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Current When you are so emotional you are close to dropping from every rp you are in just so people won't have to deal with you anymore
1 yr ago
When a character that meant something to you gets torn down and thrown away like trash... 😢
1 yr ago
When you join an rp you are really excited for and people start dropping like flies... 💔
1 yr ago
when you are trying so hard not to be a bitch but people keep pushing your 'bitch' button...
1 yr ago
I don't lik people. They are nasty and mean.


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@LadyRunic I'm afraid of doing anything
I see no other way out for her
So I should have just deleted my post after all because now my character is going to die. Super.

EDIT : I'm an idiot
No one came. Not that she was expecting them to. Elsa had grown up taking care of herself. The only time any suffering on her part was noticed was if she disturbed others by making noise.
Eventually, like sticking your finger in candle wax, the burning pain numbed. Elsa nearly fainted as she slid the rest of the way into the water.

It was hot, making her wonder if there were hot springs located somewhere beneath them or if this was magic. Elsa pulled off her sopping clothes, dropping them in a heap on the floor.
Layers of dirt and sweat bubbled away. Her skin took on its pale hue once again, a slight blush from the heat of the water. A large piece of cloth to wrap around herself acted as a cover up of sorts.

Her old clothing would most likely be destroyed. It didn't matter to her. They were worn and dirty from a month of travel. She didn't want them back.

The other humans in the room showed her wear she could choose her own clothing from a small assortment.
Elsa eyed each item carefully. There were distinct styles here and she couldn't help but feel as though this might be some kind of test. A few of the other female humans had chosen quite slutty attire, looking for attention no doubt. Maximize their assets as they were.
But as for Elsa, she already knew her body would be desired so there was no point in revealing so much. In her mind it was better to cover oneself, leave something to the imagination. To her that was more sexy than dressing like Slave Leia from Star Wars.

In the end she chose something she knew would catch the eye hopefully in a good way.

It conveyed modesty and mystery at the same time. It was simple, showing humility as well.

Not knowing when they would be summoned, all they could do was find something to do while they waited. Elsa went to the piano. By playing perhaps she could calm those around her. And prepare to play for her life.

She chose one of her favorite calming pieces by Yiruma : Kiss the Rain.
The music was gentle and soothing, like a lullaby in a garden on a rainy day.

Debating on whether or not to post again...

We'll call you Lizzie for everyday, my pearl for Sundays, and goddess divine on special occasions

(Whoever gets the quote gets all the cuddles!)
@Demonic Angel it's okay I understand struggling to post. Sometimes it comes to you right away and sometimes you really have to think about what you want to say. Just makes your posts all the more exciting and enjoyable to look forward to. *cuddles*
I was waiting for Yin and then for Vae's replies to my character talking to them. I finally skipped waiting on Vae and did a post. I am now waiting for someone to reply but if no one does by later tonight I can post again but that would put me with two posts in a row.
So if anyone feels like helping Elsa she is not about to refuse it

If not I'll get her dress (dress reveal YAY!!) in my next post. Planning on having her favor her fellow captives with some piano playing as well
After Vae's response Elsa stayed silent as they were brought to two other fae creatures who seemed disgusted by them. Not surprising considering that the humans reeked of their month-long journey. But that wasn't their choice.

The sight of the batheing chambers nearly made Elsa weep in relief. Finally. To be clean once more was next to heaven at the moment.
Elsa immediately went to the pool and began to take off her shoes. A sharp cry of pain escaped her as she pulled off her socks too quickly. A month's worth of open sores and dried blood had nearly fused the socks to her feet. The pain was blinding and she bit her hand trying to stifle her cries, drawing blood from her hand. Tears squeezed out from behind her tightly closed eyes as sobs racked her body.
There was no time for this. She had to move quickly. The moment her damaged feet hit the water there was no stifling the scream of agony. Her hands flew over her mouth in a futile attempt to muffle her sobs.
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