mother and father were out of the house before she even woke up to go to school, returning so late and tired that she didn't want to bother them with cooking her food. She usually ordered in or lived off of stale, microwaved pizza from the night before. She missed her dad's mac and cheese, her mom's scribbled notes that she would frequently leave in Georgie's lunch bag. Time had changed.

"You're welcome to try a few." Georgie snapped out of her nostalgia trip and shook her head no when he asked if she had any allergies, bursting into a wide smile as he said that she could try some of his lunch. Gingerly, she picked out one empanada and bit into it, savouring the meat inside and the hint of the spices that came along with it.
"Oh my god, this is so good. Tell your mom I'd be willing to buy these, if she's ever selling or if she's offering a recipe." Georgie closed her eyes and spread her slightly greasy lips into another wide smile. It'd been a long time since she felt warmth, not just from the empanadas but from the heart that had made them.
"Thank you Carter, It's been a long time since I've had a homecooked meal." Georgie looked away for a second, embarrassed at her blunt sharing of her inner family workings and lightly slapped her thigh. God, would that comment make her family look bad?
@DisturbedSpec Shoot! I was writing when you posted so we might have some weird overlapping interaction. Do you want me to edit my post to take out the hello pepper moment from Alfie or..?

Interacting with: Pepper Thompson @DisturbedSpec, Kyla Jones @Ejected and Charlotte Thorne @Akayaofthemoon

Alfie woke up tangled in his bedsheets, swearing at his stupid beeping alarm. He slammed the stop button and dragged himself out of bed, the overhanging drunkenness from last night still pursuing a heavy grip on his brain. Staggering to the bathroom, Alfie ran a quick cold shower, hopping in and trying to wash the sticky feeling from his face. Pushing the water faucet shut he gets out and goes to change into a collared shirt and work pants, trailing water droplets behind him on the carpet as he went. As Alfie fastens his belt he hears the sound of another door slamming. One of his roommates was awake. Stepping out of his room, Alfie lays his watch on his wrist and pours himself some Cinnamon Toast Crunch, layering over some chocolate milk on top into what he suspects is a clean bowl. Alfie is halfway out the door, spoon almost to his mouth before he realises that Pepper is at the table and he must've just breezed past her. Retreating a few steps back Alfie waves a hand.
"Hey Pep, Good morning! I'm just going to head out to work right now, but I hope you have an amazing day, angel." Alfie smiles at her and moves to pat her shoulder softly. He always liked Pepper and found her endearing. She was a nice soul and he appreciated her kindness and tolerance whenever he came home late or drunk...or both. Plus, she was pretty cool in her own right. Alfie grabs his bag from where it was lying on the sofa from the night before and walks out of the door, shutting it softly behind him as he went and filling in the RSVP form for the party that night before making his way out of the apartment complex.

Ordering an Uber on his phone, he quickly ducks inside the car and spend the ride to work tapping on his phone. As of now, he had no romances to keep alive. He was too busy trying to secure his inheritance to spend time worrying about people rejecting his advances. However...

ALFIE: hey kyla, r ya going to the tenant part 2nite? u better be there because im in desperate need of a familiar face to flirt with ;)
Sent to Kyla Jones

She was after all a friend...and great fun. He needed some fun tonight, after going into withdrawal for so long. Alfie rolled his eyes at himself before the car screeched to a halt and he got out. Time for torture.


Alfie walked out of work tired and in need of a break. Today had been a never ending string of conference after conference after conference with only meager coffee breaks in between. God, was this all so difficult. He wished he could just lay off for a bit but he couldn't do that...not with his father's eye on him. Alfie crumpled up his coffee cup in frustration and huffed as he threw it in the nearby trash bin before ducking inside a convenience store to get a jumbo bag of chips and a cheap bottle of wine for the party tonight. Slinging his purchases over his shoulder, Alfie decides to walk home, the sound of the streetlights flickering on and the distant rumbling of music from a nearby night club calming his frayed nerves. It was nice to be away from the hustle and bustle sometimes. He had a clear mind tonight and could actually hear himself think coherently. Flicking a pebble out of the way with the tip of his leather shoe he walks up the steps to his apartment room, deposits his bag on the couch and takes the cereal bowl that he accidentally took to work with him to place in the sink. It was pretty early, considering that he would've had to work all day when the company had conferences, but his father had lost his temper in one and after that, well...people just tended to try to get everything done faster so they could get the hell out of there.

When Alfie bursts through the rooftop door he is surprised to see quite the crowd gathered up here. It was pretty though, so he could see the appeal. Plus it was a party. Looking over the area he could see the twinkling string lights and the darkening night and felt instantly at ease. Placing down the bottle of wine and bag of chips on the communal table he walks up to a familiar figure and taps her on the shoulder.
"Charlie? How are ya?" He hadn't seen her leave this morning and especially in this week, since he was so busy with work, he hadn't been able to talk much to both of his roommates. But here, he could catch up with them and talk a bit. After all, talking always healed any problems he had at the moment.

Location: King's Academy
Interacting with: Carter Newton

Georgie picked at her food listlessly as she grabbed her phone and swiped through it absentmindedly. She thought back to the weekend she'd had and smiled a small bit, caught up in the fun she'd had and the pictures she'd taken. Which reminded her, she still needed to take those photos to be developed in the dark room if she'd wanted it to be entered into any competitions. But first...she had to get through lunch. Her stomach rumbled as she set down her phone and dug in, her hand hanging over her eyes and obscuring her view of what was happening in front of her. She'd settled to eating her lunch outside on one of the picnic tables and took in the sounds of cars whizzing by, the breeze brushing her arms softly. The bubbling of a fountain somewhere nearby made her smile and she closed her eyes, if only for a bit.

"You don't mind if I sit here, do you?" Georgie shook her head no and snapped her eyelids open. She didn't look up to see who had just spoken as a fry hanging halfway to her mouth still. Whoever it was she didn't care too much anyway. Georgie didn't exactly recognise the voice after all.
"You're Georgia, right? I think we have a class together... English, right?"
Georgie looked up to see the face of Carter Newton and almost laughed. They'd never really talked in class so she didn't recognise his voice but now that she saw who it was, she was pleasantly surprised that he'd chosen to come sit with her.
"You can call me Georgie, everyone does. And yes, we do have English together. Mr. Roberts is an absolute scare." She glanced longingly at his beef empanadas and took a quick survey of her own disgusting cafeteria food. God, would she have loved a bite of that.
"Sorry, but that smells delicious...where did you get it from?" She asked bluntly. She supposed he must've bought it from somewhere, seeing as no one's parents here at Palm Beach really did make homemade meals for their children. It was either Michelin star restaurants or die. She smiled back up at Carter.

Do I port him over to the characters tab?

@Akayaofthemoon@rougeLily Here's my CS! I'll pm you the extra details in a bit! :)

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Hi! Hi! I know I'm late but life has been crazy busy. I think I'll submit in a male character but don't wait up for my CS, it may take some time to format out and everything, and even then I need to think through my irl priorities. If i'm not able to write I'll be reading!
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