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I'm a salty sea dog. And I will have my fortune, one day.


I've been trying to think of different things to write, about myself to describe who I am. After years of doing these bios for different things, I've come to a couple of conclusions. I'm not very good at realistically describing myself, as I'm so different with different people. The second is that... I'm a person with many different aspirations and ambitions, in life. But I don't know what I want to do to get there. I'm coming more and more to the realization, that as many other nerds who troll the internet, looking for something to satiate that lust for adventure, or whatever they feel they're missing, I have a malformed psyche. What I mean is that, it wasn't made healthy and then broken and unmade. I mean that it was never healthy. I've been isolated for too long, and that is why I'm here.

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@Belle Go ahead and shoot me a PM! I'd be more than happy to play around with a high fantasy realm! Even if it's from the ground up!

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Hello, all. I can't say that this will be a very creative post, yet. And I can't say I'm going to take the time to dazzle with pretty text and pictures, honestly, it's a bit cumbersome to do, at the present time.

But here I am, looking around. This is going to be pretty bare bones, and admittedly I have a single craving. And I will update with more cravings, pairings, and plot ideas as I think of them.

Now that that's out of the way, I'm gonna put a few disclaimers out there... I only roleplay with people (not characters.. well... characters, too) that are eighteen (18) or older. There is a reason for this. While smut isn't really what I'm after, I'm very much after adult content, including(but not by any means limited to) language, concepts, violence, and intimate scenes (preferably a fair amount of detail. Fade to black isn't my thing). I'm also willing to explore heavier plot concepts (that will be discussed per roleplay and partner as there are certain things that I'm comfortable with that you may not be and vice versa, and that's perfectly okay, and advertising certain things in the open public may upset people, or completely dissuade them from the opportunity to have a good story).

now that being said. I cannot say I'm always going to be active all the time, every day (I'm an adult and have adult responsibilities, and sometimes RPG takes a back seat in the proverbial van of my brain). I will do my best to say something before I disappear, if I do, but i don't always think of it (not out of disrespect or necessarily flakiness, but because life happens). If ever you are interested in anything I put up and would like to discuss a plot, I have skype and discord (discord is a preference) that I can hand to you so you can message me if you think I've been silent for too long and need me to post, or would like to know what's going on with the RP. I also don't always check the site, so it's a good place to remind me that there is a post. I can roleplay on Skype, Discord, or via PMs (I generally don't like to put 1x1 roleplays on threads because of the previously mentioned content).

My writing style is generally 2-3 paragraphs, if I'm having a slow day. I've been known to write more, but I can't say that I fit within the advanced category in terms of post length, but I do try to give quality material to work with. i get very detailed with things that are related to plot and tend to skip over things that aren't immediately important. I will do my very best to match your content quality and volume, but if it needs more, please, don't hesitate to talk to me and tell me that my post needs work, so long as you tell me what needs work and why it does. However, if you tear it down and destroy it and generally be an asshate, I will be an asshat back.

So much for bare bones...

What I'm currently craving is a Witcher plot with OC's. I'm not generally interested in playing Geralt, or playing with a cannon character, or messing with cannon plot, but I love the universe and lore. It's so in-depth and vast that so much can be done.

As far as pairings... They're pretty much all original (not really, but they don't take from any particular plot or universe)
I have no preference for which person plays which character.
Vampire x Human/Vampire/werewolf
Human x Elf
Warlock x Sorceress/mage
Ranger x Sorceress/Mage/member of the court/council/royalty/etc
Viking x Viking/Saxon
And many many more. If they're not on here, it doesn't mean I don't like them. I'm very open to ideas, however, my current craving is Witcher x Sorceress/mundane human/royalty with me as a witcher.

Update: I've been craving a star wars plot. timeline is negotiable and so is plot. the only thing that I've been craving is that I want to play a grey Jedi.

Updates update: I have a few witcher campaigns going, now, so while I won't say no big we can think of something that'll get me interested, I'd prefer the star wars craving.

I should note at this point, my strong suit is to play male characters, and my preference is to play opposite females, but I'm willing to try new literary things. it can only make me a better writer, all around.
I you're interested, PMing me is the best way to contact me, on here.
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<Snipped quote by Caster>

do you browse on a mobile?

Most of the time, yes. As I have not been able to get internet at my apartment, yet.
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