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10 mos ago
Current When a character that meant something to you gets torn down and thrown away like trash... 😢
11 mos ago
When you join an rp you are really excited for and people start dropping like flies... 💔
1 yr ago
when you are trying so hard not to be a bitch but people keep pushing your 'bitch' button...
1 yr ago
I don't lik people. They are nasty and mean.
1 yr ago
I don't know if it's just exhaustion or what but my emotions are all over the place tonight
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Will work on character tonight
I'm sorry I've been MIA but I've been training intensively for a new job for nearly a week. I had one test today, on which I made 100%, and have a verbal test along with a final evaluation tomorrow

Does that mean what I think it means or are you just dangling a Falk-carrot in front of my face

Falk carrot? Honestly human I was hoping the prospect of college would help you mature

Shut up Arys! You're not even in this anymore!

Falk, I have just one piece of advice se : run away
Since we don't have that many players, and we need humans, I'll make a child and a young adult?

I fell in love with this little girl's eyes

I'm stressing about a lot lately so I'm questioning everything I do. I just moved two days ago and college is looking like an impossibility and my new job in zoology requires me to be attending college classes in order to have the job.
I need something to distract me and help me relax. I play sims and listen to music but I want to rp.

My problem is I had a character in mind, I stared looking for a picture and I found one but it's very different than what I was planning. I was going to do an adult human but I found a pic of this absolutely adorable little girl and I want to use her but I'm afraid if I bring in another child character y'all were gonna be like "UGH Belle!!!" And be mad at me. ;__;
@LadyRunic I am having so much trouble with my CS. I keep changing my mind of what I want to do because everything I think of I'm afraid it won't fit into the rp. *sad face*
@LadyRunic I'll try and finish my character (a human) tomorrow after work
Oh I know! I'll make a character of myself! I'll put myself, or maybe just a character similar to myself, into the rp! Then I can be with Fa- uh... I mean then it'll be easier to write using my own reactions.... yeah... that's what I meant...

So no Arys? O_o

Finally I am free of this foolishness!

I'll just make Arys human then.

*scream of outrage*
@LadyRunic it's my grandmother's dementia so I try not to take it personally but it's hard to hear every day.

From the initial post I see one character per person. Does this mean I must send poor little Lyra off to the grey land of Shelved Characters? Because I am definitely keeping Arys in this thing! I am determined for her to get her man!

Excuse me? I don't want a man. Your only goal is to live out your deluded fantasy with Falk through me.

Hush Arys!
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