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Whelp, here's where you learn a little bit about me whether you like it or not.

Hi! You can call me Effie or ineffable or basically whatever you'd like but welcome to my little corner of the guild! I've been here for about 3 years, starting on my adventure in roleplaying in a free roleplay and moving my way up towards more high casual roleplays, which is what I'm working on right now. You can find me a lot in Slice of Life roleplays and every so often in Fantasy or Sci-fi. As for a little bit about me: I love 80s era movies and music and play an inhumane amount of video games. I am also kind of low key addicted to Dungeons and Dragons and a total bookworm with a favoring towards contemporary fiction. Hit me up to talk about everything and anything!

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Matt threw his canvas bag into the boat idling next to the shore before climbing in, cursing as the boat moved under his feet. He didn't like the sense of instability it gave him and he fumbled for the side rail, grabbing on and holding tight as the boat moved away from the shore and sped to the aforementioned party island in the distance. The sea wind whipped his long hair into his eyes and he sneezed as the wind passed him by. Damn, if he got a cold right now...that wouldn't be a good idea at all.

"Fuck this." He muttered, cradling his headphones tight as he braced for the boat's bumpy ride over the endless waves.

Matt was looking forwards to the party, as he always would look forwards towards a social event and free drinks but the journey there was starting to sicken him and he leaned slightly over the edge, trying hard not to throw up. By god, what kind of dad rented out an entire island for his daughter? If only he had a dad like that. Well, he did, kind of, but...Matt shook his head and jammed his headphones on over his ears, lighting up a cigarette even though it kept extinguishing itself and trying to move his mind into thinking something more positive. The ocean waves were impossibly blue to his eyes, rolling itself over and punching back down with a cascade of white sea foam following. He remembered childhood days on the beach and building sand castles that would inevitably be washed away by the water. And that was why the ocean freaked him out. As much as it rolled his stomach physically, it also made him nostalgic for better days...and that would always lead into a spiralling sense of no self control. Such a feeling that Matt would never openly accept in himself again. Not after what happened a few years back.

When the boat finally pulled up to Rachel's Island, swaying crazily in the breeze and landing with quite a crash onto the sandy surface ("Fuck, why in the world do you insist on making life hard for me?") Matt climbed out, staggering slightly on land before he righted himself and moved to get his bag. The captain of the ship gave him a disgruntled look as Matt keeled over, dry heaving before he went to heft his bag over his shoulder, struggling a bit with the weight of it all and pretending to look more macho than he really did. The captain rolled his eyes and crossed his arms around his chest. Honestly, with the whole haggard look that the captain was currently rocking, Matt reckoned that he was a living zombie devoid of any empathy.

"Look mate, I'm sea sick okay? No need to give me those eyes. By god!" He made a quick imitation of the look the captain gave him before he gave him a salute and slapped some cash into the captain's hand. "You should really stock those paper bags airplanes have for puking. I'd give you a 5 star on Boat Yelp for that...If there's such a thing. ANYways, adios!" Matt lifted up his hand in a drunken wave before he headed off into the general direction of people and sound, bracing himself to make any awkward introductions and of course, for any onslaught of Rachel-ness that would head his way soon.

As Matt stepped into the main space, it seemed to be that he had missed Rachel's big announcement. Which honestly was a bit of a shame...he did enjoy watching her exuberantly skip around and yell her head off but he'd already watched the video so he supposed he was doing just fine in the Rachel-watching aspect. He grabbed his keys and the packet before he headed off to his cabana, barely watching around him as he did. Everyone else was gathered around the bar but Matt felt that any drink that he downed, he would puke up. He jammed his key in the cabana door, hoping that Valentina was somewhere inside but as he kicked the door open he discovered that the room was devoid of the presence of his best friend. She probably hadn't arrived yet. He sighed as he flung his messenger bag onto a bed and headed to the bathroom to wash his face. The room was pretty nice and so was the view but he didn't feel it in him yet to truly take a look around. All he needed was another friend on this damn island and as he peeked a glance at the room's alarm clock, he felt hilariously let down by how early it was.

"And that, ladies and gentlemen is Matt's welcome to Paradise."

Founder's Festival

October 1st 12:20pm | Interactions w/ Jeremy Lindall (@Rabidporcupine) and a text to Zaddy Azariah (@Hoekage)

Evren knew that she needed some more information, whatever that meant. There was something seriously wrong with Salem but she was a hunter, and she needed verification that her feelings were right. Amy had given her literally none of the information that she needed but she'd pointed Evren in the right direction by talking about her coven and telling her that some of them were trying to find out what was wrong too. Heading to the Founder's Festival sounded like a good plan for now as there would be no place that crawled with supernaturals more. They liked fun and humans...and the Founder's Festival had plenty of both. Last years festival evoked particularly fun memories for Evren as she'd managed to hunt down quite a few werewolves and a vampire or two who'd been too blind by their overindulgence to pay attention to a lone girl walking home at night. The satisfaction of a kill after a day of candy floss and carnival popcorn left a particularly sweet taste in her mouth. Maybe she'd get some luck today but again, she had to be quite careful. Whatever was haunting Salem might impact the supernaturals as well. If it made them stronger, then honestly, Evren worried that she really was going to go into retirement age a bit earlier than she expected. Maybe she wouldn't try anything particularly different today. Maybe she should just walk around the festival searching for more magic users and having a normal day out in the sun, even though it sounded amazingly boring Evren really would never take such a risk without a plan. And the plan had to include all the answers to her questions first.

As Evren stepped foot into the town square, she surveyed her surroundings before sighing to herself. There were too many people and too many booths for her to be able to zero in on supernaturals easily. But she had to try anyway. Reaching into her purse she drew out a piece of note paper, scanning the list of names she'd written down before drawing out a manila envelope of photos. Slowly matching up the names with the photos and other basic information she kept the people in mind as she threaded through the crowds. The magic users were always tricky with where they could be found at differnt times of day and Evren knew that no matter how much research she did, she would never be able to pin down exactly where a coven would meet or where the individuals would be during such a large event such as the Founder's Festival. Evren let herself drift along the crowd, casting glances at the different game booths on either side. Even though she would never admit it, she loved playing carnival games...and she loved all things Founder's Fair. Perhaps for a moment she felt lonely and being one who never went without a solution to her problem Evren drew out her phone from her pocket and drafted a quick text.

TO 🖤
Hey Azzy...I'm kinda bored. @ Founder's Festival. Come and get some cotton candy together?

Firing off the text before she though too much of it, Evren headed to the nearest stall where she could see a couple of odd looking trinkets. Maybe she even recognized the shopkeep's face.

Brushing up to the table, next to a man who was already there, she threw back a lock of her hair before giving the booth owner a shiny smile, widening her eyes as she drifted a hand over the stuff lying on the table. Something about this woman was familiar so maybe her target could be her daughter or something. Either way, they would belong in the same coven and she needed all the help she could get. Catching the tail end of the dark haired man's conversation with the woman she decided that she was going to involve herself.

"That book over there-" Evren pointed to a bound leather journal relatively close to the edge of the table "Is about hunters. Pesky, nosy little things, hunters are. Interesting characters, really. They're not as fun as witches and warlocks though. I mean...not as fun to read about." Evren winked at the man before turning to give the shop woman a level headed stare.

A Collaboration between @ineffable and @Moro featuring Sawyer Lockwood and Georgia Fielders with a sprinkle of Gavin Lockwood

Gavin had managed to get himself in the middle of some other party-goers conversation, his interests suddenly peeked elsewhere as he caught his brother out of the corner of his vision. He looked pissed. Shit. Gavin began to pull away from the group before being grabbed up into a massive hug. ”Heyyyyyy !” Gavin groaned to himself but plastered a huge smile on his face for his friend, hugging her back with equal force.

Sawyer had made his way over to the bar, a long stretch of many choices to choose from. The boy thought of just snatching a whole bottle to himself, but he knew he had to hold back on things tonight or he’d have to deal with the disappointed brother looks the following morning. Sawyer snagged a bottle of Fireball from the selection and poured it into a cup, tossing it back with ease. He stood there a moment contemplating another cupful, staring down at the bottom of the plastic cup.

Georgie was heading over to the booze table when she saw a flash of a white toga pass her. Instantly her head snapped around to look. It was Max, his hair all tousled and his muscles fully on display through the fabric. She almost walked up to him to say hi but in another terrifying instant she caught his hand tangled up in another girl’s. Georgie followed the interlocked hands up to the face of Kellie Anne and her heart stuttered. Of course, Max was back with her. She was perfect and far from anything Georgie would’ve seen in herself. Georgie really had believed that was going to be able to move on from Sawyer with someone else. Some distraction that wouldn’t keep reminding her of something that could’ve been. But the plan had failed and she would have to come up with something else, a way to nurse back her heart after too many times broken and partially mended.

Much too late Georgie realized that her eyes were shining with tears. God, was she really that weak? What was one failed dream after another? She shook her head mournfully before surveying the alcohol on the table. Fireball. That sounded like a good idea. She saw another hand put it down and instantly reached out to grab it, not even bothering for a cup before pouring some of it straight down her throat and feeling the miraculous burn it left.

Sawyer sucked on his upper lip, still staring down into the cup when he finally decided on another fill. The boy went to reach out for the bottle and missed, his brow furrowing as he focused his eyes on the bar where he could have sworn he left the bottle at. He slowly pulled his eyes up to scan for whoever had taken it from him. His eyes found the prize, and had he had any drink in his mouth he’d have spit it out right then and there. Georgie.

The poor boy felt his chest get tight, swallowing anxiously. Part of him wanted to get the hell out of dodge and avoid whatever could happen in the next few moments, but the other part? The hopeless romantic who still had a lot to apologize for? He wasn’t letting the former half move his feet. As if wearing cement shoes, he was stuck in place. The boy slowly placed his Darth Vader helmet on the bar and tapped Georgie’s shoulder lightly. ”Hey, um.. Miss? Do you mind? I kind of had a claim on that first.” he kept his tone light and joking, throwing his charming smile in for added friendliness.

Georgie felt the tap on her shoulder and burst out indignantly ”Can’t a girl get over some heartbreak here? Or do you have to interrupt me?” she turned to look at the offender before tilting her head to the side. By god she was hallucinating. And her brain had come up with some strange things too. Sawyer was dressed in...well...practically nothing and he was smiling at her. The smile she’d been on and off dreaming about ever since their fight. There was no doubt about it. She had gotten way too drunk for tonight.

She huffed before she addressed Sawyer loudly ”Really brain? Are you messing with me right now? This?! This is what you come up with.” and with that she pushed what she thought was an imaginary Sawyer on the shoulder roughly. Huh. She actually felt skin under her fingers. What the hell? Georgie reaches up a hand and ran a finger along his cheek. Okay so her brain had conjured up some kind of physical deity here. Or was she touching someone else and thinking it was Sawyer? What was going on?

Sawyer’s smirk only spread when she began talking loudly to herself, his brow shooting up as she shoved his shoulder and kept his eyes on her. As she reached a hand up, his smirk faltered and his expression changed. A slight confused panic spread to his face as he tilted his head, his face burning red hot as her finger traced his cheek tenderly. Sawyer grit his teeth tightly, keeping eye contact with Georgie. The boy fought reaching his own hand up to grab hers, taking a deep breath before speaking softly as he always had to her.

”If you wanted a drink that badly, luv, all you had to do was say so.”

The boy let a bit of his previous smile return, soft and charming. ”Would hitting me over the head with the bottle help further solidify this hallucination you think you’re having of me?” Now that he thought about it, he was glad she was thinking she was hallucinating him. But..wait.... heartbreak?! Sawyer’s smile faltered slightly as a small flame burned inside of him. He knew from Gavin’s spilled gossip that Georgie had a crush on his teammate Max, but Max knew quite well that if he ever hurt Georgie there’d be hell to pay. Sawyer’s eyes scanned the crowd around them a moment. He had just been with Max. How could he have fit interaction in with Georgie between the beer pong table and the bar? Sawyer put it out of his mind and returned his gaze to the obviously drunk girl before him, smirking a bit.

Georgie listened to her hallucination speak to her before she startled back to reality. The way he spoke, the way he acted. This seemed real. And if this was real then...she was touching him. As in the actual Sawyer. Georgie gasped and withdrew her hand from his cheek quickly, her own burning up in embarrassment. She hadn’t met Sawyer face to face in such a long time and just looking at him now hurt more than she would ever openly claim.

”Sorry, Sawyer.’m just too drunk. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to push you...or touch you...or anything.”

She knew it was him now, and she was talking to him. This was good Sawyer let out a heavy sigh and half-smiled, rubbing the back of his neck firmly. ”No need to apologize, Georgie. I-it’s okay. Really.” Sawyer presses his lips into a thin line, looking down at his cup before taking a glance around at the rest of the partiers, then back to the girl before him. ”Georgie, I uhh-“ the boy’s words caught in his throat, giving the girl a look-over. Charlie Chaplin. Hmm.

He nervously laughed, suddenly remembering what he was wearing before picking up his helmet to hold it, hoping to cover up a bit more. It took a moment for Sawyer to collect his thoughts, slowly holding up his cup. ”I—I don’t think I’ve had enough yet. D-do you mind..?” He was mentally kicking himself. WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT, LOCKWOOD?! he angrily thought at himself.

She had to be more angry. That was what she would have to muster in order to get past Sawyer but she couldn’t help letting loose a small smile of her own. This was familiar. This was home. And she couldn’t help but lean in slightly as he started to talk. It was up to him to bring this in whatever direction he desired and she sure hoped that maybe they’d be able to cross a small bridge. But that was the other weaker Georgie talking. This was the guy who had given up their friendship for a never ending supply of drugs and the droppable happiness that came with a high.

As the next words fell out of her mouth Georgie was reminded again how his words could hurt her, and she recoiled away from the bottle of alcohol that she had placed down already on the table. Her features hardened and she stepped away from him slightly, gesturing with a sour expression to the Fireball.

”Go ahead.”

As his words left his mouth, he could practically feel the air around them turn cold and dense. Her body language changed as she pulled herself away from him, his heart dropping, along with his smile. Fuck. He immediately set the cup and his helmet down and took a half step closer to her, pushing past the feeling of a lump in his throat to speak to her. ”Georgie wait, please.” The boy looked down at the hand that had sprung up to reach out to her, slowly retracting it. He didn’t want to touch her and anger her further. Sawyer grit his teeth as he forced himself to take that step back, giving her space.

”Georgie, I..what I’d meant to say before, is....” He couldn’t help but stop in his tracks. He felt weak in the knees and sick to his stomach. In a rush, the boy mushed all the words together, ”GeorgieImsorryforeverything.” Sawyer ran a shaky hand through his hair, taking an even shakier breath as he held her gaze, trying to fight the tears that threatened to come pouring down. He could cry in front of her, but not here. Not in front of all these people. Especially if that prickhead Aiden decided to show his face again, it’d be all over.

Georgie stopped when she heard his voice again and mentally berated herself for following in what Sawyer said. Out of the corner of her eye she saw the hand that he had in the space between them and she wanted more than anything to hold it but she stopped herself before everything got worse. Swaying on her feet and watching the world blur around her, Georgie tried to capture all her thoughts. She watched his face carefully as he apologized and was shocked to see his eyes glistening somewhat. Was he crying? Watching him upset had always caused a pang in her heart and now her heart thudded in her chest.
”Sorry...sorry for what? What exactly took you two years to say sorry? What happened to you?” Georgie realized she was shaking and combined with her drunkenness she was sure she was close to falling over. Her vision was starting to get splotchy and the world spun on its axis. This really was the worst moment for an apology.

Sawyer visibly winced at her words, holding himself up on the bar. He too was feeling a bit woozy, doing everything in his power to keep his balance. The room seemed to be doing summersaults, and the heightened emotion going on between them wasn’t helping the matter. His voice dropped a little lower, stepping a bit closer to Georgie to close as much distance between them as possible without intruding on her personal space. Although, that seemed a bit tough to do as he was swaying slightly. His footing not as firm as he initially thought it was.

”Georgie, y-you..” the boy held his arms out to the side, nearly stumbling in the process. ”Did’ju r’ly expect me to juss let you sit there on the sidelines so you could watch me go through that? You can’t ev’n imagine how hard that shit iz to quit! You don’ know how hard it was fer me to do what I did! To myself, but most especially t-to you.” the last bit was nearly a whisper as Sawyer dropped his arms to his sides again.

”I tried... so hard to quit. For you, Georgie. You know that?” Sawyer laughed humorlessly, shaking his head as he took a step back away from her. The boy’s gaze fell to his shoes as he grit his teeth and focused on a pattern on the floor to help him stay in place. What took me two years... well, for starters.. my best friend was gone, my brother and I’s mother died, and I pushed away the only girl I ever loved!!” as he spoke, his voice grew increasingly louder, his fists that had balled up tightly in the midst of his momentary anger slowly unfolded and his shoulders dropped.

He looked around at a few people who had turned to stare, glaring a moment before his expression softened as he turned his attention back to his feet with a heavy sigh. With a more defeated tone to his words, he added softly, ”—because I didn’t wanna hurt her, and yet... that’s exactly what ended up happening anyway because I literally can’t do a single damn thing right except fuck everything up.”

It took a moment for Sawyer to realize tears had begun pouring down his face, quickly brushing the evidence away as he looked back up at Georgie, a hardened expression returning to his features. ”I’m sorry, Fielders. This was a mistake. I should have just stayed..stayed away. Good luck with… Prince Charming, or whoever it was you were so broken about before you ran into me. Hope it w-works out for you.” the boy pushed himself off of the bar and began to shuffle off towards the door. He’d had enough. He was going to go home to wallow in his self-pity.

Georgie listened as Sawyer slurred his words. She hadn’t really begin to digest much of what he was saying before he’d started talking about how he loved her. Did that mean that she hadn’t imagined it all to herself? That all the games of What if... weren’t for nothing? And he quit because of her, right, but he hadn’t decided to quit when they’d come face-to-face to it earlier, did he? She’d told him so many times that he should quit, that it would ruin him but he’d just never listen until she’d told him to choose and in the end it seemed like he had chosen the high. Not her. But he was apologizing now and he had gotten over the addiction. He was better.

Georgie remembered when she heard about Mrs. Lockwood’s death and how her heart hurt for both of them, not just Gavin who’d she’d taken care of day in and day out. She’d always wished she could’ve brought the soup she made to Sawyer as well, to give him a hug and tell him that everything would be okay. She wished she would’ve been there for him but she couldn’t because of the rift between them. Thinking of everything now, it just seemed like she had been a total and utter asshole. She’d never really made it up in her mind to actually talk to him...but maybe that was because she already knew that he didn’t value her opinion. Georgie didn’t know that she had it in her to hand him the forgiveness he deserved or not. They’d been fighting for so long and maybe he was really better off without her.

She didn’t know what to say or do but she knew, even though she was out of her mind, that the right thing to do here was to talk it out with him. When she’d done something wrong in the past she had always called him, late at night when the stars were out and she was wallowing in how she’d managed to break yet another relationship. And he’d always been there to answer her, to talk to her about everything and to tell her that maybe sometimes an apology was always the best thing. She needed to apologize to Sawyer for not being able to stick it out with him. For not being more encouraging instead of offering an ultimatum. And she needed to tell him it back, the words she’d been waiting to say for such a long time.

This was what she was going to do as she grabbed his arm and pulled him towards her, albeit shakily because the world had started to spin again. The words were cobbled together lazily but they were already spilling out.

”Sawyer! Wait! I need to tell you...I just need to tell you that I’m sorry and that I lo-”

If not for the vomit that spouted out of her mouth and sprayed all over would’ve been a perfect moment.


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Hunter's Hideaway

October 1st 12:00pm | Interactions w/ Hunter NPCs and a Dark Magic using Witch

Evren paced around the bar area of the farmhouse, her fingers reaching out and touching a bottle lightly before she grabbed it fully and downed it, not that that would do her any favors in training later, but oh well. Her hair hung in sweaty strands on either side of her face and she brushed them back impatiently. Why was he taking so god damn long? Evren placed the liquor bottle on the counter gently but contradicted this action by her slamming her palm on the wooden surface. Evren Arthur needed answers...and she'd better get them now. As she moved over to the couch and slowly lowered herself onto it she heard the farm door slamming closed and immediately got back up again, her body tense as she awaited an answer.

Everett appeared before her, coolly calm as she reached down and pulled out one of her more inferior daggers out of her boot, flipping it by the hilt so she had a proper hold on it as she advanced towards the lazy little brute.

"Well? Do you have an answer?" She faced Everett head on as he looked back down at her, his eyes unreadable.

"Why ask Everett when you can ask me?" Augustus appeared beside Everett and leaned a toned arm against the doorway, raising an eyebrow at the dagger she was gripping in her hand. "What're you planning to do with that, angel?"

Evren gave the dagger one last cycle around her spinning fingers before she rapidly turned and chucked it in the direction of the two hunters. They barely moved as the dagger embedded itself securely a mere centimetre away from Everett's head. Augustus chuckled and saluted at her.

"Don't keep me waiting. Spit it out."

"We hunted down the witch, and you're right. She confirmed that there has been something wrong around these parts...but she just doesn't know what." Everett spoke the words that Evren had been dreading, her furrowed brow an indication of just exactly how worried she was about the recent development.

Evren had noticed something wrong for a couple of days now. The lone supernaturals were behaving strangely when they were hunted down, believing that the hunters brigade had something to do with whatever was going on even though they didn't. She'd heard the whisperings of the dark magic using witches and warlocks they've caught and picked up on it pretty quickly. The problem had been in her head for days and she'd been frantically reading up on as many journals and hunter history books as she could find to see if anything of the sort had happened before. She had found nothing. Was it going to make the supernaturals stronger? What exactly was the meaning of this feeling? And lastly, the question that she hadn't allowed herself to ask: Would it affect her dad? Evren shook off the worrying thoughts as she brushed past the two hunters to reach the door. She was going to go and check up on the witch that Everett and Augustus were taking care of, that at least seemed like the best she could do for now.
"You didn't kill her yet, did you?" Evren pulled on her coat and tossed back her strawberry blonde locks from the confines of the jacket.

"Nope, we left her all to your highness."Augustus mock bowed and poured himself a drink from the bottle she'd left on the counter, offering one glass to Everett who eyed her cautiously before taking a sip.

"I'm going to go get more info. Hold down the fort and if you can...I'd like a werewolf here by tonight. God knows I need the fun." She gave instructions, shouting them over her shoulder as she crossed the threshold and headed out to the shed, some ways away from the main farmhouse.

Evren pulled the door open and peered into the room, grabbing another knife from the pile on the shelf. She glanced down at the dried blood on the blade and gave it a quick sniff. It seemed to have been the killer of a witch or warlock, the smell averagely mundane. She hadn't killed any magic users this week so it must've been one of the others. There was no reason to kill them, not if they could come in useful one day, but if one of her hunters had a problem with their kind then she really wasn't one to argue. She creeped closer to the edge of the room and spotted the unconscious witch tied up in the corner, her long black hair hanging matted and dirty over the edge of the screwed in metal chair and her lips fully covered with a tight cloth.

Evren moved quickly to edge the knife next to her neck, giving her a kick to the shins with her metal tipped boot to wake the other girl up. The witch woke, her eyes growing wide at the sight of a new kidnapper.

"Hello there, sweetie. My name's Evren and you are?" The witch opened her mouth, the beginnings of a spell making their way to Evren's ears before she moved the tip of the blade deeper into the girl's upper neck, a small trail of blood making its way down her delicate skin.

"Nuh uh, baby. You see, I don't really like all your dark magic. I just want information. So if you pull whatever you're going to pull...I won't hesitate to kill you." Evren gave the other girl a smile and winked, conspiratorially as if they were friends.

"Amy is my name. What do you want with me?" Amy spat the words rudely out in Evren's face, provoking only a sight widening of eyes as the knife blade slipped dangerously close to her cartoid artery. "Whoops"

"I want some information on what is going on around here. You say you don't know but I have a feeling you do. There's something wrong and I like planning, so I'd favor it if you pointed out to me exactly what the hell is causing the problem so I know what to do. Help a girl out?"

"Look, all I can say is that something is up in the air. My coven's been talking about it but whatever it is I really don't know. We have a suspicion that it might be the doing of something, someone but there's no guarantee we're right. There are people working towards finding out though, so maybe take them instead." Amy's voice was innocent but firm. Her eyes looked Evren up and down and Evren could just about see the girl plotting her demise. She was a dark magic user after all, it wouldn't have cost her much.

Evren took the time to regard Amy again before she pulled the cloth back over her lips, removing the knife from it's position and tossing it onto the floor.
"You'll not be spared the mercy of a killing just yet. Hang around for a bit, honey. We might need you...or not." And with that the door to the shed slammed closed, Evren walking out into the cold breeze and hearing, like a sweet lullaby, the girl's muffled screams behind her.
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