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Whelp, here's where you learn a little bit about me whether you like it or not.

Hi! You can call me Effie or ineffable or basically whatever you'd like but welcome to my little corner of the guild! I've been here for about 3 years, starting on my adventure in roleplaying in a free roleplay and moving my way up towards more high casual roleplays, which is what I'm working on right now. You can find me a lot in Slice of Life roleplays and every so often in Fantasy or Sci-fi. As for a little bit about me: I love 80s era movies and music and play an inhumane amount of video games. I am also kind of low key addicted to Dungeons and Dragons and a total bookworm with a favoring towards contemporary fiction. Hit me up to talk about everything and anything!

Palm Beach Royals: Senior Year
as the Manic Pixie Photography Geek: Georgia Fielders

Legends of Carnation Island
as the Wild, Sarcastic and Smart Goofball: Matt Young

✡ Welcome to Salem, Massachusetts ✡
as the Head of the Hunters: Evren Arthur


And welcome to where I store all of the stuff that I don't need but turn out to need anyway.

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QueenNugget 4 mos ago
Heyo! Just wanted to say that I love your aesthetic👍
Moro 6 mos ago
Hey you!!
Christmas Gnome 2 yrs ago
Tulpa 2 yrs ago
ScreenAcne 3 yrs ago
Shit, sister. I got all glows for that avatar of yours. I'm motherfucking. a newbie to pixel art but I find pretty blood bubble to work on.
Heap241 3 yrs ago
A Chopin and Harry Potter fan! Lets me friends!
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