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Current "Without effort, acheivements and rewards have no value. An accomplishment is something earned not something given." - Someone, sometime.
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“Most men and women will grow up to love their servitude and will never dream of revolution.” - Aldous Huxley (Brave New World)
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"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do." - H.Jackson Brown Jr.
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"In the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." - Abraham Lincoln
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"What we think, or what we know, or what we believe is, in the end, of little consequence. The only consequence is what we do." - John Ruskin


Hello! I'm Heap!
Welcome to my little corner of the guild.

My current life status and availability:

I live in the Western area of the US in an apartment I work 2 jobs and 50-65 hours (Not exaggerating) a week to pay for. I work primarily as a professional graphic designer and part time at a local family owned shop mainly as a favor to the owner who needed the help. Aside from that I'm relatively active in my social life and non-role-playing activities so while I'm still online everyday the hours are usually really early in the morning and really late at night. That being said, if you find me in chat and I randomly disappear, I'm not trying to be rude, someone probably just showed up at my door wanting to hang out or go out.

My Roleplaying style:

When it comes to joining a role-play I usually go for a more adult themed type. Not necessarily intimate just more of a mature context. The genre doesn't typically matter so long as the idea is somewhat original, that to say, I don't go for role-plays based on any specific media very often. The exception being if the role-play is based off an already well established story that it's not completely following the canon of it.

Who I am:

Curiosity is my blessing and curse. I must know as much about everything as I possibly can and often will never take a simple answer to a question without either inquiring further or doing extra research on the subject until I know it's origin, current political and monetary state, how it's used and if in any way it could influence my own life. So far as I know I'm a pretty easy going, fun loving, person, I'm not afraid to go against the grain or do something that seems a little odd. In the end I genuinely just want to be a happy person and in turn share that happiness with everyone around me.

Side note:

I've made a few friends since being here and truly cherish my friendships with each and every one of them (you know who you are). If you guys ever need anything, ever, I'm there, you never need to ask twice or feel like you are any less important to me then you really are.

Most Recent Posts

Hey! Sorry everyone! Lots of life things happening that have been distracting me from coming online.

We are absolutely still on! If anyone else wants to get a post in before I attempt to move the story forward please go ahead. Also, if anyone knows anyone who may be interested in this and would like to join, please let them know as well.
Okay, I know it's not a particularly long post, I just don't want to move time forward by much at all. =]
Vladimír Zahrádka

The sights and sounds of the cafeteria shuffle were always unchanging, always the same, no matter the meal, no matter the time. Vladimir watched silently as a man, perhaps in his forties, wearing a 57 on his jumpsuit, approached the gate segregating the men from the woman, reached out and grabbed one by the caller, muttering the words of an assailant under his breath as the womans jumpsuit stretched and tore at his grip. Two guards immediately ascended on the man, each one using their tazers to bring him to his knees, leaving him on the floor in a pool of his own secretion. The female prisoner on the opposite end of the bars had dropped her tray at the assault and was currently attempting to stand in line to receive another one where she was denied the food.

As the man lay there, food spilled in a puddle of goo near his hand with the tray flipped, eyes blinking slowly from the shock and puddle around him, soaking into his jumpsuit, other inmates quickly shifted towards him, fishing his pockets for anything they could find before kicking his shoes with a ”Get up, you're pathetic.” Guards came around, shoving inmates aside and also kicking the floored inmates boots and yelling, ”Filth. Stand up you sick fuck and clean this up!” His voice was shrill and sharp. Number 57 quivered a little, coming back to reality slowly before attempting to lift himself from the ground. A bruise was already forming on his cheek from it's impact on the ground.

Though Vladimir's expression was unchanging as he turned back to his yellow goop which was now half finished, his white spoon now holding a thick layer of sludge like film which no amount of effort could remove. His eyes caught those of the Asian looking man who sat down near him, perhaps one of the new arrivals from the previous night, or so thought Vladimir. His expression, still held in a neutral tone was ever unchanging as he looked for just long enough to give the impression that he was aware of his presence but just that. He once again, faced his gruel and took one last bit before putting down his spoon and continuing to study the activity of the inmates surrounding him.
Butter face
So... What's going on?
@Shoryu Magami

Thank you! Hopefully I didn't botch any details lol

Adelbert is Ferkos name that Tatiana took and kept. I suppose she could be called either Mrs. Adelbert or Tatiana/Miss Tatiana. I don't think Tatiana would mind any of those haha

They are very interesting Sho. I like the character interactions so far and all the collabs have been great. The details added about the language barrier not being an issue was a nice touch I think and Annas intro post was perfect for Tatianas entrance so thank you for that.
I've already got half my post thought up as well! haha

No worries! Take your time! =] Thanks for the message too!
Tatiana Adelbert

Location: Paris, France, travelling by Taxi Date: April 14th, 2012 Time: 13:00

Tatiana's pale green eyes opened slowly as the lights beaming through tree branches and leaves streamed their way into the back passenger side window of the taxi and reflected onto the ageing skin of the Hungarian woman. The warmth from the magnification of the suns rays slipped past the protection of her eye lids, tickling her tired eyes with their illustrious gaze. The drive was smooth though the taxi smelled of old leather satchurated in the mixed natural odors of the many passengers it has seen, sweep in and out of it's seemingly revolving doors.

The lavender purple carpet bag was clutched tightly by the leather handles and sitting on Tatiana's lap, it's contents shifting within their safe enclosure as the subtle movements of her knees rocked them, tired from her journey but still with a little bit of spring. The clothe covering the bag was older and worn, somewhat frayed but over all still in good shape.

Tatiana watched out the window, counting trees with her eyes, watching children kick a ball back and forth in a courtyard behind an iron fence. The world was still full of life, full of youth and full of meaning. "Nézni és hallgatni, és a világ továbbra is ez az élet körülötted." she muttered to herself, her breath releasing a brush of steam against the window her face was so near to. It was something Farko often said in the quiet moments when there was uncertainty or discomfort. "Pardon." the taxi driver stated, realizing she had woken and looking at her in the rear view mirror.

The green eyes found his deep blue ones before she graced him with a simple smile then repeated herself. "Nézni és hallgatni, és a világ továbbra is ez az élet körülötted. It means 'Watch and listen and the world will continue it's life around you.'" her voice was soft and almost motherly, as though she were to reciting a poem. The driver smiled in return before speaking in English with a thick french accent. "My mather said somezing similar to me zome time ago. Zhe said, 'Son, do not worry about ze little things in life, learn from ze growing world around you, live like it lives, never stopping to feel zorry for itself, only growing past it's cuts and bruises to zee how igh it can reach."

Tatiana looked at him then at her hands for a moment smiling to herself at the drivers words. "You have a wise mother." she responded finally. Her eyes drifted out the window for a moment and nodded at a man on a horse who was galloping by on the side of the road. They were outside of the main suburban area of the city now. It was still only midday and while she knew the taxi driver was taking the scenic route to the estate, she didn't mind watching the world from the her window make it's way around her, oblivious to the millions of other lives echoing and beating, dreaming and thinking.

The taxi driver began speaking again, talking in English without much effort making it difficult to understand though, the rhythmic sound of his voice kept a sense of calm in the vehicle, keeping it welcoming and refreshing. The rumble of the car almost drifting her into a serene sleep once again if the car did not seem to be slowing down. "Mademoiselle" the driver announced back to her. "We are nearly to ze address."

A nervous anchor dropped into the pit of Tatiana's stomach as they approached the outter reaching fence that surrounded the property. Her heart fluttered some and her breathes tightened, the shivering thought of, "It's not too late to turn back" echoed in the back of her mind. She clutched the leather handles causing them to squeak as the fabric rubbed against itself in her grasp. She let out a long breath, realizing she'd been holding it as they approached a gate, opened slightly as if expecting her to arrive when she did.

The driver slowed to a stop right before the gate "Vould you ike me to drive to ze door? his voice pulled Tatiana out of her somewhat trance where her eyes were fixated on the gate entrance before she turned her gaze towards the driver once more, smiled and shook her head gently. "Thank you, I would like to walk to the entrance if I can." She slipped her hands into her jacket pocket and pulled out her thin wallet. She glanced at the price counter on the dash board then looked in her wallet pulling out the price plus half and giving it to the driver. Once again, over paying for a service provided to her.

The door clicked as it was pressed open and let off three consecutive dings within the interior of the bright yellow vehicle. The door was lightly browned with the dusting of dirt that attached to it as they drove over the unpaved roads through their journey. At the click of the door shutting behind her the taxi driver waited for a moment as Tatiana had yet to take a step then drove off past her leaving a light dust cloud in it's wake which quickly settled itself back onto the road once more.

Tatiana took a deep breath, still clutching her bag, before dropping into her side so it hovered inches above the group and took the first step towards the gate. The ground was solid beneath her shoes, the sun was high in the sky keeping her shadow close to her which seemed to send the message of, "Don't be afraid." She took another step, then another until her hands were against the gate door and rotating it open, ringing the sound of lightly rubbing iron in the air.

The driveway was long and was surrounded by what seemed to be distinguished garden, the manor was outrageously beautiful and seemed to be opening it's arms to receive it's coming guest who held the ominous invitation. The rose bushes and perky flowers painted their color across the estate, vibrantly highlighting the grounds and crevices in the many hues they encompassed.

Tatiana looked around with each step, watching little animals chase each other into the bushes, a small flock of birds perched in a tree harmonizing their song to each others tune as if in a melodic choir of conversation, each one beaming with excitement at whatever the other one said. The main door was close now and the soft pinging and music of a piano playing began echoing into the air, the sound escaping from the slightly opened doorway.

The steps were clean and clear as the older woman took each of them, gently touching the entry door with a shivering hand, the anchor in her stomach settling back again as the door swung open in response to her gentle push. The music from the piano filled the room and a beautiful woman sat playing it her fingers moving with grace and swiftness, failing to miss a key and succeeding in transporting it's listener to another world. The musician matched the artistry of the music in her appearance, expression and aura, feeling the passion of each note as it rang up and filled the room.

Near the piano was a bar with a gentleman standing behind it and what seemed like a waitress near by as well. Tatiana took a few steps into the room, the natural light dimming quickly from the sudden change making it difficult to see at first then ease into vision after a moment. She jostled her carpet bag for a second and then once again stepped in further making her way towards an elegant love seat near a window where she put down her carpet bag then walked closer to the bar.

"Excuse me" she said softly, cutting herself off before speaking again at the realization that while she knew English, her accent was far less pronounced then it usually was. She nodded her head so as to not seem too taken aback and began again. "Pardon me, My name is Tatiana Adelbert. I received the invitation letter and while I don't mean to intrude, I am not sure where I am meant to go." Tatiana's eyes caught the bartenders then the waitresses and then with a glance at the pianist whose music still filled the room shifted her eyes sweetly back towards the bartender.
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