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2 mos ago
Current I am getting very tired of being blamed for things that are not my fault
3 mos ago
When you are so emotional you are close to dropping from every rp you are in just so people won't have to deal with you anymore
1 yr ago
When a character that meant something to you gets torn down and thrown away like trash... 😢
1 yr ago
When you join an rp you are really excited for and people start dropping like flies... 💔
2 yrs ago
when you are trying so hard not to be a bitch but people keep pushing your 'bitch' button...


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I will be posting after work tonight

I would describe Amelia as... quietly reserved. She isn't snarky or sarcastic, she will not argue or fight with her husband, but she will state her opinion and question things she doesn't understand. She has been raised to be respectful.

😳..... 😁 Well, hello there 😍
@Zahrale Sorry!! I didn't see you!!

And I love geckos! I have a crested gecko as a pet!
@BlackPanther how do we always end up in the same rps?

@ClocktowerEchos I want him in the way that people want a dangerous animal: I'll probably die, but he's so awesome I'm willing to risk it.

Hmm... what if I made him cookies? I make really good chocolate chip cookies.
@Obscene Symphony oops! Sorry! I forgot!

@shylarah could be better but alright. Good to see you again.
@ClocktowerEchos he both terrifies and intrigues me...

So I don't know if I should post characters here or wait for the official thread.
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