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Current When you first saw Halo, were you blinded by its majesty?
11 days ago
Were it so easy...
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2 yrs ago
We Fremen have a saying...
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2 yrs ago
I'm a salty sea dog. And I will have my fortune, one day.


I've been trying to think of different things to write, about myself to describe who I am. After years of doing these bios for different things, I've come to a couple of conclusions. I'm not very good at realistically describing myself, as I'm so different with different people. The second is that... I'm a person with many different aspirations and ambitions, in life. But I don't know what I want to do to get there. I'm coming more and more to the realization, that as many other nerds who troll the internet, looking for something to satiate that lust for adventure, or whatever they feel they're missing, I have a malformed psyche. What I mean is that, it wasn't made healthy and then broken and unmade. I mean that it was never healthy. I've been isolated for too long, and that is why I'm here.

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@Belle Go ahead and shoot me a PM! I'd be more than happy to play around with a high fantasy realm! Even if it's from the ground up!

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